Saturday, 1 December 2018

PART 17 (Last Part): Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


After four years
2 'O' clock in Night 
@ Mumbai's one of a Bridge

Main gapp na koi maarun
Naa baat bolunga kacchi
2-3 saal se mujhko
Tu lagi laagne acchi, o hoo hoo…O..

"Yeyyeee.. Finally hum pahuch gayye.." moving out from the car a happy Shilpa chiripped while Armaan closed the door of his car
"Shilpa sambhal ke yaar.. Lag jaaygi" walking towards her he warned making her pout
"Nehi lagegi tum jo ho" holding his arm she said smilingly which made him smiled who kissed her temple lovingly

"Accha yeh bataao aaj suddenly yahan aane ka mann kaise kiya tumhaara" walking wd her towards one of a bench which was put on the bridge he asked calmly making her smiled
"Pehle tum bataao.. Tum mera chocolate laaye ho yaah nehi?" crossing her arms she questioned which made him to pretend he forgot to bring her demanded dark chocolate "Armaan tum jaante hona mujhe vo pasand hai.. Toh phir kaise bhool gayye" smacking his chest lightly she pouted which made him chuckled who grabbing her both hands kissed her chubby cheeks
"Vaise main bhoola nehi hoon.. Par yaar tum khud socho itne chocolates kha kar tum aur moti nehi ho jaaogi" as he teased, her mouth hung opened in 'O' shape
"Armaan.. I am pregnant but that doesn't mean ki main moti ho gayi hun" crossing her arms she made a grumpy face (Yup! She is pregnant of 8th months, wearing a blue floral mexi dress wd a denim jacket above it she is looking beautiful wd her big baby bump also, her hairs have opened in curls while her chubby cheeks have turned more pinkish)
"Aree yaar tum toh gussa hogayi.. Main mazaak kar raha tha.. Tum toh aur bhi tempting lagti ho is look me.. Accha yeh lo yeh chocolate khao tumhaara" forwarding her dark chocolate he pulled her in side hug who wd pout took that chocolate from him "Vaise iske badle tumhe nehi lagta tumhe mujhe kuch dena chaahiye" as he said she kissed his cheek still wd grumpy look which only made him adored her and locking their fingers they sat on bench "Ab toh bata do.. Suddenly yahaan aane ka mann kaise huaa??" watching her he asked wd a smile coz she is opening the wrapper like a kid
"Vo kya haina.. Main soyi thi aaraam se aur humaare beautiful moments yaad kar rahi thi.. Ki tabhi mujhe yaad aaya ki ek baar toh vo jagah visit karna hi chaahiye.. Jahaan se humaari kahaani shuru hui thi" opening the wrapper she replied calmly then breaking a bite she forwarded towards his mouth who gladly ate amused by her answer, And yes this is the same bridge from where Arsh's story started but there is only one difference in it.. Now its a complete bridge coz at that time it was old & half made
"Par stupid.. Humaari kahaani toh ghar se shuru hui thi.. Nehi actually school se.. In fact yahan se toh break li thi humaari story ne" pulling her closer by her shoulder he corrected in calm voice making her smiled who was eating her chocolate

Main gapp na koi maarun
Jo baat bolungi sachi
Main nakhreeli si chori
Hoon saath hi tere acchi, oo…
Tu jaan hai sachi muchi..

"Wrong vo sab toh sirf kahi suni cheeze thi.. Yahaan se toh asli kahaani shuru hui thi humaari Armaan.." in her cheerful way she corrected him who made an amused face asking 'Jaise?' smilingly "Aree jaise kitni alag kahaani haina humaari Armaan.. Ek aisi ladki ki jo bechaari ek saal se is suspense me thi ki vo jisse pyaar karti hai uske dil me hai kya aakhir.. Aur phir jab bechaari ke paas koi option nehi tha toh usne thaan liya.. Yaah toh is duniya ko chod dun yaah phir whole life sanyaas le lun" her filmy way of explanation made him chuckled who pulled her closer to him more
"Haan lekin wahi bechaari ladki.. Yahaan se kud gayi paani me sabko tension dekar" as he said in sarcastic way she pouted
"Par kuch huaa toh nehi naa.. Dekho main thik hun" she defended herself cutely which made him smiled who tucking her flicks aside said 'Vo bhi meri wajah se.. Varna agar pehle se hi net nehi hota naa toh tum dub gayi hoti andar mujhe puri zindagi guilt me daalkar' while pinching her nose tip cutely "Haan vo toh hai.. Uske liye sorry par saari galti tumhaari hai tumhe kya zarurat thi extra smart banane ki.. Chaahe toh simply mujhse keh sakte the lekin.." she was complaining when he stopped saying 'Ab us baat ka faida nehi kyunki hum saath hain so kuch naya bolo' at this she smacked his chest wd a pout "Thik hai toh bolo.. Tumhe kaise pata main wahin se kudungi.. I mean main kisi aur jagah se bhi toh kud sakti thi phir kyun tumne wahin bhichwaaya net?? Bolo" nudging him by his arm she questioned again while he have held his head coz this question was not new to him
"Shilpa maine bataaya tha naa.. Ki mujhe pata tha jahan main khada hounga tum wahin se kudogi bas baat khatam.. Kuch aur bolo naa.. Jaise humaare baby ke baare me chalo baat karte hain" answering her tiredly he wpied that little chocolate from her chin who smiled cutely
"Hmm.. Armaan humaara baby naa chaahe ladki ho yaah ladka.. Hum usse kabhi hostel nehi bhejenge humesha apne paas rakhenge thik hai" inserting a bite of chocolate inside his mouth she said excitedly which made him smiled who gave a calm nod in Yes "Aur humaara yeh first aur last baby hoga chaahe ladka ho yaah ladki.. Twins toh hai nehi toh yehi humaara iklauta baby hoga yaah hogi thik hai" as she said slowly he frowned
"Kya main jaan sakta hun kyun?" pulling her in his arms he questioned
"Aree simple hai.. Main chaahti hun hum ek hi baby ko pyaar karen aur sirf ussi par focus karen.. Varna do teen huye toh main aur moti ho jaaungi aur phir tum mujhse zyada unko pyaar karoge ek se toh main adjust kar sakti hun tumhaara love share karke but do teen never, uper se tum khud yaad karona, ki main aur Sid kitne alag hain aur humesha jhagadte hain in fact tum aur Swayam khud kitne alag ho.. Toh baby sirf ek hoga humaara thik hai" as she shared this sweetly he smiled and kissed her temple
"I don't have any problem in fact main khud tumhe share nehi kar sakta kisi se.. But yes abhi humaare baby ko humaari attention ki zarurat hai toh please kya mujhe usse do minute feel karne dogi" saying this lovingly he put his palm on her baby bump who giggled while keeping her palm above his
"See aaj usne mujhe bikul tang nehi kiya.. In fact aaj toh usne mujhe zor waali nehi slow waali laat maari" he chuckled at her smiling face then caressed her stomach slowly

