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part 4 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Aunty! Abb Kripa ki perfect match  Kartik se hoga ya uska chota bhai se? Are you sure Naina Aunty got a boy that time? You said you never contacted them since the past incidence?," Sapna asked eagerly as soon as Gayatri finished narrating the past.

Gayatri smiled "itney sawal? Perfect match? Tumko kisney bataya ki Kripa ki baat uss ghar mein hogi? Pata hai na hum donon pariwar mein koyi terms nahin hai? Humey shak tha ki Devyani mausi se Nanaji (Nalini Devi's father) contact mein tha. Unke guzar jaaney ke baad humse koyi mausi ki baat karne ka prayatne nahin kiya, babuji ki darr se. Pata nahin Naina beta ko janam diya ya beti ki. Kartik toh dus saal bada hai. Humey kya pata wo log kya soch rahey hai aur kaise hai."


Happy???" asked Atul, a mocking smile appeared on his cute face…Amy ignored him…

"Oh, pur-lease!!! Don't act like a dumb boy," said Rah…he walked to sit next to Amy and he stared at Amy's face, looking for an expressions that maybe will betrayed him…again, Amy ignored him too…

"Right, he is ignoring us now…a statue Amy with a pairs of panda eyes," said Atul impatiently, rolling his eyes…Amy threw him a pencil, he caught it and laughed loudly…

"So the statue move at last, still alive I see," commented Aiba, and he too walked to sit next to Armaan other side…Armaan sighed and he looked at all of his fellow bandmates…at last, he decided he no longer able to ignore them…what with Ohno cutely pleading him to tell them the story of him with Atul or rahal kept massaging his shoulders, he will lost to them all…damn it!!!

part 6 A : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima stood frozen to her spot then she turned to Priya who was standing right behind her visibly embarrassed on being caught red-handed…..but much to Priya's amazement instead of shooting a tornado of questions Riddhima just burst out laughing and then she spoke after a couple of minutes….

"Oh my god Priya this is your major crush? Armaan Malik….I can't believe that this is the guy that you have been crushing on for like almost a year." Riddhima laughed harder and fell on the floor and then Priya spoke up "What's wrong with it? You make it sound so funny and weird……do you even know that Armaan is the most eligible bachelor in India? Here see this." Priya handed over a magazine to Riddhima and Riddhima saw Armaan's photograph on the front page and their was a lengthy article on how he is a talented and hardworking guy and has won a number of awards in the young achievers category and is also every girls dream with his killer looks…….all in all Armaan Malik is a complete package…. the most eligible bachelor of the nation.

Friday, 9 March 2018

part 3 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Satyavati Devi took care of her niece, Misthy and nephews Arman and Atul when their parents died in three years apart. Arman was 20, Atul was 18 and Misthy was 15 when they were completely taken into Satyavati Devi's care.  She was a spinster and ran an orphanage in Pune.


The event where Arashi met their fans and have dinner with them all had been done well…Armaan tried to act normal in front of all of his fans, ignoring Ridhima's eyes that keep staring at him whenever he was closed to any of his fan girls…somehow, he could felt that Ridzi was jealous…and he enjoyed the feeling of it…as it the prove that she cared about him…the dinner ended and they attended the photoshoot sessions….after 30 minutes later, all activities ended…Arashi said goodbye and good night to their fans and they left the hotel…of course, Ridzi was with them again…

"Can I know why you decided to send me home???" asked Ridzi confused with Armaan's action…he never spoke to her after he asked her to leave their dressing room nor did while the dinner just now…after the photoshoot ended, he asked Ridzi to follow them and then he become silent again…

Thursday, 8 March 2018

part 2 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Oh God! Yeh ladki mera peecha chodti nahin kyon?" Arman was irritated silently when he saw Ridhima at the door. Ridhima shamelessly smiled with eyes "kyon itna late horahe hai, Arman? Hum sab aapke intezaar hi kar rahey hai. jaldi chaliye na." She sweetly requested him to join them.

Arman forcedly smiled and followed her. Ridhima swayed her back along with her braid in right hand. She hummed "aaja milke hum bantele dooriyan tanhayiyan-' from chamku movie" and swayed her footsteps too along with her back. Arman sighed inside and rolled his eyes secretly at her mannerisms. She gave flirtatious-cum-friendly looks at him in between the way to the podium. Arman gave fake smile at her whenever their eyes met.


Ridzi was a dead meat…she had never like crowded places…but she had got used to it the moment she became the salesgirl at the shopping mall…but, this was different…this is Arashi's show…and she had been dreaming on that boy on the stage called Armaan Malik…and he certainly had no idea about him ruining her nights, disturbing her with a sad, romantic, heart-broken dreams…
"Oh, they are having some games on the stage!!! I hope my number will be call out," said Muski suddenly, breaking all Ridzi thoughts on her dream and Armaan…Muski crossed her fingers and she closed her eyes tightly, praying Arashi will call out her number…Ridz sighed…it will never be that easy right, to meet the idol???

