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Part 32 : college life

Abhi moved his face closer to hers n looking passionately in her eyes he moved his lips closed to hers and putting his lips on hers...and start kissing her passionately..... his hand moved on her waist pulling her close .
He wasn't able to control himself anymore while as soon as she felt his lips on hers,she was lost.
Niki hands soon went into his hairs...soon the kiss turned in to more passionate..... both kissed each other passionately taking out all their pant up emotions...abhi nibbled her upper lip while she chewed his lower lip...both then changed their positions as he chewed her lower lip on she nibbled his upper lip....while doing so he moved forward on pinned her to the wall nearby.... while kissing each other his hands moved up n down on her back which was almost bare....due. to her back less blouse while hers moves randomly on his hairs ruffeling them...both were lost in the kiss for how long they didn't know....

Soon abhi moved his hands upwards feeling the knot behind her back he pulled it making her blouse lose from her shoulders..leaving her lips he moved his face to her shoulders pulling her sleeve down....making her chest almost bare....he was kissing her almost bare chest n shoulder making her groan in pleasure..he looked at her and picked her in his arms and and fell on bed with her on top of him. he again came on top of her.... and kissed her everywhere possible as her saree was his disturbance.
He pulled saree off her shoulder and free her from her saree , kissed her shoulder going to her neck and cleavage making her shiver.
He pull comforter on them and both joins their hands and consummate their marriage and become one soul.
Next day
Ridhima wake up and smile she is happy and excited
Ridhima look around and found anjali in front of wardrobe .
Ridhima: good morning.
Anjali: good morning.
Ridhima: tu itni jaldi kese uth gyi aj .
Anjali: vese hi acha bata na konsa suit dalon .
Ridhima: suit kyu .
Anjali: mom ne bola ki suit dalo aj .
Ridhima: yar atul or arman dono ki family ko pata hai hum kaise clothes dalte hainto ab suit kyu dalna hai .
Anjali: pata nyi chup chap help kar or dal le vese bhi vo happy hi hoga tujhe suit me dekh kar .
Ridhima: han ye to hai chal i help you fir jog karne jana hai mujhe .
Ridhima help anjali in selecting suit and then go downstairs and found her father and chachu helping kirti .
Ridhima: Good morning all
All wish her back .
Ridhima: chalen papa.
Shashank: aj nyi princess aj bhut kaam hai beta 10 bje sab ajayenge.
Ridhima: ok main kuch help karon chachi.
Kirti: nyi beta hum kar lenge tum apni bhabhi ko bula lao .
Ridhima: ok main bulaker lati hon.
Abhi niki room.
Abhi sleep break due to sunlight.
He hug niki more as his nake body touch with niki his desires wakes . He start planting kisses on her neck and shoulder.
Niki : tchh abhi stop plz abhi thodi der phele soe hon plz soene do .
But abhi give less attention to niki he come on top of her and start kissing her body passionately .
Niki: tum bhi na sari raat nyi soene diya ab bhi .
Abhi : jaan 8 saal wait kiya hai aise kaise chod don .
Niki: ab yhin hon
Abhi without listening her start his work again.
Door knock hone ki awaj ati hai and on same time niki moan loudly.
Niki : ahhh abhhiii......
Ridhima: bhabhi sab thk hai na .
Both realise ridhima bar hai door par.
Niki look towards abhi .
Abhi : han ridhuu kya hua .
Ridhima: bhai bhabhi ko neeche bola rhe hain.
Abhi : ridhima niki abhi washroom me hain
Ati hai to use niche bhejta hon tum jao .
Ridhima: ok bhai .
Ridhima goes from there.
Abhi : then again start kissing.
Niki : suna nyi tumne sab niche bula rhe hain.
Abhi : nyi suna.
Niki: mujhe chodo varna ban kardongi touch karna bhi samjhe .
Abhi dar ke chod deta hai thk hai jao .
Niki : apni shirt do mujhe .
Abhi: main kyu don batao .
Niki: shut up do idher she pick his shirt and wear and go in washroom
Abhi : main bhi ajaon kya .
Niki close door loudly showing her anger.
To abhimanyu. He smile and go back to sleep .
Kirti : niki ayi nyi .
Ridhima: arhi hain abhi bas uthe hain shayad.
Padma: good morning bache .
Ridhima: good morning maa and hug padma .
Padma : kise bulaya hai kirti .
Kirti: didi niki ko .
Padma: kirti tum bhi na bhul gyi aram se ajati vo .
