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part 4 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"hushhh.... Thanks God no one came to see me in party....!" she came out of her room wearing a white Pajama suit which had small pandas all over it.... and tied her hair in a tie pony.... looking as if a 10 year old baby, who is ready to be tucked in...

Came and fell on the couch......where muskan was already seated in a baby pink satin pajama suit....with her all curly hairs opened and watching her favorite fiction show Heroes..

"Who told u that?"

"Who told me what?" she said while increasing the volume of TV

"Who told u that no one came to see u in party..?"

"U mean any one came.." Riddima turned and looked at her incredibly.......with folded legs..

"Yea!!! they came and saw u!! and some how liked u too!!!as far I know" She said while snuggling in the pillow beside her.....Pulling her legs straight.........putting them on the front center glass table.....

"U joking muskan...."Riddima gulped...."If yes....... then don't....."moving closer to her

"I m not Joking yar.... didn't u saw that lady standing with padma aunty......"


"aree when Rahul asked me for dance......."

"ohh Keerti Aunty?"

"Yeahh.." pause...."Now stop mounting on me......... move......." she pushed her a bit away.........

 "so what u think?" she asked with a bit nervous ness.......

"I think'." Pause' she closed the TV as her show finished.. "u r gonna get married soon' and love ur hubby ' and have lotsss of babies, who will Call U MOM'HAHAHAhahah" she ran to guest room'

"MusKANN'." She ran after but she was far away till then


"U still awake? Its 3 riddizz'. Go to sleep '! Don't u have an interview tomorrow'" she walking in her room to see her sitting on her bed' her legs curled upto and her arms around her legs, her chin rested on her knees.' and she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even notice muskan. "Kya huaa?" Muskan asked further while moving her fingers in her hair

"What about my career muskan? If mom dad got me married then what?" asking while taking a deep breathe

"u taking it a bit seriously Riddima' its just they r talking about it ' not getting u married with in two days' and who said u can't work after marriage.. I m also gonna work' and its 21st century sweetie'. Chill and sleep ' and if u didn't then u r surely gonna miss the interview tomorrow'" she said while patting her head and moving out

"U sure about all this?" she took hold of her wrist '.

"Yes' hundred and ten percent'" she said while kissing her head and tucking her in the bed' "Good night ' and sweet dreams'"


Riddima is soo like me or must say like all girls out' we all need some one to smooth us' reassure us that everything is going to be O-K' its different men never took this small insecurities '

Well I can just say Rahul do understand a bit'. Though is a trouble for him most of the time'lol

Yea so as I was saying Riddima is bit scared ' troubled ' feeling unsafe' she has always been like that' but me and Rahul have always pushed to do whatever she wants to do'

She is same as others girls like me ' and others' but the difference is some one or the other, has some one in their life who we can call r own'but Riddima she has StiLL no one that could be hers and only hers'

Well Dairy we r working on it' and I think Padma aunty and Uncle has made a wise decision' and I will make sure the guy they choose is rite for her'

Love Muskan'

She closed her dairy kept it in her bag' tucked herself and drove off to her own world'. And prayed for Riddima to have more beautiful life then she have'


Sorry riddiz' I had to go' Rahul called its important. Best of luck for the interview. Breakfast is on the table. And u must be waked up till now' so get ready

Love muskii


Great..Thats all what I needed today'to be left alone'

She crumpled the paper and threw it far away for her sight

Ring ring'

'Hello? Mom' yea I m ready' yes mom 'I m eating breakfast, Muskii made up for me ' ok mom... I have to leave now' yea mom'.. Thanks mom'loves u ''



Miss. Riddima '! U r next'

Oh God'.!! I m scared' help ME!!! '.Gulp'I m nervous' no no..i m full of confident I can do this ' I know that ..yeS Riddima u can do this 'go kick there butt off' goshh' why is it sooo hard' I hate it ' if I didn't got selected' ok be positive.. be positive' well its not my blood group' hehee.. I m thinking about the film No entry' Haddha ha yar' I have come here to give interview and I M sitting in front of my so called Boss, who looks totally cute'! OK!!! Now that's to much I m calling my BOSS Cute' I m not GOnna Fall For my boss..pleahzzz.. no0oo' Totally Bollywood film type' work with him fall over heels for him' lol '. If he heard me.. he's soo gonna be pissed at me'. Ok sooo he is reading my file' ok its 7 mins now.. whats so interesting in there?? Good question.! DEGReess What else 'Idiot '! Ok he is look is giving me the The-Look'

