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part 52 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan was getting bored being in room so he decided to roam around in garden but maid ask him to be in room as instructed by others.
“Listen, I’m just going to walk in garden ok” Armaan tried to resist his anger.
“Sorry Sir wo Ananya M’am,,,,,” she don’t know what to say.
Armaan called her Mom to ask what was all these.
“Hello, Ammy kya hua? U ok na?” Ananya asked as soon as she received his call.
“Mom, what’s all these? Kaha hain aap? Aur ye maid mujhe garden me v nhi jane de rahi hai, I’m ok now why you guys are taking it upto your head, infact I wanna go office from tomorrow” Armaan was hell angry.

“Armaan maine hi use kaha tha ki tumhe kahi jane na de, Ham log bahar aaye hain thoda kaam se aur agar tumhe lagta hai ki u r fine enough to theek hai jao garden me but jyada der tak nhi ok” Ananya said.
“Ok Mom” he said and cut the call.
Next moment maid receive a text message and left the room saying sorry.
Armaan put a full tee-shirt and came out of his room.
“Kamaal hai sab k sab gayab hain” he murmured.
He reached in garden and smile as nature always makes him happy and lighten his mood, and he was out after a long time he feels.
Those trees, garden, flowers, swing everything compel him to miss Riddhima at that moment. He smiled remembering their moments and inspite of trying hard he can't stop himself from calling her. Armaan closed his eyes sitting on swing listening the ring and his heart beat was increasing than normal as if he can feel her near himself.
She received after three rings “Hello kaise hain aap Armaan?” she asked receiving the call.
Armaan smile and open his eyes, her sweet voice was making him fall for her again, concern in her voice, just single sentence brings so many things in his mind.
“Armaan, kaha hain aap??” she asked again.
“Ghar ki wo jagah jo meri favorite hai aur shayad tumhari v” Armaan smiled.
“Armaan aap garden me kya kar rahe hain? Koi aur hai apke sath ya nhi? Armaan apki tabiyat nhi theek hai aur aap,,,,” she stopped in middle by Armaan’s voice.
“Riddhima bas bas bas” Armaan chuckled and she become confused.
“Armaan aap,,,”
“Arey mai theek hu baba, I’m ok, relax and breath” Armaan uttered.
There was something in his voice that made her smile.
“Aur agar itni hi fikar thi to chhod k kyu gai” Armaan murmured as her absence was felt at every corner of his house and heart.
“Armaan” she don’t know what to say.
“It’s okay” he don’t want her to feel sad.
“Aana pada na, agar ruk pati to jarur rukti” she feel helpless.
Armaan knew she was feeling so bad to be away as she cares for him and love him so much. He get an idea and instantly cut the call.
“Arma,,,” Riddhima utter but stop as call get disconnected.
“Ye phone kyu cut kar diya Armaan ne” she murmured and next moment she get his video call and smile “Pagal”
Riddhima received his call and smile looking towards him, he was looking fine no line of tiredness on his face and eyes, it means he was getting better day by day.
“See ab khush ho na? I’m fine” Armaan knew what was the reason behind her smile.
“Hmm” she nodded.
“Tum hospital me ho?” Armaan asked.
“Hmm, Dad ko kuch important kaam tha so” she smiled.
“Yar mujhe v office jana hai, kitna kaam pending hoga aur ye log mujhe jane hi nhi de rahe hain” Armaan whinced like a baby which made her smile more deeper.
“Armaan, apko abhi rest ki jarurat hai isliye sab mana kar rahe hain” she said.
“Ha but now I’m perfectly fine aur mai kal se office jaunga” Armaan said and she smiled.
“Tum muskura kyu rahi ho, I’m not joking” Armaan said.
“Nhi achha laga The Armaan Mallik ko wapas is mode me dekh k” she said and he understand the depth of her words.
“Tumne mujhe bahut miss kiya na?” he asked looking directly towards her face on phone.
Riddhima slightly tilt her face away to hide her tears and said “Bahut”
“Riddhima, meri baat suno, look here” he said feeling helpless coz she was just visible on phone else he would have done it himself.
“Hmm” she look towards him wiping her tears.
