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Part 42 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

part 1-41


9 'o'clock @ Night

Ab rooh meri

Karne lagi hai

Teri nigehbaaniyaan...

"Tumne mera phone kyun nai uthaya tha kal raat??" a straight stern question from Armaan who looked at the passanger seat where his angry wife is sitting wd grumpy look still crossing her arms while looking outside the window "Shilpa main tumse bol raha hun" he said calmly while concentrating on road "Shilpa seriously kya bachpana hai ye..." looking at her he again asked making her angry

"Bachpana...?? Sachmein Armaan... Vo to aapko bolna chahiyee... Kya zarurat thi aapko mujhe lene aane ki" she backfired his question

"Aise hi meri biwi meri marzi... But tumne kal raat phone kyun nai pick ki... Ok raat ko so rahi hogi but din mein to dekha hoga na" he again asked but this time calmly to which she looked away from him

"Aise hi mera mood nai tha... Par jab main kar rahi thi tab to aapne us phone ka murder kar diya hoga.. Haina??" she asked in calm tone still not staring but hearing this he stopped his car on side road

"U mean tum jaag rahi thi jab maine call kiya tha...?? To call back kyun nai kiya?? Phone kyun nai uthaya??" he asked shockingly looking at her who looked at him calmly

"Aise hi meri marzi mera mood" she replied in her fake sweet tone making him amused

"Ye acha hai.. Puri raat jaga k rakkho... Saamne wala khud call kar raha hai fir b koi kadar nai... Kaisi insensitive ladki ho tum" he said in his usual calm tone while starting the car

"Vaise jab maine call kiya tha tab to nai uthaya call... Fir aadhi raat ko kaise yaad aa gaya ki call karna hai... I am sure aapko kuch mil nai raha hoga" she indirectly taunted making him hide his smile

"Main to bas tumhe kuch batane k liye phone kar raha tha..." he replied normally while starting his car making her think that he was calling her for her b'day

"Ab koi faida nai wish karne ka... Day gaya" looking out of the window she said in fake angry tone making him smile

"Wish?? Kyun kal kuch tha kya??" he asked in fake serious tone making her to look at him unbelievingly

"Armaan plzzz... Stop pretending ok I know aap bhul gaye thae.. Aur raat ko zarur Aditi yaa kisine bataya hoga tab aapko yaad aayi hogi meri... Fir call kiya hoga aapne mujhe..." looking at him she said in her cute pouted anger making him to hide his smile She knows him soo well he is speechless he thought

"Sorryyy par tum kya baat kar rahi ho mujhe nai pata... Maine to tumhe is liye call kiya tha.. Ki Mom ne kaha tumhe bata dun parso ki puja k baare mein... Bas aur kuch nai" looking at her he said in calm tone making her jaw dropped This man is seriously disgusting She was right she should left him forever he doesn't deserves her love "Kyun kuch tha kya kal??" he asked in normal tone making her to look away from him

"Nai kuch khaas nai tha..." she replied in calm tone hiding her sad feeling where as he smiled at her face and concentrated on road "Ladko ki to fitrat hi hoti hai aisi Shilpa... Ek hum hi pagal ladkiya hai jo ye sab din yaad rakhte hai... Yahan hum inki duniya khubsoorat banana chahte hai aur yeh hai ki... Usi duniya ko ek normal si sacchai bana dete hai... Hum ladkiya isi duniya mein hokar sab kuch khubsoorat sochti hai aur chahti hai ki har rang ko khul k enjoy kar k feel kare but... Yehi ye ladke usi duniya ko kharaab karkar zindagi black & white bana dete hai... Huh baat hi nai karni chahiyee inse mujhe.. Isse acha to main chali jaati Dehradun at least peace mein hoti... Aur bechaari Anu ko to ab tak nai bataya ki main aaungi ki nai..." she thought hurtfully looking at the stars on sky "Kyun ki tu abi b sure nai hai is badtameez k saath rehne k liye" her mind taunted her to which she looked down remembering this evening when he arrived suddenly at her house... Her whole day went wd her family joyfulyl but in evening Armaan called Padma informing he is coming to pick Shilpa which made Padma shocked thinking 'Yeh pehli baar bata k aa raha hai...' so cutting the call she informed this to Ridz Sukku & Panchi about his arrival ... When Panchi suggested Padma that dont inform Shilpa about this coz it will be a surprise for her Padma didn't agree at first but they three insisted so she agreed Shilpa was busy wd her brothers playing Cricket in backyard... Few minutes later Padma went out wd Rohan for some grocery shopping to make Armaan's favourite food coz its first time he is coming informing her Yaa first time he came wd his family but its the first time he is coming alone that to informing her... Virat went out to bring a gift for Shilpa coz she is going So only these four sisters were present in house Shashank was in office but hearing this from Padma on phone he too started hurrying to go for home... Ridz gave Shilpa remote to watch Allu Arjun's movie which Shilpa sensed something is fishy going on here but seeing AA on TV she ignored that... So here they three started making plan how to spend their time wd Armaan when the door bell rang's

"Kaun hoga??" Sukku asked confusedly

"I think Jeeju... Kyun ki Maa aur Rohan abi b Market mein hai Rohan ka phone aaya tha... Virat b late aayga usne bola tha aur Papa to thoda late aaynge" Panchi replied thoughtfully making the two stare at each other

"To fir chalo door kholen..." Ridz said hurriedly while moving ahead when

"Aree pagal... Ruk Di ko kholne de... Chal hum chup k dekhte hai Di ka reaction" Suku said excitedly making both smile

"Haa..." they both nodded and moving out from the room the went downstairs when again the bell rang making Shilpa irritate

"Offoo!!! Ye teeno kahan hai..." cursing them she threw the remote on sofa and went to open the door they three hided in Kitchen still giggling

