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part 3 : ought to happen (AR ff)

She trolled around her new apartment.

'I m over with u Mark '. and I m happy.' she thought

tring Tring

the door bell rang and she rushed to open it, clad in blue Capri suit.

Its was a delivery man, who had brought her pack cases in her apartment. "thats it, ma'am" he said will giving her a slip to sign. "all is present. I hope u r satisfied."

"yes" passing the slip and giving a thousand R.S. "buy drink for u and the guys"

placing the money in pocket, happily. And kept a deep stare on her from her toe to head. And appreciated her dressing


"if u want any help u can call me .." with a meaning full eyes...

"no ..i m fine I can handle my self..." she closed the front door on him.


Padma Shanhank Gupta's fifty third birthday

Padma woke up in her hubbies arm...

Padma, being a great house wife with a great mother ' she was the best neurosurgeon, she always attends the most hard and difficult cases ' and do give a lecture once a month.

Loves her husband a lot and children too... Riddima has full filled her daughters dream. First time when she picked her in her arms, she felt a blessing of God on her family and from that day she had taken care of her mostly....

"Happy birthday Padma"

"thanks" she kissed his cheek.

Knock knock


"Thanks Riddiz." she hugged Riddima...

"thank you Rahul and Muskan" she hugged the duo...


Riddima felt good really good... today at night is mom's birthday party.. well she didn't liked parties but it was Her Mom's party she had to go....

she unpacked three boxes and her apartment seemed more like home to her now. The door bell rang.

"Who IS IT??" she shouted


"I didn't order any" she shouted back

"You have always got an order of pizza on the way."

"Rahul !!!!"she flung the door open. "What a surprise ! Muskan and Rahul both in my Apartment '. come come"

they placed the pizza on the near by table.

"and Wow ..Pizzza?? thanks I really needed... but u said u can't come to help me as u r busy in preparing party.."

"for u sis, I worked magic." and hugged her...

"thats so great!"

"me or Pizza?"

"The Pizza! What else? Lets eat. I m starving."

"why is My Muskan Babhi soo quite..."

"we had a fight" Rahul Declared while walking to kitchen for a glass of water...

"aawww YY?" she hugged Muskan as she sobbed... " Rahul Bhai u r mean..! u made Muskan cry.."

"ok now thats not true... she ate two ice creams and want one more... and thats the most silly reason to cry..." he placed the glass and took a slice of pizza

while Muskan burst out a loud cry

he sighed

"FINE !!! LETS GO ' we r gonna buy two more ice cream for my Sweet heart" he took hold of her elbow and hugged her '

while Riddima sat on the couch with piece of Slice ' while Rahul consoled her '

"hmm I m ok Rahul.... but we will eat when we go back... I want to help Riddima..."

"ok I m sorry again.." he felt guilty and miserable to see tears in her eye...

"oyee Its ok ...chill" she rubbed her eyes and sat beside Riddima ' and took a slice...


"bhai party work done?"

"yea... we came to help u..." he sat beside Muskan '.

"hmm .. so start working guys......." she announced...


"Riddima beta I want u to wear Sari today. A family may come to see u"

"For ?" she clutched the phone

"for marriage beta!"

"MARriaGE !!! SHAADI ??" MOM" she shouted on the phone

while Rahul and Muskan moving the couch in correct order burst out '

"Stop laughing u both ..." she retorted '

"Mom listen...."

"No ' bas I have send a sari with Muskan wear it '. and be there on time...."

"mo........" the line was dropped ..

"U both knew about this whole Shaadi thing?"

"yea...Kiddo... u have to get married one day... so whats a big deal.. .chill"

"but I m going for a job interview tomorrow..." she fell on the couch...

"chill yar riddiz.. they r not getting u married today..." Muskan set beside her...

"pleazzz now u don't cry... go and change me and Rahul r using guest room for changing"

"u both using the same room?"

"yea!" coolly

"changing together?"

"yea" pause "WHAT!" "Ruku ajj nai bhache gii .."

"jaa jaa Rahul Ko pakra '.hahaha" she shouted while locking the room


"SOO how do I look" she flunged her rooms door...

