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part 12 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"Bas karroo Arman" she cried out'

He hugged her back.. Sobbing slightly ' not making it obvious that he felt help less

"Maff KArdo Riddima'!" he said with pain.. tears fell ' he fell half dead' his breath were stuck in his throat'

"Kardiya Arman!" moving her hands on his back' "kardiya'!" she said

Clearing her face' she clear his face' settled his hair properly'

"ab ghar jaoo.." she said passing a flattery smile ' while pushing him away'

"naii'" he hugged her again'.

"Arman' 2 bhaja gaye hain'" she tired to push him' her eyes were paining due to constant cry'

"I don't care!" he went to washroom ' leaving her confused'


"Kya hai Arman ?? Ghar Jaoo!" she said ' while looking at him, who came out of bathroom' after taking a long bath' wearing his same jeans' and white vest'

He settled on bed' and soon pulled her beside him'


"haaan" he tugged down in bed' pulling the blanket up to his neck'

"kya kar rahe hoo?" she looked at him shock

"sooa raha hoon'!" he said pulling her down in side the blanket

"APnaa Ghar JAoo" she moved up throwing the blanket away from herself'

"no' ajj nai" he pulled her in and placed the blanket on her chest again '

"Nai Arman!" she said as he took of her duppatta and placed it on floor ' beside him

"Please Riddima'" he pleaded keeping his head on her chest and closing his eyes while inhaling her fragrance'

"Ar'man' didn't I said u' that after marriage' u won't touch me '." She gasped as she felt his hand on her waist grabbing it' "and ' we won't sleep in one bed..."

She didn't got a response' "armannn?" she pushed him slightly to see him in deep sleep' he had not slept for more than 24 hours'

She frowned a bit ' after some time she massaged his head with a smile and pulled the blanket up on them'

And soon she drifted off in his arms'.


"Riddimmmmmmmmma!!" Muskan kicked the door thrice' "Riddima Open the bloody door' Right NOW!"

"huh?" Riddima '. Snuggled in his arms' making her self comfortable and shouted' "Break IT !! as if I care'!" she kissed the warm thing beside her cheek' and rubbed her nose their'

"what the he'." arman looked at Riddima, who shouted and then saw her kissing his chest and rubbing her nose their' he gasped feeling her body on top his

"RIdddimaaa?" Muskan shouted again

"Shit'" Arman mumbled' and tried to push her off' by holding her through arms' but she jammed her arms around his neck' "Riddima" he whispered in her ear'

"kya haaii?" she dig her head in his warm neck'.


He closed his eyes feeling his breath on his neck

"Riddima get up' Muskan is out side'!" he whispered'

He didn't Got any response'

"GOD..! She is a true sleeping beauty' Muskan is beating the door' for I don't know how long' and here' she doesn't even bug with a thought that I m in here..!" he thought

"Riddima Open the Door'." Rahul said

"Shit'" he pushed Riddima ' which made her eyes open and she smiled then her eyes pop out hearing Rahul's voice'

"Riddima?" Rahul again said '. Arman placed a hand on her mouth' to prevent her from screaming '.

After Arman signaled her not to shouted' she took a deep breath

"jee Bhaiya' utha gayii'Going for a bath" Riddima said'while he kissed her cheek' and she glared at him


"MAgar Rahul?" Muskan butted in ' when he said to Muskan to let her take bath' we will come after words'

"Kaha na chal' bada ma'" Rahul took hold of her elbow'

"Nai' say her too open the bloody damn door'" Muskan pushed him away' feeling something suspicious

"Muskannnn!" he pulled her'


"uffff '. Arman jaoo" she pushed him' to get him off her

While he kissed her other cheek' with a deep smile'

"Arman !!!"

"Hmmm" he kissed her forehead'

"kya kar rahe hoo' Jaooo!" she pushed ' to get him away

"tum na javab nai diya' shaadi karogi?" Arman said, looking deep in her eyes

"naii" she said pushing him back'. And got up ' as soon he released her'.

"KYa?" he got up and banged her on the wall behind her ' which made her shock though

"Arman?" she looked up at him

"nai?? Nai karoogi?" his voice broke'. When he spoke'

She felt his pain ' she felt bad for what she said' she felt sorry'.


"Nai??" he again asked'

"Arman' mai'" he again asked the same thing'  "Karooon gi baba' do I have a choice?" she said to light up the mood

"haan!" he told her while turning his back at her'

She sighed and walked up to him'

"Arman'! Stop ok' I said u I will' but u know' the rules won't be broken!!" she pointed a finger at him

"what rules?" he whipped his eyes ' and clutched her waist'

"Arman !!!" She glared at him

"OK ok !!" he said walking to the window'. "see u '" he winked and look down to see ' no one there and walked down with the help of pipe'


'Shit' Shit Shit' Arman mumbled feeling some ones tap.