"Gosh!! Ghar mein sab itne waqt to nai so rahe honge..?" he mumbled frowningly while looking at his wrist watch and moved his hand to rang the bell when the door flew opened

"Virat main maaru..." but her sentence left incomplete seeing her Husband standing infront of her who became stunned seeing him... He gave a sweet smile to her who observed his new look the grey printed shirt wd black jeans & black shoes making him handsome not to forget his gelled up hairs almost making him irresistible

"Jaldi nai khol diya..." he taunted calmly looking at her who still didn't believed making him smile... She was rooted at her spot standing like a statue while he was so happy to see her after three weeks of separation an urge came to him to hug her but he knew they are not any private place its her house so he tried to ignore that feeling but right now she is looking gorgeous in her scarlet & black umbrella full flare dress "Ab hatogi saamne se... Ki yehi rakhne ka iraada hai" he taunted in calm tone while putting his hands inside his pant's pocket making her come out from her shock mode

"Ye yahan kya kar rahe hai??" she thought worriedly while playing wd her Bracelet which opened & fell down in floor near his feet

"Mujhe to lagta hai Di to pura shock ho gayi hai??" Panchi whispered slowly making them giggle

"Haa behave to aise kar rahi hai jaise bhoot dekh liya ho" Suku giggled

"Jo b ho hume chalkar dekhna chahiyee... Varna Jeeju to door pe hi khade reh jaayenge" Ridz whispered softly making them to nod in YES when Shilpa bend to pick her bracelet

"Aree Shilpa.. Pair chune ki zarurat kya hai... Main thodi do teen saal baad aaya hun... Kya tum b..." seeing this Armaan joked in his serious tone making her sisters laugh

"Main Bracelet utha rahi thi" showing him bracelet she said angrily

"Tch! Kabhi to koi cheez sambhal k rakkha karo" he indirectly taunted her about ring making her confused where as they three were enjoying their scene

"Hii Jeeju" Panchi waved cheerfully making him looked at her

"Hii..." he passed a formal smile while approaching towards them

"Kaise hai aap Jeeju??" Suku asked smilingly

"Main thik hun Dr Riddhima..." as he replied teasingly Suku pouted and was about to corrected him when hi cutted "I know.. I know Sukirti... Mazak tha vo" he said calmly making the three giggle "So how r u Sukirti??" he asked normally

"I am fine as always" She replied wd a giggle

"And u Dr Riddhima??" he looked at Ridz who smiled

"I am fine Dr Armaan" she also replied in his tone which made him chuckled

"So... Kya Malhotra House mein... Hamesha tumhi chaaro akeli rehti ho... Ki koi aur b rehta hai" he teased calmly making them giggle According to Armaan he came twice in this house and again he find the four alone

"Vo kya haina Jeeju... Is ghar mein sab se zyada hamari chalti hai... To ab Malhotra House ko b aadat pad chuki hai hamari" Panchi retorted smilingly making him to nod in YES wd a smile Shilpa was watching this scene a little away from them which made her reminisce into flashback when he first time came in her house


Tu hi bharosa

Zindagi ka

Tu hai mera


"Ting Tong" the door bell rang again

"Lagta hai Electrician aa gaya..." a happy Shilpa said happily and ran to open the door hurriedly

"Kya yaar itna time koi lagata hai kya..." he thought looking at the door irritatedly was about to rang the bell again when the door flew opened like a wind " Hmmm..." his words died there while his feet stopped at his spot and his hands stopped somewhere seeing her

"Aap aa gaye kabse wait kar rahi thi main aapka chalo jaldi andar..." Shilpa said angrily and turned to move inside while Armaan was rooted at his spot

"Actuallyy... Ye Dr... Ri..ridd" he stammered infront of her while he forgot for what purpose he is here also was shocked to see her here may be he entered in some wrong house

"Chaalo.. Jaldi karo... Electricity Room mein... Vo udhar hai..." saying this in her strict tone she pointed at the corner room making him confused

''What? Electricity wala" Armaan frowned coz he gotted she mistook him as an Electrician

"Haan tum Electricity wale hi ho na... Vaise lagte to nai ho... Par jo b hai jaldi karo mere Allu Arjun ka show miss ho jayga..." she said doubtfully but remembering about AA's show she pushed him in that room while handling him the instruments of electronics which made him hell shocked Is she mad or what?? From which angle he looked like an Electrician?? Most important how can she let anyone enter in her house that too wdout asking for any ID proof?? Sure she is Crazy

"Hmmm.. Lagta hai Ms.Bracelet ko pata nai ki humari shaadi hone wali hai... Varna Madam mujhe Electricity wala to nai hi samajhti... And by the way kis angle se main Electricity wala lagta hun.." Armaan thought while checking the wires carefully as if he is real electrician Well its just a start of his problems? Isnt it?

"Photo mila kya?" Suku asked confusedly while searching everywhere in the Room when

"Mil gaya" Panchi shouted excitedly making them to ran towards her

"Dikha" Ridhima & Suku ran towards her excitedly and tried to snatch it

"Wow! Kya dikhte hai ye" Panchi spoke dreamily making them to look at the pic

"Haan yaar " Suku smiled taking the pic from her hand

"Ye to Dr.Armaan hai" Riddhima spoke confusedly seeing the pic carefully

"Kya??" both asked in shocked

"Haan.. Hamare Sr. hai ye... Yaad hai jinki main hamesha tariff karti thi" Riddhima said smilingly to which they both nodded remembering that when "OMG! Dr.Armaan aur Di it's so cool hamare Jiju.. Yeeyyee" she said excitedly to which they both laugh at her excieted face "Guys tum logo ko pata hai... Aaj vo ghar aanewale hai" she said excitedly making them stunned

"What??" they were shocked hearing this

"Haaa.. Actually main apni file bhul gayi thi aur Atul ne bataya ki Dr. Armaan file dene aa rahe hai" Riddhima spoke excitedly

