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Part 3 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


After 10th Months

Tujhe yaad kar liya hai (x2)
Aayat ki tarah..

"Uncle aap flight me baitho main aa jaaunga time par.. Hmm rakhta hoon.." a blank Karan said to Arun on phone who knows that Karan is not in good state so wdout saying anything he hung up the phone while keeping the phone on passanger seat he concentrated on road wd moist eyes, his condition was not at all good coz the flashes of Shilpa is still roaming inside his head, the way she stares him the way she laughs giggle smiles everything was revolving inside his brain while his heart is aching wd the scene which he did few hours ago, he was driving blankly still remembering the old & beautiful moments of them and as it all flashed he stopped his car in a halt on some silent & empty road of Lonavala which have surrounded by the dark fog of this midnight.. And feeling the suffocation inside the car he moved out of the car trying to get fresh air but it only made him remember about Shilpa coz everything in Lonavala is connected wd her fragrance whether it is nature or any place, the
coldness of this night was also not effecting him (he have wore a black jacket wd dark blue t-shirt underneath & denim ripped jeans wd white shoes) 

Kayam tu hogayi hai (x2)
Ribayat ki tarah
Tujhe yaad kar liya hai..

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!" wd the broken condition he shouted at top of his lungs trying to take out his frustration but this only made him cry who knelt on floor wd his bowed head still crying like a kid "Kyun kiya aapne.. Kyun kiya.. Aapne Shilpa.. Kyun??" still crying wd bowed head he asked in broken tone, the way he was crying can make anyone emotional "KYUN????" he shouted emotionally then looked up at the stars above only to saw her smiling face "Nehi.." he looked down hurtfully but his heart was not letting him to forget her when a flashback of them flashed inside his head


Three weeks ago

"Goerge why don't you just leave the job.. I will handle it wd myself only.." a calm Karan taunted Goerge(His PA) on bluetooth while giving water to plants wd a water pipe which was situated on their terrace roof's garden 

"No.. Sir please don't do this.. Wdout u this office seems nothing also people are here very curious to know wd whom you married.. Even i also sir.." Goerge said curiously which made him smiled who put his one hand inside his pant's pocket (Wearing a fade blue shirt & white formal pant wd his casual sleepers he is looking Handsome while his hairs are messed a little like morning look)
"I'll be back soon there so don't worry about that.. And yaah.. Just concentrate on work or else i have to fire you.." his calm warning made Goerge scared who immediately started pleading which made him smiled while in downstairs finally Shilpa came back from her three days's medical champ trip
"Good morning uncle" as she entered she saw Arun who was reading a newspaper wd specks on his eyes but seeing her he put it aside smilingly while she sighed happily finally coming back to her home
"Aap aa gayin.. Chalo shukar hai.. Varna yeh teen din itne bore gayye hum dono ke liye ki main kya kahun" at his smiling words she giggled
"Aww itna miss kiya aap logone..??" she asked wd a smile on which Arun patted her head while answering Yes "Hmm.. Acha mera Pati kahan hai dikh nehi raha hai kahin? Phirse kaam me busy hai kya? Vo thik toh haina?" at her concerned for Karan Arun chuckled
"Aap ek kaam karo khud dekhlo Baba kaise hain.. Terrace par hai.. Tab tak dijiye main aapka samaan aapke room me rakh doon.." still smiling Arun answered which made her excited but controlling it she gave a nod in Yes
"Lekin samaan main khud rakhungi.. Aap apna news paper padhiye" saying this sweetly she turned to go when Arun asked for Coffee "Nehii.. Yeh teen din maine Karan ki haath ki bahoot si chize miss ki hain.. Ab toh wahi banaayga.. Main aayi" answering this happily she ran inside her room to keep the things while Arun laughed shaking his head and after keeping everything on its place she ran upstairs excitedly to see him finally coz these three days were only torture for her wdout him
"Just do me a favour.. Leave this job i'll manage everything" at his sarcastic words Goerge controlled hard not to laugh coz its his way to make someone realise about their duty when Shilpa came upstairs excitedly and seeing him she immediately ran wd little butterflies in her stomach

Marne talak rahegi (x2)
Tu adat ki tarah
Tujhe yaad kar liya hai..

"Karan.." he was startled as she hugged him from behind happily also he sighed in delight finally feeling her after three days which was not at all easy for him "I missed you.." she said smilingly still hugging him who closing the pipe's hem put it aside then held her hands smilingly which were put on his chest
"I'll talk to you later Goerge" saying this he closed his bluetooth then turned back at her slowly "Aa gayi meri Tinkerbell?" caging her in his arms he asked calmly which made her giggle while giving a nod in Yes "Acha bataaiye aapke.. Teen din ka trip kaisa gaya?" siding her hairs he asked calmly while observing her tired look
"Bahoot bakwaas.. You know jis village me main gayi thi medical ke liye vahan par din bhar baarish hoti thi jis wajah se check up ke liye koi bhi village member aa nehi paata tha toh hum doctors ko hi jaakar dekhna padta tha..
Aur itni bhaga daudi ke baad.." but before she could say ahead his question made her stopped 'What is Bhaga Daudi?' and at this she could only smiled coz she missed him a lot "It means running here & there.." as she replied he gave nod in Yes smilingly while playing wd her hairs "Hmm.. Problem itni badh gayi thi ki mujhe aaj shower lene ka bhi time nehi mila kyunki main patients me zyada busy thi" at this he made a face knowingly and stepped back
"Yuck..! Pehle jaakar shower lo.. Phir mere paas aana.. Please" he was saying this fakely but her mouth hung opened in O shape (Actually Karan is a clean freak person even if he drinks, he followed a neat & clean procedures)
"Karan..?" she looked at him in disbelief who tried to hide his smile
"See.. Aap jakar fresh ho jaao tab hum baat karte hain.. Aur haan jab tak aap fresh nehi ho jaati tab tak aap paas mat aana mere Dr Shilpa.." he knowingly teased her who started beating him in her cute anger "Aaaww.. Dr Shilpa.. Aree" he defended himself by his hands as she started scolding him
"Ab agar tum mere paas bhi aaye toh dekhna kya haal karungi tumhaara" warning him she started walking downstairs where as he chuckled at her cute anger