Kirti : ohh didi mere dimag se nikal gya .
Ridhima: kya bhul gyi .
Padma: kuch nyi tum idher aker meri help karo .
ridhima feel something fishy phele abhi niki k room k baar then ab indono ki conversation.
Ridhima : vese chachi apne bhabhi ko kyu bulaya tha .
Kirti : vo puchna tha vhan sab kya pasand karte hain khane especially arman.
Ridhima: lo itni si baat mujhse puch lete ye to and then she close her eyes and poke her tongue out and turn to run back to her room .
Padma and kirti chuckle.
Padma: ruk ridhima .
Ridhima stop
Padma: ab bata bhi de vhan sabko kya acha lagta hai .
Ridhima: vo ap bhabhi se hi puch lena main abhi ati hon.
Padma: fir hum apni marji se bana lete hain.
Ridhima: maa aj khana main bana don.
Padma: are wahh aj suraj khan se nikala hai .
Kirti also laugh .
Kirti : sara saman kitchen me hai or ager koi or khana banana chata hai to vo bhi bana le giving hint to anjali who is standing near stair .
Padma come and put her hand lovingly on ridhima head .
Padma and kirti left from there.
Anjali and ridhima both are in kitchen. Preparing lunch for everyone.
Anjali: kya hua kya soch rhi hai
Ridhima : kuch nyi aj subha se sab bhut weird behave kar rhe hain.
Anjali: kyu kya hogya
Ridhima: yar pata (ridhima explain kirti and padma conversation ).
Same time niki come in kitchen.
Niki : good morning gals .
Ridhima and anjali hug her and wish back .
Niki : gals thanq so much .
Anjali: kiss liye .
Niki: are jo tum dono ne kal kiya uske liye .
Ridhima anjali think niki is thanking them for saree .
They hug her and said itz ok .
Niki : vese kya ban rha hai .
Anjali: mater paneer and rajma .
Niki : rajma to arman ka fav hai matlab mater paneer atul ka fav hai .wah kya pyaar hai .
Both blush.
Ridhima: bhabhi or kya banaye .
Niki : mix veg bana lete hain ye dono sabji sabko hi achi lagti hai to sab khush hoker khayenge so don’t wry .
Anjali: hmmm .
Like this they get busy in work .
Anjali and ridhima after preparing lunch is going towards their room when padma call them .
Ridhima: g maa .
Padma: uper ja rhi ho to apne bhaiya ko neeche bhej dena .
Anjali: g badi maa abhi bhej dete hain.
Anjali and ridhima open abhi room and get shock they exchange looks and then smile mischievously.
Abhi is in washroom but their room is mess .
Anjali: ab samjh aya aj bhabhi itna glow kyu kar rhi thi .
Ridhima laugh.
Anjali chal inki pegam dedete hain .and knock washroom door.
Anjali: bhaiya apko neeche bula rhe hain .
Abhi: ata hon 15 min .
But at same time niki enter in the roon .
Ridhima and anjali both have teasing smile on their face .
Niki come and stop .
Anjali: wah kya baat hai koi ajada glow nyi kar rha .
Ridhima: karna hi tha or decoration ki taraf ishara karti hain .
Niki : bas karo tum dono , phele khud ye sab kiya ab mujhe tease kar rhi ho.
Anjali: kya humne .
Ridhima: humne kuch nyi kiya .
Niki: tum dono ne nyi kiya to kisne kiya .
Niki room knock hota hai or maid ati hai.
Maid: bibi g vo kirti didi ne bheja hai room saf karne k liye .
Anjali and ridhima: ohhh humne nyi apki sasu maaon ne karvaya hai .
And both laugh but niki feel shy then maid start cleaning and in cleaning process she found abhi shirt button.
Maid: bibi g ye button.
Niki : feel embarrassed in front of ridhima and anjali.
Ridhima: ohhh .
Anjali: button .
And then both laugh and hug niki from both side and niki hide her face with her hands .
Niki : bas karo or help karo ye sab clear karne me .
Both girls help niki . Then left for their room.
Anjali and ridhima room .
Ridhima call arman.
Arman: yaad agyi apko .
Ridhima: vo kya hai na aj mere sasural vale arhe hain to isliye busy thi .
Arman: ohh tum shadi kar rhi ho.
Ridhima: han pata mera would be husaband kitna hot hai tum to kuch nyi uske samne .
Arman: chuckle acha g .
Ridhima: hanji .
Arman: ager tum shadi kar rhi ho to fir main bhi kar leta hon tum extra marital affair to rakhogi nyi mere sath .
