Monday, 10 December 2018

Part 4 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Two Days later 
Ishq mubarak, rang mubarak (x2)
Ishq mubarak, rang mubarak (x2)

"Forgod sake koi in baccho ki awaaz kam kare" shuting his ears an annoyed Karan shouted inside from that roof terrace room coz the loud voices of kids were coming from backyard where they were playing cricket (Its been two days she is here and in these two days she only got closer to Raj coz Karan was busy on his work while Arun was taking his care.. In fact Shilpa is the only girl living wd 15 men in this house who are 2 cooks, 6 servants & 4 gaurds and these three, but she is living safely coz no man let her do any work of the house) "Yeh sab Dr Shilpa ki wajah se ho raha hai.. I mean how can she bring them here that too eight kids.. Goshh! Bache hote hi kyun hain" cursing them he sipped his coffee while working on his laptop, he was sitting on couch wd laptop put on a small table "Aur yeh Dad unko kya hogaya hai.. Jabse Dr Shilpa aayi hain mujhe toh bhul hi gayye hain" he thought in annoying mood while a servant came there wd breakfast "Nehi chaahiye.. And yaah Robert can you close this window" saying this politely he concentrated on his work while giving a nod in Yes Robert closed the window of terrace only to find Raj & Kids playing

"Sir kitne khush lag rahen haina Master" hearing this Karan frowned but standing up he came there calmly after correcting his full sleeves white casual t-shirt and as he saw Raj laughing a contended smile came on his lips "Accha huaa Shilpaji ne aaj baccho ko bula liya isse sir thode busy rahenge.. Aur khush bhi" Robert's every words made him to stare down wd calm smile while putting his hands on his ripped Denim jeans's pockets he watched Shilpa who just hifived wd Raj happily
"Agar in baccho ki wajah se Dad khush hain toh.. Yaah she can bring them once in a week" he whispered thoughtfully watching her wd calm look while shaking his head Robert went out to keep the tray
"Come on uncle maariye" a happy Shilpa cheered Raj who was batting while a little boy was throwing a boll, Arun was doing wicket keeping, Actually they have made two teams one is of Aarti & Arun wd four kids and the other one is of Shilpa & Raj wd other four kids in fact their servants also supporting them "Yeyyyee"
Shilpa & kids clapped as Raj hit a four happily making Ria to ran on batting side while Aarti made a face where as seeing Shilpa clapping Karan smiled

Teri baarishein bhigaaye mujhe
Teri hawaaein bahaaye mujhe..

"Koi keh sakta hai aap doctor hain" he mumble smilingly watching Shilpa who corrected her white cap (Wearing a gray umbrella dress she was looking beautiful wd that same style of her make up but the thing which is making her cute was her pink duppata knotted around her waist wd her hairs tucked in loose bun) when Raj started played really well coz he is enjoying this loudness & cheerfulness which he felt after long time and just like this they played for minutes where as shaking his head Karan sat back on his orginal place for his work when Shilpa's turn came for batting who hit the boll so hard that it swing in air and breaking roof terrace's room's window that boll directly hit his coffee mug which broke into pieces resulting the coffee fell on his important papers on which he was working from past hours
"What the!!" his angry stunned shout made Shilpa gulped who lowered the bat slowly while Raj & Arun shared looks of worries where as kids looked at Shilpa shockingly
"Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai ki ab teri khair nehi" standing near her Aarti whispered scaredly making her to stood straight then wd cute look she turned at Raj
"I am sorry uncle par main toh sirf khel rahi thi.. Intension nehi tha mera" she apologised slowly on which Raj smiled
"Aree bacchaji aap kyun maafi maang rahe ho.. Main sab jaanta hoon aur khel kud me agar cheeze naa tute toh vo khel kaisa" he cheered her who smiled slowly while the kids stood around Shilpa
"Iska matlab hum kisiki.. Bhi windo tod sakte hain??" Ria's innocent question made everyone giggle while Shilpa bend down a little
"Aree nehi Ria yeh bad manner hai.. Dekho mujhse galti hui toh main sorry bol rahi hun naa aise hi koi bhi mistake ho sorry bolna chaahiye thik hai.. Aur agar aap kisiki window todoge toh unke ghar me kabhi bhi baarish aayga dhoop jaayga aur koi bhi chor andar chala jaayga isiliye hume aisa nehi karna chaahiye.." pointing her index finger she tried to make her understand in cute kiddish tone which made Ria to give obeying nod cutely while this scene made Raj & Arun impressed when Karan walked there wd his serious look
"Sir Baba" Arun gestured Raj who stood straight seeing Karan (Although he is not serious type of person but in matters related to his work he becomes serious sometimes)
"Who did that??" putting his hands inside his pant's pockets he asked in stern voice staring at everyone who stood in line while the servants escaped slowly from there after Raj's signal
"Woww!! Kitna handsome hai yeh Shilpa.. Tujhe iske darshan roz milte haina.. Aur tune mera ab tak iske saath introduction nehi karvaaya" Aarti whispered wd dreamy look making Shilpa to hit her a little by her elbow
"Tu chup nehi reh sakti" she eyed her who pouted cutely while Raj moved to explain
"Karan hum sab khel rahe the aur cricket me windows todna yeh sab normal hai" Raj said sweetly
"Haan normal hai Dad.. But kisi ke important papers par coffee giraana vo normal nehi hai" his voice was calm coz he knows if get angry or will say something to anyone Raj will get tensed which he don't want while hearing this Shilpa looked down wd guilt "See.. If you guys want to play then play i will not stop you.. Par jaisa ki maine pehle bhi kaha tha becareful.. Aur mujhse toh bahoot dur raho" saying this calmly he turned to go making Shilpa to look up at him slowly
"Dekha maine kaha tha naa Baba ko itna gussa nehi aata" Arun said smilingly while correcting his cap
"Haan nehi aata.. Lekin bechaare ka kaam toh kharab ho gaya na.." Aarti took his side making Shilpa & kids to look at her slowly "Ab bolo kitne aaraam se kaam kar raha hoga lekin is nalayak Shilpa ki boll ne pure kaam par coffee pher diya.. Tujhse pehle hi kaha tha tu toh bat uthaana hi mat" her scold made her pout
"Kyun beta??" standing beside Shilpa Raj frowned
"Aree uncle yeh aise hi logo ke ghar ke windows yaah haath pair kisika tod deti thi Orphange house me, mujhe maasi ne bataaya last month.. Hume mile sirf 3 saal huye hain lekin main isko pura jaanti hun" at Aarti's careless words made her to smack her resulting everyone giggle (Don't forget we saw her first glimpse in DMG playing cricket only)
"Toh kya huaa i am sure maza aata hoga.. Kyunki yeh sab maine Karan ke andar toh bilkul nehi dekha kabhi" wd a chuckle Raj said which made them frown
"Aree kyunki Karan Baba hardly kisi sports me interested hain.. Unhe aata hai cricket but khelna pasand nehi karte, bas footboll se pyaar hai lekin ek baar kisiko galti se hit ho gaya tha toh usse bouque dekar maafi maag kar aaye the" Arun replied smilingly as if remembering that day while Aarti & kids giggled even Aarti also complimented 'Wow kitna obedient hai aapka beta' which made Raj to made a face
"Haan lekin masti bhi vo bahoot karta hai bas janab ke mood par depend hai.. Lekin usse chodo chalo hum log khelte hain" Raj's excited voice made the kids happy while our Poor Shilpa was still thinking about her mistake
"Kaisi ladki hai tu Shilpa kahin dub mar.. Kisi ka kaam bigaad diya aur maafi bhi nehi maangi.. Sharam kar kuch, jaa chullu bhar paani me dub mar" as her bubble mind taunted her she looked down guiltfully "Maine jaan bujhkar thodi kiya kuch" she defended herself in cute tone "Haan nehi kiya par uska kaam toh kharab huaa naa soch agar tu kisi chiz par kaam kar rahi ho aur vo koi aise hi kharab karde toh? Uper se uska kaam NY me hai kaise sambhaal raha hoga sab kuch.. Insaaniyat bachi ho andar toh maafi maangle" at her bubble mind's words she felt guilty so she decided she will apologise "Uncle yeh lijiye main abhi aayi" giving the bat to Raj she ran inside leaving him frowned when kids started calling him so he concentrated on them while Shilpa ran towards the terrace where Karan is working and where she is first time stepping but as she saw him putting that papers aside she hide behind the door "Oh no saara kaam kharaab hogaya iska" peeping her head out she bit her nail worriedly when her bubble mind came "Toh jo sharam bachi hai usse maafi maang le" at her words she made a cute sad face but encouraging herself she thought to apologise so standing straight she stood on entrance where as he was so engrossed in his work that didn't even noticed her who opened her mouth to apologise when his phone rang
"Yes Michelle.. No dude i need more time to correct that papers.. But don't worry i'll try to do as soon as possible" standing near another window he talked wd his business partner while wd courage Shilpa stood behind him to call
"Rehne deti hun.. Abhi busy hai" thinking this she thought to turn

