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part 2 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"Rahul.... grow up!!"

"what did I do '.?" said with a jolt

"urghh.... why can't u just stop eating sugar from the jar...."

"mom.... its not like what u saw.... I was just looking at it ...if their were any ants in it..." he fumbled

"soniye jee... your break fast is ready...." Rahul's Mom shouted

"Where is Muskan '. and have you guys thought about getting married as its time too?" she asked Rahul while he was getting settled on dine....

Rahul Gupta.... one who had worked really hard to make his Fathers company up to the top where no ones hand's can touch them. Now they had ultimate power, control, they can demolish or can give a path to new ones.

They weren't bad... but they weren't good....

they were same as others well at least they r good enough to take good path for their success. So it may count them in good people, but when it came rivals, they would just kick their blo**y a** not even thinking twice...

Rahul loved Muskan even more after the accident of her sister, how she took over the situation. He loved her ' even more now... they had fight and will be obliged to do that in future too.

"Rahul ??"

"yea Mom!" coming of his day dreaming..

"i have been asking you where is Muskan...?"

"hello uncle jee hello aunty ..." a girl hugged Rahul's mom from back.

"happy to see me?" Girl asked

"no" Rahul muttered...


"nothing Muskan beta... forget him and sit..."

Muskan Chadda, is in love with Rahul Gupta.... she called it a tragedy but is totally in love with that kan-khagura. They fall in love when they were in school but never new about the word 'Love'. Muskan Always loved Riddima and always had fights with Rahul when He 'Use' hate her.

Her parents had thrown her same as Riddima, but the difference was Muskan was ten years old at that time ' and was said that they wanted a boy, not a girl and had left her in a orphanage... from where she was picked up by a family and soon they also died in a plane crash at that time she was 17 and thought to start her life on her own.

She took a house at rent ' did waitress job and got a lot money to pay for school but then the rent was left to be paid... being in a crisis was helped by Riddima.

Who had been her friend when Muskan was in orphanage and Riddima use to visit her on every Sunday.

Muskan was three year bigger than her but they were best friend, she new about Riddima and she was the who fought with every one in the school plus his brother to...

Rahul and Muskan were in same class and Muskan knew Rahul wasn't a bad boy ' he only wanted his parents attention.

Muskan herself was on ninth cloud to see him loving her little sis.

That night was blissful night for her, and seeing Rahul in a new way had flattered her heart.

He asked her to stay and she stayed. She loved him and had trust...

they cuddled in his single bed... and went to sleep.

Size of bed really didn't matter until u have the love one in your arms.

"thanks aunty..."

"Muskan u should be the one surviving mom...not the vice versa..."

"oye Khote '.. tujha kya.!"she took her napkin and threw it on his face

"Peace...!" Shanhank sternly


"So Muskan whats your future plan...?"

"uncle.. seriously I haven't thought about it... I need home I got an apartment, Job .. u gave me.., and family I have u people '. friend Riddima... what else.."

"but phir bee." he pushed her further

"kuch nai bas shaadi aur do teen bhache..."


"oye tujha kya hua..."

"mujha ?? u mean me..."

"yea dude ..!!" she rolled her eyes...

"oh God ! Where am I stuck up..." he got up

"Oyee Wait '. I m coming....Rahulll... Ruka na..!!" she shouted and ran after him.


"Hey every one..."

A girl named Riddima Barked in by pushing the door....

Riddima Gupta, she was a jolly person... most of time she use to swing around her house. Placing i-pod in her ears. Danced ' and made others danced.

Riddima was twenty three, got a degree of Bachelor of Business In Administration, she had waist-length shaggy, straight black jet hair,green eyes, a full and luscious mouth, and a strong but soft jaw which made her face being merely beautiful, and made her face challenging and alert....

which was a bit not true...

she was five feet and five inches, very long legs, a lithe, supple body with perfect curves, broad shoulder and an incredible swan-line neck. Apart from being Kind-hearted and a good friend, she had been really naughty and had create numerous problem for people around her place. She was smart ' not to the extreme... still some people believed her to be naive and kid.

She had started living in her own apartment far from her childhood house... living with them would have never made her win her goals. All appreciated her but were quite upset with all that.

They make sure she lives with them on every holiday and she happily said yes to it.

Like every one have some reasons to move from one point to other ' she had one too...

Flash Back

it hurt her to be betrayed, she was young, and at the age of nineteen, having a relation with man who was already married and was around thirty. Was the worst decision of her life. No one knew about it. Not even Muskan.

Mark Roi famous photographer !!

And she had fallen over him for the oldest lines in the world '.

My wife and I live together in name only... when the children are older and I will leave her soon.....

And Riddima Gupta, daughter of Shanhank Gupta ' smart,hardly a babe in wood,intelligent... had actually Believed him!!!

she was in a relation for six years, but never let him crossed his limits ' though he tried to sleep with her... but she had principals of her own ' and never forgets her own past !