“Please don’t cry, mai theek hu na, tum sabki wajah se, aur mujhe kuch nhi hoga kyunki mujhe apni is pyari si sweet hi hone wali wife k sath apni puri life guzarni hai.” Armaan tried to make her smile.
“Armaan” she suddenly start feeling shy under his gaze.
“Kya Armaan?” he asked “Sach bol raha hu” he look towards the moon and smile “I really want to feel those moments Riddhima jab mai tumhare sath rahunga hamesha, tum hamare room me, hamare ghar me rahogi, meri aankhon k samne, jab ham ek sath yaha is swing pe baith k ek dusre ke sath dher sara time spend karenge” Armaan had a dreamy smile on his face looking towards Riddhima and she stood with bend eyes whole while controlling her blush.
“Riddhima” he called her slowly.
Riddhima look towards him and he smile looking at her face which was showing deep red colour and her eyes were full of love and affection.
“I Love You” Armaan utter being lost in her eyes.
Riddhima shyly smile and Armaan broaden his smile more.
“Aap bahar kya kar rahe hain? Baki sablog kaha hain?” Riddhima deviated the topic.
“Hmm, Achha khasa dashing banda apse pyar bhari baatein kar raha hai aur apko,,,, Koi baat nhi ek baar yaha aa jao fir dekhta hu kaise bhagati ho meri baton se aur mujhse” Armaan stopped a little then said “Mom aur Chachi kahi gaye hain mujhe maid k sath chhod k, baki sab v apne apne kaam pe”
“Matlab ghar me koi nhi hai?” Riddhima was surprised.
“Nhi” Armaan said.
“Vansh aur Nikki?” she asked again.
“Wo log v Mom k sath hain” he replied.
“Aur tum kab tak rukne wali ho waha pe?” ARmaan asked.
“Pata nhi jab tak Dad aa nhi jate shayad tab tak” she replied.
Armaan become silent and Riddhima look towards him only found him lost looking towards her. She smiled lightly and asked what happened?
“Nothing, tumhari aadat si ho gai hai isliye dur ho ye baat achhi nhi lag rahi hai” Armaan smiled painfully, slight tear was visible in his eyes which make Riddhima helpless.
“Armaan please aise mat boliye” she controlled her tears “Mai to hamesha apke sath hu”
Armaan looks away, he also don’t understand why he was feeling so lonely this time.
“Hmm, Mai andar jata hu, tum apna kaam kar lo” Armaan tried to cut the call.
“Armaan ek minute” Riddhima ask him to stop.
“Hmm?” he look towards her.
Riddhima get up, locked the door of her cabin and came back to her seat, looking towards him lovingly.
“Armaan aap meri ek baat manenge” Riddhima asked.
“Boliye” he look towards her lovingly.
“Apni aankhein band kariye” she said.
“Hun??” he look towards her being surprised.
“Armaan aankhein band karne ko bola badi karne ko nhi” Riddhima said and he smile closing his eyes.
“Don’t open your eyes just feel being with me” Riddhima whisper and he smile broadly deepening his dimples.
Tu nazm nazm sa mere
Honthon pe thehar ja
Main khwab khwab sa teri
Aankhon mein jaagun re…
A sweet innocent smile cover Armaan’s face which make Riddhima smile.
Tu ishq ishq sa mere
Rooh mein aake bas ja
Jis aur teri shehnaai
Uss ore main bhaagun re
Na na…
Armaan remember their meeting, that first look when he saw Riddhima and his heart skipped a beat.
Haath thaam le piya
Karte hain vaada
Ab se tu aarzu
Tu hi hai iraada
Mera naam le piya
Main teri rubaai
Teri hi tto piche piche
Barsaat aayi, barsaat aayi…
Riddhima also closed her eyes remembering the moments he helped her a overcome her fear, to trust him and deeply fall in love with him in every way.
Tu itrr itrr sa mere
Saanson mein bikhar jaa
Main faqeer tere qurbat ka
Tujhse tu maangun re
Tu ishq ishq sa mere
Rooh mein aake bas ja
Jis aur teri shehnaai
Uss ore main bhaagun re…
Both remember their close moments when Armaan hold Riddhima’s hand through his little finger, that dupatta tug that fall and when they spend time with each other without uttering many words just with expressions and feelings.