Paaon tale mere
Zameenein chal padi
Aisa to kabhi hua hi nahi..

"What online meeting.. Don't say this.. Godd! that means again i have to sacrifice my sleep" he made a face talking in normal tone when he turned only to find Shilpa turning which made him frowned so he gripped her wrist whose heartbeat skipped wd wide eyes while Karan felt an invisible current inside him "I'll talk to u later" saying this calmly he hung up the phone while leaving her hand slowly who was stiff for seconds coz whenever he touches her, her heart automatically skips but the question was Why?? And for Karan he already knows there is something magical in her presence "Aapko kuch kaam tha??" hearing his slow voice she controlled herself then turning back slowly looked down while giving a nod in Yes which made him a little amused coz first time she is standing quietly & second the cap was almost hiding her face which is making her more cute "Then say.." watching her calmly he allowed
"See koi intention nehi tha.. Main toh bas khel rahi thi.. Aur boll hit hokar lag gayi window par phir tumhaare papers par.. Isiliye Sorryy" still bowed head she apologised hurriedly making him smile who wanted to see her face but coz of that cap he was not able
"You mean jis boll ne window todi mera coffee mug toda aur papers kharaab kiye vo aapne hit ki thi?" bending his head a little he asked amusingly on which she gave a nod making him a little surprise "Pehle toh yeh cap hataaiye" removing the cap he forwarded to her who slowly took while glancing up at him "Hmm.. Kahin aapne yeh sab jaan bujhkar toh nehi kiya?" he knowingly said this just to make her normal who lifted her head up at him
"Excuse me!! Aisa kuch nehi hai.. Vo toh galti se hogaya uske liye genuinely sorry" crossing her arms she defended herself making him smile who teased 'Agar main maaf nehi karun toh?' she made an angry look "Vo tumhaari problem hai meri nehi.. Mera kaam tha maafi maangna toh maine maang liya baaki tum jaano" replying him wd her attitude she turned to go when she heard his voice

Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai (x2)
Ishq mubarak, Rang mubarak (x4)

"Its okay Dr Shilpa hota hai" there was a smile on his face when he said this while a slow smile came on her lips who still didn't looked back when he stepped a little ahead just behind her "Vaise agar agli baar aapne aisa kuch kiya toh yaad rakhna main apna saara kaam aapko karne ko dunga maafi ke badle" his calm teasing voice made her to look back at him wd a frown
"Haan zarur karwaana agar apne business se pyaar nehi ho toh zarur dena" her sarcastic retort made him smiled amusingly and before he could say something all the kids ran inside while shouting 'DIDII!' which made Karan stunned who stepped back a little scared
"What in the world is going on here?" he looked at them shockingly who circled Shilpa happily
"Didi chalo khelna hai" one of kid shouted happily making her giggle
"Dr Shilpa aap inhe yahan se le jaaiye please.. Aur khud bhi jaaiye" stepping back as if the kids were an atom bomb or something he said to Shilpa who hide her smile seeing his face
"Aree baccho main toh yahaan sorry bolne aayi thi inko.. I think tum logo ko bhi bolna chaahiye.. Kyunki yeh bahoot acche hain" saying this in kiddish tone she looked up at him who gave a nod in no wd horrified look and as the kids apologised Sorry he managed to smile "Aree aise nehi zara zor se" she knowingly teased him who gave her warning glare when the kids shouted loudly Sorrry
"Oh just shut up" closing his eyes & ears he said annoyingly making Shilpa chuckled who gestured the kids to hug him and as the kids hugged him shouting sorryy he really god annoyed "Nooo.. Arghhh.. Dad" putting his hands up he shouted defeatedly making Shilpa laughed seeing his face while the kids also giggled and after a minute she took them away from him who finally relaxed "Aaahhh.. I hate this" saying this to himself he went inside washroom to change where as in downstairs everyone were laughing as Shilpa narrated everything.. Till the time the kids didn't went Karan had locked himself on terrace and as a servant informed they left he came downstairs for dinner where Arun Raj & Shilpa were hidding their giggles seeing his not so happy faces
"Main toh kehta hoon Shilpa beta aap week me baccho ko ek din toh yahaan bula liya karo sachme bahoot maza aaya aaj" Raj knowingly said this just to tease Karan who was having his dinner calmly but hearing this he glanced up
"Haan zarur bulaana lekin mujhe inform kar dena.. So that usdin main pure time bahar reh sakun" his sarcastic way of saying made both the men laughed while Shilpa hide her giggle coz he was sitting in front of her "What so funny about it.. And aap Dr Shilpa maine kaha tha naa ki unko mere karib mat aane dena.. Then why didn't u stopped them?" looking at her he questioned annoyingly making her sighed

