Saturday, 24 March 2018

part 5 : Lamhe (AR ff)

Next Day
At locker room

At – yaar jab se yeh Dr Armaan geye hai tab se Dr Kirti ne hamari Vaat laga di Hai

M – pooch matt yaar band bajake rakhi hai iss hitler ne or upar se kitna kaam.. baap re (stretching out)

R –muskaan tu bi na agar kaam nahi karegi toh Doctor kaise bane gi

Rahul entered lokking really happy and exicited

At – kya baat hai mera bhai bada khush lag raha hai (while putting his arm on rahul sholder

Ra – bas  khush hoon

M- kyon

Ra – abey Kyon ka kya matlab hai

M –oye agar tu bataye ga nahi to pata kase chale ga ki khush kyon hai

part 15: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad took bike from Subhanker soon after lunch to take Kripa out. He got call from Aaliyah just before leaving the premises, 'bhai! Aap kahan hai? Kripa se mili? Did you talk to her? Kaisi hai wo? Kuch kaam bani?' Angad laughed at her flow of questions, 'Aaliyah! Can we talk about this later?' He was embarrassed to reply Aaliyah's questions in front of Kripa. Aaliyah smiled, 'okay bhai! I understand. Actually I called to inform you that Dadi was trying to reach you. Usse turant phone karna. Bhoolna nahin.'  Angad smiled meaningfully as he knew why Dadi was trying to reach him.

AR OS : Ice Princess

She skated her way towards the exit of the rink, where many jornalists were waiting for one sentence or atleast a word for her fans. She answered all the questions with a lot of patience, avoiding the commotion in the stadium as well as a special set of people, who are unable to avoide their gaze on her and are trying to make themselves comfortable
in the VIP seats of the 1st row in the Gallery.

While on the other side, she never noticed that special group of people, who are sitting so close to her in the gallery, watching her since the past few hours, without even blinking their eyes but as she skated closer to them, she did notice and recognise them but did not pay a single glace towards them, and decided to give all her attention to the journalists, who are craving to take her valuable message. She did accept that, their presence, all of a sudden, effected her a lot..


Armaan woke up first before Ridhima ...he decided to go back to his house and tell his other members about his decision on Ridhima  if Shaan ever sell out that picture to the he was about to leave Ridhima  who was still sleeping soundly on her bed...Armaan felt guilty overwhelming his inside...he does not want Ridhima  to go through all of this sadness just because she love him...loving her was only causing her lots of pain...but he knew that he himself could never let her go...maybe he was being selfish but he knew that someday Ridhima  will be his and when he had no idea at all...he kissed Ridhima  a bit on the forehead then walked out of her room quietly...then,he drove back to his house...

"Morning!!!"said Ohno cheerfully as Armaan walked into their house...he was smiling widely...Armaan looked at him in confusion...what now???

Friday, 23 March 2018

part 3 & 4 : Lamhe (AR ff)


part 3 :


At the conference hall all interns were seated for IOTM

Kriti – Well i am really proud of all you .You all have did splendid job, not to forget you all have showed really well but unfortunately we have to chose one intern and that is Dr. riddhima gupta

All were clapping and praising and Anjali were really furious

She just left in Huff

At locker room

All were happy for ridhima

M – kya baat hai Ridhi tu toh shah gayi

An – oh hello armaan kaha hai

M- kyon

An – tumh se matala

Ra – well he left Singapore for conference

An – kya mujhe baate bina

Ra – tumhe kyon batana tha

part 9 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima saw the beer bottle in his hand and decided to not leave him alone in that condition.. She saw him walking back into the party hall. He walked towards the bar and was drinking shot after shot of Vodka……..Riddhima was really worried but before she could do anything she saw him walk on the stage and taking a mike from the DJ he spoke into it….

"Ladies and gentlemen………this day means a lot to me…….its my dead mom's birthday today. She is dead but very much alive in my heart while I am alive but as good as dead without her." he stopped and chuckled while Riddhima knew that he was about to do something terrible and she looked around for Priya to stop him but she wasn't there…..Riddhima knew Priya didn't like parties much and so she might have left. Riddhima looked back at Armaan as she heard him speak…


At last,Ridhima decided to go back to Mumbai...she could no longer able to ignore the fact that Armaan had to face alone the obstacles that starting to come into their way of being together...she wanted to be with Armaan...Through their ups and downs...she never would let go of that, here they Armaan's car, driving back to Mumbai...with others Arashi members followed them at the back...
"Are you sure about this Ridhima ??? My fans can be a stalker is so scary you won't be able to stand it..."said Armaan seriously...Ridhima  turned to look at him...

