Tuesday, 18 December 2018

part 7 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"U made this design'?" she just nodded'  "Hmm I like them' I want u to design a summer collection for this year'" her eyes popped out'

Atul sat up with a huge smile'

"ME?" she at last spoke

"Off course u' and now u can just get out ' with ur file'" Arman whooped the file towards her'.

Soon Riddima's smile vanished and a frown appeared'

Atul thought to zip up himself' he didn't want to fight for Riddima against his brother and that too when he was feeling so lonely'

"Don't u get in one go Riddima'?" he almost shouted, keeping his hand on the edge of table and keeping balance on it to stand

"Hm' yea'" she gulped, took the file and went away'

"Bhai?" sobbed "what should I do now??  Should I stick being a P.A ' or chose to be a designer??" she holds on to phone by her shoulder and took a tissue to clean her tears'.

"Off course Designer..! Riddima' it's a big opportunity 'baby' why don't u come home and we will think about it' haan?" Rahul answered through phone

"Hmm'." Sob.. "I will tell Atul sir'" after bidding bye's ' and Rahul's Consoling'  she kept the phone down'

"Yes Riddima' u can tell me when ever u want! "Pause "but there is a problem' u might have'" she frowned "the companies Responsibility is in Arman's hand '."Her face fell down'

"I know ' u don't want to be around him' but the opportunity we r giving u ' is totally based on ur capability' not that we know ur family' we have appreciated ur talent 'and if there would have been any other girl ' we would have done the same' don't even think that's why we r being nice with u!" Atul leaned in his chair'

'Nice?? Ur Bro.. is sooo not near the 'N' of near'' she muttered under her breath'

"I know' that Riddima' that's why I m not forcing u' take ur time and tell me by tomorrow ' so I can keep a new P.A'" pause.

"Why new..? u said u want me to work for u'!" Riddima informed, with a frown'

"Miss. Riddima' u can't run with me ' if u chose Designing as Ur profession'"

"But Atul sir, I never thought to take it as a profession' I always wanted to own a business'"she placed her entwined hand on the table and leaned up to it'

"then u can own a business in fashion 'Riddima' if u get a proper knowledge of it '" pause "working as a P.A, in a builder company won't make u that'" he laughed a little'which made Riddima laugh

"Hmm I guess u r right' I will give u my resignation by tomorrow if I want that'" she stood up '. With a smile

"And Riddima?" she turned to look at him' "Keep the smile on your face' u look good'" her smile turned wider' to see such cute chubby boss'

"I will 'try" she closed the door behind ' and walked up to her cabin' when Arman was talking to her P.A'


"Get the **** out ' if u can't inform me about my meetings'"

"I m so'"

"I don't care' I don't give a damn to your sorry'" he banged the door on her face while going in his cabin

Riddima went to her'.and consoled her... That every thing will be alright' but some where she was herself afraid of working with him'

"Bhai ' u sure?"

"Yes Riddima'Now come on I will drop u today'" Rahul answered.

"Bhai' if he makes my life hell then?" she asked. While looking out of the car'


"Then what'? Listen Riddima' if u work properly and not give him a chance to shout ' yell or annoy you' then your life will not be hell'"

Rahul Explained' and smiled when he saw her biting her nails' "Stop it '. Riddima' I know ' u can handle it'"

"I can??" she asked innocently'

"Yes'" he came out of the car and opened door for her'

"Thanks bhai'" she jumped out and hugged him tight' "I m nervous' but I think I can handle'"

"Good'" he kissed her cheek and then forehead'. "Best of luck'. Call me if u want'"

"Ok'" she waved and waits till he went away'

"So ..?" Atul asked her'

"Yes Atul Sir '. I m on!" she smiled

"Good ' good Riddima'" he passed her some papers' "Fill them and sign them' and give your resignation letter' for P.A's job'"

"Oh ' yea I have it'" she pulled it out from her purse' and passed him with a smile'

"Ok then 'fill the formalities'' and then u will be given a new cabin' for work'" he explained' "And yea' u will be at women-wear Company most of the time ' that's besides this building'but ur main office will be here'"


"This is ur cabin' from now on wards'" said Arman's sectary

"Thanks Simran'"

"Oh it's fine'. Tell me if u need anything'. And yea meet u at caf'."

"Yea 'thanks '. Bye..." she looked around

"Riddima'" Arman walked in

"Yes Arman Sir'" he looked up ' to see '.

Angel' Wow'.. She looks damn HOT '.in Red'. GOD '. Help me'. Can some one help me'. Her luscious lips' her eyes'. Urghhhh

"SIR!!" she snapped her fingers..

