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part 5 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"God where the hell has she kept it'" Riddima muttered, while emptying the whole shelf'

"Hmm can I help?" he repeated, settled on his seat and drinking hot coffee'

"No thank You SIR!!" she said while taking another pile of Files and walking to the couch'that was placed on left side of Arman's Cabin

"Okay..!" he replied

Urghh I hate him I hate him '. He is sooo irritating '. GOD!! Why me' it's all my fault' Sir I will find it for u!! Why me?? Why? And I hate This ARMan .!! pata nai kya samjta hai' idiot moron' kutaa'

Hmm she must be cursing me'. Heheee' but she looks pretty cute'. Uhmm.. what? No ..!! Control man ' she can't be yours' she's not ur type' Ok that's nonsense' I saw her at party she was an angel 'true angel'

His thoughts were interrupted'

"Mil gaiii..I found it '!! YES'" she jumped '

"Thank God!!! Very very good'Riddima" he walked up to her and went to embrace her when she placed her hand on his chest' and stopped him 'Back off man!' she thought' pushed him 'but he kept on pressing himself further

"What?" he asked'. Making his dimples deeper' which surely stopped her breath..

She placed her file in front of him and turned away'

"aree' don't u want an hug..?" he asked innocently

"Huh??" she turned and looked at him astonished'

"Well every girl die for it'" he pulled his collar up and placed his hand in his pant's pocket'

"I m not every' I m Special..." she said while making her way out

"ok' tell me how?" he took hold of her arm and turned her' she was facing him'

"Excuse me Sir!!" she twisted her wrist to free her self'.

"ARman.!" He said while taking hold of her from elbow.. and pulling her closer.. her fingers pressed against his broad chest turning it into fist

"Leave me'" she gasped as he pulled even more closer' "Sir'" he liked the way she was being scared of closeness' he want to brush his lips on her trembling one' but he thought to make her tremble more

"It would be nice if u could call me Arman'" she nodded' she surely needed space to take breath'. And thought to use this trick on him'

"Good'" he moved away' knowing his every move has made her tremble'

Kiss? Could be done next time!! Lol ' look at her shaking ' Bad Arman'. Look at her' he went and embrace her in a bare-hug'

And moved his hand on her back' making her shivers all over'

He felt something different while hugging her'. It was more than ten min or some when he opened his eyes and was shock' to lose himself' he felt her protest too. He at once left her ' and mumbled "sorry'" and walked back to her seat' "I m happy you find the file' good Work Riddima..!" he smiled with a wink And He was back to his old flirtious way'

I hate him' how he dare hug me' she moved to say some thing ' or hit him '. When he got a call from Tina Rai'

"And I think Sir would be much appropriate!" She said ' as moving away'.he cocked his eye brow'

She walked out'.

"Hmm" he said with a mischievous smile'


"Thanks Riddima '. It means a lot'" Atul declared while taking hold of the file

"Its ok sir'" she replied'

Thank God my cute boss is back to normal'.but I will kill ur brother 'If he make me weak again.. I hate him Atul' he is soo bad.. urghhh She thought

"Arman! U have to be with me in the meeting'. And Riddima u too.."

"But sir' me?" Riddima was shocked ''what will I do their..?'She thought

"Yea Bhai' I think it's not important'" Arman told'

"Yes it is' and Riddima, it's a Women wear company... And I saw that u hold a degree of fashion designing'too" Riddima looked at him with half mouth drag down to her chest'

"Hm 'uhm' hm yea'"she looked down' Arman looked at her totally amused'

"Yea soo please' do show me some of ur work'. If u are indulge in it'"

"But sir'" Atul looked up at her'.

"U don't want to? It's a big thing'" he asked '. He thought every one... Could just jump over it ' it was big' very big' he was making her the in charge of the new company and that to on her first day'.

"I know 'but it's just my first day'" Arman smiled at her nervousness'

"So what Miss Riddima' Afraid?" Arman asked while walking towards her'. Trying to pounce on her again

"Huh? Noo..." she moved a bit away and went towards Atul leaving Arman back '

I hate close ness why can't he just stay AWAY'!!!!!!

"Ok Atul Sir' I will see if I could just collect some of my design by tomorrow' Is it ok?"

"Hmm good' and call me, when Mr.Kapoor comes'"

"Yes sir'" she walked out

"Bhai do u think u made a wise decision?"

