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Note About "Riddhima Ka Arman" FF

This is about a note of someone anjali's ff "riddhima ka arman" who posted only name not the i am request you....

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prologue & Part 1 : Santaan



"Armaan Malik you have to marry Ridhima and I dont want anymore dicussion over it".Saying so he left the room as Armaan sighed helplessly.
Another place
"Ridhima beta bhool jao Kabir ko and move on.""But dad..." "No Ridhima its final You have to marry Armaan Malik"Her dad left before Ridhima could reply something more.

Part 1:

Armaan was doing his workout in gym so that he could divert his mind.Whether he seems a guy who has a great empires hold but deep down some close people are only aware of his hearts situation

AR os : A silent Storm (part 1 )

I belong to a Muslim family.A girl who was always pampered by her family. I was more attached to  my siblings  than my parents.Being the last and apple of everyone's eye was my life.I loved my cousin we were childhood buddies since I remember we were like switched in early stages all praised our friendship but as we started growing up the bonding got distant but I knew we both had feelings for each other .As time grew the silence was our companion the slightest of touch by him knowing or unknowningly created a havoc in my body.I knew I was attracted to him and somewhere I was sure in my mind that we will be together in future as we were of same age and my Dad loved him and he was more loved in my family as well which made me jealous too at a time.

Epilogue : A reason to Live (ARSH)

I couldn't be happier than I am today. I just found out amazing news that'll make Armaan extremely happy. I can't wait until he finds out. I got in the car and drove home. As soon as I entered, Armaan's mom bombarded me with questions. "Shilpa! What'd they say? Are you really...?" Before she could finish I shook my head up and down. I saw her eyes widen and a huge smile appear on her face. "I can't wait to tell Armaan! I'm going to go call him right now!" I ran after her, "Mom! Umm, I want to tell tonight when he gets home. If that's okay with you?" "Alright beta. At least let me tell your dad." I nodded my head and watched her pick up the phone waiting for him to answer. I left the living room and went into my room.

Last Part :It all Depends on Love(AR)

Riddhima turned towards Armaan as Rahul left the room "Armaan I am really……"

"I don't need your apologies Riddhima… I am sick and tired of your accusations… I can't tolerate this anymore…"

"Armaan listen……"

Friday, 23 February 2018

Part 3 B : Nothing Can Stop Me, From Loving You(An AR TS )

The party goes till 11 pm and soon people started to leave as the following day was a working day... Even Gupta's and the gang left while Ananya and Billy retire their room calling a night... Armaan who was seeing off everyone, came back to his room to see it was empty...
'Basket...' Armaan call her thinking she might have gone to change...

When Riddhima didn't reply, he check the washroom which was empty... He move to the balcony and it was empty too... Armaan wondered where Riddhima has gone as he stood in the balcony when his eyes fell on a figure in the garden...

part 25 : All for your love

arman knocked at the door and heard mini’s voice : “aa jao..hum aapka hi intzaar kar rahe hain.”

Arman came in and smiled lightly seeing at riddhima then uttered holding mini’s ear : “saitan,tu yahan kya kar rahi hai?”
Mini uttered trying to free herself : “aah!ammy,mere izzat ka faluda mat banao.koi bf apne gf ka kaan khiinchta hai kya?sharam aani chahiye tumhe.”

Riddhima smiled on her words. Arman left her ear and dragged her into arm then uttered : “medicine liya tune?”
Mini nodded in yes and uttered : “bas injection nahi liya,us moti se nahi lena mujhe.”

Last part : A reason to Live (ARSH)

I was going to the dress shop for the final fitting today. Muskaan and her mother took the day off just to be there with me. I walked into the room where the saleswoman had hanged the dress and shut the door. I took the plastic that was over it off and put it on. Before exiting to show Muskaan and Aunty, I looked into the full length mirror and did a full 360 degree turn to look at myself in the dress. My eyes moistened with tears of happiness. A drop escaped my eyes and I quickly wiped it away before I opened the door to go outside. I heard Muskaan's sharp intake of breath. "You look unquestionably beautiful!" I smiled wide, letting all my 32 teeth show. "Muskaan is right beta, you look astonishing." She gently pulled my head down and kissed my forehead. When I looked up at her I saw tears falling down her cheeks. Seeing her cry made me want to cry too. "Aunty, please don't cry." I tried my best to hold my tears back but they wouldn't stay. She immediately hugged me and I returned it. "Stop this emotional drama both of you." We pulled away from each other to see a crying Muskaan as well. All three of us laughed and joined ourselves in one huge hug. It was beautiful.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

PART 3 A : Nothing Can Stop Me, From Loving You(An AR TS )

Pandit was chatting the mantra as everyone sit around the holy fire, the house was crowded as everyone wait for the Pandit to complete the ritual... Some whisper quietly to each other while some just kept watching the Pandit doing his job...

