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AR os : Sweet Forgiveness

She sat down there on the stool, drinking, glass after glass. "Give me another shot," she said firmly to the bar tender. The bartender looked at her perplexed, "Ma'am, you just had about 7 of those' would you like a soft liquor, or water instead" he asked slightly worried. "NO! LISTEN TO ME' IF I WANT ANOTEHR SHOT, GIVE IT TO ME' AND STOP CARING ABOUT ME, HE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT ME, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU'" She frightened the bartender off, and he quickly gave her another shot.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" came a voice from the door. He quickly ran inside and grabbed the shot from her hand. "Ridhima, are you crazy, why are you drinking so much' I mean seriously you look drunk'" he said grabbing a hold of her, as she was slipping through her seat. "Don't touch me Mr. Malik'" she said shrugging off his hold.  She picked up the drink again, but before she can sip it, he took it away. "No, I said no more drinks'" he said firmly pulling her up from her chair.

He grabbed her wrist, and tried to pull her out of the bar. "Armaan, LEAVE ME" She said stringently. "Stop touching me' if you can do what ever you want, so can I...". Armaan let go of her hand at that moment, "fine go ahead and do what you want" he said acting as if he doesn't care.

part 18 : Change Of Heart

After Abhi and Nikki’s engagement family get busy in their marriage preparation as everything was planned in a grand way afterall Armaan Mallik and Rahul Mallik ki eklauti behan ki shadi hai.

Riddhima enjoy every preparation while Nikki hide herself whenever Armaan and Rahul tried to tease her infact Abhi also get involve with them. Sometimes she feel like arguing back with them like earlier days but don’t know why a blush cover her face and she becomes numb.

Riddhima personally check Nikki’s every collection and suggest her few things while Muskaan being food lover handle the food arrangements. Rahul and Armaan were busy in their duties but they were much relaxed as now Riddhima and Muskaan were holding the responsibility.

part 11:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad hastily parked his bike and bumped into Aaliyah while running into the house. His face turned red at Aaliyah's mischievous looks. He rubbed his ears and neck expecting some teases from Aaliyah "itna deir kardiya? Kahan they aap?"

Angad searched for words but revealed the truth of his visit to Shah House. Aaliyah put hands on waist "hm, humse jada hoshiyar banney gaya tha?  Itna jaldi hai aapki dulhan ko dekhne ke liye?"


Oye, sleepy head!!! Get up!!!" shouted Atul on top of his voice as he entered Armaan's room

and threw a newspaper to him… Armaan jerked awake at once…he blinked then he chose to ignore Atul…he lay back on his bed…pretending to be asleep again…but as he changed his position on the bed, with his face on his pillow, he smell a sweet scent there…he opened his eyes wide…that smell…its reminded him of his dreams…the same smell as the girl he had been dreaming…
"Oye!!! Stop pretending!!! Get up now!!! We need to talk…" said Atul, his tone was so serious… Armaan slowly sat up on his bed…then he looked at Atul…

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Intro & part 1 : Lamhe (AR ff)


Dr Armaan Malik - Senior Doctor at Sanjeevni and co-head of upcoming interners

Ridhima Gupta - orphanage, simple, sweet and new intern

Anjali Sharma - rich ,daughter of buisness man Mr Shashank Sharma an spoit brat and a new intern in sanjeevni

Atul Joshi - same as DMG a new intern

Muskaan Chadda - same AS DMG and ridz's best friend and aslo as an orphanage and new intern

Rahul Malik - younger Brother of Armaan and new intern in sanjeevni

part 17 : Change Of Heart

“Armaan kya hua? Aise kyu car rok di tune?” Rahul asked Armaan as he stopped car suddenly.

“What the hell bhai, Nikki ko ham par bilkul v yakeen nhi tha? Usne hame kuch nhi bataya” Armaan was hell angry.

“Oye Armaan, ye bolne k liye tune itni jor se break lagaya tha” Muskaan still wonder on his act.

“C’mon Armaan I mean ya it’s not fine that Nikki ne tumhe kuch bataya nhi but keep yourself in her shoes and then think man she did this for you guys only, for her brothers” Riddhima tried to put some brain in Armaan’s head.

part 10 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Around lunch time Arman couldn't wait to walk to Dr.Rahul's cabin expecting Ridhima there though he suspected that she was not working under Dr.Rahul. He cursed himself for not having her mobile or landline with him. 'I should have taken her mobile number from Misthy atleast. Ghar ka number bhi pata nahin. Kal tak mera peecha peecha ghoomti thi. Ussey peecha chudvaney ke liye main kya kya nahin sochta tha. Aaj uski liye itna taras raha hoon magar ussey bilkul mera parwa nahin hai.' His thoughts paused when he saw Rahul alone was busy with his patients in his cabin. He turned back silently with disappointment.
'Hi!' Atul naughtily greeted Arman when both bumped into each other when Arman sneaked out of Rahul's cabin.


