Saturday, 22 December 2018

Part 8-A : Kash SS Saathiyaa


"Main thik toh kar rahin hun naa?? Haan bilkul kya galat kar rahi hai tu.. Bas apne first night ki raat bhaag hi toh rahi hai vo bhi darkar" as her mind taunted; her legs stopped in corridors where the lights were off except the dim lights, it was the same floor where their room was in fact she was not so far from their room "Yeh main kya kar rahin hun sirf isliye bhaag rahin hun kyunki Karan ne mujhse kaha vo mujhse pyaar karta hai? Lekin kyun karta hai ek toh bahoot mushkil se khudko manaya tha is rishte ki shuruaat karne ke liye uper se ab yeh, Kya zarurat thi us idiot ko propose
karne ki?" getting frustrated she blabbered to herself, Yup! She is trying to run away from Karan coz since he confessed she was numb to react on anything infact in other rituals also she was sitting like statue only performing it blankly Yaah Karan noticed that but he planned to talk in night, Meanwhile when Aarti & other girls made her sat on their decorated first night bed her mind awoken and as everyone left she got scared so the only way came inside her mind was to run from here, but again a problem came poor girl didn't got her sandles inside the room so wearing Karan's white snickers she escaped from everyone and was still in her wedding attire looking as always super adorable "Shilpa tu itni stupid kaise ho sakti hai, Bhaag kyun rahi hai Karan ek sensible insaan hai tu usper trust kar sakti hai" looking down on floor she thought but this time calmly, she was still holding her Lehenga revealing that snickers "Darpok Shilpa koi kahega ki tu Doctor hai?" as she cursed herself loudly she heard a femiliar voice which only increased her heartbeat
"Exactly main toh nehi maanta ki aap Doctor hain" at Karan's calm voice from behind she floored wd wide eyes and gulped in embarrassment while he approached towards her gradually who only knows how much he was worried not to find her in their room, At first he thought she must be wd someone but as he moved out from washroom after changing himself in white off shirt wd Gray Vest & formal brown pant wd slippers, he got worried seeing the time and knowing about her super antics he moved out to search for her while ignoring any negativity inside his mind "Care to explain me?" standing in front of her wd his crossed hands he questioned calmly making her to bow her head down wd cute sad look
"Vo main" she got nervous by his serious look when it clicked inside her head that why she is getting nervous or scared by him in fact it should be her to take his class who proposed her "Ek minute main kyun tension lun vo toh tumhe leni chaahiye, How could you to propose me in middle of our wedding? Jabki tum acche se jaante ho ki meri taraf se aisa kuch nehi hai.. Ek toh bahoot mushkil se khudko manaya tha maine is shaadi ke liye lekin" pointing her index finger she started taking his class who stepped back coz she was directly stepping ahead resulting his back touched against a pillar "Tumne sab kharaab kiya.. How dare you to love me and to propose me, Jaante bhi ho jabse pata chala hai chain se baith bhi nehi paayi hun naa kuch soch paa rahin hun sirf tumhaara hi khayaal dimaag me aa raha hai.. Lekin tum bhi sunlo meri taraf se naa hai aur" poking her index finger on his chest she took out her all frustration making him amused who pressed his lips to control his smile seeing her angry look which was not so angry one coz still she is looking beautiful in her wedding look and this only made him chuckled making Shilpa frowned "Tumhe mazak lag raha hai? Yahaan main itni pareshaan hun aur tumhe.. Arrgghh i hate you" getting frustrated she smacked his chest who laughed but seeing her angry look he controlled himself then sighed while she turned to go when he gripped her wrist whose body felt jlitters inside, she looked at him slowly who smiled stepping ahead still holding her wrist
"Okay sorry.. Par aap itni choti si baat par agar itna bada issue banayengi toh hassi aaygi hi" she looked at him in disbelief as he spoke in normal voice
"Tumhe choti baat lag rahi hai yeh.. Haan kyun nehi hogi tum" but before she could scold him loudly he put his palm on her lips to shut her mouth coz if anyone would see them outside in resort's corridor that too on their first night will only think something unusual where as her eyes only widen in shock at his guts coz his one hand was holding her back & other was put on her red lips
"Dr Shilpa please dheere boliye.. Koi sun lega toh kya sochega ki hum apni first night me bahar kyun ghoom rahen hain" he whispered lowering his palm where as she only stared him silently coz of his touch
"Haan toh thik hai yeh baat keh bhi sakte the.. Meri lipstick kharab karne ki zarurat nehi thi aur mujhe touch karne ki bhi" indicating him she made an angry face while hearing this his eyes widen in shock and instantly he looked down on his palm where her lipstick's mark was imprinted
"Yuck!" he grimaced while rubbing that mark wd his hanky which made her to look at him strangely "Aap yeh sab chize use bhi kaise kar sakti hain, its so horrible.. I hate this" at his annoying tone she couldn't hold back her giggle which took his attention "What so funny?" still trying to remove he narrowed his bows making her to step ahead still smiling
"Yehi ki tum sachme Alien ho, kisiko Lipstick se bhi problem ho sakti hai kya? I mean Mehndi aur Haldi samajh me aati hai lekin ab Lipstick se bhi yeh pehli baar dekha maine" she turned a little normal just coz of his allergy stuffs who rolled his eyes at her words
"Haan hai mujhe problem so from next time don't come near me until these things are not attached wd you" she gawped at his retort who putting his hands on his pockers stood coolly in front of her
"Acha hai tumhe in sab chizo se probem hai kyunki mujhe toh yeh sab acchi lagti hai toh yeh tumhaari problem hai ki tum apne in stupid allergies ko kaise handle karoge" she argued making him a little amused no one can guess about her mood
"Vaise aapki antics se toh thik hi hai meri yeh allergy.. At least mujhe sense toh hai cothes aur snickers ka" and that goes his direct taunt towards her who looked down at the snickers then up at him slowly who smiled
"Vo main jaldi me thi aur meri sandle pata nehi kaha gayi toh mujhe yehi dikha" she reasoned embarrassingly making him smiled who taking a sighed clicked a picture of her unique wedding look and this made her surprise
"You know capture karna zaruri tha yeh look aapka.. Coz i want to remember this night that on our first wedding night you were about to ran away that too in my snickers.. Isn't it a moment?" his tease made her to move ahead for another argue when she stepped on her lehenga resulting herself stumbled but instead to fall down she directly fell upon his chest who held her securely who tried to stood straight angrily and was about to argue when he thought to tackle this situation but not here so his voice stopped her "Mujhe lagta hai hume ek serious conversation ki zarurat hai jo yahaan toh nehi ho paayga" she frowned at his sudden serious look still holding his vest from front and before she could move back, Out of blue he picked her up on his mesculer arms
"Karan.. Tttum kkya?" trying to hold his shoulder tightly she looked at him in shock but yes she was fearing somewhere
"Tttuu kkyaa baad me Dr Shilpa.. Kyunki agar hume kisine yahan dekh liya toh problem hogi so just co operate wd me" looking at her he said in low voice while her hands fisted on his shirt scaredly
"Haa toh main khud chal sakti hun mujhe uthaane ki zarurat nehi hai neeche utaaro" trying to hide her nervousness she whispered making his heart conquered coz her nervous always grabbed his heart who took her towards their room
"Dr Shilpa rehne dijiye main hi le chalta hun vaise bhi aaj humaari first night hai tohh.." he knowingly teased her in husky tone making her eyes widen in shock
"Tum karne kya waale ho?" she asked in scared suspicious tone making him to give a coy smile as he walked inside their room which's door was already opened
"Isse acha main aapko dikha hi deta hu na ki main karne kya waala hun" saying this mischivously he dropped her down on their soft white bed which was decorated wd rose patels & white net, around the room there where dim lights of candles wd fresh flowers's scent, seeing the passionate romatic decoration her heart fluttered wd nervousness in fact she even got scared where as leaving her on bed he locked their room's door
"Dekho tum ache se jaante ho main black belt champion hun aur chaahun toh ek jhatke me maar sakti hun par" as he turned at her she sat up on bed while warning him who hiding his smile crawl above her intensily making her scared
"Par.." staring deep on her eyes he whispered in husky tone making her gulped coz his both hands were kept on her both sides almost caging her while he was completely leaning above her who had almost laid on bed
"Dekho Karan tum jaante ho main vo tttum" keeping her one hand on his chest she tried to stop him who was controlling hard not to laugh at her nervous face, actually he wants to see what will she do next? "Kkkaran please.." as his face lowered near her she got scared and in an instant hide her face on her palms wd thudding heartbeat where as standing back he laughed seeing her reaction who slowly lowered her palms hearing his laugh
"Aur aap mujhe kehti hain main Alien hun" wd a smiling sigh he stared her calmly which made her sat up and it took few seconds inside her mind to understand that he actually was trying to tease her
"Matlab tum mazaak kar rahe the?" she asked in an innocent voice mking him to give a calm nod in Yes and this only relaxed her "Haaww matlab tum.. How could you Karan? Pata hai main kitna dar gayi thi? Tabhi main kahun suddenly tumhe kya ho gaya" now she turned normal making him chuckled who putting his hands inside his pant's pockets stared her "Thank god yeh mazaak tha.. Varna mujhe toh sachme lag raha tha ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho par ab jab.." wd a giggle she said normally removing her duppatta from her head while other was still wrapped on her when his voice stopped her
"Baaki sab mazaak tha par.. Main sachme aapse pyaar karta hun Dr Shilpa" she stiffen hearing his serious voice who observed her silence "See main apni feelings aur life ko lekar humesha clear rehta hun aur is baar bhi hun isiliye maine confess kiya and about you i don't have any idea infact i am not expecting anything from you trust me

