Saturday, 31 March 2018

AR os : You Fool, I Love You!

She turned to look at the clock as she sipped through her fifth glass of coffee. "He's gonna get it today" she mumbled furiously, as she cured him under her breath. "Stupid, idiot, that gay loser' he thinks he can just ditch me like that, I'll show him" she said, drinking her sixth cup of coffee.

She looked back to see if her was here yet, instead she found a guy staring at her, with intense gaze. She looked away furiously, and awkwardly, "Weirdoes" she said, shaking her head.

"Excuse me ma'am, is this seat taken" the person asked, pointing to the chair next to her. Ridhiam thought about it for a while, "Uhhh' no it's not, you may sit here" she told the stranger. "It's a pleasure to sit next to a beautiful doll like yourself," he said in a flirtatious, yet complementing voice. She slightly blushed at his comment, "so, what's up with all this coffee drinking?" he asked, as she drank another cup.

"Don't even ask, I was supposed to meet up with this asshole boyfriend of mine, but he ditched me" she said irritably.

part 11: Lamhe (AR ff)

In the morning...At 4:45 AM...all were ready to leave for Mumbai...they had fun treating the people...Now all are standing near the bus...

And anjali looking at the bus was really shocked to see such a beauty ...but didn't show ...attitude problem...

Okay ready guys...asked armaan...while putting the suitcase inside the bus with rahul's help...and we will reach their in 5 hours...come 'on now get in the bus...said armaan

Now they rest for a bit and stop to eat...then after 5 hours they reach sanjeevani...All get off all are  standing while driver bringing their bags...

Okay so tomorrow at 7:00 morning at nurse station...don't be late...said armaan looking at them...kreeti came...

Hello doctors ...hope your trip was good...Asked kreeti..

Part 22:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

 "Bhai! Jaldi utho apne honeywala sasural wale agaya hai." Aaliyah whispered in Angad's ears while Kartik watched them adorably with a smile. Angad's sleep flew away and he jumped out of bed, "WHAT? Agaye? They supposed to come at noon, right?" He checked the time.

Aaliyah and Kartik chuckled, "haan, Angad! Unka train ko bhi tumhara bechainee ka pata chalgaya hai." Angad blushed when his siblings started teasing him. Aaliyah hurried him, "Bhai! jaldi se neechey chalo. Tumhara honeywala saas-sasur tera intezaar kar rahay hai."


Ridhima walked slowly towards the bus stop where she could head to go back to her house…she felt so hopeless at the moment…the meeting with Armaan's manager just now was giving her a very strong headache not to mention, a serious illness in her heart system too… Armaan … Armaan … Ridhima thought went to him again like usual…what will happen to him the moment the world knew about his love towards her??? The moment the world realized that they had engaged??? Will Armaan lose his career??? The only thing that Armaan was putting himself too much effort on??? Ridhima shook her head…she cannot let this thing messed up her decision to be with Armaan …  Armaan had said that he will find a way to solve all this matter regarding him and his group and his company…and Ridhima will have to put her faith in Jun…only Armaan …yes, she need to trust him…as Ridhima walked on, thinking that she will call Armaan tonight and told him about his manager, Ridhima's phone rang loudly…smiling slightly, Ridhima pulled out her phone…but the caller wasn't Armaan …it was Muski… Ridhima's bestfriend… Ridhima quickly picked it up…

Friday, 30 March 2018

part 7 : “ kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi”

riddhima’s sleep broke hearing doorbell. she took the mobile and tried to see the time with her sleepy eyes. It was only 7 ,and kaki came in 8 so she mumbled : “pata nahi koun hai itni subah?”
she tried to free herself from arman’s grip who was sleeping wrapping his arms around her. She saw arman was in deep sleep so she tried to remove his arms slowly but heard arman’s sleepy voice : “kya kar rahi ho jaan,sone do na.”

part 10 : Lamhe (AR ff)

Morning in the girl's room...

Ridhima was sleeping when she felt the sun rise through window and turned on top of her head ...she groaned and turned around... to hide herself from sun...but it was no use when she felt the sun's glowed on her back really hot...she woke up and stretched and looked around rubbing her eyes...and saw muski still sleeping beside her even the sun's warm glow on her back...and turned round to looked and saw anjali sleeping ...but aryana wasn't there...she heard bird chirping and saw the beautiful scene through window...she moved toward the window...and saw bird flying all over and sun's glow making them more beautiful ...she signed...kash hum sab jahi par rehte toh kitna pyaara hota... she leaned her head on window's frame and keeping looking outside...