Suddenly, Ridz heard Arashi boys yelling…

part 5 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Armaan chuckled hearing the kiddish tone and picking up his guitar he spoke in a sensuous voice "Just make sure Ms.Riddhima Carter that you don't fall in love with me after this." Riddhima raised an eyebrow at him challenging to continue and he did……he suddenly changed his mind and went to the drums and spoke "Riddhima this is one of my favorite songs" he started singing hitting the drums……his passion for music clearly visible and soon he was lost in the song and his drum…

Don't, don't want you back

You hit me faster than a shark attack
And you were more than just a pretty face
But how you fooled me, I'm still amazed babe
But I should have known that I would be
Another victim of your sexuality
But now we're done and over with
Don't, don't want you back

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Intro : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Pundit Ram Narayan Sarma 

Pundit Ram Narayan Sarma was a highly respectful orthodox priest in a remote village on the banks of river Godavari in South India. He was known for his vast knowledge in Veda Sastras and was believed in his own culture. The entire village respected his values and followed his advices in their daily living, marriage proposals, and professional matters.

  Nalini Devi

At the age of 18, Ram Narayan was married to Nalini Devi, his maternal uncle's daughter. Nalini Devi staunchly remained loyal to her husband and was respected for her 'pativrata dharm'. .

AR os : Amour

Armaan is the son of a rich business man, named Jai Mallik. Armaan lost his mother after his birth and is the one and only son of Jai and the apple of the eye for the little yet cute Mallik Family. Jai Mallik is really a kind and a friendly man, who, even though is rich, does not show any discrimination on poor.

Armaan, since his childhood, is bought up by his nanny, Padma, whom he considers as his own mother. Padma stays in the Mallik's out house, with her one and only daughter Riddhima, who is just one month younger to Armaan. Shashank, Riddhima's father, expired when Riddhima was 2.


Ridz!!! ridz!!!" ridhima jerked awake with a start…then, she blinked around…that dream again…that faithful boyfriend with a dying girlfriend…the pictures of that good looking boy disappeared before her eyes…she can't see his look properly but somehow she knew she had seen him somewhere…

"What it is Muski???" Ridzi asked her roommate…Muski had been calling her on top of her voice that would carried to Ridzi inside her bedroom…ridzi walked lazily outside her bedroom heading to the living room…the television was on and on the screen Arashi was busy singing and dancing their song, London Dreams…Muski was dancing along with them…she is one of the die hard fans of Arashi…ridhima shook her head…

"Did you wake me up because of them???" she asked Muski in an unbelievable tone…Muski nodded…she pointed to the television and said…

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

part 6: kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi


riddhima opened eyes and got up immediately getting the hot sun peeping through the window. She saw the mobile and got it was 9 a.m. she tensed thinking that arman went to office surely cause everyday he went that time. she cursed herself for her sleep and came in dining room in her night suit and heard some sounds coming from kitchen. The drawing room was filled with delicious aroma of foods .riddhima’s sad face lightened once .she came in kitchen slowly and got arman was cooking something while singing a song in a low voice. She was mesmerized to see her husband, who was looking very cute in chef’s uniform. Her heart wished to hug him and to kiss his dimples.suddenly she heard arman’s voice : “uth gayi? good morning wifey..Need achchi hui na?”



The alarm clock on Armaan's bedside table rang loudly…Armaan  jerked awake at once…then, he blinked, trying to adjust his eyes with the sunlight coming through his window, and at that time he felt a tear dropped down to his cheek…Armaan  touched his cheek…wet…tears…it can't be…Armaan moved out of bed towards the long mirror pasted on his bedroom wall…he looked into it and saw his own reflection…the reflection there showed a young man, with black hair, sharp ocean blue eyes, pointed nose, ruby red lips that seems to suit the tall, slender body that carried it all…the man inside the mirror was so handsome, beautiful…Armaan  blinked again…he had no idea how ages really change him…his looks, his behavior and everything started to change too the moment he turned 20 years old…he seems to be more good looking than ever but…

Armaan sighed…he had been dreaming about the same dream again…the dream about a couple that were separated by a terrible fate…the rings hidden in a chest near the small cottage…the girl with long black hair…the man who looked exactly like him…what was all that about huh???

part 4 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima got out of the car along with her father and her eyes fell on the beautiful mansion in front of her. It seemed like a king's palace. It was huge and beautiful and now she knew that Armaan Malik was not just handsome and sweet but rich as well……….just what her father needed.

