Friday, 14 December 2018

Part 6 (A) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


"You know what.. You guys have gone mad i mean seriously aapko lagta hai main unse pyaar karunga.. Oh come on vo Indian hain so don't expect me to marry her coz i know, I don't feel anything for" but he himself stopped coz he realised its a lie and this made both the men grin "See its nothing like that okay.. Haan vo acchi hain but that doesn't mean ki main shaadi kar lun and mostly vo khud kabhi nehi ready hongi so oldies don't waste your time here" putting his hands inside his pockets he said to them calmly who stood up wd calm look
"Okay then proove me" Raj challenged wd relaxed look which made Karan quiet for seconds
"But why should i proove you?? I mean when there is nothing like that then why i need to proove you?" he argued which made Raj smiled

"Exactly when there is nothing like this then why you won't proove me?" he too argued which was enough for Karan's patience level 'Okay aap chaahte hona main shaadi karun aapki choice ki ladki se toh main karne ke liye ready hoon aapke khushi ke liye but not Dr Shilpa' his direct announcement made Raj to walk closer to him "Meri choice hi Dr Shilpa hain ab toh main yehi chaahta hoon ki wahi tumhaari wife bane so propose her and marry her in this month only" Karan was stunned at Raj's adamant
"Dad.. Main aisa nehi karunga jo karna hai karlo" announcing this directly he turned to go when
"Thik hai tab yeh bhi sunte jaao yeh meri aakhiri iccha hai ki is ghar ki bahu toh Shilpa hi banengi chaahe tum ready raho yaah naa raho bas.. Aakhir meri Aaaahh" as Raj announced his last decision Karan looked at them angrily which made Arun to signal Raj for their plan B so pretending an attack Raj fainted making Karan stunned who immediately got worried.. Wdout wasting any seconds he called an ambulance when Raj in half unconsious state (Fake one) demanded for Shilpa so Karan had to call her who immediately reached there wd Aarti and checked Raj even the Ambulance also came but when she find his pulses normal she sent them back.. Raj made a sick face and opening his eyes he whispered in low voice "Karan mujhe aisa lagta hai main bina apni bahu dekhe chala jaaunga" as he said this Karan got tensed so he immediately sat beside him while Shilpa was sitting on other side of Raj wd guilty look where as Arun & Aarti were calmly watching them
"Why you always talk nonsense Dad.. Maine bola naa main shaadi aapki choice se hi karunga but only when" but before he could explain more Raj knowingly coughed making KaSh worried
"Karan please abhi kuch mat bolo.. Tum jaante hona ki inki health thik nehi hai phir bhi kuch bhi bol rahe ho.. Kar lona jo yeh keh rahen hain" in very serious voice Shilpa scolded which made Karan's temper raised while Raj smiled at her
"Yeh mujhe aapse shaadi karne ke liye bol rahen hain toh kya karengi aap mujhse shaadi bataaiye??" he blurted out in anger which made her freezed while Aarti looked at Arun for confirmation and he gave a calm nod in Yes "See Dr Shilpa its non of your business so stay away or else.." before he could say more Raj coughed more, knowingly disturbing them from any future argument
"Karan.. Badtameezi nehi kyunki main aise nehi jaana chaahta is duniya se" at his fake emotional line Shilpa put her hand on his hand saying 'Uncle aap aisa kyun bol rahen hain aapko kuch nehi hoga' her eyes have flicker of emotion on her face while Karan turned serious "Agar main bachne waala bhi rahunga toh bhi nehi bachunga tum dono ki wajah se kyunki ab Karan toh shaadi karega hi nehi aur naa tum toh mere sapne toh adhoore reh jaayenge" his emotional blackmail worked on Shilpa while Karan only stare him helplessly where as Aarti's eyes got moist seeing this which only made Arun to hide his smile "Vaise kya galat kar raha hoon main tum dono ko jod kar.. Tum dono ne hi life me bahoot kuch face kiya hai aur tum dono hi ek dusre ko acche se samajh paaoge mujhe pata hai.. Main sab kuch jaanta aur samajhta bhi hoon, i know tum dono ek dusre ke liye kuch feel karte ho par abhi samajh nehi paaye ho.." at this Karan interrupted
"Dad aisa kuch nehi hai aap zyada soch rahen hain" he tried to clear on which Shilpa also gave a nod in yes but Raj ignored
"Karan khudko bewkoof banaao mujhe nehi.. Aur agar nehi hai toh isse meri aakhiri wish samajhlo dono, So please tum dono shaadi karlo mere paas kuch hi samay hai jeene ke toh main tum dono ki shaadi dekh kar hi jaana chaahta hoon.. Aur ab tum dono mere paas tab hi aana jab tum dono ka faisla haan ho varna mujhse baat bhi mat karna" saying this calmly he hide his face on blanket like a kid making Arun smiled while KaSh were rooted at their spots while Aarti thought about this situation deeply when Karan tried to convince Raj 'Dad kya bachpana hai yeh, uttho chalo' but Raj was also very adamant on his place "Arun in dono se keh do ab mere paas tabhi aayen jab Shaadi ke liye ready ho varna mujhse baat bhi naa karen" still inside from blanket he almost ordered which made Karan angry who standing up walked out of the room leaving Shilpa in huge confusion
"Main Karan ko dekhti hun" saying this Aarti ran behind Karan while Shilpa also stood to go when Arun knowingly sat beside Raj wd fake emotional face and gripping Raj's hand he loudly spoke coz Shilpa was standing near door 'Sir main jaanta hoon aap kabhi koi faisla galat nehi lete.. Aakhir Shilpa beta ko aap Baap ka pyaar dena chaahte ho kyunki unhe bhi toh parivaar ki zarurat hai aur aaj ke zamaane me kahan acha ladka milta hai.. Humaare Baba toh kisiko bhi khush rakh sakte hain aur uper se unhe bhi toh ek pyaar karne waali wife ki zarurat hai jo Shilpa beta se acchi ho hi nehi sakti' Shilpa was listening this wd sad face and from inside blanket Raj replied 'Shayad yeh meri aakhiri iccha hi banke rahegi Arun aise hi mar jaaunga lagta hai' at this her eyes turned wet who immediately ran from there feeling helpless while checking everyone Arun gestured Raj to woke up
"Sir hum kuch galat toh nehi kar rahen naa.. I mean kahin Baba aur Shilpa beta par yeh force toh nehi?" Arun's concern made Raj smiled who replied 'Agar main us raat in dono ko saath nehi dekhta toh main kabhi aisa kuch nehi karta.. Par main itna toh jaan gaya hoon Karan ke dil me feelings hain Shilpa ke liye, I mean pehle vo kisi bhi Indian ladki se shaadi nehi karna chaahta tha lekin tumne sunna na ki vo kisi se bhi karega par Shilpa se nehi kyunki usse dar hai ki vo uske liye feel karne laga hai.. Aur raha sawaal Shilpa ka toh mujhe nehi pata unke dil me kya hai par itna jaanta hoon unhe, ki jo sabko pyaar deti hai usse bhi pyaar ki zarurat hai dekh bhaal ki zarurat hai, aur Karan ke siwa yeh kaam koi nehi kar paayga kyunki jaisa ki tum jaante ho vo agar kisi rishte me bandh jaata hai toh puri jaan laga deta hai usse nibhaane me end tak, So hum kuch galat nehi kar rahe' at this Arun smiled coz its actually a truth, May be their destiny wants to join them through Raj's condition

