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intro & part 1: It all Depends on Love(AR)


My Dear Miss Gupta , I am prepared to give you your company( Sanjivani electronics) back. On condition that you agree to MARRY me....

As if her mother's death was not enough to cope with. Riddhima was shattered to discover the terms of her stepfather Shashank Mallik's will which left the family business in the hands of arrogant ARMAAN MALLIK. Riddhima was determined to take control of Sanjivani back into her own hands... This business was part of her young brother's heritage. But was she prepared to pay the price Armaan Mallik demanded....

Part 2 : Its Just Another Story (AR Mini FF)

I sat on the bed wondering when he would come in and i could slap him indian soap opera style and yell at him for touching my pure body...However those werent my intenions...I wasent pure in the first place and secondly there was no use slapping him!

I got knocked out my thoughts when i felt the bed getting heavier from a face was covered by the ghoongat and i was actaully waiting for him to touch me..

part 21 : All for you love

it was 5 o’clock at morning. Sapna’s sleep broke hearing the doorbell. She got up immediately and ran to open the door but sighed and worried like hell seeing rahul and atul only. She asked in a trembling voice : “bhai kahan hain?”

Atul nodded in na and uttered: “humne kal 2 baze tak dhundha,means jahan jahan wah ja sakta tha,asked everyone and went some places also par wo wahan nahi tha. Mai soch raha hun police me missing report karte hain.”

Sapna nodded and uttered crying : “kuch bhi karo par bhai ko wapas lao atul bhaiya.”

Friday, 12 January 2018

Part 1 : Change Of Heart

The story begins with a big bungalow at seashore of Mumbai, so many peoples were gathered there wearing white clothes, seems like it was a condolence for anyone.

Black car reached at the gate, a well muscular guy open the gate hurriedly and rush towards the house. As he reached at the entrance he saw his dear uncle, who was no more with them was lying in hall covered by a white sheet. His eyes were filled with tears, he lost his strength as his eyes fall on the person laying there without life, he just sat like lifeless person when Rahul saw him, he ran towards him.


This thing came to my mind many times,I never liked the way ridhima's character was here is my version of DMG end...
do give ur view guys....

The story starts from the point where ridhima choses sid and asks armaan to leave..After hearing ridhimas decision armaan beIng heartbroken leaves from there and resigns from sanjeevani, no one knew where he went ,he just vanished from heir lives.

2 years later...LONDON

We see a handsome man walking in the par looking at the kid playing there lovingly, but spark in his eyes , the gleam of happiness is missing...Looking at the kids a tear fall from his eyes remembering his love...thinking

Ar- kaha se kaha pohuch gya basket, kya socha tha aur zindagi kaha le aayi..chah kr bhi tumhe bhula nhi saktabasket na tumse nafrat kr sakta hoon..kya itna kamzr tha humara rishta, kya bas itna hi pyar tha, itna aasan tha tumhare liye kisi aur ko chunna..dimmag kehta h ki tumhe bhula doon , itni nafrat karoon ki chah ke bhi tumhari yaaad nhi aaye par ye dil ye saala manta hi nhi...aaj bhi harwaqt tumhari khushiyon ki dua mangta hu...tareekh dekhna chod diya h, raat se nafrat ho gyi h muhe...jab raat aati h yahi sochta hu kit um waha apne pati ke saath hogi aur ...kyun kiya aisa ridhima tumne kyunn...

His thoughts were broken when someone called him from behind...

Part 19 A : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Riddhima was feeding Ahaan in one of the guest rooms as tears were continuously falling out from her eyes, Ahaan was playing with Riddhima's hair as he took his milk and when Riddhima didn't stop him which she usually do, Ahaan bite her to get her attention. 

Riddhima looked at Ahaan, separating him from her who was giving a naughty smile. Riddhima gave him a smile as she covered herself and took Ahaan for a bath. Ahaan was looking at Riddhima as she didn't scold him for his naughtiness, Riddhima was too lost to realize how his face color drain not getting his mother attention. 

Last Part : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Armaan pulled Riddhima to his chest and kissed her forehead.

A: you are mine, forever and always. Hum dono ko koi kabhi alag nahi kar sakta.
R: kabhi bhi nahi.

Riddhima kissed his chest and soon sleep took over them.