Ho tujhe yaad kar liya hai
Aayat ki

"Aree meri baat toh suniye.. Dr Shilpa.. Aap sun rahin haina?" following her he tried to manofy her who retorted 'Mar gayi Dr Shilpa' and at this he giggle while both of them decended from stairs taking Arun's attention "Aree aise kaise aap jaayengi.. Jab tak main zinda hoon iska matlab saaf hai ki aap bhi hain.. Accha yeh toh bataaiye.. Aap kya khayengi main banaata hoon" matching her steps he asked smilingly only to get her glare in return 'Zeher de do' he chuckled at her cute retort while Arun shook his head smilingly after all the cheerfulness & sounds are back now which were quite from three days "Aap pagal hain.. Aapko zeher dene se pehle main khud naa kha lun.." at his cheesy line she shook her head entering inside their room "Acha Tinkerbell yeh toh bataaiye.. Aap jaa kahan rahin hain?" as he asked teasingly she shut their room's door on his face who smiled when he heard 'Jahannum me' it made him frown "And what is that?" stepping back he asked loudly which made her giggle who didn't showed this to him and throwing her duppatta on bed she went for fresh shower where as here Karan ran to make something for her..Whenever he makes food for her its always from heart coz he loves to take care of people who are closely attached wd him.. He was humming smilingly while making her favorite dishes where as Arun smiled seeing him happy and making an excuse for a walk he left the love birds alone in house for some quality time and went to meet his one of an old friend.. After half hour of relaxing shower she came out dressed in lemon yellow off shoulder summer dress till her knees and after drying her wet hairs she came out freshly only to find a serious Karan plating the food for her on lunch table making her to adored him wd happy face.. And wd cute smile on her face she walked towards him who was busy in decorating the table in simple plus classic way unnoticing her
"Yeh koi kaam karta hai toh ussime kho jaata hai dekhta bhi nehi hai ki Biwi saamne hai" her bubble mind said to her who pouted seeing him engrossed in his work when

Yeh teri aur meri Mohobbat, Hayat hai
Har lamha isme jeeena muqaddar, Ki baat hai..

"Aap khadi kyun hain baithiye" hearing his sudden calm voice she was surprised coz his head was bowed down while decorating something on her food
"Nehi.. Main sirf dekhne aayi thi aur ab jaa rahin hoon" saying this wd cute anger she turned to go which made him smiled who finally finished his work and washing his hands he walked towards her who was checking her phone for messages which was from Aarti when out of blue she felt him hugging from behind
"Hmm.. I missed your fragrance" nuzzling his face on her neck he whispered wd closed eyes which only made her smiled shyly but showing not to him she tried to behave angry
"Haan zaroor ab toh miss karoge hi.. Aakhir shower jo le liya hai maine" as she taunted while trying to unlock his grip on her waist, he laughed stepping back "Haan haslo.. Tumhe toh meri har baat par hassi aati hai" facing him she scolded which made him sighed in delight coz his body & sould both were missing her in these three days "Lekin ab dekho.." but before she could say ahead he pulled her in rib crushing hug wd a sigh
"Aahh.. I missed you Tinkerbell" and then she left no choice to respond coz the feeling is mutual "Ek toh aapka phone bhi nehi lagta aise champs par aur uper se baarish.. I was so worried for you" facing her he shared his worries which made her smile "Aur aap toh jaanti ho mujhe aapke bina neend hi nehi aati.. Uper se kaam i was so alone" she giggled at his cute annoying face
"Aree aise kaise mere hote huye impossible.. Main thodi dur gayi thi humesha ke liye bas kuch din hi toh the.. Aur Mr agar aisa hi raha toh apne business trips par kaise jaaoge" pinching his nose tip cutely she tried to make him understand who removed her hand making a face
"Aap mere saath chalogi uswaqt.. Aur baaki baate baad me karna pehne chaliye kuch kha lijiye.. You must be hungery right?" grabbing her wrist he asked concernedly on which she gave cute nod like a kid making him smiled who directly kissed her temple and took her towards lunch table where he pulled a chair for her like a true gentlemen, actually this thing he always does for her "Hmm ab aap lunch kariye aur bataiye kya kya kiya champ par..??" taking a seat in front of her he took a glass juice for himself while she smiled seeing the food
"Tum nehi khaoge?" picking up a spoon she asked confusedly on which he replied he had done his lunch making her relieved "Hmm good.. Nehi toh mujhe laga tha ki meri yaad me tumne drinking shuru kardi" at her joke he chuckled relaxing on his chair
"Main Promises nehi todta Dr Shilpa.. Aur vo bhi aapse kiya huaa never.. Agar maine kaha hai main nehi piyunga kabhi toh matlab nehi piyunga.. Like you said i have to take care of myself for you coz i am urs.. So i have no right to harm myself.. Right?" she giggled while giving a nod in Yes at his calm plus adorable voice
"Yes.. You are mine.. So be mine.. And also.. I want to say something" looking at him wd ccute serious face she warned which made him to keep his both hands on table as if ready to hear smilingly "I think.. I am falling for you head over heels So i love you" he couldn't stop his grin at her confession which he loves to hear everyday
"Hmm.. That's a very big problem.. Coz i have already faced this phase.. And trust me its very torturing" wd thoughtful look he replied which only made her chuckle who tried to make a serious face while giving a pity look "But nevermind.. I think aapko abhi lunch karna chaahiye and then aap rest karengi coz your eyes seems tired" as he indicated she give a nod in Yes and then he took a morsel which only relaxed her coz the taste of Karan's love was clearly shown in his food
"I love you Karan.. Woww i missed this food.. It feels like home.. Mujhe kabhi kabhi lagta hai main tumse pyaar hi isi chiz ki wajah se karti hoon.. I am depending on you" she eating while talking in delight which was making him awestruck
"That's mean.. You love me coz of this" as he teased she mouthed I Love you which left no choice for him to sigh wd a smile and just like this he was watching her calmly who was constantly sharing her experience of that village trip even she was complaining also which was only making him to watch her wd calm look

Kehti hai ishq duniya jisee
Kehti hai ishq duniya jisse meri jaaneman
Is ek labs me chupi qayanaat hai..

