Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Part 2 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


After two weeks

In Malik Mansion

Aashiyaana mera, saath tere hai na
Dhoondte teri gali, mujhko ghar mila..

"Kitni ajeeb baat hai.. Ek jaisa chehra.. Ek jaisi awaaz.. Aur ek jaisa surname.. Aise kaise ho sakta hai..?" wd her doubtful look she looked down in backyard where Karan was walking while talking wd someone on phone while she was drying her wet long hairs wd a towel "Coincidents ho sakte hain.. Par itna bada coincident nehi ho sakta.. Sirf aankhen alag hai.. Black.. May be Armaan ka bhai.. Nehi nehi nehi.. Aise kaise ho sakta hai yeh bachpan se India se dur raha hai aur apne Parents ka iklauta beta hai..May be sirf in dono ke chehre milte ho.. Aisa ho sakta hai?? Uff confusion hi confusion hai.." shaking her head tiredly she crossed her hands still watching him who is walking in his jog clothes that is a black opened

sweatshirt wd gray vest underneath & black joggers not to forget there was a black cap on his head "Vaise tujhe isse kya.. Bas apna kaam khatam kar aur jaldi se jaa is Badtameez aur Ziddi insaan ke ghar se.. I mean hadd hai aise koi kisi doctor ke saath behave karta hai.. Badtameez!" cursing him mentally she turned her face away from him, the fresh scent of bath was clearly shown on her face coz she just took a bath and now dressed in blood red umbrella dress wd silver ornaments she is looking beautiful and wdout khol her green almoned eyes were shinning more "Hmm..Par yeh galat bhi toh nehi hai.. Jab mere paas koi apna nehi hai toh main kitni akeli feel karti hoon yeh dard sirf main samajh sakti hoon aur iske paas toh sirf ek hai jisse khona nehi chaahta yeh toh kya galat kar raha hai kuch bhi karke.. Par kaise isse samjhaaun ki duniya ki koi taakat ab iske Dad ko nehi bacha sakti" she thought wd sad look still staring Karan who is unaware of her eyes "Lekin Shilpa.. Jo isne kal kiya vo nehi karna chaahiye tha isko.. Bas" at her mind's remindence she again turned strict and was about to look away from him when Karan's eyes automatically landed on her window who nearly got an attack coz she don't want to see his face which only made her to calculate whether he is Armaan's twin brother or look like etc, So she wd attitude looked away from him whose eyes were calmly fixed on her but as the other person on phone took his name he diverted his eyes away from her and again got busy wd the call where as shaking her head Shilpa went towards the bed where her bag was put which she started unpacking it

unwillingly..Confused right? Hmm let me explain you all actually the thing is after bumping wd him in hospital that too two times she thought He is Armaan but next day when she went to check Mr Malik he apologised in behalf of Karan coz he thought Karan did something wrong that's why she ran and hearing this she got confused and didn't believed "Aapne kaha vo jo ladka kal aaya tha vo aapka beta Karan hai?" she asked doubtfully making Raj smiled

Aab-o-daana mera, haath tere hai na
Dhoondte tera Khuda, mujhko Rab mila..

"Ji.. I know thoda alag laga hoga aapko, lekin vo bachpan se hi India ke bahar raha hai toh isse yahaan ke taur tarike ke baare me nehi pata.. Par Doctor usne mujhe sab bataya ki kaise aap lift me dar gayi thi aur usne bachaya.. Toh phir kyun aap bhaag rahin hain usse mujhe bataiye main samjhaunga agar usne kuch kiya hai toh" Shilpa's mind got fully confused while Raj smiled also she now got who took her out from lift yesterday 

"Par vo kaise ho sakta hai.. Vo toh Dr Ar.. I mean are you sure vo aapka hi beta hai? I mean aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai ki vo bahoot saalo baad mila ho?" at her doubtful look Raj laughed coz of her innocent question

"Of course Dr.. Vo mera hi beta hai.. Haan mujhse alag hai par vo mera iklauta beta hai jiske bina main nehi reh sakta aur naa vo mere bina.. Aur jab vo paida huaa tha tabse apni aankhon ke saamne se jaane nehi diya maine" wd a smile he replied sweetly coz he thought she is judging Karan's character while hearing this her mind got puzzled "Agar aapko yakeen nehi ho toh vo raha mera phone usme meri aur uski bahoot saari pics hai dekh lijiye" looking on the side table on his phone he said normally where as wd confused look she nodded 'Dikhaayiye naa' which made Raj a little amused who taking his phone showed all his pics to her who got bewildered seeing the pics of Karan "Yeh dekhiye jab vo 10th me tha Seoul ke school me" he smiled looking at Karan's school pic wd his three friends while Shilpa's head spinned which soon got calm as she heard Raj's emotional tone "Kitna khush lag raha hai in sab pics me.. Pata nehi mere jaane ke baad kaise rahega" his eyes turned moist which made Shilpa to give him water siding her dozen of questions 

"Don't worry sab thik hoga.. Aapko kuch nehi hoga" as she tried to cheer him he gave a sad smile while keeping the glass aside

"Jhoot mat boliye doctor specially ek marte huye insaan se toh bilkul nehi.. I know i don't have much time to live.." her face turned soft hearing this
Tu jo mila, Tu jo mila..

