Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Part 5 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Main dekhoon jo tujhko toh pyaas badhe
Tu roz, tu roz, do ghunt chadhe

"You are freezing.. Let's go inside the car" she couldn't argued coz her body was really trembling at that time and as he felt that she is shivering he removed his jacket making her eyes wide "Aap se badi stupid maine sachme kahin nehi dekhi aise koi bina kisi stole or jacket ke bahar nikalta hai kya thand me pakadiye isse" scolding her he offered his jacket which only made her shocked coz she remembered the time when Armaan gave his jacket after that Gurudwara scene and now his offer only made her more confused so she refused saying 'Nehi mmain.. Tthik hun' she was shivering he can see this so ignoring her words he put his jacket around her carefuly who only stared him in surprise "See agar aap bimaar ho gayi toh Dad ko kaun handle karega.. So please accept it" saying this politely he put the jacket more closely to her front then stepped back only to notice her staring down on her foot where her one sandle have broke "Nikaal dijiye isse varna problem hogi" as he suggested this she slowly removed only to curled her toes coz of the cold making him to observe her every expressions and wdout saying further stood beside her only to put his hand on her back which made her to look at him shockingly at his guts when he did something very unexpected 

"Karan..??" her eyes widen in shock as he lifted her up on his arms "Yeh tum.. Pagal ho gayye ho chodo mujhe" trying to push him she looked at him strangely coz already she was fearing near him and now being on his arms was only making her scared
"I am sorry aisa karna ke liye but i know aap chal nehi paayengi" staring her calmly he walked towards the car meanwhile trying to understand his heartbeat's skips when she argued
"Kaunsi car dur park ki hai main chal ke bhi jaa sakti hoon" at this he smiled but wdout retorting or replying he carefuly made her sat inside the car and then sat back on driving seat making her feel angry at him also on her "Iski himmat kaise hui mujhe uthaane ki.. Par main kyun usse kuch nehi keh paati aur bhagwaan jitna main isse dur jaana chaahti hun aap kyun isse mere aur karib le aate hain" she thought wd her frustrated mind while Karan started his car calmly "Sahin hai aapka bhi bas baithe baithe maze lo meri zindagi ke aur kuch mat karo" she was cursing it mentally while noticing the tension inside the car Karan thought to end this
"Vaise mujhe aisa lagta hai problems aapke paas nehi aap problems ke paas jaati hain Dr Shilpa.. I mean aapko kya lagi hai mujhe bimaar karne ki" his attempt to make her normal didn't worked coz she was sitting wd grumpy look "To be frank mujhe doubt hai ki aap doctor hain bhi ki nehi.. You know doctors toh thode sensible hote hain aur aap toh" and that worked on her whose head snapped turned at him
"Aur tum insaan nehi ho yeh pata chal gaya mujhe zarur kisi planet ke Alien ho aur uncle ko ek basket me mil.. Aaaacchi" he couldn't hold back his chuckle hearing her cute annoyed voice but yes he forwarded tissue papers to her who slowly grabbed when again she sneezed "Uff!" she rubbed her pink nose annoyingly coz of sneezes making him to adored her face so he put on the heater after closing the windows which only made her scared "Window kyun close kiya?? Mujhe suffocation hoti hai?" she looked at him scaredly while cluthing the jacket more closely which made him to smack himself mentally coz he remembered about the lift scene
"So sorrryy.. Aap thik hain?" as he apologised staring her she sighed coz he opened the windows and giving a silent nod she stared outside making him guilty who thought to start any conversation "I am sorry but yeh sab aapki wajah se hi hua hai.. I mean aapne khud invitation diya hai and i heard somewhere.. He who dies a pit for other falls into it himself" his teasing yet calm voice made her mouth opened in O shape
"Tum please chup rahoge do minute.. Mujhe seriously thand lag rahi hai aur.. Aacchhii" he laughed at her condition while trying to speed his car for home but yes she is looking cute right now to him
"Pata nehi kyun aapki har habit mujhe acchi lagne lagi hai Dr Shilpa.. Aap itni cute kyun hain ki mujhe nehi chaahte huye bhi aapko dekhne ka mann karta hai" he thought deeply while staring her who really got annoyed by the sneezes which made him grinned coz he thought to tease her again "Isiliye maine pehle hi warn kiya tha ki beware par aap sunti thodi hain meri" he was passing many teasing comments only to make her irritate who argued but again sneezed making Karan chuckle and wdin ten minutes they reached home where handling him his jacket she immediately went to change where as he went inside kitchen to make something warm for her, after changing herself in full sleeves loose white printed black t-shirt and track pant she went inside blanket for warm when Karan knocked on her door which she unwillingly opened and as she found him got confused but when he informed he have made something warm for her she couldn't got chance to refuse coz gripping her wrist he made her sat inside the kitchen dinner table then served her hot soup who only stared him dumbfoundly "See I know Doctor aap hain.. But have this i am sure it will give you warm from inside" sitting in front of her calmly he said to her who have entwinned her both hands in fists under the table coz she is still shivering while the soup was put in front of her