O baat ansuni hai
Pyar se buni hai
Aaj doguni hai aarzu..

"I think aaj vo jaanta hai yaah jaanti hai ki mumma bahoot thak gayi thi Sid mamu ki business me help karke so thoda rest dena chaahiye.. Right baby" saying this in kiddish tone he kissed her stomach who giggled putting her hands on his head smilingly while he was talking wd the baby making her to cherish this moment when automatically the old flashes of past started revinding like how he proposed, she rejected his love, then their departure, she fell for him, her proposal to him who refused, jumping from bridge then their saperation, confession, marriage & their long one month's Honeymoon which she can never forget.. Their Honeymoon was one of the best memories for them coz it stored so much love, Passion & togetherness, Yaah it was more like their holiday of one month coz of Shilpa's long dreaming places which they visited, So let's start from the beginning of their honeymoon.. After reaching Zurich they only visited the places which she wanted to see but when Armaan's patience died he couldn't let her do whatever she wished on the third night! Which was not at all easy for Shilpa who had planned something else but Armaan did something else!

Ye khwaab hain chahatein
Ya mere dil ki aawazein
Jaanti hai tu
Tere kehne se li maine parvazein (x2)

"Toh tum samajh gayye tumhe mere kaunse sawaal ka jawaab kaise dena hai?" pointing her index finger she questioned in her cute tone but she was unaware of his condition who was trying hard to avoid to look at her (Coz Shilpa have wore a short peach color lingery which is almost loosed showing her few curves to him who is sitting right in front of her on bed wd his knees like hers, actually Shilpa have decided to take all her questions answer today itself so they were sitting like playing truth & dare, Armaan was sitting on his brown pant & white shirt calmly) "Toh mera pehla sawaal hai.." picking up a paper she started reading her first question while he tried to pretend calm but seeing her seductive look he lost it
"Shilpa enough" throwing the paper from her he looked at her calmly who frowned when he pulled her wd such force that she gasped coz her softness pressed against his strong rock chest who have held her waist tightly "Bahoot kar liya shopping bahoot kar liya ghumna.. Tumhaare sawaalo ke jawaab toh kabhi bhi mil jaayenge lekin i don't think so main apne honymoon ke saath risk lunga so.. Teaser toh de chuka tha tumhe flight me.. Tumhe nehi lagta ab waqt hai puri movie dikhaane ka" at first she was clueless but as his voice turned husky her heartbeat skipped while his head bended down making her to close her eyes in surrender coz the depth of his meaning she now understood and wdout wasting any second Armaan pulled her in passionate gentle kiss making her to pull him more closer by his shirt's collar.. Filled wd anticipation she tried to match his kiss but he was more passionate & intense comparison to her
"Armaan" breaking the kiss she gasped for air but his lips were trailing down on her neck while his hands lowered her sleeveless lingery from her shoulder who only managed to caressed his hairs encouraging him more and pulling her more closer he lowered her dress only to give numerous kisses on her bare front who gasped fisting his hairs.. His passion was increasing coz the way her body reacts wd his every touch only making his desires increased "Sss.. Arma.." she hissed as he teeth her skin intensly but soon it turned pleasurable by his next move which calmed her who after minutes pulling his head up kissed him passionately which turned hot as he started pressing caressing her curves while her hands unbottoned his shirt hurriedly and still kissing each other they layed on bed.. In minutes their clothes were laying around bed while both of them were wrapped under a blanket giving warmth to each other coz outside the snow was only increasing while inside the hotness have turned more Hot coz of their passion "Arm.." she gasped as he claimed her again wd love and after their long session of Love making they finally relaxed in each others arms cherishing their moment "Armaan.." she mumbled in soft voice making him to kiss her forehead while they are layed in hugging position "Tumne.. Abhi tak mere aur tumhaare bodygaurds ke liye gaana nehi gaaya.." at her complain he held his head when she smacked his chest lightly who directly layed above her who looked at him surprisingly
"Tumhe har chiz me bas apni chalaani rehti haina? Kabhi yeh kardo toh kabhi vo" tracing her cheek softly he asked wd a smile on which she nodded in Yes wd a giggle

