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Part 43 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"We accept the love we think we deserve."

Mai jo b hun
Jaisa hun
Tujhme rehta
Khota hun...

"Aaj mera mood nai hai ghar jaane ka... Aur bhul gayi maine kaha tha sab kuch sort out karne k baad hi hum ghar jaaynge" replying calmly he removed his shoes making her stared him confusedly
"Ab kya reh gaya hai Armaan??" she asked annoyingly as he kept his shoes beside his other side calmly
"Tumhe jaana hai..??" he asked calmly staring at her who looked at him confusedly But somewhere he is right they need to talk they need to solve everything so she kept quiet "Chalo... Vahan walk karte hai..." when he didn't got any answer he pointed at the sea while standing up "Chalogi..." extending his hand infront of her he asked calmly to which she shook her head keeping her hand on his and stood quietly
"Aur sandals mere..." she looked down on her sandals making him smile
"Bhaag nai jaayga tumhari tarah... Chalo..." taunting her smilingly he dragged her near the sea who looked at him wd a smile

"Wow..." she smiled looking down at the wet sand which made a chill on her feet making Armaan to stare her smilingly "Sss... Kitna thanda hai ye" she whispered amusingly still looking at wet sand making Armaan chuckled at her reaction... They both started walking silently enjoying this peaceful night Armaan was quietly walking looking at the sea waves where as Shilpa didn't liked this silence b/w them "Armaan..." she called normally making him to hummed in yes "Aap kuch puchne waale thae??" she asked slowly staring up at him who looked at her and stopped
"Ab nai puchna.. Kyun ki bina puche hi sab samajh gaya main..." replying softly he stood infront of her who looked at him confusedly "Par kuch questions hai.. Jo main dheere dheere puchunga..." he said calmly pulling her closer by her hand
"Par zaruri thodi hai.. Ki main tab bataane k mood mein rahungi" she said calmly copying his style which made him chuckled
"To koi baat nai... Main fir b puchunga" he said in serious tone bending his head a little closer to her who smiled and stepped back smilingly
"Dekhungi..." saying this cutely she started walking ahead making him amused so shaking his head he silently followed her while putting his hands inside his jeans's pockets when something clicked on her brain which made her turned abruptly only to bang wd his chest
"Kya huaa??" he narrowed his eyes seeing her wide eyes
"Aapko sharam nai aati Armaan..?" she said wd pouted anger making him raised his bows "Aapne ab tak mujhe wish nai kiya... How rude Armaan... At least be lated happy birthday to bol dete" hitting his chest lightly wd her fist she complained which made him amused he never saw her this side But he is loving it
"Birth day to kal tha... To wish karne ki jarurat thodi hai" putting his hands inside his pant's pockets he said calmly making her mouth dropped
"How mean Armaan..." she said wd a grumpy look making him hide his smile Yes she is the girl whom he missed the most and don't want to loose again... From now onwards he will make sure she will stay like this and seeing him lost she turned to go disappointingly when he jerked her by her waist who got startled "Armaan..." she whispered shockingly staring up at him who stared her calmly
"Mujhse ek waada karogi...??" he asked softly making her stared him "I am serious... Shilpa" before she could ask something he said in serious tone making her to nod in YES "Aise hi hamesha hasti raha karo... Plzz kabhi change mat hona I don't like that quiet Sad Shilpa... I know vo meri wajah se huaa tha but... Main kabhi nai chahunga ki tum aisi banno hamesha hasti khelti ladti jhagadti raha karo" taking her hands in his he requested lovingly making her stared him wd wide eyes thinking The same line which he requested in Kerala after her miscarriage Is he really turning like before?? "Aisa b kuch bhayanak nai bol diya... Jo aise dekh rahi ho" he joked calmly pulling her closer to him which made her came out from her thoughts who thought she should change herself for him but she can't do anything she is like this only
"Armaan main shuru se hi aisi hun... Jab hamaari shaadi hui thi tab bhi aisi hi thi... Pata nai kaise badal gayi thi... Ab wapas pehle jaise ho gayi bas" saying this softly she looked down when he cupped her face

Tu mera aaj hai
Mera kal hai
Meri zindagi ki duaan...

"Wrong... Tum jaanti ho real Shilpa kaun hai... Real Shilpa vo hai jo mere saath Bhopal mein thi... Haa mujhe ye waali b bahoot pasand hai... But tab tak... Jab tak tum mere karib ho... Rone waali nai hasne waali Shilpa chahiyee..." he whispered softly making her smile slowly
"Thoda mushkil hai..." she said slowly making him to entwined their one hand
"To hum saath mein easy karenge" saying this smilingly he pulled her more closer to which she nodded slowly and looked down when his eyes landed on her ring finger making him remember about her engagement ring which she threw in basin and which now was resting inside his wallet... So he thought a plan to see her reaction "Aree Shilpa tumhari engagement ring kahan hai...??" he asked in fake innocent tone making her to stare at her ring finger How can she forgot her ring which she threw inside the basin angrily... God she forgot about that her heart started beating loudly How can she threw their first symbol of togetherness??

