Saturday, 1 December 2018

Part 11 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Mama' who is coming..?" Rehan asked seeing Riddima arranging table.

"My friends!" she said while placing the food on table 'and then walking with Rehan up to her room'

"Oh Great '" she made him change  and went to change too

'urghh what should I wear.? I have to look good' he might be coming too' she blushed 'u know ' I love him' but I still avoid him why? Obviously because he hurts me' and I cant take this pain..!'


"heyy!" pause " where r others" she frowned'

"Might be coming' can I come in" Arman asked, looking at her wrapped in dark green sari' with a light golden work on its border' "u look beautiful" he said in a husky voice ' making her blush' she turned and walked in the kitchen while he closed the door'

"heeyyy Alman" Rehan ran down from stairs' "ahhhhhh" he fell down'

"goshh Shit" Arman threw the flowers down and ran up to him'

"mamaaaa" Rehan shout in pain'.

Riddima threw the dish and ran out '

"Rehannnn" seeing his head bleeding a bit'

"Riddima' bring first-aid box' fast" he shouted "RIDDIMA" shouting to bring her back' she turned and ran in the kitchen ' and saw Arman ' taking Rehan up to his room' who cried due to pain'.

"shhh beta.. .kuch nai hoga' I promise'!" Arman soothed him' she ran after him and passed him the box' after he kept Rehan on bed'

"Mamaaaa' BOhat pain horaha hai" Rehan Shouted while Riddima went to other side of bed' and caressed his head.. And kept on kissing him "ahhhh" he shouted when he felt the cleaning liquid on his blood'

"Arman' aram saye karoo' ausa dard ho raha hai'" she cried

"kar raha hoon ma Riddima!" his own hands were trembling '

Rehan cried in pain

"Rehan '" Arman tried to make him forget the pain "close ur eyes' ma hoon na' promise ' ab dard nai hoga' good ' now what do u see'" Arman asked seeing Rehan Closing his eyes'

"Alman" sob "banda ankon say kya dhika ga" he chucked with sob..

"ufff' apni '. Ma pay gaye hou'" Arman said' he placed the cotton on his wound and a white tape over it'

"hahaha .. mama ka hoon ' .tou aun pa jaoon ga na" Rehan said opening his eyes'.

"acha '? Ok forget that'" pause "tell me what u want ? do u have a dream" Rehan nodded with close eyes'  while Riddima massaged his hair' with love and looked at his face'

"kya? tell me?" Arman asked ' and massage his feet' and turned it lightly' Rehan whined in pain when Riddima hugged him'

Sobbed "I want papa ' and a sister" sobbed '

Riddima looked at Rehan and turned her face.. while Arman's eyes stopped at her'.

"ur wish will come true Rehan' I promise u" Arman said while going up to him and hugging his child ' while Riddima looked at his determined face'!


"Riddima' we wont be coming today' Rahul got an emergency case ' and Atul Anjali said we will go when all of us comes" Muskan said with a grin'

"oh' its ok.." Riddima made a glumly face and thought of the food she made'

"kya hua?" Arman asked while bringing Rehan down in his arms

"They r not coming !" Riddima said' while taking hold of the empty plates'

"Does that mean ' me and my s' I mean me and my buddy have to sleep with out food" Arman said kissing Rehan on his cheek making him giggle'

"oh I m sorry" she keeps three plates back' and take others inside' while Arman saw tears in her eyes' he made Rehan settled and walked in the kitchen

"kya hua?" he stood right behind her ' pressing his body with her' his straight abdomen caressed her bump'.

"kuch nai' tum bahar jao.. I m coming !" she said turning to take the bottle to fill water in glasses


"Nai Arman' mera kareeb mat anna'" she said'. Filling the glasses "ajj phr yahan Sona aye ho?" she turned towards him with a hurtful look;

"I love u Riddima!" he took hold of her hand

"Prove me!" she said with a angry look' he looked at her confused and walked out of the kitchen "That's all u can do.. Walk out on me" she shouted not caring Rehan might have heard that ' he stopped and turn to see her falling down on floor' he spun her in his arms.. and took her to the lounge'.

"Mama'. Alman Kya hua?" Rehan asked

"Rehan.. u sit there' app ko lagi hai'." Arman said with an authority in his voice'

After taking Riddima too her room' he make her lay on bed' he went down' and told Rehan not to Worry till he is here and made him eat the food.

