Wednesday, 5 December 2018

part 5 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

I entered the room and saw her sleeping'she was looking like an angel who knew nothing about the outside cruel world'what the world is up to'.it's been two weeks since our marriage..and 'close to two months when it all started'the marriage'the deal'deal between our between me and my father'I can never forget that day' the day when this started ' which changed my like completely..

 I was getting ready for office when dad called me'he wanted to talk something very important'I could sense the tension in his voice'I quickly dressed up and left for office'I entered his cabin'and the look on his face cleared my doubts'he was tensed.. really tensed' "dad'are you okay?... is everything all right?" I asked him '.i have never seen him like this before'he made me sit on the couch'and handed me a file'before I could open the file.. he said "armaan'I need a favor from you..  and I know that you won't disappoint me'"'and now I know very well that saying yes was the biggest mistake I did' "dad..what's the matter?" I asked him '.. even I got tensed' "Armaan I want you to get married'" I thought it was a joke' "dad are you serious"..i looked at his face and I could say that he was damn serious.. " yes armaan.. I am.. I want you to get married".. '"but dad I am just 24'and I don't want to get married so early'." ' "armaan listen to me'even I don't want you to get married so early but
conditions are such that I don't have any other option'"  '. "what are you saying dad?"'. "he just said he don't have any other option'and me getting married is the only option'what is this' some kind of joke" I thought' "armaan listen to me'you know the business world'sometimes you are at the top'sometimes at the bottom'and right now we are at the bottom'"'. "and to again reach at the top' I want this favor from you'. I have already talked to Mr. Gupta and he is ready'." He said' "I don't get it '.he is ready for what?"'. "Armaan' Mr. Gupta  has a daughter' and after much thinking we came to the conclusion'that to again reach to the top the best option is to work as a team'and for that  we want you both to get married'" '.i was so shocked to hear this' "but is it necessary'you both  can even work together without me getting married'" I said '. " I can understand son' but it's his condition' I can't do anything'"'' "but dad'" I tried arguing him'. "listen to me very carefully'. I am not saying you to marry her for life' just marry her for few months' the moment her dad transfers everything to her'and she transfers everything in your name'you can give her a divorce'. Atleast i can do this much for you'"'.. that was it'how could he even think something like that'. He wants me to get married and then divorce her' "but dad'" I tried everything to make him change his decision'. "and what about the media'" I said''. "Armaan I am your father I know what is right for you and what is wrong' just marry her'.shower her some love'.let her transfer everything '..and I'll take care of rest'.trust me'."

"trust me' I trusted you dad'and that's why I have to do this '." Now I can understand how it feels when you break someone's trust'.

After agreeing to marry her'..i went to the club to divert myself' I was so pissed off and didn't knew what to do..while looking around...I saw her for the very first time'and  I just couldn't take my eyes off her'..we were introduced through a common friend'.and then I got to know her'.her name was Nayonika Khanna'.daughter of one of the successful entrepreneurs of the country'..  there was something about her'. till now girls were all over me'but when I saw her for the first time' it was me who wanted to talk to her'. from that day onwards we started meeting on a regular basis' and soon after we came really close to each other'.. I introduced her to my friends'.but the way they talk to her and look at her I know for the fact that they don't really like her'. and I don't really care what they think'.everyone has a different perception of looking at things.. and I never forced them also'. But what was hard to believe was Rahul telling me to stay away from her'   We are best friends and I have never ever seen him telling me what to do and what not'this was the first time he told me something like this'. I tried questioning him'but all he told me was that she just plays with men and I should stay away from her'..and I told him and he doesn't need to worry at all coz I am not in any serious relationship with her' we just like hanging out together'.and nothing else'then  one day I was got so drunk that and I blurted everything in front of her'..everything about my marriage '.how my dad is forcing me to marry her'and that this marriage is a deal' Next morning  when I got up I saw her sleeping next to me'. and then I remembered everything that happened last night'.me getting drunk'she took me to her home'and then me telling her about the deal'. I rubbed my face and then I remembered what rahul told me'. "what if she told everyone about the deal'" I thought'. I was thinking trying to find the solution'when I saw her looking at me'' "good morning armaan" she said and kissed me'.. "nayonika '.about the last night'" '. I was just hoping that whatever I am thinking is not true'.but'. "armaan I know everything' and don't worry I won't tell this to anyone''you can trust me'" ' she told me in such a way that any person would believe her' "thanks nayonika" I said' this side of her was something I had never seen before'  and I believe my friends have also not seen this'.