(Uswaqt main puri Dilemma me thi kuch samajh nehi aa raha tha main kya karun kyunki mujhe Papa ki wish bhi puri karni thi aur Karan se dur bhi rehna tha par koi solution nehi tha, jab main bahar pahuchi toh dekha stairs par Karan baitha huaa hai chup chap aur uske thik do stairs ke uper Aarti jo sirf Karan ko dekh rahi thi, main bhi chup chap ek dam last waale stairs par baith gayi kuch sochne ke liye, Aarti ne mujhe ishaare me bataaya ki vo kabse bole jaa rahi hai par Karan kuch react nehi kar raha aur yeh sunne ke baad main toh aur sochne lagi)

"Shilpa ab tu hi kuch kar sakti hai kyunki uncle ki khushi ka sawaal hai" at her mind's suggestion she put her chin on her knees wd sad look while Karan was having very hard time wd his heart
"Dad ko aisa kyun laga ki main Dr Shilpa ke liye kuch feel karta hoon.. I mean yaah aisa hai main unke liye kuch feel toh karta hoon but that is not Love or may be yes?? And Shaadi vo bhi Indian se no ways, Kash Dad kuch aur wish karte toh main kar deta, But wait a minute i can do this for my Dad.. Lekin kya Dr Shilpa ready hain i mean yes if i have to choose one Indian girl b/w all indian girls i would choose Dr Shilpa coz i only know her then why the hell is i am not ready for marriage?" his mental torture was getting higher just like Shilpa but Aarti was the only person who was thinking about this situation logically so finally she got an idea
"Meri baat dhyaan se suno dono.. I know tum dono me se kisine bhi kuch nehi socha is problem ke solution ke liye but mujhe iska solution mill gaya hai jisse uncle bhi khush aur tum dono bhi khush" hearing her sudden serious voice Shilpa looked down where as Karan turned his head back at her calmly when Shilpa asked hurriedly what? making Aarti smirked "See uncle chaahte hain tum dono shaadi karlo aur tum dono nehi chaahte shaadi karna.. Par ek tarika hai jisse tum dono bhi satisfy rahoge aur uncle bhi bas iske liye tum dono ko khudko mentally prepare karna padega kyunki jo main bataane waali hun vo may be tum logo ko thik naa lage.. But trust me koi aur option nehi hai humaare paas" as she said carefully both of them frowned when Shilpa spoke 'Iswaqt uncle ke liye jo karna padega main karungi tu bas bata' at this Aarti simpered while Karan only stared Shilpa silently "Hmm toh mere khayaal se uncle ke liye.. Tum dono ko shaadi karni chaahiye par" at her scared voice both of them's head turned shockingly "Par suno pehle phir react karna.. Toh tum dono shaadi sirf ek saal ke liye karo matlab Contract Marriage for one year.. According to contract sirf ek saal tak tum dono ki shaadi rahegi jo tum log uncle ke liye karna, aur jab tak uncle ka treatment na ho jaaye tum log act karna husband wife ki aur phir jab uncle completely thik ho jaayenge tab unhe bata dena, dekhna vo samjhenge yeh baat.. Haan yeh ho sakta hai ki uncle tum dono ki shaadi bahoot dhoom dham se karvaaye toh karlo kyunki according to Indian law tum dono ki contract marriage hi maani jaaygi jo tum log thik apne wedding day ke din karoge.. Isse uncle bhi khush rahenge aur treatment araam se karvaayenge wdout any stress aur tum dono bhi khush.. Kaisa hai idea mera" as she finished looked at them excitedly while KaSh were only staring her silently
"Shilpa idea bura nehi hai.. Sirf ek saal ki hi toh baat hai, uncle ne tujhe itna pyaar diya tu kar sakti hai unke liye.. Karan ko bhi toh tu acche se jaanti hai aur kaunsa tum dono ko is rishte ko nibhaana hai sirf uncle ki hi toh baat hai.. Vaise bhi tera hai hi kaun jisse farq padega tere is faisle se.." at her mind's suggestion she bowed her head silently "Par Karan?? Log kya kahenge ki pehla pyaar nehi mila toh ussi ke chehre ke saath shaadi karli uska kya?? Aur kisse kisse tu explain karegi Shilpa?" her heart questioned which only made her sad "Kaunse log? Vo jo kabhi puchne bhi nehi aaye tu kaisi hai kaun hai?? Duniya ki fikar chod Shilpa uncle ke baare me soch bas.. Jinhone tera past dekh kar yeh jaante huye bhi ki tu orphan hai phir bhi accept kiya apne iklaute bete ke liye.. Unke baare me soch" and that put some sense inside her head who thinking about Raj finally got convinced "Main ready hoon aakhir uncle ke liye main yeh kar sakti hoon aur uper se unki health iswaqt bahoot weak hai jinke liye yehin thik hoga toh main karungi Shaadi" as Shilpa said this blankly Aarti smiled but Karan was only staring the floor and hearing this he got angry thinking She is only doing this for sympathy
"Not again Karan.. Dont let the history repeat wd yourself" as his mind said to him he sighed "Listen Dr Shilpa don't do this for the sake of sympathy, Main ready nehi hun kisi fake rishte ke liye" wdout facing her he refused in serious tone which made Shilpa & Aarti serious
"Nehi Karan yeh sympathy nehi hai.. Main uncle ke liye kar rahin hoon, unka iswaqt thik hona bahoot zaruri hai varna complications aur badhegi.. Trust me mujhe is shaadi se koi problem nehi hai, iswaqt yehi zaruri hain unke liye" she tried to make him understand calmly who closed his eyes for his Dad when Aarti also said 'Haan Karan humaare paas koi aur option nehi hai please samjho is baat ko, zyada waqt nehi hai humaare paas' he became helpless hearing this then gritting his teeth he stood up facing them who looked at him silently
"Fine main karunga aapse shaadi Dr Shilpa for the sake of Dad.. Par" slipping his hands on his pant's pockets he said in serious tone which somewhere made her heartbeat skipped wd fear coz the look on Karan's determind face only made her scared from inside when Aarti questioned 'Par kya?' making Karan to sigh "Par yeh ki main shaadi jhooti nehi karunga.. I mean yes aapki khushi ke liye contract marriage hoga but not for me, kyunki main shaadi 100% nibhaunga chaahe aap maane yaah naa maane.. Mere liye rishte mazaak nehi hain toh main nibhaunga aur apna best dunga, yeh contract marriage hoga toh sirf aapke liye.. Aap chaahe toh ek saal baad mujhe chod ke jaa sakti hain yaah phir jo aapko karna hai kar sakti hain, main aapko nehi rokunga.. Lekin yeh bhi sach hoga ki main yeh rishta nibhaunga, so everything will depend on you" both the girls stood up shockingly while he was staring them calmly "Ab yeh faisla aapko karna hai ki aap shaadi karengi yaah nehi.. But from my side I'll give my 100% to this marriage" still wd determined look he stared her making Aarti surprised where as Shilpa was rooted at her spot flabbergastly "Main jaa raha hoon Dad ko yes kehne baaki aap par hai sab kuch" saying this wd finality he walked passed near her and went inside leaving a bewildered Shilpa there who slowly looked back at his exit
"Waah!! Kya ladka hai yeh.. Shilpa main toh kehti hoon tu bhi is rishte ko accept karle kyunki aisa insaan tujhe kahin nehi milega.. I mean soch jo apne Dad se itna pyaar karta hai ki ek anchaahe rishte ko bhi dilse accept karne ke liye ready hai toh soch jab isse tujhse sachme pyaar hoga toh vo apni jaan laga dega" Aarti spoke happily looking at Shilpa who was numbly still staring at the door

