Thursday, 6 December 2018

part 6 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

I packed our things and waited for him to come home'that day when I saw him dancing with nayonika'I felt that he doesn't like me that way'.I was hurt '.a lot'but somewhere I felt that even he realized that coz from that day onwards he made a habit of asking me every day whether everything is fine or not'how could I just tell him that I don't like his closeness with nayonika'.or the fact that I don't like her a bit'I can't 'atleast not now'somehow I managed to keep this nayonika thing out of my mind'but now that I know that armaan and surprises go hand in hand'.then how could he just stay back for so long and so came this big surprise of us going on a vacation'he came to me and said that we are going out'just like that'I didn't knew how to react..should I be happy about the fact that we are going out'or should I be surprised about this sudden unexpected trip'I don't know'but with all ups and downs I had seen till now I have stopped thinking about the future'.and this time too I am doing the same' .

"riddhima come '.we are already late"' he said '. I should be the one saying this'but of no use'coz he always believes that it's other who are at fault and not him'.so there is no use arguing over this'. "coming'" I said and went out of the room' Sitting next to him in the plane looking at him'.seeing him play with his gadgets...which I don't even know how to operate' I saw the satisfaction on his face'.satisfaction of some kind of achievement'.something I had never seen before'.i wanted to talk to him '.. but he was so involved with his gadget that I thought it would be best to talk later'.and so i closed my eyes and went to sleep'

Sitting in the car I thought that we will be staying in a hotel but then he told me that we'll be staying at our house'. He has some business work to do'then I got to know that this trip is basically a business trip'and not the one which I was thinking''and about which somewhere deep down inside my heart I was happy'. We entered our room'and what really caught my attention was the view'. a beautiful sea facing room'from where we can see the sea'.the beach'and sunset' and as the sun was setting it looked more beautiful '. "wow armaan'.look at the sea'.the sun'.and that'"  I said excitedly'..I was sounding like a small child who got what she wished for'.as I was telling him to see that'I didn't realized that he was looking at me'. "so you like it"' "armaan like it'.i love it" saying this I hugged him'.very tightly' few minutes passed and I realized that I was still holding him'separating myself I looked at him "I am sorry"' " hey don't be sorry'you have full right over me'after all I am your'.." but we were interrupted by phone call' "it was dad's"'.excusing himself he went out to talk to him'while I sat down in the balcony'looking at the sunset'

At night he told me that we are going out'his friend is having a party and he wanted us to attend it' thinking about another party shifted my night to last time'and again nayonika came back to my mind'.images of them dancing together came back'. "but nayonika is not here'and why do I even bother" I thought'.and tried shifting my mind to other stuff' .we got ready and reached the hotel'.party was in full swing'with music 'dance'booze'this was something new for me'but anyways I was enjoying this new experience'.he introduced me to his business colleagues'.and thank god that they were all men'we were sitting together'me'armaan and his business colleagues'.they were all talking while I was just sitting there'smiling'looking at their faces'.trying very hard to laugh at their silly jokes'.the convo was so boring that I regreted coming to this party'I was really missing my sleep'.i just needed a bed to go to sleep'but I guess this was not in my destiny'and finally their so called "informal meeting" ended' it was just me and armaan sitting '. I was so mad at him'. "armaan'don't you ever take me out to these kind of parties"'. i was so frustrated that I really needed to take this out of my system'.this frustration was not coz of today'but I think all that which I had tried hiding inside me all these days..Needed to come out' "riddhima'"'. " no armaan'.don't you dare talk to me'" ' " this time I'll talk and you'll listen"'.i wanted to shout at him'but we were interrupted by a waiter' "sir your drinks"' he said and kept the drinks on the table'. Armaan picked up his drink and was about to drink'it' "armaan what are you drinking'"'. I looked at mine it was a soft drink'that I could tell'but his was something of different colour' "riddhima'this is not for you'you drink yours"'. But I was so adamant that I took his glass and before he could say something I had already finished it'. "riddhima'. Stop'" he tried stopping me ' he was trying everything not to make me have any more'but  it was of no use and I ended drinking 4 glasses'after that I felt my head spinning'.

I opened my eyes'. I felt as if someone kept something really heavy on my head'.i rubbed my eyes and then I saw myself sleeping on top of armaan'his hands holding my waist'I tried getting up but his grip was so strong that it was impossible for me to release myself'. Even I wasn't feeling well'closing my eyes I again went back to sleep'on top of him'.

