Saturday, 3 March 2018


"Should I tell her now?" he whispered to his friend, while standing on the side of a dance floor.

"Ask her when ever you feel comfortable, do you have the courage to ask her now" his friend asked patting his back.

This was the first time Armaan Malik has fallen head over heels for a girl. She was no ordinary girl for him, she was sweet, innocent, a wonderful friend, a great cook, and if his dreams do come true, his future wife. He really loved this girl, but life isn't always fair to people. For the first time in life, Armaan Malik was shy to speak to somebody, although they have talked a lot, when ever he tried to bring out the question of love, his mouth wouldn't open.

part 5 : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

"Armaan please slow down!" Riddhima pouted as he accelerated in defiance. Rolling down her window she closed her eyes as the breeze hit her face. It had been a wonderful day; she didn't know which day had been better, yesterday or today. Armaan had taken her to a fair at a nearby village; it had been ages since she had been to one, in fact the last time she had gone was when they still lived in the village. Mumbai didn't have fairs really, it had theme parks. She remembered going to Essel World as a little girl with her folks, it was nice she admitted but local fairs were a whole different ballpark.

Smiling slightly she reminisced about the events of the day. Armaan had been outside her house sharp at 8 looking anxious and excited. As always he had complained endlessly about her delay in coming down; men she mused what did they know about the importance of vanity! He had kept the fair a surprise; she didn't know what to do when they had finally reached their destination. She wanted to everything from riding the ferris wheel to eating the golas, and like a true "friend" Armaan had joined her in everything. In fact the fair had been more enjoyable with his presence, she admitted to herself now. Remembering the few days she had left with him she couldn't control the tears that descended from her eyes.

part 8 : Santaan

Rhea's and Arim's behaviour changed and They used to spend most of their time with their parents not sparing a single chance to be together.Armaan and Ridhima were a bit suspicious but later thought of it as a good step by their kids.Armaan came back from the office witnessing his both twins sitting their one was engrossed in phone while one in his play station.Armaan just shook his head at their habits as he moved ahead he spoke."Hello everyone"

Friday, 2 March 2018

Part-2 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Armaan entered the conference room and saw his father sitting with an elderly gentleman who he concluded must be Shashank gupta. He entered inside and heard his dad say "Here son, meet Mr.Shashank gupta. Mr.Gupta, this is my son Armaan." Armaan shook hands with Shashank gupta and sat down across him. They started discussing their plans for their new project but stopped when Shashank's cell rang……… "Excuse me please." Shashank excused himself and attended the call after which he came inside with an apologetic expression and told them "I am sorry……..I'll have to leave. My daughter's flight will be landing anytime and I have to go receive her so we will have to continue this discussion some other day."

part 4 : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

The thunderous knock on the door detached the young friends from the firm embrace causing the two to look around awkwardly. Turning various shades of red both momentarily forgot the reason for the severed embrace; it was the impatient voice of the stranger outside that jolted them out of their discomfited stage.

Fidgeting needlessly with her dupatta Riddhima walked briskly towards the door as Armaan ran for cover. Though both were educated and resided in a very modern and fast paced city like Mumbai, they understood and respected the conservative nature of the small towns and their inhabitants. In places such as Satyagarh it was not acceptable for a young guy and a girl to be alone together, especially in a house when the elders were away.

part 7 : Santaan

As she felt her hot body she realised that she had swear fever.she immediately panicked and shouted "Armaan"
Hearing Ridhima's voice  armaan quickly came and saw tears in her eyes  "what happened?"
"Armaan angel has fever armaan jaldi kro"
"What? Ok m moving with her to hospital u come seeing the other two"

Thursday, 1 March 2018

AR os : One Moment

We were children, not Lovers, yet we lay on the grass looking at the stars, talking of Angels.. She took his hand and said 'A moment can change everything..' Whenever now he thinks of Ridhhima, which he did more often than ever, he always remembered that night..

Layed on the Earth as though floating just an inch above the ground, she told him in the strange voice, that there would be Signs, Forever..

"I'm not tricking you, Armaan.. you know that, don't you..? I'm just telling you how it is and how it's going to be.. When we get older nd we're not friends like now, coz we'd have gone away or got a job or got married.. I'm going to send you Signs to remember US now, this very second.. Do you believe me..?"

"What sort of Signs..?"

part 3 : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

"Riddhima" the name escaped his lips like a petal leaves a rose and cascades gently to the ground. He hadn't meant to say her name but knowing she was standing mere inches from him had him loosing all control. He wanted to yell at her but it was as if after saying her name he could say nothing more, he willed his tongue to speak but no words would come, only soft blows of cold air escaped his lightly open mouth. He wished she would turn; he wanted to see her, see that face, those eyes that haunted him for the past 15 years. He felt a sudden urge; which he controlled to yank her arm and force her to face him.