"Aree.. Waah.. Riddhu tune to abi se hi Di aur Jiju ko milwane k plans bana liya hai" Suku said teasingly to which they three laughed

"Toh fir chalo jaldi niche... Bell baji thi na" Panchi said hurriedly making them to nod in YES and they three ran down stairs

"Kahan fasa diya yaar..." Armaan whined like a kid while correcting the wires and trying his luck to work "Doctor banane ki kya jarurat thi Armaan tu Electrician hi ban jata" he mocked at himself switching a light when suddenly the lights came making him relaxed "Thank god!! Varna mujhe to laga tha main yehi reh jaaunga" he whispered to himself as if taunting himself but shaking his head he move outside to go from here as soon as possible when Shilpa came infront of him

"Thank you" Shilpa thanked cheerfully looking at him who got lost on her smiling face Great now he have to see this face in his whole life he thought

"Yaa..." he managed to say this only making her frown but she guessed he is tiered

"Amm.. Ek min haan" Shilpa spoke slowly and went inside the Kitchen leaving a dazed Armaan there who was still watching the Kitchen door where she disappeared Actually he didn't realised whenever she came infront of him his heart always skipped

"Dr. Armaan..."Riddhima's voice made him come out from his dream land

"Huh! Finally chalo ye tumhara hi ghar hai... Mujhe laga main kisi wrong house mein aagaya" Armaan smiled as he saw Riddhima entering in Hall

"Jeeju" Panchi spoke excitedly to which Suku hit her hand with her elbow making her quiet they were standing behind Riddhima

"Tumhari fi...le" his sentence stopped in middle seeing Suku standing behind Riddhima and seeing his expression Suku giggled

"Ye meri judwa behen hai" Riddhima introduced smilingly looking at his expression while taking file from his hand

"Ooh.." he nodded calmly but still there was shock on his face which made Suku & Panchi giggled

"Aap kabse aaye hai??" Riddhima asked politely

"Main... Pata nai" he answered in lost tone while looking at the Kitchen door "Ammm... Tum teeno beheno ho??" he asked normally pointing at three which made her hide her smile

"Haaan.." she replied in normal tone while following his eyes which were on Kitchen door

"Matlab... Sirrf tum teeno??" he asked hesitatingly for confirmation

''Naai... Jinhone door open kiya vo hamari... Badi behen Shilpa hain... Hum chaar hai" she giggled looking at his face who smiled

"I think Jeeju ko pata nai... Ki unka rishta Di k saath fixed ho gaya hai..." Panchi whispered in low voice in Suku's ear who looked at her

"Kyun??" she frowned staring her

"Aree varna vo aise reaction kyun dete aur vaise b vo us din aaye b to nai thae..." Panchi said slowly to which Suku glared angrily

"Aree pagal hai... Ye ladka hai inhone to zarur dekha hoga... Di ko atleast Di ki photo to zarur.." Suku answered smartly to which Panchi nodded

"To ye tumhara ghar hai... Aur tum Shashank Uncle ki beti ho" Armaaan asked calmly to which Riddhima nodded smilingly when her eyes landed on Suku & Panchi who were calling her through their hands

"Excuse me...Dr.Armaan" Riddhima excused to which he nodded calmly and started looking at the house where as Ridz move towards them

"Kya hai kyun bulaya mujhe??" Riddhima frowned looking at the two

"Aree pagal vo dekh Di aa rahi hai... Paani lekar... Us din to dono nai mil paaye thae... But aaj to mil hi sakte haina..."Suku explained excitedly to which they giggled and move upstairs to hide somewhere

"Hmmm... Paani" Shilpa forwarded the glass to him who looked at her calmly where as again his heartbeat skipped

"Yaar ye jab jab mere saamne aati hai... Pata nai kya ho jata hai mujhe... Abi se ye haal reh gaya to aage kya hoga" Armaan thought worriedly where as seeing him staring Shilpa got confused so she kept the glass on table

"Aur kitna hua electricity ka??" she asked normally looking at him who controlled his chuckle

"Ammm... Actually Aaj ye service free hai" Armaan spoke calmly while staring at her who got confused at his sentence

"Kya free?" she narrowed her bows looking at him

"Jeee..." he replied in calm tone while trying to hide his smile at her confused expression "Now can I leave plz..." he asked in very polite tone making her hell confused at his strange behaviour but some how she nodded in YES "Bye... See u soon" he smiled meaningfully and walked out from the house leaving her confused there thinking What did meant See u soon??


Mujhe jeena sikha diya

Marna sikha diya

Teri wafaaon ne

Insa bana diya...

"Kitna ajeeb moment tha vo... Maine aapko galti se Electricity wala samjha tha uswaqt... Aur badi baat kya aapne accept b kar liya tha... Vo b uswaqt jab hum ek dusre ko jaante b nai the kyun??" remembering that day her mind calculated this "To tu puch lena... Come on Shilpa ab tum dono saath me ho... Kab tak tu Cinderella banke bhaagti firegi Armaan se... Kabhi to Rapunzel ki tarah sab kuch khul k accept kar" her heart said nonchalantly making her to look at Armaan who was fully engrossed talking wd her sisters the Shocking scene was he is smiling at her sisters jokes making her adore him "Par tu bhul mat tu isse gussa hai..." her mind reminded her to which she nodded when again the door bell rang making her to opened the door where Padma & Rohan were standing... As Padma entered in house left surprised to see Armaan who approached towards her and touched her feet making Padma smile... After few minutes Shashank arrived following by Virat the evening went smoothly Armaan was mostly calm & quiet which Shashank liked the most in him... Padma was amused to see that Armaan stayed for few hours just coz she insisted to which he agreed immediately winning Shilpa's heart... So spending time wd her family at last he took Shilpa out from there after the dinner and now they were sitting in car going back to Malik Mansion but one thing Armaan noticed on Shilpa was her silence when Shashank arrived she was quiet all the time which he didn't saw before Shashank's arrival