Mujhse tu na mujhse kabhi bichde
To roz, tu roz, do ghunt chadhe

"Main nehi pee sakti.. But thank you for this" she slowly refused making him frown who put his coffee mug on the table asking why? "Aree vo mujhe abhi bhi thand lag rahi hai itna ki main hil bhi nehi sakti" wdout looking at him she replied which made him chuckled meanwhile Arun had woke for water but got confused seeing them awake in kitchen
"Yeh problem toh badi hai.. Lekin mera sawaal toh yeh tha aapse ki aap mujhe bimaar karne chali thi toh khud kaise hogayi" his taunt made her to glare him wd cute pout while Arun smiled seeing Karan smiling "Okay okay.. Main help karta hoon" saying this smilingly he sat beside her then taking the soup he forwarded a spoonfull towards her mouth who looked at him surprisingly even Arun also
"Nnehi chaahiye.. Mmmain kar lungi" looking away from him she refused making him to notice her awkwardness who thought to give her spoon when she sneezed "Ufff!!" as she made a face he pressed his lips to control his smile
"Vaise main jaanta hoon aap kar saktin hain par agar aapki yehi haalat rahi toh Dad kal subhe mujhe bahoot sunaayenge so.. Meri choti si reputation ke liye kha lijiye.. And trust me main kal subhe tak sab bhul jaaunga aaj raat ke baare me as if aap giri hi nehi kahin" his way of saying made her smiled a little wd bowed head where as Arun only watched both of them smilingly
"Hmm mujhe sir ko dikhaana hoga" thinking this Arun went inside his room to bring his phone to capture this moment
"Aree main kahan jaaun please koi mujhe bacha le yahaan se.. Pata nehi kyun iske jab bhi karib rehti hoon ek ajeeb saa dar lagta hai jaise ki abhi pighal jaaungi main.. Yaah phir kahin aisa toh nehi mera Dil Karan me Armaan dhundhne" as this thought came she became stiff for seconds while he clicked his fingers in front of her who calming herself looked down "Nehi mujhe nehi.." Shilpa tried to refuse when he blew a light air on the soup then forwarded that near her mouth whose bubble mind taunted her "Tujhse pehle bhi kaha tha isse bahoot dur reh kyunki pehle bhi tu fass chuki hai ek baar ab dobaara phir ussi chehre ke saath Shilpa.. No never" at this she only stared down thinking to herself "Main kya karun yeh khud mere karib aa raha hai.. Kahan jaaun?" but her thought was broken by his voice who called her name making her to stare him silently, but seeing his hand her heart melted who first hasitated but feeling the cold she slowly ate by his hand who smiled lightly coz her every gesture is pulling his heart's strings out meanwhile Arun came and capture this moment in his phone smilingly "Vaise tumhe thand nehi lag rahi hai? Aur tumne itni saari ice creams khaayi kaise?" trying to end the awkwardness she asked slowly while taking the spoon from his hand who sighed then picked up his phone
"Sach kahun toh maine dinner nehi kiya tha toh ice cream kha liya and about thand.. Mujhe aadat hai Dr Shilpa usme rehne ki infact main toh snow me bhi shirtless reh sakta hun.. But that doesn't mean ki main normal nehi hun okay" he replied in calm tone taking a sip from his coffee while a small smile broke onto her lips hearing his reply and shaking her head she started the soup by her own hand only to realise what a brilliant cook he is coz that was the very first time she tasted his hands's food.. Yes there were awkwardness b/w them in beginning but when they got comfortable in each others presence everything turned normal especially Karan who was realising that she is becoming something for him but What?? He was unaware..

(Main confuse zarur thi par saath me dar bhi rahi thi Karan ke presence se kyunki kahin na kahin mera dil confuse ho raha tha.. Par in sab ke bawajood maine haar nehi maani koshish karti rahi usse bimaar karne ki par uspar kuch asar nehi ho raha tha, ek hafta guzar gaya tha par Karan pe ek bhi trick kaam nehi karti meri aur Aarti ki, ek baar toh humne socha usse injection laga kar bimaar karen but vo kya haina yeh cheating hoti uske saath toh humne hi haar maan li uske aage.. Aur har thursday ki tarah maine socha Gurudwaare jaaun jo ki main mahine me ek baar zarur jaati hun isiliye maine Papa se bola ki mujhe bahar jaana hai toh unhone allow bhi kar diya tha.. Main aur Aarti gurudwaare ke liye nikle vahaan aur yahan anjaane me Papa aur Arun uncle ka bhi mann kiya Gurudwaara jaane ka toh unhone Karan ko bhi apne saath zabardasti le liya)

"Dekh Shilpa aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai vo banda waqayi me hygienic person ho aur aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai vo itna fit aur handsome hai isiliye bimaari usse choo bhi naa rahi ho" Aarti put her assumption forward making Shilpa to think about it deeply while they both started walking towards the Gurudwaara after parking their car
"Haan ho toh sakta hai par maine uncle se promise kiya hai ki main unke bete ko thoda stable toh banaaungi.. Abhi kitna kuch hai karna hai, India ki har colors dikhaani hai usse.. Vaise next week tak toh mera kaam ho jaayga.. I mean is hafte ke end me Karan jaayga Amsterdam Dr Louis se milne uncle ke case ke baare me aur phir jab unhe lekar vo aayga tab main finally us ghar se humaare ghar aaungi" she said thoughtfully while correcting her duppatta on her shoulder (She have wore a simple blue umbrella dress with white printed pink duppatta and silver ornaments while Aarti have wore a yellow patiyaala dress)
"Kya tu bhi itni jaldi mat aa mujhe tere bina maza aane laga tha.. Aur saturday ko mujhe Karan ji ke darshan bhi toh milte hain.. Haayyee dazzling smile hai yaar uski" her dreamy way of saying made her to smack her shoulders when they saw Arun & Raj outside the Gurudwaara "Shilpa yeh log yahaan?" she looked at her surprisingly which made Shilpa amused who thought to surprise them so wd careful steps she walked ahead and standing behind Raj she put her palms on his eyes
"Aree?" Raj frowned making Arun smiled while she hide her giggle but Aarti giggled "Ab main samjha yeh kaun hai.. Meri Angel" holding her hands Raj smiled coz he knows only she can do these things
"Aapko kaise pata chala?" removing her hands she asked wd a smile making Raj to face her smilingly
"Aap angel haina toh.. Samajh me aa jaata hai" his words made her giggle but she whispered in low voice 'Sshh yeh humara secret hai sab sunn lenge' at this Raj bit his toung "Oh sorryy" he mouthed when Aarti frowned at the word angel so she questioned about it which Raj explained "Aree angel matlab.. Doctors angel hi toh hote hain patients ke liye" he replied sweetly on which Aarti grinned 'Tab toh main bhi angel houngi' and this made them laughed
"Vaise aap dono yahaan kaise?" walking wd them Shilpa asked confusedly
"Aise hi aaj mera aur sir ka mood kiya ki chalo babaji ke darshan karlen.. Par Karan baba aane ko ready nehi the phir bhi zor zabardasti karke laaye hum unhe yahaan toh ab phone par busy hain vo dekho" Arun replied slowly and last pointed on parking side where Karan was talking on phone near his car
"Main is ladke se pareshaan ho gaya hoon" Raj sighed tiredly which made Shilpa more worried for him also angry on Karan who was talking wd his client (he was wearing a gray denim jacket wd white t-shirt underneath & denim jeans wd sneakers)
"Aree pareshaan kyun do teen sunna dijiye apne aap akal thikaane par aa jaaygi iski" Shilpa suggested normally which made Raj chuckled when Karan's eyes landed on them and seeing Shilpa he was surprised but the thing made his heartbeat skip was her traditional attire