Main gapp na koi maarun
Jo baat bolungi sachi
Main nakhreeli si chori
Hoon saath hi tere acchi, oo oo oo…
Tu jaan hai sachi muchi

"Haan.. Naa jaane kitne sapne hain mere jo abhi tumhe pure karne hai" circling his neck she said smilingly which made him chuckled who nuzzled his face on her neck
"Sab kar dunga.. Bas tum saath rehna humesha meri Khatra" feeling her curves he whispered softly on which she only caressed his hairs & back in bliss when his hands started stroking her sensitive parts in passion who burnt in desires, her nails dig on his back coz of his wild moves so in response pleaded to take her again in the same night which he cannot waste so wdout wasting any seconds he claimed her again but this time gently & slowly giving her pain & pleasures both and just like this they spent their beautiful moments in Zurich.. Then they went Greece which was also one of a favourite destination of Shilpa and in Greece when they were walking on the streets of it, they saw a carnival there which only make Shilpa excited
"Wow!! Its so beautiful.." she clapped like an excited kid which only made Armaan chuckled while their bodygaurds were standing around them "Main toh jaa rahin hun inke saath dance karne" saying this happily she ran to dance wd them making Armaan to watch her calmly and seeing her this happy he also got relieved that finally he is able to give all the happiness she deserves (Wearing a baby pink shirt tucked inside her brown shorts which exist just above her knees she was looking preety also the white heel sneekers were making her more cute while her hairs are opened wd curls.. Armaan's attire was different which was a white jacket wd strip black & white line t-shirt underneath the jacket also denim ripped jeans wd white sneakers.. As always best!)
"David Wahid Vinay.. Shilpa ke aas paas raho" putting his hands inside his jeans he told to his bodygaurds who immediately stood around her while Laxman Abrahim Vijay & other bodyguards were calmly standing behind him who chuckled as he saw Shilpa dancing wd a clown "Koi keh sakta hai ki bachpan me isko clowns se dar lagta tha" he thought staring her smilingly who turned at him happily and gestured him to come on which he only gave a nod in No which left no choice for her to come back
"Armaan.. Chalo.." and wd a force she pushed him b/w the carnival where everyone started dancing around them, grabbing his hand she started dancing which made him laughed who gladly danced wd her enjoying every moment in a bliss.. As the carnival went she requested something which only left him stunned "Armaan.. Tum yehin abhi isiwaqt gaao naa mere liye please" holding his arm she requested in happy tone

Leja wahan tera ho jahaan pe jahaan
Maine ye de di hai zubaan
Chalta jaaunga..