"Ye chup chap kitni ajeeb lagti hai... Isse wapas pehle jaisa banane mein kitna tym jaayga..." Concentrating on road he thought in b/w staring at her from rear view She was calmly looking outside the window looking as always beautiful "Armaan... Isse pehle iske dimaag mein bahoot kuch chale tu sab sort out karle... Coz now u can't leave her... Bahoot mushkil se sab thik huaa hai... Ab aur kharaab nai hona chahiye... " his heart suggested him who decided to short out their problem so he took their car on another side "Bhul mat tune iske liye Panchgani nai jaane ka faisla liya..." his mind suggested making him to took his car near a beach side

"Armaan... Ye raasta to ghar ki taraf nai jaata..." Shilpa frowned looking outside the window

"Jaanta hun..." replying calmly he stopped his car on beach's parking side where no car was parked only two bikes were standing there

"Beach??" she looked at him confusedly who nodded calmly "Kahin Armaan tujhe surprise to nai de raha tere b'day ka..." her mind asked to her whose heart started jumping excitedly and again a expectation came inside her heart

"Haa... Aao bahar..." saying this slowly he moved out from the car and opened her side's door "Aao bahar..." he said normally to which she moved out when the chilled wind touched her skin making her to feel cold

"Hum yahan kya kar rahe hai??" she asked slowly looking at the calm beach which was not so crowded

"Aao idhar..." gripping her wrist he took her at car's front hood "Baitho" making her sat on car's front hood he sat beside her whose heart was beating fastly seeing his silence

"Armaan... Kya hua??" She asked softly looking at him who took her hand in his calmly

"Tumhe nai lagta hume... Humare bich ki jitni kadvahat hai usse khatam karna chahiyee..." saying this softly he played wd her fingers making her to stare him "Hume sab kuch share karna chahiyee... U know mujhe bahoot se sawaalo k jawab chahiyee jo sirf tum de sakti ho... Main sahi time ka wait kar raha tha but ab mujhe lagta hai ki bhaad mein gaya sahi waqt... Is waqt hume ek dusre k saath hona chahiyee... In teen hafto mein maine tumhe bahoot miss kiya infact bahoot se b bahoot" he said softly looking at her who is so speechless at his confessions "But u know na... Mujhe feelings express karni nai aati... So kaha nai kabhi but ab lagta hai agar nai kahunga to tum to confirm chod dogi mujhe jo main nai chahta" she can see how he is nervous right now also she can hear honesty in his voice How can she doubt on him

"Par Shilpa kaise ye tera b'day bhul sakta hai... Tu to nai bhulti kuch... Fir ye kaise bhul sakta hai... Aur tu ye kyun bhul rahi hai ye naa to tujhe khud kabhi call yaa message karta hai... Ye kaam sirf tu kyun karti hai... Isse kya lagta hai I luv u kehne se iska kaam khatam... Nibhaana dono ko padta hai.. Mujhe to ye b lagta hai isne sirf apni family k liye tujhe roka hai... Aur kuch nai" as her mind showed the negative sides she pulled her hand back immediately from his grip who frowned at her reaction

"Kya huaa Shilpa??" he asked worriedly seeing her perplexed face

"Agar main aapse kahun ki main..." she looked away from him wd moist eyes making him worried who moved his hand to cup her face when she said something which made him freeze "Main... Nai reh sakti... Aapke saath" somehow finishing this she moved down and stared him who was too stunned to react on this but some how composing himself he moved down and stood in front of her "Kyyun ki mujhe nai lagta ki hum... Saath reh sakte hai... Ye roz roz k jhagde misunderstandings isse accha to hum saath rahe hi nai..." she didn't knew from where these words slipped from her mouth where as hearing this he jerked her towards him

"Tell me tumne koi decision liya hai kya mujhe har roz torture karne ka...??" he asked softly staring at her who stepped back

"Tabhi to keh rahi hun... Hume is torture se hi alag ho jaana chahiye" she replied slowly stepping more back making him to control himself from breaking his anger

"Tumhe aisa..." but before he could complete his sentence she already walked from there slowly leaving him stunned there "Samajh nai aa raha ki main galat kahan hun..." rubbing his face he turned his back at her frustadely

"Dekha Shilpa tujhe rokne k liye... Aaya b nai... Koi zarurat nai uske paas wapas jaane ki" her mind said to her who was walking slowly-slowly on beach while rubbing her shoulders "Shilpa maine sachmein tujhse zyada pagal ladki nai dekhi... Kaash main tere andar nai dhadakti... Kyun ki teri wajah se mujhe hamesha haarna padta hai... Tu ek dum andhi hai jisse nai dikh raha ki saamne waala tujhse kitna pyaar karta hai... Kya zaruri hai ki koi chik chik k kahe ki I luv u tabhi tujhe yakeen hoga... Infact jo sabse zyada I luv u bolte hai unka saath jaldi tut b jaata hai..." her heart yelled at her whose eyes got moist "Yahan Armaan tujhse sab kuch share karna chahte hai clear karna chahte hai aur tujhe bas apni padi hai... Expect tu kar rahi hai vo nai... Tune unse ye sab isliye kaha kyun ki tu bahoot kuch expect kar rahi thi but unhone nai kiya to ye tera gussa bankar nikal pada... Tu ku expect kar rahi hai... Pehle to nai karti thi tabhi Armaan bina expectations k tere liye bahoot kuch karte thae... Aur aaj tu itna expect kar rahi hai ki Armaan haar gaye tere aage" her heart didn't stopped yelling at her who sniffed walking ahead "Dev ne kaha tha agar Armaan share kar rahe hai to bahoot badi baat hai ye... Vo galat nai hai Shilpa ek baar Armaan k position pe khudko rakh k dekh... Tab shayad tu kuch samajh paaye... Ansh ne b sahi kaha tha ki tu khud hi sab kharab karegi apne haatho se..." her heart said hopelessly making her think about Armaan "Mana tune jitne faisle liye sab galat hai but ek baar Armaan k hawaale sab kar k dekh kya pata chal jaaye sab kuch... Just imagine Shilpa agar Armaan ki kabhi yaadaast gayi hi nai hoti aur Armaan tujhe chod dete Kiya ki wajah se tab tu kya karti pata hai... Tu unki zindagi se chup chap chali jaati but apne Parents ko kya jawab deti tu socha hai... Armaan ne tujhe vo khusiyaan di jo tune kabhi ummeed b nai ki hoti... Agar Armaan ne move liya vo bahoot badi baat hai itna sab hone k baad tujhe samajhna chahte hai tujhse puchna chahte hai share karna chahte hai... Aur tu unko dur kar rahi hai khudse ye kaisa pyaar hai tera Shilpa... Unhone sahi kaha tha vo tu thi jisne sab kuch kiya... Unhone nai" her heart was very disappointed wd her whose steps started slowing down "Aaj agar Armaan ko jaane diya na Shilpa to kabhi wapas nai laa paaygi unhe" as her heart said softly which made her feet stopped making her to look back at him who was not so far from her just standing beside the car on which he has put his both hands while staring down on ground making her sniffed "I am Sorry Armaan..." she whispered sadly wiping her tears but there was a sad smile on her face "Main aapko kho nai sakti... Ab to bilkul nai... Chahe bhale hi mujhe aapse chilla k baat karna pade... But now I can't loose u" mumbling softly she ran towards him