Morning came…Ridhima had not slept at all…she had been thinking all night…and at last, she had came out with the best solution she could think off to solve her problems with Arashi, Armaan and her dreams…along with Shaan probably…she decided that she needed to put a stop sign to all of it…to break off with Shaan for she have a mental-note inside her mind telling her that their relationship is not going to work anymore now that she had been finally realized and 100% sure that she had indeed had fallen for Armaan Malik of Arashi...the last night event proved to her that she love Armaan…she didn't able to drive him out of mind…not even when she had been dating with Shaan, her mind was still full with the thought of Armaan…and when Armaan took her with him, she followed silently because that was what she wants…to be with him…just him…but…

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An AR OS :Queen Of My Heart

'Sir, Aur kitna waqt lagega...???' Guy, who was holding a camera ask another guy...
'Just five minutes...' Guy, who was wearing a baby pink shirt and grey trouser reply to him...
'Ok Sir...' Photographer said as he got busy to check the lights and camera before the photo-shoot start...

Guy look around as he look the place, he was in a park which has a lake not far away from the place he was standing with a fountain middle of the lake... Stairs to lead down to the lake and every where, it has tall trees, greenly bushes and pink flowers blossoming as it make the atmosphere natural and look like heaven...

Intro : College Life

Hi i am new to writing if u guys like or not please share your views so thr introduction is arman is 19 years old pass out 12 th lives in Delhi with family he is elder son of baleinder and nandani malik rahul is his younger brother or is in 10 class and ridhima is also 12th pass out and looking for college and only chold of gupta’s her father and mother shashank and padma both are doctors in sanjeevani Chandigarh so here is intro if u like to tead do tell me

Hello... from an old friend.

Hye everyone! I am Ayushi... and I am an old (older than many here) blog reader/writer. I joined the old blog back in 2008. I wasn't even 17 then. Was a fan of Niha's fanfic and I started with a set of predictions... (it was a thing back in the day, we used to predict what would happen in the next episode) which later turned into an FF... with over 420 parts I think (lost count, sorry). It was named "Muhabbat Ki Raahon Mein". God! Those were the days! Every Friday, I used to post at least 10 parts (don't laugh... I was really into it... and so were my readers, I believe). Friday after Friday after Friday. We celebrated my Century... Then Double Century... And then more. I still remember I was late in posting the update containing the 200th part and Modji put up a request at the top of the blog page, asking me to update! Seriously, those were the days! I remember when I fell sick. Someone had created a post, "Pray for Lovy" and when I got back to the blog, I was welcomed with never ending comments on that post. I also remember when MKRM ended. When not just my readers but my silent readers too came out to express their love, one last time, for me. It was humbling and gratifying! I wish I still had those posts and comments. I wrote another FF, Jab Dill Milley (Volume 1 and 2) and received the same love and encouragement throughout its journey. I just loved being there (here?). I made friends... some of whom have become closer than family now. Anyone remembers Karan Ki Deewani, Mithila? Well, I was Mithila Ki Deewani, Lovy. Still am. Would always be. It's been a long time... 10 years... I am all grown up now. I have tried to come, read here... but life's too hectic. And really, I feel a little lost. I have always been at the writing end. Just felt like catching up today. If any old bloggers are out here, who remember me... tell me how you've been, what you've been doing and the FF's you've been reading (and loving). Will try and check them out. To all the new ones... my young ones... I wish you the same love and support I got from my blog. Trust me, it was overwhelming... and I can still feel jitters, just reliving all those memories. I wish you all will make some bonds here that'll last forever. And I wish you an awesome experience of writing, reading and reliving DMG, day after day.

 Love, Lovy

part 9 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman grabbed some biscuits after searching his refrigerator for half an hour for something to eat after his evening shower. He remembered Ridhima as she usually came up with snacks at this time. 'Aaj Ridhima ko kya hua abhi tak nazar nahin aayi. Kahin subah ka gussa utri nahin?' He thought about her while munching on biscuits.

Ridhima silently walked into his room with a plate of snacks. He was relieved to see her 'Kahan thi abb tak? I was starving this evening.'  He leniently grabbed the plate into his room. Ridhima's lips twitched with happiness to know about his waiting for her.


