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part 29 : college life

Arman is kissing ridhima Armaan pulled her towards him and smacked his hard Lips on her and and pulled her closer by putting his hands on her bare waist and looking once into her eyes he moved his face closer to hers n looking passionately in her eyes he moved his lips closed to hers and putting his lips on hers and start kissing her passionately his hand moved on her waist pulling her close .
He wasn't able to control himself anymore while as soon as she felt his lips on hers,she was lost.
Her hands soon went into his hairs soon the kiss turned in to more passionate both kissed each other passionately taking out all their pant up emotions armaan nibbled her upper lip while she chewed his lower lip both then changed their positions as he chewed her lower lip on she nibbled his upper lip while doing so he moved forward on pinned her to the wall again while kissing each other his hands moved up n down on her back while hers moves randomly on his hairs ruffeling them both were lost in the kiss for how long they didn't know.

leaving her lips he moved his face to her shoulders he was kissing her shoulder he pinned her hands above her head with his one hand and one hand roaming on her bare back making it difficult for ridhima she try to free herself from his strong grip but arman is not in mood and ridhima is not able to take more ridhima groan in pleasure..as the gush of wind came making her shiver a lot .she called out him "ar..armaan" hearing her calling out he looked at her and picked her in his arms and and fell on bed with her on top of him. he again came on top of her and kissed her everywhere possible . He pulled her top off her shoulder kissed her shoulder going to her neck and cleavage making her shiver.
She pulled his hair as he placed a love bite on her chest,in middle. while kissing he turn her now arman is facing her back he start kissing her back he is giving her open mouth kisses on her back ridhima is feel current ran down to her spine arman again turn her nd start kissing her face .
his lips were on her neck kissing her .
Arman move down .She moan as he kiss on her belly button making her gasp and dig her nails in his shoulder. She was so much high with passion that she pushed him away from him,making him fall on the bed and get on top of him and looking in his eyes she went till his face,and kept her lips on his perfect jawline then his throat.
she kissed his revealing chest lingering her lips for a good time making him have a hard time. Going till his stomach, she kissed him everywhere and her hands were now on his back and nape moving sensually.
"Riddhimaaaa" He moaning her name,tried to get hold on her,but Riddhima smirked and started doing her work on his chest and giving him open mouth kisses for a good time making him go crazy already.
She came to his face and started kissing him everywhere on his face while he was lost in her .
He taking a twist, came on top of her balancing himself with his arms locking her in between his arms and kissed her head his lips were busy kissing every inch of her body and other hand creasing her hands
Arman pull her in his lap she hide her face in crock of his neck. Ridhima start placing kisses .arman hand is moving on her back
She gasped with pleasure and arched her back behind letting him do whatsoever he wish.
She was totally lost in his each and every touch and the pleasure was so much high that she forgot where is she and what is around her,the only thing matters is,Armaan is with her,making passionate love to her Soon armaan moved his hands upwards feeling the knot behind her back he pulled it making her top lose from front . With this ridhima come back to her senses and hug arman tightly . Arman also come back to senses as he feel her tense body against him . He understands what he did so he pull comforter on them then in turn he make ridhima lay on bed and put comforter on her and leave ridhima alone in bed and stand near bed .
Arman: ummm am sry .
Ridhima: arman itz ok .
Arman: still i lost my control.
Ridhima: tumhe haq hai tum mere hone vale pati ho.
Arman: hone wale hua nyi .
Ridhima: I don’t mind arman u knw that and stop sulking.
Arman: smile ok baba you change your clothes are still wet main bhi change karke ata hon .
Arman change in walking closet and ridhima change in her night clothes then she change bed sheet and start removing decorations and then she collected all pictures and message notes and then put all things in bag safely.
Meanwhile arman come back.
Arman: are itni jaldi sab hata kyu diya .
Ridhima: koi dekh leta to .
Arman: to kya dekh leta .
Ridhima: armaaannnn .
Arman: mujhe pata mera nam arman hai .
Ridhima: shut up main nyi chati koi dekhe ye sab najar lag jati hai .
Arman come and engulfed her in hug from behind
Arman: hmmm .
Ridhima: tccc arman chodo na help me .
Arman: tumne bed sheet kyu change ki .
Ridhima: vo thodi gili hogyi thi .
Arman: acha kese ask mischievously
Ridhima: are bolke kya fydaaa karke batati hon na kese .
Arman shockingly turn ridhima and found mischief in her eyes so he play along.
Arman: are why not come naa baby.
Ridhima: yes come naa
And then both laugh.
Ridhima: rhene do meri ek move mujh par bhari pad jati hai .