"Hmmm..." he took a long deep sigh staring up at the sky "Ab kya karunga??" he asked wd himself sadly "Pehle to tujhe jakar dekhna chahiyee ki gayi kahan hai... Itni raat hone ko aayi aur vo nai milegi to problem hogi... Baad mein handle karna sab kuch" scolding himself mentally he thought to turn when he felt someone tapped on his shoulder making him to look back only to find his wife standing in front of him while taking deep breathes as if she just ran But most important he is shocked to see her here

Mujhe jeena sikha diya

Marna sikha diya

Teri wafaaon ne

Insa bana diya...

"Aap mera b'day kaise bhule??" calming herself she asked in full serious voice glaring him who got confused by her sudden question So now she want to fight on this topic?? He thought

"Vo... Tum to jaanti ho main Hospital cases..." he tried to reply in calm tone making her to move more closer to him

"Kyun?? Aise kaise bhul gaye... Main to nai bhulti..." she pushed him lightly wd authoritively anger making him stunned while his back touched against the car door "Aapko pata b hai pura din main wait karti rahi puri raat wait karti rahi aur jab kuch nai mila to khud hi call kiya lekin aapne usme se b mujhse baat nai ki kyun??" now her voice turned broken making him guilty who opened his mouth to say Sorry when she cutted him "Koi faida nai.. Sorry kehne ka mujhe mera gift chahiyee.. " pointing at his chest she said wid moist eyes pretending angry which made him smile a little at her cute face

"Shi..." he moved his hand to cup her face when she jerked his hands

"Haath mat lagaaiyee mujhe... I hate u Armaan... I hate u... Ki mere paas koi option nai rehta sivaaye aapke paas aane k" saying this wd tearful eyes she kept her head on his chest while clutching his shirt tightly making him too shocked to react then he understood now she will not go anywhere.. He can sensed her vulnerable condition she is crying which he don't want so carefully he put his hands behind her back fearing she will push him but it didn't happened instead she hugged him hiding her face on his chest making his heartbeat skipped who hugged her back wd equal fervour

"Ssshhh... Main hoon na..." he whispered softly caressing her hairs lovingly from back few minutes later she looked up at him who cleared her face lovingly knowing very well she will never going to leave him

"Aapse kuch maangu denge...??" she asked innocently looking up at him

"Divorce chodkar kuch b..." cupping her face he whispered softly making her to stare him

"Armaan mere liye ek decision lijiye plzz... Kyun ki maine aaj tak jo b decision liye hai vo galat hue hai... To fir aap lijiye kya pata work kare" she requested wd moist eyes tightening her hold on his shirt who smiled slowly at her request

"Tumhe aisa kyun lagta hai ki tum galat faisle leti ho...??" he asked lovingly tucking her hairs behind her shoulder making her sniffed

"Bas aise hi... Par plzz Armaan aap faisla lete ho ki main jaaun" saying this wd pouted moist eyes she stepped back only to bang again on his chest by him

"Khabar daar jo ab jaane ki baat ki..." he whispered sternly pulling her more closer to him "Tum jaanna chahti ho na mera tumhare liye faisla...??" he asked calmly making her to nod in YES slowly staring at his face "Toh fir thik hai... Dedo mujhe khudko... Give urself to me... Bina kch soche bina kuch samjhe khudko mere hawaale kardo hamesha k liye... Baaki mai handle kar lunga" he whispered wd posessiveness in his voice cupping her face who stared hin lovingly

"Par agar kuch ho gaya to...??" she asked innocently looking at him who smiled and kept his both hands on hers which were kept in his chest

"To hum milkar handle karenge..." he replied softly cupping her face who closed her eyes nodding in YES and immediately hugged him who responded her back they both can feel each other's thudding heartbeats

"Aapne sahi kaha tha Armaan hum jab tak apne bich ki problems solve nai kar lete hum aage nai badh sakte" parting from hug she looked up at him who nodded in YES tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear "Main aapke saare sawaalo k jawab dungi... Vo b sach sach Pakka" she said in her innocent way making him smile

"Not now... Dheere dheere puchunga... Par abhi hume ek dusre ko samajhne ki zarurat hai" entwinning her one hand wd his he said softly making her smile

"Toh ghar chalen??" she asked slowly staring him who nodded in NO calmly and taking her hand in his started walking slowly on beach "Kyun??" she frowned looking up at him who didn't replied anything still they both were walking "Armaan kyun nai jaaynge hum ghar??" making him stop by her hand she asked confusedly which made him smile

"Aise hi..." he replied calmly again entwining their hands which made her heartbeat skipped

"Aise hi.. Kyun??" she again asked slowly making him to shook his head


Ruhaani si

Ik shaam hogi

Halki teri

Usme awaaz ho...