"Vo..." she didn't knew what to say to him coz she is such a dumb cant even handle something where as seeing her sad expressions he guessed she must have cursing herself for loosing that ring
"I know ghar pe rakh di hogi... Right" as he said normally her eyes became moist thinking it will hurt him if he get to know about this but she have to do this
"Nai Armaan... Vo... Ring actually... Maine phek di thi" as she said sadly staring down on water a smiled reached his lips thinking Yes she is going to share this
"Phek di kyun... Acchi nai lagi...??" he pretended in shocked tone making her more guilty
"Nai vo... Us din main bahoot gusse mein thi... Hurt thi to phek di thi Bathroom k basin mein..." she answered guiltfully still her head was bowed down making him smile
"Us din??" moving closer to her he asked calmly to which she looked up at him Now how will she tell him that it was that day when she bursted on him confessing her love ?? But she have to do this
"Vo Rahul-Muskaan ki Party waale din..." she replied slowly making him smile
"Acha vo... Jis din tumne kaha tha ki... U hate to love me..." he said in calm tone indirectly taunting her which made her more guilty but she nodded in YES staring down on water making him fell for her more Okay enough now Armaan end of teasing her he thought "Vaise... Koi baat nai..." pulling her closer by her waist he said smilingly making her stare him "Ek ring hi to thi... Dusri aa jaaygi" he said calmly cupping her face who sniffed and hugged him tightly who became stiff for seconds
"I am sorryy Armaan... Main uswaqt itni hurt thi ki dhyaan nai diya... But next day maine usse bahoot dhundha nai mila vo... I am sorry ki maine hamari pehli nishaani kho di" she whispered guiltfully making him to hugged her back
"Milti kaise vo to mere paas hai..." he thought smilingly engulfing her more into him "Let it be Shilpa... I told u already... Jo ho gaya so gaya we can't change that... So forget everything" parting her from hug he cupped her face who nodded slowly hearing his words when the waves touched their feets making them looked down coz it was too cold that it can make freeze someone... Seeing this Shilpa smiled parting from him who watched her move calmly
"Kitna thanda hai ye..." she smiled moving ahead touching the water by her feet making him to shook his head
"Shilpa paani thanda hai chalo... Aur vaise b raat bahoot ho gayi hai" he said in calm tone as he saw her moving near waves
"Haa thanda hai... Par.. Aaww" turning at him she tried to argue when a wave hit her leg almost making her stopped feeling the cold water touching her bare foot which reached below her knees
"Bimar padogi..." making her pulled back by her hand he scolded
"Armaan... Itne se pani mein koi bimaar nai hota..." looking back at him she said slowly to which he was about to scold her again when a big wave drenched them till their waist wd some splashes till their shoulders "Aawww..." she whinnied hiding her face on his chest who chuckled seeing her reaction
"Ab kya kahogi... Itne se paani ko" he teased as she looked up at him
"Armaan... Ab main ghar kaise jaaungi... Oh no.." looking down at her scarlet dress which now became dark scarlet wet dress she made a sad face making him smile
"Aur andar jaao..." he taunted grabbing her wrist and took her a little away from the waves but as her feet touched the sands they started sticking to her feet
"Eewww..." she whined feeling the wet sands making him laughed Yeah he also was wet by the water also that irritating sand but seeing her cute expressions he couldn't control his laugh "Armaan aapko hassi aa rahi hai... Hum ghar kaise jaayenge" she said irritatedly while drying that wet sand from her feet and in that process her feet got slipped which made her about to fall "Aahhh..." she immediately closed her eyes fearly fearing she will fall but before it could happened he caught her by her waist
"Ek baar kehne se tum kuch sunti nai... Bewkoof" scolding her he made her stand properly who looked down at her dress
"Par dress..." she opened her mouth to say when he glared her which was enough for her to quiet
"Chup chap khadi raho..." scolding her he grabbed her hand and started walking towards their original place where they seated before "Don't worryy mere paas ek plan hai... Aur tumhari dress ka b solution hai mere paas" seeing her quiet he said smilingly making her looked up when he observed she is shivering why not she...?? Even he can felt cold on his skin
"Par kaise??" she asked slowly while rubbing her shoulders feeling cold which he observed
"Abhi pata chalega... Chalo pehle sandals le lo apne... Kho jaayga to uske liye b pareshaan" he said lovingly while keeping his hand on her shoulder who smiled slowly seeing his this side... They reached where their shoes & sandals were kept wearing that they started walking towards their car in b/w she was cursing the sand irritably making him chuckled he was observing her who is looking soo cute & adorable right now only if he realised this before


30 minutes later
Hotel Blue Coast
12:34 Night

Mai jo b hun
Kaisa hun
Tuhjme rehta
Khota hun...