"Awsomeeee" both shouted

a white and pink sari with a delicate work of beads and sequence on its border that was pined up on her shoulder with a matching halt blouse ' a diamond earrings with a locket of heart on her neck.

"u two look great too..." she said while moving her hair back

"thanks can we leave now?" he said

"yea lets go..."


"Oh my God My daughter looks like a princess..."

"thanks mom... And Happy Birthday. '." she hugged her

"hey dad..."

"hi beta ' u look big.." he hugged her

"oh not the senti thing Dad... u r turning into mom!"


Harry drove a blue Mercedes. He came out and looked at the Gupta Mansion and was feel a bit nervous. A valet took of his car for parking.

He had never thought that being Arman's Friend could make him one of the rich celebrity.. Yes he was a one of those person whose name would be published on page 3 for daily purpose...

he was nice, but not really ! There was a girl in his bed every night...

can't sleep alone...

was his line, when Arman said to stop this non-sense and he should get committed to a nice girl.

Harry was the one who knew about Tina The bitch ' And He HAD told Arman...just to get a fist of punch right on his face.

And that day harry thought Girls r bitch ' and he wont love any one and will find a hard prove against Tina and will tell Arman about it '

On that day he started his Own business and told Arman not to take it personally. He had to do this to make his future secure... and Arman was happy that Harry at last is getting Mature. He Helped Arman in transferring All his works from Outside to Delhi. And then his work was done.

Arman's Right hand harry is gone... he is alone he knows that but he can't trust any one for now... and is totally busy with his work...


Mannan, drove a black Rolls-Royce. The Roller he called it.

One of the most hard working people in the business industry. Does his work and enjoys his life with no limits. And a great friend of Arman. Worked with him for many years

he loves her wife to core. And would not like any one to try a bit on her...


Tina Rai Entered her house and went straight to her room to see Arman Malik already seated on her bed.

"my my whose here?"

"ur love" he walked and kissed her cheek. "i was thinking for a dinner" he said while flipping the channel

she took of her coat and went for a bath...

"Tina come na... how long does it take..."


"what Arman...? I m getting reading" she came out with a short skirt that ended on her thighs...

"ohhh... u r gonna kill me tonight ..."

"Really...!!" she walked to the mirror and did a heavy make up...

"so... wanna go for Chinese?" he asked while flipping channel..

sitting in his Armani suite.

"no ' how about going to Padma Shanhank's Party?"

"why?" Pause "i m not in a mood ..."

"r u invited?" she joked...

"OF course.!" he said arrogantly...

" then lets go na... there will be many rich people and this will help in promoting my film..."

"Jesuz, Why am I involved in Film thing....."

"no comments..."

"it means WE r going?" she added

"if that's how u want to spend our Saturday night then ok.." he said while making a grumpy face...

"ok ...lets go.." she was ready...


Arman came in his red Proshe and allowed the photographer to take his photo while he gave a pouse with a charming smile and dimples on top of it....

holding Tina Rai in his arms...


"Holy shit Mom dad what r they doing here" he removed his hand from Tina.

"why r u scared Arman '? every one knows about us.." she frown.

"hi beta.."

"h-hey dad.." he hugged him

"why the hell didn't u tell me mom is coming here..."

"because I wanted to see this look on ur face" he whispered back and they with drew from hug...

"hey- mom.."


"hiii Anjali ' remember me Arman..."

"yea I know u..." she rolled her eyes...

"hmm ' meet her .."

"Tina Rai..." Arman mom completed his sentence...

"hehehe yea... u r absolutely correct..."

"Can I have a Word With u Arman beta" with a killing glare '.

they walked while leaving a Atul Shubankar and Anjali to giggle on his state...

While Tina growled ' making her dress smooth down.


"these type of girl r not ur type... y don't u understand..."

"mom I Like her.." he said...

"Arman !! she is not Right for u"

he was about to say something '

"and I have looked a girl for u... she is really nice if u like her ohh no ...if I Like her than 80% work will be done..."

"but mom..! where is my decision in it?"

