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part 9 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"Why the hell is she not reporting me?" Arman shouted at his sectary'

 "Sir' actually Riddima ma'am is really busy in designing the new out look' so she send me with the reports'"

"Simran '. U r saying this bloody line from a week.!" Pause "I want Riddima NOW" he threw file back at her which landed on her feets

 "Yes' sir" the sectary walked away a bit scared


 "Sir U called me'?" Riddima came in after a knock

"Yes!" arman tried hard to control his temperature' "Don't u know' that its YOUR duty to inform me about the work u be doing'"

"Yes sir I know' but the last week was a bit hectic'" she tried to explained avoiding his gaze

"So does that mean ' u do hectic job and we Play here?" he walked upto the front side of desk and stood there'

"I didn't mean that" she said with a frown'

"Listen' and Listen Very carefully, if u hate working here' then don't work here' u know where the doors are'" he went back to his seat "GET oUT !!" he shouted'

While Riddima ran back to her cabin with tears'.

'U thought u r falling for this idiot' u can never' he is useless' he is cruel' he is rude' and I hate him'' she sobbed whole day and worked really hard

There company was touching the top' Riddima had worked hard for this company' and she was really happy with the output'.

Anthony was a trouble but she can tackle him now' he was a bit hard job ' but ok' Arman was rude as usual but Riddima cared less' she almost forgot they kind a liked each other'

They thought it might be an infatuation ' and it will soon get away' as time goes away'


"U can't be serious mom?"

"Yes Riddima I m serious'. And stop all this drama' we all know u both like each other'." Padma said while taking out a dress for her

"NO we Don't"

"But Arman Said Yes u both do!" Padma said while placing a light orange sari on bed

"WHAT???" she shouted'

"Shhhh Ridddima !!!" pause "they r sitting down stairs!"

"MOM???" pause "what the hell..? I wanna talk to Arman RITE NOW!"

"NO U can't!" padma moved to door' "Wear them and come down '.. Immediately'"

"Moommm" she whined in whisper


"Hello Aunty' Hello Uncle'" Riddima went and settled between them

"So ' Riddima ' u never told me u liked Arman Haan??" Atul popped up'

"Huh??" Riddima frowned and looked up at Arman, who was seated beside Atul'

"Bolo'.?" Atul said, teasing her further'

"Who kya hai na' Atul '. Apkee bhai' mera para par gaya' that's y" Riddima said angrily, while arman looked up astonished ' but soon grinned

'yeh Arman zaroor koi ganda kar raha hai..' she thought

"Why don't u kids have a walk?" Keerti suggested

"NO mom ' we r fine'!" Arman butted in '

"No aunty' we r not" Riddima stood up and went out' while arman behind her


"WHAT THE HELL?" he placed his hand on her lips' and banged her right on the wall ' making a gush of pain in her spine'

She frown in pain' it was hard'

"Shhhhhhhhhh" he said, a bit scared "will u talk like civilized people?" He asked after a while she nodded' "Good"

"Explanation?" she folded her arms on chest' which made her bosoms rise a bit up' "ARMAN!" she smacked him as she saw his eyes on it

"Yea' ouch' sorry'" looking away at road

"ARMAN BAtoo gaya"

"haan na'! Mom said ' they want me to get married ' so I said let me find a girl, they said they had' I said who' they said Riddima ' and I said'."

"U said??" Riddima asked

"Ok" he replied


"ab yea kasa sawal hai'?" he walked to the backyard of there house and Riddima followed him

"Arman! Stop playing with me and my life!" she stood at her placed and looked at him

"I m not Playing Riddima' once in ur life believe me..!" Arman walked back at her'

"Why all of a sudden' Its soo confusing'" Riddima sat on the swing in backyard'

"Yea I agree'" pause "but u know we kind a attracted to each other" he settled beside her'

"Wait wait ' I m NOT!!" she said, making some distance between too

"Really??" he moved close and pinned her on her side' and looked straight at her'

"r-really!" she replied

"If u r not attracted to me then y did u '. Felt the pain seeing me in pain that night when I saved u '" Riddima was about to say when he "and I had tried to rape u a few minutes a go'. Before u were attacked by a group '" pause "then to u felt the pain' and then u avoid me' make me hell angry.." he said rubbing his knuckles on her cheek, which made her close her eyes "u still shiver at my touch' and u still say u don't like me?" he whispered and kissed her below the ear

She was losing it' she had always lost the battle when it came Arman' she knew he was right'  she liked him' and in past month she had been continuously dreaming about him' if she has nothing to do --- then to most of her time is diverted on him'

His looks' the way he touched her that night '. The possessive ness he holds'

She felt his cold finger making a slight walk on her bare waist'. Making her tremble '

"See..!" he pointed out' when see opened her eyes' just to see nothing but a love that he was unknown to ' the love she did to him' but was afraid to open up' scared to get broken '

"I don't Want to see" she tried to push him'.. When he grabbed her waist and pulled her close

"Then feel" he placed his lips on her while she closed her eyes'.