(Uswaqt main Karan ke confidence se itna dar gayi thi ki main bata nehi sakti thi Aarti ko kyunki jo dar mujhe tha Karan se vo Aarti kabhi nehi samajh paati.. Mera dar yehi tha ki kahin Karan ka confidence is rishte ko lekar mujhe kamzor naa karde jo ki actually aaj ho bhi gaya hai.. Karan ke andar jaane ke baad main yehi sochti rahi ki ab main kya karun? Kyunki us stupid ne uswaqt sab kuch mujhpar chod diya tha, Aarti mujhe sirf dekh rahi thi expectedly aur main itni confused thi ki kuch bhi samajh nehi raha tha, lekin jab uncle ka khayaal aaya tab sab kuch chod kar maine decide kiya ki main yeh shaadi karungi jisme main contract marriage zarur karungi chaahe Karan kuch bhi karle)

"Aap aa gayin Karan toh ready hai par kya aap taiyaar hain beta?" as she stood on his bed's leg side Raj asked in fake weak tone making her to show a small smile while Aarti wd curious look stood beside Arun, Karan was staring on the space wd bowed head actually his poor heart & mind was confused coz at one side his heart wants to marry Shilpa and on the other side his mind wasn't ready to marry an Indian girl "Bataiye naa beta?" Raj's sweet voice made her to give a nod in Yes while saying 'Haan main taiyaar hoon' slowly which made Raj Aarti & Arun happy but Karan didn't even glanced at her coz he knows she is doing this for Raj "Thank you beta.. Zara Karan ke paas khadi hona" raising his one hand happily he called her who wd slow steps stood beside Karan "Tum dono apna apna haath do mujhe aur aao mere paas" as he said this smilingly they both bend down avoiding each other when taking her hand Raj put that on Karan's hand whose heartbeat skipped "Promise me tum dono humesha saath rahoge aur kabhi nehi chodoge ek dusre ka saath chaahe koi bhi musibat aa jaaye.. Humesha ek dusre ko samajhne ki koshish karoge promise me" he looked at KaSh smilingly who wd confused hearts gave a nod in Yes slowly making three of them happy when Karan whispered 'I promise Dad' while gripping her hand firmly which only made her heartbeat skipped who looked down at their hands
"Waah, Yaani ab shaadi ki taiyaari shuru karni padegi" Arun spoke excitedly making Raj & Aarti giggled while Shilpa glanced at Karan who feeling her gaze stared her silently and still holding each other's hands their eyes locked as if trying to figure out their answers
"Exactly mera iklauta beta hai, shaadi toh main dhoom dham se hi karunga.. Toh Arun yaar accha sa muhurat nikalvaao inka Roka karvana hai" sitting properly Raj spoke wd enthusiasm making Aarti to notice that sudden change in him but when she glanced at KaSh who were still staring each other while Aarti noticed the spark b/w them
"May be uncle sahin ho kya pata inhe aise hi milna ho" she thought smilingly when Arun said to her excitedly 'Beta aap sabko bata do kyunki saari taiyaariya hume hi karni hai' she smiled seeing the excitement on elders faces and joining them she also got in planning where as feeling his strong gaze Shilpa lowered her lashes down wd thudding heartbeat coz their eye lock only made her realise that she is taking a risk wd their life and as she looked down he lived her hand slowly then concentrating on his father he tried to figure out actually what is going inside his heart for her

