Sunday, 9 December 2018

part 9 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

The trip was something I had never imagined..finally we both confessed to each other'I can't tell you'I can't express what I am feeling since that day'.that day when he confessed ..I felt I am in a dream land dreaming all this..but when he kissed me'I felt like the luckiest person in the world'and since that day I am having the same feeling of being the luckiest '.i know I am going way too fast..but it's just that after so many days'not days but years' I am feeling on top of this world'my life is like pieces of puzzles'till now all pieces were scattered here and there but now I think that slowly the puzzle is about to be complete..coz now everything is falling into places'..and now I don't want anything bad to happen'and armaan I can never imagine that he could do something of this sort'even after confessing to each other..i was still mad at him coz he lied to me about the party..what all I did and what all actually happened..but he is always ready with his tricks and I don't know why..even though I don't want to but I always forgive him' and  now it's like armaan ..armaan..armaan'he now irritates me so much' I don't know from where he got this name "dhima"'that now his day starts with "dhima" and ends with "dhima"'..i have told him so many times not to call me "dhima.."'but everytime his answer
is same' "aww my baby'dhima sounds so cute'even you call me armu'"' but can't he understand that armu indeed sounds so cute and dhima is like 'eew'. But he hardly cares'to tell you the truth if any other person would have called me "dhima" I seriously would have smacked his head but with armaan its different not coz he is my husband ..okay so that's one reason..but coz I just love when he calls me' "dhima"' I guess this is known as love'. But to tell you guys the truth well'he calls my dhima coz now a days..i mean after we confessed..most of the times I am in my dream land ..dreaming about him..about us'and seeing no response from my side he starts calling me' "dhima"'like he is doing now' "dhima'wake up..and stop dreaming about me  so are married now'I know I am smart'handsome''but riddhima..give yourself a break'.sometimes you really embarrass me oh gosh'you and your dreams " he said as I looked at him'as he stood in front of me with the tie in his hand'  "armaan I wasn't thinking about you..okay'"I said as I took the tie from his hand'okay so I was thinking about what'every wife thinks about his husband and when her husband is as hot'as handsome as my husband you will think about him' "riddhima..i am watching you'" armaan said with a naughty smile on his face..i don't know how he always catches me'.i try so much..but no use' "armaan..stop you are really irritating me'." I said as I felt his hand on my cheeks' "no armaan stop it'"I said removing his hand..i very well knew his intentions' "armaan..aren't you getting late now.." I said as I saw him coming closer this time' "armaan.. no" I said as I tried pushing him away' and he even turned..even I was surprised as I looked at his back'but then all of a sudden he turned and before I could even do something I felt his lips on mine'. "riddhima thanks for telling me'I know I am too late'it's been 2 hours since I kissed my beautiful wife'" he whispered his lips still near my lips'as I felt goose bumps in my stomach'. "armaan'." I tried pushing him..instead he tighten his I felt his hands on my waist' my hands automatically reached his neck'breaking the kiss we were looking at each other when'. "armaan'" I heard'. "riddhima..why are you sounding like mom'" he said but this time it wasn't me' "armaan'" I again heard with a knock on the door'we turned and saw mom standing at the door'it was the most embarrassing moment for me'. releasing our self we looked at each other and then at ground' "mom..i was just'"armaan tried saying something so as to get us out of this situation'but no use'as nothing was coming out from his mouth'and I was so embarrassed..i didn't even had the courage to even look at her'but I could feel that she was smiling or maybe was trying to suppress her laugh' "armaan..i know you were just saying good bye' like last time'" mom said'..that was like ..i can't tell..we were caught red handed'and after hearing her it was impossible to me to even stand there' "i'i'. I have some work in the kitchen.." saying this I tried excusing myself'as I was about to leave the grabbed my hand and turned me around'now me and armaan were standing face to face'. "no beta..even you should good bye your husband properly'" she turned to leave as I was still looking down'. "and armaan come fast dad is waiting for you'." She closed the door as I could very well hear her laughing'. And armaan till mom was here he acted as if he was really embarrassed 'but the moment mom left he was back to his old ways' "riddhima'so where were we'."he said as he started moving towards me'. "armaan no'.." I said stepping backwards' "riddhima but I haven't even started yet'." He said but this time even I was prepared so I opened the door ran out of the room'

I sat on my bed after doing all the house hold works'. As old memories came back'after my mom died I never thought that someday I'll be happy again'a wonderful family..and an adorable husband ..what more a girl wants'but still sometimes I feel the emptiness in my life' emptiness of love between me and my dad' the father daughter relationship is still missing'.after my marriage I had hardly seen him..i still haven't talked to him'till now'. I do miss him a lot'earlier I had no one else to count upon'it was just me and my dad'.but now I have armaan'and I know that he loves me' and he won't ever leave me'. my thoughts were interrupted by the phone call'.looking at the caller I was surprised as well as shocked'.