I am okay wd your feelings and most important i don't want to imposed anything on you so just relax" he tried to sound normal making her to look up at him slowly and finding her quiet he sighed then sat beside her who bowed her head in confusion coz she have no idea how to react on this "Chalo yeh thoda clear karte hain aapke liye thik hai" his normal voice made her comfortable "Listen to me carefully okay, Main aapse pyaar karta hun yeh meri problem hai toh aapko ispar zyada sochne ki zarurat nehi hai, in fact aapka bhaagne waala move stupid tha kyunki maine expect kiya tha ki aap directly mujhse aakar baat karengi puchengi phir main clearly bataaunga but bhaagna solution nehi hai Dr Shilpa

I don't know aap mujhpar trust karti hain yaa nehi par main bahoot karta hun aap par, Maine confess kiya kyunki mujhe vo sahin time laga haan main yeh bhi acche se jaanta hun ki aapke dil me kya hai par main kuch force nehi kar sakta kyunki main itna stupid nehi hun

And now jo aap kahengi vo aapki marzi hogi, I am no one to force you, Its one sided i know, Isiliye main aapko yehi suggest karunga ki aap meri feelings ko ignore kar sakti hain" she was wordless at his understanding words in fact her eyes only watched his face unknowingly in loving way
"Aise kaise ignore kar sakti hun main.. Tum mujhse pyaar karte ho aur main nehi toh bura lagega mujhe aur main normal nehi ho sakti tumhaare saath" she blurted out her heart out coz she can very well understand his feelings, The One Sided Love which she had for Armaan and now she can't let Karan to face this but she have no idea that she is actually developing feelings for him that's why she don't want to hurt him where as hearing the word 'Aur main nehi' his heart sank but he can't let her feel that he actually wants her love back
"Are you crazy? Aap bhul rahin hain main sirf aapka husband nehi aapka dost bhi hun toh normal kyun nehi hongi aap mere saath, aapka husband aapse pyaar karta hai aapka dost nehi, Okay let's do a thing