"Aap kuch bhi mat boliye.. Kyunki kabhi kabhi Duaaon me itni shakti hoti hai ki maut ko bhi hara sakti hai.. Medical fail ho sakta hai par kisiki sacche dil se maangi hui duaan kabhi nehi fail ho sakti.. Toh itna sochiye mat bas sab kuch accha sochiye" as she said sweetly Raj smiled heartly coz in seconds she impressed him wd her deep words and wd a smile he put his hand on her head saying 'Aap bahoot samajhdaar hain.. I am sure aap ek acchi bahoot doctor ke saath ek acchi beti bhi hain' at this her smile faded but she managed to give a nod in Yes when Raj said something which made her again to think about Karan 'Beta aapne bataaya nehi ki Karan ne kya kiya?' Raj asked politely "Aa.. Vo.. Nehi kuch nehi bas mujhe misunderstanding ho gayi thi ki vo koi aur hai.." as she replied politely Raj chuckled while excusing from him she started claculating may be Armaan & Karan were twins or may be they are look likes etc, but nothing came inside her mind and making herself busy wd her patients she forgot about him but in evening when she was working inside her cabin Karan knocked on her door coz he wanted to asked about his Dad's current condition anyhow and wdout knowing she allowed him inside but as he stepped inside her eyes widen again which deffinately made him confused
Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujhpe kar gaya

Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya
Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila..

"Bhaagna mat.." he indicated which made her embarrassed "See Doctor mujhe nehi pata aapki problem kya hai par.. Mujhe aapse zaruri baat karni hai mere Dad ke baare me aap sunn rahin haina" she stood up in jerk making him frowned but ignoring everything he asked about his Dad which is very important to him "Doctor.. Main aapse keh raha hoon" in very serious voice he asked while clicking his fingers which made her to look away from him and picking up a file fakely she said 'Kahiye' but from inside she became again confused where as for Karan she is becoming strange coz when he first time met her he fell for her face but when she ran away seeing him that too twice he really thought she is strange and most important thinking about his Dad's health he can't trust on such strange types of doctor "Mujhe mere Dad ke reports ke baare me puri details chaahiye.. And most important aap mujhe bataaiye kya aap unhe thik kar paayngi.. Kyunki i can't risk my dad's life wd such strange types of doctors" at this her mouth hung opened and closing her file she looked at him angrily but soon looked away as her eyes saw his face
"Excuse me.. Aap kehna kya chaahte hain..?" wd calm voice she asked making him to sighed
"Main yeh kehna chaahta hoon ki main aap jaisi strange doctor se apne Dad ka treatment nehi karwa sakta.. Kyunki aap toh kabhi bhi chod ke bhaag sakti hai unhe.. Toh mujhe ek assurance chaahiye aapke hospital se ki vo ek best doctor hire kare mere Dad ke treatment ke liye" his direct calm words made her stunned who immediately looked at his face forgetting her confusions

"Agar aapko itna hi best doctor chaahiye toh.. New York me hi treatment karwa lete yahaan aane ki kya zarurat thi" her tone turned strict which made him a little amused coz this is the first time he heard her voice "Aur aap mujhe strange bol rahen hain lekin.." but she was cut by his voice
"Strange toh aap hain.. Thank you bhi nehi kehti.. Aur bhaagti bhi hain.. Aur raha sawaal Dad ke New York me treatment karwaane ka toh main Duniya ke kisi bhi kone me karwa sakta hoon par Dad ko sirf apne desh me hi rehna hai.. Lekin vo sab chodiye aap mujhe unke reports ki details bataaiye baaki bhul jaaiye" putting his hands inside his pant's pockets he in calm way taunted her who looked down silently realising what he meant but making herself proffessional she give a nod in Yes

"Sorry vo.. Mujhe ek misunderstanding thi jo ab nehi hai.. Aur Thank you mujhe us din lift se " wd half heart she apologised still not looking on his face who smiled at her face

"Pehle Chehra.. Ab Aawaaz.. Aur iski aankhen kitni alag hain Green Ocean waali.. Aisi toh kabhi nehi dekhi.. Kya ho raha hai mujhe?" Karan thought staring her calmly but making himself serious he thought to concentrate on his Dad's report "It's okay.. Par please ab aap mujhe mere Dad ke baare me bataaiye" his serious voice made her turned serious too and showing him seat they discussed about his Dad's critical case, Karan got tensed as he again heard his dad have 1 % of chance to live and he got angry saying "Doctor agar aap hi haar maan lengin toh mere Dad ko thik kaun karega.. I know vo jeeyenge mere liye jeeyenge.. Aapne 1 % kaha naa main puri koshish karunga jaan laga dunga usse 100% banaane me.. Chaahe puri duniya ek karna pade" and at that time she saw his eyes which have black & brown mixed color far away from Armaan's blue eyes, it made her realise that he is different person but have same face, also she got one thing that day which was his love & determination for his father which made her automatically to cheer him professionally 'See unko har choti yaah badi shock se dur rakhna hai aur koshish karna vo khush rahen humesha bina kisi fikar ki.. May be vo thik ho jaayen' at her assurance he only managed to give a nod making her smile at the father son bond, since then they turned professionals yaah Karan's heart beats sometimes whenever he sees her but ignoring it he focuses on his Dad while Shilpa was also professional but somewhere she still calculates about twin thing.. Meanwhile Shilpa and Raj came closer like friends means to make Raj eat his medicines or vanish his fears Shilpa used tricks by telling few stories on this Raj also shares his past funny experiences, they both got to know few things about each other like Shilpa got to know How Raj grown Karan wdout a mother or women also that they both shares deep bond which in today's gen is rarely seen while Raj got Shilpa is an orphan and lives her life wd orphan kids & her patience wdout any complain from god also that she is the sweetest, understanding, caring & strong doctor.. Karan was unaware from this but he used to visit hospital twice a day and whenever he visit his father missed the chance to see her who was busy wd other patients but before a day of Raj's discharge he bumped wd her again coz he was looking down on his phone while she was reading a file and as they colided Shilpa fell on floor making him to look at her surprisingly who glared him wd angry look which soon turned tensed as she saw wd whom she collided, So ignoring his sorry she stood up after picking up her file when he said something which made her stopped in her tracks

Kehte hain Khuda ne is jahan me sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye..

