Saturday, 20 January 2018

part 3 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

Arman strokes her hair as if he was familiar with her. He didn't know why, but it seems as if he had known her forever. She had this familiar feeling to him which brought forth warmth. He didn't care if people passing by would stare at them; he just wanted to hold her in his arms. After a few minutes of crying, ridzinally pulled away from him. Arman let her go and smiled at her. She stared at him and sighed.

Part 23 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa gazed at muskaan's reflection in the mirror and exclaimed: wow! Muskaan! You are totally going to bowl over rahul. You look out of this world!
Muskaan smiled as she was admiring herself in the mirror: I know! Rahul is so going to faint at the sight of me!
Muskaan wore a rose colored lehenga with heavy embellishment on the border, with a matching Kurti on top and duppata. Her usual curling mass of hair was styled to lay across her shoulders in smooth burnished waves. Her makeup was artistically applied to enhance her pretty features making her face glow with excitement and happiness. The jewellery she wore complimented her clothes and was part of the ensemble rather than being the focal point. She looked like a princess with the jewels sparkling at her ears and throat but they dimmed in comparison to the sparkle of her eyes.
Shilpa moved closer and wrapped her arms around her: I'm so happy for you two! I feel like all my dreams are coming true.

Chapter 51 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
The Colessa Wedding.

Chapter 51

On coming back, Armaan and Riddhima threw themselves into work. There was a lot that needed to be done. They had to catch up on cases, help with planning the concert, help Dr. Kirti with interns and also come up with what they wanted to do at the concert. Suffice to say they were swamped.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Part 22 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan grinned at muskaan: so tell us muskaan! How does it feel being almost engaged to rahul?
The four of them were sitting at armaan's place amidst preparations of rahul and muskaan's engagement. As they were sitting idly as Billy and Ananya had gone over at muskaan parents to finalise some things , to kill time shilpa had come up with spin the bottle game but the catch was to tell the truth only no dares. When muskaan asked shilpa: why not dare?
Shilpa laughingly informed her: its just my way of finding stuff about you guys! You three have been together for years I need to catch up!
Muskaan was the lucky first and armaan was enjoying making her squirm by asking her how she feels.

part 2 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )

It had been two years since raj's death, and ridzi hasn't been the same. Everyone saw her change and tried to set her up on dates. She closed herself out of the world and became a workaholic. She hardly goes out with her friends and never has gone out on a date with another man. They all wished that she would just grief with them, instead by herself, but they knew that she didn't want to grief wit them. Soon enough, ridzi has become a living ghost, but she wasn't alone.

part 5 : It all Depends on Love(AR)

At ten next morning, Riddhima reached her office and signed the deal. After signing the deal Atul asked Riddhima for a favour…

'Hey Ridzi will you help me select a ring for Muskaan?" Atul asked

"Don't tell me you are going to propose her" Riddhima asked with excitement. "Are you?"

"Well, yes I am…."

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Intro & part 1 : TO FEEL LOVED mini (ARss )


Armaan Malik - rich , hurt , lives far from everybody becoze of a reason.
Ridhima Gupta - engaged to raj and love him to death.and friends with muskaan and anji
Raj Grewal- rahul's elder brother and engagecd to ridzs and love her to death and armaan's best friend.
Rahul Grewal-  friend with ridz , anji , and her fiance Atul Joshi and Love muskaan well they all are friends with each other  Ridz and Armaan they haven't met .

Part 8:Shikayat 2 - An AR SS -

Riddhima sleep was disturb by some noises, first she ignore it and try to go back to sleep but when she felt something or someone was holding her tight Riddhima try to open her eyes with difficulty... As it was still dark, Riddhima laid trying to remember where she was and when her surrounding started to get clear she remember she was in the flight with Armaan on their way to the honeymoon destination...

Epilogue : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Riddhima was sleeping being up all night due to sudden back pain, no one else were in the room as she laid on side with a pillow next to her baby belly. Some hair was on her face, covering her glowing face on this condition. She was now 6 month pregnant and her baby belly was showing through the silk night dress as it was hug around her belly.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

part 23 : All for your love

Dr. kirti peeped in riddhima’s cabin and asked with a smile : “may I come in?”

Riddhima got up hearing and seeing dr. kirti ,a sigh smile came in her lips.she replied : “aapko permission ki jarurat nahi hai ma’m.”

part 4 : It all Depends on Love(AR)

"Come, Riddhima, we have a flight to catch." Playing one final scene to the gallery of photographers, he swept her up in his arms and deposited her bodily inside. As he climbed in behind her. Riddhima could not help quietly congratulating him to herself. He performed his phoney role of loving newly-wed so well.