"Aisa koi moment nehi hota jab mujhe yeh naa lagta ho ki mera pyaar kam huaa hai aapke.. In fact yeh toh roz badhta jaa raha hai.. I don't think so that i can live wdout you.." keeping his cheek on his fisted hand he just stared her calmly while thinking this where as she was talking & talking in b/w having her lunch and after minutes of eating her food she finally finished making Karan sighed.. She was going to clean the kitchen when he stopped and was about to take her towards their room but stopping him she took him on their roof terrece's garden where a couch was placed in b/w the plants & flowers in fact they also have a kitchen garden there "Aapko aaraam karna chaahiye Dr Shilpa.. Aur haan zara apni bak bak band kijiye.. Kitna bolti hain aap" as they both sat on couch he scolded her who was constantly talking
"Nehi main nehi band karungi apni bak bak.. Kyunki mujhe accha lagta hai tumse sabkuch share karna.. You know main nehi chaahti ki meri koi bhi baat tumhe nehi pata ho" holding his arm she replied in tired tone which only made him smileed
"You are so Loyal" he tucked her flicks aside whose smile faded as she heard this "But for now.. Chaliye so jaaiye.." kissing her head lovingly he said where as she became very quite after the Loyal word and as he made her laye on couch she gripped his wrist who stood to pull a blanket on her but as she held his wrist he frowned when she requested 'Karan mere paas hi rahona.. Maine tumhe bahoot miss kiya.. Please' he smiled at her gesture then holding her hand sat near her head lovingly who put her head on his lap silently "Miss toh maine bhi aapko bahoot kiya.. Par ab toh saath haina so now take rest Tinkerbell" caressing her hairs softly he whispered wd a smile which made her to held his one hand more tightly wd silence which he did noticed "Kya baat hai ab toh aap bahoot shaant ho gayi?" as asked while tracing her chubby cheek by his knuckles she looked up at him quietly
"Vo main thak gayi hoon naa.. Isliye.. Par Karan jab tak main so nehi jaati kya tum mere paas lete rahoge?" her cute request made him smiled who bending his head kissed her cheek lovingly replying

Meri dil ki rahato ka tu zariya ban gayi hai
Tere ishq ki mere dil me qayeed ban gayi hai..

'Of course' and making her head rest on the pillow he layed behind her who turning at him just stared his face silently where as outside the rain was pouring cats & dogs creating the darkness in everywhere as if its night.. He was caressing her hairs while staring up at the glass roof from where they can easily see the rain & the dark cloud where as clutching the blanket more closer to her she stared their engagement ring silently "I Hope tum mera koi sapna nehi ho Karan" she thought while locking their fingers silently which made him smiled who still didn't removed his eyes from the sky
"Vaise agar aap abhi so lengi.. Toh raat me kya karengi?" at his question she smiled lightly knowing his intention
"Raat me bhi so jaaungi.. Isme kya.. Aur agar tum so jaaoge tab koi romantic si movie dekhungi" keeping her head on his chest she replied normally which made him smiled who sloawly turned his position at her and replied 'Isse accha main bhi so jaata hoon may be raat ko hum dono ke paas karne ke liye bahoot kuch rahega' at his teasing voice she blushed while hidding her face on his chest who smiled calmly "I don't think ki main kabhi tumse jeet paaungi" as she whispered he chuckled while hugging her who closing her eyes relaxed under his hold
forgetting everything again while cherishing this moment he also slept wd relief that she can never leave him 

Flashback ends
Tera zikra ho raha hai
Tera fikra ho raha hai
Ibadat ki tarah..

"Jhoot.. Sab jhoot tha.. Sab kuch jhoot tha Shilpa.." closing his ears he shouted in broken tone trying to remove her image from his mind "Aapne aisa kyun kiya Shilpa?? Aap jaanti thi ki main aapse bahoot pyaar karta hoon phir bhi aapne mere saath aisa kiya.. Kyun?? Why you USED ME SHILPA?? WHY?? WHY??" hitting his hands on ground he cried wd an inmense pain inside his chest "You broke me.. Nafrat bhi nehi kar sakta main aapse.. Itna pyaar jo karta hoon.. I CAN'T HATE YOU I CAN'T.." he cried hidding his face on his palms and till few minutes he cried like a kid then in broken condition sat against his car's door still on that silent road "Par main bhulunga aapko ek bura sapna samajh kar.. Suna aapne.. Aajse aap meri kuch nehi lagti.. Kuch bhi nehi.." staring up the sky he thought blankly when his eyes closed down wd tears and after few more minutes of silent sobs & tears he composed himself then stood up slowly against his car door strongly

Tujhe yaad kar liya hai
Ho tujhe yaad kar liya hai
Aayat ki

"NAFRAT TOH NEHI KAR SAKTA PAR AAPKO MAAF BHI NEHI KAR SAKTA HOON.. BUT I PROMISE I WILL FORGET YOU.. AS IF I NEVER MET YOU.. AS IF I NEVER FELL FOR YOU.. AS IF I AM DEAD FOR YOU.. I'LL PROMISE" taking an oath inside him he cleard his face then sitting inside his car he looked down on his phone which was ringing from long minutes and as he saw Arun's name he sighed then attended the call informing he is on the way, after talking wd him he hung up the call when he saw Shilpa's pic on his phone's screen lock paper & home wallpaper it only made him freezed "Nehi Karan.. Forget her.. You are leaving this country just forget her.." as his mind said this to him he shut his phone off and drove his car in full speed towards the airport deleting everything from his mind & heart

Meanwhile in Kash's Home

"Hello Shilpa kahan hai tu?? Tu thik toh haina?? I mean tu ghar par kyun nehi hai humaare?? Dekh itna soch mat sab thik ho jaayga?? Tu kuch bolti kyun nehi??" Aarti bombered her questions as Shilpa attended her call blankly while Aarti was driving wd bluetooth on her ear
"Mmai.. Thik hun Aarti aur mere ghar par hun.. Tu aaraam kar" trying to sound strong she answered slowly but Aarti knows she is not at all in good condition
"Aaraam pagal hai tu.. Aur tu vahan kyun gayi.. Karan se baat karne?? Dekh abhi vo gusse me hai toh thoda ruk jaa.." as she tried to cheer her while turning her car towards Kash's house where as hearing Karan's name Shilpa's eyes turned wet and her head automatically bowed on her lap where DIVORCE papers were kept (She was sitting in that same roof garden which used to be their favorite spot) "Aur mujhe pata hai uska divorce bhi ek gussa hai toh tu uspar bilkul dhyaan mat de.. Aur jab teen din se tu mere ghar par thi toh vahan jaane ki kya zarurat thi.. Abhi vo nehi sunega kuch bhi wapas aajaa yaah phir mujhe baat karne de usse" she was trying her best to support Shilpa who sobbed hugging the divorce papers which made Aarti more tensed coz she knows its actually a difficult situation for Shilpa

Kho gaya gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaaya tha jo apna banaaya tha
Vo tera vo mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo apna banaaya tha..

