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part 6 : ought to happen (AR ff)

There was a young actor in the production, who was paired up with Tina' in her forth movie'

Yes' U heard right after having an affair with Mr. Arman Malik' Tina Rai's career has reached to the top list and she had been nominated in the category of Best actress of her first two movies'

Read page four for detail'

Naturally doing her coming movie with a young actor, she had felt an immediate urge to put him at his ease ' even though he was living in relation with his best friend

"I Don't Care ' if u have a girl friend or not ' the important thing for Tina is popularity and lots of money. And your girl friend henna, write? , won't know about it ' so its simple she won't be hurt'. And we need this closeness for our performance." Tina explained logically.

He struggled weakly, gave in, and found out it was so good for his performance that doing it every night seemed only fair to the audience. Tina Agreed.

When Arman finished his drink' and couldn't wait now'. He was told by the manager that Ma'am Tina could not be disturbed before the shoot' and it was a strict rule there '

"I think after waiting for about 10 15 minutes' Now I am an exception'" Arman told confidently'

He walked out to her dressing room' there was mud all over the place because of rain ' a spot boy stood by her dressing rooms door'

Moved away seeing Arman coming '

When Arman entered her small dressing room with a pass key in his hand, he found a skinny bare-assed actor lying on the dressing table and Tina on top of him servicing her doggy-style.

Arman's eye met hers through dressing tables mirror. Her deeply intense gaze was completely devoid of any emotion.

With out a word he threw down the pass key and left'.


"We take your leave now' Shubhankar' and yes will meet soon'"


"I am happy Shahank u could make up here' and your daughter is really sweet' she gave me such a nice pen'" they hugged' and shook byes'

"Atul, where the hell is Arman?"

"Mom? Hmmm' I... don't know mom'" Trembling Atul answered'


"Its ok Keerti ' he will be back soon'" Shubhankar interuptued.

"Shubhankar ' u have destroyed my son ' u clearly know he has gone to that bitch' u should be stopping him ' and u r ...!"

"Keerti'. Ok fine I will call him '"


Arman Malik was drunk. Uproariously, rip-roaringly drunk. And he didn't care. In fact, he felt great as he sat at a table in one of the famous club. At least he wasn't sloppy drunk; he was talkative and very funny.

Arman shared the table with a couple of writers, publicist, famous Mannon Producer his friend, and a wicked-tongue news reporter, Pari'she enjoyed shaking up her famous singles at a large table.

Getting drunk, Arman decided, was not the act of desperately unhappy man. It was an act of celebration. He was out of a relationship. He had been reluctantly hanging on to because it was good for his image'

People were taking him serious man' who is faithful to her girl and business'

Well screw with the image and screw Tina Rai. Arman Malik was back in to the field.

He couldn't help laughing.

"What so funny?" Pari the reporter asked. She had red striking in her hairs' dancing eyes, sharp cheekbones, and dazzling diamonds on her ears and  bare-belly and wrist.

"Just thinking" he explained' Arman was one the famous stud in the industry' And Tina use to say ' that I m not faithful' and look now'I have been a complete idiot faithful and she was the one screwing around. Unbelievable!

"Thinking about what?" she moved her chair beside him. She persisted, determined to attract him in every way.

He looked her over, slowly, lazily. She was also tiring to screw him for ****ng money'a total horny ' is ready to lay for it.

He lowered his voice so only she could hear his reply, he moved his head near her and plunged her hair behind her ear "I m thinking about how I would like to **** you."

Pari, the news reporter was not in a mood to play games "then what r waiting for?" she replied in his ear, while bit his ear lobe'

And so later on, they landed up in her room' he looked at her pierced diamonds'

"I never take them off'" she announced with a restless smile. And he pounced on her. But '.

"Oh God'. Why do u have to drink that much '." She pushed him off' and went to take bath until he came back to world'


He woke up that instance, as he saw her walking barely wearing anything towards the bathroom'

'God Arman, it's the time to run away from here' before she make a big mess for u'' he thought'

He jumped off the bed pulled up his pants ' wore his shirts ' and boots and ran away as a flash'

Ring Ring'


"Hello 'Bhai?? What?" he spoke through the phone. "no I am going my pent house for night '.No I m alone '.i swear on mom'. Just want to stay alone for a while' please' say any thing to mom dad'" pause.. "yea bhai I m fine" Arman sobbed while sitting in his car '. "no I m not crying '. I m a big man ' Bhai'" ' pause "can I hung up' I want to have some moment alone'" Pause '. " yea bhai ' thanks 'I will'. Bye'"


"Hello Arman baba'" the watchman opened the gate and Arman passed a weak smile'

"Kaka' App ghar jaoo 'subha ajjna..." he told the servant'

"theek hai beta' kuch chaya' kahana'" Arman shook his head and walked upto a large room and closed it'

He pulled himself to a bar corner' and filled him self a glass' and went and sat infront of the fire case'

'Thank god' I went away' or else'' he thought and lay his head back'

Flash back

While Pari was peeling her dress of ' Arman fell on bed and something hit his head' he turn to see that it was a photo frame of Tina and Pari' 'The Best Sisters'  written on top of it with glitters all over it.

He thought for a moment' when Pari got a phone' and she went to answer' in bathroom' Arman went and stood beside the door... And placed his ear on it'.