Right now main aapka friend hun and as a friend main yehi suggest karunga ki" turning himself normal he tried to cheer her who finally got relaxed wdout any guilt "Aap apne husband ko aur uski feelings ko ignore karen kyunki aapne yeh shaadi uske Dad ke liye ki hai uske liye nehi aur pyaar usse huaa toh yeh uski galti hai vo khud handle kare aap toh sirf ek saal ke liye is rishte me haina toh phir aapko usse koi matlab nehi hona chaahiye" as he suggested coolly a smile reached her lips whose mind only thought how nicely he handles everything but she had no idea that it actually took lots of efforts for him to say those words
"Par main usse hurt kaise kar sakti hun?" at her sweet innocent tone he smiled wd a sigh
"Aap usse hurt nehi kar rahin hain kyunki naa aapne usse kuch promise kiya tha aur naa uske liye yeh shaadi ki toh just ignore it kyunki vo khud kehta hai vo kuch expect nehi karta" his indirect way of making her understand finally worked on her who felt glad to meet a person like him "Aapne contract papers par sign ki haina?" as he asked normaly somewhere hoping a no but when she nodded her head in Yes his all hopes died there "Toh phir let it be.. Aap bas Dad par dhyaan de jinke liye yeh shaadi ki aur apne dost par jo aapko kabhi akela nehi chodega" moving his fisted hand for cheer he promised on which wd a smile she punched back giving him a relief
"Tum aise kaise kar lete ho? I mean ek taraf mujhe confuse bhi karte ho aur dusri taraf solution bhi dete ho?" he chuckled at her cute tone
"Aap abhi nehi samjhengi chodiye" shaking his head he stood up only to notice her legs on bed wd snickers which was not at all accepted by him "Dr Shilpa.. How can you be so irresponsible?" she narrowed her bows at his sudden change of mood who bending a little gripped her one leg making her realise about his annoying mood "Yeh bhi mujhe karna padega" saying this to himself he untied her laces who bit her lower lip at his words
"Meri galti nehi hai yeh.. Tumne khud mujhe bed par rakkha" she defended herself as he carefully removed the snickers but what made him smile was her anklets which he gifted her "Aur tumhe koi aur timing nehi mili thi propose karne ke liye?" her voice made him avert his eyes from her feet then up at her
"Vo aapki problem hai.. Par abhi zara aap neeche aayengi coz i can't sleep on this patels, Yuck kitna wierd lag raha hai yeh sab" as he spoke annoyingly her jaw dropped who holding her lehenga moved down and was trying to understand him coz she never met a person like him before who handling her duppatta which she had kept on bed: started removing the patels from bed making her to put her palms on her mouth to control her giggle

Coz right now the way he was clearing only made him to look more adorable so keeping her duppatta on side she grabbed her phone from the table carefuly & clicked his pics who was unawarely drying it and before he could finish she put her phone aside "Finally i am going to sleep" rubbing his neck tiredly he sighed making her smile which soon subsided as she noticed there is only one bed inside their room, no sofa no couch except two arm chairs near the balcony "Dr Shilpa i think aapko bhi change karke ab sona chaahiye, I am sure aap bhi thak gayi hain" saying this to her calmly he sat on bed's edge then removed his shirt making her eyes wide (he was still on his vest not shirtless guys)
"Ek minute kya matlab hai tumhaara ki hum ek saath ek bed par soyenge? Aur tum shirt kyun nikaal rahe ho?" hearing her angry voice he shook his head tiredly then stood up while facing her who was standing on another side of bed just opposite him
"Dr Shilpa aapko aur koi option nazar aa raha hai yahaan? Aur agar hota bhi toh bhi main couch yaah sofe par nehi sota in fact aapko bhi nehi sone deta.. And if you have problem so let's do this" saying this calmly he made pillow wall b/w their bed which made her surprised who thought how can he easily handles everything?
"Haan vo toh thik hai par tumne shirt kyun nikaali?" still not convinced she asked nervously making him smiled mischievously who knelt on bed
"Aapko yaad hai Dr Shilpa jab aap mere room me first time aayi thi aur maine aapko warn kiya tha" putting his hands on back he started slowly which made her to remember that night when she hugged him coz of darkness and he was shirtless at that time "Mere room me aane se pehle knock karna kyunki main kabhi bhi kisi bhi look me mil sakta hun.. So vo isi chiz ke liye tha, Main shirtless sota hun in fact kabhi kabhi toh clothless bhi you know bachpan se yehi habit mili hai toh you have to adjust it" his careless words made her stunned
"Kya??" giving him a weird look she stepped back making Karan to nod in Yes innocently "Par.. Par ab kyun kar rahe ho.. I mean ab toh main bhi rahungi na room me toh phir shirt mat nikaalo na kuch toh adjust karo" she tried to convince him who hide his smile seeing her scared face
"Adjust hi toh kar raha hun main Dr Shilpa.. See main roz clotheless sota tha par aaj shirtless just bcoz of you" saying this normally he lifted up his vest to remove when her nervous voice stopped him
"Nehii.. Karan please dekho mere liye itna kardo i mean main kaise rahungi" her cute request made him chuckled who directly laid on bed after wearing back his shirt while she kneeled on bed cutely
"Okay just for you main aaj is shirt me hi sounga but i can't promise ki main humesha follow kar paaunga yeh rule.. Par abhi ke liye aap please so jaaiye kyunki main bahoot tired hun aaj ke pure din ke draame se, in fact aap jo circus ban kar ghum rahin hain vo bhi change karlen" stretching his arms tiredly he spoke in lazy tone making her to sigh in relief who was staring the pillow wall b/w them then up at him, feeling sleepy Karan turned his position on another side which made her smiled unknowingly at his caring & sweet nature and after thanking him smilingly she went inside washroom to change wdout realising he actualy named her circus, coming out in brown & black umbrella Kurti wd black tights she laid on bed, she was still wearing her wedding bangles, chain & vermilion on her long hairs which were opened in straight, sleep was far away from her eyes coz her mind was only thinking about Karan & his feelings
"Kabhi kabhi sochti hun aise kaise tum mujhe mil gaye, kahan socha tha ki tumse dur bhaag jaaungi aur kahan aaj tumhaare saath ek room aur ek bed par hun.. Tum sachme duniya me sabse alag ho, aise kaise tumhe mujhse pyaar ho gaya aur toh aur bina deri kiye tumne keh bhi diya, badle me kuch expect nehi kar rahe ho.. Kyun Karan? Pyaar me jab yeh pata chalta hai ki saamne waala aapse pyaar nehi karta toh bahoot takleef hoti hai yeh mujhse accha koi nehi samajh sakta, lekin tumne toh mujhe khud idea diya ignore karne ke liye, kaise kar lete ho tum?" facing him she thought still staring him who was actually sleeping soundlessly while sleep was far away from her eyes, getting restless she changed positions after positions coz her heart & mind was not at peace just coz she was worrying about Karan's feelings and this made her annoyed who sat up then looked beside where he was sleeping like a kid "Yeh itne araam se kaise so sakta hai?" she blabbered annoyingly and turning at him she nudged "Karan utho mujhe neend nehi aa rahi hai" at her constant nudge he got annoyed and turned his back towards her trying to sleep again but it made her angry so taking up a pillow she smacked him
"Meri neend uda kar tum kaise chain se so sakte ho" he hide his face on pillow hearing her angry voice who bend to shook him when he himself turned asking 'Dr Shilpa aap?' But he couldn't got chance to complete his sentence coz of her direct land on his chest who was leaning on him few seconds ago but this was not what made him numb