OK he smiles Now'and me?? I smile back. Wow what a new thing' OK I should stop talking with MYSELF..!!! Crap..i have lost it '

"SO Miss Riddima.. u scored good in education.. Do u know it's a hard work for being a Personal Assistant?" Pause.. "People think it to be most easy job' but as far I know it's the toughest job'"

"Yes sir 'I agree.. P.A sounds to be easiest job' but its Not'it's a small word no doubt but it hold great responsibilities' and I m some how aware of it 'I won't say I know every thing but I know I m capable of it '" she answered

"Ok soo u think u can handle it ? Better than others?" he nodded and  puts the file on table and looks at her' while entwined his fingers '.

"Well I know I m good whatever I do! I put my best in it' no matter what it is ' and I don't know about others' I just know about my self' and if u selects me I m sure u won't regret this decision of urs'" she answered with confidence


He kept quite wanted more to listen

"Sir I don't promise u to make ur company worlds best company ' but I promise I will put my devotion and hard work to make it one of the best companies'"she added

"Well Riddima' u surely are a confident girl' and I have seen very less girls like you'. And I will be happy to make u part of company' as I see potential in you'"he told her

"Thank you sir'"

"But ' I must say soo much confident can make u fall right on ur face'." He said'

"I know sir' my father tells me the same' but the point is can't we just have Positive thoughts' and leave the negative approach aside.. and I must tell u I never walk while keep my head up' I do look down too'" she told him

"That means u keep your head up some times..?"He cocked his eyebrow'

"Yeah  ...Sometimes.. Well who don't?" she exclaimed


"I don't!!" he exclaimed'

"Well then u r a kind off mature man sir'"

"And u still are living your life with fun!" she nodded' while her fingers on her knee were playing with each other


"It was really nice talking to u Riddima' but on serious notes.. What do u expect ur salary?" he tried to dough her

"Hmm anything that is appropriate' not less not much'" she smiled and understood what's going on'

"No political comments'" he relaxed in his seat

"ahh' then no perplexing type of questions sir" pause' "Why did u even asked that question? You have already decided to give forty-five thousand' I read it in newspaper'"

"I was checking ur concentration'" he grinned

She nodded

Heeeheee '. I read it twice' na nana nanaaa'!! Poor guy' thought can trick me up !! naahhh no one born yet' well that I met one at my home what was his name ?? some Malik?? Ok lets shut up for while She thought

"we will let u know' if u are selected'"

"thank you sir '"I got up

God' that was the worst interview I ever gave'!!!! She muttered and went out '.


"How was the interview??" Rahul asked

"Good '. Can u give me rice Rahul'" he nodded'

"u look lost..!"

                         "no dad'.just exhausted" she answered

Ringg' Ringg'

"I will get it'" Muskan got up to see who was on the door'

"Mom' thanks for keeping lunch at home ' I m soo tired that I don't feel like going to my apartments' I just wana stay here today'" she said while help her mom in cleaning the dinning as her father and bro' got up'

"From when had u started asking me these questions'" Pause "u hurt me today Riddima.." her mother turned and took the dish from her hand'

" mom I just '." She turned around to see her father and Rahul sitting in lounge that was beside the din- table ' they both shrugged and looked away'

"mom' sorry' but please forgive me ' look how weak ur child is and she soo needs love care'. Lotss of cuddling' from all of u ' and look at u all ..rahul and dad just loves newspaper more then me' muskan is soo dead busy with that letter ' that she got' and now u'" she flunked a chair out and sat their while placing her head on the table'

"Riddima.. bacha' kya hua '? U don't look ok'! What happened at interview'huh??" Rahul moved his hand in hair'

She looked up to see her whole family sitting around her' looking at her totally worried' tensed would be much better world'

"Nothing like that Rahul bhai'. Just missing u guys' and feel like being ignored'" she clutched his waist and digs her head in his stomach and sobbed

 "ohhoo 'bas that's it' u could have told me that'" he rubbed her head she hold him ever tighter' while Muskan stood their and thought to open the letter with out asking the person who ever letter it was'

While shahank and Padma hugged each other and smiled at her 'pagal' daughter'

"Beta we love u ' u know that '!" shahank said trying pace her down'.placing a hand on her head'


She looked up'.