1 Month later

Armaan just came back home from work.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

An AR OS : Tumhari Aawaaz Mere Dil Tak

Guy was sitting holding a ring as he kept staring it, he didn't understand what has suddenly happen as everything was going well a week ago... Just in a matter of a week, everything crash down breaking his dream of marrying the girl he loves unconditionally...

Intro & Part 1 : Its Just Another Story (AR Mini FF)

Riddhima Gupta(kash,kasu,kajen)-chilled laid back,party type of girl..can go through a list of ex's..Hates indian tradtition..hates marrige..just wnats to get a career and get are just such thing as love

Armaan Mallik-traditional indian guy..not much of a party alcoholic..Smartest guy in college..never dated one girl in his life..craves for love..hates the thought of money...

Dear Diary,
Well it was a normal saturday morning..Well actually not really..Becuase on normal mornings you dont have your 7 year old sister jumping on your bed throwing pillows on your head telling you your going to get married!!

part 20 : All for your love

“kya kar rahi hai?kya dekh rahi hai?”someone screamed in her ears loudly.sapna turned and saw it was muskan. She tried to hide the mobile while replied : “kuch nahi,kuch bhi toh nahi.”
Muskan frowned and uttered keeping hand on waist: “dekh gudiya,mobile is not allowed in hospital. Report kar dun kya tere naam ki tu chupke chupke apne boyfriend ka pic dekh rahi hai?”
Sapna uttered irritatingly: “muski di,aap mujhe yeh gudiya kahna toh chod do ab ,now I am senior di aur mera koi bf nahi hai.”

last part : Kuch pal (mini ss)

"license says Abhay Malik…." The words just kept ringing in his head, was it really his dad? Though he had wished for his father to be dead he didn't really meant it did he? And like they say be careful what you wish for cause it just might happen. Never in his life would he have thought this would have happened.


Armaan and riddhima go to sanjeevani.. While rajveer leaves the house saying that he has some important work to do...


Armaan and Riddhima enter the locker room and say hi to everyone...

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Chapter 49 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
Armaan and Riddhima fluff! <3

Chapter 49

The next day saw the girls leaving again for one of their excursions. Armaan was getting really pissed at this, not that he was allowed to say anything. He'd whined and cribbed about it for almost an hour in the morning as Riddhima got ready to leave, but she was having none of that.

part 8 : Kuch pal (mini ss)

"aap mere dad hain?" hearing her voice they turned to the stairs to see Nisha standing there.
holding her teddy she walked over to where riddhima and Armaan were sitting, "ish…." "princess…" Armaan called to her, standing next to riddhima she held onto riddhima while still looking at Armaan, "aap humein chod kar kyun gaye the?" he looked at riddhima, "beta… not nice things happened…" "ish.. jab tum badi hogi na… mama aur papa dono milkar tumhein batayenge ke kyun papa gaye

Part 18 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Armaan and Riddhima looked at Ahaan who was laying on the bed, throwing his hands and legs in the air. Ahaan was looking towards them and a beautiful dimple smile was on his lips as his eyes watched his parents.
Ahaan: Ba...Ba...

Part 14 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Anjali entered the house followed by her friends. Everyone greeted Riddhima. Anjali handed over the package to Riddhima.

An: Are you sure Riddhima?
R: never been so sure before.

Then Riddhima went to Armaans room. She heard the shower running and put his package on his bed. Then she went to the guestroom and dressed herself up. Both Armaan and Riddhima came out at the same time. Armaas was mesmerized to see Riddhima in a bridal dress. He himself was shocked at first as he saw his groom dress on his bed, but then he understood Riddhimas plan. Armaan moved to Riddhima and took her hands.

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Happy Birthday nikita shah (9th jan)

hi guys ,today is happy birthday of my beloved sis nikita shah,who had  left us forever in 2011. i miss her badly and can't forget her...try to keep alive her in her favourite  blog by making  her bd post ..

hi nikki....jahan bhi ho,bas dekhna ki tumhari punam di tumhe bhuli nahi hai ..i loved  you my shona you and will love you always...badi choti si zindagi lekar aayi thi tum par sabko itna pyar diya ki sabke dill me bas gayi.koun kahta hai ki insaan markar chala jata hai is duniya se ..tum to humare dill me abhi bhi ho aur aise hi rahogi...