"Ye acha hai iska jab bolti nai to b problem hoti hai... Aur jab bolti hai to b problem hoti hai..." he thought staring at her smilingly wd an instant he pulled her closer making her quiet "Nai jaayenge.. Jab tak hum hamare bich ki problems solve nai kar lete tab tak... Main chahta hun hum saari problems yahan chod k jaaye..." as he replied calmly she looked down nodding in YES silently making him smile "Toh chalo baithte hai yahan... Time spend karte hai" he said calmly making her smile while nodding in YES "Tumhe pata hai meri favourite spot hai ye" he informed calmly looking at this peaceful beach still walking wd her who smiled coz she already knew this but didnt said... She wanted to listen his every words every feelings

"Kyun??" she asked in fake innocent tone

"Ab kyun ka kya matlab hai... Hai to hai.. Here I find peace" he replied normally looking at her who smiled while he locked their hands more tightly

"Toh matlab jab aap mujhse fight karenge... Aap yahan aaynge" she asked slowly hiding her smile but it maked him chuckled

"Matlab tumhara aage b ladhne ka mood hai" he repled wd a smile making her to nod in YES "Chalo acha hai... Abi bata diya aage k liye khud ko prepare kar lunga" as he said sarcastically she giggled making him stare her coz after so many monthes he saw her giggling that too coz of him

"Armaan hum aise walk karenge??" she asked cutely making him frown

"Aise nai to kaise walk karte hai... Zara batao" he asked in calm tone staring at her who smiled and stopped making him confused "Kya huaa??" he frowned looking at her who removed her sandals while holding his one arm to stand properly... Which made him smile and he understood what she is upto "Ho gaya...??" he asked in calm tone as she stood bare foot on sand while taking her sandals in other hand

"Hmmm..." she nodded smilingly while feeling the cool sand on her bare feets which made a chilled inside her body "Aur aap...??" she questioned looking at him who shook his head

"Jab mood karega tab nikalunga..." repliying calmly he took her hand again and started walking... Few minutes they both were silent enjoying this peacefull wheather still walking slowly they reached a little far away from the sea and sitting on sand which was not at all crowded they looked at the sea silently... The musical waves were making noises while the cool chilly wind was touching their skin making Shilpa to rub her shoulders when something magical hit her head

"Ye to vohi place hai jahan Armaan pehli baar laaye thae mere b'day k din... Aur coincidently kal hi mera b'day tha..." she thought smilingly looking at the place Yes! that same place where they sitted before


Ruhaani si

Ik shaam hogi

Halki teri

Usme awaaz ho...

"Ye ab tak aaya kyun nai..." he thought worriedly looking at the corner of the beach where as Shilpa was constantly talking & talking "Aaa gaya..." he muttered happily looking at the corner where a man was walking towards them wd a box in his hands and Armaan immediately turned towards her "Bracelet..." he called smilingly to which she looked at him "Apni eyes close karo..." he requested to which she looked at him wd wide eyes

"Don't worry kiss nai karunga... Actually mujhe ek technique use karni hai... Jo maine try ki thi ... But fail ho gaya" he lied carefully making her stared him doubtfully "To main dekhna chahta hu ki tum paas hoti ho ya fail... So close ur eyes aur yaad karo use jisse duniya mein tum sabse zyada pyaar karti ho" he spoke in hurry to which she looked at him for sometimes

"Dekh don't trust him Shilpa don't trust him" her brain warned her but her heart made her to close her eyes remembering her mother, family & their old days

"Ab tum aankhe khol sakti ho Bracelet" he spoke wd a smile making her looked at him who was sitting infront of her

"Ab...??" She asked confusedly making him smile

"Ab niche dekho..." he replied wd an amused smile while gesturing her to look down through his eyes to which she obeyed and looked down only to left amazed to see a chocolate black forest cake which was put infront of her on which written 'Happy Birthday Bracelet' she looked up at him surprisingly who chuckled at her face

"Kya?? Tumhe kya laga tum bataogi nai to mujhe nai pata chalega... Ki aaj tumhara Birthday hai" he smiled seeing her shocked expression

"Aap... Ko kaise..." she fumbled looking at him

"Magic!!" he again did like a magician making her smile "Vo sab baad me Bracelet abi 6 min baad tumhara birthday khatam ho jayga... Pehle celebrate karle... Fir batata hu..." he spoke cooly to which she giggled and looked at the cake wd moist eyes They both were under the moon's beautiful light beside the shinning sea wd cool breeze her flicks were coming on her face by wind Armaan was staring at her dazely while his hairs were coming on his forehead the atmosphere was very romantic

"Come on Bracelet kaato... I am starving" he whined like a kid to which she chuckled and nodded while he forwarded the knife towards her who took was about to cut the cake when Armaan stopped her "Pehle wish to mang lo" he said smilingly making her smile fade

"Nai... Mujhe kuch nai mangna" she spoke in slow voice which he noticed but ignoring that he thought to insist

"Fine jaldi kaato..." he spoke excietedly to which she shook her head wd a smile

"Bahoot bhook lagi hai...??" she asked lovingly to which he nodded like a kid she smiled and blew the candles while he clapped and sang a happy birthday song for her who giggled "Hmmm..." she forwarded the cake towards his mouth who stopped her hand wd his hand "Kyaa hua??" she frowned but he didn't answer her instead he put the cake on her mouth and chuckled seeing her wide eyes