He sweeped his feet and looked at the person, who stood right below the window from where he just just jumped

ARmans eyes pop out'. Feeling how unlucky his day his

"Rahul" Arman said with a nervous smile, moving his fingers in his head'

'what were u doing here?" Rahul asked him with a stiff angry look

"Nothing '. Just'. Just check ' the pipe." Pause "its really hard'! How long has it been here?" Arman said while touching the white pipe'

"hmmm'. Its here when we shifted here' Riddima was 2 or 3 year old'" Rahul played the game '.

"Ha 'ah ' I think' I should leave" Arman pressed his fore head and tented to walk'

"Wait ' wait a minute'" Rahul took hold of his collar from behind ' and brought him back' to his original place'

"yea? Any problem?" arman said pulling his shirt down

"Yup' I big one'" arman gulped hard "Can u please tell me ' what were u doing up their" Rahul point at Riddima's room

"Ahh' hhh' I went to see if she need any help or something'"

"Really ..?"

"yea" arman smiled broadly' and nodded his head.. twice

"Come on 'Arman ..!! taking me as a fool or what?" Rahul placed his hand on his shoulder ' and clutched his neck

Arman made noise ' by telling him he can't breath' but Rahul keep on pressing it'

"ohk' I will'. Tell ' u ' please leave" Arman said with difficulty

"Good Boy!" Rahul straightened his collar and took him out '


"U guys had a fight ' that's all??"

"yup' that's all" Arman said ' getting in the car'

"fine I want money to zip my mouth'." Arman cocked his eyebrow' "U know it's a big thing' to catch some one out side my sisters room '" arman nodded in understanding way "AND THAT TOO IN MORNING" Rahul shook his head with a smirk

"I understand .!" Arman took out five thousand and told him to shut his mouth '!


"hey u can't Go in ' until I get money '." Atul said'

"Come on Atul Grow up'" Arman said' being restless' to go in and see his beautifull wife, who had been ignoring him' for whole day'

And now he had enough of this non-sense' he just wanted to see her !!! GOD '

"Arman I want money too"

"Come on Rahul' u even r not from my family' yarr' stop being a pain" Arman said irritatingly

"Fine ' I will tell Riddima ' that ' I caught u' coming out ' from her room today morning .!" Rahul shouted '

While Atul's mouth dropped down to his knee'

"I KNEW IT I KNEW IT" Muskan shouted and told every one '. Down at lungue'

Arman hit his head' and whined'

"Rahul take this bloody ****ng money '. And get out'" pause "Take ur ' little brat too" Arman kept more money to make Muskan shut'

Rahul placed all money in his pocket and ran to stop money

"NOW DON'T say U WANT IT TOO" Arman Said seeing Atul standing there glaring at him

"WHAT DO U EXPECT FROM ME" Atul shouted back

"FINE FINE TAKE AND GET LOST" Arman shouted and placed a bundle on his hand and pushed him away

And closed the door behind him' and leaned over it ' too take a deep breath he stood there with close eyes'

When he saw ' Riddima '!

Up Riddima standing in front of him, huffing and puffing with anger'

"What u doing here?" he asked with confusion "I thought u be waiting on bed!" arman pointed out

"ME '? On Bed? And That tOo waiting for u???" she asked making small steps towards him'

"k-kya hua?" He being a bit scared

"I mean How could U?"

"huh?" ha said 'I havn't even touch her'' he thought

"don't try to be innocent'!!" he frowned' "Rahul caught u' and Muskan told every one out there?" she shouted, holding him through his collar

"ah'" pause "baby' I was going to tell u ' and I stopped Rahul not to' say' and when we were talking Muskan heard it'. And she shouted it loud'" Arman said ' with a miserable face'. And soon he moved his both hand inside the duppatta ' touching her bare back' which had numerous threads'

"Armannn" she gasped in surprise'

"hmmm" he pulled her

"No Arman!" she pushed him off and soon he clutched her from behind

"why not Riddima?" he kissed her nap'

"I need time" Riddima walked up to dressing'

"Ok..!" Arman ' went to his cupboard and took out a black vest and black shots that landed a bit below his knee

' let see'. If today Mrs. Riddima Arman Malik'can stop her feelings??' he thought' 'I will seduce u' tease u' and will wait till u ask me ' to love u' he thought with a smile and walked to the washroom

'strange' he didn't did anything'. And I thought' he will come to me..' riddima thought 'I know I m not ready' but he could have atleast kiss me' she frowned with pouted lips' 'what do he expect from me' to jump over him'. Is he forgotten I m new here..? and m scared a bit..' she huffed and broke a bangle '


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