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part 53 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next day, Armaan gets up and have flashbacks of yesterday night, he didn’t remember all as he was in sleep but still he wants to know.

He called Riddhima, she was sleeping and gets up with Armaan’s call.

“Hello” she received the call.

“Good Morning Riddhima, mujhe ek baat puchni hai” he said instantly.

“Kya hua Armaan?” Riddhima asked getting up properly.

“Kal kya hua tha?” Armaan asked.

“Kya hua tha matlab?” she become confused.

“Matlab kal jab tumne call kiya tha tab, I was in sleep right? Did I say something?” Armaan asked.

Riddhima’s cheek colour change remembering the previous night talk, she felt shy to say anything.

“Riddhima, bolo” Armaan asked.

“Aisa kuch nhi hai Armaan, aap bas neend me the aur thodi si baat karke so gaye” Riddhima said.

“Thodi si matlab?” Armaan knew he was feeling her absence thus he said something but didn’t remember what.

“Kuch nhi bas aise hi, aap office ja rahe hain?” Riddhima tried to deviate.

“Riddhima, I’m sorry if I said something inappropriate, actually I was missing you so much feeling your absence and then I drift into sleep then your call, I’m sorry ag,,,,” Armaan was saying but Riddhima stop him.

“Armaan, apko lagta hai ki aap mujhse kabhi koi aisi baat kah sakte hain jo galat ho?” Riddhima asked.

“Nhi, but I was in sleep na to,,,,” ARmaan said.

“Armaan, apki shadi hone wali hai mujhse to I don’t think aap aisa kuch bolenge jo ki galat ho isliye apne jo bola usme kuch v galat nhi tha. I know apko aaj office jana hai to ready ho jaiye and all the best for office mai ja rahi hu kyunki Dad bula rahe hain, ok bye take care” Riddhima said in one go because he know that after these words she won’t be able to handle his question and tease and she can’t describe him whatever he said yesterday so she just gave a try to it and cut the call.

Thankfully Armaan smile after her non stop reply and went get up with a smile as her acceptance of them getting married that too in this way makes him happiest.

Armaan get ready for office and came down fixing his tie.

“Wow Armaan Bhaiya, looking so cool” Vansh said.

“Thanks Buddy” he smiled and everyone was happy looking towards The ARmaan Mallik who was back to life, back to family and office.

“Ok ham nikalte hain, Bye everybody” Nikki said taking Vansh with her.

“Armaan tum office ja rahe ho?” Billy asked.

“Yes Dad, mai theek hu ab” he smiled.

“Ammy kya jarurat hai itni jaldi office jane ki thoda aaram kar lete” Ananya was worried.

“C’mon Mom, mai room me baith k theek nhi ho sakta, waise v ab theek hu mai, Don’t worry” ARmaan smiled.

“Ammy, u okay na? pakka?” Rahul was a bit worried.

“Yup, I’m perfectly fine” he replied.

“Good, then have your breakfast then ham nikalte hain office k liye” Anurag said and he smiled.

“Lekin Ammy dawa time se le lena” Prerna said.

“Ok Chachi” he replied.

“Waise aaplog kal kab aaye the?” Rahul asked.

“Mai to late ho gaya tha aur ye log Mrs. Singh k yaha gaye hue the to raat me aaye” Anurag said and he nodded.

“Ok, Dad mujhe case k liye client k yaha jana hai to mai nikalta hu aur apse office me milunga” Rahul said getting up.

“Chal Ammy, see u at night, jyada work load mat le lena” he said.

“Hmm, I’ll be fine” he smiled.

Armaan reached office after a long time and everyone greeted him.

“Good morning Sir, Kaise hain aap?” one of his employee asked.

“Feels good to see you back Sir” another one said.

“We missed u a lott Sir, achha hua aap wapas aa gaye” one by one he was being bombared with phrases.

“Thanku so much all of you, mai theek hu isliye office me hu, good to see you guys working well in my absence also, I need to recheck previous activities so gather up the files and meet me in conference room sharp at 12, ok” Armaan Mallik was back in office and now nothing is important than work for him.

“Yes Sir” they said and split to gather information.

“Good luck Mr. Mallik” he got Riddhima’s message.

“Thanku” he replied back with a smiley.

Anurag was busy in some meeting with new clients and Armaan was checking the work done in his absence, he meet his employees in conference room and get details about the ongoing and upcoming projects.

“It’s good guys you all did well, and upcoming projects should be handeled properly and don’t worry I’ll be here to guide you so get back to work, I’ll soon allot everyone’s responsibility regarding new projects” Armaan said.