They were still jogging but now they were coming back...Angel was in middle...

Part 21:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad made a plan to meet Kripa secretly in the terrace garden after dinner. "Baava! Jaldi bhejdena. Naani maa raah dekthi hogi." Kripa informed as soon as she reached the terrace garden of Khanna house. Angad walked her to a corner place, "tum dadi se kehkar aayi hai?" Kripa nodded her head, "jab upar aarahi thi mujhey pakadli." She apologetically explained. Angad sighed and shook his head sideway, "tum bhi na. Chupkar nahin aa sakti thi? Dadi kya sochegi? Did you tell her you are meeting me too?" Kripa shook her head embarrassingly. He was annoyed, "I want to spend whole night here with you. Now I have to release you soon." She nodded her head "sorry, baava! Naani maa mere peechey hi thi. I couldn't escape her." He silently paused in the middle of the garden and checked around for good place for them to settle.


Back in Mumbai again

"Ding dong!!! Ding dong!!!"

The bell of Muski's house rang loudly…Muski cursed inside of her heart…can someone be really that annoying disturbing her when she was deeply asleep??? She shifted to her side and took a pillow to cover her face so that she doesn't have to hear the bell and go on sleeping…but…damn!!! The person outside her house definitely didn't know the meaning of 'give up' since he or she keep on banging the door and ringing the bell…Muski got up and yelled on top of her voice…

"Go away!!!! There is nobody inside this house now!!!!"…she sighed… Ridhima had been gone to her hometown for a few days now and Muski was left all alone in their house…it is really true when people said that once your friend find her love life, you will definitely be left out…Muskaan smiled…but it's okay…she won't complain… Ridhima's lover was just too good to resist…it is the super idol, Armaan Malik…how could any girl refuse him??? Muski laughed… Ridhima, her best friend ended up engaged with her favorite idol…how lucky can she more be??? Ridhima had said that she wanted Muskaan to be her maid of honor when she get marry to Armaan…Muskaan of course had no objection with that…in fact she can't wait for that big day…perhaps later she can hook up with other Arashi's members…maybe her beloved Rahul…em…

Thursday, 29 March 2018

part 9 : Lamhe (AR ff)

Ridhima screamed...   Hearing her scream all got up and the girls also got and saw ridhima looking horrified and muskaan ran to calm ridhima down and Angel to the window where ridhima was pointing

Angel ' what the...

And also the heard their door banging and angel went to open and saw armaan and rahul who was looking at them worried and concern

Angel ' bhai woh bahar adami ek aurat ko maar raha hai chaiylia ...Now now all were running downstairs and also atul and vivek got up and ran behind them First one was armaan and rahul reached there and angel behind them and all R , M , AT , V  were standing at their back...

Now we see a man was beating the lady badly and few men were watching but nobody said anything Armaan went forward

part 20: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad couldn't spend much time with Kripa after Naina took Kripa home from studio. Aaliyah and Anittah made a movie program with Kripa in the night and came home after Angad hit the bed.

Kripa was equally enthusiastic to go with Angad as he promised her to take to a place where no one could disturb them. She hesitated first but agreed at her self confidence. She reminded herself to be strong to keep him in distance before she left the house with him.


Armaan and Ridhima laying on the floor of the jungle where the two of us them had found their previous life rings... Ridhima stared at the ring that was now put on her finger...she looked to her side and saw Armaan was closing his eyes...she had never thought she will be in love with this man Armaan is a very famous idol in world...everyone knew him and his group,Arashi... Ridhima who is only an ordinary girl who accidentally get attached to him by their past suddenly found herself as his lover... Ridhima got up and leaned on Armaan 's body...she looked down to him,checking his face...he is too handsome she didn't dare to wish that he was even real...then Armaan opened his eyes...

"What are you thinking now???"asked Ridhima when she saw that Armaan was looking back at her with no words coming out from his mouth... Armaan smiled...he pushed Ridhima a bit so he can get up too...