Ahemm Ahemm something very unexpected happened wd them on their first night "Huhh!" she gasped in shock as their lips met even his own eyes widen in shock, Yes it was their Kiss not exactly but their lips were lingered both of them were stiffed in shock, Shilpa's hands were resting on his chest whose hands were freezed somewhere infact that sleep somewhere vanished feeling her soft lips on his & her weight above him while their heartbeat rose in 440 volt

Non of them moved a bit coz they were unable to believe that until Shilpa felt her breath stuck and as the really hit she quickly moved her head up feeling really embarrassed & nervous and finding her eyes lowered he looked away from her trying to ignore that feeling to pull her in breathless kiss "Vo.. Ouch!" trying to move up she whispered slowly when her hairs got stuck wd his shirt's button who closed his eyes to calm his increasing heartbeat while her fingers fidget wd his button in nervousness and seeing her like this he finally thought to take this matters coz her hands were shaking

"Aap rukiye main karta hoon" as he said this in calm tone she glanced up at him who moving his one hand on her back in an instant made her laye under him, Shilpa's breath stuck in her throat as she came under him who avoiding to look at her concentrated on her hairs and tried to remove, Shilpa was trying to ignore him but her mind & heart both couldn't able to remove his lips touch from her lips infact she can still fill that magnificient touch of it

For Karan he wasn't prepared yeah he loves her & even is attracted also but this step is too early but that doesn't mean he regrets their light first kiss in fact this only made his heart to desire her more, It became one of the awkward plus memorable moment for them "Ho gaya" removing it he looked up only to find her eyes shut tightly wd her breath stopped and automatically a smile reached his lips seeing her this nervous, it pulls his heart more attracted towards her

She stiffed as she felt his hot breath near her ear who got scared when "Agar aap nehi uthna chaahti toh mujhe koi problem nehi hai aise rehne me" his teasing whisper made her eyes flew opened while he wd a teasing smile moved up and before she could react sat up while sitting up Shilpa felt her heart's beats thumping loudly

For few seconds no one speak a word until Karan realised to end this awkwardness "Meri neend toh kharaab kar di aapne ab bataaiye kyun jaga rahi thi?" his normal voice made her glanced him slowly "Did you know how tired i was? But nevermind just tell me?" seeing him normal that awkwardness & nervousness went into gutter somewhere coz it actually hit her head that why she woke him
"Kyun naa uthaati neend hi nehi aa rahi hai mujhe sirf tumhari wajah se.. Tumne toh bahoot asaani se keh diya ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho lekin mera kya? Mujhe neend nehi aa rahi hai ki ab main kya karun?" at her blabber he held his head coz actually she was turning him mad day by day but loosing not his cool he sighed then moved down from bed making her confused
"Chaliye mere saath bahar.. May be thoda fresh hawa paakar aapka brain relax kare" stretching his hand towards her he suggested calmly making her to stare his hand for few seconds then up at him and thinking she actually needs freshness she held his hand who smiled

After few minutes they were walking on beach where only three things were giving them peace: that musical waves of water, romantic feel of moon & that cool breeze "Aap humesha se itni ajib hain ki sirf mere saath hi aisi harqate kartin hain?" his indirect taunting question made her eyes avert from the sea to him who was already watching her
"Main ajib? Tum khudke baare me baat karo ki kitne ajib ho?" putting her hands on her waist she directly blamed him who became amused "Aur isme ajib kya hai? Tumne mujhse keh diya ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho toh tumhara kaam khatam lekin yahaan se tension toh mujhe haina ki main kaise react karun.. I mean sab kuch kitna complicated ho gaya hai sirf tumhaari wajah se" pointing him she blurted out while he wd calm look was only staring her in fact he smiled also at her outbrust
"Kuch complicated nehi hai Dr Shilpa.. The thing is you want to live in a confusion so you choosed this way.. I mean yes maine confess kiya kyunki main believe karta hun present me toh keh diya and about you when you don't love me then ignore naa