"To tu aa raha hai matlab...??" KV asked again to which he shook his head keeping the phone on his other side of ear
"See KV maine tujhse pehle hi bola.. Mumbai hota to chalta b... But Manali have u lost ur mind.. I mean winter mein koi Manali jaata hai... Specially Shaadi karne k liye... Pagal hai tu b" he replied in scolding voice removing his belt and stood from that chair only in his pants Right he is shirtless
"Tu na ye baat plzz... Shivanya ko samjha vo pagal ho gayi hai.. Chahti hai Shaadi ho to kuch different" KV complained making him rolled his eyes
"Ye tu b jaanta hai aur main b ki Shivanya se baat karne mein na mujhe interest hai aur na usse interest hai mujhse baat karne mein.." saying this annoyingly he moved to closed the balcony's door which was banging wd each other coz of wind He can felt this freezing cold night
"Haa vo to jaanta hun main... Par tu mera dost hai bhul gaya... School mein hum saath mein baith te thae... Collage mein tere liye main football ground mein wait karta tha... Kaise bhul sakta hai tu" KV's dramatic words made him chuckled while he moved inside another Room looking for Shilpa who was still inside the Washroom "Aaja na yaar... Bahoot mushkil se Dev maana hai Aditya maana hai... Avi Arjun sab maan gaye hai tu b aana... Plzz..." he requested
"Ek minute Avi aa raha hai matlab Shagun b aaygi... Pagal hai vo Manali mein jaaygi vo b aisi haalat mein" Armaan asked disbelievingly making KV smiled
"Haa... Vo khud bol rahi thi ki usse shaadi dekhna hai... Par mere baap tu mera best friend hai tu nai aayga to mera dil tut jaayga" KV requested in cute voice making him chuckled "Aaja na yaar... Bhabhi ko bhi dekhna hai mujhe... Aaj tak nai dekha... Plzz aaja" he pleaded
"Ok Fine... Aaunga khush" he agreed smilingly making KV jumped happily
"I luv u yaar..." KV said happily making him chuckled
"Chal acha ab mera tym waste mat kar... Gud night" he said in calm voice making KV smiled and wishing him he hung up the phone "Hmm... Thank god.. Ab main aaram se change kar paaunga..." taking a sigh he stretched his arms and thought to remove his wrist watch when his cell rang again "Mom..? Is waqt??" he frowned seeing her mother's name "Yes Mom...?" he said in normal tone
"Thank god tumne phone uthaya... Mujhe laga busy hoge Panchgani mein..." as his mother said this he felt guilty thinking yet he didn't informed her that he was not in Panchgani
"Nai Mom aap bolo??" ignoring that he asked calmly
"Main kya bolun... Bolne ka kaam to tumhara hai..." she taunted making him chuckled "Hasna mat varna aane k baad tum peetoge mere haath se..." she scolded
"Acha thik hai... Aap batao kyun phone kiya tha??" he asked in calm tone making her angry
"Haa... Main tumse ye puchne waali thi ki kal tum Shilpa ko lene jaaoge ki... Main tumhare Dad ko bhejun lene k liye..." as she said this he held his head smilingly
"No Mom... Main kal aate time usko le aaunga" crossing his fingers he lied in calm tone feeling guilty that he lied to his Mom
"Dekho Armaan kal yaad se usse le aana varna mujhse bura koi nai hoga... Vaise agar tum usse nai b laaoge na to vo khud aa jaygi... Aaj subhe hi usse baat hui thi" Ananya's voice was in warning tone but hearing this he smiled thinking she herself said she will come that's something new about her
"Don't worry Mom... Main le aaunga aur haa apni raato ki neende mat kharaab kiya karo mere liye... So jaao aaram se Mom" his caring tone made Ananya smiled
"Haa tumhi mujhe aaram se sone doge..." she taunted which made him chuckled "Accha thik hai... Kal yaad se Shilpa ko le aana... Gud night" saying this she hung up the phone making him to took a sigh Yes according to his family he is in Panchgani but they don't know he didn't went there it was not his plan it just happened suddenly... Whole day he was busy in Hospital work and at evening time he had to leave for Panchgani for some work... He was in his cabin packing his stuffs when something fell from his pocket taking his attention It was her engagement ring which was wd him since the time he got in washbasin looking at the ring his mind went back in their engagement day... Her face flashed in his heart which convinced him that he should mend their marriage life which was already struggling wd misunderstandings & problems also he forgot her birthday not to forget Avni's Reception day where that ladies blabbered about her... Which will add fuel to the fire so its time to handle everything handle her who last night didn't picked his call which was a signal of her anger so wdout thinking anything he sent Rahul in Panchgani making an excuse and directly went to take her... He already knew she will shocked to see him which exactly happened also it was not his plan to bring her in beach it just happened seeing her angry look... He wanted to short out everything before going to home but then they drenched wd water and she wanted to go home as soon as possible but not like that So as they sat in car he saw she was shivering their house was an one hour far from that beach so he thought to take a Hotel for night... But as he suggested she directly refused saying she only wants to go home but not on this clothes which made him held his head so he suggested another plan saying they can take a hotel for three four hours just to change their clothes and when they will change in their comfortable clothes they can leave for house to which she thought for sometime then nodded... So they took a hotel which was near the beach and took room which was on top floor coz that was the only floor which was empty for that time... Room was a big one wd two bedrooms attached together one wd big bed it have a beautiful balcony where Armaan is standing now... Other one was not so big but it was very beautiful it have Fish tanks attached just a little away from the bed which was made up on floor wd black silky sheets this room have big windows Shilpa is changing in this Room's Washroom where as his few clothes were inside his bag which he packed for Panchgani


"Iska Washroom mein rehne ka hi plan hai kya.. Ye kar..." but before his sentence could complete she moved out from washroom entering in that small room while correcting her hairs making it in a bun but seeing her he was rooted at his spot... The black chiffon saari wd golden thin border was making her breathtaking it was perfectly suiting on her Actually black always suits on her also it always pulled his heart's strings Damm how will he control himself in this whole night wd her??... Its impossible for him to take his eyes off from her "Armaan kahin aur dekh... Aur agar tune ispe dhyaan diya aur kuch kiya to pakka bhaag jaaygi bahoot mushlil se karib aayi hai ab koi b galti mat karna ki ye bhaag jaaye" turning his back at her he mumbled calmly while rubbing his face on his palms... Where as Shilpa was wearing her golden earrings when her eyes landed on him whose bare back was facing her... Her heart started beating fastly seeing him only in his black pants
"Kya Shilpa tu b... Apne hi Pati ko ghoor rahi hai..." her mind scolded her who gulped "Par iski kya galti Shirtless banke vo ghum rahe hai ye kya kar sakti hai isme" her heart said cutely making her to nod in YES and shaking her head she wore her earrings then opening her hairs she combed thinking to ask why he still not changed his clothes "Armaan..." her voice made him to calm himself so taking a sigh he looked back at her only to left mesmerised seeing her ready to leave "Aap ready nai hue... Jaldi kijiye hume chalna hai??" she asked confusedly staring him who came out from his dreamland only to smile at her confused face
"Tumhe itni jaldi kyun hai jaane ki??" he asked calmly putting his hands inside his pockets making her gulped seeing him shirtless who walked towards her so ignoring his abs she tried to looked away from him how much she is nervous right now she can't express? Seeing him bare chest her heart was pounding inside "Bolo kyun??" clicking his fingers infront of her he asked in his usual calm tone
"Kyun ki... Bas mujhe ghar jaana..." crossing her arms she replied cutely making him smile
"Aur agar main kahun ki mera mood nai hai tab...?" his tone was calm while he took his phone out from his pocket
"Kya matlab mood nai hai...?? Armaan aapne Room teen ghante k liye liya hai... Aur..." her sentence left incomplete when he didn't paid any attention to her checking his mails "Armaan main aapse baat kar rahi hun..." snatching the phone from his hand she said angrily
"Shilpa phone do..." he said sternly to which she nodded in YES angrily "Shilpa mujhe gussa mat dilao phone do..." trying to say in calm tone he stepped infront of her who looked at him
"Nai jab tak aap batate nai tab tak to bilkul nai" she said stubbornly making him to rub his forehead to calm himself

Tu mera aaj hai
Mera kal hai
Meri zindagi ki duaan...