Aisa lagta hai kyun
Teri aankhen jaise
Aankhon mein meri reh gayi..

"Aree.. Kyunki unhe tum acche lage isliye" her nonchantic reply made him more annoyed who looked away from her "Acha par tumhe baccho se itni problem kyun hai.. Kitne cute aur innoent hote hain?" at her question he rolled his eyes which made Arun & Raj to watch them smilingly
"Yaah right cute aur vo bhi vo log.. Impossible.. Kitne annoying hote hain vo Dad.. Kabhi rote hain toh kabhi chillaate hain, Yuck! I hate them" he made a face replying this
"Bhulo mat tum bhi kabhi bacche the" she reminded making him to give her uninterested look while correcting her 'Main kabhi baccha nehi tha okay.. And yes aaj toh keh diya hai aapne dobaara kabhi mat kehna' his voice was calm which made her to look at him in disbelief where as both the men were enjoying their little argument "Haan tumhe toh angel chodne aaya tha na dharti par.. Vo bhi direct bada banakar haina?" she taunted in sarcastic way which made him smile
"You know what just leave this coz your words always went up to my head.. So leave it" saying this calmly he started eating which made her to shook her head while both men chuckled seeing the scene which made KaSh confused
"Tum dono naa.. Acha yeh sab chodo.. Karan maine tumhaare liye teen Best Indian ladki dhundh li hai toh main chaahta hoon tum unse milo" as Raj announced this Karan leaved his spoon mumbling Not again "Aur is baar toh chaahe isse order samjho yaa meri last wish lekin tumhe shaadi karni padegi bas" at his last wish's words Karan got angry
"Forgot sake Dad stop this nonsense.. How many times i have to tell you that don't talk this stuffs.. And about marriage.. Main nehi karunga shaadi kisi bhi Indian ladki se.. And agar aapko mujhe settle dekhna hi hai toh main karunga Shaadi but not an Indian girl" standing up he stood up angrily making Shilpa stunned coz since she met him she first time saw him talking wd his Dad like this, where as Arun got tensed seeing this and about Raj he was already prepared for this scene coz he knows his son more than anyone "Chaahe mujhe kisi Westindies African Pakistaani Korean Chinese Japanese American yaah phir kisi bhi alag country ke ladki se shaadi karna pade main karunga but not an Indian.. And please abse apni faaltu last wish bolna band kariye kyunki main nehi karunga Shaadi.. I am sorry" anouncing this he left his dinner half & went out disturbly.. That was the first time when Shilpa saw him this angry in fact she also got angry on him that how can he talked like that to Raj who was a heart patient and that night no one had dinner so Shilpa went to cheer Raj inside his room

"Aapka beta bahoot badtameez hai uncle.. Aree aise kaise vo aapse baat kar sakta hai jab jaanta hai ki aapke heart par kya beetegi.. Toh aise gussa hokar jaane ki kya zarurat thi" she knowingly said this just to start a conversation which made Raj smiled who was sitting on bed wd his back against the bed post while she was sitting on a stool just beside his bed near the bedside table "Haan agar nehi karni shaadi toh mat kare itna sunaane ki kya zarurat hai.. I mean usne samajh ke kya rakkha hai hum Indian ladkiyo ko aree world me hum sab sabse beautiful aur smart hain.. How can he think like that" her constant blabber made him smiled who put his hand on her head smilingly
"I know aap mujhe cheer kar rahin hain par iska matlab yeh nehi ki main apne bete ke baare me kuch bhi sunn lunga" she giggle at his fake warning tone "Haan maanta hun thoda badtameez hai par vo pura nehi hai.. Bas disturbed hai mere is decision se jo ki main samajhta hun par mere paas bhi waqt kam haina toh kaise main usse is duniya me akele chod ke chala jaaun.. Aakhir koi toh ho uske saath jo uska haath thaame jab vo toot jaayga, koi toh ho jo uska khayaal rakh sake mere absence me.. Main Arun par humesha depend nehi reh sakta kyunki uske bhi do bete hain jo yahaan nehi hain lekin future me vo unke saath busy rahega tab mere bete ke paas koi nehi hoga.. Bas issi baat ki fikar hai" he shared in slow worried voice which made Shilpa to stare him sadly coz she also knows he have very less time
"Main samajh sakti hun aapki problem uncle.. Lekin agar aap hopeless ho jaayenge khudko lekar toh usse kaun sambhaalega" in soft voice she tried to cheer him who smiled slowly
"Aap meri doctor hain toh please mujhe jhoote dilaase mat dijiye.. I know mere paas ab sirf paanch mahine bacche hain jeene ke liye.. Aur in paanch mahino ke andar main Karan ki shaadi ek acchi si ladki ke saath hote huye dekhna chaahta hoon.. Usse kissi zimmedaar insaan ke paas chodna chaahta hoon" Raj's wish made Shilpa to feel really bad for him
"Agar yeh baat hai toh chalo ek kaam karte hain.. Jaise ki main aapki doctor hoon toh mera farz hai aapki saari problems ko sunana aur unhe thik karna.. Toh aaj isi waqt aap mujhe apni problems vo bhi detail me bataayenge in fact apni wish list bhi bataayenge jinhe sunkar main pure karne ki koshishi karungi.. Aakhir doctor jo hoon aapki" her cheerful voice made him chuckled
"Aur aapko aisa kyun lagta hai ki aapke paas mere saare problems ka solution hai?" in very sweet way he asked on which she moved her head a little ahead cutely
"Kyunki Shilpa Malhotra ke paas har problem ka solution hota hai.. Aisi koi problem nehi hai jisse maine naa thik ki ho.. Lekin tabhi jab saamne waala mere saath puri problem share karta hai" her pridefilled voice made him smiled "Aapko pata haina aap tabhi thik ho paayenge jab aapke dil me koi bhi baat naa chipi ho yaa phir koi bhi iccha naa chipi ho.. So kindly share everything wd me and i will give complete solution of it" at this he laughed
"In short aap meri Angel banana chaahti hain?" in teasing way Raj asked on which she smiled replying 'Yehi samajh lijiye' and at this Raj shook his head at her lovely face "Promise kijiye ki aap mere pure toh nehi par jo aapke haath me hain un problems ko toh zarur solve karengi" forwarding his hand he said smilingly making her to keep her hand on his wd a smile promising him "Aur yeh bhi ki jo baate main aapse share karunga aap kisiko nehi bataayengi?" she accepted this also wd a nod making him relaxed
"Ab aap mujhe apni puri baat bataaiye matlab kuch bhi dil me nehi rakhna hai.. Tell me aapke bete ko kisi Indian ladki se shaadi kyun nehi karni.. I mean aapki wife yaani uski maa bhi toh Indian hongi tab usko kya problem hai aur jinse vo shaadi karne ki baat kar raha hai kya sachme kar leta vo unse??" at her questions he only stared her then wd a sighed he thought to share
"Vo kar leta Shilpa beta" her eyes widen hearing this "Do teen baar vo laaya bhi hai kuch ladkiyo ko.. Kabhi Korean toh kabhi American toh kabhi Westindies" she looked at him wd shock "Tum nehi jaanti usse vo jo kehta hai vo pura karke hi rehta hai.. In fact vo usse 100% nibhaata bhi hai.. Usse shaadi se sirf apni Mom ki wajah se problem hai varna vo jisse bhi shaadi karega mujhe pata hai vo apna best dega" as he shared this slowly she got confused and asked 'Kyun unki wajah se kyun? Vo ab nehi haina?' at this Raj smiled wd grieved look "Nehi humara divorce hua hai.. 28 years pehle.. Unka naam Shalini hai" she was stunned to hear this