Yeh jo halka halka suroor hai
Yeh jo pehla pehla suroor hai

"Aap itni beautiful kyun hain Dr Shilpa? Ki mera control nehi hai khudpar?" he thought staring her wd lost look but his thoughts got disturbed by the other person on phone so he again concentrated on his call while here Arun thought something for Kash coz he was observing Karan's behavior towards her since that day
"Vaise Shilpa beta kyuna aap Baba ko lekar aao main Sir aur Aarti beta tab tak andar jaayen.. Vo kya haina late bhi kaafi ho raha hai" Arun's suggestion made Raj a little confused while Shilpa's eyes widen hearing this making Aarti to hide her smile coz she knows how much Shilpa hates near Karan
"Main kaise?? I mean jab aapki nehi sunta to meri kaise?" she tried to save herself
"Sunn lega aap bas bula laaiye.. Vaise bhi kabse khade hain sir yahaan ab toh unke pair me bhi dard hai.. Haina sir?" as Arun looked at Raj smilingly he got confused when Arun winked which made him puzzled but he managed to gave a calm nod in Yes while this scene was seen by Aarti who tried to guess the hint and getting no chance to escape Shilpa smiled for Raj's sake
"Acha thik hai aap log andar chalo main us Badt.. I mean Karan ko lekar aati hun" saying this in fake sweet voice she turned to call Karan while Raj gave Arun a questioning look who gestured him to wait & watch making Aarti frowned where as Shilpa was walking towards Karan angrily "Kehene ko toh kehta hai main apne Dad se sabse zyada pyaar karta hoon par Bandar kahin ka.. Ek bhi baat nehi sunta unki aur bolta hai.." she was cursing him but stopped as she saw a small scene which made her mouth shut completely.. Actually Karan was talking on phone when he saw an old Punjabi man who was trying to hold a big plate full of 'Chadar & Pugs' for God and as he passed near him his legs stumbled making Karan to held his shoulders for support in fact he also held that plate wd his other hand resulting his phone on ground
"Aap thik hain??" in hasitated way Karan asked on which that old man looked at him wd thankfull look while Shilpa immediately ran there
"Uncle aap thik hain?" reaching there she asked in worried voice making Karan to look at her quietly when that man nodded in Yes while Karan took that plate from him saying 'Let me help you' which made that man confused and Shilpa shook her head "Inka matlab hai.. Aaiye hum aapki madad karte hain andar tak" eyeing him she corrected which made that man smiled while Karan narrowed his bows but ignoring this he picked up his phone and walked wd her inside the Gurudwaara's gate where a caretaker came & took that plate from Karan who frowned
"Why she took..?" but before he could ask his question that old man turned at him smilingly
"Main yahan kaam karta hoon.. Aur aaj babaji ki meher vich tune meri jaan bacha kar itta bada ehsaan kardinga ki main babaji se duaa karu ki teri saari icchaaye puri kare aur tujhpe humesha aise hi unki meher rahe" as the old man blessed him in Punjabi language while keeping his hand on his head, Karan looked at him dumbfoundly coz everything went above his head while Shilpa smiled at the oldman but as she saw Karan's puzzled look she rolled her eyes
"He blessed you wd happiness.. So say thank you atleast.." her taunting voice made him to first look at her then at the old man who was smilingly staring him so wd small smile he thanked him making that old man to caress his hairs lovingly then he went inside "Thank god tumne unhe bacha liya varna toh.." she was saying this smilingly when Karan interrupted
"Who is Meher??" her smile vanished as she heard his confusing voice but loosing not her cool she was about to reply when a lady who works there gestured her to put her Duppatta on head even she also gestured for Karan

Tera ishq mera fitoor hai
Tera ishq hai ya fitoor hai

"Suno main baad me acche se bataaungi pehle.. Apne hankerchief ko apne sar par baandh lo" putting her duppatta on her head she said to him who got confused so he asked But Why? "Baarish hone waali hai isliye.." her sarcastic reply made him narrowed his bows "Aree kyunki Gurudwaare me kabhi bhi koi bhi insaan bina sar dhake nehi jaata, kabhi gurudwaare nehi gayye kya?" as she replied calmly he only watched her silently actually he was mesmerised by her Indian beauty but when she looked at him wd crossed hands he averted his eyes from her
"Vo.. Actually i was 17 when i last visited these types of places, Its not like that i hate it or something it just i was very busy" he replied calmly while taking out his hankerchief which made her smiled slowly coz he was staring at everyone as if trying to learn how they tied on their heads where as from entrance Raj Arun & Aarti were watching this scene smilingly
"So what.. Ab toh aa gayye hona toh andar chalo and by the way tumne uncle ko itna pareshaan kyun karke rakkha hai.. Vo jo kehte hain sunte kyun nehi jaante hona unka heart weak hai" washing her foot in the water she scolded him who obidiently followed her
"I always try my best okay.. Sometimes it gets over so i refused" he reasoned himself while trying to tie that hankerchief on his head but he couldn't able to do that while shaking her head she turned to go when he called her name who turned only to find him annoy wd the hankerchief "Dr Shilpa can you help me wd this?" hearing his annoying tone she looked at him in disbelief
"Come on yeh mat kehna ki tumhe yeh nehi aata?" walking in front of him she asked almost in shocking voice on which he replied 'I know.. But i don't know why.. Yeh ho kyun nehi raha please help me' his irritated voice made her hasitate coz being near him always makes her confused "Karan main kaise.. I mean.." she tried to put her reason but when he forwared his hankerchief she couldn't deny so taking from him calmly she stood behind him "Pehle usko.. Vahan rakkho" as she gestured him to put that on his head he followed quietly and then taking it she tip toed her legs for tying the knot where as seeing this scene Raj looked at Arun surprisingly
"Kya tum wahi soch rahe ho jo main soch raha hoon?" wd a happy smile Raj whispered to Arun who smiled back
"Aapse pehle soch chuka hoon.. Aap bahar dhundh rahe ho ladki toh ghar me hi hai" he whispered back smilingly making Raj to sigh wd happiness coz he finally found someone who can actually handle Karan "Maine vo pic dikhaate time hi aapse bola tha Baba ke dil me kuch toh hai unke liye" he said wd teasing grin which made Raj to give a nod in Yes smilingly where as Aarti grinned seeing the scene so taking out her phone she clicked their pic
"Ab tujhe bataaungi.. Chidti haina tu ab dekhna kitna maza aayga tujhe roz chidaane me" thinking this she gigged wd herself then looked down at the pic where Shilpa was tying his hankerchief on head who was patiently staring at the place when Arun said her to come inside wd them so three of them walked inside the temple
"Hmm ho gaya lekin khud sikhlo kyunki har koi help nehi karega samjhe" stepping back she said to him slowly coz near him her heart & mind both starts to think about him
"Yaah i know.. I prefer Tie instead of this.. Anyways Thanks.. Par aap yahan kya kar rahin hain?" walking wd her towards the entrance he asked calmly
"Main toh yahan mahine me ek baar toh zaroor aati hoon agar kaam ho toh.. Aur jab nehi rehta tab hafte me thursday ke din aati hoon.. You know i find peace here" folding her hands she replied smilingly which made him to stare her wd a lost smile