"Yes Arman '. Believe me...Girl has talent... And we can really make through it' Girls Riddima are less' she is ambitious modern'. A bit 'but great at her work' I know I know it's her first day' but I know she can cop up'"

"Hmm if u say soo'" Arman got up' "acha I was thinking why not we place the party at home'?"

"But dad will find out then'" atul told with a frown'

"Then we can call him to office' and could say him to stick here for work as we r going to see some factory side'"

"But Arman'. If he comes out ' then ?"

Knock Knock

"yes?" atul Shouted "Atul Sir '. Mr. Kapoor is here'" riddima pulled her head in'

"ohhkay ' take him to conference room'" she nodded "ok'" riddima turned to go'.

"And Riddima 'do ask him something to eat or drink'"

"I will" she smiled and went out

"Bhai'. What about Riddima holding dad here till we finish up 'at home'?"

"Hmm. '. Point' first let's go to Mr. kapoor and then we will think about it'"


"I m happy you made a wise decision'." Atul Told' shakes hands'

"well 'Maliks have there magic on every one' I couldn't say no '" Mr. Kapoor remarked as they walked out'. With a laugh

"well well ' Mr.Kapoor' that would not be appreciated by Mrs.Kapoor'" Arman said 'with showing his dimple'

"hahaa'. Well she had already fallen for u boy'" pointing at Arman

Arman looked behind Riddima, who was giggling... And brutally stopped as he stared at her with cocked eye brow'

"Well'Mr. Kapoor' I will say you bye' now as we have to work a lot for our fathers birthday'. I hope u don't mind'. And yes u r invited'"

"oh thanks and yea I will see you 'bye then'"


Next day went with a relief '. Riddima showed her design to Atul ' and he loved it '. He appreciated and told her she could start working for that company' and he requested to be her P.A too

She had no idea if she could do that '. But she said she would try her best' if she could she will'.

"Riddima' I want to ask u something '. Can u hold my Dad' here until me and Arman finish our work'' at home for party.?"


"Bhai?" Riddima turn to look 'at the most well dress person in office' the only Arman Mailk showing his Killer smile and deep dimples which made her gasp'

Ok' Here comes the Prince of Every where'. Does it matters..? no he is charming' I mean Hot' ok Stop...checking him out '! Why? I have a right to do that '! Every human being has that ' No one can steal that from me' Ok What?? Right?? U have right To Check him Out??

Riddima?? He has a girlfriend Control Baby'.. !! Hmmm 'but why does he Has A girl-Friend?? Heehee'

Hey hey u u ... i dont like ur girl friend ...

So come over here and tell me what I wanna hear
Better yet, make your girlfriend disappear
I don't wanna hear you say her name ever again
And again and again and again

?Cause she's like so whatever
And she could do so much better
I think we should get together now
And that's what everybody's talking about

Ok stop singing ' heheeee. U have promised not To Fall for ur Boss' and not to have an affair with any one'.
But why do I promise'..?? Oh God' he saw me staring '

"I think we should leave now' dad's here'." Arman walked in..

"Oh' great... Riddima? Can you?" he looked at her

"hmm.. I guess so' but sir does that mean that I have to cancel your all meeting's from now on words'"

"Off course' Dumb-head'." Arman declared with a chuck'

"Peace Peace..." Atul came in between them, as Riddima turn towards him to retort... "not today'Riddima ' I will surely give u time' to chop him' tomorrow' but today we have to work'." After hearing his please' Riddima went to Atul's desk and collected all files'

"Can I kill him' and then I can come on his behalf to help u'.?" she said' which amused both too highest'

"Huh??" both said'

"Hmmm' nothing' voo.. I m sorry' I m going to Mr.Malik' .bye sir 'bye Arman' Sir!!" she walked out

"Why does she want to kill me??" Arman asked with a amused look

"You have made her life hell in two days and u r asking why she wants to kill u?"

"Oh' like that!" He laughed and went out ' followed by Atul' with a disappoint look


"Yes'.Come in'"

"Sir I m Atul sir's P.A' and I m here to help u out'."

"Oh 'aren't u ...Shahank's Daughter'" Riddima looked up with shock.

"Hmm'Sir? How do u know that??" she stammered

"Don't u remember we met at your mother's birthday party' when u went to have a dance with Anmol'.." he walked up to her'

"Oh yes'" pause' "what u doing here?" he took hold of her by shoulder and walked up to the seat behind her desk "you Look nervous.? Any problem?" he again asked'

"uncle' hmm 'Mr.Malik.."