(Papa ne mujhse sab kuch share kiya ki Chandigarh me ek badi si family se hain vo, unki arrange marriage hui thi Shalini aunty ke saath jinse unhone shaadi se pehle pucha tha kya vo khush hain par unhone jhoot kaha ki haan vo khush hai.. Shaadi ke ek saal unke bahoot acche gayye kyunki Papa unko humesha khush rakhte bas wohi khoyi si rehti thi aur phir Papa ki zindagi me Karan aaya ek gift bankar uswaqt Papa ke liye unki family perfect thi.. Par Karan jab cheh mahine ka tha Shalini aunty ek raat unke paas aayi aur rone lagi yeh kehkar ki ab vo is rishte me aur nehi reh sakti kyunki vo jisse pyaar karti hain vo unki zindagi me wapas aa gaya hai.. Papa toh bahoot shock the par vo unko rote huye bhi nehi dekh sakte the isiliye unhone decide kiya ki ab vo yahaan se inko dur le jaa kar unko unke Lover Sanjay ke paas chod denge jo ki Mumbai me hi rehta hai.. Isiliye vo jab Mumbai Sanjay uncle ko dekha jaana ki vo bahoot acche insaan hain kyunki vo Karan ko bhi accept karne ko ready the in fact unki family bhi, So unhone Shalini aunty ko divorce diya aur un dono ki court marriage karwa kar chale gayye Lonavala yeh sochne ki ab vo apni family se kya kahenge)

