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part 11 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"U still like stuff toys?" he asked looking up to her ' while she nodded lightly

 "I love you'." He said

 She looked up shocked'


 "yes I do!" he again said bending over her' and she leans back'


 "yes' I really do" he said with pure love in his eyes'

"A'." she was tensed' he could tell'. Her body was breathing' heavily

"I have fallen for'u" he kissed her cheek lightly ' "I can even jump through this window if u say sooo?" he kissed other cheek'.

"Jump!" she said with close eye' and soon she felt her body not feeling any weight on top of her'

Being scared she opened her eyes ' to see Arman hanging on the other side of the railing ' losing his hands on railing ' when she pulled him back ' and kissed him'. His hand gapped her back pulling her closer ' she could feel the railing on abdomen' crashing her'' while taking her hands along with his at her back' locking them and kissing her hard'

He moved his one leg in ' and soon the other'he moved in' crushing his well- toned body with her' clutching her hard' soon he moved his one leg' around her hip ' pulling her even more closer'. Any one seeing them would have not even suspected that they are two'

Placing his one hand on his hips he pulled her close up'.

She gasped as he crashed her body'.

She pushed him away' as she felt breathless'

 She ran in'. trying to hold her breathes' soon she felt him coming after her with big steps' he took hold of her arm' and swept her back in his hold

"S'. stop Arman" she said, while huffing beside the bed'.

"Riddi'ma come here'" he whined' he stood in the middle of room

"No' go home 'right now'" still huffing

"No I want to ask some thing'!" he at once turned serious..

"What?" she said while sitting on the edge of bed' trying to get her breath back'

"U r ready to get married with me'?" pause' "We can wait" walking up to her ' sitting on his knees holding her hand'. Kissing it lightly "or we '. We just can' get separate ' if u ' u say sooo" he kissed her hand occasionally

Silence' he played with her fingers while she kept on looking at him

He felt her gaze' and soon looked up '

"U don't trust me Right?" she looked away

He kind off got his answer'. He stood up ' feeling his throat drying up' he felt ' breathless' his eyes getting moist' moisten his lips through tongue'.

Getting her not in his life was hard'. It was hard to live with out her' when ' when he felt she is special' the 'good' moment he had lived with her ' were washing away '. He felt'. Dieing' not having her in his life was not good'. Not at all

He looked back' thinking she might hold or stop'

A warm tear came out when he saw her still sitting in the same place' he shook his head' thinking how stupid of him'

He had committed a big mistake' she might have loved him back' but ' but  he did a mistake' and he will get the punishment' that was the rule' he had to live with out her'

"u Just Can't Leave' until I answer u back' Mr. Arman Malik'!" she looked down to see him ' but he was no where near her'

"How could u just walk away' not giving me time to think OVER tHINGS' I mean Come on I CAN'T tell u 1 min' GROW UP !!" she pushed him back to railing ' angrily' losing his balance he clutched it tight


"WHAT HUH??? Where the HELL Were U going?" she pushed him back '

"I thought?"

"U thought'?? Why the HELL DO THINK SO Much ???" she pushed him through shoulder' she was surely shot in height as compared to him' but now she really like the way of pushing him back


"Stop' u speak a lot' u jerk !!" she kicked him on his knee'

"owww'" he fell down' she stepped on his fingers' that were placed on floor "woohhhoooo Stop it" he pushed her feet away' she placed her knee on his chest and pulled him closer'through his shirt collar

 "Ahhh ' oww' not the knee baby ' it will hurt'"

"u ready to take this Pain?"


"U ready to take this pain '. Forever?"

"U mean" he tried to digest' what she meant'. She glared at him "Y'yes" being a bit scared

'how come she had turned in to a wild cat' all of sudden

"I have some rules then?" she said leaving him ' on floor and sitting in on the bed with cross legs'

"What rules?" he got up ' rubbing his chest'

"Hmm ' u won't touch me' until I tell u to do that!" he cocked his eye brows "What??"

He shook his head

"I won't leave Job!"

"u mean u will work under me in my office?" he walked up to her ' and sat on the mat in front of her'

"yes!!" confidently'.

"ok !... if u want ' bas?" he placed his palm on the mat' and leaned back a bit' smiling broadly'

He felt so happy that she is giving a chance to this whole thing ' a chance to make her trust again' that he is really sorry for what he did'

"hmm' u won't sleep in my bed!"

"u talking about My bed Right?" just to get a glare in replie "ok ' I thing 'Ur bed from now on wards''" thinking over things ' "' then where will I sleep?" he moved his hand around his knee that were up to his chin

"On floor' don't u have couch in ur room?".