She had told him once her degree is over then they r gonna get marry, well she told him she wants to meet his wife first if she is ready to leave or else she is not gonna destroy his house and that decision was made after a week of their relation.

He always said yes they would talk to her face to face after she completes her degree.

Riddima was having the best days of her life...getting a man who loved her ' whom she loved.

For six years they have shared each others life's .except that he had led a separate life of his own in different town , one she was supposed to know nothing about .


Mark Roi

Part of her history.

Had to stop thinking about him

"hey Riddima...! so whats the plan today... h mm? Its been six years today. I want to live every moment of today with u... so could we meet up at my house..?dinner and then u know?"he kissed her behind her ear to just leave her trembled

but today was different, and it scaring her...

"Mark ' listen I wanna talk..!" she said while pushing him away a bit ' as they were in hotel. And most of eye were glued on them ' last thing she wanted was no one notice her. Today

"not today please" he kissed her cheek

"its important...!"

"uff ...OK shoot!"

"how was ur trip?"

"mind blowing but yet boring as u weren't their..." he said

"and the Models?"

"stupid, boring and too young..." she drank her champaign in one go

"did u sleep with them?"


"did u sleep with them?"she repeated

"what a strange question?" he frown and lean back on his seat

"Have u slept with ur wife after our relationship started" he raised his eye brow

"what is the matter with you? You know I don't. We've discussed it many times" he frowned.

"I want u to tell me again..." he got up and took hold of her and they went in his car. While sitting in the car she kept on staring at him...

shaked his hand and turn towards her "I did not sleep with my three little model girls. And I do not sleep with my wife." paused. "does that satisfy u?"

"Now can we go home?" he added

"How long is it since you have slept with her?"

"Riddima?" a bit shock. ' "I m tired and I m very hungry... we going to my house... u cooking and then...."he smirk

he was about to start the car ' she took hold of his keys...

"how long mark.?"

she was giving him last chance to be truthful to her and tell her everything.

"Mary and I have not Slept after I met u!" he snapped

"U know that perfectly well, and I m tired and sick of your questions..."

"Not Even Once?" he eyes being fog...

he looked straight in her eyes "Not even twice or thrice!!"

"now can we go...?"

it was over '.it was soo damn over '.

"whats up Riddima? U don't seem ok? Give me the keys we will go home and sort it out...."

"i want to do that right now..." he nodded

she moved her hand in her jeans pocket and took out a crippled magazine page

Mary and Mark the biggest and famous photographer had got a little member in their family again named simran...

keeping himself cool "oh that is surely the picture of Mary but thats a printing error..."

"and the baby?"

"its my brothers...i tell u these journalist..."

he must think she is an idiot. And why not? She have behaved like one for six years.

"I checked" paused "it is your son" she replied coldly.

He looked away not meeting hers....

"how did u do that?"he asked, merely nervous.

"its all right, I didn't called Mary and asked her. Your r perfectly safe to go home!"

"Now Listen!"he pulling her on his seat "the whole baby thing was an accident, pure and simple." he added "i didn't tell u about it because I didn't want to upset u."

staring at her ' and not even once felt her pushing she was jammed on his chest.

"An accident?"

"lets go home and I will explain u every thing.!" he make her sit back...

and was taking hold of the keys when

"now mark!"

"I cant wait to hear" he cleared his throat ' put his mind on work

"its quite true ..being with u, I have not slept with her..."he began

"what does that makes the baby ' or its an example... that we should only Suppose that there is a baby.. but its not real huh?" she retorted...

"a while a go, I returned from a trip. Mary was depressed. Her aunt had died, and she loved her very much"

she rolled her eyes and was looking at him as he purely made story for a theater. He was the best liar, she had ever met...

"Yes?" she wanted more.

"it was her birthday. After two days, she drank a lot. When we went to bed that night she was crying and came to me for comfort. I didn't have the heart to reject her. It was only once in six years, and the result was simran..." he bowed his head

"it was her Aunties name" he said sheepishly "she wanted to remember her!"

Riddima began to laugh loudly and came out of the car and he went to her...

"i m sorry darling!" he hugged her from behind

she pushed him and slapped him hard and kicked him hard between his leg

"AHHHHHHHHHHH..." he fell with his hands on it...

"You bloody manic...."

"YOU Bloody Lair..." she replied "that line is worst than the first one u said when we met..."she shouted most of people were staring at them

and walked away

Flash back Ends...

"Hello bacha '. how r u ?"

"i fine papa... how r u ?" she hugged him tight...

"i m fine and I really missed u '" he had a single tear...

"me too... but we r gonna have lots of fun in this weekend..."

"yea....! and every thing transfered to your new apartment!"

"yes papa... I m going to live there from Monday..."

"haiii my baby is home..."

"Mommm.." she ran and hugged her '.

"i m tired and hungry .."

"ok u sit ...i will make breakfast for u...."