"Fine... Kyun ki main bahoot thak gaya hun I can't drive... Aur raha sawaal Room ka to isse maine 24 hours k liye liya tha... Coz three hours k liye vo dene ko ready nai thae..." he said in very calm tone making her jaw dropped "So... Aap plzz jakar so jaayiyee aur mera phone dijiye... Thank u" snatching the phone from her hand he said in fake sweet tone making her angry
"Aaap pehle nai bata sakte thae... Mujhe ye saari pehni padi faaltu mein... At least ye waste to nai jaata... Argghh" she said annoyingly turning her back at him who chuckled
"Waste to nai gaya..." he mumbled under his breath smilingly which she didn't heard
"Ab fir se change karna padega..." she said wid pouted lips looking down at her saari where as he shook his head smilingly concentrating on his phone... Shilpa went to change that saari wd grumpy look "Kitni mehnat se pehna tha ye sab ab nikaalna padega" she cursed while removing her golden bangles and then her earrings... There was only one ornament left on her body was her wedding chain which she removed from her neck and then last one was the pendant which Armaan made her wore... She moved her hand to took out but struggled to open it
"Ab bas rest karun aur kuch nai..." throwing the phone on bed he turned to that small Room looking for Shilpa... But as he stepped in he stopped seeing her exposed back who was still trying to open that chain her hairs were put on her one side of shoulder which made her back visible to him there was only one string attached to her blouse's back while from down only two hooks were locking her blouse his heart was racing at his fullest speed seeing that view which only took him that night where he claimed her consumed her fully as his... Her every touch & moans were coming inside him which was arousing him more now "Gosh Armaan... Kahin aur dekh" he smacked himself mentally moving to turn when
"offo! Ye ek baar mein hi unlock kyun nai ho jaata..." she cursed annoyingly "Ab to haath b dukh raha hai..." she whined trying to opened that and seeing her struggling he shook his head, his feet automatically moved towards her
"Main karta hun..." his sudden slow voice from her back made her eyes big while her hear started beating fast... Keeping his hand on hers he removed her hands from there slowly making her nervous while putting his hands properly on her shoulder he started unlocking that chain making her crossed her fingers nervously and when it didn't opened he bend his head to unclock it but as his hot breath touched her skin she closed her eyes feeling him she was controlling herself not to fall... But as his nose tip touched her nape her knees got weak Armaan sensed that sudden effect of his on her which made him contented So unlocking the chain he moved his head up but couldn't ignore her fragrance "Ho gaya..." as he said slowly she opened her eyes and composed herself
"Thank u..." gathering all her energy she turned at him only to face him near her... Armaan was staring her lostly while Shilpa's heart started desiring him "Mmain... Vo" she opened her mouth to excuse for something when he pulled her closer by her waist suddenly almost banging her wd his chest Shilpa looked at him stunned while her hands were rested on his bare chest who can see the questioning look on her face... His hands were holding her by her bare waist firmly

Tu duaa hai
Tu hi hai
Mera karam
Tujhpe hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam...

"Agar... Main kahun ki... I mean... Amm" he whispered nervously making her smile The same scene which happened few years ago... On that rainy night when they first time became one he behaved like this only... He was nervous coz he feared she will slap him or moved away from him... But why he is nervous?? She thought "Shilpa vo..." he didn't knew how to start while bending his head little closer to her who lowered her lashes blushingly getting what he wanted "I mean tum regret..." he somehow asked making her to adore him and wdout saying anything she immediately hugged him who became stunned for seconds
"Nai... Bilkul nai" she whispered softly hugging him tightly who smiled lightly responding her equally
"Bhaag gayi to...??" he asked wd closed eyes hugging her passionately who smiled lightly and moved her head back only to stare him
"Toh fir bhaag jaaun...??" she asked slowly while hiding her smile
"Ek kadam bada k to dekho..." almost banging her wd his chest by her waist he said in calm tone "Baandh k rakh nai diya to main b Armaan Malik nai" nuzzling his face on her neck he said softly making her blush when he kissed on her neck softly while pulling her closer by her waist whose heartbeat skipped feeling his touch... He started giving feather light kisses on her neck almost making her weak then cupped her face firmly staring at her closed eyes... He smiled seeing her lovely face and kept his forehead on her's smilingly still cupping her face "Glad I have u Shilpa" he thought staring at her closed eyes where he kissed softly which made her to open her eyes slowly only to get lost in his eyes who lightly kissed her nose tip making her to close back her eyes again... Then wd increasing heartbeat he closed the distance b/w their anticipating lips pulling her closer whose hands moved inside his gelled up hairs caressing it which provoked him to kissed her passionately... His hands were caressing her curves itching to feel her skin again and in that process her saari's end fell down from her shoulder... Leaving her lips his head recended on her throat engulfing her more into him her breaths were getting heavy coz of his kisses which turned into smoochings
"Armaan..." she moaned as he bit her neck whose knees were getting weak by his passionate kisses... His lips again took her lips in a satisfying kiss which was making her difficult to stand which made him realised so leaving her lips he cupped her face panting heavenly while staring at her wd satisfying smile where as her eyes were still closed feeling his touch
"I soo want u Shilpa..." whispering huskily on her face he kissed passionately on her cheek making her to feel his bare chest where she can feel his thudding heartbeat whose hands grabbed her bare waist tracing it wd his hands smoothly almost pulling her closer whose heartbeat was increasing... He can't control now so wdout thinking anything he removed her saari in a go throwing on floor and before she could react she was lifted by him on his arms who took her to the bed which was near the fish tank... Wdin a minute he started loving her by his unending kisses her blouse string was pulled by him followed by the hook... Forgetting the world forgetting everything they got lost in eachother's arms her clothes were removed by him following by his clothes and now drapped in a black silk sheet he is claiming her again but this time gently as if feeling her every inch who was only left moaning by his every move... Shilpa was trying to feel his every move which was making her to want him more who was not stopping his bites which was making her difficult to breath... Her hands were roaming on his bare back almost caressing his nape & hairs which was only increasing his passion to consumed her fully Tonight she didn't have any fear to loose him or she will left him tonight she knows it is a new start of their struggling marriage... And after their romantic night & passionate love making which he ended wd a kiss on her forehead he stared her wd a satisfying smile "Be lated Happy birthday..." pecking her swollen lips lightly he wished in a soft whisper while siding some of her hairs from her shoulder who opened her eyes only to find his eyes were staring at her wd a smile... She lowered her lashes looking away from him shyly "Aree waah... Tumhe to blush karna b aata hai" he teased while rubbing his nose tip on her cheek making her more blush while moving her hands on his shoulders
"Armaan..." she moaned as he again started placing kisses on her shoulder