"Mujhe aisa lagta hai aapko geerne ka bahoot shauq hai tabhi toh aap baar baar gir jaati hain" trying to take her attention unknowingly he taunted in calm way which made her head turned back at him strictly
"Aur mujhe aisa lagta hai.. Tumhe dusro ko giraane ka bahoot shauq hai" she snapped looking back at him who smiled while putting his hands inside his pant's pockets 

"Actually normal log aise girte nehi hain.. Haan thoda stumble hote hain par aapki tarah itne naazuk bhi nehi hote ki seedhe zameen par gir pade.. Isliye main toh aapko yehi suggest karunga ki aap apne patients ke saath saath apna bhi dhyaan de.. You know agar doctor me problem hui toh patients ki health ka kya hoga" his twisted taunt made her stunned at his guts but letting not her ego she passed a fake smile and retorted 'Mujhe aapki suggestion ki zarurat nehi hai, aap apne father par dhyaan dijiye.. Doctor main hoon toh main dekh lungi' it made him amused when giving him last glare she went from there making him sighed "Abhi bhi doubt hai yeh doctor kaise bani" thinking this doubtfully he went to meet his dad.. Shilpa was trying hard not to think about him but he always makes her confused but the fact she liked that the bond b/w Raj & Karan, in fact that day only she was watching them from glass window of Raj's room when another Dr Aarti (Her best friend & house mate) came there for a case discussion, she was discussing it wd seriousness but Shilpa's next words made her confused

"Aarti.. Identical twins hote hain yeh toh sab jaante hain par kya identical log bhi hote hain?" Shilpa's doubtful question made her frowned while Shilpa's eyes were still watching the father son duo who were laughing on something

"Kya keh rahi hai tu??" Aarti narrowed her bows confusedly making Shilpa sighed

"Aree.. Matlab.. Kya ek jaise dikhne waale do log ho sakte hain, par bhai nehi, aur haan unki aankho ka colour bhi alag hai.. Toh vo kaise ek jaise dikh sakte hain" still staring them she put her doubts forward making Aarti puzzled but she tried to think

"Haan ho toh sakte hain.. Agar unki maa ek ho yaah phir baap.. Lekin bahoot se filmo me dikhaaya hai Khumbh ke mele me kho jaate hain do judwa bhai.. Yaah phir hospital me exchange ho gayye ho.. Yaah phir ek ko kisi kaam waali baai ne utha liya ho yaa Daayi maa.. Jaise filmo" but before she could put her filmy assumptions more Shilpa gave her R-U-Mad look which shut her mouth

"Pagal hai.. Aisa real me hota hai kya.. Jaa tu yahan se aur yeh bhi mujhe de" scolding her in cute anger she took that file on which Aarti smacked her head lightly

"Oh madam.. Sawaal aapne pucha aur sunna mujhe rahi hai.. Aur tu kyun itna soch rahi hai is topic par.. Agar aisa hai bhi toh tera kya jaa raha hai.. Jab do log ek dusre jaise dikhte hain aur alag hain toh vo unki life hai.. Tu kyun itna pagal ban rahi hai" retorting her correctly she put her hands on her waist making Shilpa realised who was checking the file but stopped hearing this
"Sahin toh boli Aarti.. Mera kya jaa raha hai.. Uff.. Aaj se main is topic par nehi sochungi.. Mera kaam hai check karna Mr Raj ko toh main bas wahin karungi" deciding this wd serious face she closed the file when she noticed Aarti was staring at Karan & Raj wd dreamy smile

"Shilpa tune dekha isse.. Kitna Handsome aur Cute haina tere patient ka Beta.. I mean tujhe pata hai yeh jab bhi aata hai hospital me saari ladkiyaa, nurses aur sisters sab sirf isse hi dekhte hain.. Haayyyee kitne deep dimples hai.. Ek baar baat karwa na meri isse.." wd dreamy smile she said cheerfully which made Shilpa to smack her head wd file "Aaawww Shilpa" rubbing her head she made a face

"Chup chaap kaam par dhyaan de" scolding her strictly she went from there making Aarti to follow her still praising Karan wd whom Raj was having his best time coz since six months he had missed his son badly
"Suniye dhyaan se.. Kal aap yahan se discharge honge toh hum seedhe ghar jaayenge aur thoda aaraam karne ke baad aap mujhe Lonavala ghumaayenge in fact Arun uncle ko bhi jo iswaqt aapka excitedly wait kar rahen hain ghar par" Karan's planning made Raj chuckle who obediently nodded in Yes "And yaah.. Yaad haina duniya ki koi fikar nehi leni hai.. Except yeh ki Karan ko gussa nehi dilaana hai" at this he laughed 