Jab koi feelings hi nehi hai aapke dil me toh aap itna kyun soch rahin hain agar main aapki jagah hota toh ignore hi karta aur jab mujhe problem nehi hai aapki Naa se toh aapko kyun problem ho rahi hai?" and that hit a right chord on right thing, he spoke in an earnesty which only made her mouth shut coz according to her he is right at his place
"Sahin toh keh raha hai Shilpa jab isse problem nehi hai toh tujhe kyun ho rahi hai? Tu kyun soch rahi hai itna? Yeh sympathy toh bikul nehi hai yaah phir agar tu yeh soch rahi hai ki iska dil toot jaayga toh tu galat hai tum dono me kuch shuru hi nehi huaa jo isse takleef de isse accha tu iski dosti ka haath thaam aur yeh ek saal acche se nikal iske saath" her bubble mind suggested who looked down on the sand blankly while finding her quiet he shook his head
"Dr Shilpa aapko pata hai aap bahoot sochti hain, Can't you share all these wd me.. I mean kya pata main samjhun" putting his both hands on her shoulders he asked in soft voice which made her eyes to glanced him "I know there is something which is bothering you

Aap chaahe toh bata sakti hain mujhe and trust me main samajhne ki puri koshish karunga" his determined voice made her mind confuse to share her past wd him or not and finding her silent again he grasped her both hands on his hold firmly "See aaj main aapse aakhiri baar puchunga aapke past ke baare me aur chaahe aap koi bhi response do main dobaara kabhi aapse kuch nehi puchunga aapke past se related

Abhi waqt hai aap mujhse share kar sakti hain even agar aap yeh rishta nehi nibha sakti aur jaana chaahti hain toh bata dijiye main handle kar lunga sab kuch, Dad ko bhi convince kar lunga bas aap stressed mat rahiye and just tell me once" she was only staring him dumbly coz the honesty, support & sincierity she is seeing in his eyes was enough for her to forget everything "Yeh Karan Malik ka waada hai aapse iske baad main aapke past ke baare me kabhi nehi puchunga until aap khud nehi bataati

Par please things ko aur complicated mat kijiye, yes sab kuch bahoot easy hai bas dekhne ka POV change karna hai aur agar aap mujhse dar rahi hain toh yeh bhi main aapse promise karta hoon ki main aapki marzi ke bina aisa kuch nehi karunga jisse aapko problem ho" she felt herself fool coz god have gifted her a man wd golden heart and her stupid mouth was zipped still in confusion
"Shilpa bata de isse" her heart encouraged her who looked down at their hands "Par kyun shaadi sirf ek saal ki hai? toh mat bata Shilpa kyunki isse yakeen nehi hoga ki sachme aisa kuch hai tere life me haan tu dosti accept kar sakti hai iski kyunki Dil ka Karan bahoot accha hai" her mind suggested which made her to look up at him who was waiting for her response "Nehi aisi koi baat nehi hai bas tumhaare baare me soch rahi thi" unwillingly she lied which definitly not convinced him who asked 'Sure?' for confirmation "Haan bilkul" not meeting his eyes she showed a fake smile making him sighed who leaving her hands stood a little away from her
"Then its good.. Aur aap please mere baare me mat socho.. Kyunki main ek freebird hun wahi karta hun jo main chaahta hun.. Before falling for you i had made 15 girlfriends but non of them were Indian so take yourself lucky" her jaw dropped opened hearing his cool voice who putting his hands in his pockets walked ahead on wet sand
"Bada ehsaan kiya aapne mujhpar" walking wd him she gave a sarcastic reply which made him smiled
"Exactly.. Varna Indian ladki aur main plsss.. But i want to confess that i kissed my all GFs also slept wd three" Shilpa's eyes widen & legs stopped at his confession who turned to look at her smilingly
"Tum mazaak kar rahe hona?" she tried to confirm but his nod in No made her stunned "Toh unhi se shaadi kar lete yahaan aane ki kya zarurat thi" saying this to him angrily she crossed her arms unaware of her heart that it actually build an unknown fire inside her in fact somewhere it hurted her to know this coz it was very unexpected from him
"Main toh kar leta par Dad ne suni kahan meri.. Isliye jab Dad se dur tha New York me toh drinking smoking aur yeh sab ki aadate padi mujhe, But don't tell this to Dad, he will kill me vaise bhi aaj subha se gussa hain vo mujhse ki maine kal raat galti se kaise drinking ki, Jabki vo nehi jaante ki maine khud drinking ki" he told honestly making her to look at him in disbelief
"Toh aisa kaam karte hi kyun ho?" walking again she scolded on which he smiled
"See smoking toh chod chuka hun.. GFs se Dad ne mera peecha do teen saal pehle hi chudwa diya ab bachi drinking jo main control kar sakta hun.. Aur main kar bhi chuka hun lekin agar koi mujhe force karega toh i can't refuse in fact agar maine zyada drinking ki toh mujhe yaad hi nehi rehta ki uswaqt maine kya kya kiya" he shared normally watching her who thought deeply about this
"Koi nehi yeh bhi chut jaayga.. Main hoon naa main help karungi aakhir hum dost hain toh ho jaayga" gripping his arm she cheered which made him to raise his bows amusingly
"Let's see" forwarding his fisted hand to cheer he smiled on which wd a giggle she cheered back when something clicked inside her head
"Aree haan tumne mujhe Circus kyun kaha tha?" crossing her arms she showed her angry look on which he smiled
"Ab aap Circus lag rahi thi toh main kya karta? Aaawww Dr Shilpa aap?" he was saying this normally when she started smacking his arms who moved to defend himself wd a chuckle coz he was enjoying that precious time wd her and finally spending their first night on beach side wd bickers & fun they returned back to their room @ 3:45 resulting Karan into deep sleep while it took sometime for Shilpa to dozed off coz she was thinking about Today's whole incidents which were giving unknown happiness inside her heart