Ridhima laugh .
Arman: hogya sab
Ridhima: bas teyari ho rhi hain .
Arman: ap ready hogyi .
Ridhima: nyi abhi bas hone lagi hon .
Arman: fir ho jao na .
Ridhima: kab tak arhe ho .
Arman: bas sab ready hogye hain bas phunch jayenge time par .
Like this ridhima arman talk on phn and then ridhima get ready in fuscia colour plazzo suit . She is looking cute silver colour jewellery and small bindi on her forehead.
Anjali also get ready in orange and white colour suit.
Hall all gupta’s are waiting for Malik’s and joshi.
Malik’s come first all greet each other and youngster touch elders feets and take blessings.
Firstly abhi touch his in-laws feets one by one and take blessings same goes with arman he come forward and touch Shashank and Padma feet .
Shashank : hug arman god bless you
Then arman touch shubhanker and kirti feets .
They bless arman .
After aramn rahul greet all niki hug her family and
All get settled .
Arman is continuously searching for ridhima niki notice that. And whisper.
Niki: ajayegi abhi .
Arman smile.
Ridhima and anjali come and greet all maliks .
Ridhima come forward and touch dadu feets .
Dadu: khush raho beta.
Then she touch dadi feet .
Dadi: aise hi muskurati raho hamesha. And kiss ridhima forehead.
Then ridhima go and touch nandani and karan feet.
They bless her and then she touch ananya feet .
Ananya: bas bache and hug ridhima .
Then she go and touch billy feet but billy stop her .
Billy: betiyan pair nyi chuti bache .
And hug ridhima.
All smile at this arman is admirer ridhima from distance.
Then ridhima look towards arman both look in each other eyes but then ridhima move her eyes and stand beside anjali.
Billy: manish g nyi aye abhi .
Shashank: ate hi honge .
Shubhanker: lo agye .
All stand up and greet each other .
After 30 min
All are settled on couch and pandit g is looking in anjali and atul roka date.
Pandit g: inki jodates nikal rhi hain vo kuch aise hain 4din baad ki hai roke k liye or 1 saal baad sagai ki or fir shadi ki date 3 saal baad ki nikal rhi hai .
Atul and anjali look at each other .
Parul : pandit g ye to bhut late ho jayengi koi jaldi nyi hai .
Pandit g : ek kaam karo ap 4 din baad sagai karwa do or ek saal baad shadi .
Parul look towards kirti .
Kirti towards padma .
Shashank: jaisa manish g sahi samjhe .
Manish : mujhe to ye hi sahi lag rha hai baki bachon se puch lete hain.atul thk hai ye .
Atul: jaisa anjali ko thk lage .
Shubhanker: anjali beta ap bato .
Anjali : jaisa sabko thk lage dad .
Abhi: fir dad 3 saal baad vala hi thk hai .
Anjali look towards abhi who wink she nod in no .
All laugh .
Parul: to fir ye thk hai but pandit g roka .
Pandit g : ap aj karlo roka 4 bje bhut hi shubh mahurat hai .
All look at pandit and then at each other .
Shashank: aj kaise itni jaldi kese hoga .
Pandit: beta roka main kya hota hai apne shagun dena hai ladke ko or unhone ladki ko to ho jayega.
Shashank: jaisa sabko thk lage kar lete hain.
All get agree for today roka .
Anjali,atul is happy and all congratulate them and each other .
Ridhima nudge anjali.
Anjali smile .
Dadi : pandit g ab ap indono ka bhi bata do .
Pandit look towards arman and ridhima and smile .
Pandit: maine apko usdin bola tha na padma g ye bhagwan ka ishara hai dekha hogya na pura .
Padma smile and jinko nyi pata vo soch rhe hain ki kiss baat k liye bol rhe hain.
Dadi : kya baat pandit g hum samjhe nyi .
Pandit: abhi bete or niki bitiya k liye jo pooja ki thi na usme arman bete k hath se parshad ridhima beti ki jholi me gir gya tha or tab maine anjane me in dono ko ashirwad dediya tha ki unki jodi bani rhe .
Tab padma g ne bola ki inka to rishta nyi hai aisa tab maine inhe bola tha ki ye bhagwan ka ishara hai .
At this all smile .
Pandit : inki sagai ka mhurat 1 month baad ka hai 2 dates nikal rhi hain .
Ananya: hum chate hain abhi roka kar den fir agle sal sagai or fir baad me shadi abhi dono pad rhe hain to .