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Part 2 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

'Haan woh pata nehi kyun, lekin itni khubsurat ladki mujhe galat samjhe, mujhe accha nehi laga... Waise I m Armaan Mallik...' Armaan said forwarding his hand...
'Riddhima... Riddhima Gupta...' Girl said holding Armaan hand as they shake it...
'Nice name... Coffee...???' Armaan said pressing Riddhima hand making her smile...

part 8 : Lamhe (AR ff)

Next day

At 6:00 AM

Armaan reached hospital early to see if they have all the equipments ready now it was 7:00 the time for the interns to arrive and Dr Kirtti also reached to see the interns off  ...Now all the interns were standing at the nurse station with Dr Kirtti

Dr k ' I hope you all have taken the warm clothes and take care of yourself and also enjoy your trip With that she walked to the OPD...

M ' kitna mazza aaye ga na camp par main toh bohat maze karoo gi( said while clapping like girl  rahul was staring at her dreamy oh god i so wanted to kiss her right now ... And Ridhima totally saw that SHE ARCHED HER BROW   wow what cooking here she thought but her thought were interrupted by the cough...

Armaan was coming toward the nurse station and saw the same thing which Ridhima happened to saw ...So my little baby brother is in love hmmm thought Armaan...

part 19: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad opened his eyes when the sweet melodious voices chanting 'Ganesha Pancharatnam" in the morning. His lips twitched mumbling "KRIPA!!" he jumped down of his bed and ran down to the living room to see his beloved. Devyani and Kripa were chanting religiously with closed eyes and folded hands. He adorably glanced at Kripa who looked angel in her white silk chudidhar with loosely left wet hair.


Morning came... Armaan woke up...he looked around and saw rdzi sleeping soundly next to him...having her in his arms was way too good...Armaan smiled...he loved this kind of feeling...waking up not being alone, but with his lover sleeping next to him...he looked up at the ceiling and thinking...

"So this is the feeling of the newlywed..."he muttered alone... Ridhima stirred a bit...but she didn't wake up...Armaan smiled again...he let Ridhima sleep and got up...once he had dressed,he got up from the room...Muski,who was in the living room,greeted him cheerfully...

"Morning Armaan..."...Armaan smiled at her...

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Part 1:Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

'Mammi...' Girl turn around hearing the voice...

A bright smile form on her lips as tears form in her beautiful hazel orbs, without waiting she took the little girl standing in front of her in her arms as the little girl gives dimple smile to her mother which shows how excited she was to meet her mother after years...

part 7 : Lamhe (AR ff)

All looked at her and was quite shocked to see her here...
Please have a seat interns...Said Dr shubhanker

They sat looking quite nervous

Well as you know me but still want to give the intro for myself so that you could know me better i am Aryana Malik the MD MARVEL'S said angel

All were shocked and bowed at the intro as the know the marvel company is very known to the world and one of the top most company that world has ever seen (arey jitna marji rich banooo mera konsa paisa jar aha funny I know okay back)

Well i also own the charity called faith that help's the poor people who are suffering from disease or health problem...and it is also a good opportunity for interns to raise their marks to became good doctors like Dr Armaan aryana said with the little wink which everybody saw and kritti cleared her throat and aryana made a puppy face and then looked toward interns... i would like Dr Armaan to continue... from on ...then she went and sat beside shubankar ..

part 18: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman became restless for the whole day but tried to keep his feelings to himself. Ridhima was not shown up at work for the whole day. He could see Dr.Gupta in his usual manner. He didn't show any disturbances. Arman was worried about Ridhima by the time passed by. "Yeh ladki kahan gayi thi? Lagta hai Dr.Gupta ko bhi kuch bataya nahin. Wo bahut normal se behave kar raha hai. Yeh Ghar mein bhaitkar kya kar rahi hai?" He thought of calling her several times but suspended the thought for giving more time to her and himself too.


Armaan walked quickly to his car...and so it happened then...he had told everyone about his relationship with Ridhima...right now, his group was told that their activities will be put on hold first...their company needed time on what to decide for them as Armaan had broke all the law by letting his love life public...but neither Armaan or any others Arashi's members seems to care about it...they had decided that this was best to all of them...even though they are idol but they are human being too...someday, like Armaan they too will found someone they love...and when that time comes, they hope they would have the courage to act like Armaan... Armaan get inside his car and looked for his phone...he needed to talk to he long to hear her voice...

"Hello..."Ridhima answered from the end of the line... Armaan shifted easily on his seat and started pushing his car key into its place...