Ridzi watched Armaan sleeping in silent…she had no idea how she ended up being here…this is Armaan's bedroom…and she was sitting on his bed…Armaan had lay down on her lap, clearly fast asleep…Ridzi sighed…Armaan had not say a word to Ridzi about his action just now…that's hugging her…he just asked Ridzi not to leave him, then without waiting for Ridzi to answer him, he had pulled Ridzi into his car and drove here to his house…amazingly, Ridzi didn't object at all and she just obeyed him…she had no idea at all why she had followed him nor did why she didn't stopped him from kidnapping her…she just silently let him do anything that he want and that's it…sleeping…good…how romantic…Ridzi thought dully…

Ridzi's eyes wandered around the room…she saw a long mirror pasted on the wall…next to it, there is a window…Ridzi looked to the other side of the room…there is a balcony there, its sliding door had a black color curtain…Ridzi noticed that the room was full with Armaan's own poster…some on the wall, some inside the frames, on the study table and on the bedside table…Armaan seemed like to dcor his room with simple furniture and most of it were theme with black and white color…for an

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part 8 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"ARMAN!! ARMAN!!!!" Ridhima pounced into the room when Arman was checking some files of his patients.

Arman relaxed back on his chair as placed his right leg on left knee, left palm in chin with support for his elbow on the table "kya hua??Itna shore kyon macha rahi ho?"

His cool attitude irritated Ridhima more. She threw a paper on table "tum kaise mujhey nikaal sakta hai? How could you do this to me?" She was anger as just heard about her duty under Rahul Garewal with immediate effect. She forgot that she was liberating with him though her friendship with Arman was only for a day.



RIDHIMA was working at the shopping mall…she was stationed at the man's department clothing…while busying arranging her clothes stock, she heard a footsteps approaching her…turning around, she saw Shan standing behind her…

"Oh, hello Shan…" she said to him happily…Shan smiled at her…

part 7 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

She moved past Vivek who was dancing with his arm around some girl. Riddhima brushed past him and knew Vivek had noticed her but she pretended to not notice that he was there. Riddhima knew that a lot of eyes were on her…….some because she was Riddima Carter while most because she was obviously the sexiest girl in the disco at the moment.

Vivek looked at Riddhima sitting on the bar with a vodka in her hand. He looked at her and was bowled over by her beauty. He was hit sharply by a sense of arousal looking at her bare back…..Vivek's throat went dry. He went to the bar and sat a little away from Riddhima making sure that she doesn't see him. He ordered a shot of Vodka for himself and was drinking it when he saw that Riddhima had already finished 6 shots of Vodka and was now really tipsy. She staggered to the dance floor and started dancing with some random guy who was excited at having her in his arms. Vivek narrowed his eyes at them and thought that it wasn't so bad an idea to try his luck with Riddhima knowing that she wasn't completely in her senses.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

part 16 : Change Of Heart

Next Morning,

Riddhima wakeup in Armaan’s arm and smile as he was holding her from waist carefeully even in his sleep also. She ruffle his hairs lightly and he frowned. Riddhima somehow manage to get herself free and left to washroom.

She came after 20 minutes, wearing a beautiful red net saree having work on borders, she was tapping her wet hairs by towel and spin them to other side due to which some water drops fall on Armaan breaking his dreamy sleep.

AR os : -|| I Need You||-

"Arman, do you want a sweater?" pause "Its quite cold out their..." she asked, draped in a light pink sari... while walking to her husband with his black Coat in her hand.

"Nahi Jaan, the coat is enough." he replied stretching his arms backwards, so she can shift the coat on him.

"hmm..." she replied, timidly – moving in front him – she pulled the coat-collar, creasing, its shoulder with her palm – tighten the tie around his neck....He has noticed her quietness from the time they had jumped off the bed. His eyes fell on her eyes, which were drawn downwards.

part 7 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

'Misthy! I can't stand her. Don't encourage her to be with me. Agar tumhey uske saat Pune jana chahti toh, Jao. I'm not coming with you if she comes. Samjhey?.' Arman was irritated to know about Ridhima accompanying them in the evening.

Misthy disappointed at his firm refusal 'Bhai! Wo paraya nahin hai. Kyon Atul ka gussa uspe nikaal raha hai? She is innocent.'


There was some time ago, lived a boy who worked as a carpenter…he makes many beautiful and interesting things from woods…he was very gifted with designing, crafting and painting…but he was also a poor boy…he never got to sell his works with high payment…at that time, carpenter was very unpopular…and so he never complained…he was a very good young boy…decent and good looking…" Ridhima's grandpa started to tell his stories…with his every words, the images of that young boy formed in Ridhima's eyes…a boy that looked exactly like Armaan…perhaps…
"In that very same village too, lived a rich family…they owned the big inn, chalets and motels for tourists to stay whenever they came to the beach nearby the village…the family had a very beautiful daughter…but she was also an arrogant girl…she was so beautiful, rich and prefect…every guys would begged for her to just smiled at them…but one day, she met the poor boy down at the beach…he was selling his latest souvenirs for the tourists…but he never looked at her…not even one even when she stopped by to buy his souvenirs…" he continued his stories…Armaan can pictures that girl very well…he grinned a bit at it…

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AR os : Raindrops

He woke up as the suns rays hit him. And smiled. For the first time he din grudge about getting up early.nIt was special today. Something told him he was going to get a long awaited gift today. A very long awaited indeed.