Maine khud ko tujhpe luta diya
Tera hooke khudko mita diya

"Sometimes you talks like Dad" as he said this she giggled while they both reached inside the temple which only made Karan to look at it surprisingly coz its been ages since he visited any temple, seeing the architechtures designs & everything he was amused but yes his heart also found peace which made him to observe the people here when he saw his Dad & uncle sitting on one side calmly and on other side Aarti wd her hands folded.. He saw Shilpa kneeling down wd her hands folded & eyes closed which made him to follow her but instead to close his eyes he only stared her wd his hands folded "Why you are effecting me so much Dr Shilpa? I mean i don't know why i stare you like an idiot sometimes.. I know there is something magical in you but why my heart gets fast near you? May be aap vo pehli ladki hain jinse maine itna baat kiya hai?? You are different i know this? But i want to know? Main kya feel kar raha hoon aapke liye? Humaare bich sirf ek relation hai aap mere Dad ki doctor hain bas par phir kyun mujhe aisa lagta hai ki main aapke saath aur kuch bhi share kar sakta hoon? Godd help me to find this" he was staring her calmly wd these thoughts but getting confused he looked at the God then bowed his head wd closed eyes
"Hey bhagwaan bas jald se jald Raj uncle ko thik kardo kyunki ab unse ek apnapan mehsoos hota hai.. Lekin main yeh bhi jaanti hoon ki mujhe dur jaana hai is apne pan se kyunki rishte Shilpa Malhotra ke liye nehi bane toh bas yehi maangti hun ki inhe thik kardo.. Waada karti hun zaroor aaungi ek chaadar chadhaane uske baad.. Aur ek chiz please bhagwaan Karan ko thoda dur rakkho mujhse aap toh jaante hi ho kya problem hai mujhe usse par phir bhi dur rakkho usse zara.. Ek ajib sa hi khudko khone waala dar lagta hai uske karib please" Shilpa prayed still wd closed eyes while Arun & Raj were discussing about them
"Tumhe pura yakeen hai Arun ki Karan kuch feel karta hai Shilpa ke liye?" he whispered in low voice on which Arun replied 'Haan sir, aap khud dhyaan diya karo Baba kaise unki har baat sunte hain kya aisa kabhi unhone kisi aur ke liye kiya hai kya? Aur usse badi baat Baba ki aankhon me dikhta hai ki kuch toh hai jo vo Shilpa beta ke liye mehsoos karte hain' his whisper made Raj to think about it deeply "Hmm.. Ab toh mujhe bhi shaq hai.. Lekin kuch karne se pehle hume pehle inhe observe karna hoga.. Vaise ghar me ek doctor bahu aaygi toh dekhne laayak hoga Karan ka hygienic side" at his last line Arun hide his giggle while both of them were watching Kash observely "Vaise lagte toh hain perfect ek dusre ke saath haina Arun?" at his smiling question Arun nodded in Yes wd a smile where as after taking blessing from god they stood up and sitting there for few more minutes they all walked out when Aarti requested Shilpa that to introduce her to Karan so she finally introduced them.. Karan was very formal to Aarti who was joking & enjoying his company whose eyes were only looking at Shilpa coz she was busy wd the elders but yes Aarti's nonstop Bak Bak made him amused in fact they became good friends plus enemies from that day.. Shilpa & Aarti left for shopping while Karan took his both buddy's out for lunch.. But from that day Raj & Arun were only observing Kash while Shilpa was thinking about her plans to make Karan normal so one fine evening she got an idea which she discussed wd Aarti and this only made her excited so they both shared this to Raj (At that time Karan had went Amsterdam to meet wd Dr louis)
"Hmm festivals se toh Karan dur hi rehta hai except Christmas.. Baaki Seoul me ek area hai jahan Indian festival manate hain hum sab bas vahan Karan aur Rishubh hi nehi aate kyunki yeh dono usdin baahar ghoomte hai.. Inse sahin humaara Vikrant hai chota hai par usse India se judi har chiz pasand hai" keeping his megazine aside Raj spoke thoughtfully making Shilpa & Aarti to watch him calmly
"Haan par sawaal toh yeh haina ki India ki kaunsi aisi festival hai jo Karan ko acchi lagti hai tabhi toh hum vaisa maahul bana sakte hain jisse usse Indian traditions bhi acche lange" Aarti said smartly which made Raj sighed while Arun brought coffees for them
"Par Baba ko toh har chiz se problem hai.. Bachpan me Diwaali ke din pataako se bhaag jaate the kyunki vo loud thi, Lohri ke din dhuye se problem hai ki kahin log bimaar pad gayye toh, Eid toh vo aur Haidar aise manaate hain jaise business meeting kar rahe ho aur Holi par colors se dur rehte hain toh hum karenge kya?" sitting beside Raj Arun replied tiredly making Aarti to pick a coffee
"Haan tabhi aapke Baba itne boring aur colorless hain.. I mean usse dikhaana hoga hume ki zindagi me har festival kuch khushiyaan laata hai, usse zindagi dikhaani hogi hume har ek alag alag festival ki" standing up Shilpa said in dreamy way making the three to watch her smilingly "Diwaali ke liye toh pura mahaul light se bharna padega aur yehi chiz Eid ke liye bhi.. Hmm toh hum Holi dikhaayenge usko vo bhi India waali thodi bhaang se bhari aur bhaoot saare colors.. Kaisa hai idea mera?" she looked at the three excitedly