"yea' I know dad' its just ' its just I kind off hating this whole idea of living alone'.all at my own" She said while hugging her father who took her to lounge'

                            "soo what u want'?" shahank asked

"beta come back home!" Padma Interrupted'

"Padma'! Let her decide' don't impose any thing on her'"

"dad' I just don't know' let see if I get threw this  Malik, corporation'then I will live there and try to settle down and If I m rejected'" she bowed her head'

Rahul smirked

"That's what bugging u han??"

"RAHULL!!" Muskan jiggled with Happiness' "I soo love u'" Rahul blushed' at her confession and that to in front of family' !! And That ON Wrong timing'!

"Muskaaan!!" Rahul walked up to her' "Stop dancing '!!! Please 'and what's Wrong with u'" he said while taking hold of her'

"OMG OMG ' read this'.she got threw'!!" she shouted'

Riddima's heart clunked'

"What??" he took hold of paper while Riddima kept looking at him' for saying it's HER letter'. "Shit '..!! Riddizz baby u got threw!!!" he shouted '

And that was it'.

She got up and ran to him he picked her and trolled her around 'while her Mom recorded whole scene in a video camera' that was always kept in lounge to record moments'

She loved to record best moments of there life 'and as usual no one knew when she record '.

"Bhaiii I love u'." he placed her down and kissed her cheek and Muskan blast over her'

They hugged and jumped together'.

"AHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she shouted while moving away'

                                            "Stop it galssss!"

"shut Up Rahul'" Shahank told Rahul and then he went and gave a warm hug to Riddima '..

"Momm'!!" she looked at her making movie' "Mom 'come here'" she took hold of camera'. "Shoot us Muskiii'"


" hii there..." she waved at the camera'. "I love u mom' u r the best' u have inspired me a lot'. Please don't get me married sooon '.hahahahaah"

"chaalll Pagalll'..U have to get married and that too soon Chapter Close.." Padma said while pulling her close'


"hmmm hi' Riddima Gupta.!" She told the receptionist'.

"oh ok ma'am come I will show u around'"

"so Mr.Atul Malik is really a nice guy'" Riddima nodded "and he is really a hard working person as compared to others' and u have to work with him and it would be nice if could understand his daily things' he never complains if do wrong '.but try u won't do anything'" the girl told her



 "My name is Susan' if need anything tell me and her is your cabin'" she loved the cabin 'small ' beautiful... Decent had a glass table with a glass wall behind it that showed the world around it'she smiled at it' 

"And the bathroom is out in left '. Ok'" susan Told her

"Yea ok thanks' and where Atul sir's Cabin' is he may call me ..!" she asked satisfied with the cabin and looking at Susan'. With a big smile' and glowing face'

'beauty she is.!!!' Susan thought'

"Right on Right side'!! Do remember!!!"

"Yea I will'"  Riddima replied

Riddima went to her seat ' and saw Susan walking out'


"Miss.Riddima' do come to my cabin'" the speaker phone

For last ten minutes' she was lost looking out side the glass'.came back to earth by a cute bubble and soft ' sober voice

She hurriedly took a pad 'and a pen and rushed out'

Knock knock'

No response

Knock Knock

She frowns on not getting any response'.


She barged her head in and saw some one sitting facing glass wall'

"May I co'me in sir'"


That voice' I have heard that before' where??? Think Riddima' think..!!! The one who took my Interview was not that broad' I can see his muscle arms' oh shooot '. I m in wrong cabin'.no but Susan said right' so is it Right?? Why am I always confused in right and left'.

The person on seat turned around to see a girl in faded red Capri with a shocking red shirt'. With her long hair clipped in a pony and glasses..

He frown 'what are they doing there..?? and why have she tied her hair'? Ok what am I talking' get a grip a men

"Tumm!!!" she remarked' which surely made him astonished' and he cocked his eye brow' "I mean' sorry '. App .. I mean Sir'" pause

He got up ' stood beside his table and crossed his arm on his muscular chest'which was revealing his hard chest' waited for explanation with a smirk

He was fascinated by her beauty ' her elegance, simplicity the way she felt nervous --- he couldn't see her eyes from so far but he could sense tension in her'..the way her hand played with each other was a great sign too ' the way she took breath ' took away his breath for a second' the way her softness pumped'

Seeing me walking to her'. He was left speechless

"I think I came in a wrong cabin' sorry sir'" she turn to leave'

"wait wait'." She looked at him a bit nervous' he walked to her'

Oh GOdd !! why he has to look sooo HOT !!! Shut UP Riddima'Behave'.but seriously yar' I like his style '. Plain black suit with a white shirt and red tie' he looks handsome'.