Armaan Mallik got up from his bed n took his shower with all the leisure. He had turned 23 today. And he was excited. Not because it was his birthday. But because he had a feeling tht today was important. How? He did not know! But his senses said tht they were going to meet.Somehow!!

She woke up the usual way. A jog and a workout. But thr was a different smile today. She had a beautiful dream last night. Dream that they had finally met.But how she did not know. She did not know whether it would ever come true but something made her feel tht somewhere they were going to meet today.

Sighing, Riddhima picked up her towel and went in for shower. She had to join the gang to go and wish Armaan for his birthday.

part 6 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Jijoo! Aap phir se mujhey hospital laana chahte hai?" Ridhima irately stomped foot while talking on phone with Atul.

"Arey saali ji! Samjha karo na. This way you would be closer to bhai. Kab tak uska khana khilakar time waste karogi? Hospital mein toh jada waqt bita sakti hai na." Atul explained his plans.

Actually Atul couldn't hide anything and told Anjali about Ridhima's crush on Arman. Anjali jumped up as she admired Arman's work. "That's great, Atul! This is the best thing you ever did so far."


It had been hours, but Ridhima still kept herself shut inside her bedroom…she had tried of crying…and she didn't decided what is the best thing to say to Armaan the moment she had to face him later…she didn't know what kind of spirit that had possessed her today to kiss Armaan like that nor did she understood why she would always felt herself losing control whenever Armaan was around her…a knock on the door make her got up and leave her bed the first time since she had entered the room…

"Yo!!! Still not in the mood to talk to me???" asked Armaan when Ridhima opened her bedroom door… Ridhima stared at him with a pairs of red eyes…this man…had he ever learnt how to respect girls??? Ridhima chose to ignore him…she walked back into her room…but she left the door stood apart…ARmaan took that as a sign to come inside…so he followed RIDHIMA…

part 6 B : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

A furious Armaan advanced towards Riddhima and raised his hand to hit her but he stopped mid-way realizing just on time that it was a girl he was dealing with and hitting a girl was so not cool. He balled his fist and then he looked into Riddhima's eyes and last night, their songs, her kiss and her angelic face flashed in front of his eyes and his face hardened…….he lowered his eyes and then he barked into Riddhima's face "Get out"

Riddhima was also burning with anger. She picked up her handbag and was about to leave when she turned around…… "Its not over Mr.Malik."

Sunday, 11 March 2018


The first time I saw him was about a year ago. Ever since then my heart throbbed for him. I see him stealing glances at me occasionally. The looks in his eyes are indescribable. It provisions all sorts of emotions and feelings. It articulates everything hidden beneath him.

'I don't get it' his face looks vacant, how can you tell he's hiding something," claims my best friend Muskaan.

"I don't know how I can tell Muskaan, but his face is like an open book to me," I said looking back at him.

"Did you ever talk to him?" Asked Muskaan.

part 5 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

'Excellent! Ms.Kripa! I liked your talent in music and we can immediately take into our team. Aaj se hi kaam suru karsakti hai. If you are okay with it.' Prithvi Bose, CEO, Bose Art and Music Academy, showed his interest in Kripa's resume.
Kripa felt happy for her first trial on job search fulfilled so easily 'Thank you, sir! Main aaj sey hi kaam shuru kar sakti hoon. I'm glad you liked my qualifications.'

'Sir? I'm not that old Ms.Kripa! You know! You can call me Prithvi. Just call me 'Prithvi'. I would love to be one of my team and not as a boss. You know!' Prithvi corrected Kripa and called his personal assistant Manek Ahuja to finish formalities for appointment.


Armaan and Ridzi were now inside Armaan's car…they were heading to Ridzi's hometown…Ridzi had lived in Delhi since she was young…but now she had grown up, her parents decided to go to their hometown and live there to take care of her grandfather…and Ridzi remembered when she was a little girl, her grandpa always told her and her cousins a sad love story…and the couple had a similar stories like what Armaan and Ridzihad been dreaming…perhaps, they will be able to sort something out from her grandpa…
"Are you sure about it???" Armaan asked after the had drove out of Delhi, heading to Ridzi hometown…Ridzi looked at him…today, Armaan looked different…not in his normal clothes, formal style…coat and so on…today, he only wore a Bermuda with a black sweatshirt…he had also put on his glasses…probably tired to wear his usual contact lens…and also a cap…Ridzi guessed it is to hide his face from his fans…but no matter, he looked so handsome Ridzi nearly fainted when he had come to take her from her apartment this morning…