"Agar aisa hai toh Karan aapke paas kaise aaya?? Aur aapko bura nehi laga unhe kisi aur ke saath jaata dekh kar?" her innocent question made him smiled slowly
"Haan mujhe bura toh bahoot laga tha lekin pyaar me aap kisiko apne saath zabardasti nehi rakh sakte especially jab aap yeh jaante ho ki saamne waala insaan aapke saath khush nehi hai" his these words only made her remember about her sister's story and about that one side love of her "Aur raha sawaal Karan ka mere paas wapas aane ka toh vo ek hi mahina huaa tha ki Shalini ka phone mujhe aaya jispar vo bahoot ro rahi thi.. Usnein mujhe bataaya ki uske family waale toh usse aur Karan ko accept karne ke liye taiyaar hain par kuch aur relatives Karan ko acche se treat nehi karte in fact ek baar toh vo rote rote gira hai bed se.. Usnein mujhse request ki, ki main Karan ko le jaaun yahaan se aur phir kya tha main Karan ko vahan se dur le aaya yeh sochkar ki usse ek bhi takleef naa ho.." how much she was feeling his pain she can't define to anyone coz the way Raj suffered is undefinable according to her
"Par aapne apne gharwaalo se kya bataaya unke baare me.. I am sure vo puch rahe honge naa?" she asked softly making Raj to put his head on bed post calmly
"Haan pucha tha aur maine unse jhoot kaha ki main khush nehi tha unke saath isiliye alag kar diya unhein apne aapse.. Ispar sab log bahoot gussa huye khaas kar mere Papa jinhone mujhe gharse nikalne ka order de diya aur maine Chandigarh chod diya Karan ke saath, Arun sab kuch jaanta tha jisnein mera saath uswaqt diya kyunki vo bachpan se mere saath raha tha,
Actually uske dad mere ghar me kaam karte the isi wajah se hum dono connected hain bachpan se.. Aur jab maine Chandigarh choda tab usnein aur uski wife Neelam ne bhi seher chod diya unke bete Rishubh (Karan Kundra) ke saath.. Hum yehi aakar rehne lage aur tabse maine Karan ko kabhi maa ki kami mehsoos nehi hone di" she only stared him dumbfoundly coz the way he had faced problems in life no man can do this
"Karan ne kabhi pucha nehi apne Mom ke baare me?" her voice made him look back at her lostly
"Pucha naa.. Jab vo paanch saal ka tha tab.. Kyunki uske school me sab usse chidhaate the in fact ek din uski Rishubh se ladaayi bhi hogayi Neelam ko lekar.. Aur rote huye vo mere paas aaya yeh puchne ki uski Mom kahan hain.. Jiska jawaab maine yehi diya ki abse uska maa baap dono main hi hoon.. Uske baadse usko yehi laga ki uski maa ab is duniya me nehi hai aur jaise hi mera business aage badha hum yeh country chodkar Seoul chale gayye.. Vahan hum sab khush the Arun ko ek aur beta huaa Vikrant (Vikrant Messy) jo Karan se bahoot pyaar karta hai.." he smiled replying this but she was only staring him painfully coz don't know why she was connecting herself wd Raj's story "Aur jab vo15 years ka tha tab Neelam yaani Arun ki wife ka ek accident me death ho gaya uswaqt Rishubh ko rota dekh kar vo mere paas puchne aaya ki kya vo bhi aise hi roya tha jab uski mom ki death hogayi thi.. Aur uswaqt mujhe laga ki ab main usse jhoot nehi bol sakta toh maine usse sab kuch sach sach bata diya uske baad Karan ko gussa aaya mujhpar aur vo do din tak ghar nehi aaya.. Haidar (Barun Sobti) jo uska best friend hai aur pados me hi rehta hai humaare vo ussi ke ghar par tha do din aur jab aaya mujhse sirf do sawaal kiye" he looked up at the ceiling lostly
"Kaise sawaal?" wiping the corner of tear from her eye she asked softly
"Pehla yeh ki maine dusri shaadi kyun nehi ki..? Jiska jawaab yehi diya maine jo main ab bhi maanta hoon.. Vo yeh ki Karan ko paane ke baad mujhe aisa laga ki meri zindagi me usse badh kar kuch nehi hai aur kisi aur ke hawaale main apne bete ko nehi kar sakta tha.. Isiliye toh usse ek bhi kharoch nehi aane di maine" he answered in lost voice which made her eyes full wd tears who managed to asked about the second one "Aur dusra uska yehi sawaal tha ki.. Agar uski Mom ko us rishte me itni hi ghutan thi toh usne usse kyun paida kiya.. Agar chodna hi tha toh usse is duniya me aane dena nehi chaahiye tha.. Main samajh gaya tha ki vo apne aapko burden maanane laga hai kyunki according to him main kabhi aage nehi badh paaya uski wajah se.. Par usko maine samajhaaya ki Shalini ne mujhe sachme bahoot bada gift diya hai Karan ko dekar aur uske baad se hum dono baap bete aur bhi karib aa gayye" he finished wd a sad sigh making her sniffed who cleard her tears taking Raj's attention "Aree aap toh ro rahin hain Shilpa? Lo maine socha tha aap mere problem ka solution dengi aap toh khud rone lagi" hearing this she cried while staring down
"Nehi aisi baat nehi hai.. Par.. Pata nehi kyun main aapka dard samajh sakti hun, Isiliye mujhe bura lag raha hai, in fact ab main samjhi Karan aapse itna pyaar kyun karta hai kyunki aap deserve karte hain sachme" staring down emotionally she sniffed which made Raj smiled who slowly caressed her head lovingly
"Yaani meri angel ke paas solution nehi hai meri problem ka" he knowingly said this just to make her normal who cleared her tears then wd strong look sighed
"Nehi.. Jaisa ki maine pehle hi kaha tha ki mere paas aapke saare problem ka solution hai toh main karungi solve" she said confidently making him amused by her sudden change "Hmm.. Toh uske baad se Karan ko nafrat ho gayi apni mom se aur isiliye vo shaadi nehi karna chaahta kisi Indian se haina?" she questioned thoughtfully
"Nehi vo nafrat nehi karta apni mom se bas thoda naraaz hai ki Shalini ke jaane ki wajah se main kabhi aage badh nehi paaya aur uper se agar Shalini sure nehi thi humaare rishte ko lekar toh phir kyun usne Karan ko paida hone diya.. Yehi sab reason ki wajah se uska shaadi ko lekar perspective bahoot serious hai.. Means vo tab tak kisi se shaadi nehi karega jab tak usse surity naa rahe ki saamne waali person serious hai unke shaadi ko lekar.. Karan ke liye shaadi matlab ek lifetime commitment jisme Jhoot aur Dhoka nehi hona chaahiye.. Mujhe yeh baat acche se pata hai ki vo jiska bhi life partner banega pure dilse nibhaayga vo shaadi.. Bas vo kisi se bhi nehi kar sakta usse surity chaahiye if agar ladki Indian ho toh" he answered worriedly which made Shilpa to think about it deeply "In fact usse ek Indian ladki pe crush bhi tha jo ussi ke class me thi Seoul me aur toh aur Rishubh aur Haidar ko bhi ussi same ladki par crush tha, Lekin jab usse pata chala ki vo ladki Rishubh aur Haidar dono ko double date kar rahi hai aur uske saath jhoote friendship me hai usne usse baat karna hi band kar diya, Par us ladki ki bezatti nehi hone di aur yeh baat sirf khud tak hi rehne di.. Lekin us ladki ki vo shakal bhi nehi dekh sakta ab.. Yehi sab wajah se vo Indian ladkiyo se thoda dur rehta hai.." saying this slowly he looked at the wall on Karan's pic making her to follow his eyes only to smile at the pic coz inside it Karan & Raj have hugged each other happily "Aapko pata hai main jab bhi kisi ladki ke baare me baat karta vo next day yaah toh koi American Korean Yaah Westindies ladki laakar khada kar deta yeh kehkar ki yeh lo aapki bahu.. Yeh uska indirect blackmailing hai mere liye" she giggled wd Raj as he informed this "Lekin main usse kisike bhi hawaale nehi kar sakta kyunki uske Dil ko samajhne waali koi Indian hi honi chaahiye baaki toh sirf rishta nibhaayengi.. Lekin pyaar aur understanding sirf ek Indian ladki hi de sakti hai usse.. Isiliye toh main chaahta hoon ki koi samajhdaar ladki aaye uske life me jo mujhse zyada usse pyaar de sake aur samajh sake.. Kyunki maine apne bete ko bahoot naazo se paala hai aur jab maine uske parvarish me koi kami nehi rakkhi toh kaise koi alag aadhi tedi si ladki mere Karan ko sambhaalegi.. Infact maine usse Punjabi aur Hindi bolne se lekar Indian khaana banaane tak sab kuch sikhaaya hai, usse duniya ka saara khana banaana aata hai bas kuch traditional Indian dishes ko chodkar.. Baaki har chiz me vo perfect hai toh aapko lagta hai main aisi hi kisi ladki ko apne bete ko saup dunga?" his pridefilled voice made her giggle who quickly gave a nod in No "Bas isliye chaahta hoon ek Indian lekin samajhdaar ladki ke saath settle ho jaaye jo uski care meri tarah hi rakkhe.. Vaise kya aapko pata hai Karan zindagi me kabhi bimaar nehi pada hai in fact usse toh kabhi chot hi nehi lagi" hearing this she got stunned
"Impossible aise kaise ho sakta hai ki koi person kabhi bimaar hi nehi pada.. Aur kya vo kabhi footboll khelte time geera nehi.. I mean aise kaise usse kabhi chot nehi lagi aur vo bimaar nehi pada" her tone was in disbelief which only made Raj smiled
"Kyunki maine uska itna dhyaan rakkha hai ki usse aaj tak hospital jaane ki zarurat hi nehi padi tabhi toh usse doctors aur hospitals ka itna knowledge nehi hai.. Aur raha sawaal chot ka toh vo gira hai bahoot baar par usse kabhi chot nehi lagi.." she was bemused hearing this so she asked Not even wd cold or fever?? "Of course Shilpa vo bhi kabhi nehi huaa usse.. Naa fever naa cold kuch bhi nehi trust me" at this she put her palms on her mouth shockingly
"Aise kaise ho sakta hai ki koi bimaar hi nehi huaa apne life me not even a cold also?? Yeh chiz toh har insaan me normal hai phir kya yeh koi alien hai jisse kabhi kuch nehi huaa?" wd her confused look she thought when Raj called her name who looked at him wd serious look "Tab toh uncle aapne yeh bilkul galat kiya usse protect karke.. Kyunki jab tak koi insaan bimaar nehi hota hai tab tak usse life ki importance nehi pata chalti aur jab tak kisiko chot nehi lagti vo strong nehi banta" as she made him understand he got more serious "Main aisa nehi kehti ki aapne wrong kiya par kya aapko pata hai.. Bimaar nehi hona bhi ek bimaari hai.. Aur usse bhi zaruri aapke pyaar ne usse itna Sensitive bana diya hai ki aage kisi bhi difficult situation par vo strongly nehi khada reh paayga.. Don't mind but pehle hume usse strong banana hoga baad me kisi bhi rishte me usse daalna hoga tabhi toh vo aage usse sambhaal paaygi" her truthfull words made Raj serious coz her words were putting senses inside him who quickly asked 'Toh ab?' on which she thought for minutes then smiled coz something clicked inside her head "Hmm hume pehle usse bimaar karna padega.. I mean just a normal cold or something so that vo baaki sab ki tarah normal rahe itna sensitive nehi.. Aur baad me hum usse thodi si zyada nehi thodi si chot denge thik hai" her excited voice made Raj worried a little
"Aapko lagta hai yeh plan work karega aur isse meri problem solve hogi?" Raj questioned doubtfully making her smiled who held his both hands smilingly
"Dekhiye maine kaha haina main aapki saari problems solve karungi toh matlab karungi, Trust me mere plans kabhi fail nehi hote.. Aur raha sawaal usse bimaar karne ka toh vo toh main karke rahungi aakhir doctor waali insecurity jo aayi hai ki.." at her cool assurance Raj also giggle wd her when he forwarded his fisted hand towards her for cheer who wd giggled cheered back in same way promising each other that they will make Karan normal as others.. When she asked that is he in touch wd his family Raj replied yes, 7 years back his dad called him for Karan coz being the son of the Maliks he wanted them back but Karan refused to go even Rishubh also.. So Arun Raj & Vikrant visits India in holidays but yes Karan's Grandpa wants to see Karan once and just like talking for few more minutes Shilpa made him sleep then started waiting for Karan to scold him for his behavior, but soon she found he didnt went out in fact he was sitting in backyard to calm himself, she thought to go but stopped herself coz he himself went to his Dad and holding his ears he apologised making Raj to pull him in hug infact he also promised that he will marry the girl of his choice but only when he know her well, while witnessing this scene she only adored coz she was watching from outside then shaking her head she went inside her room to think why he never got sick?.. One week passed she only thought about two problems
First she searched three best doctors who had solved successful cases like Raj's and second one was How to make Karan sick? Even when she shared this to Aarti she was also shocked, so both the girls planned something for Karan and next night Shilpa went to give him detail about the doctors also to start her plan but what she found was an empty room of him