"Idea toh superb hai par jab Karan ko pata chalega ki hum Holi mana rahen hain vo bhi bina uske season ke toh vo khudko lock karlega room me" Raj's doubt made them to think something else
"Par agar Baba ko pata hi naa chale ki hum Holi ki taiyaari kar rahen hain tab toh unhe mauka hi nehi milega chupne ke liye" Arun suggested smilingly on which Aarti supported
"Haan yeh sahin hoga hum naa usse aadhe din ke liye kahin bahar bhej denge yeh kehkar ki bacche ghar par hain vo khud nehi aayga.. Aur phir Raj uncle usse bula lenge" Aarti's words made Shilpa & Raj to give appreciating look
"Sahin hai par Karan pure din nehi aayga agar usse pata chale bacche ghar par hain.. Hume kuch aur dhudhna hoga usse baahar bhejne ke liye" Raj said disappointingly coz he knows his son where as hearing this they all started thinking something else when Aarti asked 'Vaise Karan Amsterdam se waapas kab aa raha hai?' at this Raj thought & replied "Aaj late night vo aayga" and again they all started thinking when again an idea came inside Shilpa's head who smiled widely
"Mere paas ek aur plan hai" as she said three of them looked at her curiously "See aaj raat vo bahoot late aayga naa toh thik hai.. Hum Holi ki saari preparations abhi kar denge aur backyaard ki saari lights raat ko off kardenge kal subhe jab vo uthega tab usse Holi surprise milega.. Kaisa hai?" she looked at them excitedly only to get thumbs up from them happily and from there they all started Holi preparation that too wdout its season.. Orphange kids were very excited as Shilpa shared this news coz its a treat for them and according to their plan when Karan came back in late night that too not in good mood every servant hide everything but Karan was so tired that after changing he directly slept wdout having his food.. Next morning everything was going in fast place every kids from Orphange house, every neighbours were invited in this uninvited Holi celebration while Karan was sleeping tiredly but when he heard the loud Music from backyard he put the pillow above his head to escape
"Aaahhh shut this crap!" hiding himself inside the blanket & cushions he whinned annoyingly when the music of Dhol n all got more louder "Argghh" sitting up he yelled while shuting his ears and getting annoying moved to look outside from his room's window but what he saw made his eyes opened fully "What in the world is going on here?" he mumbled confusedly after rubbing his eyes who looked at the decorations & people in backyard who were laughing & chatting in white color clothes, He was staring down confusedly when Raj wd careful steps walked inside his room and finding him staring out confusedly he chuckled which took Karan's attention who turned at him "Dad what's going on in backyard? I mean why?" but before he could asked ahead Raj kept a white shirt on his bed then stood in front of him who frowned seeing the clothe so he opened his mouth to ask but Raj interrupted
"Jo bhi sawaal hain baad me puchna pehle ready hokar neeche aao" at his smiling face Karan looked at him suspiciously "Aise mat dekho bola naa neeche aao sab pata chalega" he said in happy tone which made Karan to shook his head doubtfully coz he can never refuse anything of his Dad but when Raj turned to leave he felt a ting a inside his heart so he called Raj who looked back frowningly and wdout saying anything Karan hugged him tightly while whispering 'I missed you & i love you' Raj was confused at this sudden change of his mood "Waah teen din me tumne mujhe itna miss kiya.. That's strange? But i missed you too" caressing his back he said smilingly which made Karan to control his moist eyes but his hold tighten more "Acha ready hokar aao neeche jaldi" moving back he caressed his cheek who gave a calm nod in Yes silently and as Raj left he sighed only to scratch his head confusedly seeing the white clothe but shrugging off every thoughts he went inside to get fresh especially for his Dad.. Getting ready in white shirt formally wd olive green formal pant & black professional shoes he looked at his watch collection and was wearing it calmly when he heard loud laughs & giggles from downstairs which made him frowned so moving out he decended from stairs but finding the kids playing wd colors & Pichkaari's his eyes widen in shock
"Noo.." giving a horrified look he shook his head when Raj Aarti Arun & kids spotted him who wd back steps ran upstairs and locked himself inside his room leaving everyone there giggling
"Baba toh nehi aane waale ab" Arun gave a disappointment look to Aarti who was still giggling at Karan's reaction when Shilpa came there in a white umbrella dress wd red & blue mix color dupatta and her make up was a simple wd her long hairs curled from down, seeing their expressions she questioned and Raj replied hopelessly that Karan won't come coz of kids at this she only smiled then assured him that she will bring him down, her assurance only gave Raj hope so everyone went out for the function while Shilpa stood in front of Karan's room's door smilingly

Yeh jo halka halka suroor hai
Yeh jo pehla pehla suroor hai
Tere husn ko yeh guroor hai
Mere husn ka yeh qusoor hai

