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Part 7 (A) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Engagement Night in Goa

"Main kaisi lag rahi hun?" Anusha's british antcient tone took Aahil & Karan's attention who just got ready but as they both saw her in Saree burst out wd laughter "Hey what's wrong?" she looked at them confusedly who were laughing
"Gosh! What are you doing in saree come on Anusha its not your style okay" controlling his laugh Karan suggested (ready in black suit wd white shirt & black tie he was looking killer)
"Yaah don't give us shock.. Agar Rishubh hota toh behosh hi hojaata" Aahil joked only to get a smack in return from Anusha who have wore a gray net saree wd pink off shoulder blouse while her golden brown hairs were opened

"Oh come on.. I love this culture and yes Rishubh dekh kar behosh hota but wd my looks" saying this wd attitude she winked making Karan to shook his head smilingly coz now she started clicking her selfies "Karan.. Lets get a groom pic" holding his arm she clicked their pictures even she pulled Aahil also when a knock came on his room and Aahil moved to opened only to left shocked finding Aarti on doorstep whose smile faded seeing him
"Tum??" hearing Aahil & Aarti's shocking voice Karan & Anusha walked there frowningly
"Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho??" Aarti got angry
"Pehle tum bataao tum mere dost ki engagement me kya kar rahi ho?" Aahil questioned back making Karan confused who asked Have you guys met before? But instead to answer both of them's mouth got shut down
"Aree ab tak toh questions kar rahe the ab ek dam silent hogaye?" crossing her arms Anusha frowned making Karan to look at them suspiciously, Aahil was looking at Aarti silently while she glared angrily
"Karan tumhe uncle bula rahen hain chalo engagement ka time ho gaya" saying this hurriedly Aarti left from there as soon as possible leaving Karan frowned there
"Strange yeh kabhi aise behave nehi karti??" Karan looked at Aahil wd serious look making Anusha also to glare him
"Tumne kya kiya uske saath Aahil" as usual her british hindi made her more cuter
"Okay fine.. We were in relationship five years ago and then broke up, Happy?" walking wd them he answered annoyingly making Karan stunned at the coincident that how come Aahil's ex GF came out Shilpa's friend while Anusha asked why you guys broke up? "See remember i told you guys ki main ek Indian ladki se pyaar karta hoon aur shaadi karna chaahta hoon" as he started both of them gave nod in Yes calmly while entering inside the elevator "She was that one, jisse Ammi ne yeh kehkar reject kar diya ki vo orphan hai jiski wajah se maine usse break up kar diya that's it nothing much.. Aaaww" hearing this Karan smacked his head even from other side Anusha also slapped
"Idiot.. Itne chote se reason ke liye break up kiya.. Such a jerk you are" putting his hands inside his pockets Karan scolded wd uninterested look
"I konw but guys let it be it was our past.. And abhi hume teri engagement par dhyaan dena chaahiye kyunki yahaan Vikrant Haider aur Rishubh ki kami toh mujhe hi puri karni haina" saying this coolly Aahil put his hand around Karan's shoulder who shaking his head moved out of the elevator as it opened following by his two most important persons.. So finally their engagement came (after that ring selection day both of them choosed simple rings for each other and just after two days their whole family came here in Goa's one of a best Resort which was just beside beach, Aahil Anusha & few of Karan's foreign friends came here just a day before engagement while his three most important persons were still unaware of this news Yaah Raj suggested Karan to atleast inform them but he refused coz of their bet) Where as still discussing about Aahil-Aarti's love story Karan walked on venue which was made near the beach, there were lots of sitting dinner table under tents which were decorated wd white & red curtains & lights also there was a big stage made near the sea in Dome shape, and as they stepped every guest started looking at them, Raj was happy that finally his son is going to be settle that too wd an Indian girl
"Vaise toh tum roz handsome lagte ho par aaj kuch zyada hi lag rahe ho" correcting Karan's tie Raj complimented making Karan smiled who just stood on the stage wd his close ones
"Haan aur is chiz ko dekhne ke liye kash Rishubh aur Vikraant bhi hote na jaane kaunse shart me tum log fase ho" Arun's taunt made Karan chuckled when Aahil joked

Sun zaalima mere
Saanu koi dar na
Ki samjhega zamaana
Tu vi si kamli
Main vi sa kamla
Ishqe da rog sayana (x2)

"Fase nehi fasaaya hai khudko, ab dekhna tab hoga jab yeh log milenge dekh lena ek dusre se sirf ladenge ki kyun mujhe yeh nehi bataaya vo nehi bataaya" this made them laugh except Karan who giving a calm look glanced at the entrance coz its been two days since he last saw Shilpa just coz of his Daadi's not to meet policy when Anusha & Aahil started asking how he met & how he fell for an Indian girl which made him busy wd them and after few minutes Shilpa walked there wd Aarti & her friends

A cool breeze touched Karan's face whose heart got faster making him smiled unknowingly and automatically his head turned back at Shilpa whom Aarti made stand in front of him, Clad in scarlet red lehenga wd white pearls at the edge of the duppatta she was looking stunning, her long hairs were opened while her green big almoned eyes were filled wd mascara and that blush on her chubby cheeks were making her beautiful, when Anusha & Aahil introduce themselves to her who found them friendly in fact was happy to meet them

(Uswaqt meri dhadkane bahot tez thi as if abhi gir jaaungi agar Karan ne touch bhi kiya toh, kyunki main jitna khudse yeh kehti ki yeh shaadi main Papa ke liye kar rahin hoon utna hi mere dilse awaaz aati ki ek baar tu bhi dilse accept karke toh dekh par main Pagal Gadhi sirf is reason ki wajah se apne dil ki nehi sunti ki log kya kahenge, aur isi chakkar me khudko busy karne ki koshish ki, tabhi ring exchange ka bhi time ho gaya)