Arman: acha mujhe pata hai tum kabhi kabhi mujhe kitna torture karti ho .
Ridhima : or jo tum uska badla lete ho uska kya .
Arman chuckle
Ridhima pout.
Arman: jaan pics khan hain.
Ridhima: mere pass i will paste them on slam book .
Arman: ok but for now come have some sleep i have to wake up at 6 haldi ceremony ki preparation karni hai.
Arman pull ridhima in bed make her comfortable beside him and cover them in comforter both sleep in each other arms.
And on other side
Dadi: to isme koi har jeet nyi hai bhut maja aya ab sab jaker soe jao subha 10 bje haldi ki rasam hai .
All nod and get up to go in their rooms.
Dada g : sab subha time par ajana koi late nyi hona chaiye.
All nod in yes and go in their rooms.
Anjali room
Anjali : ye ridhima khan hai may be arman k sath ho should i call and ask . Puch leti hon ho sakta hai khin or na ho .
Anjali call arman and then confirms that ridhima is with arman then she is going to lock her room but some one knock the door .
Anjali open the door and found atul on door .
Anjali: tum yhan ask shockingly.
Then instantly pull atul in room then look around to check kisi ne dekha to nyi .
Atul: are kya hua baby.
Anjali: pagal ho is waqt yhan kya kar rhe ho kisi ne dekh liya yhan to.
Atul : sab soe rhe hain nd i just come to give you this show box
Anjali: ye kyu.
Atul: meri taraf se apke liye karwa chauth gift .
Anjali: aww thanq sooo much isme kya hai .
Atul: you check yourself.
Anjali check and found beautiful ethnic dress.
Anjali: this is so beautiful Thanq and then wrap atul in warm hug.
Atul: i want you to wear this on our roka ceremony.
Anjali: paka se i will , i luv u baby.
Atul: luv u 2 .
Then atul press his lips on her forehead.
Atul: chalo soe jao kal milte hain.
Anjali: u can stay here .
Atul: ridhima khan hai .
Anjali: arman k room me u can stay here subha chale jana no one will find out.
Atul: u sure na .
Anjali yes .
Atul stay in anjali room .
Atul: tumne change nyi kiya .
Anjali: bas karne vali thi .
Atul: i can go in balcony u can change easily.
Anjali: ok .
Atul go in balcony.
Anjali try to unpinning her saree pallu but pin is stuck in blouse .
Anjali call atul.
Anjali: atul please come i need help .
Atul: what happened.
Anjali: can please unpinned this pointed towards her saree pallu.
Atul: main kese .
Anjali: atullll am already irritated due to this don’t irritate me more jo bol rhi hon karo .
Atul : acha baba gussa mat karo na .
Anjali turn again .
Atul come and start unpinning her pallu anjali is moving .
Atul: sidhi khadi raho aise kese karunga phele hi atak gya hai aise karogi to blouse kharab ho jayega.
But anjali pay less attention.
And in a result atul place his hand on her bare tummy to make her stand close to him and anjali eyes pops out her breaths gets heavier she clutch her saree in her fists and then close her eyes now she is standing like a statue.
After struggling with pin finally atul unpinned her saree and as a result saree pallu fall down.
Anjali is lost in his touch so she pay less attention to this and stay like this atul found this weird so he come in front of her and found anjali is standing clutching her saree in fits with close eyes .
Atul smile he cover her with saree pallu then hug her .
Atul: baby hogya open your eyes .
Anjali: ohh han .
Atul: change karlo main ata hon then he place kiss on anjali forehead.
After some time atul and anjali both are sleeping in each other arms.
Next day.
Arman room .
Arman wake up with his phone ring .
Arman: ohhh shit main late hogya 7. 30 hogye sabke uthne se phele sab karna hoga .
Then arman look on his side ridhima is sleeping peacefully.
Arman place kiss on her cheeks.
Arman: jaan utho late hogya go in your room.
Ridhima: umm no let me sleep na .
Arman: as u wish main ja rha hon koi agya to khud handle karna.
Ridhima: ok go byeee.
Arman: hain.
Arman then think of something.
Arman: are jiju ap yhan .
Ridhima: get up instantly but her eyes are still close bhai ap yhan sryyy .
Arman start laughing and then ridhima open her eyes and found no one .
Ridhima: i hate you.
Arman: nd i luv u .
Then to save himself he run in washroom after pecking her lips.
Ridhima try to catch him but arman is so fast so she come out of arman room and then go in her room.
Ridhima knock her door but anjali is not opening the door so she use her extra keys and open the door but get shocked.
Ridhima: sryyyy mujhe pata nyi tha am in arman room call me without completing her sentence she run back in arman room .