Tu duaa hai
Tu hi hai
Mera karam
Tujhpe hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam...

"Seriously Shilpa Be lated Happy birthday..." cupping her one cheek he whispered softly on her face who smiled lightly
"Bahoot jaldi nai wish kar diya..." she taunted cutely pinching his nose tip who smiled seeing her this side and entiwinned her that hand wd his locking it properly... They were still under that silk black sheet wd him above her
"Sorryy..." mumbling it smilingly he kissed her side of neck softly making her blush "So tell me tumhe gift kya chahiyee??" kissing her chin lovingly he asked calmly to which she started pretending to think making him chuckled "Rehne do... Tumse nai hoga" he said in his usual calm tone making her pout "Main hi kuch sochunga..." kissing her nose tip softly he stared her who smiled lovingly seeing his face... His gelled up hairs were messed by her which was making him more handsome His eyes His dimpled smile His lips everything was looking like before that 'Til' (Mole) below his eye was she loved the most There is slight difference in him right now was his calm nature and more matured look "Kya huaa??" he asked frowningly as he saw her staring him intently to which she nodded in no smilingly and kept her one palm on his one cheek who narrowed his eyes staring at her more like amused by her gesture who smiled blissfully making him kissed below her lower lip

"Aise kyun Dekh rahi ho..??" he asked smilingly to which she shook her head in no and kissed his jaw who showed his dimples seriously amused by her
"I love u Armaan..." as she said lostly tracing his face he closed his eyes getting lost in her touch who was expecting a answer but she knows its waste to expect so she ignored that feeling when he opened his eyes and lowered his head closer to her eho guessed what is coming so she closed her eyes... Taking her lips in his he started sucking her lower lip passionately who responded equally few minutes later they parted soulfully
"I love u too..." he confessed tucking her hairs side from her face who smiled wd closed eyes... Her eyes are getting heavy after their soulful love making which made her tiered now... She opened her eyes as she felt his face rubbed her cheek smoothly making her smile "Will u leave me now??" staring at her he asked softly to which nodding in NO she hugged him who smiled engulfing her more they stayed like this for few minutes when he felt her low breath & loose hold on his back "Hamesha ki tarah so gayi..." he chuckled shaking his head and laying beside her smilingly he took her in his arms staring up at the cieling while playing wd her hairs who snuggled more into him... Sleep was miles away from his eyes