Ok so why is He coming here' he could talk from there'

She took a step back' which broke his spell ' that surly bounded by her'

Which did brought him on earth ' but he couldn't keep his eyes of her face' he stood four five inches away ' and from their'. he easily explored her grey eyes' which were hidden behind that glasses' he frown '. Her cute nose'her chubby cheeks he soo wanted to chew them -- luscious lips. Perfect lips! Would be a nice word he thought'were painted with a pink shiny gloss and were totally making him crazy'

He looked away' when he saw Atul entering the cabin'.

"Riddima! u r here'. I thought u r lost" he chucked' "by the way madam ! What u doing here..??" he looked at her'

"sorry Atul sir 'I thought its your cabin' and entered in here' and then there is no such thing called name plates on door '" she told while thinking to sink in the floor' while Arman Looked at her astonished'.

"well sorry Ma'am' I will let them stick up on door by tomorrow'" he chucked'

"I didn't mean to say like that Atul sir' I m really sorry'" she looked down ashamed of herself'

"What is she doing here Atul'" Arman asked while looked at her and then at Atul

"hmm she's my P.A' Riddima.. and Riddima this is Arman my Brother.. u must be knowing that'" she looked up at him and made a little nod'

"And didn't Susan told u about my cabin'."

"Oh she did'"

"Then'.?" He looked at 'if she did then why did she came here. he thought And frown a bit'

"Then what!! She said right ' and right of my office is this cabin'" riddima explained


"ohh God u retarded women it must be her Right'" ARman said while looking at her shocked'

"Excuse ME!!" she was shocked

GOD !! did he Just Said me retarded..!!!!!??? Oh how could hee'..

Mr.Arman I soo wanna cut u in two peaces and throw it out from this glass window of yourz'

"What?" pause "Bhai ' what kind of P.A have u kept?? She doesn't even know about Right and left'" ARman headed towards his chair'

"Arman.!" Atul said with a request 'he knew what he was up to

"Riddima' do one thing' go to your cabin I will call u and my Cabin is on the Other Side'" he added

"u mean my Left !" she thought the reassure it' and never to keep her feet in this cabin


"of course was that A question to ask!! U must be the most stupid girl I have ever come across with" arman interrupted him

While Riddima was shocked with a mouth half open'.

"Now would u mind going to your cabin!" Arman retorted'

She looked at atul and turned and walked away' she saw her perfect figure ' perfect curves vanishing away from his cabin

 He felt as if his breaths were taken away' he sighed and grinned as he saw the door closed'

"Arman u shouldn't have done that'" atul sighed and took a seat

"what!! I always do that to new people atul' it was just for fun' u know that' I was bored up and I know her ' shes from the party of padma aunty ' but what is she doing here' she was dancing with anmol uncle'"Arman explained

"ohh yeahh I remember but the question is what is she doing here? she must be from a rich family'"said Atul

"yea'" arman put his thinking ' cap

"for get it ' she must want to work on her own 'that could be the last reason'.and I think she took ur joke a bit serious' I saw bit some thing like tear in his eyes'"atul walked out from his cabin

Leaving a astonished most probably shocking arman behind'


Why did he do that?? Just because I didn't expected to have a drink with him in the party'

He is soo mean' I was soo happy today' what does he think of him self' if he is boss that doesn't mean he can be soo rude' I m a human and have heart' if ever he met me outside of this office' I will tell him what I m ' i will never talk to him


"he'llo Bhai'" she sobbed while up her phone

"kuch nai bhai'"she rubbed her face

"bhai 'vo mera boss hain' na' No noo 'he is really nice' bhai but his brother' Bhai he called retarted' and insulted me '."

"yes bhai' but I don't feel like doing this job'."

"look Riddima 'bacha don't cry'Your boss is good na' tou bas' stay away from his brother' ok.!"

