Thursday, 13 December 2018

part 13 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

OMG I still can't believe this'he fainted'he actually fainted'ever heard of a guy fainting on hearing that he is going to be daddy soon'if yes then it's okay'but if not'then meet my husband "the great armaan malik" that's how he always call himself.. ..appraising himself all the time and couldn't even handle this'when I got to know that I am pregnant I was so happy'I can't express'people say a women is complete when she becomes a mother..and same is with me'when doc  called and told me'the feeling'it was something expressionless '.i can't say it in words'.i wanted to just wake him up and tell him but then I waited for the right moment'I was waiting for him to kiss me ..hug me'take me in his arms instead nothing of that sort happened'if I knew that he'll faint I would have just wake him up and told him in the morning itself'but me being the complete idiot'no I am not he is a moron'I still can't believe he actually fainted'and why am i repeating the same thing?'I have no idea'ARGHHH'.right now I want to just grab his neck and..and kick him'kick him really hard'.how could he spoil my perfect moment'if he wasn't satisfied with the morning pranks'he fainted'you know when he fainted I thought its one of his pranks 'but after throwing mugs full of water ..he still didn't woke up..and then I realized that he is not joking'.and then I had to call mom'and she' instead of panicking 'was laughing'can you guys believe this..the whole  MALIK family is going insane'leaving me'of course'.

And if you are wondering where is he?'well he is still sleeping'it's been 2 hours since he fainted and he still hasn't opened his eyes'.i wonder if he is really sleeping or is scared of me'if he is scared 'then he should be..he deserves it'I have told mom to tell him  that I am really angry and I won't talk to him'that's why I am sitting in the guest room while he is in the bedroom with mom'she is taking care of him'momma's boy'. But now I am getting restless..should I go or now'no I won't ..but I want to see him'don't be desperate riddhima'.but what if he needs me'no riddhima..control'.take a deep breath'phew' stop thinking about him'but '. hey what is this sound?' oh the door is opening'.don't turn around'I am sure it's him'don't turn'okay so I am not turning'.here I go ..okay so I turned'just look at him'standing their making a sad face as if he is feeling so guilty'i am damn sure he must be laughing right now'  and he is coming here and right now he is sitting next to me' "rid'dhi'ma'.rid'dhi'ma' vo actually'riddhi'"'' "armaan stop making fun of my name'.i don't want to talk to you just leave'.".. I took my hands from his and stood up'. "I am not making fun of your name 'I am having difficulty calling your name'." he said innocently'. He always does this first makes me angry and when I reach the boiling point he always says something just to make me smile..but this time I won't how much he tries' "armaan'how come you are able to speak everything else except my name'" I asked him keeping my hands on my waist'. "I don't know'maybe I am scared right now'" he said pouting his lips'. "aww..he is looking so cute'." I thought'but I knew it was all his tactics to make me forgive him' "so you are scared..?...of me?.." I asked as he nodded and came closer to me'.. "it's good for me at least now I won't have to tolerate you anymore'" I told him and turned the other way' he came and stood in front of me and making me look at him I saw him holding his ears " I am sorry riddhima'" he said as a smile formed on my lips'at that time I just wanted to grab his cheeks and pull it'I know I can't stay mad at him for long but now I started enjoying this .. you know a bit pampering, trying everything to make me talk to him'. he was so desperate at that time'so I thought of extending it a bit' turning my face around I smiled a bit but changed my expressions as I saw him coming in front of me' "riddhima'.i am sorry'you know it wasn't intentional..i won't ever faint intentionally'it happened all of a sudden and then'..riddhima'please baby talk to me'I promise I won't ever faint even if I want to'. I promise'"  looking at his face I wanted to laugh as he had no idea what he was talking about and at one point I even laughed a bit but he couldn't see as he was looking at the ground' " riddhima..pleaseeeee'say something'please..i'll do whatever you'll say'please'"'. "anything..?"'I asked as a smile appeared on his lips' "anything'whatever you say'just tell me" he said as I looked at his face.... "fine then don't talk to me.." I said as the smile vanished from his lips' "riddhima'I wasn't talking about this'"''.. "why? you just said whatever I I don't want to talk to you'what's the problem'"'I told him and was about to leave the room when he grabbed my hand and  pushed me towards him'. "armaan what are you doing?..." I asked looking at his face and for the first time I felt that I had gone overboard'maybe I had stretched it way too far as his expression was changed to a serious one'. "riddhima..don't you ever say that again'  I love you and by saying this you have really hurt me.. . how could you think of something like this'I know I fainted and I am extremely sorry' I have said this many times and if you want I'll say sorry again and again but never ever say that you don't want to talk to me'you have no idea how much"'.. "I am sorry armaan'" I was feeling very bad 'although I just said everything for fun but had no idea it would affect him so badly'.i looked at him and he was so upset and now I felt like crying'. "armaan I didn't meant it'I was just '"'' "you were what riddhima'.i still can't believe you said this'" he said and turned his face the other way'. "armaan'I am sorry I know you didn't meant 'and 'and'please forgive me'I promise I won't ever say anything'"  I stopped as tears rolled down my eyes'he made me look at him and cupping my face he wiped off the tears'there was a fear in his eyes which I saw for the first time'we had fights before and sometimes we used to say things that were not meant to be spoken but this time it was different'.this time I saw something I had never seen before'the fear of losing was clearly visible on his face' and it was all my fault'I was fully responsible for his condition'. "riddhima..promise me you won't ever say'"'. "I promise armaan'" I said and smiled seeing him smile'.

