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part 13 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"why not Riddima?" he kissed her nap'

"I need time" Riddima walked up to dressing'

"Ok..!" Arman ' went to his cupboard and took out a black vest and black shots that landed a bit below his knee

 ' let see'. If today Mrs. Riddima Arman Malik'can stop her feelings??' he thought' 'I will seduce u' tease u' and will wait till u ask me ' to love u' he thought with a smile and walked to the washroom

'strange' he didn't did anything'. And I thought' he will come to me..' riddima thought 'I know I m not ready' but he could have atleast kiss me' she frowned with pouted lips' 'what do he expect from me' to jump over him'. Is he forgotten I m new here..? and m scared a bit..' she huffed and broke a bangle '.

"Ouch '! Riddima careful, it hurts me" Arman said coming out from the toilet while keeping a hand on his heart and frowning a bit ' bending  over the wall.

 "Oh really'?" she looked at him' as the dressing was beside the toilet door' and he simply nodded with a huge smile' and walked to the bed'

She unplugged her duppatta ' and turned towards him' keeping her hands on her waist-sides'

"Where r my cloths?"  a bit angry.

"which cloths?" he jumped on bed' and lied on the center, so that his feet were on one side' and his head was on other side'' on his stomach ' totally ignoring her' as he knew she was looking supper hot in that dress with out duppatta' deep neck' bare waist' wohooo It will kill me'

"don't act smart Arman !" She moved towards the bed ' and stood beside his leg' which were hanging out from his side'

"why would I act Riddima'?" he laid straight and looked at her ' standing with a red face'. Beside his feet'

"Armannn!" she whined'

"Ok' Ok' what should I do?? U don't have your cloths'"  he winked pulling the pillow from the log side and putting it under his head ' looking straight at her'

Soon she felt his eyes some where she Had never expected. She turned and rapped her duppatta around her ' and glared at him

"What ??" he shrugged'.

"give me your cloths!" she said with a authority in her voice'

"What??" he jumped up on bed' and stood straight on it' looking down at her' "Have u lost it..! Never..! My cloths' ewww never !!" he jumped of the bed'.  While she stood their with a her mouth fallen down to her knee

"Arman !!"she said with a shock look

"What ?? NO Riddima I will NOT give my cloths to u!! they r my favorite thing'" Arman pointed a finger at her '

"Fine I m gonna take it ' by my self then" she turned and walk to his cabinet'

"hey hey' Hold on missy..!"he twisted her arms' backwards'

"Ahhhh Arman!" she jumped up and down ' in pain'. Her back was at him

"Promise me u won't touch my cloths'." He turned it a bit more

"Promise' u dog'!!" she whined in pain

"good" he turned her at once' and kissed her hard on lips' and moved away in a flash'

Making her daze in a second' and walking back to his bed

While she stood there shocked' with a slight mouth open and her lipstick slightly smudged'

"good night" he said with a grin ' and closed the light'

That brought her back into world'

"Ahh" she shouted lightly' not making it a bit loud' it was very light

"kya hua" he said slowly' still laid on bed

"Light?" she whispered' walking randomly'.

"I can't sleep in light'" pause "darkness is my friend" he said with deep meaning behind it' and she understood

"hmm' but' I m ' scared" she whispered' she still walked in the room'

He knew ' he felt that she was really close'. He just knew'it ' he moved his hand beside his side'

Her dress brushed his hand ' he knew it was her leg'. He pulled it instantly' making her fall on her stomach on him

"Ouch" she whispered'

"I m sorry" he straightened her on bed' and makes her lay on her side ' beside him' "U can move ur duppatta I won't stare" pause ' "promise" he whispered beside her pillow'.

She settled on bed and took off her duppatta and placed in on her side table'

"Can't sleep" he said, moving closer to her in the duvet

It was dark he can't see her properly but he could figure out, how nervous she was' how tense her body was ' how stiff it was

"No" she whispered ' while looking up straight at ceiling "u r room is big?" she mumbled while remembering her room'.

"no its kind of same size as yours'" answering her technically'

"it could be" she moved closer to him.. a bit not making it clear but he felt it' he smiled

"we can hug' if u want!" making her comfortable

"do u want?" she turned her side and looked at him straight in his eyes' he felt Goosebumps all over his chest'. He sighed

"Yes" he moved his hand on her waist ' his finger touched her bare waist ' she shivered a bit ' and soon his hand crawled on her back' and pulled her close to his chest'

She gasped and placed both hands on his chest'. Making a bit distance between his manly chest and her soft bosoms'

His hand went up and he entwined his finger with her and make her place her hand on his waist'.. Leaving her hand there he pulled her closer and felt her bosom beside his chest'.

She gasped louder ' he felt her rough breath on his chest'

"I think we should sleep' before u regret  ... what u did!" he said emphasizing on 'U'

She looked down at there body attached with each other' and up at him'. She pushed her self a bit away' making a bit space 'and laid straight' his hand still hung around her       waist'

He moved closer ' using her pillow for his head' his lips closer to her ear.. He slightly brushed his lips there

Making her hide her ear in her hair'

"Good night sweetie" he whispered again kissing her lightly'

"good ' night" she whispered back trying hard not to giggle'

Hmmm easy' miss Rid' nahhhh Mrs.Riddima forgot about 'NOT-sharing-Bed-Rule' hahaha soon she will forget everything ' and will love me back'


"hmmm?" he randomly moved his hand under the duvet'. 'Man ' tell me we really got married last night .. tell me I m not dreaming .!' he mumbled'

"YES arman Malik We Got Married yesterday..!" Riddima said coming out from the toilet a towel hung on her shoulder. ..