That whole night filled wd happiness for Raj & Arun who were planning about every little single things relating in Kash's marriage while dropping Aarti & Shilpa to their home Karan went on one of a silent place in Lonavala to find out his feelings for Shilpa coz the way he confidently said that he will give their marriage 100% whether she live or will stay wd him, that was very unexpected of him

Yes he tried to convinced his mind that may be he did this for his Dad but soon he got an answer from his heart that No he actually saw Shilpa as his life partner and that was the point which made him weak.. After spending some time there he went in home where he found Raj & Arun awake still discussing about the marriage which made him forget everything and next morning only Raj fixed their Roka & Marriage's date wdin one month which not at all made Karan bother but yes Shilpa's fears increased meanwhile Raj made Aarti to join their group for making Kash close which Aarti gladly joined and when she informed this news to orphan kids they got excited & happy

And a day before their Roka Raj & Arun planned a date for Kash coz they wanted them to know each other more closely but it became hardest task for them to convinced Karan while there Aarti forced Shilpa to go out wd Karan but she refused then Aarti had to inform this to Raj who again played his emotional blackmail game which again worked on Kash, so finally they got ready for a day out & date.. Karan was still confused wd his feelings which Raj noticed so he thought to clear it and on dinner table Raj & Arun started clearing his confusions which only pissed him off

"Accept karlo Karan ki tum Shilpa se pyaar karte ho kyunki isme deny karne waali baat kuch nehi hai" Karan closed his eyes annoyingly as Raj spoke in cool voice after taking a bite from his food while Arun was giggling watching Karan's face "Aankhen band karne se sachaayi nehi badlegi ki tum unse pyaar karte ho, be a man yaar kab samjhoge ki tumhaari feelings Shilpa ke liye pyaar hi hai" at this Karan sighed and sitting against the chair he gave them a serious look asking
"Aisa kyun lag raha hai aap dono ko? I mean from which angle it looks like love? Yes i admit i care for her coz she cares for you.. Haan main yeh bhi admit karta hoon ki mere is shaadi ke liye haan karne ki wajah yeh bhi hain ki puri Indian ladkiyo me main unhe hi jaanta hun so kyun main apna time waste karun uske peeche jise main nehi jaanta.. But that doesn't mean i love her who told you this?" he tried to convinced them who only smiled coyly
"You know Karan baba aap sirf khudko bewkoof bana rahe ho, kyunki yahan present har koi bata sakta hai ki aap unse pyaar karte ho" as Arun said this smilingly he looked at him incredulously who directly asked 'Like who?' on which every servant present there replied 'Yes Master you love Shilpa mam' and this made his mouth shut while both the men laughed at this scene, few minutes passed he was still thinking 'Kya aisa ho sakta hai? But mujhe kaise pyaar ho sakta hai vo bhi ek Indian se?' his confused & puzzled look made Raj & Arun to help him
"Karan kal tum ek kaam kyun nehi karte" hearing Raj's voice he slowly lifted his head at him "Kyuna kal tum apni feelings pata lagaalo Shilpa beta ke liye" he frowned hearing this so directly he questioned but how? "Simple kal tum pura din unke saath rahoge toh us pure din me yeh find out karo ki actual me tumhaare dil me kya hota hai Shilpa ko lekar" Raj smiled at his innocent confused face
"Matlab yeh ki notice karo jab Shilpa beta aapke saamne aati hain toh dil me kuch hulchal si hoti hai kya? Matlab aise dhadakna jaise maano guitar baj raha ho?? Jab vo touch karti ho toh kuch electric types saa feel hota hai?" Arun's made him to think about this which actually answered Yes he felt these all but he didn't shared this to them
"Yaah phir master aapke peeche voilin bajta hai unko dekh kar?" Roger questioned excitedly which made him to look at him incredulously when another servant asked 'Yaah phir jab vo bolti hain toh kya sirf unko dekhne ka mann karta hai?' and just like this every servant started asking questions like 'Unke saath time guzaarna accha lagta hai aapko? Kya unko chot lagti hai toh takleef aapko hoti hai? Kya unki hassi se aapke chehre par hassi aati hai? Unki har baat kya aap maan lete hain? Ek strong connection feel hota hai unse? Kya aapko aisa lagta hai ki yehi hain vo jinke saath aap apni puri life guzaar sakte ho?' and the only answer he got from himself was 'Yes' coz these all were true for him who still was quiet, reason was clear that he is still not ready to accept the reality that he actually have fell for an Indian girl and seeing him quiet Raj smiled
"Karan itna mat socho bas sab kal par chod do" at his suggestion he managed to give a nod in Yes silently "Abhi khaana khaalo phir kal subhe time par gharse nikalna aur yaad haina yeh tum dono ki pehli date hai toh tum unke liye koi naa koi gift zarur le jaana" he suggested in teasing voice making him to roll his eyes uninterestingly and he again started his dinner when 'Gift ke saath roses yaah bouque toh zarur le jaana ladkiyo ko acche lagte hai' Arun suggested excitedly making him to held his head while Arun & Raj laughed at his poor condition

Next morning when he got ready to go out Arun & Raj almost instructed every little bit about date which only made him annoyed who walked out of the house wd not so good mood but as he reached outside her house his heartbeat skipped who texted Aarti 'Is she is ready or not?' And this made Aarti giggle coz from past two hours Shilpa was trying to convince herself that it is not any date it just a day out only for Raj and now she have dressed in dark mid night blue color full sleeves umbrella dress wd minimum make up and her long hairs opened wd little curls from down, the mascara filled her green eyes were shinning but the sadness on her face was only making her dull, Aarti's eyes almost came out as she saw from window that Karan was standing down near his car, he have wore a white shirt & denim jeans wd white snickers not to forget that cool goggle was making him more handsome.. Aarti teased Shilpa saying 'Jaa uda leja apne hero ko' at this Shilpa smacked her arm and looked down from window only to find Karan there who was hell nervous for this day