"So you like the house?" Riddhima heard her father asking to which she replied with a simple nod. They went inside and a butler opened the gate. They went inside the living room which was beautifully done with French furniture and glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling reflecting the multicolor light onto the floor. Riddhima was impressed…………..while she was busy appreciating the beauty of the house, Armaan was busy appreciating her beauty.

last part : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

She was two minds about letting Nikhil go. It was the first time her little boy was going away from her and that too for the whole weekend. Looking at her reflection in the mirror she laughed at her worried state and continued packing his little bag. Yes, Nikhil had a habit of waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, but that was ok as her mom would be there. Ok but what if he cries for her? No, no Riddhima he'll be ok, he is a big boy of four now. Letting out a sigh she zipped up his bag and reassured herself that everything would be fine and if god forbids a problem does arise; her mother would call her immediately.

Looking out the window she smiled fondly as Nikhil jumped all over his father. Watching their smiling faces she closed her eyes briefly to etch this memory in her mind. She loved watching them together; they made such an adorable pair. It also helped that they looked so alike. She used to get so mad in the beginning whenever someone commented how Nikhil looked just like his dad and nothing like her, but now she cherished that and hoped that their next little one would look like him too. She was already 2 months and hubby had no idea. She was going to surprise him tonight after their friends left that is. Of course Muskaan knew; she was Riddhima's gynecologist after all and it was so sweet of her to keep her mouth shut; which for Muskaan was task in its own. Muskaan was married now and had a two year old boy of her own; who thankfully was much calmer like his father and had the cutest little head of curls. Rushing for the phone she couldn't help but laugh, what a long life she mused; she was just thinking about Muskaan.

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Part 28 : All for your love

arman nodded and replied slowly : “today dr. smith stopped sumit’s chemo.”

hearing it all became silent but muski uttered : “yeh toh achchi baat hai,means sumit is fine now..”

arman glared her and started sipping his coffee while rahul uttered : “maine kaha na tune jarur chori karke medical paas ki hai.mujhe toh shaq hota hai tu doctor hai bhi ya nahi...


It was raining outside'inside a small house deep in the forest, a young girl laid on a bed'her face was pale'her body seems to be shivering'but not out of cold'this was one summer night'the weather is hot, and the house was lit with many lanterns and candles'but the girl continue to shiver'the girl was actually dying'she seems no longer able to restrain her life from her sickness'a young man came inside the room, holding a cup full of hot liquid'it is a medicine for the girl'

"Baby, you should drink this'it times already for you to have your medicine'" said the man'the girl just shook her head'she pushed away the cup when the man tried to make her drink it'

part 7 : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

The girls chirped and laughed around her, some ran hither and thither; yet she sat motionless. They adorned her with gold and diamonds. They painted her face and stared mesmerized by her vanity.

"The baraat is here" One chimed delightfully as she spotted the procession from the window.

They came to her again and embraced her in the circle of their arms. Then they left her. She suddenly felt herself getting sick and scuttled to free herself from the knot that had been tied in her stomach and had eventually reached her throat.

"Riddhima?" She jerked at the familiarity of the voice and hurriedly fixed her face. It was a voice she was not expecting but it had caused a soothing effect.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Part- 3 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Shashank's cell rang and he excused himself and Abhimanyu too left the room so now it was Riddhima and Armaan alone in the room.

Riddhima walked up to Armaan who still had his mouth open in shock……….placing her finger under his chin she closed his mouth and finally she did what she was avoiding to do from a long time……...she burst out laughing seeing which Armaan turned red, visibly embarrassed and then he remembered the words he had said in the car and he was even more embarrassed but then when he looked at her he forgot everything about his embarrassment……….he stared at Riddhima with a tender and dreamy expression on his face.

part 6 : Belonging (AR Mini ff)

The ride home was silent yet there was a feeling of content. They both had meant to say something after the kiss but the rain had other plans. Riddhima smiled now as she remembered her lips captured with his. It was her first kiss and she was glad it was with him. She didn't need to think of how he felt for her; the longing in the kiss had told her everything. She was so lost in that moment still that she hadn't even realized that they were already parked outside Seema Mausie's home.

"Riddhima?" Armaan took his hand back when he felt her body jerk from his touch "we are here Riddhima"

"Oh" She frowned looking at the house. She wanted to remain in the car with him, she didn't want to go home, she wished Armaan would take her somewhere far far away where it would just be the two of them. "Will I see you tomorrow Armaan?" she knew she would but confirming it with him made her feel better.

Last part : Santaan


 Part 9 (last part)

 It's a weekend Armaan and Ridhima both were now in Sydney,Australia.It's been 2 weeks since their arrival and now both were quite annoyed being in the house only.Armaan and Ridhima decided to move out as Rhea and Arim after having breakfast greet them on the dinner which Ridhima cooked for al. She still didn't talk with Rhea and now somewhere this behaviour was affecting Armaan badly as he expected them to just spend sometime with them and knowing he must be hiding his true emotions only so that Ridhima would not be more upset than she already was.