"Karan ring lo" Karan's daadi forwarded the ring box towards him who giving a small smile picked that beautiful diamond ring and glanced at Shilpa whose head was bowed wd unknown heartbeat but as he offered his hand in front of her she lifted her head up slowly only to find him staring her calmly and lost in his eyes she put her hand on his
"Finally you are going to be call mine Dr Shilpa.. Par vo tab tak nehi hoga jab tak aap nehi chaahengi dilse aur main nehi chaahta aap yeh shaadi sirf dad ke liye karen, but as i promised.. I will give my best to win your heart, Infact start counting the time coz you are going to fall for me" thinking this calmly he gave her smile who lowered her lashes feeling this engagement is wrong coz they are cheating Raj but soon her thoughts got broke as Karan slipped that ring on her finger and automatically her head lifted up at him emotionally as if that ring touched her heart
"Yeh kya ho raha hai mujhe?" she questioned to herself mentally still staring him whose eyes were only fixed on her
"Achi lag rahin hain aap" stepping a little closer to her he whispered softly which made her only to stare him who have a confident smile on his lips when Maasi gave ring to Shilpa who in slow way inserted that on his finger and at this everyone clapped except the couple who were only staring each other trying to hear what their hearts were feeling, Karan was still holding her hand while the smooth music of waves from sea giving them a romantic atmosphere
"Ahem ahem.. Agar tum dono ka ek dusre ko dekh kar ho gaya ho toh main kuch kahun" as Raj coughed standing b/w them both of them looked away wd embarrassment and this made Arun & Raj giggle coz this scene was only known to them "Haan toh engagement ke baad ab tum dono ko promise bhi karna hoga ek dusre se, vo bhi ek aur ring exchange karke" he announced happily making everyone confused
"Uncle hum kuch samjhe nehi?" Aarti looked at him confusedly even Aahil Anusha & other cousins also frowned which made Raj grinned who looked at Arun and in an answer Arun brought two more small boxes wd two platinum promise rings which made KaSh to look at it surprisingly
"Dekho yeh ring to tum dono ko baandhne ke liye hai jo tum dono ki choice hai par yeh waali rings mere aur Arun ki taraf se gift hai tum dono ko as a promise.. Matlab jo Karan ring pehnaayega Shilpa ko uspar Karan ka naam hoga aur jo Shilpa pehnaaygi Karan ko uspar Shilpa ka naam hoga.. Isse tum dono kabhi nehi bhuloge ki tum dono ek dusre ko belong karte ho" patting on both of them's arms he explained smilingly which made everyone clapped happily
"Dad iski kya zarurat thi" Karan looked at him incredulously while Shilpa was speechless at this
"Oh come on.. Yeh gift hai yaar meri taraf se" giving a side hug to him he replied happily which made Karan to shook his head wd a smile
"Waah uncle aap toh bahoot romantic nikle" Aahil teased on which Raj laughed "Agar iska 10% bhi Karan me huaa toh main maan jaaunga vo aapka beta hai" at his joke everyone laughed except Shilpa who looked down smilingly
"Why you always talk nonsense?" Karan showed his not so serious anger on which Aahil teased bcoz i love you which became another scene to giggle for everyone
"Aahil dont worry yeh mera hi beta hai.. Aur raha sawaal romance ka toh tumhe nehi pata iske andar kitna romance bhara hai" at Raj's teasing comment Karan almost hide his face by his one hand while others laughed making Shilpa almost blushed
"Aap mujhe aur kitna embarass karwaane waale ho" holding Raj's hand he whispered in an irritated voice making Raj grinned while Arun chuckled coz he heard who was standing b/w them
"Zyada nehi sirf thoda sa" in response Raj winked making him to roll his eyes "Acha chalo dono rings exchange karo aur khudse promise karo ki tum dono sirf ek dusre ke banke rahoge" giving them rings he commanded on which Shilpa only stared the ring while Karan smiled as he found her name printed on that simple silver platinum ring and then looked up at her whose eyes were silently staring the ring as if complaining why she needs to do this when wdout warning or anything Karan directly held her one hand making her almost startled, No one observed the light pull of Karan on her hand but yes as he slipped that ring on her index finger anyone can guess he is in love wd her that to head over heels coz his eyes were only fixed on her whose face was bowed down

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar (x2)

"I promise Dr Shilpa ki main sirf aapko belong karunga and i will make sure that you also only belong to me" he took an oath inside his heart glancing her wd calm face
"Promise ka pata nehi Karan par itna zarur keh sakti hun ki yeh shaadi meri pehli aur aakhiri shaadi hogi ek saal baad bhi.. Kyunki rishte Shilpa Malhotra ke liye nehi hain.. Haan yeh sach zarur rahega ki Shilpa ka pati sirf Karan rahega chaahe zindagi kisi bhi mod par kyun na aa jaaye aage" slipping the ring on his finger she promised inside her heart while Karan felt an urge to pull her in a hug but controlling himself he remain normal when others clapped happily disturbing their thoughts and in minutes the atmosphere filled wd happiness music & fun

(Engagement ke din mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki main haar rahi hun apne decision ke aage aur wahin sab log enjoy kar rahe the even dance bhi infact mujhe aur Karan ko Aarti ne bola bhi dance karne ke liye par maine bahaana bana diya ki main thaki hui hun jispar Karan ne kuch nehi kaha

Sab log masti mazaak kar rahe the enjoy kar rahe the aur ek main jo us family ko dekh kar yehi soch rahi thi ki 'Kaash mere gharse bhi koi hota, kaash Di hoti, JP Jiggy Sid Armaan bhi hote, Kaash mere Sanjeevani ke dost hote meri is khushi me lekin vo kaise hote kyunki sab toh apni duniya me busy hain lekin ek main hi pagal peeche atki hun,

Uswaqt Karan apne dosto se baate kar raha tha par mujhe usne notice kiya lekin kuch kiya nehi aur dekhte hi dekhte party khatam bhi hogayi aur sab chale gayye main bhi gayi thi par neend nehi aa rahi thi toh change karke bahar ussi jagah chali gayi aur ek bench par baith gayi apne kismat ko yaad karke)