"Haan? Oh' I was saying ' these are old designs for new summer collection' check it out '. And if u like anything '. U can take it'" he walked over to her table and settled on one of the visiting seats'

"Can I have a look" she asked, walking up to him

"Yes'. Here'" she took the file'. And stood beside where he was settled

"Hmmm'" she wrinkled her nose'.

"what?? Aren't they good'. I like them'" he said'while getting up and trying to see in the file'

"they are good' but not best'." She said while giving him file back' and moving back'

"What? U don't want any from this'. ?"

"No.." she settled on her seat'

"Riddima' I think'." He took a seat again "u should look at them again'." He frowned

Riddima thought'. 'isa se bahas karma fhuzula haii'.'

"ohkay'" she took the file'. "Sir the designing style is awful' and the design they are so long' I don't think it's good for summer collection'

Knock Knock'

"Yes?" Riddima said

"Hey'! Busy?"


"No Atul Sir'"

"Riddima' I m not you're Boss' now' Call me Atul'" Atul said and took a seat beside Arman

"Ohkay' so I was saying these designs look like party-wear out' and as June is coming I think '. Summer collection should be something smooth light creamy colors'" Riddima Explained'

"SO what u want'?" Arman asked with a deeper frown'

"Assistant Designer'?" Riddima asked'

Arman took hold of the wired- phone'

"Send Anthony in Riddima's Cabin..."

"I like these designs'" Atul said'. Atul flipped the file towards himself'

"I am saying the same'" Arman said'

"And I m Saying No'" Riddima answered'irritatingly.

Knock Knock

"Yes come in" Arman shouted'

"You called me Arman..!"

"Yes Anthony' comes ' she is our new designer ' she will select every thing from now onwards' and u r gone a guide her ' in every way' and listen to her'" Anthony frowned'

"But Arman I don't listen to any one'" Anthony said'arrogantly which made Riddima turn her nose'

"What ever Anthony'"  Pause' "Riddima' tell him that u rejected his designs'" all were shocked'.

"But Arman Sir'. U said '. These are old kept designs'. U never said it is designed especially for new summer collection'"

"I wanted to know ur remarks'" Arman leaned in the chair' "Come on Anthony don't make faces'. And Riddima tell him what u want'"

Arman and Atul Got up and walked out

"HI ' I m"

"Riddima'" Anthony interrupted' "I don't Care'" Riddima made a face

"Ohkay... Anthony' I want white material'. Pure white' bring two three different types of it'. And light yellow bring few shades of '." Pause' "What are you waiting for write it down'."

"I don't write' I remember' what else'" she said angrily'

"Fine '. Hmmm light orange '. That will be all"

"What?? That will be all..? r u mad..?" Anthony shouted'

"Excuse me!!" Riddima looked up at him shocked' "Look ' u don't have to tell me 'DO AS I SAY" Riddima shouted back

"FINE!!" HE shouted and walked out

WE Are soo not gonna get fifth position that we USE TO GET' he shouted while walking out of corridors' to lift

Riddima saw piece of colors in front of her

"Anthony why have u brought Dark cloths 'we don't need them'"

"Riddima we need bright colors' that will attract the audience'"

"No My design will attract them'"Riddima replied acidly

"Look '. I m not in a mood to fight'"

"Anthony'. Do as I say'. Send them Back" Riddima replied'

Knock Knock'


"Ma'am the fabric u chose is in the office'"

" '. Let me have a look of it'" Riddima stood to go' "And Anthony' these colors won't work out' send them back'"


"Shut UP Anthony' Do as I say' u work under me' I don't '" she walked out of her cabin and closed the door on his face'

"What the hell??" Arman ...said

Tang agya hoon' mai' GOD 'why can't they just sit and work out' I m tired now'.

"Kya hua Arman..!" Atul who was standing beside him'

"Bhai' why the hell they shout'. It had been three'. Three bloody weeks' my ear drums' are damaged up due to there constant shouts'" Arman placed a hand on his forehead'

"Its all Ur fault' u have make Anthony sit on your head' and he is being really mean' to Riddima'"Atul Explained'

"Why do we believe in Riddima that much'" Arman asked'.

"Because she is right'. And please give her one chance to prove her self'. She is working day and night on this project'." Arman nodded in approval

"Oh my God'! I can't Believe'. Are collection went hit'" Atul said while seeing Riddima's summer collection on ramp'it was kept as a celebration event' after there collection was liked by soo many garment companies' 

"Yea Bhai'. Riddima 'u did a Tremendous Job'" Arman said 'while looking at Riddima, who wore a black Anrkali dress

"Thanks Arman Sir'" she smiled on her first accomplishment

"Riddima'!!!!" she turned to see, who was calling her

"Rahul!!! Muskan'. U back..." she hugged both of them

"Ohh God RIddzz ur design are hit' look 'yar soo beautiful '" Pause' "Didn't I say you will be a designer'Hahhahaa" they stood beside Atul and Arman'

"Hey Atul'"

"Hey Rahul'. Meet Arman'"

"Hey' so u r the one '!" Rahul asked'

"Yes Rahul' he is the one who has made Riddima's life hell'" all laughed' while the girls... Was a bit away from them

"AhHHHHHHHHH" Riddima and Muskan Shouted' when Muskan told here something

Rahul went and dragged them ' where all boys were standing'

"Shut up yar' kya kar rahii hoo'?" Rahul said while taking a seat beside Atul'.