"hello'..yes papa''okay..i'll be there in 30 min'" dad wants to see me'.all of a sudden'not my dad'I mean my father in law'.he told me it's urgent'dressing myself properly I made my way to the office'.as I stepped out of the car'I looked at the malik's building for the first time coz this is the first time I am standing outside the office..i had never been to office before'.as I entered the office I got a bit nervous as everyone was looking at me' i was happy too as everyone was greeting me'. "good afternoon mrs. Malik'" but there was an uneasiness too'..taking a deep breath I entered his room as I saw him talking to someone on the phone'.he signaled me to sit down'I sat in front of him as I looked around the room'the curtains'the furniture..everything was very classy'I was still looking around when I heard him'. "riddhima..beta'"'. I looked at I was a hell not of nervous'.i had no idea why '.but I guess coz this was the first time we were talking face-to-face with no one around'. "yes papa'" I said smilingly trying to calm myself' ' "sorry to disturb you beta'I would have never called you if wasn't important'.but the papers has to be dispatched today that's why'." he said as he handed me the file'. "it's okay papa'" I said as I opened the file'. "beta I need your signatures'." He said pointing at places where he wanted my sign'. Signing all the papers I handed him the file as he kept his hand on my head' "thank you  beta 'you know you have removed a big burden from my head'.we have a deal to finalize and if the result is in our favour'we'll be again on top..." I could feel the desperation in his voice'.the desperation to be on top again'. I smiled and stood up to leave'but before I could he stopped me'. "riddhima more thing'don't tell armaan about this deal's a surprise for him you can go and meet him'he must be in his room'." I nodded and left his room'

Standing outside armaan's room' I thought of surprising him'so instead of letting him know that I was there'I directly entered his room'. "armaan'." I said as I opened the door'his back was facing me'.he turned around and I saw nayonika standing there'her hands were on his shoulders'. They were standing very close to each other'.looking at my face I guess he pretty much understood what I was feeling right now'as he quickly removed her hands from his shoulders' "riddhima'.you'here'." he said coming closer to me'.i didn't knew what to do..should I leave the room..or should I stay there'.i mean after watching them together'.. I don't know what they were doing'coz I could just see his back..but her hands were on his shoulder'.i stood at the door as nayonika excused herself'. "riddhima''s not what you are thinking..nayonika was just trying to'.." armaan tried saying something'. " I trust him..he loves me..then why am I feeling insecure' no riddhima stop behaving like a kid'" looking at his face I could see the truth in his eyes'and I knew that he won't do anything to hurt me ever..' "so armaan'you had your lunch or not'." I said very casually changing the topic'as he looked at me dumb stuck'I know what he must be thinking' why isn't she reacting like she does always'.he very well know that I don't like her at all'and seeing them like this means'not talking to him at all'.. "riddhima are you okay'" he asked as he checked my forehead'. "armaan..what are you doing'.i am fine'." I said as I entered the room' . but was I ? wasn't 'but still I didn't wanted to show him my insecurities'I trust him completely.. I know he loves me '.but I don't trust her' I made my way to the couch as I saw him still looking at me'surprised by my behavior'..he came and sat next to me "riddhima are you sure you are all right' I mean'you are all right '.should I call the doc'are you sure''"' he was really getting on my nerves'.. " you are really irritating me'.I am all right'."  '.. "okay if you say so'.but you are''"'.. "armaannnn'. stop It'.." I yelled'. "you want me to shout at you'or be mad at you'tell me'"' I said as he just looked at my face'I guess he was still in a state of shock'. "fine you sit here and I am going'" I said as I stood up to leave   but he grabbed my hand and made me sit on his lap'. "riddhima'.i was just joking'.come on you know me na'"' I looked at him after what he just said'. 'you and joking..leave it armaan'" I very well knew that he wasn't joking'coz he never expected this kind of reaction '.. "so wifey what are you doing here'spying on me'" he said raising an I looked at him' "armaan enough I came here to meet you and you think I am spying '. fine..leave me I am going''.." I tried getting up but he didn't even let me' "riddhima'I was just joking'so tell me what are you doing here all of a sudden'" he asked as I felt his lips on my neck' as I felt that I am no more in my control'.i don't know how he does that'but whenever he is near ' I just lose my senses..i closed my eyes'. " wanted some''" I said without even thinking and stopped as I opened my eyes'  "idiot..stupid'.dad asked you not to tell him and you'" I he stopped and turned my face'. "dad wanted to what'." He asked looking at me as I started looking around not looking at him.. "riddhima'" he asked ..this time seriously'this was the first time I heard him asking me like this'you know like as if I did something wrong'. "nothing armaan'leave it'so tell me you had your lunch or not'" I said casually but I could feel my heart beating faster..coz this was the first time I lied to him'. although I wasn't liking this..i mean lying to him but I had no other option'. "riddhima''.." he again asked ..i had no idea why he was so adamant in knowing this but I promised dad and I can't tell him right now. After all I don't want to spoil the surprise.'. "armaan..i came here to meet you and you are asking me like a detective"' I looked at him as he was still waiting for an explanation'. "okay fine I am going'." I stood up as I thought that maybe now he'll stop him..and then we'll talk about something else..but to my surprise he didn't even stopped me as I turned and looked at him'.he was in some deep thoughts..i had never seen him like this before'. "armaan'I am going'" this time I said a bit loudly as he looked at me'. "fine'." He said as he stood up and went to his table'. "armaan I am going'." I again said and this time too his response was same'. "go..then'what are you waiting for'."'..he said not even looking at he was engrossed in some files'. "fine'I am going'." I said a bit rudely as I left the room'.

 I entered the room as whatever happened at the office came flooded my mind'why did he kept asking me..and when I told him nothing '.the way he was looking at me..i mean haven't seen him like this before'.he looked at if I did something wrong'. And then he didn't even stopped me'why was he angry at me'.but the way he reacted ..i should be the one angry with him'. "let him come home then I'll show him'"'..

 I looked at the was 11:00 p.m. and he still wasn't at home'I tried calling him but every time the response was is switched off'.pacing around the room I was about to call him one more time when I saw him entering the room..looking angry'.and without even waiting for him to say something I started my nonsense' "armaan where were you..i was calling you since past 2 hours'and you .. you'how can you be so irresponsible'.you should have at least called me'I was so worried'and what was that 'you didn't even stopped me'I came to surprise you and 'and'."'..but before I could say something more'' "LEAVE ME ALONE RIDDHIMA"'''he shouted''


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