I didn't know what time it was'for how long I have been sleeping'. Again I felt something heavy but this time not on my head but over my body'I slightly opened my eyes '. And saw armaan sleeping over me'. his lips touching my face' I felt a sensation in my body'.we were so close ..i could feel his breath on my face'.he moved his head a bit and now his head was on my chest'.i tried shifting him' but couldn't'.the sensation which I felt a few seconds back'. I started feeling that in my stomach'.i was about to throw out and if he didn't move quickly' I was damn sure I would throw out on bed itself' "armaan move" I said'but no use'. I even slapped him on his arm'really hard'but he didn't even moved a bit'that's it'. "armaan get up or I'll puck on you"' I shouted '.and this time he just jumped out of bed '..And ran towards the door'not the bathroom one but the room door.... and covering my mouth I ran towards the bathroom'.

"mr. malik'.nothing to worry'I have given her medicines'she'll be fine by tomorrow" doc said '. The look on his face when I told him that I was about to throw out'I have never seen him like that' the way he ran towards the door' it was quite shocking and funny too'.he was so petrified'  as soon as doc left he came and sat next to me'. "armaan'it's all your fault" I said'. "what? fault' riddhima you were the one drinking last night'.. I tried so hard not to make you drink'and now you are blaming me'" he said'. "you liar'you think that I don't remember anything'and what did you just say'. You were stopping me'.armaan'" I looked at him'.this time he wasn't looking at me but looking down'. "I very well remember what you were trying to do"'. "Waiter one more"'. "Who said this armaan'was it me or you?"'. I saw this naughty smile on his face' which he was trying very hard to hide' "now why are you smiling armaan..look at me'." I tried making him looking at me'. "riddhima'I am sorry'.but you were looking so cute'. And I couldn't say no to you'.that's why'. and then what you did'I never expected that '.at least from you'. I never thought you were so wild'."''he said' I looked at him '.confused' I tried remembering what I did'.but couldn't recall'. "When I got up in morning I was still wearing the same clothes'.so that means that nothing happened'. Then what he is talking about"'. I thought'. "armaan what are you saying"' " the truth riddhima'." He said coming closer to me' "armaan I don't know what you are talking about"' now I was really nervous' the way he was looking at me'.and then coming closer to me'. was something new' "ar'arm..armaan" I was finding it very difficult'to speak properly'. "what did I do?" ' i whispered as I felt his lips on my cheeks'. "riddhima'you were'." He whispered in my ear and kissed me' I was really loosing myself'.this close proximity was making it difficult for me to even breathe properly'.. I closed my eyes and the next thing I know was him kissing me'.which soon turned into an intimate kiss'we were kissing each other when I felt his cold hands under my top'.  I opened my eyes and pushed him back' he looked at me '. And I think he understood what I was going through' "riddhima.. I am..sorry.." he apologized'. "armaan it's not your fault'it's just that' I don't know'" I had no idea as to why I pushed him'was I not ready'or I don't trust him'or it could be coz of the fact that no one has ever touched me the way he did' somehow I was finding it very difficult to complete my sentence'words were not coming out of my mouth'.we were sitting in an awkward situation'with complete silence'when we were interrupted by a phone call'..although I hate when someone disturbs me..Especially when it's a call'.but today I was very happy'. "Thank god" I thought' "riddhima I have to go some urgent work' you take your medicines on time'and I'll be back by evening"'he kissed me on forehead and went to freshen himself'

From the time he left'only one thing kept coming in my mind' "I never thought you were so wild"'what did I do?.... I tried remembering everything that happened last night'but my memory stopped to the point when I had my 7 drink' "stupid 'idiot'what were you thinking riddhima" I thought' "argh'.think riddhima'think riddhima'" but I just couldn't and coz of medicines i don't know when I went to sleep'

Late at night we were having dinner'.and now it was impossible for me to control anymore'. " I have to ask him"''I thought'.and without thinking anything more I asked him "armaan' what did I do last night"' he was busy eating'he didn't heard what I said' "what?"'. "armaan'look at me'.now please tell me what I did last night"' I pleaded' "oh'.last night"' I saw that naughty smile again on his face' "riddhima' how should I say'."  He was behaving so weirdly' "armaan just tell" ' now I really wanted to know' "last night I did something wrong'.armaan please tell me. ' why are you doing this?' just tell me.."''I looked at his face' and guess what he was blushing' "armaan malik blushing'.am I dreaming?"'I thought' 


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