"Life is road... Jahan kabhi b koi b turn aa sakta hai.. Jaise mere life me... Kabhi inagine b nai kiya tha ki mere ek move ki wajah se sab kuch thik ho jaayga... Dilshad Aunty ne sahi kaha tha kabhi b rishto ko sambhaalne k liye waqt ki zarurat hoti.. Waqt dene ki zarurat hai.. Jo ab samjha main... Aur aaj se kaam ka waqt khatam Ms Sorry urf Ms Bracelet ka waqt shuru" he looked at the window on the sky where stars & moon were shinning while his thinkings were getting deeper remembering Dilshad's words which she suggested him in Bhopal "Agar pehle dhyaan diya hota to shayad hum dono ko itna face nai karna padta... But I don't regret anything... Kahin na kahin iska hona zaruri tha varna main kabhi b tumhari taraf koi b step nai le pata aur na hi hamare rishte ko samajh pata... Aur agar hum door nai hote to ye feeling aur deep nai hoti" entwining her hand which was kept on his chest he thought smilingly and looked at her glowing face "Happy Birthday Shilpa... Seriously sorry to forget that..." kissing her head lightly he thought smilingly when his eyes landed on her hand which was entwined wd his hand Ring was missing... A smile reached his lips remembering her face at that time when she was informing that she lost the ring "Hmmm... Kahan rakkha tha" he started thinking where he kept that ring then it clicked inside his brain that he has put in his wallet so he looked around for his pant only to find the room in messy condition which made him smile coyly Their clothes were laying here & there... When he saw his pant near his leg so sitting up he took his wallet and then took out that ring... Laying back beside her he inserted the ring on his original place it was wd him since she confess her love to him and was waiting for that day when will it go at its original place "Ab gaya na ye sahi jagah..." he smiled kissing her hand and looked up at the cieling smilingly "I hope ab sab thik rahe... Bas un teen saalo mein kya huaa tha ye pata chal jaaye... Lekin Armaan tu khud b soch sakta hai bas saare points ko connect kar..." he thought calmly "Ok Shilpa keh rahi thi ki usse ye shaadi nai karni thi lekin usne apne Parents k liye ki... Aur usne kaha vo mujhse pyaar karti hai... Jo ki obviously mere accident se pehle hi shuru huaa hoga coz ye teen saal tak aise thodi mere saath aaraam se hogi... Isse pyaar to hona hi tha... Dev ne kaha main Singapore sirf do baar gaya tha which means main all the time yehin tha... Kiya ne kaha I loved Shilpa usne dekha tha how much I loved her... So iska matlab ye hai ki yes I was in love wd her coz flashes mein b dikha tha ki kis kadar main pareshaan tha iske liye aur jahan tak mujhe lagta hai ki... Kiii Hum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte thae" his thoughts were getting deeper while connecting everything "Aur jis tarah se ye react karti hai was confirmed that yes we were in a deep relationship... To story aisi hogi ki mujhe pata chala hoga ki main apne life k six months bhul gaya hun aur ye sunne k baad ki I am married now... Behosh to zarur hua hounga aur jahan tak main khudko jaanta hun.. Maine decide kiya hoga ki Shilpa ko reject karke chod dun... But jab India aaya hounga aur Shilpa ko dekha hoga shock to zarur huaa hounga... Ki how she reached here aur may be maine apna decision isiliye change kiya hoga ki main rahunga specially apne Family se b promise kiya tha ki unki choice ki ladki se shaadi karunga to yehi sab soch k kya pata maine Shilpa ko reject karne ka Idea drop kiya ho..." he thought in full serious mode rubbing his chin ]"Aur isse hamari shaadi ki raat dekhne k baad mujhe nai lagta ki isse pehle mujhse pyaar huaa hoga... So it must be me who have fall for her first time coz ye already mere dimaag mein thi... So huaa ye hoga ki mujhe isse pyaar huaa hoga aur maine isse b majboor kiya hoga... That she fall for me jo work b kiya hoga coz now she loves me... Then we must be a happy couple but mere accident ne sab kuch kharaab kiya hoga... But ye sab sirf shayad hai..." he calculated thoughtfully "But aisa kyun lag raha hai jaise abhi kuch missing hai... Jo b ho usse farq nai padta kya tha Past mein... Matter ye rakhta hai ki ab bas apne Present aur Future mein dhyaan dunn.." looking at her he thought smilingly and caressed her hairs lovingly who stirred
"Armaan... Aap... Ab tak jaag rahe ho" she mumbled in sleepy tone keeping her head on his chest who smiled
"Haa... Kyun ki mujhe lag raha hai tum bhaag jaogi subhe tak... So main soch raha hun puri raat jaag kar pehra dun.." he replied calmly hugging her back who lightly smiled hearing his words
"Nai... Jaaungi main" she replied still wd closed eyes sleeply Armaan observed she is feeling cold so he pulled the sheet up till her shoulder who snuggled more into him making him smile
"Dekhte hai..." kissing her head lovingly he pulled her more closer "Aaj tumhe dekh k us din ki yaad aa gayi Shilpa jis din maine khudse ek promise kiya tha... Tumhara saath hamesha nibhaane k liye..." staring her intently he thought also remembering their wedding night where he promised something wd himself that words 'Main nai janta ki main tumhare liye kya feel karta hu... But main itna janta hu... Tumhe pehli baar dekhte hi... Tum mere dil k karib aa gayi... Isiliye maine tumhe dekhte hi choose kiya... Apne puri life k liye... Main vada nai kar sakta... Ko main kab tak tumhare saath rahunga... But main ye keh sakta hu ki jab tak hu Sirf Tum hi meri rahogi... Aur main tumhara... Main kabhi tumhe akela nai chodunga' he remembered his promised which now also have the same but there was a little addition on it is his Love for her never decreased "Hmm... Bahoot ho gayaa kaam vaam... Work time is over and now its Wify time..." mumbling smilingly he hugged her and still thinking about her he closed his eyes only to went in peaceful sleep So today ArSh's started their journey again for their marriage let's see how far it can go??


Two weeks later
In Manali

"Offo Surbhi... Mujhe sochne do ki kahan milega tumhara Kashmiri bell" a confused Shilpa looked here & there walking on streets of snowy Manali while talking on phone wd Surbhi
"Shilpa dekho... Vahan bahoot saare shops honge kahin na kahin to hoga vo... Plzz meri Shona le aao usse" Surbhi requested cutely making her giggled
"Haa baba dekh rahi hun... Shona too" she said wd a smile while watching all the gifts shop where she could find Surbhi's Kashmiri bell
"Vaise ye saari galti us KV ki hai... Ab kar raha hai shaadi jab tak main vahan thi tab nai ki but ab kya usne shaadi... Jab main New York aa gayi" Surbhi cursed angrily making her chuckled
"But uski thodi galti hai... Usne to tumhe bulaaya b tha but tumhi busy thi to vo kya karen" she took KV's side smilingly observing a shop
"Haa ye b hai... Vaise Mr Khan aur baaki sab kahan hai??" Surbhi asked cheerfully closing her laptop
"Rehaan aur Anant abhi just nikle Hotel k liye... Aditi Dev aur Armaan saath mein thae last time to kuch kar rahe honge... Baakiyo ka mujhe nai pata" she replied normally walking towards that shop
"Acha par tum zara apna dhyaan dena... Nayi place hai kho jaaogi to" Surbhi suggested
"Bacchi thodi hun main .." she giggled "Acha Surbhi mujhe ek shop dikhi hai corner side mein... Ek coffee shop k side mein hai... Main dekhti hun haa..." she said slowly looking at the shop
"Wowww!!! Acha phone mat kaatna... Baat karti raho na abhi free time hai mere office ka" she requested excitedly making her laughed
"Ok..." Shilpa said controlling her laugh and still talking wd her she walked inside the shop pulling her denim jacket more closer to her stole which she draped around her neck "Hello... Koi hai..." seeing the shop empty she started calling loudly but didn't heard anyone back
"Kya huaa Shilpa...??" Surbhi asked frowningly as she heard her voice
"Aree kuch nai is shop k andar koi nai hai... But haa tumhari Kashmiri bell zarur hai" she replied slowly touching the Kashmiri bell smilingly
"Ohhh... To ab??" Surbhi asked confusedly
"Kuch nai wait karti hun... Tab tak mani aur andar jaa kar dekhti hun kuch" she replied normally walking inside the clothes section
"Shilpa zyada andar mat jaao... Nayi jagah hai" Surbhi warned
"Haa tum sahi keh rahi ho... Acha main yahan se nikalti hun.. Vaise b battery low ho rahi hai mere phone ki..." she agreed looking at some dresses and turned to go when she saw something a bull dog was glaring at her wd his angry eyes making her eyes wide
"Boww..." as the dog barked she stepped scaredly
"Aaahhh..." she shouted scaredly as the dog's barked increased
"Shilpa... Kya hua??" hearing her scared voice Surbhi stood up from chair worriedly
"Aahh... Durr hato... Hatoo" she tried to push that dog scaredly stepping back while her phone fell from her hand when her leg slipped making her head hit wd a table... She fell on floor taking all the bundle of clothes on herself which hided her whole body under it
"Hello... Hello... Shilpa?" Surbhi shouted worriedly on phone but Shilpa's phone's battery got off while the dog was barking loudly but seeing no response it walked from there "Allah miya... Plzz Shilpa ko kuch nai huaa ho... Mujhe Mr Khan ko call karna hoga" she said worriedly moving outside from her cabin