Actually hua kuch yun k atul bas thodi der phele utha tha or anjali ko utha rha tha .
But madam uthne k mood me nyi thi to atul start placing soft kisses on her shoulder and neckline so this wake her up and then she pull atul in passionate kiss.
Anjali pull atul into deeper kiss and anjali feel him smile against her lips as anjali slide her hands across his chest he trails kisses down anjali neck letting one of his hands slip down to her waist he lets out a soft groan as her lips find his again,both are so lost in movement they ignore the knock and after sometime door ajar open and ridhima is standing on door .
Ise phele koi kuch samj pata ridhima is out of the room.
Atul: am sry .
Anjali: y r u sry isme kisi ki galti nyi just chill .
Atul: i should take your leave now .
Anjali: hmmm.
Atul leave anjali room anjali message ridima to inform her .
Then again fall back on bed for more sleep.
Arman room
Ridhima moving here and there .
Arman come back from washroom and directly bump into ridhima .
Arman: sryy sry ridhima tum abhi tak yhan ho kya hua.
Ridhima: ohh yar arman i am so idiot.
Arman: vo to tum ho .
Ridhima give angry glare.
Arman: acha baba hua kya .
Ridhima narrated everything.
Arman: smile koi baat nyi go and apologise karo galti se hua na koi na chill.
Ridhima: uska message aya hai I should go meet you in function.
Arman: hmm then give her hug.
Ridhima anjali room.
Ridhima come back and found anjali sleeping so she after locking her room come and sleep with anjali then she hug anjali and mumbled sry.anjali turn in sleep and said itz ok let sleep for some time and both take short nap .
Arman is in garden and preparing for function he is ordering staff and some time help them or some time he is arranging .
After working for two hour he finally arranged everything.
Then he look in watch .
9.45 .
Arman: sab ane wale honge i should go and change .
On his way back to room he found his family in living room.
Arman greet everyone and take everyone blessings.
Ananya: tu ready nyi hua abhi tak .
Arman: bas mom 10 min me ho jaonga .
Karan: arman sab hogya na beta .
Arman: g bade papa sab hogya hai ap ek baar check karlo .
Nandani: beta uptan ready hai.
Arman: g hogya hai or hawan ka saman bhi bhar rakha hai sab kuch hogya ap log tension na le or koi need ho to bas bata de.
Dada g: bas bas tu ja jaker ready hoja baki ye khud dekh lenge .
Dadi: han ja or isne dekh liya to bas samjho sab perfect hai .
All smile then arman leave to get ready for function.
Haldi ceremony.
All are gather in garden everything is decorated with yellow and white flowers and curtains. In centre a beautiful decorated couch is settled.
All appreciate arman choice and his work .
Dadi: phele abhi ki haldi hogi fir niki ki or dono shadi se phele ek dusre ko nyi dekhenge.
Padma : g hum abhi ko bolate hain .
Everyone is wearing yellow colour clothes.
Abhi come in yellow colour dhoti and kurta.
Everyone make him settle down on couch .
Padma: iski dono bhene khan gayab hain .
Ridhima or anjali hum yhan hain .
Both are standing on entrance looking gorgeous anjali is wearing golden colour choli with yellow colour garara and heavy dupata she is wearing heavy jhumkas and her hair is slightly curl from bottom.
Ridhima is wearing yellow colour long kurta her kurta having mirror work on the bottom.with yellow skirt . Side braid hair jhumkas in ears and flowers in her braid.
All smile on their childish behaviour and at same time arman also come there .
Dadi : chalo agye sare bache to sheru karte hain .
Anjali and ridhima greet everyone but arman is lost in ridhima his eyes are following ridhima every move .
Rahul watch that and chuckle.
Rahul go stand with arman and nudged him .
Rahul: bas kar aise dekhta rhega na to sabko pata lag jayega jo tere dil me chal rha hai .
Arman: hain kya chal rha hai mere dil me.
Rahul: ammy i knw bhabhi achi lag rhi hai but bas kar ab .
Arman: han han then arman also move forward and take blessings from all .
Dadi: chalo sheru karo padma .
All start haldi ritual.
Anjali: bhai ap phele apna kurta to remove karo .
Abhimanyu: are iski kya need hai .
Ridhima: vo to apko pata lag jayega abhi.
Abhi look towards Padma and kirti they nod so abhi remove his kurta .
Padma: phele 7 suhagan haldi or oil lagayengi.
Kirti , padma , ananya, nandani, dadi, parul and abhi mami start the ritual.
One by one all start applying haldi and oil to abhimanyu.
using mango leaves, starting from the toe till the top including the feet, legs, knees arms neck and the face. After the seven ladies Each of the family members, friends and relatives apply the paste on abhi .