'yea Di' I will take up some photo's after we have it' or else the medical report wont prove that we had **' yea' I know' I have to file a case against him' Not a big deal' off course I m on ur side' I m gonna enjoy for night ' and then Bye bye Malik' Ok Di ' I hanging up ' Bye''

She came out to see Arman lying on the bed in his boxers

"Now what r we waiting for..?" Arman asked while lying their lazily'.

she stood in front of her ' and threw her bath robe' when Arman pulled her on bed ' and pounced on her ' and  dropped his head on her chest and behaved as if he had slept because of drinking'..

End Flash Back'

"Why me'. ?" he poured another Glass' "if she had taken any picture of me' then? Dad would have disowned me' threw me out 'or '." Sob. " or may not have seen my face again'"  she spoke loud to himself'

"U will pay for this sick game Tina'" he shouted as Thunder struck with his voice'



Page 3.

Tina Rai '. Catched up having ** with her Co-actor'






 'I do this to make the scene more' attractive and nice' my intentions r always for making a good movie' I don't care what people think' I m giving them spices, chemistry, every thing''

"Ma'am ' u think it works..?" a reporter stood up.

"yes Off course' didn't u watched my other two movies..? They went hit'why just u people enjoy the movie' and stop digging how it is being made'"

"And that's the only reason.. u have ** with ur co-actor?" Another reporter asked, ignoring her Question'

"what else could it be? For my Personal Fun?? Boy, I have much more hot man beside me'" she referred to Arman'

"Story? Direction'? Or Other Actors' too?" another reporter asked'

"They always write a boring Story'!! stories are always filthy' and Direction' if I m not on the screen ' every thing is rubbish' and u said Co-Actor' forget it'! I don't even want to start with it'" answered without even thinking twice'

Smack' her agent hit his forhead '.

'She has destroyed every thing'' was his first thought

"Ok OK more Questions'" Tina's Agent came in between to stop the conference'

As the conference is not at all in Tina's Favor.'

"Ma'am Last question' After all this 'r u and Arman Malik still Together.." Tina was shocked' she stood their' thought and went away'


"What the Hell Tina?" Her Agent shouted

"Listen I don't know how they got the pictures' I really don't know'." She settled on a woody chair ' with a packet of cigarette in one hand and a cigarette in another, trying to lit up ' through trembling hands'

"Ok Fine!! U didn't know about the pictures' Why the Hell did u said ' Yes in front of Camera'? We could have said that these are spam ' or are made to destroy ur future' some game '" he shouted'

"Look don't u dare '. Talk to me like this' and yes I have got another offer na' accept all '. It doesn't matter if its bad or goo'." She was interrupted by a call which was attended by her agent.

The agent brutally hung up and looks at her with fire'

"What??" she asked curiously'.

"Arman Malik' had ordered most of the producers directors' Not to Work with Tina Rai '.for an Year'. !! or two.."

"WHAT'..??" she stood up'  she went to her bed and took her cell-phone and dialed a number'

"Who r u calling'?"

"Offcourse Arman.. The bas***"

"Hello '? Arman..? Why the hell r u doing THIS?" she shouted with tears'

"Put the phone on loud speaker" her agent said

"1st Off all' Tina Rai.. I would have forgiven u ' if u had finished it their in that tiny small dressing room of urs'. But u pulled it too much'." Pause ' "U send Pari Rai' in my bed' to get hold of me' that's so not easy u bitch'.! And I will send u where u have came from.. and yea '.if ur soo called agent is listening tell him ' if he also didn't left u then he is so not gonna get job any where else'" he hung up


Riddima ' Atul ' both stood in his office' listening to his conv'. Riddima was shocked trembling '. By his attitude .. anger' her eyes'. Watering'.

Atul was going to Arman ' pacify him' when he looked at Riddima'

"riddima. ' I think u should leave' I will meet after some times.. hmmm?" she looked at him and turn to leave'

Arman looked at her' once' and then looking out from his glass wall'.

"Arman? I think its going to far' u should just leave it'" Atul said as riddima walk out'

"Bhai?? Going to far?? How could u just say that' ? she trapped me' my whole life would have been destroyed by that'!!" Arman Stared at him with dis-believe'

"ok 'ok' I get that ' what r u thinking to do next'?" Atul made him settled on his seat and went to sit on other one'

"hmm.. Tina is a close chapter' she will go back where she had came from' In one year ' she will be there' I m sure' and then If she want she can start her career' with Out me in it'" Arman leaned back on his chair with close eye

Atul stared at him' he hadn't slept all night' his eyes were red.. and had a  thin beard

"u should go home and have a sleep'"

"no ' I am fine' and yeah I m gonna stay at our pent house for few days'" Arman told ' as he took a file in his hand '

"Arman ' u are not'." Atul declared'

"bhai, is it Riddima's Design?" Arman showed the file'

"Ahan why?"

"These are brilliant, I mean awesome'"

"Oh' I knew it ' but u just didn't believed'"

"yea' I m sorry for that'" pause' he pressed his intercom' "Send riddima in my office'" he told her P.A

Atul relaxed in his seat for a while'

Knock '

"come in'"

"u called me Atul Sir.." she stammered'

"No I DID'!!" he coldly told her , her leg flipped backward' she tried to hold on' by placing a hand on a chair ' that was beside Atul'

And Atul jerked up at his thunder voice'

He could see nervousness in his eyes'but he kept the hard look on' he has made up his mind not' to whoop around low people' and he counted Riddima in them' though deep some where, he knew, he was wrong' but the trust he had on women was broken'

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