" have no idea at how scary I am when it comes to deal with my rivals...I won't even back off ever!!!"Ridhima  said so energtically...Armaan laughed...Ridhima  laughed along with him...Armaan hands found it way to grip Ridhima's...she grinned at Armaan and leaned closer to him to whisper something...

Thursday, 22 March 2018

ARSH os : love you forever....

She was waiting for him at the dining table… she had prepared all his favorite dishes... she thought... "its time to celebrate Armaan"… she looked at her watch and frowned it was already 9.30.. she was awaiting him so badly.. She wanted to give out the good news desperately… he had said he'd be back by 6… "uufff" she thought… "being a doctor can be annoying sometimes" and she sighed and waited…

At last at 12.15 the door bell rang… her face lit up with a smile… she ran towards the door.. she opened it.. but saw her Armaan.. Troubled and worried.. The smile on her face disappeared.. with a worried look upon her face she said " armaan, whats the matter? Why are you looking soo upset?".. Saying this she took the brief case from him hands and closed the door behind him… she took him to the sofa and made him sit-down.. She kept the case aside and sat next to him.. One hand around his shoulders.. she said "armaan?, tell me.. kya hua?".. she sensed the trouble.. she took her other hand and cupped his cheek.. "look at me armaan, kya hua?tell me..please?!"… armaan turned away… "woh shilpa… ridhimma aur sid ke beech kuch problem chal rahi hai.. woh ridhimma bahut upset thi

part 2 : Lamhe (AR ff)

 it has been 1 month since the internship has started and everyone made friends with each other except ANJALI

For Rahul & Muskaan  - They had started Fight but they both know they feel something toward eachother and nobody know that rahul is Armaan''s brother in hospital to anybody
Atul - always talk about landlady and try to calm muskaan when RM they fight and really good friends with RM and Ridhima
Well Coming to Armaan And RIDHIMA - they keep bumping with each other and and ridhima Blushs a little and Armaan smile but they don't talk
And Dr Kreeti  - she saw her both sons how they look at MUSKi and Ridz so she knew they both like these girls and even she likes their choice but haven't talked to them about it
Anjali - she is totaly obessed with armaan and his tattos and looks she asked her dad to talk to armaan about anjali being his wife
And shubhankar is out of country on meetings


 "Hi!!!" said Ridhima cheerfully to Atul,Rahul,Aiba and Ohno...they exchanged looks with Armaan...Armaan looked somehow uneasy as he stared back at them...Arashi knew that Armaan already sense something was wrong...but it seems like Ridhima was stil clueless...

"Er...hi, are you???" asked Ohno trying to bring out the awkwardness between them all...Ridhima nodded a bit as to say she is fine...she hold Armaan tightly at the arms...Armaan smiled down at her then turned to his friends...

"What are you guys doing here???" asked Armaan...Atul pulled out the newspaper that had the news about Armaan and Ridhima in it but rahul pushed his hands away as he tried to show it to Armaan...

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

AR os : My Messiah!

"We didn't send you her to romance with boy's… We strictly asked you to seduce him and get him to sign the papers," her step mother said grabbing her away from his arms.

"ARMAAN!" she screamed hopelessly as their hands separated.

"RIDHIMA" he ran after, but was too late as her stepmother pushed her inside the car, and drove off. Tears dropped from his eyes as his love was being taken away.



He tossed and turned on the bed, as sweat formed on his forehead. Panic erupted through his mind, and fear took over as he lost his love. Armaan closed his eyes as he remembered the time she told him the truth about herself.


part 8 B: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

"Hey babe" Armaan hugged Priya making sure that he did not say the wrong name and then he turned towards Riddhima and acted surprised "Hey Riddhima I didn't expect you to be here but good that you came. You look neat and babe you look gorgeous." he gave the last compliment to Priya noticing Riddhima's shocked expression. "Come on in guys." Armaan walked inside with his arm loosely around Priya's waist who was delighted with Armaan's compliment while Riddhima was too shocked to react.

'NEAT' huh what's that supposed to mean? Riddhima Carter always looks the best and he called me just plain NEAT but I am glad he noticed how pretty Priya is looking and he was actually really sweet with her or is it just a faade… he playing some sort of game with her. Guess I'll have to wait and see.