"I dont get it '.. why do u wanna live alone when we all r alive..."

"i know bhai... but let me be independent... I have to fight this world alone... and win my goals..."

pause "every one knows I m not papa's real daughter"


"Dad?" both turned around... she walked to him and took hold of him brought him... "Listen Dad u r MY father ...i love u... I always will.... u know that right?" he nodded while Muskan and Rahul sat with their mom and consoled her...

"and mom too" she added...

"but I want to shut the bloody mouths, who say I cant do anything, I can't win my goals on my own... I will use UR and bhai's power t do that... and I can't live with that!!"

"uncle I think she should get a chance...."

"thanks Muskan Bhabhi..." all chucked while the duo blushed

" ok now no rona dhona plzz.... its masti time..! what say Rahul bhaiya ...mrs kahana ke ghar se pizza order karain??"

"Ok !"

"Rahul Riddima NOO"

"but mom '.

"No... now be a good girl...." she paused.... "soniya jee is kii na jaldi saye shaadi karvalain ' warna bachi bigar jaye gii..."

"aree abi tou mera bacha chota hai" he concluded when riddima stood up with potted lips...

when her father pulled her in his lap ' and cuddled her... while she giggled...

"haan haan aur bigrayia isee.."

"Dad I think Mom wants to sit here...!" she shouted...

at in second got up and ran upstairs as she saw her mom come with a balan '.

"Bachooo Bachooo '. !!"she shouted

"ruka badmash abhi bati hoon..."

"Padma..!! choro... aur mujha kahana do.."he turned and took her in the kitchen



"relax rahul ..! she be fine... and I be with her most of time after office.. H mm" he placed his lips on her and sealed it

while her hands went upto her shoulder and he pulled her closer by pulling her from waist...

"Bhaiya CAN'T U WAIT TILL SHAADI" she shouted and they both parted....

"KYA hua ..?" both shanhank and padma ran outside the kitchen

"Mom papa... u know abhi bhai aur muskan na...."

"haeheee '. nothing mom .! She has lost-ed..." he placed a hand on her lips... "chal Ice cream khiloon..."

"ok .." she turned while Muskan followed them with a red face... "bye papa bye mom


"Arman...Atul ...u both home?"

"yes MOM!!" they shouted...

"ok both of u come here..." they smiled but soon it turned to be frown...

thinking who's turn is it?

Arman stared at him.....

"its urss"

"no man its urss last was mine..." Atul whispered to Arman... with a giggle

"Come na bachoon"

"Mr. Mehra.. yeh mera betan hain...Arman and Atul..."

"hi..." they nodded and looked at their father who smiled and pressed his lips to control his laugh

"Atul beta..." pause... "yeh anjali hai....Uk saye parhai kee hai... aur bohat samaj dar hai.... tum dono thori dera bahar garden ma walk kyn nai karte....."

"mar gaya..." he muttered... while Arman giggled...

"go na kids..." his father joined in while Arman went and settled with his pops..

"Yo pops..!"

"hey ammy..!" pause "she is good I must tell u"

Arman nodded...


"Look I want to be straight not interested in arrange ...marriage..!" he concluded...

"thank God!! same here..."




"Hey Atul Malik..!"

"i know... actually most of world knows... well Anjali Mehra.."

"well u must be the best architecture of London?"

"yea... u know me?"

"yea we have read a lot about u .."

"i m flattered..."

"u r beautiful I must say"

"Flirting... I like it... !"

"no I was just telling the truth... never met a girl like u before..."

"now u making me uncomfortable"she flunked her hair back '.

"ok sorry lets go....or else they will think we r interested..." she nodded nervously and followed him

Anjali Mehra, age twenty six, tall with very long legs and a slim body with a beautiful full of attitude face, dark jet black hair shoulder- length, with black gorgeous eyes, perfect nose with a lips that will make people fall on their knees...

usually found in jeans and a collar shirt...


"hmm We don't think about being a perfect match..." they both announced...

"hmmm well then nice meeting u Shubankar and kiriti after soo many years...i would have been happy if they would have said yes, but its ok lets see What time has written for them..."

"I m sorry Anmol..."

"aree no yar... I think they will make a nice couple, if could spend some time together what say Arman?"

"oh yes uncle.! Seriously dad... Anjali is very nice girl and I think we could just match them up now what do u both say? With a smirk..

"but Arman..."

"oh Arman ur father is an old man ' kick him out of this plan we two r enough..." Arman giggled '

"fine then Mission Labi Bhabhi ghar laoo..."


"sorry dad." pause "sorry Uncle..!"

"i m sorry Anmol..."

"han tou bye bye Shubankar u r not allowed here any more... shu shu..." Pause

"Mission Labi beti ko is ghar laoo.. that will be the name of it.." both laughed out loudly while Atul showed her his room... and Kiriti was cooking...

and Shubankar went away.....

things that were ought to happen our happening...................


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