"Ab tum kha chuki... Main ab pura khaaonga" he said cooly while grabbing the knife from her hand and cutted the cake into pieces making her to adore him

"Aapko kaise pata ki mujhe ye wali cake pasand hai??" she asked confusedly to which he put a cake's piece in her mouth shutting her

"Aunty ne bataya... Subhe jab unka phone aaya tha... Unhone hi kaha tumhe wish kardun... Unki taraf se aur sabki taraf se... To maine unse puch liya... Ki tumhe konsa cake pasand hai.. Aur unhone mujhe bataya" he replied calmly while taking a bite in his mouth to which Shilpa looked down wd a guilt and sniffed making him looked at her "Koi baat nai baat kar lena... Aur baki sab se daat kha lena" he said normally to which she looked up at him confusedly "Aur nai to kya tumne ghar me kisi ko nai bataya... Main subhe sabko bataunga kyun ki aaj itna busy tha ki tym nai mila kisi ko batane ka..." he said in complaining tone looking at her who smiled "Aur tumne Aditi ko b nai bataya come on Shilpa tum sabse zyada usse hi to baate karti ho" he scoled her who looked down guiltfully

"Nau... Vo mai kisi ko pareshaan nai karna chahti thi... U know sab busy the... To hota hai" she spoke softly making him stared at her smilingly

"Mujhe laga tha ki tum mujhe hug karogi" he teased smilingly only to get a glare in return "After all itna sab karne k baad ek hug to banta hai" he said wd a naughty grin on his face while moving towards her to hug her but stopped in middle and pretened like he had hugged her to which she laughed "So happy birthday" he wished again smipingly while sitting on his original place "Aur tumhara gift main le nai paaya... U know busy tha so sorry" he apologized guiltfully while looking at the sky

"Uski zaroorat nai hai... Thank u" she said smilingly looking at him who smiled heartly admiring her

"Aur vaise b ab to tumhara birthday khatam b ho gaya to gift ki jaroorat nai... Haina" he joked cooly making her smiled

"Armaan aap plz kisi ko mat batana... Ki mera birthday tha... Plzz" she requested

"Fine... But promise me agli baar tum mujhe zaroor bataoogi aisa kuch" he pointed his index finger at her who nodded wd a smile at his cuteness adoring face


"Tu b na kitni badi paagal hai... Jab Armaan ne tujhse uswaqt kaha tha ki unhe bata dena fir b tune is baar aisa kch nai kiya... See us time b Armaan tum dono k bhalai k liye soch rahe the aur aaj b vohi kar rahe hai... Bas farq hai to nazariye ka Shilpa varna sab kuch aaj b vohi hai" her heart said to her who smiled heartly looking at the shinning waves of sea when

Tu na jaaye kabhi

Aitbaar karun

Tu na jaaye kabhi

Khuda se yehi kahun...

"Shilpa..." Armaan's soft voice made her looked at him "Vo..." he looked down on sand then crossing his legs sat infront of her while taking her hand in his making her confused at his silence she opened her mouth to say when he himself said "I am sorry Shilpa... Main tumhara b'day bhul gaya..." he apologized softly looking at her fingers who felt a satisfaction inside her heart that he cares for her

"Armaan its ok.. Main hi thoda over react kar gayi... Aur kuch zyada expect kar gayi.. Infact sorry to mujhe kehna chahiyee" she said softly looking at him who nodded in NO

"Aur main tumhari expectations pe khada nai utara... But main yehi kahunga don't expect anything from me Shilpa" he said in upset tone making a tug felt inside her chest "Agar tum kuch expect karogi aur main kar nai paaunga to mujhe bahoot bura lagega... Haa agar tum kuch expect nai karahi to shayad main tumhare expectations se b zyada kar dun" saying this softly he cupped her face who nodded wd a sad smile while keeping her hands on his "Hamare bich kitna kuch kehne ko hai but fir b hum idhar udhar ki baate kar rahe hai... So main frankly puchta hun kya hai tumhare dil mein Shilpa... Aaj plzz bata do... Varna main ussi puzzle mein ghumta rahunga" taking her hands in his he looked at her lovingly making her to look down wd moist eyes "Aur agar aaj nai bataaogi to shayad kabhi mauka na mile... Hume aise baith k share karne ka" he whispered softly to which she nodded still wd head bowed

"Aapko pata hai Armaan... Main jab apne ghar pe thi... Aur aapke calls ka wait karti thi... Mere mann mein na jaane kitni baate aati thi aapke khilaaf par fir b ignore karne ki koshish karti thi but b'day k din main chahti thi ki aapse baat karun... Par jab aapne response nai diyaa mujhe bahoot hurt huaa aur mann kiya ki chod k chali jaaun sabko... Main kuch expect nai kar rahi thi bas aapse baat karna chahti thi..." she started taking out her insecurities softly not looking up at him whose eyes were only fixed on her face thinking He is an idiot who didn't noticed what she wanted... She only wants his time nothing else "Ek pal to aisa laga main sab kuch chod dun aur chali jaaun kahin dur... Kiske liye hun main yahan but dusre hi pal sab kuch chala b gaya dimaag se... Aapko shayad pata nai Armaan ek waqt aaya tha jab mujhe aapse space chahiyee thi dur jaana tha... Infact maine to Surbhi se request b ki thi ki mujhe aapse durr rakkhe" hearing her words he fell for her more coz he never expected she will tell about that Udaipur's incident

"Kyun??" he alteady knew the answer that she did just to stay away from him but then also he asked only to here from her mouth

"Kyun ki mujhe darr tha ki kahin main firse aapko accept karun aur sab kuch bigad gaya to... Issi darr se aapse durr rehna chahti thi... But aap" she was saying this in strong voice still looking down making him smile

"But maine aisa hone nai diya right..." he completed her sentence making her to look up at him wd a nod "Par thank god aisa kiya maine varna tum to chod k chali jaati... Isiliye tumhe akele chodna khatro se khaali nai hai" he said wd a smile making her to look down on sand