"Oaa Khota chup kar'."Muskan said'.

"Haan Rahul Chup karoo'" Riddima said'

"Riddima'" he glared at her'

"Kyaa'?" Riddima asked'. "Muskan dheka na'. kasa ghora raha hai'"

"Oaee mar kahee ga'." Muskan stamped on his feet'.

"Hey Guys'"Anjali Walked in

"Hey Anjali'." Atul stood up'.

"Hey Anji bahbii'" Arman winked at her' while Riddima giggled'

"Shut up Arman ' and u too riddiz'" Anjali said

"oaee Rahul chal dance karta haiin'"

"nai Muskan mood nai ha'" Rahul replied massaging his feet'

"oaee chal na' terii behan ki itnii barii jeeta hui hai usa pa dance tou hona chaya na" Arman looked up at Riddima who smiled at the duo 'walking towards the dance floor'

"They look cute na.." Anjali said

"Yes' Rahul and Muskan always look cute ' and made for each other'" Riddima said

"as in they r together?" Arman asked while drinking the coke'

"yes'" Riddima replied' "And u know Muskan told me' Dad has arranged the date too' I m soo gonna be angry with them now'" she with pouted lips'

Next few days went tremendously nice' but Arman'. He was rude' he hasn't forgotten the betrayal he got

Riddima got to know about it through Atul' as they became quite good friend' Riddima use to handle his work until he went for lunch with Anji'

Beside Arman all five became quite good friend'

Riddima use to join them at parties' only if she felt like or else the other four were party- people'

And Arman use to remain alone' trying to forget all'

Arman stayed away from Riddima' he didn't want any commitment ' not now '

He has fought with her serval times' while Riddima use to avoid him' he was being mean to her day by day'

She Was doing her best but at the end she got the lousy comments'

They Women-wear company was leading up'.

Constant fights of Anthony and Riddima was a daily routine '.

They just finished Party wear out ' she liked some designs of Anothny.. but changed a bit in every thing' and color' she never listened to him in that' she hated him' !!

Soon they won the competition of that too'

"Riddima" Arman walked in to see Riddima was not there he frowned and settled their

After a while Riddima came back with a huge smile'

"Where were u??" he shouted' she trembled'

"I ' I was"

"don't try to act smart Riddima..!! I know u run out of the work ' in between"

"No I don't" she hated when people pin out at her wrong things

"Shut UP..!" he shouted' and walked at her'

"Sir !! I wa" she tired to explain' he threw a file towards her' which brushed her face'. She closed her eyes' tears float down

 And Atul Walked in

"ARMAN !!" he shouted

"What Bhai?" he looked at Atul with anger'

"Say sorry to her'" he shouted at him' arman stared at him ' and walked out with out a word'

Riddima cried' cried until ' Atul promised it won't happen again

"U staying here for two more hours I have some work'" Arman said '

"but Sir' its 9'"

"I don't give it a damn" he shouted

 While Riddima walked out to her office'

"she walked to his office after 1 hour as he called her.." there was no one ' no one in the office' even ' the Guard and Atul has gone

She was scared now' but thought he wont be that bad..

She opened to see him sitting on the couch ' with a dim light in his office' he had thrown away his coat and tie' button were mostly open' she didn't liked it' she totally didn't '

This atmosphere was aching her heart' she heart beat stopped to see him walking to wards her with a grin'

"Sir' I think I should leave'" she turned the knob' when he held her off-guard' and turned her '

"no' we have work to do'" he hold her wrist tightly'

"Sir leave ME!" she tried to push him' when he slide her duppatta off her

"Come On Riddima ' why trying to be ' nice girl and all' I know' u girls want one thing' so let it make it easy'" he flipped her duppatta away' and hold her by waist "Money'!" he said in a husky voice' "popularity'" he rubbing his hand on her waist'

"u will get what u want'"

"just Stay away' u jerk" she slapped him hard' he looked at her with anger flashing up' and pushed him away' "I M Shahank Gupta's Daughter' why would I need ur **** popularity or money.." she shouted and went to take her duppatta from floor'

"U r adopted' u bitch'" he pushed her couch' and fell on top of her

Love ya... all

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