Next morning when Raj told about Reception Karan refused coz according to him if his close friends will not be in reception then what's the use of it so they cancelled, after two days every guest leaved for their houses and when they were heading to airport Raj shared a secret wd Shilpa who was wd him & Arun in his car while Karan was wd his friends

Raj shared that on Karan's every birthday he let Shalini to see Karan's glimpes from far wdout Karan's knowledge coz she is his mother he can't snatch this thing from her who only wants to see Karan once a year in fact her husband also supports her in this, But when Arun informed about Karan's marriage she insisted to see Shilpa that's why Raj have called her on airport to see KaSh

Shilpa was shocked at first but understanding Shalini's mother love she supported Raj infact she felt more proud getting a father in law like him while Raj let everything on Shilpa means its her choice to handle this situation or not

But when Shilpa reached in airport met Shalini who was standing a little away from them, meeting Shalini Shilpa felt 'Shalini still loves Karan' but couldn't able to face him, she also realised Karan got his looks from his mother coz she is very preety & beautiful, even she also met wd Sanjay(Shalini's husband) who was very friendly and after meeting Shilpa she gave a small gift & was about to leave when Shilpa thought to make her meet wd Karan who was talking wd Aahil Anusha & Aarti on other side, so grabbing Shalini's wrist she took her towards him

"Karan.." as she tapped on Karan's shoulder he averted himself from Aahil-Aarti's argument but soon he frowned finding a lady dressed in red dress standing behind her wd nervous face "Mujhe tumse kisiko milaana hai" holding his arm she made him stood beside Shalini whose eyes turned moist seeing her son this closely "Actually Karan yeh meri aunty hain.. I mean Maasi ki friend jo sirf humse milne yahaan aayi hain,
Vo kya haina humaari shaadi me yeh busy thi toh jaise hi inhe pata chala hum Lonavala jaa rahen hain wapas toh yeh yahaan aa gayi, yehin Goa me hi rehti hain" she made a fake story just to unite them, Karan passed a sweet smile to Shalini when Shilpa gesture him to touch her feet and being an obidient husband he followed, Shalini wd shaky hand kept that on his head who felt an unknown connection wd her
"Khush raho humesha" caressing his hairs she spoke from depth of her heart while from far Raj Arun & Sanjay were watching this scene smilingly "Tum dono ki jodi aise hi salamat rahe" as he stood she said wd sweet smile making Shilpa to smiled back while Karan frowned at the word 'Salamat'
"Thank you" Karan managed to smile lightly when Shilpa gripped his arm whose eyes soon landed on her in surprise but thinking may be she is just showing this to her aunty he looked away
"Acha yeh lo tum dono ke liye gift.. Isse Sanjay i mean mere husband ne khud banaaya" forwarding a wrapped black box she said sweetly which Shilpa took slowly wd a smile "Khol ke dekho aur bataao kaisa hai gift?" as she insisted Shilpa giggled while Karan smiled when Shilpa gave him to open which made him to look at her surprisngly but when she insisted he opened it slowly only to found two beautiful black wrist watches for both of them
"Yeh uncle ne khud banaaya hai?" Shilpa looked at the watch impressively while Karan felt something very strange wd this woman
"Haan.. Actually vo watches ki business karte hain aur humesha koshish karte hain kuch naya banaane ki.. Jab unhe pata chala tum dono ki shaadi ke baare me tabhi unhone isse pura kar liya kyunki yeh abhi tak launch nehi hui hai, Vaise isme ek khaas chiz yeh hai ki tum dono ek dusre se kabhi alag nehi ho paoge iski wajah se" at her affectioning way Shilpa giggled
"Oh really ek watch decide karega yeh?" Karan asked wd an amusing smile on which Shalini smiled, How much she wanted to hug him & shower all the love which have stored from many years but knowing it will only make him more away she stopped herself (Shalini have two twin beautiful 16 years old daughters but Karan is her first child whom she can never forget but she can't face him as mother in ashamedness also she knows Karan hates her)
"Haan kyun nehi isme ek chip hai jisse tum dono ek dusre se humesha jude rahoge.. I mean chaahe tum dono me se koi bhi kitna bhi dur jaaye is watch ke through tum trace kar sakte ho.. Infact outside the city country anywhere, jahan bhi chaaoge pata laga sakte ho bas watch ke screen par yeh green light dekhna.. Dono ki watches connected hain" as she explained Shilpa adored her more while Karan smiled politely thanking her "Pehno naa" she insisted on which Shilpa smiled
"Isse accha aap hi pehna do aakhir gift bhi toh aap hi laayin hain" grabbing Karan's wrist she forwarded which made Shalini giggle at Karan's surprise reaction as Shilpa gripped his wrist and shaking her head she made them wore that watches "Thank you aunty" she hugged her lovingly while Shalini responded wd a reliefing sigh that her son got best bride for himself where as Karan was feeling something strange wd Shalini and parting from hug Shilpa called Sanjay wd whom Karan shook his hand after touching his feet

Raj was only staring at the newly married couple smilingly from far coz he was relaxed wd the way Shilpa handled the situation infact he is feeling proud to choosed Shilpa for Karan who after talking for few more minutes to Shalini got back wd his friends leaving the ladies there alone coz Sanjay also went to meet Raj before leaving
"Thank you so much tumne meri adhuri wish puri kardi beta, bas aise hi khush rehna aur mere Karan ko khush rakhna, Jaanti hun selfish sound karungi par maa hun naa baccha chaahe kitna bhi dur rahe maa uski sirf khushi chaahti hai toh please Karan ko kabhi akela mat chodna