“Sir, aaj k liye itna kafi hai, aap thodi der rest kar lijiye ab, Anurag Sir ka message aaya hai ki aap jyada stress leke kaam na kare” his PA said.

“I’m fine Akhil, don’t worry” Armaan said getting back to his cabin.

His lunch box was kept there and he smile reading the note “Ye tera luch box hai, khana tujhe isi me se khana hai aur ha bagal me medicines v rakhi hain. You better have it all by yourself warna agar mai court se aaya to tu janta hai ki tera kya hoga Ammy” 

Yes that was from Rahul’s side and he smile opening the lunch box, now Armaan Mallik will have to follow their orders until Doctor approve him.

He had his food and medicines and clicked picture with empty box and medicine then send it to Rahul with proof.

Rahul instantly called him back.

“Kya baat hai Ammy, tu meri baat maan raha hai aajkal” he teased him.

“Kya karu aur koi option nhi hai mere paas warna tumlog wapas mujhe ghar pe baitha doge” he replied back.

“Good good” he said.

“Tune lunch kiya?” Armaan asked.

“Yes boss, had it right now” he replied.

“Tu ghar kab tak aayega?” Rahul asked.

“Shaam ko, jyada kaam nhi hai isliye jaldi nikal jaunga” he replied.

“OK” Rahul said.

“Sun” Armaan called him before he could cut the call.

“Ha bol na” he asked.

“Ye pictures apne Partners in crime ko bhej dena aur bol dena” Armaan said in cool relax tone and Rahul coughed.

“Matlab, k,,,kaun se partners, maine bola tha tujhe ye sab” Rahul controlled his cough gulping down some water.

“Rahul Mallik don’t try to be smart around me, wo tujhe v pata hai aur mere liye koi badi baat nhi hai teri harkato se pata lagana ki aur kaun kaun involve hai tere sath.” Armaan said and Rahul smiled knowing he can’t hide anything from him.

“Ha to theek hai na sab tere liye pareshan the to kya karta, tujhe office jana hi tha to hame ye karna hi tha, ab ja apna kaam kar mera sarr mat kha” Rahul said and cut the call instantly.

“Is se itni si baat nhi chhup pati hai yaar, Rahul Mallik you are too bad in acting” Rahul murmured and inform this thing to Riddhima and Muskaan.

“Tujh se yahi expect kar sakte the ham” Muskaan said.

“Arey but jaisa dono ne bola maine waisa kar diya, uske baad v Ammy ne mujhe pakad liya to mai kya karu yar” Rahul said.

“Mai kya karu yarr” Muskaan mimicked him “Maine bola tha Riddhi se isko na bola lekin nhi ise to apne dewar pe bada bharosa tha” Muskaan said being angry.

“Muskaan chup kar yaar, I know it’s really hard to hide something from him, fir theek hai unhe pata chal gaya to kya ho gaya, ham bol denge na ki hame fikar thi isliye aisa kiya” Riddhima replied as they were in conferencing call.

“Ha wahi to” Rahul too supported her.

“Ha kyunki ab aur koi option hi nhi hai” Muskan said.

“Ha yar, chalo koi nhi mai apna kaam karta hu aur Bhabhi aap v isko leke jana warna har do minute pe phone kar k mujhe sunayegi aaj ki baat k liye” Rahul said.

“Tu na Rahul khotta hai bilkul” Muskaan greeted her teeth as he told Riddhima that what she do most often.

“Thanku baby” he showed his teeth and Riddhima smile.

“Muski, tu ready ho ja, mai aati hu 20 minutes me” Riddhima said.

“Theek hai” Muskaan said and they cut the call.

“Chalo bye” Rahul cut the call.

“Mom, mai Riddhi k sath ja rahi hu” Muskaan said coming out of her house listening horn of Riddhima’s car.

“Theek hai, extra key rakhi rahengi mujhe v bahar jana hai” her mother replied.

“Ok” she replied running outside.

“Chal Riddhi” Muskaan sit inside the car.

“Aaram se Muskaan, aise kyu bhaag rahi hai” Riddhima asked.

“Hehe, mujhe laga tujhe late ho raha hoga” Muskaan showed her teeth.

“Stop that” Riddhima drove away.

“Waise ek baat bata aajkal Rahul tujhe office k kaam me uljhane ki koshish kyu karta hai?” Riddhima asked.

“Kya pata uske dimaag me kya chal raha hai, maybe isliye ki mai use jyada disturb na karu kaam k time pe kyunki usne kafi time baad court jana shuru kiya hai” Muskaan replied.