 Riddhima fought her own battle, her heart pounded violently threatening to slash out of her chest; her breathing had already become shallow as she clung to the railing holding it so tight that her knuckles were turning white. His voice had caused her back to stiffen, she didn't think she could move, let alone turn around and face him. Yet she compelled, compelled her drumming heart to calm it self, and steadying her weak leg she turned.

part 6 : Santaan

They parted and settled themselves on the swing in balcony hugging each other as rids head rested over his while his arms wrapped her in his hold.Armaan kissed her hair and spoke"ridhima?" Still in same position she answered"hmm"
Playing with flicks of her hair he said"Mujhe tumhe kch btana ha.."
"Han Armaan bolo"she looked at his face with worry visible.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

AR os : Ou r F i r s t N i g h t

They were really happy tonight. After all getting married to someone you love the most in life doesn't happen everyday. Armaan and Riddhima were finally married after facing so many problems but they had been always together with each other as their strength.

He accompanied her to his room for the first time. She nervously yet happily looked at the room. It was fully decorated with flowers and candles. She gulped seeing so much of decoration; it was full on preparation for the first night so called 'suhaag raat'.

Yes, it was true that it was their first night together yet it feels so scary for the new bride. She has been through so many emotions already that this view almost traumatizes her.

She will be living with a man in the same room, same bed' offcourse he is her husband but that was the whole point. His expectations would also be as big as his relation with her.

Part-1 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

She was startled when she opened her eyes.........finding herself in a strange room but then she saw his face next to hers and realized where she was. She moved closer to him and placed a kiss on his bare chest.........she stared at his handsome face for sometime and blushed when images from the previous night flashed in front of her eyes. She was in the arms of the man she loved.............she felt complete and happy.

part 2 : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

She chewed the top of the pencil vigorously as her mother had a one sided conversation with her. In the past 30 minutes that she had been on the phone she had only been able to get in 2 sentences. She was excited to tell her mom about her meeting with Gayatri but her mom could have cared less instead she went off about how Rahul had come over with flowers and chocolates to cheer her up. The next 20 minutes had only and only been about Rahul "Rahul this and Rahul that" Riddhima swore under her breath as her mother mentioned his name for the umpteenth time.

"Armaan is not there is he?" After what seemed like ages Padma had cited someone other than Rahul, Riddhima sat up immediately at the mention of is name; yes even the slight mention of his name was enough to put her senses on high alert.

part 5 : Santaan

Its been a year since their marriage and everything was moving smooth they at times get closer too.they had lots of encounters leaving them happy and satisfied angel was a happy girl of an year and 3 months they celeberated her bday with  all the zeast.that was fine day when coming back letting angel sleep on bed putting pillows around her she came out to warm up water for angel. as she moved outside without acknowledging she bumped into someone and that was none other than armaan.they

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Some years ago, there were a couple that were separated by a terrible fate'
And they made a vow to be together again when they met again'
Their promise was sealed with a pair of rings'
The time passed by'two people are destined to meet each others'
And they felt the presence of love inside them'with some old memories that doesn't seems to belong to them'
Does love really belong to them???
Is it true that true love will never be endless???


part 1 : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

Padma stared wide-eyed as her daughter packed her bags to return to the place they had left behind years ago. Her hope and desire that may Riddhima forget that town and the people in it was unexpectedly being flushed down the toilet. But how? she questioned herself, everything had been going so well these 15 years; yes at first Riddhima had been unhappy but during the course of a few years she had seen her daughter accept and relent to her new life and home. She had made new friends, she had fit in and come to love her new school and teachers, she had even come to love Mumbai. Ok Padma admitted, so her daughter had not found new love like she had hoped, but Rahul was a great boy and he loved Riddhima, though unfortunately Riddhima did not love him back. Padma had seen that, she knew her daughter more than anyone and the love she had seen in her 10 year daughters eyes for that horrible boy was not what she saw for Rahul.

part 4 : Santaan

Armaan went to office his mind was just replaying the moment he saw angel and Ridhima playing.He never knew but there was a constant smile at his face.As soon as he entered the office every eye just looked at him shockingly seeing them staring like that he was confused he went in his cabin when his best friend came and patted his back."yaaar Raool ye sab mjhe aese q dekh rae hain?" Rahul just winked and showed him his face in miror. Armaan laughed as he saw himself smiling."tou bta..."

Part 27 : All for your love

When arman came in afternoon,saw sumit was laid down on the bed while closing eyes and riddhima was reading the diary.but hearing his footsteps ,sumit opened eyes and uttered in a complaining voice : “kya dr. Arman,patient men itne busy ho gaye ki dost ko bhul gaye?”
Arman uttered with a smile : “aisa kabhi ho sakta hai kya sumit? Actually mai yahan aa gaya tha one hour pahle,par dr. smith ka wait kar raha tha..wo thode busy the so late ho gaya,sorry.”
Riddhima and sumit gave him a question look.arman uttered : “actually mai chahta hun dr.williams (cancer specialist) Ko kisi tarah agar india bulaya jaye,then its good na?”
Riddhima’s eyes flashed hearing it but sumit uttered smilingly : “dr. Arman,aap bhul rahe hain I am also a doctor and I know my condition.”