"Kaisi ajeeb kismat hai ek behen hote huye bhi vo aaj meri khushi me nehi hai" she sniffed staring down on that same Krishna Radha statue which she was holding and was facing the sea while the light of moon was giving her shine whose tears can be seen in this light also "Par accha huaa nehi hai varna kya sochti vo mere baare me.. Pata nehi log kya kahenge ki maine kyun Karan se shaadi ki" as her mind thought about Karan her heart automatically relaxed "Kyun uska asar ho raha hai mujhpar.. Yeh galat hai Shilpa you can't fall for him so stop thinking about him" her mind suggested while she became blank staring the space when
"Mere baare me soch rahin hain aap??" hearing Karan's sudden calm voice she got startled then looked up only to finding him near her wd his calm look and yes he have changed in white full sleeves Tshirt & formal brown pant wd his night white slippers where as his hands were put inside his pockets
"Ttuum yyaahaan kaise?" she fumbled after clearing her tears which he saw but ignoring it he sighed and wd calm look sat beside her "Daadi dekhegi toh unhe accha nehi lagega unhone mana kiya haina toh kyun aaye.. Jaao yahaan se hume milna mana hai" at her excuses a chuckle escaped from his mouth which made her frown still wd not so good mood
"Do you really think, i care about these stuffs? Oh come on Dr Shilpa i dont care about these things but i do care about you.. So tell me whats wrong?" looking at her wd calm look he asked in soft voice which definitly made her surprise but like her usual self she denied replying nothing "I know aap jhut bol rahin hain aur yeh bhi jaanta hoon ki aap ro kyun rahi thi thodi der pehle" wd thoughtful look he spoke calmly making her only to stare him silently "Aap apni family ko miss kar rahin haina? Ki kaash koi meri taraf se bhi hota? Kaash meri bhi family hoti etc etc isn't it?" her eyes widen in surprise at his words who smiled finding her in shock
"Tumhe kaise pata chala?" he chuckled at her questioning confused look
"See.. Maine sirf guess kiya tha par aapne toh confirm kardiya" he answered coolly making a smile touched her lips who looked down at the statue "Aapko sachme bahoot yaad aa rahi hai?" his voice turned soft finding her sad

Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr (x2)

"Kyun nehi aaygi itna bada din hai meri life ka aur agar koi apna nehi hoga toh bura toh lagega hi.. Vaise main itna sochti nehi hun par tumhaare friends aur family ko dekh kar mujhe aisa lagta hai ki kaash sachme koi apna itne karib ho" staring the statue she shared sadly wd moist eyes while Karan's eyes were reading her emotions in understanding and wdout thinking further he rubbed her lone tear from her cheek by his thumb resulting her stiff by his sudden move who smiled finding her staring him silently wd few questions when he sat normal looking at the sky which made her to look down
"Aapko pata hai Dr Shilpa.. Main jab bhi sad yaah stressed rehta hun Dad mere liye gaane gaate hain so that vo mujhe cheer kar sake.. Infact unke paas har situation ke songs hote hain" hearing his out of blue words she frowned but smiled looking at him "Aur unki wajah se ab mujhe India ke almost old songs yaad hai jo actually acche bhi hain.. Just coz Dad pure ghar me loud speaker par laga dete the, lekin jab bhi mera mood off hota vo khud gaa dete the and trust me ab vo trick main bhi use karta hoon unpar kabhi kabhi.. Vaise ek gaana jo vo humesha mere liye gaate hain aur main unke liye vo har problem ka answer hai, infact aapke problem ka bhi.. Puchengi nehi kaunsi?" shifting a little closer to her he looked at her calmly who was confused that why he is saying this to her but she smiled at Raj's tricks so she asked 'Kaunsi song?' and this made him looked down "Hai ek, rukiye gaata hun" saying this smilingly he waited for her reaction
"Tumhe gaana gaana aata hai?" at this he calmly gave a nod in Yes making her amused "Toh phir gaao main bhi toh dekhun ki tum kaise gaate ho Indian songs" as she insisted interestingly he sighed wd a smile then looked up at the sky wd his one hand put beside her on bench while she looked down on the God delightedly coz she actually forgot her pain near him when
"Kabhi kabhi, Mere dil me, Khayaal aata hai.." her head lifted up at him surprisingly coz his voice is melodious where as he looked back at her calmly "Ki jaise tujhko banaaya gaya ho, MERE LIYE" he completed in honest voice coz it was the answer of her question that he is there for her in every way while her heart raced staring him dumbfound "Ab agar kabhi bhi aapko aisa lage ki aap akeli hain is duniya me.. Toh yeh gaana yaad kariyga jo meri taraf se aapke liye hai" she couldn't got the chance to escape from this feeling that he actually sang this for her while he smiled calmly knowing very well she understood his meaning who looked down at the statue emotionally
"Kyun kar rahe ho Karan? Tum samajh nehi rahe main is rishte ko nibha nehi paaungi" she thought tracing the face of Krishna by her thumb where as finding her silent he thought to take her attention
"Vaise yeh.. I mean iswaqt aapke haath me kyun?" trying to divert her mind he asked about the statue which made her smiled at his question
"Actually jab bhi main sad rehti hun yaah mood off rehta hai yaah phir akela feel karti hun toh inse share kar deti hun.. Kuch jawaab nehi milta phir bhi thoda light feel karti hun.. Pata haina yeh kaun hain" answering him sweetly she asked wd a smile coz she thought may be he don't know about them
"Actually i only know him coz Dad always celebrate his birthday and about her i don't have any idea" she giggled at his way of replying which was in hasitate one so in very sweet way she narrated the love story of Radha-Krishna which only made him amused in fact in b/w he asked questions like Why Krishna didn't married Radha? Why they saperated? Etc? and Shilpa only answered interestly coz his questions were like kids "Toh matlab aap inse baate karti hain? How stupid" as he mocked she smacked his arm who became surprised at her gesture
"Haan karti hun at least yeh meri baat sunte hain.. Lekin tum meri chodo yeh bataao yahaan kya kar rahe ho.. Tumhe bhi neend nehi aa rahi thi?" she asked normally making him to adore her lovely face coz her face was glowing under the lights of moon & sea
"Main toh aapko dhudhne ke liye nikla tha, dekha aap room me nehi thi apne toh yahan aa gaya kyunki mujhe laga may be aap yahaan hongi" in very honest tone he replied calmly still staring her who was speechless knowing his reason that why he came here