Banjara banjara, Dil mera banjaara
Dekha jabse usko dil mera dil mera banjaara

"Kya Dad sahin keh rahen hain? I mean kya sachme main unse pyaar karne laga hun, No ways.." putting his both hands on his car he said to himself nervously while shaking her head Shilpa moved to come down not before writting a note inside her head that its just a normal day out not any date "God!! Kya ho raha hai mujhe, kuch samajh nehi aa raha.. Come on Karan jaisa Dad ne kaha vaisa try karo, try to notice your feelings for her" putting his head on his car's upper part he trid to calm his heartbeat then getting frustrated he moved his hands on his hairs and turned to see her only to left astonished, removing his goggle he looked at Shilpa who decended from stairs while correcting her duppata whose head was bowed down but Karan's eyes were only fixed on her in fact for few seconds he forgot to blink "Why the hell is my heart is beating this loudly Dr Shilpa? Is it bcoz your presence is effecting me?" he thought while sizing her from head to toe by his lost eyes when Shilpa looked at him as she reached down and seeing him she passed a sweet smile taking his heartbeat who immediately turned away his lids from her
"Good morning" trying to hide her nervousness Shilpa wished sweetly which made him smiled back slowly and wdout saying anything he opened the car's door for her who sat inside nervously "Isse kehte hain kismat Shilpa, kahan se kahan aa gaye tum dono" as her bubble mind taunted she looked out of the window when Karan sat inside his car and keeping his both hands on steering he tried to control his heartbeat "Shilpa is pure din ko kisi bhi angle se date mat lagne dena koshish kar ki aisa lage ki tu isse Lonavala ghuma rahi hai, kyunki tum dono couple nehi ho isiliye normal ban aur cheerful bhi" she decided inside her mind who tried to smile normally where as Karan was still thinking what to do next when "Toh Karan hum aaj pure din kya karenge kuch plan bhi kiya hai ki bas aa gayye" hearing her normal voice his nervousness vanished somewhere coz she made easy for him

Naa jaga naa soya dil mera dil mera banjaara
Jo muskaraaye woh, Sab kuch bhulaye woh

"Dr Shilpa main is place ke baare me kuch nehi jaanta so its your duty to show me this Lonavala town" staring the car he replied in his usual voice making her smile
"That means tum mujhpar depend ho.. Par koi baat nehi tum bhi kya yaad rakkhoge ki Dr Shilpa Malhotra tumhe aaj apne busy shedule se time nikaal kar Lonavala ghumaayngi" at this a chuckle escaped his mouth who was relieved by her cute voice "So bolo pehle kahan jaaoge tum?" looking at him she asked smilingly on which he started thinking
"Hmm.. I think main is place ke baare me kuch nehi jaanta toh aapko jahan le jaana hai le chaliye bas place bata dena main drive kar dunga" trying to focus on road he replied thoughtfully which made her smiled
"Okay toh hum pehle kahan jaa sakte hain mujhe sochne do" saying this normally she crossed her hands and started thinking about the place while Karan was glancing her in b/w on mirror "Haan, Kune waterfalls vo dekhne me bahoot acha lagta hai subhe subhe aur Bhaja caves & falls vo bhi bahoot beautiful aur freshing hota hai, you know vo thandi hawa vo fog, vo thande paani me pair rakhna sab kuch bahot hi mesmerising lagta hai" getting excited she started defining the place but the word mesmerising made him glance her smilingly coz right now she is looking mesmerising

Dekho bhatak ke aaye dil Banjaara
Oo Banjara banjaara
Uski dhun me dil banjaara (x2)

"I am sure koi bhi place aapse zyada mesmerising nehi hoga" he thought wd smile while glancing her cute adorable face who showed him the way towards the Kune Waterfall, reaching the place she showed that 400 mt water fall from one of a hills which made Karan smiled coz actually it was refreshing in this foggy weather while Shilpa admired the beauty of nature when he complimented the place smilingly which made her sighed in delight coz this place is making her relieved from every tension in her life, Karan's eyes stopped at her calm face coz the cool breeze was making her hairs to touch her face whose eyes were admiring the waterfall when she thought to take him down there
"Tumhe waterfall ke paas chalna hai Karan?" turning her head at him she asked excitedly making him to step back and he refused 'No.. Let's go somewhere else' that made her look at him wd bored look "Come on Karan bahoot maza aayga chalo na" stepping ahead she said excitedly which made him to give a nod in No "Uff! Tum sachme Alien ho.. Accha chalo main tumhe ek aur adventure se bhari place dikhaati hun jahan i am sure tumhe maza aayga" at her adorable voice he smiled amusedly when she walked ahead making him to follow her obidiently, whole way she was praising about the place but Karan was only wondering why he is loving her every bit and as they reached Bhaja caves & falls (Lonavala's famous champing & swiming place which is also known for its waterfalls on rocks & stairs) Shilpa got excited coz it is one of her favorite spot for picnic wd her kids which she also shared wd him who almost got annoyed hearing "Mere bacche aur main" but he didn't reacted coz of her excited face who removed her sandles as she put her legs under water which almost reached above her anklet "Wow!! It feels great.. Why dont you try Karan?" looking up at him she suggested blissfully while he was only watching her almost standing few feets away from that water