"Shilpa are you mad..?? Iswaqt vo bhi yahaan?" she immediately gave a nod wd wide smile as he asked "Listen to me carefully.. See" he tried to make her understand who put her palm on his mouth
"See tumne mujhe promise kiya tha ki tum mere aur inke liye gaaoge yaad karo" stepping back she tried to make him remember who crossing his hands only stared her when she looked back at his bodyguards who stood straight seeing her pointing at them "Aree tum log bolte kyun nehi.. Bolo tum logo bhi chaahiye ki yeh finally humaare liye kuch kare.. Laxman bolo" as she said coolly Laxman gulped while others hide their smiles
"Actually sir mujhe bhi lagta hai ki.. Mam kabse keh rahin hain toh aapko ek baar toh karna hi chaahiye" wd fear Laxman requested wd his head bowed which made Shilpa smiled widely
"Dekha.. Aur tum sabko nehi sunna kya?" as she looked at other bodyguards they also gave quick nods making Armaan sighed in defeat but not showing to them he thought to tease
"Aisa kuch nehi hoga.. Tum sab apna apna kaam karo aur tum Shilpa chalo mere saath.. Main koi radio nehi hun jab chaahe tab on kar loge" his fake angry voice made their face fell disappointingly
"Haan toh thik hai.. Apne radio ko khudko hi sunaana.. Mujhe bhi shauk nehi hai.. Chalo sab log" she huffed and turning at his bodyguards almost ordered which only made Armaan smiled amusingly who stepping back thought to sing
"Par Mam sir ke bina kaise?" David questioned politely
"Aree kyun nehi jab vo humaare baare me nehi soch raha tab hum kyun.." but before she could burst her anger more they heard few teenage girls's voices behind them and as they looked back found Armaan wd them 'Na na na na' girls sang walking around Shilpa who looked at him amusingly
"Matargashti khuli sadak me.. Tagdi tadak bhadak me.." jumping in front of her he sang smilingly then offered his hand to her who giggled seeing him singing "Aule girre sulagte se.. Sulagte se sadak me.. Chatri naa thi bagal me.. Aaya hi na akal me" pushing his hand she moved ahead smilingly making him to roam behind her while their bodygaurds were following smilingly "Ke bhaage hum yaa bheege hum.. Akkad me toh socha phir.." grabbing her wrist he twirlled which only made her chuckled when he put his palm on her waist who put her both hands on his shoulder smilingly "Geela hua hai wo sukhana ho ho.. Brroom!" twirling her wd such force that her back pressed wd his chest while she was taken aback by this but soon giggled "Chaahe zanana ya mardana ho ho.." stepping back he sang then taking a small boll from a teenage girl he threw towards Laxman who giggled for the first time by his gesture "Attention!.. Phenka nayaa paasa.. Phir de gayi jhansa.. Aivein mujhe phansa..Teri aisi ki ho taisi zindagi.." climbing up on the bench he sang pointing at them while the public also started looking at him (Although they didn't had idea what he was singing but they were enjoying this scene) where as Shilpa laughed seeing him like this "Phenka nayaa paasa.. Phir de gayi jhansa.. Aivein mujhe phansa.. Chirkut zindagi, you know.." jumping down he stood near her who clapped wd appreciating smile making him move to hug her when that same teenage girls came and took
"Na na na.." they sang circling him who started dancing wd them singing 'Tang tang tang taun.. Tang tang tang tadaun.. Ma ma.. Tang tang.. Thcu thcu..' this made Shilpa giggle who also ran there while their bodyguards circled them smilingly actually they were enjoying this scene when Shilpa moved to hug him who escaping from her hands stepped back making her amused and in seconds he got dispeared
"Yeh kahan gaya?" she got confused while looking around for him even his bodyguards also when
"Tu hi hai vo.. Jisne khenchi meri dhoti, dhoti khenchi.." hearing his sudden voice they looked back only to find him holding a lampost while standing on its stairs which only made her surprised who putting her hands on her waist showed her cute angry look when he winked "Ab tu dhoonde kahaan bande.. Na main kaaba, kaashi.. Main twitter pe hoon.. Dp meri dekho hoo ooh hoo" jumping down he sang while twirling a girl who giggled and on this she pouted so showing her angry look she turned to go when held her wrist who smiled shyly "Sun re sun beliya.. Dil ne dhoka diya.. Aankhein mili tumse naazani" as she turned he sang wd cute face making her to smile shyly but pushing him lightly she stepped back wd teasing grin "Mere hosh-o-hawaas kho gaye.. Dil ne ro roka..Yeh aankhein hain dil ki zubaan.. Khwaab roz roz dekhe naye.." he was singing when Vijay gave him few flowers for Shilpa and he directly forwarded to her who hide her giggle and wd fake angry look took that from him "Ho.. Dil ka bhanwar bole sun sathiya.. Chhup na dupatte me tu oh chhaliya.. Prem pujari ke.. Dil ka bayaan.. Hota raha, rota raha priye" moving closer to her he sang wd pity face making her giggle who giving the flowers to Laxman pinched his nose tip lovingly and pushing him stepped back which only made him to sang in loud voice "Toh phir.. Tang tang tang" she chuckled at his funny voice and moving closer to him directly kissed his cheek who grinned then twirling her caged her on his arms "Khush?" kissing her nose tip lovingly he asked on which she smiled
"Bahoot se bhi bahoot zyada" circling his neck she replied in happy tone making him smiled who looked at his bodygaurds
"Aur tum sab..?" as he asked normally they smiled while showing their thumbs up which only made him smiled who looked down at Shilpa "Ab toh nehi haina koi complaint?" his question made her to kiss his jaw as in answer and immediately they hugged each other while other people clapped making them giggle.. Just like this Arsh's happy honeymoon went wd the satisfaction to Shilpa that now they are officially Husband & Wife also wd lots of memories they came back

Subah ko main laaunga honthon pe hansi
Shaamon ko baaton mein teri dhalta jaaunga