Some were interest while others where just there for the respect they had to the person who has invite them to the ceremony... Some were still unable to believe what was happening while other has accepted it was the truth and no one can changed it...
'Aap dono pheron ke liye khadi hojaiyye...' Pandit look towards boy and girl who was sitting together...

part 7: A reason to Live (ARSH)

A few months had passed by. Armaan and I grew closer in our relationship, Muskaan became the sister I never had, and I found a mother in Muskaan's mom. My life was heading in a progressive direction. There were times that I remembered my family, but I never let it get the best of me. Sure I missed them, but I realized that sulking and crying wasn't going to bring them back. I needed to move on. And Armaan and Muskaan helped me through that move.

Today was Muskaan's engagement. She was doing her hair and make-up done while I unfolded her outfit. It was absolutely stunning. It as a white and maroon lehnga choli with golden embroidery. It was picturesque. I admired the detail of the whole outfit.

part 15 : Change Of Heart


Everyone was busy in preparation as today is wedding of THE ARMAAN MALLIK and THE RAHUL MALLIK, the most eligible bachelors of town.

Chaddha Mansion was decorated like twinkling palace, few mens were busy decorating the entrance gate with flowers and some were decorating guests arrive to enjoy the wedding.

“Hey beautiful” Armaan text Riddhima.

Part 21 :It all Depends on Love(AR)

She swept out of the room, trembling with anger. She went downstairs to her room… Riddhima's heart was pounding… she clamped her throat shut to stifle the sobs that shook her shoulders… She would not give way to tears… she would not… Her sister's triumph was great enough without letting her see that she was being torn apart by the proof of her husband's infidelity.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

PART 2 : Nothing Can Stop Me, From Loving You(An AR TS )

Silent was around the house as the only voice which was heard was Riddhima sobbing as she was still hugging her mother, not having the courage to look towards Armaan knowing how badly he would be broken to know why she hide such a big thing from him...

Neither of them speak as Shaanta bhen also stood in a distance to see the happening because she has never seen Riddhima and Padma crying so badly, but hearing their talks, she understood that it was Armaan who Riddhima loves so much that she decide to leave him for his sake, to give him a better life without someone like her who is paralyzed...

part 24 : All for your love

“aaoge jab tum o’ saajna…
Angna phool khilenge
Barsega sawan..barsega sawan
Jhum jhumke do dill
Aise milenge….”

Teardrops fell on the words..riddhima wiped it immediately…”nahi,sumit jab padhega to samajh jayega mai royi thi..aur wo aur sad ho jayega..”she closed the diary and got up. Last night when arman came to meet with her,she requested him if he could bring the diary and he immediately went home and back with it. From some days she was not able to write anything in it and its never happened. whenever sumit was not with her,she used to write it…everything which was happening in her life .but today she hid a thing ..she hid she had slit her wrist to die. She didn’t want to hide it from sumit but he would be broken reading it so she didn’t write it.

Sathiya (AR os)

armaan and riddhima are finally married after a 2 year courtship. both of them are now on their honeymoon, to switzerland. let us look into whats cooking between them and in their life.

as the sun rose, and as its rays penetrated into the curtains of the honeymoon suit,
there, were the love birds, who were holding eachother in their arms and sleeping peacefully, who completely made themselves drown into a dreamy love land.

as she opened her eyes, she found her husband sleeping with a cute frown on his face. she always loved it. it has just been 5 days since they got married and every morning, she is making it a point that, she admires his sleeping face. an emotion of love rushes through her veins as she ruffled his hair with all the love she has for him. he is her everything, he is the reson for which she is living now. she can not imagine a life without him. in their 2 years of courtship, her days started and ended with armaan. yeah, the thing was that, their love was not the love at first sight, nor they hated eachother when they met. they just met like that, and became good friends,
and further, they discovered their true and eternal love for eachother and today,
they are on their honeymoon, which, she is sure that, it iis going to be the most memorable.

part 6 : A reason to Live (ARSH)

I was awoken by the sounds from outside my door. They were muffled voices, I couldn't figure out who it as though. I shut my eyes and then opened them wide trying to keep them open as I got out of bed. As I grabbed a scrunchie and tied my hair in a loose bun as I walked to the door. I opened my door to find the backside of someone who was whispering to someone in front. I yawned and tapped the person's shoulder. The person turned around and as none another than Armaan. He had a surprised expression on his face. Then I saw Muskaan peek from the side of his arm. "Shilpa, you're awake?" I scratched my head, "I heard voices outside the door. That's what woke me up. By the way, what are you guys doing outside the door?" Armaan started, "Uhh... well... you see.." "We were wondering if you were awake since breakfast is ready." Muskaan butted in. Armaan shook his head in agreement. "Well now I am. I'll be at the table in 10 minutes." "Alright, see you at the table then." Muskaan grabbed Armaan's hand and pulled him with her.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

part 5 : A reason to Live (ARSH)

"I know we've known each other for a short time, but I think I'm falling for you." I opened my eyes and looked into his with a puzzled expression. "Armaan?" I moved my forehead away from him. "I'm falling for you, Shilpa" He moved closer but I moved back and looked down. "Armaan... I don't know what to say. I- I just don't know. You're a great guy. But I need time." "I understand. I'll wait Shilpa. Until you're ready to give this a chance, I'll wait." I gazed into his eyes once again and I saw 3 things: understanding, concern and love. He moved closer and kissed my forehead again. He backed away, smiled and then left the kitchen. I stood rooted to the spot thinking about what just happened.