Jitni haseen ye mulakatein hain
Unse bhi pyari teri baatein hain
Baaton mein teri jo kho jaate hain

"Tumhe aisa kyun laga ki main yahaan ho sakti hun aur tum mujhe dhundh kyun rahe the?" looking away from him she asked normally trying to hide her nervousness
"Actually maine party me aapko dekha ki aap kuch worried thi toh socha puch lun but jab aap apne room me nehi thi toh mujhe laga ki aap yehin hongi kyunki party me bhi aap sea ko hi dekh rahi thi toh mujhe laga may be aap yahaan ho" staring at the sea he replied gradually which made her smitten
"Aise kaise isne dekh liya aur observe kar liya sab kuch.. Yeh toh sachme yeh rishta dilse nibha raha hai.. Mujhe toh lagta hai tu haarne ki taiyaari karle apni" at her mind's taunt she got scared from inside while Karan observed her face
"Pata hai aapko aap bahoot zyada sochti hain" moving a little closer to her he spoke softly which made Shilpa to look back at him blankly "Chaliye aajse kuch change laate hain humaari life me.. How is it?" he turned cheerful just to make her smile who frowned asking 'Kaisa change?' slowly which made him grinned "See aajse abhi se chalo hum dost ban jaate hain vo bhi aise dost jo ek dusre ki problem aise solve karenge ki sirf uski bhalaayi dekhenge.. In the sense humaari shaadi hone ke baad bhi agar mujhe kabhi kuch bhi problem hui toh main aapse share karunga jisme aap mujhe jo bhi advice yaah suggestion dengi ek wife banke nehi ek dost bankar.. Wdout any selfness, jisme saamne waale ki sirf khushi ho.. So kya aap banengi meri dost" explaining everything excitedly he forwarded his fisted hand for cheer which made her giggle
"Offer toh bahoot accha hai.. Main koshish karungi" cheering back she smiled at him who gave appreciating nod in Yes
"Welldone.. Toh phir bataaiye aapko kya bother kar raha hai? yeh aapka fiance, would be husband nehi aapka best friend puch raha hai?" the way he turned serious she got hasitate
"Nehi bata sakti tumhe Karan, tum nehi samjhoge.. Ki meri problem kya hai.. Naa tumse kuch share kar sakti hoon kyunki ek saal ke rishte me main tumse kuch share nehi kar sakti, Par main khush hoon tumhaari dosti paakar" she thought deeply while he was still waiting for her answer "Zyada kuch nehi, bas apne past me atki hun aur future ke baare me soch ke pareshaan hun.. Present me rehna nehi chaahti kyunki kuch nehi hai khush hone ke liye" she shared slowly making his heart sank hearing there is nothing for her to be happy but hiding his feelings he thought to give her right reply
"You know maine life se ek chiz seekhi hai.. Kabhi bhi present me rehna chaahiye kyunki past se jud kar hum sirf apna present kharaab karte hain aur future ke baare me soch kar hum humaare aaj me jee nehi paate.. So agar aapko sachme yeh sab chize effect kar rahin hain toh mat kijiye yeh shaadi, yeh aapke dost ka suggestion hai kyunki isse sirf aap apni aur aapke fiance ki life spoil karengi" at his serious suggestion she became really surprised coz at one side he is saying he will give his 100% to this marriage and on other side he is suggesting to break off this wedding, how can anyone be so kind & selfless
"Par shaadi toh sirf ek saal ke liye hai toh phir kyun todun?" she questioned back lostly
"Yeh aapke liye hai.. Aapke would be husband aur father in law ke liye nehi, So don't do this wd them.. Main toh aapko yehi suggest karunga baaki aapki marzi" replying her calmly he looked at the sea calmly which made her only to stare him silently coz the way he handled her right now was unexplainable and finding her silent he thought to go so he stood up making her confused coz she was finding peace near him in fact she wanted to stay here wd him for few more minutes "Chaliye Dr Shilpa raat bahoot ho chuki hai aur aap thak bhi gayin hongi" putting his hands inside his pockets he said to her smilingly on which giving a nod she also stood up and they both started walking towards the Resort silently
"Ek baat kahun Karan" breaking the silence she thought to thank him coz of his efforts to cheer her while hearing this he calmly gave a nod in Yes coz he was still upset that he is nothing to her

Aaun na hosh me main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi

"Thank you.. Tum bahoot acche ho in fact tumhaari awaaz bhi bahoot acchi hai.. Tum aisa naa humesha karna thik hai" she spoke in her cheerful voice making him smiled who asked what? "Aree dost hona tum mere toh.. Aage se aise hi tum bhi mere liye gaana gaana jaise Uncle nehi i mean Papa gaate hain tumhaare liye" at this he chuckled while they both reached in corridors
"Haan zarur only if i know the songs according to situations" he gave sarcastic retort in calm tone which made her giggle and they both stood on the ground floor coz now they both have to go in different directions just coz their rooms were poles apart "Hmm toh aap jaaiye.. Main bhi chalta hun" stopping in middle of the corridors he said calmly on which she nodded and turned to go when she looked back calling his name who smiled coz he was still standing there, but what she did in next second only made his mood change in happy one actually she waved 'Sarangae Karan' and automatically he broke wd chuckles making her confused "I don't believe this.. Dr Shilpa aap.. I mean how can anyone be so cute" he spoke still laughing which made her pout who smacked his arm
"Tumne mujhe gaali hi sikhaayi haina? How can you Karan?" pointing her index finger she spoke in angry voice making him to look at her calmly but he was still smiling "Bolo kya sikhaaya hai tumne mujhe, Gaali haina?" she almost ordered making him sighed coz he is enjoying her this side
"Agar main kahun hai toh?" he asked in calm tone making her to show her angry glare saying How dare you? "No no Dr Shilpa its not my fault you only guessed right?" he spoke playfully making her to open her mouth for argue but his voice stopped her "See Dr Shilpa isse pehle hum dono fight karlen humaare music function se chaar din pehle toh main aapko bata doon aapne jo bola sahin hain in fact its very beautiful word not any Gaali waali" now his voice turned soft which calmed her down who wd pout hold that Krishna Radha statue tightly
"Thik hai good night" still in her grumpy look she wished making Karan smiled at her cute face and as she turned to go don't know what gotten into him that he pulled her wd such force by her hand that she gasped coz she directly bumped wd his chest resulting that statue almost fall but held it firmly while his other hand caged her b/w his arms almost locking her "Kka.." she got nervous staring him wd thudding heartbeat coz he is effecting her now