Kabhi pehle maine na suni
Aisi baatein keh gayi
Tu hi tu hai jo har taraf mere
Toh tujhse pare main jaaun kahan..

"Main andar aa sakti hun?" an excited Shilpa knocked on Karan's room which was empty that time "Karan.." looking around she called his name but when she got no resphonse she thought to keep that detail paper on his bed so stepping inside slowly hasitately she was about to put that paper on bed when Out of blue the lights went out coz of sudden cold wind in Lonavala "Aaahhh!" she got scared as the lights went out when she heard Karan's voice from the washroom who was taking shower at that time
"Uncle what in the world is going on here?" his loud voice made her aware that he is inside the washroom but getting scared she sat on the bed wd closed eyes coz of the darkness while taking God's name in fact she also have hide her face on her palms when wrapping himself in dark blue towel he came out of the washroom after drying his hairs but his leg stopped in mid way as he found a black shadow of a girl on his bed, unaware of that its Shilpa he got almost an attack "Aaahh.." he stepped back almost getting scared which also made her frightened who stood up scaredly wd a small shout making Karan realised that its Shilpa and that made him to take a sigh of relief "Pheww.. Dr Shilpa aap hain.." taking a sigh he walked towards her who was still getting scared "Aapne toh mujhe dara hi diya tha" he said in calm tone standing near her whose fear almost cool down as she felt someone's presence
"Haan vo.. Main toh bas kuch important paper dene aayi thi.. Par pata nehi kahan se yeh light chali gayi aur andhera hogaya" hearing her almost scared tone he smiled
"Haan isliye aap dar kar mere bed par baith gayi aur mujhe dara diya apne Chudail waale andaaz me haina?" his sarcastic taunt made her mouth hung opened whose fears vanished automatically
"Tumne mujhe chudail kaha.. How mean.. Khud toh darpoko ki tarah dar gayye aur mujhe chudail bol rahe ho.. Ek toh main dene bhi aayi tumhe yeh important paper vo bhi itni raat ko but nehi bhalaayi ka toh jamaana hi nehi raha.. Tumhe toh mera ehsaan maanana chaahiye" she argued which only made him chuckled who felt to see her expression in this dark night
"Thank you for your Ehsaan.. But wait what is that?" at his question she really got annoyed and wanted to go from here but coz of darkness she stood straight
"See main bilkul mood me nehi hun samjhaane ke.. Ab chalo mujhe bba.. bahar tak chod kar aao" she said unwillingly making him laughed who teased 'Aww.. U are requesting me?' which only made her angry "You know what main khud chali jaaungi" challenging him she turned go when she saw his room's door shut loudly coz of thunding air

Mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai
Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai..

"Aahhh.." getting scared she turned wd fear only to bumped wd him whose heartbeat skipped as her chin touched his shoulder while her one hand unintentionally rested on his bare wet chest and other landed on his shoulder making both of them freezed, Yes the weather is very cool outside but the tension b/w their hearts were hot, for Karan her touch made his heartbeat fast coz this the first time she touched him this closely while for Shilpa she really got embarrassed but also her heart automatically skipped as his hand slowly rested on her waist unawarely, she can feel that he have six packs infact also his thudding heartbeat so she slowly parted making her lips brushed lightly on his shoulder whose condition was not at all good and as they faced each other their eyes got locked they can see still in this moonlight also, for few seconds they stayed like this, Karan's heart have started accepting her in fact her presence only making his heart to surrender when suddenly the lights came back breaking their moment who instantly got embarrased and in result Shilpa pushing him turned her back awkwardly making Karan to look down while moving his hand on his head "Meri heartbeat itni tez kyun ho rahi hai?" looking down she thought tensedly while Karan thought to end this awkwardness but yes he too was confused why his heart felt disappointment when she pushed him
"Aa.. Yaah.. Aap.. I mean us paper me kya hai.. Kis chiz ki detail hai?" his question made her realise about her mission that for what she came here
"Haan vo isme Raj uncle ke hi same case ki tarah kuch cases the jinhe in teen doctors ne successfully solve kiya hai infact jo last me name hai unhone teen aise successful cases kiye hain.. So tum inko dhundho.. Jo last me name hai vo Amsterdam ke ek doctor hain aur jo first me hain vo India ke hi hain Delhi se" wdout looking back she replied slowly making him to check it immediately wd a happy relief
"Thank you so much Dr Shilpa.. I'll do it don't worry" he genuinely thanked her who smiled wdout facing him "Aur kuch?" watching her calmly he asked but was really amazed by her this side
"Shilpa apna plan A shuru karde isse bimaar karne waala varna tera Doctor hone ka koi faida nehi hai" as her bubble mind said this to her she quickly nodded and wdout turning back blurted out "Kya tum aaj raat 3 baje free ho?" at this he really got stunned who immediatelly asked 'What?' making her to repeat it again "Maine kaha kya tum aaj raat 3 baje free ho.. Mere saath bahar chaloge?" he raised bows amusingly
"Woaah.. Are you trying to ask me for date?" hearing his teasing tone she got shocked and turned back at him automatically
"Excuse me.. Date aur main plleeease.. Main toh sirf.." she quickly tried to reason herself when he interrupted
"Ab Teen baje raat hum bahar Lonavala ke streets dekhne toh jaayenge nehi.. Toh isse date nehi toh kya naam doon?" crossing his arms he questioned smilingly which made her to smack herself mentally at her way of asking
"Nehi nehi.. Mera matlab tha kuch zaruri kaam tha toh raat ke teen baje tum mere saath bahar chalna kuch dikhaana hai" calming herself she said slowly trying to look away from him coz his presence was getting dangerous for her
"You know mujhe thodi fikar ho rahi hai khudki safety ki but.. Aapne itna bada kaam kiya hai in doctors ki detail dekar mujhe toh yeh main kar sakta hoon" in very sweet tone he agreed making her relieved from inside who giving a nod thought to leave as soon as possible and as she turned to leave Karan walked to look for his night clothes when Shilpa's feet stopped on the entrance as her mind observed something, she slowly unwantedly looked back only to put her palms shockingly on her mouth and wd that look only she ran inside her room then locked herself.. Poor soul had saw something shocking which were Karan's tattoos Yes he too have tattoos but more than from Armaan.. She had seen Armaan's tattoos when she had done his treatment after that boxing match and now seeing Karan having tattoos her mind got confused again.. Yaah she knows they are different persons but the comparison of face surname and now tattoos choice made her mad whose time passed wd these thoughts, first that why Karan is effecting her? And second about that tattoos thing? But her thoughts were broken by a knock on door.. Seeing Karan on her door she realised its 3 AM so saying him to wait outside she made herself strong then getting ready focuses on her mission to make Karan sick.. He was driving wd unknown happiness inside his heart coz he can still feel her touch on his chest while she was staring confusedly outside the window when he thought to break the silence

Jahan pehle pehal tu aa mila tha
Thehra hoon wahin main bhi
Tera dil woh shehar hai
Jis shehar se jaake lauta na main kabhi..