Five hours later

"Umm..." Shilpa stirred coz of sudden pain inside her head "Aaahhh... Mera sarr" sitting up properly she held her head while removing the clothes from herself "Kahan hun main??" she looked here & there but seeing the darkness she got scared then it clicked in her brain how she landed here "Oh shit!! Kahin main yahan lock to nai ho gayi..." mumbling this fearly she stood to check "Phone kahan gaya hoga..." she started searching her phone on floor by her hands coz it was dark night "Mil gaya..." she took a sigh as she found her phone but found it dead "Oh no... Battery to off ho gayi" she said scaredly "Agar Armaan ko pata chal gaya to..." she mumbled tearfully pulling her knees closer to her knees coz of snowy cold outside the shop... She can see from here that door was locked from outside May be the shop keeper didn't saw her coz of she was under the clothes and he locked his door coz it was getting cold... Ohno she was stuck inside a shop wdout anyone's knowledge "Armaan... Aap kahan hai... Mujhe bahoot darr lag raha hai..." she mumbled wd moist eyes "Ye sab us kutte ki wajah se huaa na vo aata... Na nai geerti aur na hi main behosh hoti" she cursed that dog angrily and kept her chin on her hands which was put on her knees "Armaan plzz jaldi aaiyee... Mujhe darr lag raha hai... Plzzz" she mumbled sadly keeping her head against the a wall behind her... Remembering her Husband who loved her unconditionally... Yes these two weeks went which was the most beautiful days of her life after his accident... Nothing changed b/w them but the thing changed was a little understanding and blooming love... After that night when they became one again she woke up in morning finding herself alone on bed immediately a blush formed in her face remembering that night she was still wrapped wd sheets she looked for him around the bed when she saw a note beside her on a gift box she smiled lightly picking that note
"See zyada time nai hai so wdout wasting a second jo main gift laaya hun usse use karo aur ready hokar neeche aao... Aaj bahoot kaam hai mujhe... Main neeche tumhara wait karunga... Sirf ek ghanta wait karunga varna mujhe khud aana padega... Tumhe uthane... Aur haa bags vohi rehne dena... Tumhara Armaan" it was written on the note which made her giggled
"Note mein bhi sadu... Look" mumbling this smilingly she kissed his note and picked that gift box "Isme kya hoga...?" she mumbled opening the gift but as she opened left stunned "What?? Top?? Jeans??" she looked at it shockingly... Is he lost his mind she will wear this in front of his relatives already they are talking about her and he wants she will dressed in a sleeveless top wd tight jeans No ways "Armaan na kuch b karte hai... I am sure first time khud kuch kharida hoga tabhi ye haal hai..." she cursed him angrily when her cell started ringing which was kept beside her It must be kept by him she guessed so that she woke fast.. Taking the phone she saw his name was flashing making her shy to pick that but then suddenly it clicked about the dress which he gifted her "Hello... Armaan aap..??" but before she could complete her sentence he cutted her
"See Shilpa time waste mat karo... Tum ready hui ki nai...??" he asked in his usual calm tone shutting her mouth
"Armaan aap pagal hai... Ye dress pehen k main jaaungi ghar.. Mai nai pehnugi" she directly refused to wore that dress
"Shilpa... Maine tumhe pehene k liye bola hai to matlab bola hai... So tumhe pehenna padega" he almost ordered her whose mouth opened
"Excuse me... Gift mera hai to meri marzi hogi ki pehnun ki nai..." she argued pulling the sheet more closer to her chest
"Baat khatam... Tum pehen k aa rahi ho matlab aa rahi ho... Main iswaqt bahar hun aur Hotel pahuchne mein mujhe thirty minutes lagenge aur tumhare paas thirty minutes hai ready hone k... To jaldi se aao... Bye" ordering her he cutted the call making her angry
"Sadu Akdu... Thirty minutes mein koi ladki ready hoti hai... Aarrrghhh..." cursing him angrily she picked that drress to get ready.. After 15 minutes of tiring shower she got ready on thar Sleeveless light pink loose top wd small brown dots on it and that tight jeans which reached till her ankle... Actually it was not that bad but she cant go infront of his relatives like this but ignoring that she wore her earrings opened her hairs in straight applying dark red lipstick on her tempting lips she put the mascara on her eyes.. But when she moved her hand to wore her wrist watch her eyes widened "OMG!! Ring??" she said shockingly looking her engagement ring back on her finger "Pppar... Ye kaise.. Ye to..??" she didn't knew how to react her eyes got moist seeing the ring back on her finger "Armaan..." she smiled wd moist eyes caressing the ring lovingly she knew it was done by him that's why he asked last night about the ring but the question was how it reached to him?? But ignoring that she giggled ready to give him a soulful hug... Immediately wearing her other accessories and shoes she looked at herself for the last time "Kuch to missing hai...??" she frowned looking at herself on mirror then her eyes landed on her empty neck "Pagal..." smacking her head lightly she wore that pendant and locking their Room's door she moved out... Reaching on ground floor she stood outside the Hotel waiting for him who still didn't arrived after ten minutes of waiting and then she thought to call him just she took her phone out when a bike stopped in front of her like a halt "Ouch!!!" she stepped back as the bike stopped in front of her "Andhe ho bike chalani nai aati... Idiot" she yelled angrily looking at the man who removed his helmet making her shocked "Armaan..??" she looked at him wd wide eyes Yes its Armaan who wore a white shirt wd sleeves folded till his elbow there was white t-shirt underneath the shirt and ripped blue jeans the white shoes were making him more cool... He wore his cool shades looking up ar her calmly his hairs were not at all gelled She blinked her eyes twice staring him who shook his head keeping his hands on his helmet which was kept in front of him