"no more crying now'you have already cried enough'baby gonna think dadda don't take care of momma'" he said wiping my tears as I blushed'in between our whole convo we forgot that we are going to be parents soon and this whole thing started on this'he made me sit on his lap as i kept my hands around his neck'. "you know is the best day of my have given me everything and I can't tell you how much'I mean I am going to be daddy soon'I still can't believe me and daddy' you are sure that you are pregnant'right'?" I didn't say anything but seeing my expression he knew what I was thinking' "riddhima'I was just confirming'I just wanted to know it's not a dream'"'.. "armaan'"'' "okay fine " he said touching my stomach' today I am feeling like the luckiest person in the whole world..i have my cute adorable  and a bit naughty husband with me and we are going to be parents soon'.momma used to say one day you are going to be the luckiest person and I think today is the day' I don't know what future holds for me but right now I just want to go out, shout and tell everyone that I am the luckiest person.. I looked at him as he was talking to our baby and seeing the happiness on his face bought tears in my eyes'although I didn't wanted to but the tears weren't stopping.. he looked at me when the tears dropped on his hand' "hey'why are you crying'" he asked wiping my tears as I hugged him' I don't know why but I wasn't used to seeing so much happiness at once and I suppose this is what I was afraid of' "armaan promise me you won't ever leave me'" I know I shouldn't even think something of this sort but I couldn't control myself ' "riddhima..i love you " he said placing his hand on my back.. "and how could you." .. I looked at him and could only see the immense love for me ..but deep down there was this fear '.fear of losing him.. today I should be happy and I am but with happiness there is this insecurities creeping inside me' how much I try not to think about it I just can't take it out of my mind' "armaan I am scared what if'first mom left me'then dad'and ''"''.. "shh'" he said as I looked at him ' "I won't ever leave you riddhima.. you know that don't you'" I nodded and hugged him back'. "I love you armaan'" '. "I love you too riddhima'." He said as I felt a kind of satisfaction inside me that he is there for me and will always be'

Day when I told him about my pregnancy only that day he acted as if he is a mature person but from next day onwards he was again back to his old ways.. he is always like' riddhima don't get off the bed , don't do this, don't do that and if that wasn't enough he even stopped going to office too..staying at home the whole day. doing all sorts of nonsense things , sometimes irritating me , sometimes making me laugh' even mom was surprised at his sudden behavior ..she never thought it's actually his son ' the once party animal..who can never stay away from parties'sitting at home the whole day and taking care of me'.. and you won't believe one day he bought these book for pregnant women'but till now I haven't read a single word from it coz he has already read it like 10 times and whenever I touch the books he takes it from me and starts himself telling me what all is written in the book' I have asked him so many times to let me read it and he says "riddhima..reading is not good for you'you'll read and then you'll take stress '.you just need to take rest ..ask me whatever you want to I know each and everything..i have read this 10 times "' I don't know who told him all this stuff' ever heard reading is not good'and this is how he irritates me '. But that's not all'the first time we had gone for the health check up and you have no idea what he did'.he first asked the doc for her certificates as to whether she is qualified or not'can you guys believe this? ' he is totally going insane'I know he is doing everything for me but sometimes it goes way over the top'and that's when I feel irritated as I am feeling now coz it's been more than half an hour and I am sitting on my bed waiting for my breakfast which by the way he is making'.and knowing his speed I very well know he won't be back before an hour' feeling my anger slowly overtaking my hunger I stood up when''..

"RIDDHIMAAAA'" he shouted entering the room '.


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