“Hmm, ho sakta hai, tu itna bakbak jo karti hai” Riddhima smile in sarcasm.

“Hunh” Muskaan looks away.

“Ek minute” Muskaan shouted as if she have some work.

“Kya hua?” Riddhima asked looking towards her stopping the car in side.

“Kahi aisa to nhi hai kiwo khotta mujhe shadi k baad office me kaam karne ko bolega?” Muskaan was in her own shocked state and Riddhima shook her head.

“Tu pagal hai kya, isliye itni tez se bola tune” Riddhima scolded her.

“Tujhe ye itni si baat lag rahi hai, Riddhima mujhe kaam waam nhi karna hai shadi k baad, mujhe ghar pe rahna hai” Muskaan said as if someone was sending her office forcefully.

“Chill Muskaan, its good if you work in office also, is se tu independent v banegi” Riddhima said.

“Na baba rahne de” Muskaan said.

“Theek hai ye tu Rahul se hi discuss kar lena” Riddhima said.

“Tujhe shadi k baad office join karna hai?” Muskaan asked.

“Pata nhi abhi tak Armaan ne kuch kaha to nhi hai, aur yah ape to papa k liye mai aa jati hu kyunki shuru se handle kiya hai but waha pe dekha jayega” Riddhima said and she smile.

“Chalo achha hai, waise v tu rahegi to mujhe tension nhi rahegi” Muskaan smiled and she shook her head as Muskaan was totally an unbelievable case.

They get busy in work and Rahul Armaan too.

Days went like that and AR RM didn’t get any hint of whatever cooking in their family as they make them so much busy in work.

Armaan was happy as he was back in his workaholic mood while his recovery was very fast and finally doctor also approved that, he was very happy that day coming back from hospital.

Ananya and Prerna happily hugged him and he was sort of confused.

“Mom, Chachi, I’m fine, aur wo to mai pahle v tha aap log aise kyu react kar rahe ho?” Armaan asked.

“Tu jane de Ammy, tu nhi samjhega inke mann ki baat” Rahul huggeg him from behind.

“Aur tu itna khush kyu ho raha hai?” Armaan knew something was cooking in his head.

“Arey matlab ab tu bilkul theek hai, so I’m giving resignation to my mature and serious mood and opting back my careless behavior okay” Rahul said and they together says “NO”

“Guys, I can’t handle this more” Rahul said.

“Rahul bhaiya matlab aap fir se,,,,,” Nikki stop coz everyone was thinking about his previous behavour, leg pulling, pranks, masti and to irritate everyone.

“Yes” Rahul stretched Nikki’s hair and ran away towards the stairs.

“So Ammy, party tonight?” Rahul stopped at the last stair.

“No” Armaan shook head in no.

“Koi jarurat nhi hai party ki, ja fresh hoke aaja” Ananya said.

“Haye ye jaalim zamaana” Rahul start his nautanki and went towards his room.

Everyone was so happy includidng Billy and Anurag on dinner table.

“Ammy tujhe inki khushi thodi different nhi lag rahi hai?” Rahul murmured in Armaan’s ear.

“Matlab?” he asked being confused.

“Arey matlab ki hame ye to pata hi tha ki teri tabiyat ab theek hai, but jab se doctor ne approve kiya hai tab se ye log alag hi behave kar rahe hain, kuch pak to nhi raha hai?” Rahul’s mind start working.

“Kuch nhi pak raha hai, khana khao theek se” Ananya hold his ear from behind and Armaan smiled.

“Mom, w,,,wo to mai Ammy se aise hi, u know, mai to dinner kar raha hu” he turn his focus back to food.

“Armaan bhaiya, aaj to sab apki pasand ki cheeje bani hai” Vansh said looking towards the food.

“Ha yar, wahi to mujhe v nhi samajh me aa raha hai ki ye special treatment kyu?” Armaan said and they smile.

“Koi special treatment nhi hai, bas dil kar raha tha so ban gaya” Prerna said and they smiled.
Nikki was silent all around.

“Niks, tujhe kya hua hai?” Rahul look towards her.

“Kuch nhi bhai, wo exam” Nikki said being absent mind.

“Nikki, tu aur padhai?” Rahul was so surprised.

“Please ha, I do study” Nikki said and they smiled.

“Nikki, koi problem ho to mere paas aa jana” Armaan said.

“Ok, bhai” she replied being happy.

After dinner they went back to their room.

Armaan thought to call Riddhima as he didn’t get time to call her whole day.

On the other side, she was having dinner with Shashank and Padma. Her phone vibrate and she look towards it the towards her Mom Dad.