Days passed weeks paased months paased years passed their love only grew more, Armaan & Swayam had already started their academy which is doing very well in fact is very successful also, when Armaan & Swayam gave this surprise to everyone they were extremely surprised plus happy except Shilpa who already knew about this and about Ronit he was emotional at first but now feels proud of his both sons.. Sid Shilpa Surbhi Ritvik and a new member name Aasha (Ritwik's fiance now) were handling the business.. About Sid-Sukirti they got married two years ago and now Sukirti is ideal daughter in law of family coz Shilpa still stays like her old self nothing changed at all in fact now she gets more pamper from Ronit & Ram.. While Ritwik is completely moved on in his life coz three years ago Aasha entered inside their company as his secretay but she fell for him which Shilpa & Surbhi observed even Ritwik was having feelings for her but was scared which he confessed only to Armaan who just adviced him 'See ignore karke dekh usse.. Agar tu kar paaya toh thik hai nehi toh samajh jaana u fell for him' Ritwik followed this advice but got failed coz he had fell for her where as on other side situation became torture for Aasha coz of his confused behavior so she finally decided to propose him but fearing he will refuse she dropped that idea..When Ritwik shared he fell for Aasha his gang only adviced him to propose which he did and Aasha couldn't able to refuse so she gladly accepted and from then they are engaged, now Aasha is their group member.. About Surbhi & Shaad they were so occupied by their works that now they will get marry after one week, Heehe just coz of Surbhi's workholic nature this happened. Swayam was handling the academy wd his all efforts also Vrushika have joined (Deep's sister) him also they are in love but still not able to figure out.. And last about the loveable pair of this gang is Deep & Rati who have become parents of their one year daughter Aarohi, so they are also living a beautiful phase of their life in fact since Shilpa got pregnant Rati was only advicing to take as much as work from Armaan while on the other side Deep adviced Armaan not to make wives angry at this stage coz they turned horrible when they gets angry and now Arsh were only following this steps.. About their family they are very happy & excited for their fourth gen of this family in fact they have planned whether its a bpy or girl they will give all pampers & Love coz he/she will be their first child of this family.. You know how Shilpa reacted when she got to know about this pregnancy news & How Armaan reacted hearing this, let me say.. Well their baby was not planned at all reason was, they first wanted to concentrate on their family & carrier but one day they forgot everything.. Hmm i know kuch samjha nehi hoga.. So listen for Ritwik-Aasha's engagement they all went in Goa for small vacation and there Armaan saw few kids which made an urge inside him to became father so he shared this to Shilpa who refused seeing she needs more time to think and that made them to land into an argument then in fight, till whole one day & night they didn't talked wd each other which only made them restless in fact they immediately understood about each others feelings so they decided to aplogized.. In next morning Armaan was talking on phone when he entered inside their room and what he saw only made his heartbeat skipped coz Shilpa just came out from that under roof small swiming pool taking Armaan's breath unintentionally, Wearing a floral dark pink bathrobe she moved out from that another small room where that swimming was situated and as she saw Armaan who was staring her wdout blink which only made her shy but she didn't let him know

Main rajj ke chaahun tujhko
Le ishq mein teri nachi
Main chhad akal ki baatein
Phir aaj ho gayi bacchi, oo oo oo…

"Kya huaa aise kyun dekh rahe ho?" crossing her arms she questioned wd straight face making him to walk towards her wd steady steps
"Vo kya haina.. Mujhe vo husband wife waali feeling nehi aa rahi hai.. Toh" saying this slowly he pulled her wd such force by her waist that her breath got hitched
"Armaan.. Chodo mujhe" smacking his chest lightly she eyed him who wd tease bend his head near her ear
"Naahh!! Pehle mujhe proove karo ki hum husband wife hain ki nehi" whispering this huskily on her ear he nuzzled his face on her wet hairs taking the fragrance while she only closed her eyes but soon she moved her head back coz she realised last time they fought
"Lekin main tumse gussa.." but poor girl before could say anything he captured her lips whose eyes widen but in seconds she gave up coz his kisses were hungry, they kissed passionately forgeting their fight or argument in fact how they missed each other just in one day they showed in their kiss while Armaan's hand slowly opened her bathrobe's knot, Shilpa didn't have any idea that he had opened her bathrobe's knot coz she was under his spell who kissing her neck intensly slowly traced her wet figure under the robe which made her gasped when he lowered her robe leaving her only in her inners while Shilpa opened his shirt's buttons, sucking every drop of her wet body he made her restless who in response pulled him in hungry kiss and still lost wd each other when they landed on bed they didn't realised.. They were making love wd passion and love forgeting everything even this also that they didn't used any protection
