Saturday, 10 February 2018

Last part : I Love You Only Forever TS

He noticed that there were a lot of emotions on her face at once. He also noticed her hands were on her hips and that she had arched eyebrows as if questioning him. Just looking at her made him laugh. He soon compressed his laughter after he saw the glare he received from her as a result. Uh, oh, he thought.

"Hey Riddhima..." he started, hoping to start of a normal conversation.

"What the hell is going on here? Care to explain?" she said tapping her feet in demand.

"Well, um, I..."he started.

"Stop fumbling!"

"Well... what happened was..."

part 7 & 8 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Armaan's  Room

Armaan was practing for the sami-final round. They have to perform two song one single & second with there partner. Rahul was seating there but not looking toward Armaan dance he was buzz in his mobile. Nicole, muskaan & Armaan mom where looking at Armaan dance.

"excellent dance Armaan " said muskaan coming toward Armaan for a hug. "what excellent dance , I can do better then this" said Rahul "what u said Rahul" Ask Nicole. "nothing" said Rahul "so aunty do u like the dance" Ask Nicole to Armaan MOM. "ya beta it was great" said Armaan MOM

Part 16: It all Depends on Love(AR)

She entered in the Bedroom to see Armaan busy with his laptop… He raised his head as he heard their bedroom door click open.

"Hey! What's up wifey?"

"How are you hubby?" Riddhima asked smiling

Friday, 9 February 2018


A week passed it was Sunday.. armaan was siting in the study n making notes for his new case…
Ridhima came inside n hugged armaan  from behind keeping her head on his shoulder.. just stood there without saying any thing
Armaan keeping his hand above ridhima’s .. : kya hua mere teddy ko… n pulled ridhima infront n made her sit in his lap…

part 2 : I Love You Only Forever TS

Her eyes were still closed. She didn't expect a positive response from him. She knew he had gone through a lot and that it would be hard to gain trust from another woman. She also knew that this broken trust was the reason why he never got into a serious relationship with anyone else. After what seemed like eternity to her, she slowly opened her eyes. He was nowhere to be found.

She immediately got up and headed back to where she was staying. She closed the door and leaned against it and closed her eyes to stop tears from over flowing. She had expected this all along yet she couldn't just stop the tears and the sadness that engulfed her. She knew from the start that her confession would spoil her friendship with Armaan, yet she couldn't stop feeling that she would never be able to live without talking to Armaan.

part 6 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

All of them start moving toward there own Room. Baichung was going toward his make up van ,hard kaur & chorographer where going to there Room. for chorographer they have different Room for boy & girl.

Judges & host where also moving toward there Make up van & Room. Only Armaan, Nicole, Riddhima & creative team member where left.

Part 33: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan stood there silently looking into shilpa's eyes which were sparking with anger and something more b'coz he didn't want to look to closely he tried ignoring her and moving past her. As he was about to move past her he felt rather than saw shilpa block his path before he could do anything she placed her hands in the middle of his chest and pushed him backward. Even though he outweighed her by a good 20 pounds she managed to take him by surprise as he stumbled backwards and grasped the edge of the desk to avoid falling.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

part 5 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Armaan Room

 Rahul was busy in his phone.Armaan enter the Room,& settle done on the bad.Rahul so Armaan & come near here after ending the call.

"what happen dude, what was the urgent meeting for" said Rahul "hmhm" said still not leasing to Rahul "what happen in ur urgent meeting" said a bit loudly "nothing important Amit told me that gauhar can't dance in final with me beocz she is not feeling well" said Armaan "what, then who will be ur partner in final" said Rahul "rahul, how can I known how is my partner, u think I am joytesh or pandit so I can known how will be my partner for final." Said Armaan irritedly "what's wrong dude, why r u getting irrited" said Rahul seeing Armaan mood. "Nothing" said Armaan "Armaan gauhar said no becoz she is not feeling well or there is another reason" said Rahul.

part 10 : Change Of Heart

“Armaan, what’s inside that room?” she asked pointing a finger to the closed room while Armaan stood shocked now what to reply her.

Armaan look towards her as if trying to give any excuse but Riddhima was much more intelligent.

“Don’t you dare to lie Armaan” she said pointing a finger towards him.

Part 15: It all Depends on Love(AR)

"Nurse, how did he go there?" Doctor asked "How could you let him go there? Don't you know he is weak? Why did you let him leave his bed?"

"I am sorry doctor but I tried to stop him… He wanted to go to his wife…"

Chapter 55 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF


Previously on...
Armaan and Riddhima go to the beach. They come home and Armaan receives his first birthday surprise.

Chapter 55

Armaan was speechless. There was no other word for it. Of all things in the world, this was not what he was expecting when he walked in the door.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

part 5 : kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

riddhima sighed and came in her room .she lie down on the bed and closed eyes but sleep was far away from her eyes.she moved from the bed,took out the wedding album and started turning the pages. How cute arman was looking in each photo.he was looking damn handsome in groom dress. Riddhima smiled remembering one of her friend’s words: “you don’t know riddhima how lucky you are.mumbai sahar ke aadhe se jyada is handsome hunk par marti hai aur kisi bhi kimat par usey pana chahti hai par usne toh tujhe pasand kiya.”

part 4 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Other Characters

 Creative team: neha, Mohan, disha, Soraj, Amit, jay, Kewal

All r creative team member.

Technical team: Vimal, Niddhi, hardik, sunny, grishma

All r creative team member.