Shehro me
Galliyon me
Apno me
Paraayo me
Dhundha tujhe...

"Stop staring... Chalo baitho" clicking his fingers in front of her he said calmly staring up at her who thought may be she is dreaming Come on Shilpa Mr.Armaan Malik is sitting on bullet bike that is wd his Cool look as if she is seeing her lost husband "Shilpa..." now his voice turned in strict tone making her realize that No... She is not dreaming He is her Akdu Husband wd his new look But bike??
"Armaan aap thik to hai...??" she asked slowly which maked him narrow his eyes "I mean.. Suddenly bike...??" she immediately asked as he he looked at her
"Tum baith rahi ho ki... Baandh k bithaun" he said in sarcastic way making her pout "Already dus minute late ho tum" as he scolded her jaw dropped
"Haawww... Main late hun...?" she pointed at herself wd pouted anger to which he nodded calmly making her angry "Excuse me... Main nai aap late hai vo b dus minute... Ek to khud late ho aur mujhe bol rahe hai..." crossing her arms she said angrily making him to hide his smile seeing her look "And by the way... Hum ispe ghar jaayenge... Is bike pe?? Most important main is look mein jaaungi??" she asked angrily making him to shook his head
"Baithti ho yaa nai..??" he asked calmly staring up at her who looked at him suspiciously thinking what is he upto now??
"Nai pehle aap batao??" she replied wd her attitude making him to stare her calmly "Aur ye bike kahan se chori ki aapne??" she taunted making him looked at her wd a smile
"Meri hai.. Rehaan se mangvaai abhi... But vo sab chodo tum batao baithogi ki nai??" replying her slowly he asked in normal tone making her smile He still loves bike she though
"Aapko bike b pasand hai?? Kabhi laga nai mujhe??" she knowingly asked this just to know why he left his passion for bikes
"Yaah.. Mujhe College mein bahoot pasand thi... Infact main jab India aaya tha tabhi pasand thi" he replied smilingly looking at his bike making her smile
"Thi??" she asked confusedly
"Haa... Vo jab thoda serious ho gaya to socha ye immature hai... U know craze for bikes... But vo sab chodo tum baith rahi ho yaa nai??" replying her slowly he asked again but this time seriously where as Shilpa thought to ask about this later
"Nai pehle aap bataaiyee ki ye sab aap kar ku rahe hai??" she asked wd a cute anger while putting her both hands on back of her "Aur hum ghar kyun nai jaa rahe hai??" she asked in serious tone making him smile seeing her anger
"See hum aaj ghar nai jaa rahe hai.. Direct raat ko jaaynge... Aur ye sab main is liye kar raha hun kyun ki mera mood hai" replying this calmly he took out his goggles from his eyes making her stunned
"Mood?? Par hum ghar kyun nai jaayenge??" she again asked to which he glared and keeping his helmet properly on bike he moved out from bike making her gulped
"Zyada sawaal jawaab nai.. Chup chap chalo" pointing his index finger he ordered making her to blink her eyes at his change of look again "Par kyun??" she asked slowly to which he smiled and stood against the bike calmly while crossing his arms
"Kyun ki aaj tum mujhe pura Mumbai dikhaogi..." as he said calmly she narrowed her bows confusedly mumbling why "Kyun jab tum Surbhi ko pura... Mumbai dikha sakti ho uske saath day out kar sakti ho to mere saath kyun nai?? Most important tumne usse apni pichli life ki saari chize dikhaayi... School College... Apna favourite spots and favourite street foods... To mujhe kyun nai??" he asked calmly crossing his hands in front of her who tried to hide her smile Mr Jahapanah Stubborn King Malik wants to know her that's very new thing to hear
"Par aap kyun janna chahte hai...??" she asked in normal tone making him to glare her who smiled "But Armaan.. Vo to bahoot choti si baat hai.. Aap bore ho jaayenge u know.. Koi b chiz aapke choice ki nai hogi..." she replied in fake sad tone making him smile
"Jab tum mere choice ki ho to baaki sab ko to adjust karna hi padega" but he didn't said this it was inside his brain "Jo b ho... Mujhe dekhna hai matlab dekhna hai" saying this calmly he again sat on bike and started wearing his helmet "Ab aaogi b...??" he looked up at her who smiled and just wants to kiss him


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