"Ab kuch nehi ho sakta.. Aarti vo chala gaya.. Humesha ke liye.. Mujhe chodke.." saying this hurtfully she cried while the phone fell down from her hand where as Aarti's car stopped in halt coz she was shocked to hear this "Kyun.. Karan kyun.. Itna hi trust tha mujhpar.. Kyun..?" hugging the divorce papers she cried painfully and layed on that same couch where they had lots of memories.. The pain she is feeling right now no one can understand coz after loosing everything she got a life back in a gift name Karan who also today left her like others did and now she is angry from God "Agar aapko Karan dena hi nehi tha.. Toh kyun laaya usse meri zindagi me" she complained wd God still crying whose body was shivering due to the fever which she was feeling from two days.. She was crying when a moment of them came back inside her mind
One month ago In Midnight

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni (x2)
Aankhen bhini re bhini
Yaade jheeni re jheeni.. (x2)

"Hmm.. Finally yeh kaam khatam.. Thak gayi" closing the file a tired Shilpa sighed then putting every files properly on study table she stretched her arms lazily "Ab tak toh Karan so bhi gaya hoga" wd a smile she thought while picking up the coffee mug which Karan had brought for her few hours ago and keeping it inside the kitchen she walked in their bedroom where Karan was sleeping on bed wd disturbed look "Chalo accha hai yeh so raha hai.. Varna pure din bas isse kaam dikhta hai" saying this smilingly she removed her night sleepers (She have wore a loose white t-shirt & blue knee length shorts wd her hairs made in loose bun) and was about to close the lights when she saw a disturbance on Karan's face who was moving his head as if seeing any fearful nightmare "Karan.." getting worried she sat beside him who turned his position still wd disturbance which made her tensed coz the way his body was getting sweat even wd the AC is not any good sign "Karan.. Kya huaa" moving closer to him she slowly caressed his hairs which have fell on his forehead while the black full sleeve t-shirt was not making anything good coz his body have turned hot "Kar.." as she touched his cheek his eyes snapped opened dreadfully and seeing her in front of him he just stared her for seconds who really got an attack seeing him like this and before she could ask something he sat up in jerk while panting "Kya huaa.. Bura sapna dekha.." rubbing his back slowly she asked in loving voice on which his eyes turned moist who slowly glanced her then giving a nod in yes pulled her in tight hug which made her a little aback but knowing about his kiddish behaviours she hugged him back "Sshh.. Kya huaa?" rubbing his back she asked soothingly which somewhere vanished his fears who hide his face on her neck fearfully
"Aap mujhe chod ke toh nehi jaayengi naa kabhi..?" his sudden fearful question made her surprise a little but parting from hug she gave him her beautiful smile coz she can understood his fears very well

Aisa bhi kya milna, saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun saza humne hai paayi
Raanjhna ve..