Part 32: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan pounded away at the punching bag that hung in the middle of the gym. He pounded away at the bag hoping to vent his frustration out at the bag. He felt cornered, he felt hunted, he had taken to coming to the gym near the hospital as he was avoiding spending time even with his parents. To make matters worse rahul-muskaan had not gone for their honeymoon as they couldn't take time off from work.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

PART 1 : Nothing Can Stop Me, From Loving You(An AR TS )

Gun shot was firing here and there, some where screaming while other just stood watching being scared of not knowing what was doing to happen... Man was pleading not to shoot while girls were crying as three people were shot down...

Still the police were waiting to shoot as a girl and a boy hide behind the pillar as they didn't understand what suddenly happen because they had come out when they got a call informing that they would get release without being harm...

part 3 : I can never Forget you (AR ff)

Armaan Room

 Armaan & rahul both enter the room.

 Armaan: Rahul plzz order same juice for me.

I will get fresh up.

 Rahul: ok dude,

Come soon ok.

Part 14: It all Depends on Love(AR)

"Hurry up Muski…We'll be late… Their flight is about to land… And we are still at home…" Atul shouted

"Coming Atul." Muskaan shouted back from bathroom

Monday, 5 February 2018

Part 90 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

'Riddhima...' Ananya call her as she was in the kitchen...
As the Gupta's were coming for dinner along with the gang, Riddhima took the charge of kitchen as she make sure to cook everyone favorite food knowing how much they would love it when its cooked by her... So spending the afternoon with Ananya as they make lists for Nikki and Abhi's marriage, it was by 6 pm Riddhima enter the kitchen...

From two hours she had been in the kitchen and Riddhima was surprise that Armaan being in home didn't disturb her all this while... Riddhima knows Armaan was trying his best to wind up the work for coming two weeks, only she didn't know that along with office work Armaan was busy planning something special for their anniversary...

When it was almost time for everyone to come, Ananya thought to check what was Riddhima still doing... Ananya don't want her to be in the kitchen when her parents and friends come so she thought to push her out if she hasn't finished cooking taking rest in her hand...
'Kiya huva mom...' Riddhima asked seeing Ananya walking in the kitchen...

part 1 & 2 : "I can never Forget you" (AR ff)

many people are standing in line

infornet of a big get in line. which is closed.

most off the people are youngster or we can say teenager in which girls are more then boys.

all are in hurry to go on.

the want to go first so the can see the show properly

or we can see there Fav. star properly.

 in the line there are a group of girl they are where happy & exited

because the get a chance to came to the show &

part 9 : Change Of Heart

Riddhima also left to do her packing.

She handed over her home to beejie, beejie become emotional but she know Armaan is best for Riddhima, she will be happy there, she blessed her and ask to come often.

Armaan promised beejie that he will bring Riddhima here to meet her.

They left for India,

Part 31: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan stopped his car at the front door of the garewal mansion and jumped out. The butler opened the door and greeted him armaan smiled at him in greeting but his mind was focused on his lunch date with shilpa. His steps quickly ate up the floor as he made his way across the foyer to outside courtyard as he was told shilpa was there. His mind went over the past few days which had been funfilled and full of love, rahul-muskaan wedding he'll remember it for the rest of his life.
The night of the mehendi ceremony he and shilpa had left the festivities inside and stolen some time outside in the starlit night. When they had managed to untangle from one another they had stayed

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Part 89 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -


Riddhima was getting ready to go Atul House where the gang decide to meet as next day she has to go shopping with Nikki before she leave with Armaan for their trip and Nikki will leave to her studies... So they decide to meet the gang and tell them about Nikki and Abhi marriage, also spend sometimes together before Armaan Riddhima left to their second honeymoon... Riddhima just wanted to spend sometimes with Anjul too so they were going to have dinner with the gang...

Riddhima was almost ready but Armaan haven't come yet as he had to attend an urgent meeting which need to done tonight itself because they wouldn't be going back on Monday as Tuesday, they are going to leave for two weeks...

Riddhima wasn't happy about it because they were meant to tell others about Nikki Abhi marriage together but now they had to wait till Armaan joins them after the meeting which no one knows how long it would take so Riddhima decide to leave with Nikki as Abhi would join them directly in Atul House...

characters & Intro : "I can never Forget you" (AR ff)


Armaan mallik:
he is 25 year.
he is actor.
he is in the industry from last 1&1/2 year.
he has done his MBA.
he is contesent in JDJ3.

Riddhima gupta:
she is 24 years.
she is singer.
she has win indian idol3.
she has also done her MBA.

We are Meant to Be Together...Really?


We r meanT to be together...REALLY?????

P:yey kya ho rha hai???
N:(stammering)tum...tum yahan kya kar rhi ho
P:yey mera ques ka jawab nhi hai??
N:i can explain to explain...
N:voh...voh muski actually i want armaan n ridz apni puri life ek dusre k sath spend kare...i just want to help them n main apni puri life regret nhi karna chti ki main e apne friends k liye kuch nhi kiya
M;really, phir u idiot tune mujhe kyo nhi btaya????

Part 13: It all Depends on Love(AR)

Riddhima got up after a sleepless night and headed for Bath room. She saw Armaan sitting on his bed… lost in thoughts…staring at the ceiling…


He came back to reality and looked at her "Yes?"

Chapter 54 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
Nikki & Abhi's party. Armaan & Riddhima talk to Billy & Ananya.

Chapter 54

The next few days passed by in a flurry. With the hospital and the preparations for the concert, no one had any time to breathe. Everybody reported for duty early in the morning so that they could leave for practice.