"I love you.." kissing her forehead pantingly he whispered making her to close her in bliss who immediately hugged him after their long session of love and in unionism they only whispered 'I am sorry Armaan/Shilpa' which made both of them broke wd smiles, few minutes passed they only were cherishing the moment in each others arms when Shilpa thought to clear her POV
"Nehi sachme.. Armaan i am sorry actually ab mujhe bhi lagta hai ki hume baby plan karna chaahiye.. Maine isliye mana kiya tha kyunki main tumhe kisi se share nehi karna chaahti thi.. Buddhu hoon main i know lekin" she was confessing wdout looking up but when she noticed his deep breaths she looked up only to smiled coz he have fell in tired sleep making her to kiss his cheek lovingly and closing her eyes she also slept.. After that day they turned normal even forgot about their fight also but after a month Shilpa realised about her pregnancy coz her dates were missing, she even got a little nausea, but ignoring these all she concentrated on her office work untill she fainted inside her cabin where Surbhi was also present who suggested her for doctor and when doctor checked her she directly said 'You are pregnant' which only made her shocked while Surbhi hugged her happily.. In whole way she was nervous that how she will share this to Armaan while Surbhi pulled her leg teasingly making her to shut her mouth wd her smacks also she almost ordered her not to say this to anyone coz she will announce herself only.. And in night when everyone were having their dinner she thought to share but got shy so she dropped, In night she fell asleep coz of tiredness but next morning when she woke up found Armaan sleeping peacefully and that made her to decide to share the news wd him, So getting ready she sighed in nervousness "Kaise bataaun isse ki.. Hum.." walking tro & fro in room she mumble wd herself also in b/w looking down at Armaan who was sleeping soundlessly "Jo bhi ho Shilpa abhi bata de.. Vaise bhi subhe ki sabsi pehli acchi news sunkar pata nehi kaise react karega.. Hehee.. Koi nehi dekhne layak hoga iska expression" thinking this excitedly she sat behind him whose back was facing her, wd teasing smile she bend down near his face "Good Morning to be Papa" as she whispered he made a face keeping his hands on his ears which made her smiled "Mr Rockstar Papa ab utho bhi" kissing his hand lovingly she said which only made him stirred who turned his position
"Shilpa yaar sone do.." he mumble in sleepy tone making her giggle who laid beside him
"Aree aise kaise would be Papa.. Jab meri neende kharaab hogayi tab tumhaari kyuna karun main.. Utho" saying this in fun way she shook him who got annoyed
"Kya yaar Shilpa tum office jaaona" looking at her wd annoyed look he said which made her giggle who layed above him "Shilpa tum pagal ho gayi ho.. Meri morning" he showed his angry glare to her who cupping his face pecked his lips lovingly
"Ab toh tumhaare morning aise hi jaaygi soon to be Papa or Dad and whatever.. Par tum aahhh Armaan" as she said in teasing tone he narrowed his brows and getting confused he immediately made her laye under him which only made her startled "Pagal ho tum zara dheere se nehi kar sakte the.. Abhi kuch ho jaata baby ko toh" smacking his chest she scolded making him more confused
"Baby??" at his confused look her anger turned into love who circling his neck pulled him more closer
"Yes Baby.. Humaara Baby.." his eyes widen in shock when she giggled and kissed his cheek "Yes Mr Armaan Malik the Rockstar.. I am pregnant of one month.. And we are going to become parents" as she announced slowly steadly he took time to register this news inside his mind and as it dawned inside his head he sat up happily
"I don't believe this Shilpa.. I mean kya sachme hum parents banane waale hain.. Kya sachme.. I mean.. Aaahhh.. I love you Shilpa.." his emotions & happiness only made her giggle when he pulled her in loving hug wd mixed feelings even his eyes were also got moist "Thank you Shilpa.. Thank you very much.." kissing her hairs still hugging her he whispered which made her to hug him back who whispered 'Thank you toh mujhe kehna chaahiye mujhe yeh realise karwqane ke liye ki hume sachme baby ki zarurat hai.. I love u Armaan' at her words he kissed her cheeks lovingly "Tum khush hona?" wd moist eyes he asked softly
"Bahoot se bhi bahoot zyada Mr Papa" kissing his chin she replied happily which made him chuckled who only pulled her in hug and till few minutes they stayed like this when she asked "Hum ghar me sabko kaise bataayenge Armaan??" playing wd his vest she asked shyly which made him to kiss her head lovingly
"See jaise tumne mujhe.. Abhi subhe ki sabse pehli aur acchi news di hai.. Ussi tarah hum aaj raat humaari family ko dinner par bahar le jaayenge aur phir bata denge.. Thik hai" playing wd her hairs he replied in calm tone making her excited plus nervous while giving a nod in Yes "Lekin usse pehle tumhe thik se thank you toh keh lun" saying this teasingly he moved to kiss her who put her palm on his mouth
"Nehi Armaan.. Ab tumhe mera aur khayaal rakhna hoga you know mujhe kissi chiz ki kami nehi honi chaahiye.. Aur saath me tum mera.. Armaan.." she was instructing him when he pulled her in loving kiss and in careful way he made her laye still kissing her who responded soon.. And like this they started their morning in beautiful way, whole day Arsh were happy and in night they took their family & friends for dinner to announce this news but it became hard coz they all were busy in fun mood