Leharaake dil se guzarti hai woh (x2)
Jaane kya khit-pit karti hai woh

"Nehi main yehin thik hoon" as he refused she shook her head smilingly
"Kya tumhe pata hai tum bahoot boring ho?" at her extra sweet voice he chuckled "Oh come on Karan yahaan aaye ho toh paani ka maza lo dekho kaise vo bacche aur vo families enjoy kar rahen hain trust me bahoot acha lagega.. Aao" extending her one hand she said smilingly which made him to watch everyone who were enjoying inside waterfall then he looked at her who smiled sweetly which he cannot refuse so removing his shoes he held her hand slowly and stepped inside water making her giggle coz as the water touched his feet he closed his eyes wd amusement "Kaisa lag raha hai maza aa raha haina?" elbowing him she asked excitedly which made him to stare her smilingly
"I don't know.." he replied calmly which made her giggle who taunted 'Tum sachme ajeeb ho' at this he looked at her amusingly when she stepped ahead enjoying the fog above the water where as his eyes were only storing her images inside his heart, walking ahead she saw few kids playing wd water which made her smiled while taking out his phone he started clicking the pictures of this place when he saw Shilpa who was standing beside the waterfall on one of a rock and he left dazed by the view, extending her one hand she played wd the water on her palm absorbing the touch of cold shower there was small smile playing on her lips hearing the rythem of water on rocks and clicking her pics he walked towards her dazedly "Its beautiful Dr Shilpa" as he stood behind her he said smilingly which made a mischivious smile on her face who taking the drops on her palms threw on him wd a giggle "Aaaww Dr Shilpa" he closed his eyes in surprise as she started throwing the water drops on his face

Ho hans de to ude dil me hai titliyan
Be-mausam gire hum pe hain bijliyaan

"See yahaan aakar agar tum bheegoge nehi toh yeh naa insaafi hogi is waterfall ke saath" she giggled enjoying his defendence by his hands
"You have lost ur brain Dr Shilpa.. And for god sake explain me what is Naa insaafi?" putting his hands on his waist he gave her angry look who giggled replying injustice "Oh.. Aisi baat hai toh aapne sahin kiya.. Vaise vo kya hai" stepping ahead he spoke in normal tone making Shilpa to give a suspicious look when he pointed on other side where she turned her head to look and before she could react he threw water on her from that same waterfall making her startled who taking his name looked at him surprisingly "See main akele usko justice nehi de sakta naa.. Kyunki vo kya kaha tha aapne.. Nainsaafi haan.. Toh wahi ho jaata uske saath agar aap geeli nehi hoti" saying this playfully he watched her amused face which soon turned into giggle making him smile
"Aisi baat hai toh yeh lo phir.." saying this smilingly she started throwing water on him who tried to defend himself but yes he was loving this moment wd her and after roaming that place they moved for their another destination (Their clothes were not at all wet coz they only threw water drops on each other), in whole way they talked about Raj's health also Shilpa's orphan kids.. Soon they reached at the Zoo which Shilpa wants to show him who watched carefully the national park & which Karan find interesting and after few minutes he again realised that he loves her, actually Shilpa was watching few Monkeys climbing & jumping on trees inside the cage when Karan's eyes landed on tigress who was on another side inside a cage which made him smiled coz the lioness was sitting on her place like any royal princess while peoples were trying to grab her attention who not even glanced them
"Dr Shilpa aapko mirror dekhni hai apni" tapping on her shoulder he spoke in calm tone which made her frown "See.. Lagti haina aapki jaisi.. Vo killing green eyes, bade bade nails and that pride is commentable" her jaw dropped opened as she saw the lioness while he wd calm look praised making her to looked back at him but she didn't catched his meaning which was actually a compliment
"Aur agar tumhe apne aapko dekhna hai toh yeh lo khudko dekh lo" making him to look at monkeys she retorted which made him chuckled who put his hand on the cage asking 'From which angle i look like them?' at this she passed him a sweet smile "On that same angle.. From which i look like lioness" he was totally impressed by her retort who shaking her head smilingly again looked at the monkeys unknowingly keeping her hand above his whose heartbeat skipped again as if feeling some viberation by her touch "Aww kitne cute hain" she giggled watching two baby monkeys fighting for their mother while Karan's mind recalled the words of Raj Arun & his servants who were already given the signs of love so removing his hand carefully from her he turned his back at her

Uss pe ye dil aa aake haara
Banjara banjara uski dhun me dil banjaara (x2)

"Kya ho raha hai yeh mujhe?" he questioned to himself while staring at the space blankly when he felt a cool breeze touched his face who closed his eyes to solve this puzzle when he heard bangles noise near his ear and as he opened his eyes, he found a smiling Shilpa in front of him that too in that same clothes which she wore in their first meeting, he gulped as she gave a flying kiss wd giggle which made him to check whether he is hallucinating or not and as he looked back saw a happy Shilpa in that same mid night blue color dress who was trying to give a banana to that young monkey smilingly and this made his eyes wide who looked in front of him again only to find that same white Shilpa who brushed her white duppatta on his face smilingly making him to close his eyes lostly when a man was passing near by him just coughed which made him fully awake who smacking on his head shook his head annoyingly and turning at Shilpa he thought to go away from this place as soon as possible but as he stood behind her to call her an incident made his legs freezed, actually poor Shilpa was making that monkey to take that banana but that small creature jumped so close while snatching the banana she got frightened which made her stepped back resulting her whole back touched his chest whose hand immediately held her arms surprisingly, she giggled at the scene of her & monkey unaware of Karan's condition which was turning more weak just by her mere touches
"Sorry vo main inko khila rahi thi par vo aise jump kiya ki pucho mat" looking up at him she spoke still wd giggles on which stepping a little away from her he managed to smile back and just like this they explored the place but actually it was from Shilpa side only coz Karan was exploring every expression feelings of his for her.. After a while they moved for another place which was a food corner where Shilpa forced him to have few indian dishes which he hate half heartly coz being wd her his hunger died and after that Shilpa insisted to drive coz the place which she wants to show him is very far from Lonavala, Karan didn't stopped her coz he was so occupied wd his thoughts about her that he allowed her who was constantly blabbering about that same place & her driving skills when he warned to look ahead but she ignored saying