"Hmm ho jaayga.. Lekin hum jaise hi kal ghar pahuchenge tum khaana banaaoge.. Kyunki cheh mahine main Arun ke haath ka khaana khaate khaate bore ho gaya.. Aur miss kar raha hoon apne Karan ke haath ka khaana" his blackmailing made him to give a nod in Yes smilingly coz he was trying his best to make his father's fears away also his insecurities to loose his Dad

"Done.. Daddy Cool" forwarding his fisted hand for punch he promised which made Raj to respond happily while saying 'Mera chota Karan wapas aa raha hai jo business ke peeche chupa huaa tha.. Accha lag raha hai' at this Karan chuckled and ruffled Raj's hairs playfully who laughed "Karan bada hi kab huaa tha.. Haan bas apne lazy Dad ke business ko sambhaal raha tha.. Varna dil se toh Karan humesha se bacha hai" pulling his collars up he replied proudly which lightened Raj's mood
"Yehi toh dar hai Karan.. Mere jaane par kaise rahoge tum" he thought wd sad smile which he didn't showed to him who was talking about the golf & football.. Just like this the duo got so busy wd each other that they didn't even payed attention to anyone like nurses wardboys or interns who were there for their works infact few sisters nurses & interns were only drooling over Karan's charming style.. Next day only Raj got discharged from hospital where Shilpa instructed Arun what to do? Or what not? At that time Karan went to bring car and after that Kash's ways parted, Days passed Shilpa was busy wd her patients while Karan was taking care of his Dad like visiting the places wd his Dad which Raj used to visit when Karan was 7 years old, everything was going smoothly until four days before Shilpa wd Aarti & other four kids of orphan house went for small picnic in Lonavala's famous place Ryewood Park where Karan was also present wd his Dad & Uncle to visit the place, Raj & Arun were walking on the park's walking street while Karan was recording everything in his phone and just a little away Shilpa was playing catch & run wd kids, wearing an anklet length denim jeans wd a casual gray top & warm blue sweat shirt wd it cap on her head she was looking Cute while Karan's attire was a normal black jacket wd blue t-shirt & denim jeans..

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta (x2)
Kaise hum jaane humein kya pataa..

They both were unaware about each others presence but destiny made them together, means when Shilpa was running wd giggles she directly bumped on Karan who was busy in capturing the moments of this Cold foggy nature but unlike other times she directly bumped wd his chest which not at all made them fall but yes Karan stumbled a little resulting his phone on ground..Karan was surprised to find her here but when he saw her green eyes only made him lost and feeling her whole weight completely on his chest he realised his heart was dancing wd unknown happiness where as Shilpa was shocked to find herself again in front of him whose both hands have held her waist firmly on back and seeing her wide eyes opened a smile reached his lips 

"Aapko sachme chalna nehi aata naa..?" at his teasing taunt she realised herself being locked on his arms So pushing herself she corrected her hairs looking away from him who shaking his head picked up his phone 

"Sorrry.. Vo fog tha toh mujhe dikha nehi.. Lekin" she tried to reason herself slowly but his interruption made her angry

"Aahaa.. Bechaare fog ko blame mat kijiye vo kya haina problem aap me hai toh usko pehle sudhaariye baad me dusro ko bolna" he wd calm look said normally which made her to glared him
"Usse pehle tum dekh lo kaise chalte hain.. Jab dekho tab bheed jaate ho mujhse.. Ek chasma lagwalo aankhon par toh sab kuch thik se dikhega" she equally retorted unknowingly turning herself that old & Bindass Shilpa Malhotra while hearing this he chukled making her confused when that four kids came there calling for her

"Chalo jaldi.. Khelna hai hume" Ria that smallest girl gripped her finger and tried to drag her
"Haan chalo naa.." another little girl shook her who bending down pinched her little nose tip cutely
"Aww.. Mera baccha abhi chalti hoon" as she said in kiddish tone Karan raised his bows shockingly coz he thought they are her kids

"I don't believe this.. Yeh aapke bacche hain?" shock was clearly written on his face which made Shilpa to look up at his face and wd attitude she replied 'Haan hai toh?' which somewhere made Karan's heart sank coz thinking she is married also having four kids made an unknown sadness inside his heart where as kids were tryibg to recognise him "Par Doctor.. Bacche vo bhi chaar.. I mean.. Kuch zyada nehi hain.." in very hasitate voice he looked at her strangly who crossing her hands frowned "I mean its your choice.. But doctor hoke chaar bacche.. Matlab.. You heard it right.. Two kids are enough" her jaw dropped as she understood what he is trying to say 

Kyunki Tu Dhadkan.. Main Dil
Tu jo mila (x2)

"Mujhe aisa lagta hai.. Tumhe ek doctor ki bahoot zarurat hai jo na sirf tumhaari akad thik lagaaye balki tumhaara dimaag bhi thik kare" pointing her index finger she spoke angrily which made Karan to interrupt 'Pehle aap apna aur apne husband ke dimaag ko thik karo baad me mujhe bolna..' She was really stunned by his words "Argghh.. Husband.. Dimaag thikaane par toh hai tumhaara.. Meri koi shaadi nehi hui hai.. Aur yeh bacche mere hain matlab orphan hain.. Tum puri tarah pagal ho" his heart only knows what he felt hearing this while Shilpa was fuming from inside