"Karan tum andar kya kar rahe ho jab sab bahar hain?" knocking on his door she questioned in cute tone making him to stood up from couch and walked near the door calmly
"See Dr Shilpa i already told you.. To make the kids away from me then why you brought them suddenly specially when you know that i am in home??" hearing his irritating voice she put her palm on her mouth to hide her giggle coz first time in history she have someone so scared of kids
"Par aaj toh Holi function haina toh maine socha kyuna vo bhi hume join karle" she replied sweetly making him to mouth Holi function? confusedly "See kitna mehnat kiya humne tumhaare liye aur tum ho ki andar lock ho, socho bacche kya sochenge ki tum unse dar gayye so that vo tumpe color naa pheken" she tried to manipulate him who crossing his hands put his back against the door replying As if i care uninterestingly "Uff! Ab toh pura yakeen hogaya ki yeh Alien hai, Shilpa kuch aur soch come on varna tum sab ki mehnat bekaar jaaygi" at her mind's suggestion she started thinking else when she got an idea which made her smirked "Karan.. Tum kya chaahte ho ki jab uncle ko pata chale ki unki itni mehnat karne waali is Uninvited Holi ko tumne dekha bhi nehi toh unhe bura lagega naa?? Kya tumhe pata hai log kya keh rahen hain bahar.. Yehi ki bina mausam ke barsaat toh sunni thi par bina season ke Holi first time dekhi" she tried to make him emotional who first didn't understood but soon he thought about his dad "Uncle chaahte hai tum India ka har rang dekho jinse tumhe khushi ho aur ek tum kuch chote baccho aur colors se dar gayye.. I mean realise bhi kiya tumne ki kitni takleef hogi unko, takleef hogi toh vo shock honge, shock honge tab unhe kahin attack.. Haww" she controlled hard not to giggle coz she knows it somewhere melted his heart who immediately turned to opened the door worriedly
"Okay fine main aaunga but first you promise me.. Ki koi bhi baccha mere aas paas nehi aayega and second no one will make me dranched wd that stupid thing or put colors, i saw in Seoul how people plays this crazily" she held her head at his demands but crossing her fingers she promised & waited for him to open the door who after a seconds slowly opened his door then peeped his head out to see there are kids or not and seeing this Shilpa laughed taking his attention, Karan stepped out slowly but as he saw her laughing his legs freezed seeing her this beautiful and for few seconds he forgot to blink coz of her beautiful sound of laugh which automatically made him smiled dazedly "Tumna Karan baccho jaisi harqate karte ho aur baccho se hi problem hai.. Hehee ab chalo" still laughing she said to him whose heart was beating in its loudest speed "Aree dekh kya rahe ho chalo bhi main hoona" saying this excitedly she grabbed his wrist and took him out who was only staring her lostly as if his everything was under her control but when they reached out his eyes eyes widen seeing everyone playing wd colors & waters in fact few of them were dancing also
"Noo Dr Shilpa, I cant they are so unclean" pulling his hand back he clearly refused to go wd horrified look making Shilpa to point her index finger
"Offo! chalo bhi" almost ordering him she moved to grab his hand who shaking his head in No stepped back making her to held her head "Accha thik hai jaao par jaane se pehle ek chota sa shagun toh kardo" making a cute sad face she requested which made him to asked What is shagun? "Shagun in the sense a good thing.. But vo sab chodo at least thoda sa color toh laga lo apne chehre par so that uncle ko khushi ho ki tumne is function ki laaj.. I mean respect rakhli" saying this in her sad dramatic way she pointed at Raj who was coloring the people happily which only made Karan melt while getting the chance she fisted red colors on her palms from side table and in an excited way moved to color him "Happy Ho.." but before she could touch his cheek, he immediately gripped her wrist whose eyes widen seeing him

Maine khud ko tujhpe loota diya
Tera hooke khudko mita diya

"Aaahaa.. I am very alert person, mujhe pata rehta hai mere aas paas kya hota hai so agli baar kuch aur try karna" opening her color filled palm slowly he answered in calm tone where as she was stil staring him shockingly who observed the people that how they are playing then averted his eyes back at her and taking the color from her hold he smiled "By the way Happy uninvited Holi" wishing this he rubbed the color on her chubby cheeks slowly wd his strong gaze which only made her eyes closed by his sudden touch while for few seconds she forgot to breath which he realised so slowly carefully he leaved her hand who lifted her lids up only to find him stepping back when suddenly from behind Aarti kids Arun & Raj circled Karan which made Shilpa to turn normal
"Happy Holi" in a seconds everyone made him completely drenched wd the water & colors who only yelled Aaaww making everyone laughed at his condition while Shilpa laughed seeing his face
"Bacchu tumhe kya laga tha tum bach jaaoge humse" putting her hands on her waist Aarti teased on which rubbing his face he shook his head mumbling Yaah right! when he saw himself colored
"Yuck Dad!! Its soo.. Argghh" looking at himself wd pity look he made a face in disgussed which made Raj chuckle who taking the color rubbed on his cheek while the music got louder as if its real Holi and in minutes everyone were coloring each other enjoying the function, in whole function everyone were trying to color Karan who was trying to escape from them but as he saw his Dad happy he forgot everything "Aapke liye toh Dad kuch bhi.. Don't worry main aapko toh safe karke rahunga" walking few steps back he thought wd serious look noticing Raj who was trying to take a sip of Bhaang wd Arun while Shilpa was playing wd kids & Aarti, unawarely when she tried to escape from a kid she ran back steps wdout looking back only to colid wd Karan who turned startled resulting her fall on his chest wd shock look "Oh.. Finally aap mili toh sahin" holding her back he gave her serious look who managed to smile coz she knows he must be angry for her broken promise but pushing him lightly stepped back to go when he pulled her closer by her hand "Haan aapne toh promise kiya tha ki mujh par koi bhi color nehi phekega or something?" he was not at all serious in fact he was one of his best mood but yes Shilpa got a little embarrassed coz he is not leaving her hand
"Haan toh maine koshish ki naa, par har kisiko kaise rokti main.. Lekin dekho sab kitne khush hain tumhe dekh kar toh tum bhi khush ho jaao naa kyun itna sochte ho" she tried to sound sweet still trying to free herself but Karan was enjoying her expressions so he stepped more closer

Tu har ek pehlu si khas lage
Tu paas hai aaj toh pyaas lage
Mehki si tu koi mithas lage
Tu paas hai aaj toh pyaas lage