Ho ho
Baaton me uski jaadugari

"Chill Karan.. Tum iswaqt duniya ke sabse safe driver ke saath ho jiske hote huye.. Tumhe kuch nehi hoga" he rolled his eyes at her pridefilled voice who was looking at him whose eyes landed on the road where a truck was coming in its fastest speed towards them
"Dr Shilpa aage dekhiye" saying this loudly he turned steering which made their car to bumped wd a tree while pulling her closer to him he stopped them to colid wd any thing inside their car actually he tried to save Shilpa first, where as Shilpa was so shocked that her eyes was shut wd her head buried on his chest fearly while Karan's one hand was kept on the steering and other was holding her back wd his head hidden inside her hairs, thankfully the tree was not at all big which they were safe from any accident but yes there was a little damage on their car's front hood "Aap thik hain?" keeping his other hand also on her back slowly he asked in worried tone realising how important she have become for him while Shilpa hummed lifting her head a little up when she felt his hold tight as if engulfing her more into him who have closed his eyes wd small fear
"Ka.. Karan mmain thik hun.." feeling uncomfortable on his hold Shilpa tried to push him hasitately who realised in what position actually they are so he instantly leaved her and tried to look somewhere else when Shilpa noticed the damaged she has done which made her eyes wide "Dhang se driving bhi nehi aati tujhe Shilpa, soch agar Karan ko kuch ho jaata toh uncle ko kya mooh dikhaati tu" at her mind's taunt she made a sorry face then looked at Karan who tried to open the door when "I am sorry pata nehi kaise mera dhyaan hat gaya.. Aur thank you for saving us" hearing her cute apology a smile reached his lips who turned his head back at her
"You know Dr Shilpa.. Since i have learnt driving from my Dad.. I know one thing and that is.. How to be careful while driving" at his taunt she pouted giving a nod in Yes and said 'I know Nazar hati Durghatana ghati' at this he looked at her strangely "Sorry.. Durgh..atana what?" Shilpa held her head hearing this
"Means.. Ki jab hum drive karte hain toh sirf driving par hi focus karna chaahiye.. Lekin abhi toh hume jaana hi hoga naa yahan se kyunki shaam hone waali hai aur sunsaan road hai" he smiled at her worried face who looked around that silent greenery area
"All thanks to you Dr Shilpa ab aaiye bahar car ko dekhna padega" saying this calmly he moved out of the car making her to follow him quietly and reaching out they saw their car's condition which have only one damage that was the headlights & front hood "Thank you very much Dr Shilpa hume is halat me land karvaane ke liye" he taunted as he saw the smoke coming out from engine which made her to bit her nail guiltfully

Ho, baaton me uski jadugari
Nigaahon me uske hai kaarigari

"Maine kuch jaan bujhkar nehi kiya.. Lekin main thik kar sakti hoon trust me" moving to touch that engine she spoke hurriedly making him to stop her by wrist 'Aap rehne dijiye Dr Shilpa lag jaaygi engine garam hai aur uper se bahoot sharp bhi hai' he warned but pulling her hand back she insisted "Nehi main kar sakti hun trust.. Aaahh" touching the engine she moved to correct but instead her wrist got cut coz of a sharp object making her winced while Karan immediately got worried who instantly held her wrist which was bleeding a little now
"Dr Shilpa.. Aap na" shaking his head he took out his hankerchief and was about to tie when she stops saying 'Aise nehi pehle chot ko clean karte hain phir kisi kapde se baandh' but before she could complete her sentence he showed his angry glare "Chup chap khadi rahiye..Aaj phir doubt ho raha hai ki aap doctor kaise bani" at his scold she looked at him angrily who clearing her wound hasitately as if trying not to harm her, tied his hankerchief around her wrist and that made her to stare him silently

(Vo pehli baar tha jab kisiko mere liye pareshaan hote dekha tha maine, Karan ke face par saaf dikh raha tha ki usse bhi takleef ho rahi hai kyunki Papa ne mujhe pehle hi bataya tha Karan ko khoon dekhte hi ajeeb lagta hai aur agar vo kisiko takleef me dekhta hai to usse bahoot bura lagta hai)