People say that good things come in small package'and I totally agree with them'coz right now only bad things are coming and that also in large packets.. today he asked me for something'I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams'. "armaan '.there's a bad news'"'..after that marriage thing whenever he calls me to talk to me about something'it's always something bad'and today wasn't special' nothing new'. The same old' I need a favor from you' if getting married was not enough'he now wants a grandchild'"'.. "armaan yesterday I got to know 'about his will'..according to his will'.after he dies everything will be transferred to his grandchild'.that old man' he thought that he is the clever one'he is a heart patient' I know for the fact that he won't live long and that's why he wanted to marry his daughter with you'.. son'.but now I know what we have to do'. You just do as I say and within one year'everything will be back to the way they used to be.." 

"Everything will be back to the way they used to be'" these were his exact words'..but will it be' I don't know'.

That day when I took riddhima out '.. everything was normal'but when we were returning home'. I could feel something was bothering her'. she wasn't talking to me at all'. I tried questioning her'but she told me that she wasn't feeling good'and she wants to go home'.. From that day onwards'.i had never seen her laugh the way she used to '.never seen her complain about anything'.. i had asked her many times what's the matter but every time she denied it'..but how much I know her I am sure something is bothering her'

I was still in my thoughts when I heard her voice'' "armaan 'why didn't you wake me up?" I looked at her'she was indeed looking like an angel' her hair all messed up'.. but she was looking very beautiful'. "did I just said beautiful" I thought'. "armaan'.armaan.." I heard her'.calling my name'. "huh"'I said coming out of my thoughts'. "armaan.. you need anything"' she asked me' as she tied her hair' "riddhima'don't tie your hair'you look beautiful in open hair"'. I said'.. "okay so this was the second time I complemented her in a day' am I okay?' why am I thinking so much about her'" i thought ' shaking my head I tried to change the topic... "riddhima  can I have a glass of water?..." I asked her ' I really need to take my mind off her'.

As soon as she left the room' I again thought about what he'.yes dad'.what he wants me to do' I looked at the file kept on the table '.which contained the divorce papers' and the envelope which had the honeymoon tickets'  after thinking a lot I made up my mind about what I had to do'.

 She entered the room with a glass of water'. "riddhima'. I need you to sign these papers"' I said taking the glass from her hand' she took the papers and without even looking at the papers she signed it' "here '" she said as she handed the papers to me'  "she didn't even read the papers"' I thought' "riddhima you signed without even reading the papers.." I have never seen anyone signing any papers without ever reading them' "armaan ' you are my husband'..I trust you completely'I know that you won't do anything wrong'and you won't disappoint me'" she said' her words echoed in my mind' " I trust you completely'and you won't disappoint me"'.. why am I feeling bad'I didn't knew myself' I just made her signed the divorce papers '..this is what I wanted from the start of this marriage'then why am I feeling guilty about this'. This marriage started as a business deal'. Then why?.... these thought kept creeping in my mind'.

Do I love her '.. no I don't '.i like her' just as a friend'. But sometimes I do feel attracted towards her' I can't deny this'. Initially I tried coming closer to her'as dad asked me to do'.but in the kitchen' I really wanted t kiss her'and then when she hugged me that night outside the mall'..i did felt something'. When that guy tried touching her'. I really wanted to kill that guy' but why?...... I don't know myself' I guess coz I consider her as my friend..

I looked at her'she was sitting on the bed reading something'. Taking the envelope in my hand' "riddhima'start packing tomorrow we are going to out' out on our honeymoon.." I looked at her and I couldn't figure out whether she was happy or not' but I had to do this'

"I am sorry'...riddhima" I told myself and left the room..


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