"Hmm baat toh aapki sahin hai, thik hai jaaiye" saying this normally he leaved her hand who first stared him doubtfully then at her hand when he bend his head a little down near her ear "But that doesn't mean ki maine aapko maaf kiya.. So take this" at first she got confused while wd calm smile he only stared her who doubted when from behind she heard few giggles of kids & Aarti and before she could turned they colored her compeletly in red making her startled where as Karan stepped back wd a chuckle coz he had already saw them
"You.." getting angry she looked at the kids who laughed and ran from there wd Aarti who showed her thumb to her "Haaww pura color kar diya in logo ne toh" she cursed while drying herself when she saw Karan who was enjoying this "Tumhe pata tha naa, aur phir bhi tumne nehi roka how mean, dekho kaise main iska badla lungi tumse" drying herself she warned in her cute anger making him chuckle who wd calm steps approached near her
"Too bad.. Khudke liye alag rule aur mere liye alag not fair.. Aapko bhi pata tha phir bhi aapne roka nehi aur jab maine baccho ki taraf dekha toh maine bhi nehi roka.. Its fair enough you know" he retorted in calm way making her to lift her lids up slowly while her hands stopped to dry her dress "Lekin phir bhi chalo main aapki help kar deta hun.. I dont like revenges" saying this smilingly he hasitately moved his hand to rub the color from her cheek who freezed as he touched but she looked down making Karan to capture her nervous face on his heart when Shilpa heard few giggles from behind which only made her realised that everyone were giggling at them so thinking to change it from awkwardness she looked at him wd sweet smile, Karan got confused seeing her smiling and before he could react she picked colors from behind table and threw in air giggling.. Karan smiled as the color mixed in air while his head was bowed on right side coz of the color fog when Shilpa rubbed her hand on his cheek wdout realising that his heart's condition is getting poor by her touch and she teased

Yeh jo halka halka suroor hai
Yeh jo pehla pehla suroor hai

"Tum nehi lete revenge but Shilpa Malhotra kabhi nehi bhulti" hearing her giggle he too giggled and the atmosphere turned happy & peaceful just coz of this uninvited function.. One week passed and in this one week Karan's feelings got more strong for Shilpa coz in every word topic or discussion her name has been there from his mouth which not only Raj & Arun other servant also observed but he himself was unaware of it.. And the time came for Shilpa to leave the house coz Dr Louis finally agreed to take Raj's case which relieved KaSh's tension but one thing was bothering Karan who didn't shared to any one and a day before Shilpa's leaving he was sitting in backyard wd lost look when Shilpa thought to walk in backyard for last time and after packing her stuffs she moved to walk but seeing Karan disturbed wd his head bowed on his fisted hands she frowned so in careful way she approached towards the bench where he was sitting

(Main vo pal kabhi nehi bhulti kyunki vo pehli baar maine Karan ko itna emotional aur tuta huaa dekha tha, haan mere dil me usko lekar sirf dar tha ki kahin main fisal naa jaaun uski taraf kyunki uska chehra Armaan ki tarah hai jisse maine apne pure sache dil se pyaar kiya tha.. Lekin jab main uske paas gayi usse dekha ki vo kuch soch raha hai emotionally toh laga ki yeh kitna alag banda hai, main bina kuch bole uske paas baith gayi aur patiently intezaar karne lagi ki kab vo bolega.. And finally usne mujhe notice kiya aur khudko calm karke apni vo pyaari waali smile di as if kuch huaa hi nehi jo pata nehi kyun mujhe jhooti lagi uswaqt aur mujhe doubt huaa ki zarur Papa se related baat hai toh maine pucha usse kya hua? Pehle toh usne topic change karne ki koshish ki lekin jab maine use warn kiya ki main Doctor hoon mujhse kuch chupaana Papa ke case ke baare me galat hai tab jaakar usne share ki apni problem)

Tera ishq mera fitoor hai
Tera ishq hai ya fitoor hai
Maine khud ko tujhpe loota diya
Tera hooke khudko mita diya

"I am sorry Dr Shilpa par maine aapse jhoot kaha tha ki Dr Louis ne kaha yeh case aaraam se ho jaayga" hearing his calm sad voice she looked at him wd frown "Actually uswaqt Dad vahan par the toh main unko bata nehi sakta tha ki Dr Louis ke hisaab se Dad ke case me bahoot se bhi bahoot kam chance hain bachne ke.. Unhone mujhse kaha ki Dad ko main Amsterdam me hi treat karwaaun par main jaanta hoon Dad yahaan se ab nehi jaayenge isiliye maine unse request ki India aane ke liye vo ready ho gayye hain par do mahine baad aayenge.. Kyunki iswaqt vo busy hain lekin unhone mujhe instruct kiya hai ki main Dad ko ek bhi shock yaah stress naa lene dun varna unki condition aur critical ho jaaygi" his eyes turned moist as he shared this looking down on grass while seeing the pain in his eyes her heart automatically sank
"Toh ab kya karoge.. I know sirf 1% chance hain unke bachne ke par yaad haina tumne mujhse kaha tha ki tum us 1% ko 100% me banaaoge toh phir soch kya rahe ho" she tried to cheer him who sniffed while clearing his eyes calmly
"Yaah maine kaha tha par ab mujhe dar lag raha hai ki kahin main unhe kho naa doon" wd fear he whispered sadly making her to stare him wd sad face Yaah her hand moved to grip his hand haistately for support but she stopped herself where as Raj stumbled back a little as he heard this making Arun to hold his shoulders for support (Actually both of them thought to spend some time wd Shilpa but not finding her in room they looked around and when they saw KaSh together they hide to hear their convirsation for confirming their doubts)
"Tum aisa kyun bol rahe ho Karan.. Agar tum abhi se dar jaaoge toh unhe aage kaun sambhaalega come on Be strong, kabhi kabhi koi patient apne apno ko dekh kar bhi thik hota hai aur tumhaare case me tum aur uncle toh dilse jude ho jinhe dekhna koi alag nehi kar paayga.. Bhagwaan bhi nehi" in her cheerful way she cheered him who looked at her silently "See unke liye khudko strong karo varna agar vo samjhenge ki tumhi kamzor pad rahe ho toh une bura lagega aur uper se tum yeh bhi jaante ho ki iswaqt unko khush rakhna kitna zaruri hai.. So apne liye nehi unke liye karo" her encouragement made him only to stare her silently then asked