"but bhai' I feel like hitting me' or killing him and throwing him from my window" shoe sobbed

"Riddima..i know Malik guys' they r really nice people' relax and do your best ' and don't hear what people say 'just listen to your boss' if he had chosen you he must have seen something'"

"yea ..he knows I m intelligent' smart and very good at work'" after hearing this two people chucked'

"bhai don't laugh ok 'I know my boss'" on her left side' that means Atul's cabin he had a door attached to her cabin and if was left open' when atul was searching for her'

He stood there with his folded hands and leaning on door'with a smile

God is she a baby!! So cute 'totally angel type' just like my Minnie' and look at her sitting with her crossed legs and that to in office.. Seriously she is full of fun'

And the way she makes faces' he sighed and went to his cabin and gave her call to come in his cabin'

"ok bhai I have to go 'sir is calling'. Ok bye 'love you too'" she hunged up'


"Come in"

"Sir u called'"

"yes riddima' look I come at 8 'so '"

"I will here at 7.45'"

"good' and I want every thing to done' my meeting ..And schedule .. and yea please inform every time' where ever I m if Anjali Kahana calls' "she smiled and wrote it down "today's meeting must already settled by my ex.Pa..?"

"yes sir ' their was a paper on my desk'its say that you have a meeting today at 10 with Manning' and then Mr.Kapoor is coming to finalize the deal'."

"bhai'" Riddima was interrupted my Arman

Riddima turn to see Arman and sighed and looked back in her pad '

"yes Arman!!"

'Kya timing hai terii'  Atul thought

"Wo Mr.Kapoor is coming today to finalize the deal that he is ready to transfer his company to us '.so I can't find the file'"

"where maria?"

"she left'!" ARman took seat where Riddima stood and totally inhaled her fragrance'. And looked away to concentrate'

"what!! y ?"

"well she wasn't feeling good' and his father got a attack.. she Had to leave for L.A'" he said while looking at Riddima .. who felt bad he noticed..


bUT Y the hell AM I Noticing '!!! He was shocked and was feeling totally sick of his self'

"ohh' Harry must know 'it '"

"bhai.. he has left us' and he gave every thing to Maria' before leaving '.and seriously I don't think it would be good to indulge him in our business' he is on his way and 'u know what I mean'"

"yea yea'.Riddima .? When is the the meeting with Mr.Kapoor'?" he looked at her

"sir at 1'" she said'

"welll THEN WE don't Have time.. and this is serious.. Arman..!! I want that file in my hand till 12 you got that!!" atul said furiously' and left both of them a bit scared'

To make him self.. a bit cool he pulled his collar' and make him self straight ' and took the glass of water to himself down 'which was empty'

"urghhh." She knew what's coming up

Awww my cute bubbly boss is getting angry 'I have to make him cool down I soo don't want him to like that Arman guy..!!

"I will fill it '" she took hold of the glass and placed her pad and pen there and went out'

Arman cocked his eye brow.. And looked at her with corner of his eyes' while Atul went and stood and looked outside the glass wall'

"bhai '"

"shut up Arman.. ! let me think'"

"sir ." Riddima gave him the glass' while she looked at Arman who bowed his head down ' because he was embarrassed first Atul was totally rude' and insulted him that to in front of Riddima'

This must be last thing he must be wanting 'heeheee' ok have some pity on her Ridzz' why ??? he made me cry..!! good he must be scolded'.heeeeheee

"Riddima' I know its not your work '. You r here to help me ' settle my meetings' take my calls' but this is really important' we want that company to be ours' its my PA's dream' we have to win it 'and present him on his birthday that's after three days' and It would be really'" Atul tried to explain

"sir u don't have to say that' you just have to order' !" she took hold of his hand and make him settled on seat' " and yes' just tell me the place' where Maria! Usually settled thing.. and I will give u that file before 12'" she said while taking the glass and went to fill it'

After few min 'peon came with a jug and a glass and kept it'on the side of his table'

This surely made Arman and Atul smile'

Wow' what a girl?? Ok women'. Lol' I still remember that.!!

"so drink water sir 'and if it gets finish call me I fill it'" she smiled as he nodded ' "and where did Maria went most'" she asked

"in my cabin'" arman piped in

Riddima forgetting all her enmity with that guy '.turn too leave'

"U must me remembering it.? Now?" he said with a chucked'

She turned and glared at him'

"Ok ok 'now Don't do this Again ARman..! it's a serious matter' and sorry riddima'its his old annoy new ones'" atul told her

"its O-K sir!!!" she said

"well well ' some one is really angry!" arman said' while getting up'

"urghhhh" she groaned and walked out while stamping her feet'

"ha ha ha bhaiii 'did u saw that ?? she is getting soo pisssed of !!" arman said while laughing

"Arman 'I think"

"don't think 'bhai' she is fun.. ha ha ha '" Arman walked out '.

Atul took a sigh' and thought

Beta Arman' iska gusssa will be really sharp' I soo heard her' when she told her bro' that shez ready to kill u' that would be fun to see'.

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