Mere dil ke lifaafe mein
Tera khat hai janiya
Tera khat hai janiya
Nacheez ne kaise paa li
Kismat yeh janiya ve
Oh mere dil ke lifafe mein
Tera khat hai janiya
Tera khat hai janiya
Nacheez ne kaise paa li
Jannat yeh janiya ve..
The way Armaan surprised her in Mussoorie and Riddhima managed to save him when he collapsed being unconscious. They were just perfect for each other.
Tu nazm nazm sa mere
Honthon pe thehar ja..
Main khwaab khwaab sa teri
Aankhon mein jaagun re
Tu ishq ishq sa mere
Rooh mein aake bas ja
Jis aur teri shehnaai
Uss ore main bhaagun re..
Both had a smile on their face as if they were sitting around each other. Armaan Riddhima opened their eyes on the same time looking towards each other. Armaan was happy that she make his mind relax and happy within minutes.
“Tumhe jaadu aata hai kya?” Armaan asked.
Riddhima control her laugh on his question and Armaan lie down on swing looking at her face lovingly. She mumbled an inaudible “Love You” which make Armaan’s heart happier than ever.
“Chaliye ab aap andar jaiye, andhera ho gaya hai” Riddhima said which make him realize that he was out from a long time.
“Lekin” he tried to resist.
“Nhi Armaan, I know ab aap theek hain but abhi apko thoda dhyan dena padega na” Riddhima said and he nodded getting up.
“Jake dinner kariye and uske baad medicine ok”
“Yes M’am” he nodded “Lekin tum ghar jane k baad call karogi OK” he said.
“Lekin Armaan apko dawa leke sona hai” Riddhima said.
“Just say Yes warna main nhi jara hu andar” Armaan was going to sit back when Riddhima ask him to go inside and promised that she will call him.
“Ok Bye” he smiled and cut the call.
Riddhima was happily surprised on his slight kiddish behavior but the way he was showing her importance in his life was making her heart fly.
Armaan went inside and had his dinner after sometime, he came back to his room and had his medicines as Rahul was busy in a case and it will take time for others to come back. He was confused what was taking so much time as Ananya and Prerna were out from a long time.
“Pata nhi kya kaam hai” he murmured and lie down.
“Need aane k pahle kuch files check kar leta hu, kal office jana hai” he take out few files and check few reports.
He was getting sleepy due to medicine effect.
Riddhima was waiting for Shashank to come so that she can leave for home but he ask her to wait for few minutes more.
Riddhima called Muskaan to ask about her whereabouts.
“Hey Muski, kaha hai tu?” she asked.
“Ghar pe thi abhi tak yar, tu kaha gayab hai mai gai thi ghar pe tu thi hi nhi waha pe, Aunty v nhi mili pata nhi kaha gai hain Mom k sath. Abhi Dad ka call aaya kuch samaan dena hai ek Uncle k yaha wahi leke ja rahi hu” she replied.
“Ok to tu free hoke yaha hospital aa ja fir sath me nikalte hain, car Dad lete aayenge” she said.
“Ok, mai aati hu thodi der me” she replied and cut the call.
“Kamaal hai Delhi me v sab subah se bahar hain aur yaha pe v but Mom ne kuch bola to nhi tha ki unhe bahar jana hai…. Urgh, mai v kitna jyada soch rahi hu hoga koi kaam unko” Riddhima murmured.
“Beta aap cabin me ho?” Riddhima got Shashank’s call.
“Yes Dad” she replied.
“Ok, mai aata hu lekin mujhe thodi der ka kaam hai fir challenge ghar” he said.
“It’s okay Dad, Muskaan aa rahi hai mai uske sath chali jaungi” she said.
“Ok, then I’ll be there in 10 minutes” he said.
After few minutes Muskaan reached and start her blabbering as usual and stopped when Shashank came.
“Dad ham nikalte hain” Riddhima said and they left.
“Aaj to tu pure din busy thi” Muskaan complained.