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

"Mujhe aapse ek baat kehni hai Dr Shilpa" staring her deeply he whispered in soft voice making her only to stare him still in surprise "Agar agli baar se aapko kuch share karna huaa toh inse baat karne ki zarurat nehi hai.. Main hoon, main sununga aapki baat aur kuch kahunga bhi nehi, I promise.. Bas ek baar trust karke toh dekhiye" he whispered softly almost making her weak coz their faces were inch apart while her breath got stuck somewhere and this he felt so leaving her slowly he stepped back wd a grin coz he can sensed he is effecting her who was standing still in daze "Dr Shilpa breath" as he whispered teasingly she took a breath in nervousness and then lifted her lids up at him who grinned at his win "Sarangae Dr Shilpa" saying this wd winning smile he stepped back calmly while she was staring him wd mixed confused feelings and as he waved before turning back she also stepped back and like a wind she ran towards her room

Zaalima tere ishq ‘ch main
Ho gayi aa kamli

(Main uswaqt jo feel kar rahi thi main keh nehi sakti thi kisi se kyunki Karan ka mujhpar asar ho raha tha, main toh room me baith kar bas shiver kar rahi thi khudko koste huye ki 'Kyun dhakka nehi diya usse maine jab usne mujhe chuaa? Kyaa waqai me main kamzor pad gayi uske aage?' lekin jis baat se anjaan thi vo yeh tha ki mera dil kisiko wapas chaahne laga hai

Raat toh meri kab biti mujhe pata bhi nehi chala aur agle teen dino me sab kuch plan karliya tha Papa ne, like Sangeet function punjabi style me hoga, Haldi function South Indian style me, Mehendi Pakistani way me aur meri wedding dress Rajasthani way me design karwaayi, infact Sangeet ki practice bhi shuru kar diya tha except ME

Aur Sangeet ke din sabne dance kiya Papa Arun uncle Maasi Aarti Anusha Aahil, Karan ke foreign friends, cousins aur mere baccho ne bhi kiya, sabne hum dono ko bhi bola dance karne ke liye jisse main mana karti usse pehle Karan ne majboor kar diya mujhe apne saath dance karne ke liye)

Main toh yun khada
Kis soch mein pada tha
Kaise jee raha tha main deewana

"Yeh jhoot bol rahi hai Karan, maasi ne mujhe bataaya hai yeh bahoot accha dance karti hai infact Khatak Tandav aur saare dance pata hai isko, in fact maasi toh yeh bhi bata rahi thi ki ek baar iske patient ka life par se bharosa jaa chuka tha tab isne usse dance karke treat kiya tha vo bhi hospital me" as Aarti gossiped Karan looked at Shilpa amusingly who gave nod in No wd fake smile and then glared Aarti for not shutting her mouth (three of them were standing on side wd Karan in centre, dressed in gray Armani suit wd white shirt underneath making him Dashing while on the other hand Shilpa had wore a dark blue & purple mix lehenga wd minimum make up as always looking beautiful)
"That's cool.. Aap dance kyun nehi karti Dr Shilpa aakhir humaara sangeet hai" at his teasing voice she showed her angry glare
"Tumhe agar itna hi interest hai toh tumhi karlo kyunki mera mood nehi hai aur vaise bhi jo maasi keh rahi thi vo pehle ki baat hai" being near him is torture for her heart so trying to show normal she said wd attitude which made him amused who have perfect reply for her but before he could say something a light flashed on them
"Please clap for our.. Centre of attraction Karan Shilpa.. Guys dekho aaj tumhaara music function hai aur agar tum dono hi nehi dance karoge toh yeh unfair hai" wd a mike Aahil announced wdout any warning to them who were surprised and before they could make any excuse Anusha & Aarti pushed them in middle of the floor making Shilpa nervous "Music please" shouting it loud Aahil moved away from the stage and in seconds there was complete dark which made Shilpa step back to go scaredly when holding her wrist he pulled back instantly resulting her fell on him, suddenly a blue light flashed on them creating a romantic atmosphere in the air
"Main bhi toh dekhun aap dance kaisa karti hain" sliding his one hand on her bare waist he whispered in dazed tone making her freezed by his touch on her bare waist under her duppatta while his other hand put her one hand rest on his shoulder then pulled her more closer and like always she didn't tried also to push him coz she was lossing the battle against him, moving wd the music he made her twirled who directly landed on his arms keeping her hands on his chest
"Shilpa tu rok kyun nehi paa rahi khudko, Kyun tu isse mana nehi kar paa rahi hai, Oh come on tu chaahe toh yeh ruk sakta hai Dumbo" her mind scolded her whose eyes lowered down feeling his head bowing down on her

Chhup ke se aake tune
Dil mein samaa ke tune
Chhed diya kaisa ye fasaana

"Aapko pata hai Dr Shilpa mujhe aapki aankhen bahoot acchi lagti hain" pulling her more closer he whispered in dazed making her heartbeat increased and thinking he is moving more near her she closed her eyes when in a surprise he twirled her, resulting her back touched his back where her whole weight shifted dazedly while his hands caged her from front "I can feel Dr Shilpa ki aap bhi kuch toh feel karne lagin hain" resting his head near her ear he thought wd contended look while feeling his hot breath on her bare neck she completely surrendered herself closing her eyes as he put some magical spell on her and seeing this he also closed his eyes hugging her completely where as their romantic dance made everyone speechless spcly Raj Arun Maasi Aarti Aahil & Anusha coz they never saw them like this, and then everyone clapped & cheered them whose moment broke coz of them also they were flushed a little, passing a not so happy smile Shilpa immediately moved down from stage following by Karan who was really surprised at his own moves when Aahil & Anusha started pilling his legs and he got busy wd them