Pandit : beta in dono ki shadi 2 sal tak ho jayegi ap likhwa kar lelo mujhse ap jitni marji koshish karo late karne ki par karan aisa banega .
All look at each other .
Arman and ridhima exchange looks .
Pandit : ap aisa karen agle mahine sagai karva len shadi ka fir dekh lena .
Dadu: han ye sahi bol rhe hain abhi sagai ka dekhte hain shadi ka fir dekh lenge .
All agree at this .
Ananya: pandit g hum na arman k bday par inki engagement karwana chate hain ap dekh kar bata do vo din shubh hai kya.
Pandi : beta usi din ki date nikli hai.
Ridhima get more happy after knowing that .
Ananya: ye to bhut achi baat hai .
Pandit: Shashank g ap ek kaam karen apni dono betiyon ka roka aj hi kar len .
Shashank: dono betiyon ka .
Pandit: aj bhut shubh mahurat hai aj dhan teras ka din hai humare dharam me damad ko vishno ka roop or bahu ko laxmi ka roop mante hain to aj se shubh din konsa hoga .
All agree on this and arman and ridhima is happy , excited and nervous also sab jaldi jaldi ho rha hai .
Dadi : pandit g main na chati hon is bar humare ghar par diwali pooja arman or ridhima karen . Hum karwa sakte hain.
Pandit: kyu nyi beta karwa sakte ho bas beta ridhima abhi kisi hawan me nyi beth sakti arman k sath baki sath pooja kar sakti hain.
Dadi smile : fir is baar diwali pooja humari bahu karegi ager apki izzat ho Shashank beta.
Shashank: apki bahu hai jaisa ap chaho .
All smile and ridhima blush at this.
Then all feed sweets to each other and especially to ridhima and arman, anjali and atul .
Pandit left and said he will come again for roka in evening.
Padma : sab lunch kar lete hain fir roka bhi karna to uski teyari karni hogi.
All nod and get up for lunch.
Dining room
All are sitting and having lunch ridhima , anjali and niki is serving.
Arman:maa rajma chawal to bhut hi tasty hain man kar rha hai apke hath chum lo .
Padma smile at his flirting .
Padma : hat badmash .
Atul : mater paneer bhi bhut yummy bana hai badi maa.
Padma : khana aj ridhima or anjali ne banya hai .
Arman look towards ridhima who is smiling.
And atul also look towards anjali.
Billy: ohh tabhi aj rajma bane hain .
Ridhima blush .
Manish : mater paneer bhi to tabhi banya gya hai haina anjali beta .
Anjali also blush and all laugh.
Billy: vese arman tera man hath chumne ka kar rha tha ab nyi chumne whispers in arman ears .
Arman cough ridhima give water to arman.
Arman: dad kya bol rhe .
Arman blush and again start eating.
After lunch all get busy in work arman sneak in ridhima room .
Ridhima room .
Ridhima is sitting in balcony and is lost .
Arman come and sit with her and pull her in hug .
Ridhima hug him in sitting position she put her head on his chest.
Arman: kya soch rhi ho.
Ridhima: sab bhut jaldi nyi hai .
Arman: hai to ab main chata hon phele settle ho jaon fir shadi karen par jo hona hai ho jayega jada mat socho bas cherish karo .
Ridhima: hmmm but arman ager humari shadi 2 saal baad bhi hoti hai to humari masters .
Arman: jaan dekho main business join masters k baad hi karonga or ager shadi k baad bhi main pad sakta hon to tum bhi pad hi sakti ho na or abhi paka thoda na hai do saal baad shadi hogi ho sakta hai ki late ho to abhi aaj k bare me socho .
Ridhima : han aj humara rishta paka ho jayega .
Arman: hmmm and kiss her forehead.
Ridhima: arman tum graduation k baad hi business join kar sakte ho to masters kyu .
Arman: main karna chata hon business to main aj bhi karta hon study k sath sath main bhi partner ho .
Ridhima: sach me .
Arman: han main aj bhi papa or bade papa ko help karta hon business me .
Ridhima : arman mujhe bhut ajeeb lag rha hai khushi bhi hai but pata nyi kuch ajeeb sa .
Arman: jaan sabko hota hai aisa bas aj k bare me sochon baki sab khud ho jayega .
Ridhima: hmm but best part pata kya hai .
Arman: kya jaan
Ridhima:apke bday par humari engagement.
Arman: han ye to best hai and pull ridhima in his lap.
Then he kiss ridhima hands .