“Ha yar, Dad kahi bahar gaye hue the, maine socha ek baar tujhe bula lu fir laga tu so rahi hogi isliye disturb nhi kiya” Riddhima said.
“Tu na jyada mat socha kar” Muskaan glared her.
“Muskaan baby, focus on driving” she said with a fake smile.
“Daat mat dikha” Muskaan said.
“Tera mood kyu ukhda hua hai?” she asked.
“Us khotte Rahul ki wajah se, pata nhi kaha hai subah se phone hi nhi kiya ek baar v” she said.
“To tu kar li hoti” Riddhima said.
“Kiya tha but msg aaya uska ki kisi case me busy hai” Muskaan told her.
“Fir kyu gussa kar rahi hai” Riddhima asked.
“Pata nhi” Muskaan was making faces.
“Tu car rok, mai drive karti hu” Riddhima ask her to sit as her mood was disturbed.
They were crossing through Mallik House and saw commotion near it.
“Ye ghar pe kya ho raha hai?” Riddhima was surprised.
“Dad bol rahe the shayad koi organization aane wali hai Mallik House k bagal me isliye taiyari chal rahi hai” Muskaan replied.
Muskaan got Rahul’s call on her phone and Riddhima smiled.
“Phone utha le Muskaan” Riddhima teased her.
“Tu data mat dikha” Muskaan glared her and received the call.
“Hello” Muskaan voice depicted she was angry.
“Sorry Muskaan, kafi din baad court aaya tha isliye case me busy tha” Rahul knew it was good to explain before she burst out.
“Ha to maine kuch kaha” Muskaan said being little soft as his voice was tierd.
“ Sorry Baby, just abhi nikla hu ghar k liye aur sabse pahle tumhe call kiya” Rahul said.
“Pata hai mujhe” she said and was feeling bad to be angry on him.
“Tum gussa to nhi ho na?” he asked.
“Rahul aisa kuch nhi hai, It was just because I missed u” she accepted.
“I missed u too baby, but I didn’t get time” he said which was true.
“Ok, koi baat nhi tum ghar pahuch jao fir baat karte hain” she said and cut the call biding bye to him.
Riddhima was smiling as Muskaan was getting serious in her relation with Rahul, and controlling her angry mode, that care in her voice for Rahul make her smile.
“AB tu kyu muskuraye ja rahi hai?” Muskaan look towards her.
“Kuch nhi bas achha lag raha hai dekh k ki tujhe Rahul dil se pasand hai” Riddhima said.
“Hmm, socha nhi tha ki mai aise kisi k bare me sochungi ya fikar karungi” Muskaan accepted.
“Pyar to aisa hi hota hai” Riddhima replied.
“Ha kyu nhi, aakhir Ammy Jiju ne tujhe pyar karna jo sikha diya” Muskaan teased her which make her blush.
They reached home soon and waved bye to each other asking to meet next morning.
“Mom, kaha hain aap, mai aa gai” Riddhima came inside.
“Aaja Riddhima mai upar hu room me” Padma said.
“Mom Muskaan bol rahi thi aap bahar gaye the Shweta aunty k sath, koi kaam tha kya?” she asked.
Padma stopped for a while then said “Ha wo Shweta ko kuch samaan lena tha isliye” Tu fresh ho ja fir dinner karte hain, tumhare Dad ko time lagega” she said.
“Ok Mom, 10 minutes” she left for her room.
After dinner Riddhima left to sleep and Padma move towards her room talking to someone on phone.
“Mom aaj kuch busy lag rahi hain” Riddhima murmured and lie down on her bed.
Rahul reached home and informed by servant that others will be late thus he left to change and checked Armaan who was sleeping peacefully which make him smile.
Rahul had his dinner and went towards his room calling Muskaan coz he missed her a lott but didn’t get time to call her, although she understand this time without creating any hungama which make him smile.
Riddhima was lying in her room thinking about Armaan, she tried to call him then cut atonce thinking may be he will be sleeping.
“Lekin agar phone nhi kiya to kal gussa karenge” Riddhima murmured “Aur agar baat nhi kiya to mujhe need v nhi aayegi, achha thoda sa baat kar k rakh dungi aur Armaan ko v bol dungi sone k liye”
She called him.