Now come anjali and ridhima both apply haldi on abhi one by one but after that anjali ask hogya ab sabne laga diya na .
Padma: han beta ab abhimanyu jao jaker nha lo .
Ridhima : are are abhi khan ruko na .
Ridhima and anjali both exchange look and then throw haldi on abhi .
Abhimanyu is so shock with the happenings he is drenched in haldi from top to toe both laugh .
Everyone laugh and enjoy.
Abhi: ruko jara batata hon tumhe but both run to Shashank and hide behind Shashank.
Padma: kya karte ho bachon tum bhi na .
Shubhanker: thodi masti to banti hai na bhabhi kyu bachon .
Anjali and ridhima smile and nod in yes .
Shashank: chalo chalo bas karo abhimanyu beta jao tum jaker bath lo late ho rha hai .
Abhimanyu nod and stand up padma and kirti take him to his room.
Meanwhile dadi call niki, and send rahul and arman to bring niki .
Now niki come Niki is wearing golden colour sleeveless choli and yellow lehenga with jewellery she is wearing nath and her hair are open and slightly curls she is looking so beautiful all give compliment and praise her then arman make her sit on couch all start the ritual they all apply haldi to niki the same way they apply on abhi .
Arman and rahul also apply haldi .
Then they both stand beside niki then anjali and ridhima come and apply haldi on niki but this time niki put haldi on both without warning them .
Anjali and ridhima both get shock and look at niki in disbelief.
Niki smile and ask kyu tum hi masti kar sakte ho.
Ridhima : apne bhai ka revenge liya hai.
Niki nod in yes .
All start laughing.
Ridhima look towards arman who is laughing.
Ridhima take haldi and throw on arman
Arman: ye kya hai .
Ridhima: tumhe badi hasi arhi hai.
Then Rahul brust out in laughter.
Arman remove haldi from his face and then put haldi on rahul .
Arman: or has bachoo.
And with this haldi fight start all start throwing haldi on each other .
Ridhima go and hide behind Billy.
Then she look on her left atul is standing smiling at anjali and arman .
Ridhima go and cover atul with haldi .
Ridhima: jiju ap saf saf khade ache nyi lag rhe .
Atul look towards ridima then clean haldi from his face and throw on ridhima .
Ridhima dodge and haldi directly land on anjali face .
Anjali look angrily and leaving arman start running towards atul and atul to save himself also run .
Ridhima laugh.
Then ridhima to save herself try to hide behind pillar . But arman follow her then he lock her in between his arms.
Ridhima: arman kya kar rhe ho koi dekh lega.
Arman: shhhh putting his finger on her lips
Then start closing the distance.
Arman apply haldi with his face to ridhima romantically.
Ridhima smile and blush.
Arman: oye hoye
And then leave ridhima she run back .
Dadu: chalo bas karo ab bhut hogya hai .
Dadi: han ab chura and Kaleerey ceremony bhi karni hai chalo apna face saf karo tissue se or betho yhan aker.
Niki : dadi main phele bath leleti hon.
Dadi: nyi beta aise hi hoga pandit g ap pooja sheru karo .
All come and sit pandit start havan all do prayer for good luck.
Then niki mamu and mami come and sit with niki.
Pandit: beta apka naam kya hai .
Niki: g ranjeet roy.
Pandit do some mantras and then give chuda to ranjeet and his wife .
Chuda is dipped in milk and rose petals they make niki wear chuda niki close her eyes then they tie cloth on chuda so niki can’t see her chuda till wedding .
Ranjeet: beta hogya khol lo ank .
Niki open her eyes.
Then all her friends and relatives tie Kaleerey on her hands.
With this all clicks pictures and function come to an end.
Dadi: chalo beta hogyi ye rasam ab niki ko ander leker jao .
Ananya and nandani take niki inside all maliks get emotional but they try not to show .
Dadi: chalo sab jaker rest karlo fir shadi k liye ready bhi hona hai .
All guest also go inside .
Karan: arman beta hum log ek bar location par chalke dekh ate hain .
Arman: bade papa ap rest karo main or rahul dekh lenge .
Karan: but beta .
Arman: but but kuch nyi ap jao baki kaam dekho dad k sath main or rahul bas abhi nikal rhe hain .
Karan: ok beta .
Arman: rahul chal ek bar check kar ate hain kaam kesa chal rha hai venue par.
Rahul: han chal .
Arman: ek min
Then call ridhima and inform her that he is going to marriage venue and evening tak vapis ayega .
Arman and rahul go to check marriage venue.

Lots of love
Akanksha 💕

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