"Aap bhi ajeeb hi hain doctor agar aap sabko yeh bolti feerengi ki mere bacche hain, toh koi bhi samajh daar insaan yehi samjhega ki yeh bacche aapke hain" in very relaxed tone he said in fact in b/w taunted her also who rolled her eyes uninterestingly when Ria shook Shilpa's hand saying 'Aap unko kyun bol.. Rahi ho Didi.. Unhone.. Aap aapko bachaaya tha naa toh thank you bolo aur sorry bhi aap hi bhaag rahe the' and this made Karan chuckle making Shilpa

to show her cute angry glare to Ria who first looked down at Shilpa then at Karan whose smile was not stopping "Vaise mujhe bacche bilkul nehi pasand par sach kahun.. Yeh sahin bol rahi hai.. You should look ahead Doctor" in not so sweet voice he said calmly which made Ria & other kids to look up at him cutely while Shilpa faked a smile to him

"Tumhe bataane ki" she was about to retort when Aarti came there to call them but as she saw Karan 'Haayye' escaped from her mouth dreamily which took Shilpa's attention who knew how Aarti will react seeing Karan while he didn't reacted on Aarti's hi and wearing his goggles he sighed
"Tune bataaya nehi ki tu isse chori chupe milne aayi hai.. Hmm" elbowing her lightly Aarti whispered teasingly on her ear who shot her angry glare "Ruk main bhi milti hoon isse" saying this excitedly she turned to look at Karan but to her disappointment he was not there while Shilpa got confused seeing him not there "Aree kahan gaya??" Aarti looked around confusedly 

"Vo toh gayye.." Sagar answered in his kiddish tone which made Shilpa to sigh saying 'Accha huaa' but at this Aarti grinned

"Lagta hai.. Usse sirf tujhme interest hai tabhi toh mere aate hi chala gaya.. Yaah phir kahin aisa toh nehi tum dono chori chori milne lage ho.. Haan bolo" as she teased Shilpa started smacking her "Aaaww awww Shilpa.. Ruk toh" she defended herself making the kids laughed while Shilpa cursed 'Jab dekho tab bakwaas karti hai' and they all started chasing each other again enjoying this cool weather.. Meanwhile Karan returned to his Dad & Arun who were laughing on something when Arun stumbled which made Raj so shocked that he nearly got an attack falling on ground and seeing him panting Karan got paniced even few crowed circled them 

"Dad.. Dad.. Dad.. Just opened your eyes.. Say something.. DAD!!" he shouted panically holding his chest while Arun had put Raj's head on his lap, Raj was panting hardly which made Karan's eyes red wd tears even that fear to loose his Dad increased more "Uncle.. Ccccall ttthe ambulance" how he manage to say this to Arun tearfully he only knows while giving an immediate nod in Yes worriedly Arun ran to call ambulance "Just.. Dont close your eyes Dad..Mmmain kkuch nehi hone dduunga aapko" holding his face firmly Karan cried making Raj to smile wd tears who opened his mouth to say something when something pierced his heart 

"Aaahhh.." Raj yelled making Karan's fear increased who tried to woke him where as Shilpa was coming wd Aarti & kids when she saw crowed which made the kids curious who thought there is magic going on so they ran following by both the ladies but as Shilpa saw Raj in this condition got worried

Rooth jaana tera, Maan jaana mera

Dhoondhte teri hansi, Mill gayi khushi..

"Kya huaa inhe??" kneeling on Raj's other side she asked worriedly making Karan to look at her tearfully
"Tt..hank god Doctor aap aa gayi.. Please dekhiye na inhe kya ho gaya.. I ii think.." Shilpa can see what's his condition so she stopped him saying 'Main dekhti hoon' which made Karan's heart at little peace while Shilpa started checking Raj who fainted making Karan anxious 

"Don't worry.. Yeh chota sa minor attack hai.. Jo aise thik hoga.." looking up at him wd serious face she tried to vanish his tension whose eyes were looking at her hopefully as if knowing she will save his father while opening Raj's first few buttons of shirt she noticed the swell on his heart and seeing that Aarti immediately forwarded a small lid of water bottle coz she knows how to handle these types of case and making a hole wd her sharp nail cutter on tge lid she put to check his heart swell then looked up at his face "See.. Aise attacks kabhi bhi aa sakte hain toh.. Sabse pehle inke heart ke uper apne dono haath aise rakh kar press karna jitna force ho sake isse inki breath jo ruki hui hai vo chalne lagegi" she was instructing him wd serious look but also doing that which made Karan to sniffed who quickly gave a nod in Yes and when she was pressing Raj's heart his heartbeat skipped

"Unko.. Unko ddda...ard ho raha hoga.. Thoda dheere" whoever was present there was only staring him in awe coz the love & care was clearly written on his face even Shilpa smiled lightly at this

Raah hoon main teri, Rooh hai tu meri
Dhoondhte tere nishaan, Mill gayi khudi..