"No actually they r kept in lounge.. We sit there'. Not in room!" he said' while taking out his phone that was buzzing at the back of his butt

"Very funny.. ! look I m damn serious Arman' and I want to tell u something 'really important'" he looked up ' and looked deep in her eyes' "I m marrying because mom dad want me to do this' as ur parents are quite old friends of my parents'" pause "I m adopted' and its ' just that ' I can't say No to them' for this ' and that to now' I have to be stuck up with u ' for my entire life' and seriously' I won't think mind' if u go out ' with other girls' but I just want u to be nice in front of my parents'"


"I know' there is something fishy ' going on'" she added '

"No' Ridd"

"stop it Arman..! I know it' do u take me as a fool or what ' first u rape me'. Then u leave me.. .then the goons' then all of a sudden this marriage issue' and u coming twice through my window..! what the hell is going on! '."  She felt miserable' she hated the way it was all going on


"Look' I just want to say' u can't touch me '" she stood up and walked out in the gallery'

He looked down in his palm' and stood up after some time'

Around 20 ' 30 mins passed out in that dark room' no one spoke'

"u know ' I always needed some one special' I still feel had that feeling in me ' waiting for some one' who will admire me how I M' not How he want.. ME'!" she felt his fingers touching her little on railing

"Life was just perfect' before u stepped in'" a tear fell

"I don't know' where I m going' and where is He" pointing to God' "taking me"

He looked up

"u know the first I saw u" she looked at him with moist eye "I felt a pang '" pause "In my heart' I thought its just something else or a problem with my heart" he laughed making her smile a bit " but It was u who left me in daze' it was u who forced me to follow u to lake' to ask u out.. though I had a girl friend.. but I liked it ' the little talk we had ' was memorable'" she smiled looking up at the dark sky' which did not even had a star' it was a clear ' night with a shining moon'

"we met ' again ' and again' ur work? U work great Riddima' the present we gave dad' was actually taken up because of u' only u' and I was indeed happy'!" pause

"Tina cheated' I saw her having *** with her co-actor' in her dressing room.. naked' ' I felt ashamed that I loved a girl who was sleeping around' cheating me ' I felt bad Riddima'I felt betrayed' I found no one to hold me.. I found no shoulder to cry' I felt ' I felt" he looked up fighting his tears'.

She looked up at him' feeling his pain

"u know' I had struggled a lot in life' and when I thought Tina is the one' which she was not' was hard for me to digest'" pause "living on street' working as hard as I can" taking a gulp ' he felt his throat drying ' cheek bone hurting due to pain' "Found by a family ' who took me in their shelter' gave me every thing that I needed"

She looked up shocked'

'was he adopted too' she thought

"they never differ in between me and Atul' they loved even more'" he laughed and tears ozzed out "u r not the one who has been fighting with life Riddima" he looked at her to see her already staring at him "no need to feel sympathy for me' I m happy' but just want some one' that would be mine and only ' mine'"he turned her making her face him "u getting what I mean'?" she nodded slightly' "I want u to be their for me ' when I need u to be their' to get me some relief from this heartless world' a hug that would ran away my fears'"


"let me say it Riddima' I don't know' if I gonna say this again or not'" he said, his voice turned in to whispers' but it was clear for Riddima.. as the world was sleep' clutching her hand on railing "I Want TO feel ur Touch' every moment' I take a breath'" he said

"I have been ' always buzy in life' never serious about girls' and when' when I saw u crying' when i' pushed u ' when i'.. I misbehaved with u'' the day I saw u on lake'. flashed in my mind' how pure u looked that day' and when u were under me' and ' and I forcing u' ' ur face looked soo pain ful' so full of tears" he cupped her face "and that to because of me' I promise my self that night that I will do something to make u smile again'" pause

"I got a phone call from Mom' and she told me she wants me too meet u for marriage' I said yes' u know why I really did that?" he said

She shook her head in no

"Because I had fallen in love with the girl ' I met' 1st at lake' she had left me breath taking' after meeting her' I ignored Tina' I ignored meetings thinking why m I dreaming about the girl.. who is always insulting me..!" they both chucked'. He entwined his fingers with her

"And last night when I asked u to over this marriage' had left me in a pain Riddima'wrecked me' killed me'. I don't know I can even think of living with out u" she looked straight in his eyes and saw a tear falling down ' from his blue deep eyes'

"Last night at beach ' I figured it out' I won't force u in any thing' bas I want u to be near me' on my last breath' I just want to feel ur lips' when I die' I just want'." He hugged him '

"Bas karroo Arman" she cried out'

He hugged her back.. Sobbing slightly ' not making it obvious that he felt help less

"Maff KArdo Riddima'!" he said with pain.. tears fell ' he fell half dead' his breath were stuck in his throat'

"Kardiya Arman!" moving her hands on his back' "kardiya'!" she said


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