"huh?" he got up' rubbing his eyes' he sat straight on bed' leaning on the Log behind'pulling the duvet up to his neck "don't u think its cold?" he looked up at the conditioner'

"u want me to close it'" she looked back at him'. While keeping the towel on the dressing chair'

"No'Its ok" he closed his eyes for a while' but it opened in a shot "GOD !! WHY DID U TOUCH MY CLOTHS !!" he jumped out of bed'

"huh??" she laughed a bit ' and combed her hair "Bring my cloths 'I think its in car. .!" she said with an order "till then its mine'" pulling a black shirts selves up to her elbow'. And one of his black shots'.. that was tied tightly around her waist ' that landed on her thighs after folding it'. Making them half naked

"GOD Women Take them off" he moved his hand on her waist and pulled the shirt up ' when she pushed him back ' and pulled the shirt down '

"HOW the HELL U TOUCH ME?" she kicked his feet

"OWww'wait I will tell u" he got up' turning her again to make her face him' pushing her hard on bed'. Pulling her shirt up to her bosoms' she gasped as he touched her waist' abdomen'

"Ahhh' Arman ' chodooo" she whined and tried to pull the shirt down'.

"u taking it off or not?" he asked trying to open the know that she had tied on the shot'

"urghhh Arman ' choro..!" she hit him on his hand'. To shed him off

"take them off 'Man'! They r my favoraite" he whined' trying hard to open the knot'

"Its ' just' a cloth'!" she tried to make him understand

She felt his close hand' pulling her shirt down' his breath touched her neck'she tilted her head' when she felt a sloppy kiss on her chin'

Knock Knock

"Riddima Beta"

"jii '" Arman said .. while pushing him away'

"Arman ' Ye Cloths Riddima ko de do" Keerti said' as he opened the door

"thanks Mom!" Arman said

"here!" he passed her after closing the door' she snatched the shopper and turned to wards the toilet

When he pulled her back ' making her back touch his hard chest' she closed her eyes' feeling his hand under her shirt'.

She gasped' feeling his fingers on her ribs'

"Arman" she mumbled'

"I want my cloths now" he fidgeted with the knot of the shots' with a grin

"I' I m .. going to change it" she said it slowly'.

"Ok' but first" he grabbed her stomach' dig his fingers in her soft abdomen'.

"ah" she whined and jiggled lightly' tried to move away "first ?"

"u can go 'but first I want a kiss!" he said '.

"No way! Did we made it clear.. that night !" she pointed' pulling his hand out' pushing him away

She moved to words the toilet ' and he again grabbed her and bang her back on his chest'

"acha tou ye baat hai" he moved the shirt up ' gripped her stomach '.moving his thumb their'. trying to put it in her belly-button' kissing her nape'  while she was in a daze''. The way he palyed with her emotion was making her dizzy' she felt sleepy ' she felt like ' just to go with the moment' she didn't moved.. she just felt it'.

He turned her '.and slightly' opening her upper few buttons and kissed her celvage a bit'"Armnaa'"

"I promise ' u will beg for me to kiss u'.at night" he bit her nape ' and walked out'.


Where The hell have U been Arman Malik?"she jumped off the bed ' in her white night suit' .which was quite transparent'. As a shade could be seen of her panty ' her bra and her belly-button was quite clear, it landed upper her knee' ending with a flur'

He gasped when he saw her walking towards him'

"Don't U know its Our first day OF Marriage .. .and U?? AND U" pulling his collar down to her own level' "U just VANISHED>!!!" she jerked him to get some response' "HOW COulD u JUST LEAVE ME>!!!"

He thought to say sorry' but really was not in a mood to miss this sexy night at all'

He took hold of her hand ' and pushed them away roughly'

"Does it matter?" he loosened his tie' and threw his shirt on bed

"Off-Course ' !!" she stopped his way.. "what's wrong with u..!"

"Nothing 'Tired !!" he took his night suit and walked away in the toilet '

"huh??" she stood their shocked '

GoD !! I CANT believe that' I wore Such A Sexy Night Suit Just for him.. and he?? He ?? he just walk on me!! HOW Could he' ?? I shouldn't hav wore this in place.. How could I even think ' this marriage might work out '

Tear flow, while walking to the cupboard to change

"I m such a fool!" rubbing her cheeks' "I m not even his type!" pulling a normal pajma suit' "he did not even notice me' I hate him" she closed her eyes'. When

"Arman" she gasped loud feeling his hand on stomach

"I love u'" he felt the silk cloth' he could feel her shivers'

"Ar-man" she unplugged his hand and tried to go and change'. When he turned her round and pulled her up to her breast ' and moved his hand on her bare back sensuously making it hard for her to breathe "arman..!" she gasped louder'. Feeling his hand on her waist.... going up and down in a fro..



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