"Nehi bilkul nehi.. Kabhi bhi nehi.." putting his hairs aside she replied smilingly on which he mumbled 'Promise?' slowly "Haan baba pakka promise.. Par ab tum mujhe yeh bataao.. Kya huaa?" caressing his cheeks she asked in her loving tone which made him to sigh wd a relief "Tumne koi daravna sapna dekha?" as she asked slowly he rubbed his face on his palms to make himself normal and then giving a nod in Yes calmly sat comfortably facing her who was waiting for his response patiently "Kya dekha sapne me?" she asked in soft tone
"Nehi aap nehi samjhengi.." she giggled at his calm tone
"Haww.. Kyun nehi samjhungi tum mere pati ho.. Tumhaari baat nehi samjhungi toh kya padosi ki samjhungi.." at her cheerful tone he couldn't stopped his smile then taking her both hands in his he stared her calmly "Bolo naa kya huaa?" she asked again but this time concernedly
"Maine aapko dekha sapne me.. Ki kisi toh reason yaah problem kya tha vo mujhe nehi pata par aap mujhse dur jaa rahin hain.. Aapko nehi pata Dr Shilpa maine ek baar Dad ke liye bhi aisa hi sapna dekha tha aur see aaj vo kis condition me hain.." as he shared slowly she only stared him coz she can understand his fears very well after Raj's condition "Aur.. Main aapko dur jaate huye.." but before he could say ahead she put her palm on his lips who just stared her
"Tum kya.. Main tumse khud dur nehi reh sakti.. Aur tumhe chodke jaane ki toh main apne kisi bhi sapno me bhi naa dekhun.. Aakhir tum meri dhadkan jo ho.." moving closer to him she confessed softly which made his fears vanished completely "Aur jaisa ki maine kaha hai.. Jab tak meri heartbeat chal rahi hai toh main sirf tumhaare liye zinda hoon.. Baaki duniya ka mujhe nehi pata" from the depth of her heart she confessed which made him smitten who removing her palm held it firmly then looking down wd moist eyes he put it on his chest where his heart exist
"Aur jab tak main zinda hoon.. I will only love you.." the happiness & togetherness he is giving to her day by day is only making her loved by someone unconditionally
"I know.. Mere Swami" pinching his nose tip lovingly she smiled which made him to made a face asking 'What is Swami??' and that made her giggle "Swami means.. King Husband Prince etc.." she explained cutely which made him to show a strange face
"Dare you to call me again by that name.. And now tell me.. Yeh aapka kaam kab khatam hoga.. I mean when you will get time for me" grabbing her both hands he asked calmly which made her giggle
"Aaa.. May be from now onwards" her thoughtful words made him smiled "Lekin usse pehle.. Mr Karan chalo so jaao.. Coz i know you are not sleeping properly coz of your hectic work.. Toh chalo so jaao" saying this cutely she corrected the pillows properly which made him grinned
"It was not work Dr.. Actually it is you.. Jiski wajah se mujhe neend nehi aati.. You know.. Jab aap paas nehi hoti toh mujhe aise hi sapne aate hain" staring her wd calm look he said in cute tone which made her to give a nod in Yes smilingly asking Really Kaise? "May be.. You have cast some spell or Magic on Me so that.. I can't go anywhere or live wdout you.. You know jaise witches karti hain.. That White Chudail types" at his fake serious reply her jaw opened who immediately smacked his chest "Aaww.. Dr Shilpa?" pulling her on his arms he tried to be strict but it failed coz of her angry look
"Mean se bhi mean ho tum.. Pata bhi hai tumhe" he chuckled at her complain who circled his neck by her arms while he have held her waist firmly and at her words he gave her calm nod in Yes
"See.. Right now you can't fight wd me.. So ek acchi Wify ki tarah.. Mera dhyaan do.." opening her bun he said in his usual sweet calm tone which left no choice for her to agree who kneeling on cupped his face then kissed his cheek lovingly making him frown
"Sorry aaj kal time nehi rehta naa mere paas tumhaare liye.. Lekin aaj se Shilpa Malhotra free hi free hai.." looking down on him she played wd his soft hairs who showed his dimples while keeping his head on her chest slowly
"First of all you are not Shilpa Malhotra now.. Its Shilpa Malhotra Malik understand" she giggled as he corrected still hugging her "And second its okay.. Main samajhta hoon kaam ka pressure hai coz main bhi busy rehta hun tab aap patiently mujhe support deti hain so itna toh main kar hi sakta hoon Dr Shilpa" staring up he said in understanding tone which made her smiled but soon it faded as something clicked inside her head which made her to smack his head lightly "Aaaw.. What's wrong?" he frowned as she sat beside him wd crossed hands and grumpy look "Did.. I said something wrong?" trying to hold her hand he asked carefully
"Of course.. You Did.." giving him her extra sweet look she replied which made him confused "Karan kitni baar maine kaha hai.. Don't call me Dr Shilpa and Aap n all.. Par nehi tum toh vaise hi bulaaoge mujhe.. Dr Shilpa aapne khaana khaaya? Dr Shilpa coffee piyengi aap?? I love you Dr Shilpa.. Aisa lagta hai ek hospital se dusre hospital me aayi hun jahan tum mere intern ho.. I mean aisa lagta hai ki maano 50 saal ki main koi Doctor hun tumhaari Biwi nehi" pointing her index finger she complained annoyingly which only made him to control his giggle "Aisa kaunsa husband hoga jo apni wife ko Dr karke bulaata hoga.. Kabhi kabhi toh mujhe lagta hai ki main tumse bahoot badi hun.." he couldn't stopped his chuckle at her pouted face "See tumhe toh hassi bhi aa rahi hai.. I hate you" getting annoyed she smacked him by a pillow while he laughed at her adorable expressions "Baat hi nehi karni mujhe tumse Karan.. I hate you.. I hate you.. I hate you" announching this angrily she turned her face away from him who tried to control his chuckle then taking a sigh he moved closely to her who ignored him still wd crossed hands & grumpy look
"See yeh toh Aap bhi.." as he said Aap she shot him an angry look which made him to close his eyes "I mean Tum.. No.. Aap.. Actually meri galti nehi hai main aapko shuru se aise hi bulaata aaya hoon toh ab suddenly kaise..?" putting his hand around her waist he asked in soft voice making her to look at him quickly
"Ab ka kya matlab hai.. Humaari shaadi ko cheh Mahine ho gayye hain Karan toh tum mujhe Shilpa toh bula hi sakte ho.." she scolded in her cute tone which made him smiled "Dekho.. Kitna simple hai.. S.. H.. I.. L.. P.. A.. Its Shilpa.. Samjhe.." she teached him by elaborating her name which only made him to hide his smile who said 'Mujhse nehi hoga' and it only made her angry "Aree aise kaise nehi hoga.. Tum koshish toh karo.. Aur agar naam nehi toh koi pet name de do.. Yaah phir koi sweet sa naam.. Jo mujhe bhi sunane me accha lage" wd her cute expressions she said excitedly
"Jaise..??" looking at her calmly he asked waiting for her reaction who made a serious look
"Hmm.. Kya bulaaoge tum mujhe.. Sochna padega" tapping her index finger on her chin she spoke thoughtfully while he put his hairs properly which were falling constantly on his eyes "Haan yeh kaisa rahega.. Darling.. Nehi ajeeb hai yeh.. Acha Honey.. Naahh over hai.. Sweetheart.. Yuck.. Shona.. Jaanu.. Jaana.. Jaan.. Arrghhh.. Kuch aur sochna padega.. Acha Baby kaisa rahega?" blabbering wd herself as usual she changes her expression which was only making Karan to stare her patiently and as she looked at him he gave a calm nod in Yes enjoying her looks "Baby.. Nehi Karan vo naa thoda weird lagta hai mujhe.. Acha Babu" refusing it she asked excitedly which made him to question 'What is Babu? Is it similar to Baby??' and at this she sighed "Nehi similar nehi hai.. Bas thoda cute name hai par tum mujhe mat bulaana.. Accha nehi lagta mujhe yeh naam" she made a face which only made him smiled
"Agar accha nehi lagta toh bola kyun? And by the way.. How about Wify..?" at his suggestion she pouted
"Babu toh maine aise hi suggest kiya.. Lekin Wify mat bulaana tum mujhe.. Kyunki agar tumne mujhe kisi public me bulaaya toh bahoot si wives turn karengi.. Jo main nehi chaahti toh tum mujhe kuch aur bulaana.. Kuch cute sa pyaara saa.. You know jo mujhe bhi sunane me accha lage" her voice turned cheerful again which made him to think deeply about her that what name he can give her "Jaise main tumhe kabhi Hubby, Mr Malik, Badtameez, Ziddi, Sanki, Karan aur bhi bahoot kuch naamo se bulaati hoon toh tumhe bhi mujhe kuch cute aur pyaare names dene chaahiye naa" she complained again when he said something which made her mouth opened in O shape 'How about Safed Chudail' he teased in careful way only to get her hurt look "Mujhe tumse baat hi nehi karni Karan.. How Rude.. I hate you" smacking him wd a pillow she layed down on bed while he chuckled enjoying her anger who have turned her back at him
"Aap gussa kyun ho rahin hain main toh sirf suggest kar raha tha.." bending above her he tried to cheer smilingly but she pushed his hand away wd cute sad anger "See main toh bas mazaak kar raha tha.. Aap serious kyun ho rahin hain Shilpa" laying behind her he hugged her tightly from back making her to ignore him who kissed her cheek tightly while mumbling sorry
"Karan.." rubbing her cheek she pushed him irritatingly which made him to hug her more tightly "Uff!! See mujhe majboor mat karo ki main tumhe bed par se neeche phek doon.. Toh sharafat se mujhse dur raho.. Nehi sorry mujh jaisi Safed Chudail se dur raho" he laughed at her taunt and insted to leave her he hide his face on her neck lovingly