Tu jaan hai sachi muchi
O baat ansuni hai
Pyar se buni hai
Aaj doguni hai aarzu..

"Guys.. Listen to me.." Armaan tried to their attention who were only busy wd each other (They have booked a single big table for their family which was inside under roof terrace where was no public) "Come on Shilpa yaar tumhi kuch kahona inhe" grabbing her hand from under table he requested in tired tone which made her giggle
"Aww.. Thak gaya mera Armaan.. Koi nehi tum ek kaam karo khade hokar zor se bolo tabhi toh yeh log humpar dhyaan denge.. Main nehi chilla sakti sorry" showing a cute face se encouraged him who wd cute pout looked back at their family who were busy wd each other like Shaad & Swayam were discussing about a sports app, Surbhi & Sukirti were giggling at Arsh's face coz they both knows about the news through Shilpa, Ram Ronit & Deep's dad were discussing about business stuff, Naani is talking wd Vrushika, Gautmi & Deep's mom were gossiping about daily soaps, while Sid Ritwik & Aasha were talking about childhood days
"Aree tumhe nehi pata yaar Asha school me Ritwik ko maine hi footboll sikhaaya tha.. Even mera student hai yeh" Sid praised himself which made her giggle
"Woww yaar.. Kabhi dekh ke laga nehi" Aasha's joke made Ritwik laughed
"Yaar tu toh confirm mere type ki hai.." hugging her sidely Ritwik commented making Sid to roll his eyes
"Yaani ab do pshycos ko sehna padega" as Sid taunted teasingly Asha pouted making Ritwik to pull her in hug
"Nehi baby dhyaan mat de tu inpe tu kisi acchi chiz par dhyaan de" caressing her cheek he said in loving voice on which wd cute nod she looked at Armaan dreamily which made Sid laughed taunting 'Le phirse shuru ho gayi Rockstar Armaan ki fangirl' at this Ritwik held his head coz Aasha is huge fan of Armaan "Mujhe kabhi kabhi lagta hai.. Yeh kahin Armaan ke liye toh meri GF nehi bani" at his words Asha giggle while Sid laughed, where as Deep & Rati were busy wd their baby girl who is two months old
"Rati lo naa yaar isse.. Dekho chup hi nehi ho rahi hai.. Please lelo" he almost pleaded while trying to hold their daughter where as Rati smiled taking a morsel inside her mouth
"Come on Deep itna bhi nehi kar sakte.. Aakhir baby badi hokar yehi bolegi naa ki mere papa super star hain.. Kyunki unhone mera mumma se zyada dhyaan diya hai.. By god mere liye toh yeh kar hi sakte ho" pinching his cheek she said in cute kiddish tone on which he opened his mouth to argue when Aarohi started crying
"Allee lee nehi baby chup ho jaao" rocking her slowly he said in kiddish tone which made Rati giggle and seeing this scene Armaan smiled when Surbhi teased
"Keh do na Armaan varna yeh log aise hi busy rehenge" at this he shook his head when
"Haan Armaan jaldi kahona.. Mujhe sabke expressions dekhne hain" hearing Sukirti's excited voice he smiled when Shilpa mouthed I love you encouraging him who giving a calm nod stood up
"Dad.. Chote Papa.. Maa.. Naani.. Aree yaar koi toh suno.. Aree Deep tu toh sunn" he tried to sound calm but getting no response he got annoyed "ENOUGH EVERYONE..!" hearing his loud voice everyone got stunned who only stared him while Shilpa Surbhi & Sukirti got a little startled and seeing their faces he calmed himself "I am sorry.. Itni zor se chillaane ke liye par zaruri baat thi.. Actually.. Main nehi.. I mean Shilpa.. Nehi actually hum" his nervous voice made them confused when Ronit scolded 'Itne badtameez kabse ho gayye tum Armaan.. Jaldi bolo kya kehna hai' at his angry voice he gulped "Aap Ankit uncle (Deep's dad) aur aunty Dada daadi banane waale ho.. Chote Papa aur Maa Naani Naana banane waale hain.. Swayam Shaad uncle banane waale hain.. Naani par naani banegi.. Surbhi Vrushika maasi aur Sukirti Aasha maami banengi, Deep aur Rati uncle aunty banenge.. Aur Ritwik Sid Mama.. Aarohi ko bhai yaah behen kuch toh milega.. Main Shilpa mummy Papa banane waale hain.. In short" first they were confused but as they heard last words surprise came on their faces while Sukku & Surbhi giggled when standing beside him Shilpa held his arm for support
"In short.. Main pregnant hoon.." she completed shyly making them surprised wd happiness
"I don't believe this" standing up happily Ronit moved to hug them even everyone clapped
"Congratulations" Sid Ritwik Swayam and other boys started congratulating each other wd jovial expressions and in minutes the atmosphere turned more joyful coz of the news while seeing the happy faces of their family Arsh only felt bliss, they were partying when coz of their loud voices Aarohi's sleep broke and she started crying resulting Deep worried
"Arre please chup ho jaao dekho rone lagi yeh" requesting them he stood wd his baby making everyone giggle while Armaan walked towards him
"De mujhe.. Uncle ke paas zyada khush rehti hai meri Aarohi haina" taking her on his arms he said in kiddish tone which made Aarohi a little calm
"Haan kyunki isse sabse zyada pyaar hum hi dono toh karte hain.. Aur ab toh iske paas bhi koi aayga khelne ke liye" playing wd her little nose tip Deep said wd a smile which made Armaan smiled to started playing wd her even Deep also acompnied him and here Sid Swayam Ritwik & Shaad were not leaving Shilpa for seconds also
"Dekho bhabhi apne liye naa sahi mere liye toh ab thoda active ho jaao.. Kyunki main baby ko meri tarah active banaana chaahta hoon.. You know Chachu ki tarah hogi yaah hoga toh sab taarif karenge" as Swayam said proudly she crossed her arms wd serious look
"Chal pagal active banaayga.. Tu meri sunn Shilpa main mama hoon toh abse mere batije yaah batiji ka dhyaan thik se rakh kyunki tu kaise bhi aawaaro ki tarah chalti hai toh please usse mujhe de dena thik hai" Sid requested making her to raise her bows uninterestingly
"Tu pagal hai Sid mujhe baat karne de.. Yeh S naam ke log toh pagal hote hai dekh group me main aur Armaan hi alag hain kyunki humaare alphabates alag hain varna sab toh S se hi hain yahaan.. Aur tu bhul gayi bike toh tujhe maine hi chalaana sikhaaya hai toh baby ko pehle naa tu mujhe dena thik hai kyunki main usko teri tarah bante huye nehi dekh sakta.. You know future kharab ho jaayga uska" scolding him Ritwik started sharing his wishes which only made her annoyed
"Pagal ho tum sab.. Shilpa tum direct baby ko mujhe dena main toh soch raha hoon yeh bhi rockstar bane" saying this sweetly he moved to hug her who really got pissed
"Uff jaao tum log.. Pehle paida toh hone do usko" but her annoyed voice didn't made them quite in fact they more started nagging which only made their family laughed.. So that is how they disclosed the news and from then Sid Swayam Shaad & Ritwik have turned more protective about Shilpa who is getting all love response & pamper from her family
Flashback ends