“Kya hua beta, kiska call hai?” Shashank asked.

“Kuch nhi Dad wo,,,,” Riddhima stammers and cut the call.

“Arey cut kar diya” Armaan look towards his phone “Maybe busy ho” he came out in balcony.

“Ohoo, Riddhima shadi hone wali hai tumhari Armaan se, ab to officially engaged v ho fir kyu Sharma rahi ho batane me” Padma teased her.

“Mom, aisa kuch nhi hai” she replied focusing on food.

“Arey beta, tum khana kha k baat kar lo, waise aaj uski report v aane wali thi, doctor ka phone aaya tha hospital se, tum puch lena” Shashank said getting up as he finished his food.

“Ok Dad” she smiled.

She ran towards her room and called Armaan after closing the door.

“Hello” Armaan received the call.

“Kaise hain aap?” she asked.

“Kyu batau?” Armaan try to tease her a bit.

“Armaan, kyu nhi batayenge” Riddhima asked being confused.

“Kyunki tumne mera phone cut kiya” Armaan said.

“Oh! Sorry wo Mom Dad k sath me dinner kar rahi thi” Riddhima said.

“Ohoo, sorry yar galat time pe call kar diya” Armaan said.

“Koi baat nhi, Dad bol rahe the apki report aane wali thi aaj, kya aaya hai report me?” Riddhima asked being impatient.

“Bata du Riddhima?” Armaan’s serious tone was back.

“Armaan, kya hua? Koi problem hai kya?” she asked and her heart rate increased.

“Doctor ne ye bola ki,,,” Armaan stopped suppressing his smile.

“Armaan kya bola doctor ne bataiye please” Riddhima asked.

“Arey baba unhone bola I’m perfectly fine aur ab mai jab chahu tumhe delhi leke aa sakta hu” Armaan said in a flow.

“Achha ye to achhi baat hai aur aap,,,,,” Riddhima stopped realizing his statement.

“Hai na achhi baat?” Armaan’s voice become slow and Riddhima smile suppressing her blush.

“Kuch v bolte hain aap” Riddhima came near window smile looking towards the moon “Par mai sach me bahut khush hu ki ab koi problem nhi hai” she said.

“Hmm” Armaan also look towards the moon.

Riddhima thanked God and her real smile was back.

“Riddhima” Armaan called her.

“Ha” Riddhima asked focusing her eyes on moon.

“Chand me kiska chehra dhoondh rahi ho?” Armaan knew her very well.

“Aap k,,,,” she start but stop, how he get to know everything roaming inside her.

“Mera?” he asked.

“Apko har baat kaise pata chal jati hai Armaan” she was really surprised.

“Jaise tumhe mere dil ki har baat pata chal jati hai, bina mere kahe” Armaan smiled.

“Ghar me sablog bahut khush honge na?” she tried to deviate the topic.

“Bahut, aur kuch jyada hi excited hain, Rahul v apne masti mood me wapas aa gaya hai” Armaan said.

“Chaliye achha hai, ab apko pareshan karega wapas se” Riddhima said.

“Achha ji to aap chahti hain ki mai pareshan rahu?” Armaan asked.

“Nhi but uska pareshan karna chalega” Riddhima smiled.

“Riddhima, don’t try to change your party ok, shadi k baad tum meri taraf rahogi” Armaan said and she smiled.

“Ha to shadi k baad na, abhi to mai Rahul ki side le sakti hu” Riddhima said in a flow not realizing she was talking about marriage.

“Ha to aisi baat hai to jaldi se shadi kar leta hu” Armaan said and they realized what they were talking and both stopped together.

One side they were happy as they talk with each other without any hindrance and now not getting any point to start the talk again.

Riddhima tried to compose herself and start “Armaan, wo mujhe kal hospital doctors k saath bahar jana hai camp k liye” Riddhima said.

“Achha, that’s good, aur kaun ja raha hai?” Armaan asked.

“Doctors honge, mai aur muskaan aur kuch guards v, hame shayad waha ek week jaisa lage” Riddhima said.

“Itna din” he become sad.

“Ha but aap udaas kyu ho rahe hain, I’ll call you from there, bas problem ye hai ki wo thoda outer hai isliye network issues ho sakte hain” Riddhima said.

“Riddhima agar outer me hai to tumhe jana jaruri hai kya? I mean koi aur nhi ja sakta” Armaan asked.

“Armaan waha aisi koi problem nhi hai, it’s just that Dad aajkal kafi busy hain, subah se nikalte hain to direct raat me aate hain so camp k liye wo ready to ho jayenge but it will affect his health isliye mai socha,,,,” Riddhima stopped not knowing how to convince Armaan.