(Mera dam ghoot raha tha us jagah kyunki main naraaz thi khudse jabki mujhe Karan se hona chaahiye tha, kisi bhi tarah jab function khatam huaa main apne room me baith kar sirf ro rahi thi kyunki Karan ki presence main uswaqt bhi nikaal nehi paa rahi thi khudse

Next evening Dadi ne ek pooja rakkha tha mere aur Karan ke liye, so jab sab taiyaar ho rahe the main bhi taiyaar hokar neeche jaane hi waali thi ki takra gayi usse jisse nehi takraana tha)

O muskurana bhi tujhi se seekha hai
Dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hai
Aitbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai

"Aap kabhi samabhal ke kyun nehi chalti Dr Shilpa" Karan scolded as they bumped their heads after coming from opposite sides
"Main ki tum.. Khud chalna nehi aata aur mujhe bol rahe ho" keeping her hands on her waist she argued making him to notice her now, she was wearing a full anarkali dress in pink & gold color wd heavy Duppatta while her hairs are opened in straight wd golden earings "Ab ruko dobaara karna padega varna jhagda hoga humaare bich" he narrowed his brows at her words
"Sorry? Main kuch samjha nehi?" at his confused face she shook her head smilingly
"Ruko samjhaati hun.. Neeche jhuko thoda" saying this sweetly she moved closer to him who frowned but did what she ordered and tip toeing her legs she lightly bumped their heads making him smused "Ab thik hai" she smiled stepping back
"Was it necessary to do?" she giggled at his question then giving a nod explained this while he was mesmerised by her look who was unawarely informing him but stopped finding him in Blue Kurta
"Aree waah Indian attire not bad" crossing her arms she teased making him avert his eyes from her
"Yaah actually Dad has forced me to wear this for today's function" trying to grip his increasing heartbeat he sounded normal making her giggle
"Handsome lag rahe ho.. Ruko isse thik karne do" complementing him smilingly she moved closer and corrected his Kurta's button unaware of that her fragrance only made him to close his eyes dazedly when she stepped back wd a smile making him to turn himself normal "Hogaya ab chalo varna pooja ke liye" but before she could say ahead they heard Maasi's voice which only made them turned at her incredulously
"Hey Ram! Mana kiya haina tum dono ko zyada ek dusre ke saath rehne se" she scolded them who were about to explain when "Nehi main kuch sunna nehi chaahti, Karan jaao tum aur tu chal mere saath, shaadi ke baad to vaise bhi saath rahoge" dragging Shilpa from there she blabbered making Shilpa annoyed while Karan chuckled enjoying her expressions when his cousin sister called him for Pooja and wdin minutes both of them were made to sit in front of a priest who did all the rituals while chanting Mantras but everything went up to Karan's head so he concentrated on Shilpa, bowing her head wd folded hands she was heartly did that things making him glaced b/w on her

After two hours finally it got over giving a relief to Karan while Shilpa was tired so excusing it from everyone she thought to go upstairs but one of Karan's aunty pulled her to introduce her wd few guests making her busy, Karan was talking wd Anusha when his eyes landed on Shilpa only get shocked seeing her dress's zip opened coz she had put her hairs on one side of shoulder unawarely while her back was clearly shown, So wdout wasting any seconds he excused from Anusha and direct approached towards her

Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi, haaye

"Dr Shilpa chaliye mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai" standing beside her he spoke in calm voice taking Shilpa Aarti & his cousin sisters attention
"Karan abhi?" she looked at him incredulously on which he gave a nod in Yes
"Kuch important hai Dr Shilpa chaliye mere saath" he tried to sound normal but Shilpa can sense the hurriedness in his voice
"Oh really Karan zara hum bhi toh sune tumhe kya important baat karni hai?" crossing her arms Aarti teased while his cousins giggled
"Actually important hai tabhi toh inse baat karni hai and sorry i can't say in front of you guys" almost standing behind Shilpa he answered playfully making them teased 'Ohhoo' wd giggles while Shilpa looked at him amusingly
"Ruko main aati hoon tum jaao" trying to hide her embarrassment she said politely making him to held her hand
"Aati hoon nehi chaliye.. Excuse me girls" wdout warning he dragged her away from there after excusing it from girls who only giggled and leaving the function they escaped from everyone's eyes
"Karan kya badtameezi hai yeh? Tum sachme badtameez ho, zara bhi manners nehi haina tumme pata nehi log kya sochenge bahar.. Hadd hoti hai limits ki aur tum apni limits cross kar rahe ho" that frustration which she had dig inside her heart she took out as he dropped her in one of a side room but hearing this he was shocked "Tumhe kya lagta hai main kuch bhi nehi kahungi.. See its a first and last warning ki tum mujhse dur raho aur.. Huh" not giving him any chance to explain she blurted out which only made his patience lost so grabbing her shoulders he pulled her wd such force that it made her stunned
"Aapki back ki zip khuli hai bas yeh bataane ke liye main yahaan lekar aaya tha aapko, baaki aapki marzi" saying this in calm voice he leaved her shoulders whose eyes widen in shock and she stepped back while touching it which is almost opened till down
"Haww.. Toh pehle kyun nehi bataaya?" as she blurted out regreted coz he only gave her serious glare "Sorry vo main" bowing her head down she apologised making him interupt
"Main Aarti ko bhejta hun" finding her struggling wd the zip he stepped back saying this which made her guilty
"Nehi Aarti nehi.. Vo busy hogi main khud kar lungi" as she said slowly still trying to pull up the zip from back but she got failed while giving her quick nod he turned to go when he heard her voice "Offo! Yeh ho kyun nehi raha" she cursed still trying to pull up which only made her hands pain while she was completely engrossed in it and here Karan looked back hearing her voice but as he saw her worried & struggling he thought to help her
"Main help karun?" hearing his hasitated offer she lifted her head at him who looked away from her coz still somewhere her words hurted him specially that Limit word but he loves her so he accepted this also where as she gave a nod in no which was just a formal one coz she actually needs a help
"Nehi main kar lungi" as she refused unwantedly he gave a nod and again turned to go while feeling the pain on her hands she got tired "Lagta hai mujhe iski help leni hi padegi.. Aur vaise bhi tu kuch zyada bol gayi pata nehi kya soch raha hoga ek toh bahoot sensitive hai yeh" at her Bubble mind's words she nodded cutely and decided to take his help to proove him that she trusts him "Karan.. Suno naa please help kar do mera haath dukh raha hai" at her slow voice he stopped who was almost standing out of the room