"Don't worry.. Kuch nehi hoga.. Bas isse press karne do" saying this calmly to him she concentrated on Raj while pressing his heart firmly when she felt Karan's hands on hers doing the same like her whose heartbeat skipped while Aarti checked Raj's wrist whose eyes in an instant opened wd loud gasp giving relief to Kash "Now.. He is fine" she sighed making Karan relieved who immediately hugged his Dad as others made him sat up 

"Dad.. Kya ho gaya tha aapko.. Main kitna dar gaya tha.. Pata bhi hai" hidding his face on her neck Karan cried still hugging him who smiled weakly while caressing his hairs slowly where as the crowed clapped for Shilpa's efforts who was only staring the duo smilingly

"Kuch rishto me itni gehraayi hoti hai ki bhagwaan se bhi lad jaate hain hum.. I just hope Mr Malik ka case thik ho jaaye varna unke bete ko dekh kar koi bhi keh sakta hai ki vo jee nehi paayga.. Hey Krishna ji.. Jiske paas jeene ke liye koi ek hai usse toh mat chinna" wd a sad smile Shilpa thought when Arun arrived informing that road was jammed so ambulance couldn't able to come here but as he saw Raj fine he took a sigh of relief 

"Karan chodo mujhe.. At least doctor ko thank you toh kehne do" Raj tried to part him but he was so adamant that he hugged him tightly more while mumbling No which made the people present there giggle even Shilpa also smiled "Aree Karan.. Beta chodo bhi mujhe" rubbing his back he tried to make him calm but the fear was still fresh inside Karan's heart and seeing this Shilpa thought to help Raj

Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujhpe kar gaya
Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya
Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila..

"Aree chod do varna tumhaare tight hug ki wajah
 se phirse behosh ho jaayenge" as she said in teasing tone Karan immediately parted wd worry making everyone laugh even Shilpa & Aarti also giggled.. After making his Dad & uncle sat inside the car Karan thanked Shilpa who smiled and instructed him that "See aise attacks inko kabhi bhi aa sakte hain kyunki inki condition bahoot weak hai.. Toh us jagah agar tum hyper ho jaaoge yaa phir panic ho jaaoge toh inka dhyaan nehi de paaoge isiliye.. Thoda strongly aur dimaag se kaam lena.. Take care of him & yours too.. Bye" saying this politely she went wd her kids & Aarti leaving a dazed Karan there whose heart was only creating an image of her inside it.. After that day he didn't lived Raj for minutes also in fact he have became more strict in that term which only made Raj worried for him more coz the way Karan was reacting made him stressed and last to last night he couldn't able to sleep coz the worry for Karan was only growing inside him who soon went into sleep only to saw a bad nightmare of Karan's health, after tussling & bussling he woke up in jeark shouting Karan's name whose eyes immediately opened coz he have put a small transistor on his phone which makes him to aware about his Dad, it was midnight when Raj had saw that nightmare which was of Karan who was drowning inside water in Raj's nightmare and imagining Karan he got stressed which took his heart again in attack while other servants, Arun & Karan reached inside his room worriedly only to saw him panting, that scene again made Karan panic who was trying his best not to show his worries but seeing his father laying helpless on bed he got more worried, he tried to do like Shilpa did in that Park but it failled coz Raj was only laying unconsiously, that night the weather was so foggy cold & windy that the ambulance was not able to reach there So Karan dropped the idea to take his father in hospital, instructing Arun to handle Raj he ran to take Dr Shilpa for his dad coz he can only trust her after that scene in park, Speeding his car on the foggy road of Lonavala he reached in Hospital where Shilpa works and reaching in reception area he asked for Shilpa 

"Dd.. Dr Shilpa.. Kahan hain??" still panting he asked in serious voice on which first sister looked at his sweaty face in this chilled cold weather then looked down on register
"Sorryy sir.. Par unki duty Day time me hoti hain.. Iswaqt vo apne ghar par hain" as she replied sweetly his heart got more worried

"Accha.. Accha vo.. Kkoi aur heart ka dr? Means cardialogist" keeping his hands on table he asked wd hope on which nurse replied wd apologetic look 'Sorry par abhi vo sab apne apne case me busy hain' he smacked his hand on table in frustration making the sister frightened "Ab kya karun" rubbing his face he thought helplessly when something clicked inside his head so turning back at sister again he asked "Kya aap mujhe Doctor Shilpa ka number yaah ghar ka address de sakti hain.. Please its an emergency" he almost requested making the nurse to give him nod in No disheartly "Kyun?? See bahoot badi emergency hai.. Mmmere dad ka sawaal hai.. And i know Dr Shilpa hi unhe thik kar sakti hai please.. Yaah phir aap hi phone karlo" his desparation made the nurse to give a nod in Yes and picking the reception she called Shilpa who was sleeping at that time wd her phone in silent mode
"Sorry vo phone nehi pick kar rahi hain.. I think vo so rahin hain.. Sorryy.. Main unka number aur address dono nehi de sakti yeh hospital ke rules ke khilaaf hai" she apologised understanding his feeling who really got angry

"Kaisa rules.. Jab kisiki zindagi chali jaaygi tab aap sab pahuchenge.." he said in angry voice which made the nurse to look down when another sister came there seeing the scene and as she saw Karan recognised him coz she was assisting in this case to Shilpa So she asked about his Dad who instantly told about his Dad's health, Sister had scene his dad's condition so she quietly gave Shilpa's address & number making Karan thankful of her and thanking her he ran as soon as possible, Shilpa's home was near to hospital so it only takes five minutes for him who reaching there started ringing her door's bell continuously making both the girls irritated at first but as it not stopped both the girls got scared and gathering some courage they both moved towards the door wd a bat (Which was of orphan's kids)
"Dekh Shilpa.. Jaise hi darwaaza kholna zor se uske sar par maarna.. Varna hum dono ka khandaan badhne se pehle hi khatam ho jaayga" Aarti whispered in low voice while holding her shoulders from behind 