"Aur chodna b mat" she whispered softly not looking at him who smiled heartly

"Nai chodunga... Tum chahogi tabhi nai..." he thought smilingly looking at her face "Tumhe pata hai Shilpa... Since the time tum durr hui na mujhse mera chain sukoon sab chin gaya tha... I never told u but jab main Bhopal mein tha aur tum Udaipur mein maine tumhe bahoot miss kiya tha..." he confessed making her to stared his face "Aur vo miss zarurat ban gaya... I know maine tumhe bahoot hurt kiya tha uswaqt but vo mera desperation tha tumhe apne paas rakhne k liye... Tumpe chillana gussa karna zabardasti karna sab kuch us zarurat ka hissa tha... Yaah u was rude but vo sab sirf tumhare liye tha kyun ki tum seedhi sharafat se nai maan rahi thi..." he looked at her who stared down wd a small smile

"Isiliye aapne mujhe force kiya??" she looked up at him who smiled and pulled her more closer by their entwinned hands

"Ye tum b jaanti ho maine tumpe kuch b force nai kiya" he said in calm meaningfull tone indirectly indicating about that unforgattable night & their unexpected kiss which made her to hide her blush while looking down "Shilpa do u regret that night??" out of blue he asked this softly staring at her who looked at him "Kyun ki tumhare morning behaviour ne mujhe vo night regret karne pe majboor kar diya tha... Kya sochke tumne itni badi baat keh daali" his voice turned in hurt tone making her guilty "Tumhe idea b nai hoga kya beeti thi mujh par Shilpa... Main zindagi mein pehli baar haara tha vo b tumse" he said softly making her mumble a small sorry "Uswaqt to nai jaanta tha ki tumme deffects kya thae but ab jaanta hun... So its ok" he said calmly making her jaw dropped

"Deffects...??" she asked wid grumpy look to which he nodded smilingly

"Par Shilpa... Jo huaa so huaa we cant change that... Infact agar vaisa kuch nai hota to shayad aaj hum yahan aise nai hote ek dusre ko samajhne ki koshish nai karte..." he said meaning fully while tucking her hairs side from her shoulder who nodded in YES "But ek chiz main tumse kehna chahunga" his voice became serious making her stared him "Jis din tumne mujhe khudse durr kiya tha... Ussi din maine tumhe... Tumhe Ansh k saath dekha tha... Raat ko akele" as he said this Shilpa's heartbeat increased thinking Is he doubting on her?? She thought and was about to explain herself but he stopped her "Let me finish Shilpa... I am not doubting on u ok... Main acche se jaanta hun tumhe but trust me us din already main bahoot hurt tha aur vo scene mere liye shock tha Shilpa... Ki tum uske saath smile kar sakti ho baat kat sakti ho but ek main hi problem hun... I know vo tumhari zindagi mein mujhse pehle aaya tha but main nai chahta ki tumhari life mein mere siwa koi rahe..." the same lines which he used to say before his accident She gotted now why their Room was messed up in Udaipur that day? She can't let him feel hurt "Main tumhe mana nai karunga usse milne ko kyun ki mere paas b friends hai I can understand but har waqt nai..." he directly said making her smile OMG Armaan Malik is jealous!! She thought smilingly

"Aapko pata hai main kuch b regret nai karti aapke saath..." as she said slowly maked him smile

"To fir vo kya tha... Mera dum ghutna n all??" he asked calmly but she can catched that tease in his voice

"Vo pata nai... Par sach yehi hai ki main regret nai karti kuch b..." hiding her blush she replied softly making him smirked "Aur raha sawaal Ansh ka vo hamesha mera best friend tha aur rahega... Haa hum dono kabhi contact mein nai thae aur na hai... Vo ab apni life mein khush hai aur main meri" she cleared all his insecurities in a go making him smile

"To kya tum khush ho...??" he asked softly to which she immediately nodded in YES making him smile "Thank u..." taking her hands closer to his chest he thanked making her looked down shyly "Toh fir thik hai aaj se hum peeche mudkar nai dekhenge aur koshish karenge ki hum apna Present acha kar saken aane waale Future k liye promise me..." looking at her he directly asked to which she stared him for sometimes

"Par agar kuch huaa to??" she asked fearfully making him smile

"Hum milkar handle karenge... Haa bich mein jhagde karenge but chodenge nai ek dusre ko... Promise me" he replied calmly caressing her cheek who smiled tearfully while nodding in yes "Soo aaj se hum apne Present pe dhyaan denge... But usse pehle I want to warn u... Ki haa main itna expressive nai hun.. Haa main jaldi gussa karta hun aur may be tumhare expectations pe khada na utarun... But iska matlab ye nai hai ki I don't care about u... Or I don't love u.." he said in fully honest tone making her stared him dazedly "Bas u know thoda unexpressive hun... So adjust kar lena aur koi b aaltu faaltu chize apne dimaag mein mat daalna... Its a humble request" as he requested cutely she nodded wd a happy smile and hugged him tightly who was taken aback by her gesture... Responding her equally he engulfed her more into him that she almost sat on his lap Now she don't want anything.. End of her insecurities now she will only focus on their life His love... Where as Armaan didn't asked many questions which he wanted to ask in beginning coz he gotted all the answers by her... She hided everything just coz of him he knows now but still there was few questions regarding his memory he will ask later coz its not that important now... Shilpa's eyes flew opened as she heard barks of dogs which made her realise about their situation only to became red feeling his fast heartbeat so wdout saying anything she parted from hug looking everywhere except him who smiled at her shyness he never saw her like this

"Ghar chalen... Armaan??" she asked slowly looking up at him who nodded in NO calmly and sat properly on sand while stretching his legs "Kyun??" she frowned looking at him who now started undoing his shoe laces

"Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that's beautiful."

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :V

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