"Hmm ho gaya ab aap yehin khadi rahiye main driver ko call karke dusri car mangvaata hoon" after tying the bandge he stepped back leaving her standing there wd confused feelings when she saw him busy wd his phone who walked ahead to talk to his driver and when he was talking he saw Shilpa who was checking the car when she stumbled resulting her heels break a little and this made him walk towards coz he knows she can fell any time while she pretended nothing happened making Karan to show he didn't noticed her heels "Dr Shilpa car ko aane me time jaayga at least two hours till then we have to wait" he informed normally but yes his eyes were glancing in b/w her heels
"Hum yahan sunsaan road par wait karenge??" she exclaimed
"Agar aapke paas koi aur solution hai toh bataaiye kyun is situation me hum land toh aap hi ki wajah se huye hain" crossing his finger spoke in calm tone which made her to give him her angry look
"You know aisi koi problem nehi bani jiska solution Dr Shilpa Malhotra ke paas naa ho" she spoke in attitude making him sighed
"Toh phir bataaiye Dr Shilpa Malhotra is problem ka solution" as he spoke in extra sweet voice she started thinking still not giving up her attitude when actually something came inside her head who smiled widely making him to raise his bows
"Like i said, mere paas har problem ka solution hota hai.. So agar hum yahan se chalke jaaye toh aage ek Dhaba yaani Indian restuarant types milega jiske bagal me hi ek garrage hai, agar car se jaate toh 15 minute lagte par agar chalke jaana hai toh 30 minutes ke andar hum pahuch jaayenge" crossing her arms she said smartly which made him to give a calm look
"Agar aisa hai toh let me check on the map" saying this calmly he looked down on his phone which made Shilpa to roll her eyes & stepping closer to him see tried to see whether she was right or wrong "Yes yahan se aage ek garrage hai.. So let's go" zooming it carefuly he spoke wd serious look while she moved her head to look but in this process their heads bumped wd each other 'Aaaww' rubbing her forehead Shilpa looked at him slowly who shook his head as if he is used of her these things "Rehne dijiye.. Aur chaliye" poor girl opened her mouth to apologised but his calm tone made her mouth shut who unwillingly gave a nod in Yes slowly and saying her to move ahead he took out few things from backseat which was his black jacket, extra snickers & a water bottle, Shilpa controlled hard not to giggle coz she was really amused that how can anyone be so prepared? while after locking his car he started walking wd her calmly who thought to ask him today
"Tum humesha kyun over prepared rehte ho? I mean paani tak toh thik hai par yeh jacket yeh extra shoes in sabko saath me le jaane ki kya zarurat hai?" at her question he smiled then looked down on her heels which can break anytime
"Aapko nehi lagta aapko apni heels utaar deni chaahiye.. I mean kya pata road kharab ho aage toh you know aap gir sakti hain" trying not to show he indirectly hinted her who smiled sweetly
"Nehi kuch nehi hoga mujhe aise heels ke saath sadak par chalne ki aadat hai.. Tum pehle mere sawaal ka jawaab do" her chilled out tone made him to press his lips to hide his smile at her reply and shaking his head he looked at ahead
"Dr Shilpa.. Problems kab saamne aa jaati hai yeh hum guess nehi kar sakte par agar kuch arrangements pehle se hui ho toh vo easy pad jaati hain.. Aur kya pata meri yeh cheeze kab kaam aajaaye" answering her smilingly who enjoyed this windy evening but Shilpa frowned "You know mere car me kuch cheeze humesha main extra rakhta hoon jaise clothes, snickers, shoes, water bottle, rope & first aid box jo aaj rakhna bhool gaya" as he explained she smiled genuinely
"Wow yeh toh achi baat hai par abhi kyun liya hai.. I mean yahan kisk.. Aaah" she was saying this normally when her heels broke coz of a little stone which directly made her fell on ground while Karan chuckled coz he already knows about her heels but didn't expected that it will broke completely "Maine sachme tumhaare jaisa badtameez insaan aaj tak nehi dekha.. Yahan main gir gayi hoon aur aaahh" scolding him she rubbed her ankle painfully which made him to control his smiled and wd a calm look he knelt beside her smilingly asking 'Aap thik hain?' which only made her angry "Ofcourse mujhe kya hona hai, main toh enjoy kar rahin hoon naa aise beech sadak par baith ke" and now that's new for him coz he rarely hears her sarcastic answers which always made him awestruck
"Kash aap meri sunn leti.. But koi baat nehi jaise aapke paas har problem ka solution hota hai vaise hi thodi bahoot problems toh main bhi solve kar hi leta hoon" saying this normally he held her ankle slowly which made her embarressed who moved her hand to stop him to touch her legs when he removed her heels carefuly trying not to give any pain while she only looked at him wd surprise plus smitten look coz the way he rubbed her ankle by his careful finger tips only made her heartbeat increased so she thought to stop him but before she could say something his voice stopped her "Hmm i think ab yeh kuch kaam aayga humaare" saying this smilingly he showed his extra snickers which only made her smiled slowly coz she is actually very impressed by his gesture
"Par main kaise vo.. I mean" she tried to refuse hasitately but his next line stopped her

Kehde toh chhod du main ye jag saara
Banjara banjaara uski dhun me dil banjara..

"See kabhi kabhi smart doctors bhi wrong ho jaate hain zyada nehi ek do baar hi.. So unko us time kisi double smart NRI Businessman ki baat sun leni chaahiye especially jab raat ho aur kisi silent road par stuck ho" his words made her smiled slowly while he in careful way slipped that snickers one by one on her legs and that was the moment both of them realised something for each other "Aapki hassi aapki ankhen aapki baate sab pyaari hain Dr Shilpa, aap mujhe kyun itni acchi lagti hain.. May be Dad sahin ho.. May be main sachme aapse pyaar karne laga hoon? May be yehi reason ho ki main ready ho gaya aapko whole life accept karne ke liye.. But i am still confused if it is love then why i am not ready to accept.. And most important somebody please explain me what is love??" busy wd these thoughts he was tying that snickers's laces while Shilpa was only staring him wd her mixed feelings
"Sirf teen mahine hi huye hain hume mile phir bhi lagta hai tumhe acche se jaanti hoon.. I don't know vo kya reason hai jiski wajah se main darti hun tumse itna, haan maana tumhaara chehra same hai mere pehle pyaar ki tarah par main yeh bhi jaanti hoon yeh vo reason nehi hai tumse darne ka.. Ek sapna lagte ho tum mera Karan.. Lekin main tumse nehi judna chaahti.. Maine life me bahoot se log dekhe hain par tum jaisa sirf ek hi dekh rahin hoon shayad yehi wajah hai main tumhe kabhi compare nehi karti Armaan se.. I just hope tum mere kabhi karib naa aao" she thought deeply also prayed from heart still watching him who finishing his work looked up at her and gave a sweet smile while standing up
"Chaliye kyunki raat hone waali hai and its not safe here" looking at her he offered his hand to her who first stared him silently then wdout saying anything held his hand slowly and stood up making him smiled "Feeling comfortable wd snickers?" walking ahead he asked in calm tone which made her to nod in Yes smilingly coz her feet were in ease under his big size snickers but yes it were tickling also "Aap hass kyun rahin hain??" he asked amusingly coz she was giggling while walking wd him slowly
"Nehi actually yeh thoda tickle kar raha hai thoda bada haina mere pair se.. But actually its comforting you know.. So thank you aur sorry meri wajah se hum yahaan andhere me bich sadak par sunsaan jungle ke paas fase pade hain aur agar aaj tumhe kuch ho jaata toh main apne aapko kabhi maaf nehi kar paati kyunki phir main uncle ko kaise face karti" as she apologised sweetly he only stared her wd a smile coz the effect she is creating on him is only making his heart bend towards her

Banjara banjaara uski dhun me dil banjara

"Its okay Dr Shilpa.. Sach kahun toh thank you for making this day adventurous for me" hearing his play full tone she giggled while they both calmly walked ahead in b/w discussing about this place & some of their old adventurous stories, she was sharing her one of a thrilling experience from her collage champ when she stumbled making him to held her waist & hand firmly and as she said nervously i am fine he slowly leaved her but inside his mind only one thought came "Am i really in love wd you?? God if its true then atleast show a sign yaar" he shook his head while thinking this wd calm look where as both of them were walking quietly where as the cool breeze was making them realised that this night is going to be more beautiful!

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