To her relief, however, he dropped the act as soon as they were away from their guests. On the journey to Heathrow airport and for most of the flight he seemed to be in a quite, reflective frame of mind…She leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes

part 3 : Change Of Heart

You know Armaan, you are the first person who read the emptiness of my eyes in a single meeting which I hide from others. I know I can trust you, may be more than myself, first time in my life as you also know the pain of loosing someone close to you” Riddhima look towards him and said.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

one shot : Stuck With You (AR )

Armaan and Riddhima fell in love, but never had the chance to express their feelings to one another. Years later they meet again because of some strange circumstances like being stuck in an elevator together for several hours! Will they take their second chance at love?

part 3 : It all Depends on Love(AR)

Only when she was out of his sight and hearing did she let her amusement ripple into laughter. It had been naughty of her to carry on the joke for so long, but Mr. high and Mighty needed this………

Gupta House

"Hey you are back... So, enjoyed the beautiful weather?" Mrs. Mehta asked

"Yeah, totally…" she answered with a big smile

"I am glad to see you bright and happy."

"I was thinking about Mr. Mallik."

Meri Dil Ka Armaan An AR OS


People were moving here and there, some in doctors coat and some in different uniforms as they carried things used in the hospital from files to wheelchairs... Patients were being moved and shift from one room to other, while some were waiting for their turn to meet the doctors...

last Part( 20) : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Armaan was looking at Riddhima furiously. Riddhima on the other hand got very nervous, she knew how harsh Armaan's anger could be, but not even for one second she doubted, that Armaan could hurt her physically.
R: Armaan please…
A: Nahi Riddhima, tumhe meri Mohabbat ka sabot chahiye na. Abhi deta hu me tumhe sabot.

Armaan moved to his cupboard and took out his bag, Inside the bag, there was a little bag, he took it out and moved with it to the bed, where Riddhima was standing. Armaan closed his eyes and calmed his anger. He gave the bag to Riddhima, who took it with confusion.
R: yeh kya hai Armaan?
A: Meri Mohabbat ka saboot...

Monday, 15 January 2018

part 22 : All for your love

riddhima needed more 3 bottles of blood and now she was out of danger but she didn’t gain consciousness. Arman met with dadi and assured her that riddhima would be fine soon. Dr. shshank was stayed in riddhima’s cabin but didn’t talk to anyone.everyone was waiting for riddhima’s consciousness but arman more as he wanted to know what things pushed riddhima to take this

Part 7 :Shikayat 2 - An AR SS -

It was around 1 am by the time when they all reach back home, Riddhima slept on the way resting her head on Armaan's shoulder... Karan and Nikki left after Armaan and Riddhima as Karan stay back to talk with the manager of the hotel and thank them for their hospitality...

Every single guest that came to the function, like and enjoy the party... From decoration to food, everything was just more than perfect as each person Karan met personally as they couldn't stop praising about the arrangement... So Karan stay back for sometimes but they all reach home at the same time because no traffic were at this hour of the night...

Chapter 50 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
Cole and Armaan talk.

Chapter 50

The morning of Cole and Tessa's wedding dawned bright. It was sunny out, the winds were blowing and there was a warmth all around them. It was a perfect day for a wedding, really.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

part 2 : It all Depends on Love(AR)

"You are seriously proposing that I marry you in order to get Sanjivani back?"

He nodded." There is no other way." He added reasonably, "Regard it simply as a business move. You are a business woman, after all, as you keep reminding me. We need only remain married long enough to make the thing look respectable… say, six months or so. I sign over the company to you, then we divorce and you and your brother have got what you want."

part 2 : Change Of Heart

They reached at the location quickly coz Riddhima took a shortcut and enter inside, it was a bar filled with many teenagers, they were dancing crazily on music. 

Armaan Riddhima sneaked inside as only couples were allowed while Rahul wait for them in car, he was almost ready to start the car as anything could happen there so they will have to rush fast.


He hugged her tightly and kissed her on her forehead and waved her a goodbye telling that, he will call her as soon as he reaches his destination. He left the hall making her feel helpless. She was unable to come onto a conclusion and realise which decision is she supposed to make. She always loved him but the question is, is their love mutual, or it is only her, who is head over heels in love with him...

She was very confused at his action of leaving her alone. They were best friends since childhood, and both of them used to be together, inspite of what the time is. In short, people used to call them as feviquick since they are inseparable. She realised her love at an early age. But not him. His family is now shifting to London, since his father is starting some business there. He is ofcourse shattered and sad after listening to that news from his father but he never had an other choice to make. He got transferred to the Medical University, there in London.

Part 19 B : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF )

Riddhima was kissing Ahaan's face, she was so happy that Ahaan called her Mama. The way Armaan was smirking, she knew that Armaan must have thought her. She gave him a thankful smile, and Armaan smiled back. Then he got a call from his manager. He informed him, that Sid and Shaina would reach any second to his house. Armaan then looked at Riddhima.
A: Riddhima, meri ek baat manogi?
R: kya baat hai Armaan?
A: Tum aur Ahaan is room me se bahar mat aana.