"happy birthday nikki....bas isi tarah humari yadon men zinda you always..."

part 65 : An Arranged love Marriage

The ambience was not so great early morning, Billy Mallik had already had an early breakfast and left for a meeting, while the rest settled at the breakfast table but two people seemed to enjoy it a lot. Rahul and Nikki... and the reason was sitting right in front of them. The love birds had been fighting since a while now more like in a debate and obviously it was a treat for the audience. Riddhima looked quite upset with Armaan right since they had settled on the breakfast table and the two had

part 7 : Kuch pal (mini ss)

Walking in the den, he pulled of his coat and stethoscope. Sighing he made himself a cup of coffee then sitting down on one of the couches. Opening his eyes he didn't realise when he had dozed off, looking at his watch he had been asleep for around an hour; he turned his head to hear the radio playing.

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly



Armaan: Great idea yaar... But It wont be good if we ask him to pay a huge amount of money..

Riddhima: Shut u armaan.. He is my brother.. And there are also chances to make bhaiyya and papa one..

Armaan: Yeah great... We will talk to raj tomorrow...

Monday, 8 January 2018

Part 6 :Kuch pal (mini ss)

Two weeks had passed and slowly Nisha was getting better and closer to Armaan, she would wait every day for him to visit her and play games with her; she grew on him and not only did she get attached to him he got attached to her; he would miss her during the day her laugh and that cute smile which reminded him of riddhima. Here relationship was the same and due to working around and Nisha in hospital it was near to impossible to get alone time, but every now and then she would join him in his lunch break when he wasn't with Nisha. It was as if they were all normal and nothing had happened, but the truth was it wasn't like this and how was she going to tell Nisha that Armaan was her father? The question was on replay in her head, and still she didn't have the answer.

Part 17 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Armaan didn't know where he was driving, he just wanted to get out from there. From his empty house. Everything was eating him up. All the happenings around him. Somewhere deep down his heart, he wanted to believe that Riddhima wasn't wrong, he really really hoped that Riddhima would no be as he believed her to be. He wished so much, that it was him, who was wrong from the beginning. But if its true, how will he face Riddhima then? How will he be able to face her again. He wont be even able to look in her eyes.

Part 13 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Armaan felt the stink of her her hand. Riddhimas hand was hurting like hell, but she decided to ignore the pain. She grabbed Armaans collar and pulled him towards himself.


Tears were coming out of her eyes, she pushed Armaan back and wipped those tears. She does not want to fall weak infront of Armaan. She does not want him to see her like that.

A: Riddhima…

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Chapter 48 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
Armaan woos the gang. AR scenes!

Chapter 48

The conversation with Armaan had left Rahul in high spirits and he had immediately gotten down to set forward a plan to win Muskaan back. Armaan and Atul, who were absolutely delighted at the prospect of having their friends back together agreed to help in anyway they could. The other boys were all there for Rahul as well, because they knew that Rahul really loved Muskaan and wanted to get her back.

Part 5:Kuch pal (mini ss)

As the sun started to rise over the sleepy country; Riddhima and Armaan made their way back beside Nisha's bed. As she sat down on the stool that awaited her, Armaan picked up the charts and had a flick through, "sab kuch theek hain?" she asked at him in a whisper, he gave a nod and smiled at her returning his warmth she smiled back, "coffee chaiya? Its to early for the caf to be open" she nodded negatively, "main theek hoon… but you! Go home and rest you haven't slept for nearly 24 hours I know you worked a whole shift yesterday…" "Ridz.. im fine…" standing up she walked over to him, "no NO's chalo get your stuff and go home main tumhein afternoon main dekhoongi…" "but.." "no buts… chalo abh ghar jao…" "par Nisha?" "Armaan main hoon na…itne saalo se tumhare bina theek hoon toh kuch ghante life changing nahin honge…ok? Now go…" he finally gave into her and gave her a kiss on the forehead and one to sleeping Nisha as well, picking up his coat he walked out.


As armaan and riddhima go outside, shashank also joins them...

Riddhima: Ok papa.. Ab hum chalenge...

Armaan: Riddhima.. Tum gaadi ke paas jao.. Main abhi aata hoon...