“Nhi that’s fine, bas apna khyal rakhna aur agar koi v problem ho to please call me atonce” Armaan said.

“Ha baba, apko hi call karungi don’t worry I’ll be fine” Riddhima said.

“Yaar, aisi koi baat aati hai to sach me feel hota hai ki kaash tum delhi me hoti to atleast mai aa sakta tha” Armaan feels helpless.

“Armaan, mujhe pata hai ki agar mujhe Mussoorie me v koi problem hui to aap yaha honge isliye mujhe kabhi ye feel hi nhi hua ki ham bahut dur rahte hain” Riddhima’s word make him smile and that was true he can reach there if it comes to Riddhima.

“Riddhima, you get to know every way to make me agree” Armaan said.

“Yess, aur wo to mujhe karna hi hai” Riddhima said and he smile “Aur achha hi hai ki mai yaha hu warna aap apna kaam kam aur mera kaam jyada dekhte” Riddhima added and he smiled.

“Hmm, that’s true but don’t worry bas kuch dino me mera tumhara se hamara ho jayega” Armaan smiled.

“Wo to abhi v hai” Riddhima utter and he smile.

“Oye hoyeee” Armaan said and she blushed.

She came back in room as it was getting colder outside and Armaan was sitting in balcony till now.

She was feeling cold thus cover herself under duvet and Armaan noticed some motion.

“Kya hua?” he asked.

“Kuch nhi, bahar thand badh gai isliye andar room me aa gai” she replied.

“Riddhima, tum bahar kyu baat kar rahi thi jab thand hai to” Riddhima asked.

“Bahar to aap v hain” she replied.

“Ha to mai,,,, wo mai ja raha tha andar” Armaan said and she smiled.

“Tabiyat theek ho gai hai to iska ye matlab nhi hai ki aap apne mann ka kare” Riddhima said and he agrees saying “OK M’am” 

“Riddhima tumhe kab jana hai?” Armaan asked.

“Kal subah” Riddhima replied.

“Ok, but apne saath sari jarurat ki cheese le lena aur ha kabhi v koi v problem just call me atonce okay” Armaan said.

“Ok” she replied.

They were happy with each other and their presence on other side was enough to make them complete.

Armaan enter in his room and move towards the music system, holding the remote he lay down on bed, starting a song which make Riddhima smile fully.

Na Nana..

Tu Nazm Nazm Sa Mere,
Hotho Pe Thehar Ja,
Mein Khwaab Khwaab Sa Tere,
Aakhon Mein Jaagun Re,

Tu Ishq Ishq Sa Mere,
Rooh Mein Aaky Bas Jaa,
Jis Ore Teri Sehnaiyi,
Us Ore Mein Bhaagun Re..

Na Nana..

Hath Thaam Le Piya, Krty Hai Waada,
Abse Tu Aarju, Tu Hi Hai Iraada,

Mera Naam Le Piya Mein Teri Rugai,
Tere Hi Toh Peechy Baarsaat Aayi,
Barsaat Aayi..

Tu Itar Itar Sa Mere ,
Saanson Mein Bikhar Jaa,
Mein Fakeer Tere Kurbaat Ka,
Tujhse Tu Maagu Re,

Tu Ishq Ishq Sa Mere,
Rooh Mein Aaky Bas Jaa,
Jis Ore Teri Sehnaiyi,
Us Ore Mein Bhaagun Re..

Mere Dil Ke Lifaafe Mein,
Tera Khat Hai Jaaniya.
Mere Dil Ke Lifaafe Mein,
Tera Khat Hai Jaaniya.
Nacheez Ney Kaise Paali,
Kismat Yeh Jaaniya Ve..

Mere Dil Ke Lifaafe Mein,
Tera Khat Hai Jaaniya..
Mere Dil Ke Lifaafe Mein,
Tera Khat Hai Jaaniya..
Nacheez Ney Kaise Paali,
Jaanat Yeh Jaaniya Ve..

Tu Nazm Nazm Sa Mere,
Hotho Pe Thehar Ja
Tu Nazm Nazm Sa Mere,
Hotho Pe Thehar Ja
Mein Khwaab Khwaab Sa Tere,
Aakhon Mein Jaagun Re..

Tu Ishq Ishq Sa Mere,
Rooh Mein Aaky Bas Jaa,
Jis Ore Teri Sehnaiyi,
Us Ore Mein Bhaagun Re..

Armaan and Riddhima soon drift into sleep without saying anything and unaware of anything gonna happen yesterday.

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