Hai nahi tha pata
Ke tujhe maan lunga Khuda
Ki teri galiyon mein iss qadar
Aaunga ab har pehar

"Aap khud kar lijiye Dr Shilpa may be main apni limits cross kardun" wdout looking back he refused indirectly hinting her that he was still hurt while she felt guilty
"Nehi tum nehi karoge.. I was wrong and i am sorry.. Par abhi please meri help kardo varna main bahar kaise jaaungi aur uper se pata nehi kiske room me tum le aaye" she spoke in cute tone making a smile reached his lips but still not turning he spoke 'Anusha ka room hai yeh and i am sorry i can't help you' that was it then he left leaving her mouth opened "Haaww chala gaya ab main kaise karungi.. Kya yaar" making a face she whinned and turning her back on door side she tried to pull that zip up only to failed again "Aaahh" she winced as her hands got tired when she felt someone's hands grabbing her both hands from behind and automatically her heartbeat skipped
"Main karta hoon.. You just stand still" hearing Karan's calm voice from behind she sighed in relief coz it was a sign that he is not upset wd her who wanted to proove that Yes she trusts him "If you have any problem" still holding her hands he tried to ask again when she quickly said 'Nehi tum karo.. I trust you' he didn't reacted on it instead humming it he looked at their hands trying to ignore that urge to hug her while she was feeling shy unknowingly and lowering her hands he put her hairs on her one side of shoulder hasitately making her eyes closed where as his heart was feeling excitement & nervousness after seeing her bare back "Karan avoid it.. Don't look there" he reminded himself mentally then closed his eyes to avoid her fragrance who put her whole weight on him as his hand pulled up her zip, And the way she reacted only made him lost whose hands circled her waist from front while both of them's eyes were closed as if feeling the moment when Karan felt her body reaction on his touch which only made him aware about her feelings for him

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar, Haaye(x2)

"Aap itni nervous kyun hojaati hain Dr Shilpa mere saamne, kya main aapko effect karta hoon? Kyun mere touch karne se bhi aapki heartbeat skip hoti hai?" moving his lips near her ear he whispered softly making her shivered by his hot breath on her ear & bare neck but his words somewhere made her realised that he actually told the truth and her eyes opened slowly
"Main vo.." she faced him wd bowed head still there was an inch's distance b/w them while her hands rested on his chest
"Kahiye.. Main bhi jaanna chaahta hun vo bhi aapke mooh se" gazing her he whispered wd calm look
"Shayad vo.." but she herself doesn't have idea about her feelings so she stopped making him smile lightly who bowed his head near her face which made her gulped who didn't dared to looked up
"Rehene dijiye aapse nehi hoga.. Ek baar araam se sochiyega phir baat karenge" saying this meaningfully he stepped back making her eyes opened who became stiff coz she actually asked those questions to herself mentally while he left the room wdout her knowledge, she looked up to answer but finding him nowhere she got bewildered

Zaalima tere ishq ‘ch main

"Kya sachme mujhe Karan se farq padne laga hai?" she whispered softly putting her hands on her chest where her heart was thumping loudly still feeling his lips brush on her ear

(Karan ke sawaal ne mujhe sochne par majboor kar diya ki haan kyun mujhe farq pad raha tha usse aur aage chaar din sab log khushiya mana rahe the ghoom rahe the goa ke beach par aur ek main apni hi soch me dubi hui thi, Karan toh busy tha apne friends ke saath

Bas ek main hi khudse lad rahi thi isiliye peace dhundhne ke liye jab main Goa ke ek hill par gayi toh realise kiya ki main bahoot badi pagal hoon jo itna soch rahi hoon, Main khudko blame hi kar rahi thi ki maine dekha ek ladka hill se jump karne waale tha as if suicide karne waala ho, main daudi usse rokne par vo ruk hi nehi raha tha phir mujhe majbooran usse ek thappad lagaana pada tab jaakar vo shaant hua aur phir ek patthar par hum dono baith gaye, kuch der tak shaanti thi phir maine socha puchun ki kyun kar raha tha vo)

"Khudko maarne ka bukhaar sar par kaise chada tumhaare?" in her strict tone she questioned making that young man looked at other side hurtfully "Hmm zarur kuch gadbad karke baithe ho isiliye toh mooh chupa rahe the tum apna" at her taunt he snapped
"Mooh nehi chupa raha tha khudse tang aa gaya hoon isliye peecha peecha chuda raha hun khudse isse pehle meri wajah se sab kuch barbaad ho jaaye" he blurted out angrily while standing up which made Shilpa only to stare him silently coz she can see the hurt & painful look on his face "Par main yeh tumhe kyun bata raha hoon already tangi machi hui hai life me.. Tabse tumne mujhe bacha liya ab kya karun" he shouted in frustration making her to put her index finger on her ears
"Haan aise hi chillao vo bhi zor se.. Kya pata kuch solution mil jaaye in fact main toh kehti hun chillao kyunki tumhaara gussa bahar aayga jisse tumhe thoda toh light feel hoga" standing beside him she cheered which made him to look at her confusedly "Aree come on.. Tumhaare marne se kisiko farq nehi padega kud jao.. Maa baap toh jee lenge, bhai behen bhi aur agar wife yaah girlfriend hai toh kisi aur ke saath aage badh jaaygi bas aur kuch nehi" she knowingly taunted him who closed his eyes to calm himself
"Koi nehi hai mera" looking at the space he said sadly making Shilpa emotional
"Tumhaara bhi?" at her question he lifted up his head at her who got emotional coz she thought he is also orphan but giving a nod in No he sat on the rock sadly "Tum chaaho toh share kar sakte ho mujhse kyunki main ek stranger hoon may be main tumhaari problem ka solution de sakun, main tumhaare baare me jaanti bhi nehi hoon toh honestly answer de sakti hoon tumhaare problems ka" standing in front of him she suggested slowly while observing his look who sighed and gave a space for her to sit which made her smiled who slowly sat beside him
"Main tumhe sab bataaunga only if tum promise karo ki yeh baat tum kisi se nehi kahogi" pointing his index finger he ordered
"Tum kya mere chacha lagte ho jo main sabse bataaungi.. Oh come on hum strangers hain toh main kyun kisiko bataaungi, chalo bolo ab" at this he gave a stupid smile then looked at the green hills
"Hmm.. Actualy teen saal pehle main ek pub me apne friends ke saath party kar raha tha, main ek call ke liye terrace par gaya par jo scene dekha vo Horrible tha