Muskaan stood nervously in front of the shopping mall she, Rahul Grewal will come and took her somewhere...Muskaan turned around to look at the sliding door to enter the mall...she checked her own look...nice...but then she realized someone was looking at her through the door...and...

"You know...I think if that door can talk, it will definitely be saying 'this girl is mad'..." said Rahul, walking to Muskaan with his hands inside his pocket...Muskaan turned around to face him...damn it!!! She always had a crush on him but hearing him talking those words was making her doubtful about him...

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

part 8 A : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

"Priya you are not going to meet him. Have I made myself clear. That guy insulted you and you still want to give him a chance what's wrong with you women. Maybe he is just going to insult in front of those gazillions of people who are going to be there in that party and here I am planning to teach him a lesson for misbehaving with you like that" Riddhima was really mad at Priya who was planning to accept Armaan's invitation to a party……..

"Riddhimaaaa…..common please let me go……maybe he really wants to say sorry and maybe he realized just how much I love him…." Priya replied in a dreamy tone.

Riddhima sighed in frustration when she realized that it was absolutely no use arguing with her so she spoke with a tone mixed with concern and irritation "Fine…….but I am not letting you go alone. I'll come along but whose your date for the party?"

last part : The Royal Wedding (AR os)

I can’t believe that it certainly has been a year and odd since I first saw her, and believe it or not fell in love with her AT FIRST SIGHT

It probably is the most cliché thing to be heard, ok fine so I won’t say it was love at first sight, but I certainly did like her a lot when we were introduced! Well she for one has no idea that I knew quite much about her before we actually met…

She was Rahul’s friend, more so my fave Muskaan’s bestest friend ever! Rahul and Muskaan had been going around, and I had joined them on various occasions and had heard a lot about this ‘Ridzi’ person! We had never met, but had got a vivid idea about her due to an ever raving Muskaan and Rahul who always spoke dearly of her!

Unknown to Rahul and Muskaan I conducted a little research about her on my own, because? Oh well I don’t really know why! But she was in every conversation without really being present there and the other being pure curiosity to know about her …. OK fine, maybe, just MAYBE I was a li’l jealous of the way they spoke of her!

part 14: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Kartik! Angad aur Anittah kahan hai? Phir sey janey diya? Tum hamesha ussey bigadeta hai. Why do you do this? I wish them to participate in these things.. Wo kabhi kissi parties mein nahin aatey hai. Yeh Anittah toh pehley se hi bahut bigad gayi hai. Aur Angad ko tum log bigaad rahey hai. Kya jaroorat thi aise bhaag janey ki?" Naina fumed as soon as they reached Lonavala. Kartik and Aaliyah stood silently as they prepared for facing her. Dilip tried to calm down Naina but she fumed on him too, "Aap chup ho jaayiye. Har baar bachon ke wakalat karney chaley aatay hai. Yeh log abb nahin seekha toh kab seekhengey. Yeh high society parties, meetings issey kab samajh mein ayega?" she scolded them for some more time in low tone and walked into the function place when Gupta's received them.


Ridhima rested her head on Armaan's shoulder...they had chose to sit under a shady tree facing a small but neautiful cottage just across the street before them...Ridhima had never felt so alive like this before...whenever Armaan was around her, her body would reacted to every small gestures he made...for example, right now...Ridhima felt like her head was made just for this felt so good on Armaan's...she had never felt so real in loving someone...when she was with Shaan, he is more like a dream to me...she never able to suit herself like this around him...but with armaan, it is a natural suiting...Ridhima smiled...she looked up at Armaan and kissed him lightly on his lips, merely brushing hers to him...

Monday, 19 March 2018

Part 1 : The Royal Wedding (AR os)

Dear diary,

“Every girl wants a guy, who hugs her when they’re watching a scary movie! Who gives her a jacket when he himself is feeling cold, who will always be the one to make her laugh. Who will never complain, never stare at other women, never stray. Who will be romantic and not scared to say ‘I LOVE YOU’, most importantly he will love her for who she is!”

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

Who had imagined that I might find such a guy in my life? I for one DIDN’T!