"Tu chup rahegi.. Ek minute jab dekho tab bakwaas" scolding her in low voice they reached near door which's ring stopped making both of them more scared now when they heard Karan's voice

Tu jo mila, lo ho gaya main qaabil
Tu jo mila, toh ho gaya sab haasil… haan!
Kyunki Tu Dhadkan.. Main Dil…

"Dr Shilpa.. Please open the door.. I need your help.. Dr Shilpa" still in worry he knocked on her door hard making her frightened who keeping the bat gripped the door knob when Aarti whispered on her ear 'Lagta hai tera koi patient hai' at this wd a gulp she opened the door only to found a vulnerable Karan standing there, he sighed wd relief as he saw her who was looking at him confusedly thinking how he got her address "Please chaliye mere saath.." he requested hurriedly making her to cross her hands angrily while Aarti guessed the situation is critical seeing his condition

"Tumhaara dimaag toh thik hai.. Itni raatko mere ghar ka door bell baja rahe ho pados ke log dekhenge toh kya sochenge.. Aur tumhe address kaise mila mere ghar ka" she started scolding him angrily on which he closed his eyes to control his anger while Aarti thought to stop Shilpa
"Aap please chaliye mere saath" trying to sound calm he requested on which she argued 'Kyun.. Pagal ho' but Aarti gripped her arm and whispered on her ear 'Ek baar uski baat sunle ki vo kya kehna chaahta hai iski condition dekh ke lagta hai ki kuch serious hai' at this she became calm and looking back at him she opened her mouth to ask why he is here but in anger he gripped her wrist tightly "Mere paas waqt nehi hai samjhaane ka.. Chaliye" saying this sternly he pulled her closer to him which only made her stunned while Aarti ran to bring Shilpa's stethoscope wd other things 

Tu jo milaa..

"Aree haath chodo mera.. Tum" trying to free her hand she looked at him angrily but least he was paying attention to her words when Aarti came and handle him Shilpa's kit saying 'Iski zarurat padegi' at this Shilpa gave her angry look "Tu mujhe.. Aaahh" she was about to scold Aarti when Karan drag her out and forcefully made her sat inside the car which he locked "Aargghhh.." she tried to opened the door but it was locked while sitting inside the car Karan started the car wd its fullest speed making her annoyed while Aarti prayed for Shilpa's safety, actually seeing Karan's condition she guessed it must be serious about his dad that's why she didn't stopped him taking Shilpa from there "Trust me tumhe sachme ek bahoot hi acche doctor se check up ki zarurat hai kyunki tum itne pagal ho main bata nehi sakti.. Badtameez Ziddi.. Aise koi kisi ladki ko kheech ke laata hai.. Hadd hai.. Vo toh bhala ho meri acchaayi ka ki tumhe abhi tak maara nehi maine.. Varna black belt champion hoon main.." she was blabbering & blabbering while ignoring her he concentrated on road praying for his Dad's safety and after few minutes of driving he reached making Shilpa hell angry who was about to scold him again but gripping her hand he dragged her inside his Dad's room and that made Shilpa realised why he brought her here 

Tu humsafar hai, Phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah yehi hai, Marna issi ke liye..

"See jaisa aapne kaha tha maine vaisa hi kiya lekin phir bhi yeh behosh hain.. Do something doctor.. Kyunki main aapke siwa yahaan kisi aur doctor par trust nehi kar sakta please save him" sitting beside his Dad's other side he requested wd moist eyes making Shilpa looked at him silently then giving a nod told the servant to brought her kit and sending everyone except Karan & Arun she checked Raj who was laying unconsiously making Karan's heart twitched, after few minutes of checking Raj finally got consious which made Karan & Arun relaxed.. Giving a glass of juice to Raj Shilpa made him sat up then asked how did he land in this situation and as Raj answered she got pissed by this little unique family so crossing her hands she looked at the three men angrily

"Hadd hai.. Matlab puri ki puri family me hi problem hai.. Aap yahaan chote se sapne se dar gayye aur attack le liya.. Aapka beta bina meri permission ke mujhe kheechte huye mere gharse aise le aaya aur aap Mr Arun aap toh samajhdar the at least kuch sochte lekin nehi.. Bina baat ki bas fikar leni hai sabko" she blasted on them angrily also indicating that in what condition she is standing now (her night clothes were a Orange full sleeves loose top & half pant till her knees not to forget she have wore her night sleepers) while bowing his head down Karan sat beside his Dad 

"I am sorry beta.. Tumhe itni raat pareshaan kar diya.. Lekin" Raj tried to take Karan's side but she interrupted

"Pareshaani ki baat nehi hai.. Yeh mera kaam hai par.. Aise chote chote sapnon se darenge aap toh kaise handle kar paayenge is pure mahaul ko.." this time she spoke concernedly making Raj to give a calm nod in Yes slowly "Aur ek yeh aapka beta.. Naa kuch sochta hai samajhta hai bas pareshaan ho jaata hai.. Yeh bhi nehi dekha isne ki main kaisi condition me hoon bas kheech laaya.. Aur dekhiye iske haath ke finger prints bhi hain meri wrist par" trying to light his mood she complained showing her red wrist which made Karan guilty while Raj smacked his head lightly 

"Lekin aapne meri sunni kahan.." Karan tried to reasoned but Shilpa's argument made both of them land into a bicker which Raj tried to stop even Arun also and after minutes of arguing & checking Raj she made him sleep them moving out of his house she directly ordered Karan 

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta (x2)
Kaise hum jaane, humein kya pata..