Monday, 26 March 2018

part 6 : Lamhe (AR ff)

new intern  - i am vivek

just then he was about to walk toward ridhima the anouncement were made (note guys anji had left 4 week to visit her best friend out of country so she took the week off as an promise she will extra work so she is not here for 2 parts but when she will back then...)


m - chall ridzi . ( ... ridzii interesting thought vivek )

they all went to nurse station

all were talking when Armaan came

All except Vivek - Good morning

A - good morning

All were standing there and armaan came and stood infornt of vivek

part 17: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

'Kyon itna udhaas hai, Kripa! Aren't you happy to move closer to me? We see each other every minute we stay together.' Angad pulled Kripa into his arms when she was silently helping him in packing her stuff. Kripa smiled faintly, 'kuch nahin. Main Mama papa ke saat tumhara ghar aaye toh?  Ek baar mama papa se bhi kehdiya toh? Pata nahin Naina aunty kya kehegi.' Angad lifted her face, 'Mom se darti ho?  Mom likes your family. I agree she has some anger on your parents but she knew that was because of your dada. Tumhey support karne dadi aur mein hoon na? Hum per bharosa nahin hai?' Kripa uncertainly nodded her head. He kissed her forehead, 'abhi se itna dar gayi toh mere saat baaki zindagi kaise guzarogi?' Kripa blushed and bit her lips. He released her lips from teeth bite, 'issey itna satao mut. Mere liye bachakey rakho.' Kripa chuckled in shy and hid her face in his neck curve. Angad sighed aloud, 'I can't wait to go home with you. Khaash, Dadi jaldi pahoonch jaaye.' He tightened his embrace as Kripa shook her head to agree with him.


Muski watched as Ridhima move around the kitchen...for some unknown reason, Ridhima seems to be really happy with something...while humming to herself...she buzying herself with cooking...Muski  walked to her after she could no longer restrain her curiousity...last night,she was crying the hell out and today??? Cooking and humming??? Has she learned how to be a nutty???

"Erm... Ridhima...are you okay???"asked Muski the moment she reached Ridhima... Ridhima looked at her and gave a her bright smile...she nodded...Muski sighed...

"Don't lie to me this kind of time how could you be okay??? I and Armaan..."Muski didn't dare to continue case it bring tears to Ridhima again...but Ridhima cheerfully turned to look at her and smiled gently...

Sunday, 25 March 2018

part 16: Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad as usual was in hurry for his routine morning meeting with Kripa in the elevator. He was busy whole night in arranging Kripa's photos in his computer and all over his room. He spent whole night in recollecting the evening he spent with her. Kripa's longing looks kept haunting him. Kripa was also equally excited to know each other and reluctantly bade bye in the night when he dropped her at Shah House.

AR os : Love You Forever

Ridhima listen..Ridhima... He pulled her back in the fire escape and pinned her against the wall.
Armaan..what are you doing?
"What I am doing? What are you doing Ridhima why are you ignoring me?" he questioned her saw her looking down the floor "Ridhima" he called her name softly but when she didn't look up he used his fingers and put it under her delicate chin and lifted her face up. She stared in his blue dreamy eyes and got lost in them. After a while she came back to reality and looked away. She reminded herself "no this is not right" she moved her green eyes away from his blues. "Armaan..please..let me go" She whispered.
"No I won't" he replied sternly. Ridhima looked at him with a frown on her face cuz she didn't understand why he was getting rude?
"Ridhima" he said it in soft tone as he saw her expression and decided to stay calm.."what happen basket..please tell me..i can't tolerate you ignoring me". He touched her cheek lightly.
"But Armaan I didn't said anything to you"
"Exactly Ridhima you didn't said anything you have stoped talking to me". She looked down guiltly but didn't want to show him so she quickly made eye contact again but it didn't go untotice by him..he knows her to well.


This is a very serious matter Mr. ARMAAN you realize how it will affect the career of yours??? Not just yours,but also your other fellow cannot ignore the fact that they will have some impact too based on what you had done,"said one of Armaan's company manager...he is a big man with round face...he is a nice man but when the news that Armaan had a secret lover leaked out to the press,he suddenly become a fierce man...unfortunately it bring no effect at all at fact,Armaan look like he was bored with the discussion they had concerning about him and Ridhima...

"Do you hear what we are talking about Mr MALIK???"asked another manager of Armaan...he seemed to be in a dangerous mood looking at how Armaan reacted to their words...Armaan groaned...he leaned back against his chair and looked up at them all...