Monday, 26 February 2018

Mesmerised (AR os)

She moved.

That was the second time he noticed her, every time she moved it was like feeling the whole world spin around him. She wasn't like anyone else. She was indeed unique. Dreamy and beautiful, charming and all he could ever think about.

"Excuse me" the mostly gentlest voice he ever heard.

He looked up and saw her, it was actually her.

"Ridhima" she whispered. Her name. That's all he could ever think about. He watched as she bent down gave him a kiss on the cheek and walk off.

The shock on his face was unwiperable, the feelings which was caused within him was like the waves crashing on the shore, trying to get every rock on the shore back with it in the sea.

Intro : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

As a child Armaan Malik was a spoilt brat who dominated Riddhima Gupta; because he believed she belonged to him. As a child Riddhima Gupta tolerated everything Armaan said and did because she believed she belonged to him. Armaan is furious when Riddhima's father gets a job in the city and she has to leave; he vows to hate her never to forgive her for leaving him. They have not spoken or seen each other in the 15 years that have passed and now Riddhima is about to marry Rahul Grewal, but how can she when she still believes that she belongs to Armaan? What happens when Riddhima packs her bags and goes back to her village in search for the man to whom she belongs? Does he feel the same way?



part 3 : Santaan

After closing the file she went in washroom to get ready.Soon she came out and her make up stylist came up and knocked she opened the door.She had started getting ready when her friend anjali came up.As soon her make up was done the girl left and she went to change anjali started collecting things they had to take down and send along rids when she saw the file she opened and reading them she was shocked when she heard the sound of click she instantly turn around and the only word came out was 'WoW'she was about to say more when rids tried to take file from her hand.she get back to question rids "ridzi tera dimaagh khrb ha?Armaan tujhe as a wife accept b nai krha phr bhi tu uske baby tk ki responsibility utha rae ha?" "Han anji me janti its stupid but yaar i love him and after knowing his view he simply gave me option so y shant i oblige it but i know he is nice.Me uske nai par apne pyar k lye koi koshish tou kr skty hun na?"Anjali got really emotional and impreses she tokk her in arms and said "I am with u rids u did the best thing"

Sunday, 25 February 2018

End of the DMG story (AR os)

DMG - The Last Chapter

A light breeze caressed Riddhima, gently scattering her hair all over her face. With an impatient movement of the hand, she brushed them aside and turned her attention back to the diary cradled in her lap.  Over the last 10 months, this diary had been privy to her innermost thoughts and was her only friend who understood her.  She was always surrounded by overprotective family members and friends, but only her diary knew how hard it was for her to put up with the facade of being happy.  This diary also knew how her heart silently screamed that she would rather be left alone.  However she put up with everything, just to make them feel satisfied that they were doing their bit to keep her happy.

Letting out a soft sigh, Riddhima started thinking about her life and the various twists and turns it took in the last few months.  As she sat reflecting, the pages of her diary flicked over and that rustling sound caused her to look down.  In that process, her eyes fell on a page that truly summed up what happened in her life over the last 10 months, after she got married to Sid Modi.

October 25:

part 2 : Santaan

Getting ready she went downstairs to see her to be father in law sitting touching his feet she took blessings and was then made to sit woth her so called to be husband.Affer a while her mom spoke"Ridhima take armaan outside " she nodded and stood up urgh!!! She hate all this drama extra smiling faces of her in family.

AR os : A silent Storm (last part)

 The Deadly End

It was some weeks to My those thoughts and my family was somewhat un reachable to me.My Husband divorced me in clear words twice as I couldn't be a mother and people might feel that as a taunt but for me It was the special as I only wanted the babies with him.I know I am so wrong in my mind but couldn't help it.I was in kitchen preparing the dinner as my husband was busy romancing his to be second wife.I laughed on my own thoughts the other night my husband had spoke those words which were a stab to me "Talak".

Part 26 : All for your love

Shshank and dadi went home without meeting sumit as riddhima was there with him.they saw riddhima was talking with sumit in a low voice. She was looking devastated but a sad smile was playing on her lips. When arman came out with shshank and dadi,shshank uttered in a sigh voice : “thank you arman,aapne jis tarah riddhima ko tutne nahi diya,usey galat nahi samjha..i am grateful to you. Shayad mujhe yahi karna tha but i was scared in heart,agar meri beti is dukh ko sah nahi payi to? Kuch kar baithe to? Mai uski maa ko khokar aaj bhi khud ko sambhal nahi paya hun,jab bhi riddhima ko dekhta hun,padma yaad aati hai.bilkul apne mumma par gayi hai wo,wahi aankhen,wahi masumiyat..wahi gussa. Padma ne mere jeene ke liye kuch to choda tha par sumit ki yadon ke alava meri beti ke paas kuch nahi rehta..mai dar gaya tha arman beta,isliye sumit ki baat maan li aur aapke bare me nahi socha ki aapko jab pata chalega to aap par kya bitegi...i am really sorry.”