Raj ki health ke liye mujhe bahoot guilty feel ho raha hai aur uper se agar Raj chale gaye toh Karan toot jaayga, Par tumhaara pyaar uske liye dekh kar main yeh keh sakti hun tum usse sambhaal logi" embracing her lovingly she said affectionally but this only made Shilpa to think about this deeply coz she forgot that after Raj how Karan will live his life and being a doctor she knows Raj have less chance to survive
"Aap fikar mat kariye main hun uske saath" it just came out from her heart who parting from hug glaced back on Karan who was giggling on something wd Anusha and bidding bye to Shalini she came near to the gang but what made her confused was the fight of Aarti-Aahil
"Aree main keh raha hun naa friends ban jaate hain toh tum sunn kyun nehi rahi?" Aahil asked in annoying tone
"Kyunki tum jaise Darpok insaan se dosti toh kya main saath baithna bhi nehi pasand karungi" Aarti's direct reply made Aahil angry making Anusha to take video of them while Karan was sitting calmly on chair who was busy on his phone when Shilpa sat beside him
"Chalo thik hai main Darpok hun toh tum kaunsi saaf suthri ho Ghamand kut kut kar bhara hai tumme as if Queen ho kahin ki" Aahil argued angrily
"Haan hun Queen apne Dil ki ab bolo kya kar loge" she retorted making Aahil to argue back on which Anusha held her head
"Karan tumhe aisa nehi lagta jaise Aahil aur Aarti ek dusre ko pehle se jaante hain?" hearing her confusing voice he looked up at her surprisingly
"Don't tell me aapko nehi pata?" keeping his phone back in his blue jacket's pocket he frowned on which she got more confused so she nodded in No "Amazing! Aapki hi best friend aur aapko hi nehi pata" he chuckled while crossing his hands on which she frowned and he tried his best to stop his chuckle coz he was really surprise to know that she don't have any idea about Aarti & Aahil and before he could explain her flight's announcement made them stopped

It was Shilpa's first time wd Karan in flight so she tried her best not to get scared by the landing & taking off of flight but as everyone buckled their seatbelts she got scared resulting her nails dig on his wrist who finally noticed her fear

"Aapko problem hai flight landing or taking off se?" hearing his concerning voice she looked at him then gave a nod in Yes fearly making him to entwinned their fingers which somewhere calmed her "Goshh! Pehle batati aap mujhe, Acha koi baat nehi aap sochiye hi mat ki aisa kuch ho raha hai just concentrate on something else" as he suggested she closed down her eyes to think about something else when their light kiss flashed in front of her eyes which snapped opened shockingly which made him narrow his bows whose gaze broke
"Vo actually main flights me zyada travel nehi karti kyunki suffocation hoti hai" she fumbled tightening her hold on his hands coz her heartbeat increased feeling the flight moving up which he sensed so he put his palm on her lips
"I love you" time stopped for her as he whispered this who pressed his lips to hide his smile seeing her shocked look while he lowered his hand
"How can you say so easily? Zara bhi parwa nehi naa saamne waale ki feelings ki" she made a serious look making him chuckle while looking away from her who pouted "Sentiments naam ki chiz nehi haina tumme?" as she asked in her not so angry tone he gave a nod in No
"Main selfish type ka person hun toh mujhe baaki kisi se matlab nehi hai even aapse bhi nehi kyunki yeh aapki problem hai meri nehi" relaxing on chair he spoke in chilled out tone making her to removed her hand from his grip who frowned
"Aur main selfish logo ke saath rehna nehi pasand karti" at her taunt he smiled
"Par abhi aap kuch nehi kar sakti.. So just chill" saying this coolly he closed his eyes while crossing his arms which made her angry who wd grumpy look turned her head at the window side only to realised that now the plane is moving up on the air and automatically a smile reached her lips understanding why he confessed suddenly
"Thank you.." wd a happy smile she looked at him who still wd closed eyes smiled
"Sarangae Dr Shilpa" he knowingly said this which made her narrowed her bows confusedly
"Tum kahin jaa rahe ho?" she asked bemusedly which made his eyes opened who understood she took Sarangae as in Bye, so he gave nod in no innocently "Toh Sarangae kyun?" he couldn't hold back his chuckle at her serious face who frowned seeing him laughing "Mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai ki tum mujhe koi wrong word sikha rahe ho?" indicating him she questioned who shook his head wd a sigh
"Maine thodi aap khud samajhti hain sab kuch toh main kaise sikha sakta hun, Aap vo chodiye yeh bataaiye aapko sachme nehi pata ki Aarti-Aahil kyun fight kar rahe the?" he tried to divert her mind who first stared him suspiciously but as he mentioned Aarti she gave a nod in no silently making Karan smiled "Kaisi dost hain aap khudke best friend ke baare me nehi jaanti" taking her hand back in his grip he taunted on which she looked down guiltfully but as he narrated everything about Aahil's matter she became stunned coz in these two years Aarti never spoke about her past, she was angry at first but when she realised she herself never asked or told about her own past then how can she get angry wd her, So she took Aarti's side as Karan finished but he took Aahil's side coz according to him at least Aarti can give a friendship chance and in this process both of them landed in cute bicker

One month passed which became Shilpa's one of a best time wd Karan who left no stone unturned to keep her happy, even Raj also who insisted for their Family photoshoot as they reached back in Lonavala, for Shilpa it was new beginning who compeletly forgot that she is an orphan just coz of their pampers

After a week Anusha left for Soul while Aahil wd disappointment left for Bhopal to his mother coz Aarti refused to keep any contact wd him, and after a day of distance Dr Louis came in India for Raj's case in fact Karan made him work in Shilpa's hospital so that she could look for his Dad in his absence

And about KaSh they were leaving like friends in one room on one bed comfortably in fact Shilpa never felt that she is someone's wife coz their whole marriage thing was handle by Karan even the house also, Aarti Maasi & her kids everyone one loves Karan more than her coz the way he behaves & stays only make anyone fall for him

She got to know many things about Karan in that whole month like he is a clean freak person, there are numbers of servants in their house but Karan loves to cook for his close one's in fact it became his habit to make breakfast & dinner for Shilpa, he never let her go wdout the breakfast like once she was in so hurry for hospital that she forgot to have breakfast when

Karan dropped her to the hospital while making her finish the breakfast in car at that day she thought 'Logo ke pati apne patniyo par depend hote hain par yahan main apne pati par depend hun, Chaahe khudka office ka kaam ho lekin meri har choti badi khushiyo ka dhyaan rakhta hai?'