Phirse mujhe jeena tujhpe hai marna
Phirse dilne di hai yeh duhaayi saajnaa ve
Lakeero pe likhdi hai kyun

"Kisne kaha aap chudail hain..?" looking down at her face he knowingly whispered only to hear 'Ek pagal ne mujhse kaha' her retort made him chuckled who in loving way sided her hairs from her neck who have turned her back at him "I think vo sachme ek pagal hai.. Kyunki aap chudail thodi.. Aap toh Angel ho.. Jaisa ki Dad kehte the ki aap Angel ho humaari life me.. Aur vo bhi aisi angel jo humesha mere paas rahegi haina?" tracing her ear slowly he whispered a little above it which melted her who closed her ear wd a small smile playing on her lips where as seeing this he shook his head smilingly "Vaise maine toh aapka vo cute waala naam bhi soch liya jo perfectly match karta hai aapse.. Jaanti hain vo kya hai..?" as he whispered she opened her one eye smilingly when he gave a soft kiss on her cheek resulting his hairs touched her face featherly whose heartbeat skipped again at his every touch "Its TINKERBELL you know jaise uske paas saare problems ka solution hota hai aur vo humesha strong rehti hai kabhi haar nehi maanti vaisi aap hain.. Yaani Meri Tinkerbell" removing her hand from her ear he whispered softly which made her to face him wd a smile "Aur jaisi uski aankhen kuch alag thi vaise hi aapki hai.. Green Ocean.. Which i loves the most" tracing her cheeck softly he whispered in lost voice which made her smiled
"Hmm yeh naam kuch mere type ka hai.." cupping his face she said wd a smile making him to peck her lips lightly whispering Thank you very much "So Mr Hubby aajse mujhe Tinkerbell bulaayenge?" as she asked he gave a nod in Yes calmly then laying beside her hugged her tightly while hidding his face on her neck who smiled at his gesture "See tum sikh rahe ho mere saath rehte rehte kuch acchi aadate" caressing his head lovingly she smiled while his eyes were closing down by her soft caresses inside his soft hairs whose one hand was hugging her waist "Wowww kitna cute hai yeh Karan.. Tinkerbell perfect.." she spoke in happy tone unaware of that he is now sleeping which she did noticed after few minutes and as she felt his slow breaths a giggle escaped her mouth at his cute behavior, somehow she managed to pull the blanket above them coz of his whole weight which was half laying above her who was about to push him a little when he whispered 'I love you Dr Shilpa' and that made her to held her head "Offo! Yeh kabhi nehi sudhar sakta" whispering this smilingly she hugged him after giving a kiss on his forehead
Flashback ends

Ho gairsa huaa hai khudse bhi, Naa koi mera
Dard se karle chal yaari, Dil yeh keh raha
Kholun jo baahein bas gam yeh simat rahe hain..

"Tum toh mere bina nehi reh sakte the Karan.. Phir aaj Divorce.." staring their marriage pic she questioned hurtfully when she saw his smile on that pic which made her more cry coz her heart was missing him while the pic which she was holding wd divorce papers fell from her hold to on a cushion "Itna hi pyaar tha tumhaara mere liye Karan.." tears rolled down from her eyes as she stared up on the sky while mumbling this when she realised something "Aree tumhaari galti thodi hai.. Main bhi na pagal hoon galti toh meri kismat ki hai.. Faaltu me tumhe bol rahin hoon.. Sach toh yeh hai ki mere hi naseeb me pyaar nehi hai, tumhaari toh bilkul galti nehi hai.. Main hi pagal hoon jo apne badkismati ko bhool gayi thi.. Aakhir Shilpa Malhotra ko thodi khush hone ka haq hai.. Pyaar paane ka haq hai.. Tumne toh vo kiya jo aise moment par koi bhi normal insaan karta hai.. Bilkul thik kiya tumne" and now her mind turned completely negative while her look turned blank as if she don't have any emotion on her face whose gaze was fixed on the sky even the darkness & lonliness was also not torturing her coz she have habit of leaving her life like this.. Where as on the other side Karan sat inside the flight to Seoul and was blankly staring outside the window when the flight started taking off which only increased his heartbeat

Aankhon ke aage lamhen yeh kyun ghat rahe hain
Jaane kaise koi sehta judaayiyaan..