"Alman '. Mama loves u!" Rehan said.. While Arman put him in the bed'

"huh..? how did u know that" Arman was shock to death

"I saw u both that day'. When mama said she don't want u '" Rehan hugged him'. While Arman rubbed his back.. .tears brim from his own eyes seeing his baby soo helpless' "r u my dad??" Rehan said it' and kept his head on Arman's nap'. And kissed him their

"Rehan'" Arman tried to say something else when he saw a need of father in Rehan's eyes "yes Rehan I m'" tears float down from Rehan's cheek "beta I m sorry' I left u' will u love me now..? Knowing that I left u" Arman asked holding his small hands' kissing his hands ' cheek ' to make him tell ' he will die if.. Rehan said no'

"Yes Dad' only if u promise to love my mom!" Rehan hugged him

"I promise' I will love her'!" Arman said

After making him sleep, he went to Riddima with plate full of food'

"Riddima'" he shook her' after few minutes she got up and settled on bed' "R

"Don't touch me Arman" she told him '. With anger

"I won't ' just eat this'" he passed the plate ' getting up from the bed ' standing awkwardly'

"I m not hungry' and where is Rehan'" she tired to get up'

"he has eaten and is sleeping '"he made her stop


"I think u should go now" she looked away'

"hmm yea.." feeling awkward.. "But first eat this" he said'

"I M ' NOT Hungry..!" she said and soon her stomach ached with pain' she clutched it'

"Please ' I beg u" he cried ' he sat on the floor close to her stomach' seeing how hungry his other child must be '.

"Arman?" she looked down at him crying '

"Please' not for me at least eat this For Rehan" he looked away rubbing his tears'controlling not to broke down..

She nodded but her eyes were stop in his eyes'

"R u hiding something.." she could tell this through his eye

While he said yes in approval'

"What?" she asked scarily'

"I wont tell u 'until u eat this!" he said walking in the bathroom


"U finished?" he asked astonished to see whole plate empty'

"yea' I was hungry'" Pause "now will u tell me..?" she asked

"hmm' Riddima' woah'" he was scared "woah two things.. I want to tell u!"

"hurry up Arman!" she got scared more

"Rehan knows about us" he closed his eyes

"WHAT HOW??" she shouted coming out of the bed

He told what ever happened back'

Tear brimmed out "Riddima ' I m sorry' if its my fault.." he went up to next side of the bed ' and gave her a side hug'

"Arman how will I face him now" hiding her face in her palms' and leaning on his chest

"Same way as u use to!! Riddima it was never ur fault' it was me who left' and that too two times' I feel like killin'.." she placed her fingers on his lips' and indicating him to stop "let it be Riddima 'I should have surely Died till now" her heart ached ' she pushed him away' and ran out in the gallery'

"Ridddimaa" he went after her' and stood right behind her'. Pressing his body "I m sorry"

"Do u feel good when I get hurt?" she turned to see him standing right behind her their body were brushing each other''.  He shook his head "then why do u always Hurt me?" she hit him on chest

"I m sorry..!" he bowed his head

"u always are left with this idiotic sorry!" she crossed her arms on chest' he looked up to see a different look on her face' a look as if she is trying to sort out ' 

"I can kiss u to make up!" he said with a little grin, hoping that now everything might turn out to be ok

"Duh !!" she lift her hand up in surrender "last thing u can think Off" she pushed him ' when she walked in '

He spun her around ' rubbed his nose on cheek, making her close her eyes' her hand went up to his neck'

"Promise me Arman' u will hold till my death" she said with close eyes' she frowned when she didn't feel him she opened to see him looking at her astonished'. "Kya hua?"

"I will kill u by my self ' if u speak all these lousy things" he placed his hand on her waist' pulling her close as light as he could.

"I will die in both cases" she chucked' both had tears' but still they were smiling"can ' can I ask for something?" she said, while biting her lower lips'

"hmmm" keeping her strands behind her ear'

"can I kiss u" she mumbled '.

"huh?" he left her hair ' and looked straight at her'

"hm' vo" she looked on her other sides' "vo'" pause "vo Arman'"

"ok..!" he grinned'

"kya'?" she said

"ok go on '. Kiss me..!" he rubbed his nose on her cheek' making her giggle a bit'.