"i have seen Ur Choice Mr. And I wont let u ruin ur live... for these types of girl who r ready To lay them self for a high scheme ' and if I saw u with her again u have to stop seeing my face right from that moment... and let me make u very CLEAR ARMAN MALIK... I have not even LISTEN ONCE IN MY MY LIFE To UR FATHER What DO U Think that I WOULD ACCPET UR DECISION AND ACCPET THAT GIRL AS MY BAHU .. NEVER!!" Kiriti walked away

"Moommmmm" he was like shocked...

while the three laughed out at him

"now Three Of u just Shut up.." Pause "sorry dad... but yar help me out ...i like Tina.. and I can't leave her ' and I hate mom's Choice..."

"r u pointing towards Anjali..? son? She is also ur mothers Choice..."

"What ARMAN??" Anjali Shouted...

"no no no no u were the best choice..."

"then ok..."

"Arman..." Tina called

"Tina? Hmm"

"what happened..?"

"Tina we will talk tomorrow... as I m in a very big trouble right it ok..."

"yea.. I guess so..." he kissed her forhead and moved away as he saw her mom glaring at him...

"byeee byee.." he pushed her away...


"Oh Padma ' don't I know how to keep these cheap girls away from my boy .. she has been using him for a year and that's out limits ..."

"hmm well I m happy that Rahul chose the best girl and I love her a lot same as Riddima.."

"really then I would really like to meet her.."

"wait ..." Pause "Muskan ...Riddima Come here"


"this is Muskan in black sari ' and that's Riddima..." she pointed

"really Padma you have got the best angels in world..."

"thanks And girls that Kiriti my hospital and college friend..."

"hello aunty.."

"Hello Beta.."

"May I have the pleasure to dance with my lady..."


"jaoo Muskan..."

"thanks Mom" Rahul Whispered....

"Excuse me..." Riddima made her way to her dad..

"Padma I really like ur daughter" she told with a meaning full eyes.

"and I happy to hear that..."


"Dad I m getting bored...."

"Oh tou she is ur daughter Shanhank .."

"yes she is Riddima and Riddima he is Shubankar my friend.."

"hello Uncle.."

"and that's Anmol these r my old college friends..."

"oh hi ..unc..."

"noo noo I m still young ' so no uncle for me... Anmol is good for me..."

"hmm I think Anmol Uncle would be much better.."

"uhmm '.not happy but I m ok only if I can have a dance with the pretty lady..."

"of course..."

" by old people..." they chucked while Riddima giggled and walked to the dance floor...


"hey Arman"

"hi Harry hey Mannan.."

"u know Arman u r the Last person whom I expected to be here.."

"mee too" Arman agreed "hopefully I won't be staying long"

"soo wats up han?? mood off"

"yea man !! mom rejected Tina.." Mannan giggled while harry ordered three champaign...

"hey Harry"

"hey Atul...and whose the beauty?"

"she is...

"Anjali..his Friend.." they all rounded in a seat.. and talked while Mannan went to ask her wife for a dance...

"hey look Anjali your Father dancing with a beauty..." all turned around to see an angel dancing on floor with a glittery eyes..

for a second Arman's heart beat stopped...

'wow... not seen a girl like her...beautiful...'

the girl was slim with perfect curves, with direct challenging eyes, a sensual body and long hair that landed till her waist, her eyes flicked right past his intense gaze and she totally ignored and looked the other side and excused her self from dancing '.

Arman was used to more attention than that... and it felt weird...

"wow man what a chick...!! really Hot....i would die to get her in my arms tonight.." Atul and Anjali passed a disgusting look...


"Shut up Harry..!" Arman said

and the second he looked up she was not there..!.


"can have a glass of water.."

"u daughter of Padma Ma'am" the waiter asked..


"i m rocky... u r really a beauty.."

"thanks." she drank

"well whose she..?"she asked

"Anjali Khanna" bartender rocky answered

"ohh I know I know... too crowdy ..??"

"yea...i mean I m hellya tired..."

"well have a drink u be OK .." she smiled and went away..

'I would have been happy if u could come with me for a night' he thought.


she walked out to the garden that had a small lake she felt peace here... Since she was 7, she use to come and sit here for hours and hours... it really felt good ' warm ' secure....

but today it was different...

a minute when she came out of the hall

Hiya Beautiful.

Want a drink?

How about a dinner.?

My my I so want to live my rest of life looking at ur face...