"Kya main sahin toh kar raha hoon India chodke?" keeping his one hand on his chest he questioned to himself mentally when his mind answered "You are doing correct Karan.. Kyunki India ne tujhe sirf Dhoka aur Dard diya hai.. Toh tera bhool jaana hi thik rahega" at this he stopped himself for moving out from the flight which finally is flying on the sky and closing his eyes he tried to forget her which became very hard task for him where as in Kash's home Shilpa was blankly staring the Sky untill Aarti came there who became worried seeing her condition.. She immediately took her out from that house which Shilpa left thinking its not hers, Aarti was driving wd anger while Shilpa have kept her head on window staring outside blankly infact she even held the Divorce papers & their marriage pic tightly
"Idiot.. How can he do this?? Agar chodna hi tha toh kya zarurat thi shaadi karne ki.. Aise kaise India chod kar jaa sakta hai bina tere baare me soche.. Jerk!" Aarti was cursing Karan angrily still driving
"Uski galti nehi hai Aarti.. Saari galti meri hai toh usse blame mat kar.. Usne toh vo kiya jo koi bhi karta.. Aur vaise bhi tu bhi jaanti thi yeh shaadi ek na ek din toh tootni thi toh vo ab ho gaya" wdout removing her eyes from window she replied blankly which made Aarti guilty
"Main nehi jaanti tum dono ke bich aisa kya huaa ki baat divorce tak pahuch gayi.. Par itna zarur jaanti hoon ki saari galti meri hai.. Meri wajah se tu is rishte me aayi aur yeh sab huaa.. I am sorry Shilpa" Aarti apologised wd a guilt which made her to look at her calmly
"Sorry mat bal.. Kyunki teri wajah se hi sahi par kuch pal mujhe khushi ke mile the.. Jo main regret nehi karti in fact main un sab moments ko samet kar ek jagah rakhna chaahti hoon so that main aage badh sakun ek baar phir apni life me" hearing her strong voice Aarti was surprised that how can someone be so strong coz this situation is not at all good for any girl but Shilpa she is very different from all the girls
"Tu thik toh haina?" she asked concernedly on which hiding her wet tears she hummed in Yes

Chadariyaa jheeni re jheeni (x2)
Aankhen bheeni re bheeni
Yaade jheeni re jheeni..

"Mujhe aaram karna hai.. Tu ghar le chal mujhe jaldi.." saying this calmly she looked out of the window where the beautiful moments which she spent wd Karan was showing like a film and this only made hard for her to controll herself not to break, After minutes of driving they finally reached in their old home, Aarti asked for coffee but excusing she needs sleep Shilpa went inside her room making Aarti sure to think that she is broken now where as entering inside her room she kept the divorce papers & the pic on bed the locking herself inside the washroom she cried her heart out under the cold shower which drenched her ill body Completely, she was shivering but the moments of Kash were not leaving her brain while her heart weaken more.. And after hours of spending her time there she came out in fresh clothes not before making her mind to face the new reality of her life.. Two days passed which took her time to make herself strong coz this place Lonavala was only making her remember about Karan, Raj, Arun & the beautiful old moments but as she decided she will keep every memory like a treasure she became strong so in night she decided she will capture everying inside a Dairy while Aarti tried her best to support her even she also made her busy wd orphange kids which worked also.. And in night after finishing up her dinner Shilpa brought a beautiful thick fresh dairy to capture everything in it & gave the title of their story 'SAATHIYA' writing the first word she sighed then started

Chadariyaa jheeni re jheeni (x2)
Hey Aankhen bheeni re bheeni
Yaade jheeni re jheeni..

"Karan" she smiled slowly as she wrote his name on her dairy who taking a reliefing sigh started writing about the chapter name Karan in her life that to wdout any regret (Ab main uske baare me kya kahun.. Ek alag hi insaan hai vo jab pehli baar mili thi toh andaza bhi nehi tha ki pyaar ho jaayga mujhe phirse.. Vaise hum pehli baar kaise mile vo mujhe abhi bhi yaad nehi.. Karan humesha chidhata tha ki koi apne birthday par itna over ready kaise ho sakta hai aur main lad padti usse phir vo taarif karta ki main actuaaly me usdin sabse beautiful lag rahi thi us lift waale moment ka toh mujhe thoda hi pata hai.. Lekin uske baad hum kaise karib aaye sab pata hai) she wrote everything smilingly that how they collided for two times and mistaking him Armaan she ran, also how he said 'Bhagna mat' made her giggle remembering his cute look of that time (Koi itna Ziddi aur Badtameez ho sakta hai yeh baat mujhe usdin pata chali jis din Karan ne mujhe force kiya apne ghar me rakhne ke liye.. Halaki usse uswsqt in dono words ka matlab nehi pata tha) she giggled as she remembered something of that day (Us ghar me jaane ke baad maine decide kiya ki aise kaise koi mujhpar hukum de sakta hai isliye toh apna saamaan unpack karke main Karan se ladne chali gayi uske room ki taraf)
"Yes.. Come in" he was about to remove his jacket when she knocked so wdout looking back at her he allowed still wearing that black cap while entering inside his room she hasitated to call
"Ek toh tu isse kabhi dekhna nehi chaahti uper se aaj tujhe khud chalkar is Badtameez ladke ke paas aana pada.." as her bubble mind taunted her she looked at his back wd cute angry face when he himself turned not getting any response and as he saw his heartbeat skipped again finding her in scarlet Indian dress
"Aa..aap.. Yahan?" trying to sound normal he asked in calm tone while putting his hands on his back obidiently which made Shilpa to make herself proffessional
"Haan.. Mujhe tumse zaruri baat karni hai.. Vo bhi bahoot important toh ready raho sunne ke liye" crossing her arms she directly said in strict tone on which he gave a calm nod while trying his best to look away from her beautiful face "Hmm.. Toh lekar toh tum aa gaye apni zidd par mujhe lekin iska yeh matlab toh bilkul mat samajhna ki main tumhaari har baat maanungi.. Main ek Independent ladki hoon.. So main jab chaahungi aaungi jaaungi koi mujhe nehi rokega.." pointing her index finger she almost ordered on which he wd amusement gave a calm nod "Haan.. Aur tumhaare ghar me rehne ka yeh matlab toh bilkul nehi hai ki main koi emergency case nehi handle karungi agar hospital ko meri zarurat padi toh main jaungi samjhe" she announced when he interrupted while stepping a little ahead
"Aap jaa sakti hain par.. Isse Dad ke health ko koi effect nehi padna chaahiye" at his calm voice she showed him her attitude
"Excuse me.. Shilpa Malhotra apne patients ka dhyaan khud rakhti hai.. Aur careless words uske liye bane hi nehi hain.. Toh tum uski fikar mat karo" wd attitude she assured on which he replied 'Good.. Anything else' at this she thought for seconds then smiled "And Yes.. Main hafte ka ek din apne baccho ke saath guzaarti hoon toh mere bacche hafte me ek din toh yahaan aayenge mujhse milne.. Yaah phir main jaaungi.. Toh mujhe unse related koi rok tok nehi chaahiye" as she ordered his eyes widen
"No please.. Kids yahan nehi aayenge.. Mujhe bacche bilkul pasand nehi hain toh koi bhi baccha mere ghar par nehi aayga.. Understand" he clearly refused making her angry
"Excuse me.. Ek toh zabardasti yahaan lekar aa gayye aur uper se mere baccho se bhi tumhe problem hai.. How mean.. Lekin mere bacche toh yahaan aakar hi rahenge.. Kyunki tumne khud mujhe yahaan laaya hai toh vo bhi zaroor aayenge.. Mujhse milne.. Isliye tum mujhe nehi rok sakte" she argued making him to rub his temple to control his anger
"See Dr Shilpa.. I know.. I brought you here but the thing is i don't like kids they are so annoying & loud.. So please let them be outside.. And if you want to meet them so go outside not in my home" he tried to make her understand calmly but showing her glare she retorted 'Its ur problem not mine.. They will come here or else i will leave this house' and this made him annoyed "So you are trying to blackmail me??" at his question she passed a sweet smile giving a nod in Yes which made him really annoy "I don't believe this.. Aap samajh kyun nehi rahi.. I don't like kids at all.. Aur agar vo mere ghar me aayenge they will only shout, break things or may be can hurt someone.. So please unhe yahan toh mat lekar aana.. Haan agar aapko milna hai toh aap jaa sakti hain.. But please.. Yahan nehi" making a cute adorable requesting face he looked at her who rolled her eyes
"I don't know.. Vo toh yahan aayenge chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye.. Varna main yeh ghar chod dungi.. Chaahe mujhe iske liye puri zindagi jobless hi kyuna rehna pade" she almost ordered which left no choice for him to agree coz of his Dad "Vo mere bacche.." she opened her mouth to say something when he cutted
"Stop saying mere bacche.." his annoyed tone made her look at him a little surprise "Okay fine.. But only once in a week.. And yaah.. Mere room ke yaah phir mere aas paas bhi nehi dikhne chaahiye vo or else.. I can kill them also" at his calm warn her mouth hung opened who moved to argue when he stopped "See.. Aapko jo karna hai aap kariyega but please mere Dad ka khayaal rakhiye please.." at his request her heart melted so turning soft she gave a nod in Yes
"Tum unki fikar mat karo main unke saath hoon par please tab tak ke liye koi best doctor dhundho.. Varna anjaam tum bhi jaante ho" her words made him a little scared but showing not to her he gave a nod in Yes