Gradually she got to know many things about him like when he cooks he hears music or else talks wd his clients, he can't see a single dirt in the house infact sometimes he himself cleans everything, he is a fit & healthy leaving person who loves nature, on their roof terrace he have planted many plants flowers fruits & vegetables, he loves watching footboll matches also loves to read books

Yes he have two best friends first is his laptop & second is his phone & bluetooth for work, he never dares to touch her Make up things as if it was Bomb or something, its not like he only have Good qualities, Shilpa named him 'Nakhre ki dukaan' coz he does things according to his mood, if he wished then only he listens anything from anyone until Raj emotional blackmailed

He is also stubborn person who never does anything wdout his wishes and if he wants anything he does whether the other person is ready or not once like @ 3:AM Shilpa got an emergency case so she thought to go but her small movement made his sleep broke and when he got she is going out at this hour he insisted he will drop her there which Shilpa refused but he was 'The Karan Malik' how can anyone disobey his order so he didn't lived her wrist untill she agreed to take him wd her

And after finishing her case when she moved out of hospital find him still inside his car who was busy on his phone watching some Hollywood movie but that scene made her realised that yes there is someone in this world who cares for her, their marriage life was going very smoothly wd a thread of Karan's friendship yaah there where lots of scenes happened Some of them were beautiful, funny & embarrassing, also few Ahhem Ahhem moments

Like once Shilpa came from hospital fully tired and thought to freshen up at that time Karan wasn't in home while Raj & Arun were waiting for her in Drawing room for their favourite cartoon show, after taking a long session of cold shower she moved to take her clothes but soon she realised she actually forgot to take her clothes and Yeah that was also the same day when she actually got to know the real meaning of Sarangae

"Uff kya musibat hai" after wrapping her wet body in red towel which reached till her thighs she blabbered to herself while drying her wet hairs by her fingers and shaking her head she stepped out of room to take her clothes from the wardrobe and as she took her night clothes Out of blue Karan stepped inside there from outside
"Flight toh book karli bas ab kal nikalna hai?" opening his midnight color shirt's buttons he mumbled while moving ahead when his eyes landed on her Hot figure which not only made his legs jammed but also his eyes forgot to blink, he was facing her back but that wet drops of her long hairs & that towel which exposed her half of the curves was enough for him to desire her, that milky soft skin only put him in a situation where he only wants to consume her fully who finally turned to go when

"Huhh!" she gasped in shock as she found him staring her intently whose clothes landed on floor breaking Karan's desiring heart who finally blinked "Tum yahaan kkya" she fumbled wd nervousness when he stepped ahead wd a teasing smile and seaing this she thought to go but she stumbled resulting her eyes shut fearly and before she could land on floor his strong hold on her waist made her safe

It took her few seconds to understand that he is holding her while seeing her looks this closely he felt to threw that disturbing towel from her, but when his eyes landed on her tempting lips he forgot everything coz it only made him remember about their first touch of lips and soon his eyes traced her every feature, starting from her eyes to her lips chin throat neck and at last stopped at her heaved cleavage which was almost peeping out from her towel while it was loosing a bit

His mind fogged wd desires seeing her chest moving up & down and it only aroused him but soon Shilpa realised in what condition she is right now so she snapped opened her eyes only find him staring at her intensily which turned her beetroot "Karan.. Chodo mujhe" trying to hide her nervousness she stammered making his thoughts broken when her towel loosed and was about to open fully but in an instant he held that knot resulting her body turned stiffed

Coz of his hands sudden touch who only stared him shockingly and pushing him by her one hand she held her towel's knot tightly while turning her back at him embarrassingly "Jaao yahaan se Karan.. Abbhi jaao" her angry plus nervous tone made him smiled who putting his hands on his back stood behind her teasingly
"Aap itni dar kyun rahin hain.. Come on mujhe farq nehi padta i have seen more exposed girls in New York so just relax" trying to make her normal he teased purposely which only made her mouth hung opened whose body was shivering coz she can still feel his hand's touch on her bare part
"Haan kyunki vo New York ki girls hain aur main ek Indian toh please jaao yahaan se varna bahoot maar khaoge tum mere haath se" she tired to warn him wdout facing who chuckled hearing her last line
"Agar main kahun main ready hun maar khaane ke liye aur main nehi jaaunga toh aap kya karengi?" putting his both hands on her both sides he asked teasingly while jaming her wd him & the wardrobe door, her heartbeat skipped feeling him this close whose front have almost touched her back while his face was near her neck
"Karan please jaao" she never ever tried to scold him or shout on him coz her heart & body both always accept defeat against him who closed his eyes feeling her fresh fragrance and this only made him more crazy for her "Please" hearing her helpless voice a teasing smile came on his lips who first watched her closed eyes then at her tempting figure which was almost showing it curves
"Vaise mujhe pata nehi tha aap itni Hot aur Sexy hain, Trust me iswaqt main jo feel kar raha hun main hi jaanta hun" tracing her bare wet arm by his index finger he whispered huskily on her ear who trembled feeling his jolted touch while she cluthched the towel more tightly wd closed eyes & heavy breaths when his lips brushed her ear who gasped feeling his hot breath..

Kash's first Kiss
Raj's case to be close

#Shri_Aju ;) :V

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