Ridhima ask through eyes .
Arman: rajma chawal bhut yum the .mujhe nyi pata tha ap itni achi cook hain .
Ridhima smile and hug arman more .
Arman: ab to mera ap par legal haq hogya hai .
Ridhima smile .
Ridhima: haq to apko phele bhi tha mujh par .
Arman: aj bhut pyari lag rhi ho .
Ridhima: tum phele ladke ho jise uski gf western se jada ethnic me achi lagti hai.
Arman chuckle.
Arman: jaan tum pata kitni cute lag rhi ho kitni masoom si .
Ridhima: bas bas ye batao tum yhan kese kisi ne kuch pucha to .
Arman: main rest karne aya hon guest room me atul k sath .
Ridhima:or atul khan hai.
Arman: anjali k sath .
Ridhima: ohhh tabhi ap yhan ho .
Arman: tum bolti bhut ho and then pull ridhima dupta and put dupata on their head .
Arman look in ridhima eyes .he moved his face closer to hers n looking passionately in her eyes arman moved his lips closed to hers and putting his lips on hers.and start kissing her passionately.his hand moved on her waist pulling her close .
Ridhima hands soon went into arman hairs.soon the kiss turned in to more passionate. both kissed each other passionately .his hands moved up n down on her back he feel her perfect curves while hers moves randomly on his hairs ruffeling them.both were lost in the kiss for how long they didn't know.
leaving her lips he moved his face to her shoulders pulling her sleeve down.making her shoulder almost bare.he was kissing her almost bare shoulder making her groan arman cold fingers touch her neck sensually making her shiver a lot she came out of the moment feeling it....she called out him ar..armaanhearing her calling out he looked at her and and fell on bed with her on top of him. he again came on top of her.and kissed her everywhere possible as her dress was his disturbance.
He pulled her zip to loose her kurta from front he pull down her another sleeve from her shoulder and kissed her shoulder going to her neck and cleavage making her shiver.
She pulled his hair as he placed a love bite on her chest,in middle.ridhima moan in pleasure aaarrmaaannn.
With this arman come back to his senses and look at her condition. And the bite he with is tongue creased her skin then He pull up her both sleeve and then pull her zip up of her kurta . he kiss her forehead and place his head on her chest and lay down there hugging her .
Ridhima is creasing his hairs and arman eyes is close .
Ridhima then look in clock .
Ridhima:ohh shit 3.30 hogye hain koi hume bulane agya to .
Ridhima arman ko uthati hai.
Arman: hmmm.
Ridhima: jaan uth jao na plz time dekho .
Arman: han u know kal kitna miss kiya ab pata nyi kese rahonga haroj tumhare bina .
Ridhima: arman plz na uth jao koi agya to problem ho jayegi or meri halat dekho or apni bhi plz utho .
Arman uth jata hai then apne clothes set karke neeche chala jata hai after dropping message to atul .
Ridhima apni halat mirror me dekhti hai or blush karti hai or fir khud ko set karti hai.
Or fir apna dupata dhondti hai jo room me gira hua hota hai .
Ridhima: ye arman bhi na .
Then ridhima pull down her zip and check the mark given by her love jo abhi pain kar rha hota hai .then she thank god ki mark dikh nyi rha and after setting her bed and her condition she go downstairs.
All are in lobby pandit also there he first start the ritual.
Atul is sitting on the couch firstly shubhanker come tilak atul then he put gold chain in his neck then shubhanker and kirti give nariyal and 21 rupees in shagan as a ritual and then he give shagun .
Then they make sit anjali beside atul and manish and parul give nariyal and 21 rupees then parul put necklace in anjali neck and give blessings to both like this all give blessings to couple .
Now comes arman and ridhima turn both are smiling their eyes have different spark.
Arman is sitting on center all is standing his around .
Shashank come and do tilak of arman .
Then he put gold chain in his neck . Shashank and padma together give nariyal and shagun .arman stand up and touch shashank and padma feet both bless him . Shashank engulf him in hug .
Then they make ridhima sit with arman . Dadi give red dupata to ridhima to put on her head .
Ridhima put dupata on her head .
Then ananya and Billy together preform the ritual .
After this all give blessings and celebrate new relation and bondings.
Arman: congratulations my love .
Ridhima: u 2 jaan .
Arman: come in guest room after this .
Ridhim nod in no .
Arman: mujhe pata hai tum aogi .
Then rahul start the music all dance and celebrate .

Lots of love
Akanksha 💕

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