"for get it'" she tried to move away'

"areee come on naa.." he pulling her carefully' soon he closed his eyes' feeling as if he is going to touch the sky in seconds'

She placed her palm on his cheek' brought he down'. To her own level.. .while he slightly parted his lips'. She gasped ' her breath had truly increased' but she just had to kiss him' she was dieing to kiss him'

He could feel her breath' he himself was feeling tickly'. She placed her lips on him' trembling on her on act'. She pecked them lightly' making Arman smile ' she herself closed her eyes'.. keeping her other palm on his face'. Pulling him down ' sucking his upper lips' while arman softly sucked her lower lips'. Making her feel comfortable'

Today he new how vulnerable she was' so navy' he felt bad for his behavior'. But he didn't wanted to spoil the moment'. He kept on kissing her '. Rubbing her back'. Just to her shiver after every second ' soon Riddima moved away '. And was breathing away'

"thanks'" she mumbled looking down'..

"Riddima'?" he chucked at her "u don't have to ask me for a kiss nor u have to next me" he giggled ' while she made her face and turned to bed' thinking today might be the night when she is going to enjoy it with a happiness'. And not a fear of him going '.

He somewhere knew Riddima wanted him to make love to her' but he couldn't he was scared ' what if due to his and her need they lost their child he had to tell her

"Riddima?" she turned around hearing his serious voice' while her one leg was on bed'. And she was about to tuck in ' when he walked up to her '. And pulling her away from bed' "I want to tell the 2nd thing'" she gulped and kept her head on chest'

"Is it something bed' then I don't wanna know" she slightly hit him on chest and then the second second she caressed it with love and kissed him lovelingly'. Making him groan

"Riddima' suno'" he tried to part .. . as he cant tolerate this closeness' he can never'. He had always loose control' but he cant nOt Now!!!

Moving her away' he looked at her while she stwisted and turned him around and pushed him on bed

"chup Arman CHup!" she moved closer to him on bed' while thundering over with her finger' and a angery face'

"Magar Riddima.." he said taking a gulp' soon she placed her lips on him' soon she was about to back out' as she nervous '.. but he took hold of her face'..and kissed'

He mentally kicked himself to pull the kiss for more 10 minutes'he was scared if she felt safocated and all'

"I m sorry Riddima '. R u ok'.?" He made her lay down' and laid beside her'. Keeping pillows under her head' rubbing his palm on her belly'.. she nodded with a frown'. While he went down and kissed her belly surval times' "I m sorry" he mumbled'

"Arman ' stop that please'. It tickles me" she said trying to hold her giggle'

He came up'..

"Riddima I wanted to tell u something" he cupped her face'

"I don't want to get sad' please ' I m in a good mood' and I want u to make love to me..!" she said it '. She said it what ever she had in her heart' while fidgeting with his buttons'

He cocked his eye brows' he had never imagined that she being soo open to him'. He had to tell her now'

"u r pregnant'.!" He told her' her mouth slightly opened'. She stared right in his eyes' she gasped '

She didn't knew ' if she should be happy or sad!

"Riddima?" he shook her

"huh?? Haan.." she came out of her trace. '.

"I ' I love u" he looked straight in her eyes'

" So?" she looked at him ' still in a daze'

"so' I love u'! do u?" pulling her closer'

"what do u think?" still half unconscious her whole focus was on the baby'

"I don't know ' u tell?" he smiled in tears'

"why should I '? Don't u got brain?" she pushed him and sat on the bed' with a smile '

"no I just passed it too u!" he felt her breathes on his nose' he closed his eyes.. when she kissed him right on lips' smudging them' he smiled '. And took a sigh'

"now I m sure u took everything of me.! Look u kissed me three times'' and its like I use to kiss u eve'" she placed her lips on his ' to make him quite '

He smiled ' soon groaned 'when she moved her tongue in his mouth '. Picking her up ' he make her sit on his lap'.

"I want a girl" he whispered. Below her ear'

"its not in my hand..!" she said strictly'

"I want a girl'" he behaved adamant

"Arman ' Its not in '."

"same eyes ' same hair' same innocence ' same cuteness' as in a total duplicate of u '!" he interrupted her ', tears came out from her eyes'

"I m scared..!" she hugged him tight

"why?" he was worried because he thought now every thing is ok'.

"what if u left me again?" she sobbed'

"Not now Riddima' u r mine' and u will remain mine'" he rubbed her back'. Claming her down'

Soon both drift off in each others arms'.


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