Armaan kept his phone near his pillow as if he was sure that Riddhima will call him.
His phone vibrate two three times breaking his sleep, he look towards the phone and smile in sleepy mood.
He received the call holding pillow close to his heart closing his eyes.
“Armaan” she called his name.
“Hmm” he replied in sleepy tone.
“Aap so rahe the na?” she feels sorry.
“Hmm, tumara wait karte karte so gaya, tum itna late kyu ho gai” his voice was heavy and husky due to sleep.
“Mai thodi der pahle hi wapas aai” Riddhima smile looking towards his pic kept on her side table.
“Tumahri smile bahut pyari hai” he said “specially jab tum mujhe dekh k smile karti ho” he was too sleepy and talking to her.
“Armaan apko kai,,,,” she stopped in middle.
“Kyunki aap Armaan Mallik k dil me rahti hain” he replied in heavy voice holding pillow close to his heart and his every words was making Riddhima's heart beat faster.
“Achha ji” she smiled.
“Han ji” Armaan said then again called her “Riddhima” he was talking in half sleep voice and mind thus not registering what he was saying.
“Boliye” she asked.
“Tum mere paas kyu nhi ho?” Armaan asked.
Riddhima knew he was sleepy and don’t know what he was talking thus smiled “Mai apke paas hi to hu na”
“Nhi wo paas wala nhi, ye pillow jitna paas wala” Armaan explained in sleepy voice.
Riddhima look towards the pillow she was holding near her heart and red colour creep over her cheeks.
“Armaan, abhi aap so jaiye” she tried to make him sleep.
“N,,nhi, mujhe baat karni hai” he was not agree to cut the call.
“Achha kya baat karni hai” she asked.
“Yahi ki mai tumhe feel nhi kar pa raha hu apne paas, I want that feeling back jab tum mere aas paas rahti ho, mere sath rahti ho” Armaan said which was making Riddhima more shy.
“Mai to apke paas hi hu Armaan, chaliye ab aap so jaiye theek se” she replied.
“hmm, tum promise karo ki mere paas hi rahogi” he was acting too kidish in effect of medicine which was compelling him to sleep and he was trying hard to talk.
“Ha baba pakka promise, hamesha apke paas rahungi, abhi v hu, chaliye ab aap so jaiye, apko subah office v jana hai na?” she said.
“Hmm, ok tum v so jao lekin yahi rahna mere paas” he again said.
“Ok, good night ARmaan” she ask him to sleep.
“Good night” he replied and slowly slept in deep slumber.
“Chalo ye so to gaye” Riddhima smiled peacefully when she make sure that Armaan slept soundly and cut the call. She also slept after that.
Next day, Armaan get ready in morning for office and came down fixing his tie.
“Wow Armaan Bhaiya, looking so cool” Vansh said.
“Thanks Buddy” he smiled and everyone was happy looking towards The ARmaan Mallik who was back to life, back to family and office.
“Ok ham nikalte hain, Bye everybody” Nikki said taking Vansh with her.
“Armaan tum office ja rahe ho?” Billy asked.
“Yes Dad, mai theek hu ab” he smiled.
“Ammy kya jarurat hai itni jaldi office jane ki thoda aaram kar lete” Ananya was worried.
“C’mon Mom, mai room me baith k theek nhi ho sakta, waise v ab theek hu mai, Don’t worry” ARmaan smiled.
“Ammy, u okay na? pakka?” Rahul was a bit worried.
“Yup, I’m perfectly fine” he replied.
“Good, then have your breakfast then ham nikalte hain office k liye” Anurag said and he smiled.
“Lekin Ammy dawa time se le lena” Prerna said.
“Ok Chachi” he replied.
“Waise aaplog kal kab aaye the?” Rahul asked.
“Mai to late ho gaya tha aur ye log Mrs. Singh k yaha gaye hue the to raat me aaye” Anurag said and he nodded.
“Ok, Dad mujhe case k liye client k yaha jana hai to mai nikalta hu aur apse office me milunga” Rahul said getting up.
“Chal Ammy, see u at night, jyada work load mat le lena” he said.
“Hmm, I’ll be fine” he smiled.

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