"Uncle..! would be better'." He passed a glass of water with a smile

Oh Maliks Charm'!! Is soo different' heheheee'

"I m Atul's Sir's P.A'"

"What?? Why?"

"Uncle '. I want to do something on '." He interrupted her

"Yea yea' I know'Want to do something on my own'" he said '. "I like people like you'" pause "do Atul knows?"

"I don't think so'"

"Hmm' so why r u here '? Young lady'?" he went to his seat...

"hmm' sir as Atul and Arman sir has taken an off'I have to help you in work'"

"oh kay'." He smirked'

"hmm' do u want to look at our new work'?"

Oh God !! y am I nervous..? I can do this'!! Come riddzz 'buck up

"I think u should cut it out!" he declared'

"Jee?" she looked up shocked'

"I know about the surprise party '. Ok ok' chill and sit down'. I know they r planning a party ' and had got a gift too'.?" It was a question to her than information'

"sir' I mean uncle ' that's soo bad' they r planning a birthday party for u and u knew it from start'"she pouted' which made shubhankar laugh

"u r too cute' sweet heart' but what can I doo'? My two sons are soo stupid' they make it soo obvious 'I tell u..!" he laughed until he started coughing

"tchh'" she walked and gave him a glass of water' "bas uncle' relax'" she massaged his back' "I will bring tea for u '. Just relax' ok'"

"Riddima' can u tell me what they have bought for me' as a gift for me'" he asked with curiosity'..

"now now'some one '.wants to know about his gift' hmm?" she tapped her chin

"yes yes'" he said as his eyes danced with excitement'

"well '.being a nice employee' I '. Can't"

"uhmmmmm" Shubhankar made a face' and settled back in his seat'


"Happy birthday Dad'.." Atul jumped over and hugged tightly' "Thank you beta'"

"Me too me too'"

"Yes yes Arman u too' come here and thanks for putting fifty-five candles on the cake'.." he hugged tight'.

"oowww dad' leave' u hurting me'." While shubhankar kept on pressing him hard from waist "hahaah dad' u always laugh at us '. When mom, kick are butts off'. So its our time'" Arman declared while getting rid of so-called-hug'.

"And I think '. Woman ' should start knowing that u r old Now'!" Arman added'

"Kar kar' terii bii barii ayii gi beta'" Shubhankar muttered'

"Ohh' Shanhank '.Padma 'come come' how r u?? and children'.?"

"Happy Birthday 'yar'" they hugged each other' "happy birthday Bhai sahib'

"Thank you padma'" pause "Riddima Rahul nahi aye?"

"aree aye hain '. Actually they forgot your gift' they r just coming'." Shahank told

"Oh 'oh ..Gift?" shubhankar said with excitement' which made every one laugh'But Arman '. Frowned'

"Meet my son 'Padma' ARman" with a meaning full look ' "and that's Atul'" "Hello Aunty.." atul shakes a hand ' "Hi beautiful" arman hugged her'

"oh' so this the one'haan" Padma patted his shoulder'"yea '" Keerti' exclaimed'

"me?? What ??" arman asked with curiosity'.

"oh nothing '! Its personal 'beta'" arman made a face and walked out'


GOD !! we gave dad a present '. All others did '. Mom did' God' where is SHE ??? I m going nuts' even Anjalii had given' she would be our first Babhu' and the second one is missing '??Shit

Wait wait..!! what ?? Second one 'u mean ur wife?? Shit'. I have fallen for her.? No no'. control man' she is some one else ' some raho0olss' but why his'?? Why not mine' ? CRAPP' ARman malik ' The HOTttest hunk had fallen ?? MOMMMM HELPPP '. What about Tina'

Shit I forgot about her..? how can I '? She is my love I can't cheat her'! Yes I am a man of words' I can't '. But but

I can be '.a good friend ' a very very good friend for a day..? no Arman' she's not like other girls' yea she's special' different' ok '.forget her Arman '. Please' and to night' u r gona get roll up with Tina' your Love' your life' who is always waiting for u'.