Part 20 :It all Depends on Love(AR)

His fingers grazed the soft line of her cheek… he said lazily "You are beautiful, my love… I'd like nothing more than to make love to you again right now, but I think one of us should be ready to answer the door to our guests."

Her hand flew to her mouth in horror

Chapter 58 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously On...
The girls have a sleepover at the Gupta House. They make plans for a vacation. Armaan sneaks in to see Riddhima. Riddhima and Nikki talk. Riddhima tries to reason with Muskaan about Rahul.

The next morning, the girls all got dressed together, laughing and giggling. Anjali noticed that Muskaan, though was pretty quiet the entire morning. She didn't make any comments, she didn't shout, she didn't laugh in her stupid style and she didn't crib about being hungry either. Anyone who knew Muskaan, knew that she couldn't not talk. So, of course, seeing her all mum was a surprise for her. When she asked Muskaan about it, Muskaan shrugged it off saying she was very tired because of work. Anjali tried to prod, but Muskaan didn't budge. She needed to understand what was going on before she talked to anyone about it.

Monday, 19 February 2018

part 4 : A reason to Live (ARSH)

The sun was setting. I looked out the window and saw everything passing by quickly as Armaan drove me home. This day was the greatest one I've had in a while and I could only thank Armaan and Muskaan for that. They both made it amazing. As if reading my thoughts Armaan questioned "So how do you feel now?" I looked toward his profile and smiled a big smile. "It was incredible. And you're to thank for that."  He quickly looked at me and noticed my smile. "You know, you look beautiful when you smile." He turned back to focus on the road. I didn't know what to say. I haven't been complimented for a long time and getting this one as like getting my very first one. I felt my face warming up. I heard him chuckle. I think he saw my cheeks turn red. I looked out the window again, turning my face away from him.

Last part : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

armaan and riddhima go out of the house, while muskaan stands there in a stationery position, with her daughter staring at her and rahul, with no expression on his face. there was a great realization.

muskaan: rahul. please mere baaton ko ek baar suno. please.
mein tumhe batane hi waale thi ki maine ek bohot bada paap kiya lekin. mein kaise kahoon... mein bata nahi paayi rahul. mein dar gayi thi ki, mera jhoot pakda jayega. aur maine joh bhi kaya, if someone comes to know about that, mein apne sar ko upar nahi rakh paoongi. that is the reason why i did not tell you about this rahul. rahul, please forgive me.

i beg you rahul.. please..

part 14 : Change Of Heart

riddhima reached home within 25 minutes and welcomed by angry Muskaan.

“Tujhe har time apne mann ka karna rahta hai, itni kya emergency rahti hai tujhe bata, parcel hi aa raha tha na baad me nhi le sakti thi, pata hai meri jaan atki hui thi agar Armaan call kar deta tab but tujhe kya fikar hai hamari tujhe sirf apni padi hai na, ab kaha hai wo so called parcel dikha mujhe” Muskaan start scolding her out of fear.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

part 3 : A reason to Live (ARSH)

We ended up going to the cafe. The one where we first met. He ordered two cappuccinos and we sat at a table outside the building. He sat across from me and gazed at me. My head was down but I knew he was staring. I could feel his eyes on me. I started playing with the straw in the cup but was stopped by his hand. He took my hand and held it resting them on the table. I stared at our joined hands for a bit and then I slowly looked up at him. I saw him smiling at me. I wanted to smile back too. But with all that has happened, I think I forgot how to genuinely smile. I curled the corners of my lips up slightly but they fell back to how they were in a mere few seconds. He sighed. With one hand still holding mine, he brought his chair near mine and sat back down. With his free hand he cupped my face, "Shilpa, what's wrong?" My head fell back down and my eyes started to become moist. "I... I can't smile. It's like I... forgot'" He brought my face up and held it stayed up. "I know a lot has happened. But I said that I would get you through this. And that means that I will help you smile again." With that said he wiped the few tears that betrayed me and fell down my cheeks. "Everything that has happened is only going to make you stronger as a person. I'm not telling you to forget your parents or your brother, but I do want you to move on. Don't think about their deaths, think about the good times you had with them. I'm sure they would want you to do the same."

part 6 : Love You Till The End - (AR mini ss)

riddhima: yes rahul. me and armaan love eachother and we were together. we did have a small fight, since armaan went to punjab along with muskaan. and then, one fine day, muskaan came and told me that, she is carrying armaan's child. she asked me to go out of their lives and save the future of her's and her kid's. and what are you talking ?

the child muskaan had was armaan's. how can you do that ?

muskaan, tum bolo. yeh rahul kya keh raha hai ? aur armaan, tumhe kya hua ? tumhare biwi par yeh itna sab kuch bol raha hai, aur tum...

part 19 B : It all Depends on Love(AR)

"You have no right to ask me any question when you are cheating on me." Riddhima said trying to control her tears

"I am not cheating on you Riddhima."