He sucked her lower lips'

"Stop seducing me!" she tried to break the kiss

"Stop talking!" he chewed her upper lips'.

"alamman" she tried to say when he moved his tongue in her ' tasting her moist mouth '."uhmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned'.

"I told u '. U like me'" he moved her away' smoothly' while making small peck on her lips'

"No I don't" she got up' when he pulled her back on her lap'

"U DON'T'?" he pulled her pallu down

"ARMAN!!!" she tried to place it back when he kissed her full mouth' she kept on hitting him on his chest' to stop or any one might see them

He roughly moved away' both were taking high breathe' his eye fell on her cleavage'

"U r sexy!" he complicated

While she got up ' placed her pallu back and went in

They all laughed at her ' as they her lip stick smudged on lips ' upper lips' and when she asked what

Muskan and Anji told her' which made her run back to her room followed by Anji and Muskan

While Arman walked in with a silly grin ' as he knew what exactly might had happen



"Yes bhai' come" Arman settled on his bed and patted on the bed for atul

"I want to ask something

"Bhai ' I swear on mom' no bad intentions' no business related to her' I like her' she would be a good wife ' good friend' and mom always wanted a nice bahuu' and she is capable of it ' so what if its an arrange marriage' it might work out' right?" while Atul just nodded

"Is it right?" Atul asked after a minute

"What right?"

"I mean' pulling Riddima in this ' she is not reading any one can tell"

"Neither I m ready'but we r over age" Arman laughed out on his on joke'

"Come on I 26  ... she might be around 25 or 26 ' so I think we should get married' we might fall in love" Arman said while tugging himself in bed and closing his eyes' to have a wonderful dream'

'I want Riddima in my dreams'' he thought with a smile'


"where r u going Riddima?"

"at work Mom!"

"No u r not!" PAdma said .. while making her bed

"why" Riddima placed her lip gloss back

"Because u r getting married soon"

"Soo" Riddima turned and looked at her mom astonished

"Soo u staying home' and not meeting Arman at all'" pause "u can work after marriage"

"ohhh no mom'. U r joking ' first Rahul high jack me from my apartment' and now u'. locking me here?"

"who is locking u? go out with Muskan and Anjali' but no work till"

"Till??" Riddima asked

"Till two weeks"

"What u getting me married in two weeks'?" Riddima shouted her lungs out "whats so hurry mom!"

"no Riddima there is no Hurry at all' ur a big' and its time u get married'" Padma patted her head and told her to go for shopping with Muskan


4 days are left for their marriage

Today was her mhendi '. Her palm surlely showed the color of her love' and his love' which they still thought may blossom very soon


"hello whose this?"

"it's me Arman!"

"what U want?" Riddima asked annoyingly'

"ohhkay '. U upset about something'!" he tired to help her out '.

"none of ur business'" pause "jaldi bolo kya kam hai' mujha jana hai'."

"kahan" he asked

"why should I tell u'.?"

"Acha bakwas banda karoo' mehendi lagi hai?" he asked like a kid '

"haan" she smiled at his excitement

"can have a look?"

"don't tell me ur are out at my window hanging on the pipe?" she asked, laughing like manic

"U r right !" Arman said while jumping in' right on her bed'. On top of her' making her gasp'. Loud "hey" not getting any reponse " I thought to do something different" he kissed her cheek "u r suppose to reply

"Get out" she whispered

"heheh' no'" he moved her sari from shoulder and reavled her top' he kissed her celvage'.

"arman.. NO" she gasped'. He crawled his fingers on her waist rubbing her thumb' constantly'

 "can see the mehndi"

 "yes' but move away" he grinned and moved away

 He settled on bed ' and she moved her hands infront of him'.

 "hmm' its nice'" he kept looking at it 'as if trying to find something

 "why r u soo nice?" not getting response "u were always mean, rude, arrogant'."

 "have u written my name or not?" he looked up a bit angry

 "tell me Arman' whats going on ? r u playing with my feelings'?" she was damn serious'. After tomorrow everything will be changed'

 Her house ' her family member ' her name !

 "no I m not" he sighed and looked in her hand trying find his name "where is it?" he was irritated now

 "then?" her eyes were locked on him' trying to read his mind

"r u going to tell me where is my name ?" Arman said looking up ' at her eyes' which had pain' a fear....


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