"Aapko pata hai aap kabhi kabhi bahoot confuse karti hain?" trying to concentrate on the road he asked in calm tone while she was sitting beside him on passanger seat trying to ignore him but as she heard this she glanced him strangely coz her mind mocked 'Le bol bhi kaun raha hai jisne khud tujhe confuse kar rakkha hai' and this made her smiled who rubbed her arms feeling the chilling cold while asking why? (She have wore a peach pink umbrella dress and poor baby forgot to bring jacket while Karan's attire was a little different coz he have wore denim jacket wd blue casual t-shirt underneath and gray formal pant wd shoes) "Aree kyunki aap mujhe itni raat ko bahar le jaa rahin hain sirf isliye ki main ice-cream khaun aur bimaar ho jaaun so that Dad ko yeh lage ki main bhi normal insaan hoon.. I mean seriously Dr Shilpa aap kaise soch leti hain itna" looking at her he replied smilingly
"Soch leti hain matlab.. Kisi bhi father ko jab yeh pata chalega ki uska beta normal nehi hai toh vo aise hi react karenge aur unke health ke liye stress toh bilkul thik nehi hai toh bimaar.. Toh tumhe hona hi padega" she explained in very serious way which only made him to controll his laugh, Yes she have told him about Raj's stress so that they can easily handle this situation but she didn't told about whole conversation only the stress & tension which only made Karan serious about his father
"So you think i am not normal?" he asked calmly on which she slowly gave a nod in yes "But aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai main bahoot clean & hygienic person hoon so mujhe kabhi koi bhi bimaari touch nehi kar paayi.. And Dr Shilpa kahin aapki yeh insecurity toh nehi ki aise kaise koi insaan aapka patient nehi bana" his teasing voice made her to look at him uninterestingly
"Tumhe jo sochna hai socho.. Par tumhe bimaar toh hona hi padega bas" crossing her arms she almost ordered which made him amused who said 'Main Dad ke saamne pretened karta hoona ki main bimaar hoon.. So what's the need of ice-cream.. Come on main raat ko drink karta hoon ice-cream nehi khaata' she rolled her eyes at his reason "See ab toh yeh mere aur Aarti ke doctor waale self respect ki baat hai bimaar toh tum hoke hi rahoge chaahe kuch bhi karna pade.. So be quiet and try to help us" at her serious voice he smiled and shaking his head he looked outside for any ice-cream parlour which he found also after five minutes of driving, reaching out they sat for the ice-creams which Shilpa ordered in number of 25 making Karan stunned
"Are you sure yeh work karega?" looking at the 25 flavors of ice cream he questioned doubtfully
"Yes of course.. You know koi normal insaan itni thand me raat ke teen baje agar do cup bhi ice cream khaata haina toh vo bimaar nehi at least cold toh hota hi hai toh tum toh 25 khaaoge isliye aaraam se khaao.. Koi jaldi nehi hai main yehin hun" answering him excitedly she looked in front where he is sitting wd doubtful look
"Yaah whatever.. Lekin yeh aap keh rahin hain isliye main kha raha hoon varna toh touch bhi na karun inhe.. Coz i am not an ice cream person" it just came out from his mouth which he didn't realised not even Shilpa payed the attention to it while picking up a spoon he looked at the ice creams confusedly "Kisse shuru karun?" she giggled at his confused face then pointed on chocolate 'Isse.. Yeh meri favourite hai' he smiled as she said excitedly and giving a nod in yes he started eating the ice creams in speed making Shilpa to watch him in disbelief coz he not even took a break while she already finished her one cup ice cream.. Few minutes passed he finished ten cups of ice cream wdout stopping which only made her worry

Laapata sa mil jaaun kahin toh
Mujhse bhi mujhe mila de zara..

"Karan bas.. I think itne se ho jaayga" she gripped his wrist as his hand moved to start the 11 one but her hold made his heartbeat freezed for seconds "Vaise kya tumhe thand lag rahi hai?" observing him she asked slowly only to get a nod in No from him "Kya itne se bhi nehi..? Ab tak main hoti toh bimaar ho jaati" he chuckled at her confused voice
"Dr Shilpa main bachpan se thand me hi raha hoon so mujhe aadat hai in sab ki.. And trust me itne se mujhe fever nehi hoga so just watch me how i finish these" hearing his confident voice she only watched him who again started the ice cream making the waiter, shop man or that few peoples who were present there were only stared in disbelief including Shilpa also, and he emptied the whole ice cream cups she became stunned coz not even a single sign of cold wasn't present on his face who wd calm look stared her and chuckled seeing her expression "I already told you.. It wont work on me.. So let's go" saying this coolly he stood up making her still dazed by the scene even everyone present there were watching this wd opened mouth "Aap bahar chaliye main bill pay karke aata hoon" as she stood he said in normal tone
"Nehi bill main pay karungi kyunki bahar main laayi hun naa tumhe" he smiled at her cute tone who was still confused and shaking his head he mumbled As you wish staring her wd lost look while she payed the bill when the waiter said to her 'Yeh kya khaate hain ki inhone itni ice cream ek saath kha li' at this Shilpa shrugged then walked out, Karan was standing near their car waiting for her who was lost in her thoughts "Mujhe toh lagta hai yeh Alien hai Shilpa dekha nehi kaise pura ice cream isne kha liya vo bhi itni thand me bina break liye.. Tu toh sirf street food khaane me expert hai magar yeh tujhse zyada tez hai" at her bubble mind's words she pouted making Karan to narrow his bows coz she is walking like a snail also he noticed water on the street just near her legs and moving ahead he thought to make her aware but she stumbled resulting her self fall

Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai (x2)
Ishq mubarak, rang mubarak (x4)

"Ouch!" but before she could land on ground he held her waist firmly who instantly held his shoulders for support and their eyes met in small eyelock making her gulped while he only stared her lostly but soon a smile reached his lips as it clicked that since they met she is stumbling like this only
"Dr Shilpa ab meri suggestion maan hi lijiye.. Ki aapko zarurat hai chalna seekhne ki" as he taunted smilingly she realised in what position they are now So pushing him she stepped back only to get stumbled making herself land in the cold water on that street
"Arggh!" she made an angry face as she completely drenched wd water making Karan laughed uncontrollably while she whinned coz her body was shivering wd the cold
"Bingo! Dr Shilpa aap toh kamaal ki hain" still laughing he looked down on her who is still sitting on that water but as he saw her cute adorable angry face he controlled then offered his hand to her "Acha chaliye.. Varna mera toh pata nehi par aap zarur bimaar ho jaayengi.. Aaiye" as he said this smilingly she glared him cutely and refused saying 'Nehi mujhe tumhaari madad toh nehi chaahiye.. Main khud uth jaaungi aur main bimaar nehi ho sakti kyunki main khud Doctor hun toh.. Aaaaccchi' but poor girl could say more sneezed making Karan to burst out wd laughter "Unbelievable.. Aaiye please aap shiver kar rahin hain" kneeling down he looked at her smilingly who wd cute sad look thought to refuse when she sneezed making Karan smiled who put his both hands around her shoulders "Please bahoot thand hai" as he said softly she looked down and stood up only to fell on his chest who smiled slowly..

Precap- Uninvited Holi, sweet moments b/w KaSh & a Shocking twist in Kash's life!

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