I remember getting this text when I was moping in bed, one Saturday night, my friends were all out with their boyfriends , this wasn’t a day when I joined any of the other singles to celebrate ‘being single’, I was tired of everything, being miss goody two shoe’s, being single! I wanted to do something out of the way for once……

Three weeks after that night I met a guy, who was a friend of my bestie’s boyfriend, I had always considered muskaan as my sister and Rahul was a great guy! We’d all hang out together once a while, we were all at nikki’s party when we came across each other, his name was ARMAAN!

part 13: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman succeeded in taking back Ridhima as his assistant. First, Dr.Gupta suspiciously looked at Arman but Anjali recommended about Arman's proficiency, "papa! Agar Ridhima Arman ke saat kaam karengi toh usse bhi thoda medical field mein interest lagegi."

"Kal subah Lonavala new clinic ki udghatan pur tum donon attend kar rahey hai," Dr.Gupta ordered when signing the necessary papers for Ridhima's reinstate.


Shaan sat nervously as he waited for the reporter he had planned to meet today to deliver him some news on the famous Malik...he smirked...he does not believe that Armaan will let go his work just for, he will make Ridhima want to come back to him even if he had to play dirty in this game...

"Excuse me??? Are Mr Shah???" asked a man approaching Shaan...he seems to be excited...behind him, another man stood by, carrying a camera...Shaan smiled...there is our little Mr Reporter...

"Hello!!! I'm Shaan...please have a seat," Shaan introduced himself politely...the two reporters sat down opposite Shaan...Shaan looked at them boredly...he was playing with time...he knew they would begged soon enough for the big news on ARMAAN MALIK

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Last part : Change Of Heart

Nikki left for her sasural alongwith Abhi, everyone in the family were happy coz she got her love and a best family that any girl would dream of.

Nikki perform rituals in her new family and was happy with Abhi.

Next day Armaan and Rahul went to take Nikki back for her pagphera ritual. They were excited to get Nikki back, just one day and they missed her so much. Whole house feel lifeless although Riddhima and Muskaan tried to cheer them up but they also missed Nikki a lot.

“Nikki” Armaan enter and called her.

part 1 : College life

Story sheru hoti hai a old man in his mid 50s sitting in study room tabhi vhan awaj ati hai shashank ajao breakfast ready hai fir hume janabhi hai shashank ata hai or breakfast staft karta hai or bolta hai ridhu khan hai uthi hai k nyi padma . Nyi khan apki raj kumao khan uthi hai pata nyi kya karti hai ajkal sara din phone par soeti hi nyi hai rat ko shashank are abhi chutiya hain to thoda enjoy kar rhi hai chalo hum chalte hain evng me milenge use in Ridhima room ridima ka phone ring karta ridhima hello voice hey baby gud mng uth gya mera shona chalo get ready hume milna bhi hai Ridhima han sid uth rhi hon rat bhar tumse bat ki abhi hi soe thi let me sleep yar i am tired now u r so dominated sid yar had hai iluv u yar Ridhima luv u 2 anyways i wil talk to u later sid kyu kiski or se bat karni hai i know u r cheating on me Ridhima yar had hai u r too much u Don’t trust me i have 2 get ready or aj sd college admission bhi karvana hai u knw tumhare liye hi bcom kar rhi hon i want to study mbbs but for u i am giving up my dream sid ok chalo thk hai byeee Ridhima byeee after cutting Call urghh god khan fas gyi hon jeena mushkil hogys hai yhan mat jao ye mat karo khan busy thi kab peecha chutega hmm  chalo ready hote hain meanwhile a boy is traveling by volvo from Delhi to Chandigarh


part 12: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman and Ridhima exchanged affectionate looks intermittently while drove to hospital after forcibly drawn out from their 'first formal kiss.'  Both were flushed out with their first sweet experience. They could still feel the tingling feeling inside.


Armaan drove as fast as he can...if only he could fly this car straight to Ridhima's house, like what harry potter did in his second year, he is not a wizard...he is a human only...normal human only...speaking of human, did he really love Ridhima??? He had been wondering a while since he realized how he was burning with jealousy when he saw Righima holding hands with Shaan...he knew that some part of him wanted to admit that he really love her, but some other part told him he will only hurt her if he did so...but now, while driving to her place, Armaan made up his mind...he love her...he really does...if he don't, then why does his heart hurt so much the moment he knew Ridhima was about to leave him??? If he don't, then why he did all that stupid-unexplainable stuffs that he never did before??? Like abandoning his fans, leaving his works, enjoying her company...yes, he really love fact, he was definitely, madly, crazily and angrily love her that Armaan felt like he can quit everything he have now for her...just for her...for a girl named RIDHIMA GUPTA...