Actually jab main pahucha toh dekha koi toh aadmi Black clothes pehne kisi ki body chupa raha tha tanki me, Main itna dar gaya ki step back karte time main kisi toh rod se takraaya jisse us aadmi ki nazar mujh par padi usse laga maine uska chehra dekh liya but aisa nehi hai" Shilpa was shocked hearing this while that guy was narrating wd bowed head "Main bhaag gaya vahaan se, main uswaqt bahoot hi bigda hua aur darpok ladka tha tabhi bhaag gaya vahaan se aur ghar aakar khudko lock kar liya par vo scene mere dimaag se nehi gayi

Uske baad se mujhpe humle shuru ho gayye jisse tang aakar mere Politician Dad ne mere liye kuch security officers hire kiye kyunki maine unhe bata diya tha sab kuch" he looked up at her who was patiently hearing him "Aur wahan Se mere life me change aaya, jis officer ko hire kiya gaya tha vo ek ladki thi jiske saath reh kar main life maaine sikh paaya

In fact usne toh us Murderer ko bhi dhundh kar arrest karwa diya tha Aur yehi wajah thi ki mujhe usse pyaar ho gaya, Haan vo ek kaabil officer thi aur main ek Dad ke paiso pe jeene waala ladka, lekin phir bhi hume pyaar ho gaya, Dad ko jab pata chala toh unhone direct mana kar diya is rishte ke liye" he was saying when she interrupted
"Toh tum isliye suicide kar rahe the?" she asked confusedly on which he made a face
"Bolne dogi pehle" at his sarcastic tone she showed her angry face
"Ae mujhse thikse baat karo samjhe" pointing her index finger she warned
"Oh queen victoria abhi thodi der pehle jo thappad maara uska badla main le sakta hoon lekin maine apni Girlfriend se decency sikhi hai toh tum bhi thikse baat karo" he retorted in same tone
"Agar thappad nehi maarti toh tum mujhe apni kahaani nehi sunna rahe hote iswaqt" she argued making him to open his mouth to argue back when she stopped "Haa bas bas.. Ab aage sunao" he looked at her in disbelief coz she the way she is behaving made him really amused but he really want a solution for himsel so he again started
"Dad ke mana karne ke baad hum alag hogaye lekin main reh nehi paa raha tha uske bina isiliye maine usse shaadi ke liye propose kiya par usne direct mana kar diya yeh kehkar ki mujhe mere carrier par dhyaan dena chaahiye, aur wahin Dad pata chala toh unhone mujhe lesson dene ke liye uski job chudwa di aur bechaari ko ban karwa diya humesha ke liye jisse uski family ko bahoot financial problem face karni padi

Maine Dad ko bahoot samjhaya lekin unhone tab tak kuch nehi kaha jab tak maine unse promise nehi kar diya ki main usse bhool kar unki political party join karlun aur unki choice ki ladki se shaadi kar lun.. Lekin kehte haina musibate kabhi bataake nehi aati" he looked at her unhappily while she was hearing attentively "Abhi cheh mahine pehle mujhpe wapas attack huaa pata lagane par pata chala ki vo culprit jail se bhaag gaya, aur wahin meri GF ke parents ki death hogayi ek car accident me, sab keh rahe the ki vo zarur us culprit ka kaam hoga but aisa nehi ho sakta kyunki jis din mujhpar us culprit ne attack kiya tha ussi din uske parents ka murder waala accident hua tha toh aise kaise vo do jagah ho sakta hai

Aur jab main apni GF ke paas gaya usse sambhalne usne mujhe dhakke maar kar nikaal diya.. Main toot gaya aur ghar chala gaya phir teen mahine pehle mujhpar ek aur attack huaa jisse dar kar Dad ne mujhe yahaan bhej diya for safety" he finished in sad tone where as Shilpa was still shocked thinking about his GF's condition "Ab tumhi bataao aisi situation par main jaan nehi dun toh kya karun, Main uska support banana chaahta hoon; sambhalna chaahta hoon aur vo hai ki mujhse dur jaa chuki hai aur dusri taraf vo culprit mujhe maarne par tula hai

Teesre mere Dad mujhe politician banana chaahte hain unki choice ki ladki se shaadi karwana chaahte hain.. Aree yaar main kahan jaaun phir aisi zindagi se toh maut behtar hai" he got frustrated making Shilpa to think about his problem deeply and till few minutes there was complete silence when "See tumhaare paas bhi solution nehi hai" looking at the hills he spoke disappointingly making Shilpa to sigh
"See yeh koi reason nehi tha suicide karne ka okay.. Mere paas tumhaare problem ka abhi toh solution nehi hai par haan mujhe ek din ka time do.. I'll promise main saare solutions dungi" looking at him she said in calm tone which made that guy to stare her silently
"Kya tum pakka iska koi sokution dundhogi?" his hopeful voice made her smiled
"Haan kyunki duniya me aisi koi problem nehi jiska solution na ho" he was so thankful to god that he met her "Par tab tak tum kuch nehi karoge khudko thik hai.. Hum kal yehin milenge subhe 6 baje" saying this she stood up smilingly while he also stood up
"Thank you so much yaar, i feel so light now.. Pakka kal aaogi naa?" at his question she giggled while nodding in Yes making him happy who forwarded his hand to shake for their deal confirmation and bidding bye to each other they left the place wdout exchanging names, Strange naa!

A solution to that guy's problem & Shilpa's problem, Kash Haldi & Mehendi Ceremony & Kash wedding with a surprise end


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