"Ab chalo mujhe mere ghar chod kar aao.. Kyunki itni thand me main marna nehi chaahti.. Chalo.. Aaaahhh" saying this she stepped back wdout looking ahead when her leg stumbled making her fell but before she could land on ground Karan saved her while holding her waist who looked at him surprisingly, their eyes got locked wd each other making Karan's heartbeat skipped also the time flashed inside his head when she was unconsious inside the lift and in same way he had held her but this time he can clearly see her big almoned eyes whose both hands were holding his shoulder for support, Where as Shilpa immediately pushed him as something from back flashed inside her brain making him disappoint somewhere "Thank you" correcting her hairs nervously she thanked him who giving a nod thought to say something when she turned to go so he immediately stopped her by calling her name wd Dr word who looked back wd a frown and at this Karan only requested her to stay coz what if Raj can need her where as hearing this her temper increased "You mean main ab puri raat yehin rahun aur dekhun ki tumhaare Dad ko kab meri zarurat padegi.. Nehi?" at her angry voice he made himself calm coz he knows he needs her for his Dad

"See.. Aap ek bahoot acchi doctor hain.. Aur mujhe aisa lagta hai mere Dad ke case ko sirf aap hi handle kar sakti hain.. Isiliye please kya aaj se aap mere Dad ki personal doctor banengi.. I mean aapko jitne paise chaahiye main aapko dunga agar aap chaahe toh main aapko hospital ke kisi bhi badi position par pahucha sakta hoon bas aap please yahaan rehne aa jaaiye at least tab tak jab tak main koi successful doctor naa dhoondh loon apne Dad ke case se related.. Aur sabse badi baat agar kal ko phirse aisa kuch ho gaya inke saath toh main kaise handle karunga yeh sab.. Main hi jaanta hoon maine kaise aapko dhundha.. Please maan lijiye meri baat Doctor" in very calm way he requested her who was shocked to hear this 

"You mean to say ki main yahaan tumhaare ghar me aake rahun.. Apna hospital chod kar yahaan tumhaare Dad ke paas vo bhi 24x7..?" as she asked in controlled voice he gave a nod in Yes making her angry "Have you lost your mind.. Main kaise yahaan reh sakti hoon.. Haan main din me ek baar aakar check kar sakti hoon but i can't stay here.." she refused making him to request Please Doctor "Nehi.. Tum chalo mujhe mere ghar chodo main thak gayi hoon.." she knows she did wrong to refuse but for her she can't stay here and disheartly Karan dropped her at her house but before she could move down from car he again said 'Please doctor ek baar aur soch lena.. Varna mujhe kuch aisa karna padega jo main nehi chaahta' at first she didn't got what he meant so she went inside her house ignoring him but yesterday when her Hospital's senior Doctor ordered her to became Mr Malik's personal doctor she was stunned, she requested to her senior that she don't want to do this but he directly ordered making her to decide to leave this job when that senior announced if she quit this job she will not able to join any other hospital in future in fact her licence can be sealed and that made her quiet who left no choice to accept this, She was angry & furious on Karan coz she knew it was done by him only and as she moved out of the hospital found Karan standing near his car, Actually he was waiting for her only who instantly slapped his cheek before he could apologise while the public stopped seeing the scene "Maine tum jaisa Ziddi Badtameez aur Sanki insaan kahin nehi dekha.. Maine mana kar diya toh force karoge.. Shhii.. Tumhaari wajah se meri job khatre me pad gayi hai" she blasted on him angrily while he was only staring on ground silently but yes he have fisted his one hand coz he was only listening her for his Dad "Jaante bhi ho yeh job meri zindagi hai.. Mere patients mera sab kuch hain agar tumhaari wajah se yeh naukri jaati toh.." but her sentence couldn't got finished coz of his interruption

"Agar aapke liye aapke patients hi sab kuch hain toh mere Dad bhi aapke liye ek patient hi hain.. Main is country me kisiko trust nehi kar sakta lekin us din park me jab aapne mere Dad ki jaan bachaayi toh mujhe aappe trust hai ki aap bacha paayengi unhe in fact mere Dad khud aap par bahoot bharosa karte hain.. I know i did wrong.. Par mere paas option nehi tha aapko agree karwaane ka.." she left speechless hearing his calm voice "Mere liye mere Dad is duniya me sabse important hain isiliye maine aapke haath se thappad khaane ke baad bhi kuch nehi kaha varna iska jawaab dena mujhe aache se aata.. Lekin phir bhi i am sorry" and hearing his soft voice she couldn't said anything 

Kyunki tu Dhadkan.. Main.. Dilll..

"Tum ghar jaao.. Main aa jaaungi" hearing her slow plus cute angry voice a small smile came on his lips who said slowly 'Par aapko mera ghar nehi pata toh kaise aayengi.. Main driver bhej dunga' this made her more angry "Zarurat nehi.. Uff.. Thik hai bhej dena.. Main aa jaaungi" first she scolded angrily but as she realised he is right she agreed reluctantly making him amused who opened his mouth to thank her but she went inside the hospital to take her things leaving him smiling there..And last night she came here in Malik House where Arun & Raj were waiting for her excitedly coz Karan lied to him that she is willingly ready to became his personal doctor, they both were happy wd the new member while Karan has requested Shilpa not to say anything to his Dad about that force thing which she accepted wd her angry look.. And from here starts a new journey of Kash!


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