Oh Here Miss.Riddima comes'.with her Rahoool' I so hate this name Why?? But Riddima looks Hot' in white ' Urghhh 'Tina Tina Tina '. tina baby I m coming '. Yea keep on chanting ' come on 'go on Tina tina '


"Hmm' is Tina 'Home?" he called '. As settled in his car'

"Hmm 'vo ' no sir' she is out' and busy in shooting '" the secatary informed' through phone

"At eight in evening??" he asked

"Yes sir' some scenes were left"

"Okay' tell her I called'" he hung up


"Happy Birthday Uncle'." She gave him a bare hug' "Awww thank you sweet heart' I love you'" they apart' "What's in it'?" he asked with curiosity'

"open it !"

"hmm wow'. A pen ..!" he smiled broadly'. "A pen?" he made a face'

"u didn't like it?" Riddima's face fell' she looked at Rahul, who looked away'

"no.. .not like that ' I like pen' I mean I love pen'" Shubhankar stammered' he was lost at words 'seeing her bright face' which was ready to tare in tears'.

"Ohoo Riddima' Now don't u dare cry'.!" Atul jumped in to handle up the situation' "dad is always like that '. U know I gave him the gift we worked out '. The Women-wear company' remembers?" she nodded while looking down "yea so he said '. I don't want a company over my name I have many '. I want a proper gift'. So me and Arman ' were...Shock' Right Anjii?" he looked at her for help'

"Yea yea'!" she nodded' "Well hi I m Anjali' Atuls'" she blushed

"Hi I m Riddima' Atul's '." Pause. Grinned 'this made Rahul Cocked his eye brow 'with anjalii' "P.A"

"What??" Rahul remarked'

"Yes Rahul' do u have a problem with it?" Riddima asked'

"No 'no why would I have one'." Rahul exclaimed' "Forget that ' hi Atul' I m Rahul '"

"Hey'" they shook'

"Is he the one do u wanted to kill?" Rahul whispered' "I think he is a nice guy Riddima' don't be harsh on him'."

"Rahull!!!!" she glared'"Now what'?" rahul asked

"I will tell u Rahul' he is my bro' Arman' whom she wants to throw out of his window' well I m sorry on his behalf' yar' he is a bit mad' he usually irritates people'"

"Oh no ' it's ok' Riddima is a big girl she can sort it out ' I won't be involved in either case'" Rahul told'

"Hmm '. That great' let them kill each other' by themselves' we won't bother'" pause "on second thoughts we can take them to grave yards afterwards'" they laughed '. "Drink?"

"Yea off course" they laughed and went away' Riddima stood their with her mouth wide open and her eyes popped out'

"Chill Riddima' Boys r Boys'!"

"Seriously'. Can any one tell he 'Is My brother..?" Riddima asked'

"No! Can u tell that was my Love'?" Anji was shocked herself' which made Riddima laugh

"haha' yes' heeehee'" Riddima said'

"Riddimaaa!!" anjali glared'

"Peace'! Lets go dance'" Riddima pulled her on dance floor


"Mr.Malik?? How nice to see u again'? Long time' !!" Arman Checked out the secatary '

"Yea' Ainee..!" nice legs, nice ass, nice smile' totally a horny

"Haven't we just talked?" she felt his eyes on her body'

"Hmm' I wanted to meet Tina'"

"She must be busy" she interrupted'

"I don't care" she smiled give his killer dimples

Tina had been away too long, and apart from the night, when mom rejected her and he met Riddima 'at lake, there had been no one' Arman Malik had been boringly faithful. Talk about changing one's way of life'.

Arman Malik, who had girls ' every day ' every night'A girl, who could rip of her clothes ' for him' and try to give best time of his life', is actually faithful?

He felt good about the fact that he could be faithful to Tina' IT certainly proved that he had will power' now! Certainly not in past '.

"Can I get you any thing until she is doing some work'?" asked the secatary'

"Why do I have a feeling, you r holding me back?" he asked acidly

"No nothing like that ... Mr. Arman Malik'" she shook her head'

He had met her months ago'besides knowing that, he was having an affair with Tina' Her boss... She uses to give him inviting eyes'

"Anything u like'" she smiled'

"Arman Malik'"


"just joking Mr.Malik."

But she wasn't, and they both knew it'

There was a rain-storm, when he left the party' he settled in his rolls' and raced here'

He had not told Tina, that he was coming '.All his life the element of surprise had worked in his favor. His Dad is excluded'

And he surely wanted her unprepared reaction to his sudden visit' or lust ' or love?

Riddima.! Was the first word' after love' he was shock on his current thought ' but he brushed it off'

Love Maha

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