Yeh jo halka halka suroor hai
Yeh jo pehla pehla suroor hai
Tere husn ko yeh guroor hai
Mere husn ka yeh qusoor hai

"Aapko lagta hai?" his innocent tone made her smiled slowly 'Of course jo insaan meri chaar saalo ki naukari chudwa kar mujhe apne ghar me rakh sakta hai.. Mr Louis jo ek retired doctor hain unko mana sakta hai sirf apne Dad ke liye toh tum kuch bhi kar sakte ho' at her sweet voice a smile reached his lips who shaking his head sighed even Raj & Arun also smiled sadly "Paiso se toh koi bhi yeh kar sakta hai par kisi ki jaan nehi bacha sakta" staring down on ground he said wd serious look which made Shilpa to understand his nature that he is very very sensitive from inside so she said 'Par saath de sakte ho jo sabse zaruri hai.. Aur agar tum kaho toh jab tak Dr Louis nehi aa jaate main yehin ruk jaaun' his head turned at her in little surprise but he knows she is saying to cheer him

Maine khud ko tujhpe loota diya
Tera hooke khudko mita diya
Teri chah mein teri raah mein
Teri behki behki nigaah mein
Maine khudko tujhpe loota diya

"Nehi.. I can handle it, kab tak aapki help lunga.. Aap jaakar apna kaam wapas kar sakti hain maine aapke hospital ke senior se baat karli hai aap kabhi bhi join kar sakti hain and i am sorry meri wajah se aapko aapki job chodni padi" looking away from her he refused which made her only to stare him
"Excuse me.. Main ek doctor hun toh yeh mera kaam hai aur uper se tumhaari wajah se mujhe duniya ke sabse ache aur sacche insaan se milne ka mauka mila infact ek acha dost Raj uncle ke roop me" she said smilingly making him smiled too but after that there was complete silence b/w them while Raj thought about Karan seriously so he decided something.. And when Shilpa came to meet him before going he asked
"Kya main aapse kuch maang sakta hoon beta?" at his permission she slowly gave a nod in Yes (they were inside Raj's room wd Arun & Shilpa only coz at that time Karan was outside attending a call) "Kya aap mere bete Karan se shaadi karengi?" her world shook hearing this while wd little fear he continued "Is duniya me mujhe lagta hai agar vo kisiki sunta hai mere baad toh vo aap hain beta.. Itna toh main jaanta hoon aap bahoot acchi hain aur strong bhi jo ki mere baad Karan ko acche se handle kar sakti hain toh kya aap mere bete se shaadi karengi? I know main iswaqt selfish lag raha hounga par ek baar zarur sochiyega.. Main aapko rokunga nehi jaane se yaah force nehi kar raha bas chaahta hoon aap ek baar soche is baare me pure dhyaan se.. Karan ko toh aap in do mahino me jaan hi gayi hain, trust me vo bahoot accha husband banega agar koi uske saath dilse rishta nibhaaye" taking her hand he said in honest tone where as she was numb to here this coz already her heart was not at all good wd her near Karan "Aapne yeh toh sunna hi hoga ki jab do toote huye log milte hain toh rishta aur majboot banta hai kyunki vo ek dusre ki feelings aur situation sab samajh sakte hain.. Bas yehi soch kar main aapka haath Karan ke liye maang raha hoon samajh lena meri yehi ek khwaaish hai aakhiri.. Baaki aapki marzi" saying this softly he caressed her head and wdout saying further he went from there making Arun to bless her wd love on her head who was rooted at her spot untill a servant called her name for Aarti's arrival.. As Shilpa left the house Karan felt an emptiness inside his heart but not realising anything he made himself busy in work while Raj & Arun only thought about Shilpa's answer

(Ghar toh maine chod diya tha par Papa ki ek ek baat mere mann me bas gayi thi in fact maine hospital join karke apna kaam shuru kar diya tha phir bhi mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki main koi crime karungi unki wish naa puri karke.. Unhone mujhe Angel naam diya tha lekin unki yeh wish main kaise puri karti kyunki kisiko apni zindagi me aur dil me jagah dene ko main ready hi nehi thi, especially Karan usse toh main dur hi rehna pasand karti thi kyunki ajib sa dar lagta tha uske karib.. Meri bigidi haalat dekh kar Aarti ko mujhpar taras aaya aur usne mujhse pucha main nehi bataana chaahti thi par frustrated itni thi ki bata diya jispar pehle toh vo shock hui lekin baad me usne kaha ki mujhe kar leni chaahiye Karan se shaadi kyunki vo ek accha insaan hai par mujhe gussa aaya uspar toh maine usse argue kiya, lekin end me hum dono hi sochne lage ki is problem ka kya solution ho sakta hai kyunki mujhe Raj uncle ki help karni thi aur Karan se shaadi bhi nehi karni thi.. Aur wahin jab uncle ne Karan ke saamne yeh baat rakkhi situation kuch alag hi hogayi)

"Karan mujhe aur Arun ko Dr Shilpa acchi lagti hain" as Raj said carefully on dinner table Karan smiled taking this in normal but his heart was not at all in peace coz its been five days since he last saw her while Arun gestured Raj to say further who giving a serious nod put his spoon down and looked at Karan who picked a glass of water to drink "Isiliye hum chaahte hain tum usse propose karo aur shaadi ka offer do in short mujhe vo humaare ghar ki bahu ke roop me chaahiye" in very calm & slow way he put his demand forward which made him so shocked that he coughed almost getting an attack while Arun rubbed his back to calm him down
"What??" he gave them a shocking look after keeping the glass down on which Raj gave a calm nod in Yes "No ways main kyun propose karun unhe shaadi ke liye" he stood up angrily making Raj to reply coolly 'Kyunki vo hume acchi lagti hain' he looked at both of them in disbelief "Toh Rishubh se karwa do par main unse shaadi nehi karunga aur kyun karun main unse shaadi?" at his anger Raj smiled while Arun chuckled making Karan confused
"Kyunki tum unse pyaar karte ho" in very cool way both of them replied in unionism making him stunned
"What??" at this both of them gave a calm nod in yes smilingly

Precap: Kash on a date! and their Roka


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