"dream on Asshole" she retorted but was damn scared...

"right between ur legs, baby.."

she hurried away...this was last thing she wanted to here.....


as Arman followed the girl and saw a boy remarked her, he didn't knew why he was angry but just passing by he hit him right on his nose.


"do we know each other?" Arman asked

Riddima sitting on the edge of the stones and looking at the lake, sighed with annoyance. She is irritated with the never-ending pick up factor.

"GO away!"


"you heard?" she haven't looked at him

"hey ' I m not trying to hit on you. I remember u were dancing with --- urmm '..Anmol uncle he is our family friend. My name Is Arman Malik."

she didn't exactly jumped, more a slow turn. she knew who he was.

"we have never met"she said while looking at him as he sat beside her...

"you were inside...i saw u.."

"so was half of the world..." she pointed...

"can we have a drink and discuss it?"

she began to laugh "Mr. Malik. Have u any idea how many times I've been asked tonight? I m surprised at you. Couldn't you have come up with a more original approach?"

he gave his killer smile with dimple. With stole her breath and she stared at him for a while... and when his eye caught her... she looked away with embarrassment...

"Tell me an original approach and I will use it"

"how about.... what a nice girl like u is doing here at this time of night....?"

he nodded...

"that's good. Its got the impact. Let me try." he got up and moved a bit away and bowed his head once

"Excuse me ' Miss?"

"yes?" she played the game... well she herself was shocked on her act... she was not THAT bold and Surely was Not in a mood to have an affair...

"what a nice girl like you --"

"women" she interrupted...


"girl is used for teenager and I m big..." with a proud look

"u don't look one .." he chucked....


"come on ' you told me what to say.."

Jus"t checking to see if your smart enough to change it..."

"hey --- watch the insult..." he said while she got up

"forget it.. Mr Malik. I can't have a drink with you anyways." she fluffed her hair and gave a dazzling smile and turn to go.

"hey ' come on one drink.." he took hold of her wrist...

" I do like ur work, and I would have loved to, only my mother warned me never to talk to strangers, and lets face it, you may be famous, but you r still a stranger..." she twisted her arm and walked away from him as his broad chest and masculine body with a clone he wore was making her knee weak.

Once she was back to the party, she walked to her mom..

' what a man like Arman malik doing picking up girls ' women ' out in the garden at ten-thirty at night? He was dangerously good looking. Too dangerous for her. She had enough and is tired of man like him and certainly did not need a one night stand and that to with the famous stud reputation man ..

beside she had made a strict rule for not involving in men any more... and she will wait for the perfect one that WOULD BE decided by mom and dad....she smile and talked with guest....


"Take it Off Harry" a women or a hooker with him

"what off..?" he gasped he was on the top of her and his legs were tangled with her long once and his chest pressed her soft once, naked as him and happy as him...

Take off the ur hair... u idiot.."she shouted

"what??" he shouted...

"This ...u idiot .." she took of his small piece of rug .. in front side


"u r a bald men .." he announced and giggled ..

"i m not '"he pulled up a sheet '.


"want a shot?"

"yes bhai..."

"here... Arman?"

"hmmm" he drank .

"i m thinking about Anjali..."

"what !! really let me tell mom ..!!" he picked up his phone...

"Wait Wait u idiot...." he snatched it


" ok lets get out of this pub first..."



"tell na Bhai...."

"yea lets go to ur room..."

"NOW CAN I know About it..."

"look I like her ' but I m not moving any further until I get a hint from her... and u have to help me...!" he sighed and took of his coat...

"and how?"

"hmmm harry left ...VERY good..!"

"bhaii !!!" he interrupted...

"let me speak Arman... We need a builder and a designer ' for making a place for our employees and that could be done if we could sign..."

"Anjali ? Rite??"

"yea soo?"

"i m cool with it... but we need Dad's Permission..."

"i don't have any problem ' Son" he barked in

"DAD ' for once...stop stalking us... and please stop hearing Our talks..." Atul sighed and fell on bed...

"Listen if I m in ' then Anjali is in ...or...."

"ohh Pops.. forget Atul Bhai.... U r Sooo In..." Arman hugged him

things that were ought to happen are taking its place......

Hope u like it .

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