Ranjhan dhudhan main chalya
Ranjhan milyaa naa hi, jigra vich agan lagaake Rabba, Lakeera vich likh di judaayi...

"Yaah I'll take care.. Par aap mat bhulna jo bhi kids aayenge unhe mere room se aur mujhse dur rakhna" wd a calm look he reminded her who smiled while giving a nod in Yes when his eyes landed down on her anklet which was empty "Vaise aaj aapne vo nehi pehna.. Jo usdin.." but he stopped himself for saying further while she frowned at his words asking 'Kya usdin?' making Karan to smack himself mentally "Aaa..aa nothing.. I just mean.. If you need anything you can say to me.. Wdout any hasitation.. That's it" he tried hard to cover up while she got confused but ignoring it she turned to go when she stepped her leg on her duppatta which Karan saw "Dr Shilpa.. Bew.." she was about to fell ahead when from behind he held her waist making both of them freezed for seconds coz their heart started beating at its fullest speed, her one hand was above his hand on her waist while other was stopped in air which Karan has held and feeling the skipping of her heart she turned stiff which he realised "Aap.. Aaap thik toh haina..?" leaving her slowly he asked concernedly making her to give a nod in Yes blankly when he said something which made her turned normal "Aap sachme dekh ke nehi chalti naa.. I mean how can someone be so stupid" her mouth hung opened hearing this and automatically she turned back at him angrily
"Ussi tarah jis tarah tum.. Badtameez Ziddi aur Sanki ho sakte ho" correcting her duppatta properly she retorted which made him to shook his head
"First of all.. Tell me what's the meaning of these three words which you are using a lot on me.. I really don't have any idea about it.. So what's that mean??" she looked at him in disbelief as he questioned doubtfully 

"Le.. Jabse mili hai tabse tu isse sunna rahi hai aur isse matlab hi nehi pata.. Gadha" her bubble mind laughed at him while shaking her head wd a sigh she smiled "Badtameez means you don't have manners to talk & behave.. Ziddi means Arrogant.. And the third most important Sanki means Psycho" trying to show extra sweet she answered which made him chuckled while she gave him strange look "What's so funny about it??" as she asked strangely he sighed wd a smile

"Nothing is funny.. Just the words you gave me.. Was funny means those words were not at all for me coz i am very opposite to it" at his reply she gave him sarcastic smile wd crossed hands "And about you.. First learn how to walk.. Means agar aap thik se walk karna sikh jaayengi toh may be apne patients ko bhi samajh hi jaayengi.." his taunt made ber angry but showing not to him she passed an extra sweet smile saying 'I don't need your advice.. So better watch out' warning him wd attitude she turned to go when his voice stopped her "And yes from next time.. Mere kamre me zara sambhal ke aana kyunki main kabhi bhi kisi bhi condition me mil sakta hoon.. So you watch out first" his tease made her to shook her head in disbelief and wdout looking back at him she retorted 'Interest bhi kisse hai' then left from there making Karan smiled who shaking his head threw his cap on bed then sat on his bed wd a smile "What was that Karan.. Aapne aaj vo nehi pehna.. Idiot" smacking his own head he scolded himself but the fresh scent of her fragrance he still not able to remove from himself "Kuch toh hai aapme Dr Shilpa??" he smiled remembering her expressions and shaking his head went inside his wardrobe to change unknown to his future that his heart have fell for her!


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