Ye khwaab hain chahatein
Ya mere dil ki aawazein
Jaanti hai tu
Tere kehne se li maine parvazein (x2

"You know Shilpa" her flashback was broken by his voice on which she looked down at him who sat properly beside her "Mujhe lagta hai humaara baby bilkul meri tarah hoga.." she giggled at this then asked why "Aree kyunki jab main isse baat kar raha tha maine feel kiya ki yeh zyada kuch bol nehi raha.. Aur tum toh thairi Baatuni.. Toh yaad rakkho yeh meri tarah hi hoga yaa hogi" he knowingly said this just to tease her who pouted
"Nehi baby meri tarah hoga.. Dekh lena kyunki vo humesha mujhe laat maarta hai yaa maarti hai jaise main ek fighter hoon" her proud filled voice made him chuckled
"Dekho hum.. Ek ke peeche aise hi ladenge.. Isiliye main soch raha hoon hume ek aur try karna chaahiye" his shameless words made her almost blush
"Armaan.. Pehle ek ko toh hone do baaki ki baad me dekhna" slapping his cheek lightly she corrected which made him to rub that chocolate from her chin
"Yaar yaah toh kha liya karo yaah laga liya karo.. Aur ek baat itna chocolates mat khaao varna baby ko bhi isi chiz ki habit ho jaaygi" caressing her cheek he said in loving voice which only made her adored him at his gesture
"Kiss Me.." out of blue she demanded making him surprise who smiled saying 'Tum kuch zyada demand nehi karne lagi ho?' tucking her hairs aside he teased her who pouted "Armaan.. Main pregnant hoon toh mere saare demands tumhe pure karne chaahiye.. Humaare baby aur mere liye itna bhi nehi kar sakte tum" she almost ordered which only made him chuckled who pulled her closer by her waist
"Hmm.. Baat toh sahi hai.. Vaise bhi mujhe.. Ek baar aur chocolate taste karna hai" saying this teasingly he cupped her face who really got shy by his shameless comment and before she could get more she he pulled her in loving Kiss on that same spot where their story started.. Their make out was disturbed by Sid's call "Don't worry Sid vo thik hai bas usko walk karna tha toh main le aaya bahar.." he assured calmly while standing a little away from Shilpa who was having her chocolates delightly
"Aree tu pagal hai Armaan thand lag jaaygi toh usse.. Bacche ko bhi bukhaar ho jaayga.. Lekar wapas aa" Sid got worried making Swayam to takw the phone from him
"Haan bhai jaldi laao bhabhi ko aap toh jaante hona ki thand hai bahar.. Kahin vo bimaar hogayi toh.. Aap lekar aao" Swayam's hurried tensed voice made Armaan to held his head at their over protective side where as Sukirti shook her head watching them still sittin on dinner chair wd her coffee
"I don't know in dono ka kya hoga.. Baby aaya nehi ki abhi se itni fikar bechaare Armaan aur Shilpa ko chain se walk bhi nehi karne dete..
Aur uper se Sid ne mujhe bhi jaga diya idiot" thinking this she took a sip from her coffee but there was smile playing on her lips seeing the care & worry for Shilpa on both the boys's faces where as here Armaan was trying to calm them
"Aree trust me main laata hun.. Tum dono so jaao" at calm his voice Swayam shook his head
"Nehi bhai.. Aap jab tak bhabhi ko lekar ghar nehi aaoge main nehi sone waala" Swayam's adamant voice made him tired when Sid snatched the phone and almost ordered 'Dekh Armaan main kuch nehi jaanta tu bas usse ghar lekar aa' at this he only rubbed his forehead and assuring them that he is bringing her back in home hung up the phone then sat beside Shilpa who have finished her chocolate and now was drinking water
"Agar aapka remembrance ho gaya ho toh.. Kya hum ghar chale.. Vo kya haina Baby ke maama aur chachu dono hi pagal ho rahen hain baby ki mummy ko dekhne ke liye" pulling her in side he said in soft tone which only made her giggle
"Pata nehi kab sudhrenge dono.." she said smilingly while grabbing his arm who too smiled
"Ab chale.." putting his back against the bench post he said in calm tone when she put her head on his shoulder
"Armaan thodi der aur rukte haina phir pakka chalengene" as she requested softly he smiled and putting his head above her hummed and till few minutes they stayed in that same position when Shilpa said "Thank you Armaan for everything.. Mujhe lagta tha ki mera Sab kuch tumhi ho.. Par waqt ke saath saath tumne yeh dikhaaya ki main bhi tumhaari Sab kuch ho" at her confession he kissed her forehead
"Exactly Sab Mera Tu.. Aur Sab tera main" she giggled at his words and kissing his cheek hugged him who only responded wd love.. Their story started here but nod ended here coz just after fifteen days Arsh became parents of cute little Boy Kabir who only spread the love & happiness in their family, He became an Apple eye for their family..

So here ended Sab Mera Tu! Yakeen nehi karoge yeh story sirf season 1 tak hi socha tha,
But now as it is completed i am feeling rejoice!! Trust me bahoot dimaag chalaaya hai ispar.. And now i only have two stories.. I hope usko bhi utna hi pyaar mile jitna ST aur SMT ko mila.. Thank you everyone for love & support love from Shrii!


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