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part 13 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima knocked onto Armaan's cabin and walked in when he allowed……

She was impressed by his cabin. It was very neat and clean with all the files in their places and the furniture stylish and sophisticated…..

"Have a seat Riddhima." Armaan smiled at Riddhima and sat down next to her in front of his table……

"So are you excited about the new assignment."

part 17: Lamhe (AR ff)

Morning at Malik Mansion

Kirtti was in kitchen especially making the breakfast for Riddhima and Armaan as they come after long time and she want to make their favorite food Kirtti looked around for the stuff and also saw Muskaan coming toward the kitchen

Kirtti - thank God Muskaan beta ki tum agai ..acha chalo meri adad karo ..

Muskaan - arey wah Mumma ..appne to allo ke pranthe baneye hai

Kirtti - ha tum tu janti hai na ki Riddhima aur Armaan ko kitne pasand hai ...

Muskaan - ha chalo mumma ...

part 29 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Di!" Ridhima ran to Anjali who was heading towards I.C.U. Anjali turned back to see Ridhima and hugged her with tears. "Kahan gayi tu? Pata hai tumney papa ko kitna gehara sadma pahoonchi thi? He is broken, Ridhi!"
Ridhima wiped her tears and moved from her embrace, "Di! Main Hyderabad gayi thi." Anjali interrupted her, "You should have informed us. Batakar jaa sakti thi na?" Ridhima was silent for a moment and Anjali continued, "Tum hamesha aisi hi karti aayi hai, Ridhima! Kum se kum iss baar batakar jaa sakti thi. Kal sham ko naani ne batayi thi. Papa was very upset about it. He couldn't take it normal."

Last Part : YOU INSIDE ME (AR)

The night was very quiet and cold…Armaan and Ridhima curled under the blanket to keep themselves warm…Armaan kept Ridhima inside his arms…she had gone to sleep the moment they got back to her house…she seems to be so tired…who wouldn't??? Armaan chuckled…she must be the craziest and unstable girl in this world…how come she suddenly left her wedding day??? How come she thought about running around Mumbai with no shoes to look for him??? Can she be cuter and idiot than that??? Well…she is Ridhima Gupta after all…and she does that out of her love for him…which Armaan really appreciated with all of his heart and soul…Armaan watched Ridhima as she go on sleeping…she is his personal angel…that's what she does to him…as long as she is with him, nothing can go wrong in this world…except that…well, she refused to marry him…right away…she said she would like to take some time before she started putting on a wedding gown again…wedding is nightmare…that's what she told him…Armaan sighed…he didn't like the feeling of waking up knowing that she is away from him…he hated that feeling when they broke off before…now that she is his again, he would like to have her beside him every morning…and that's impossible since he is living with his fellow Arashi members…and to live out from that house, he needed an excuse to talk about it to his manager…and Ridhima is a crucial reason to do so…but…even though his manager had approved of their relationship, it is impossible to move out since they are not married yet…living together would mean lots of scandal to him and Arashi…so that idea is zero…but…Armaan smacked his head…he love to see Ridhima sleeping beside him every nights like this… Ridhima stirred around in his arms and Armaan quickly pretended to sleep…

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part 12 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

"Armaannn!!" Riddhima took a few steps backwards as she saw Armaan advancing towards her…….Armaan placed his arm around Riddhima's waist and pulled her closer to himself and even before Riddhima could register anything he slammed his lips on hers……Riddhima looped her arms around Armaan's neck making the kiss deeper….she opened her eyes a little and closed them again but then she opened them with a jerk and was shocked to see a disheveled Priya standing behind them with her eye liner smeared, her hair a mess and her hands holding a……knife….A KNIFE….

part 16: Lamhe (AR ff)

 In London….Just a night before they head to India

   Only one day left before Armaan and Ridhima to return back. Well it was evening their...And after coming from the park Ridhima slept and Armaan finished some his paper it was dinner time and Armaan decided to wake up ridhima now ..he went to her room .and as he saw he was lost in her again …he remembered how he always admire her …when ever she is sleeping and he loved to admire her at that time because he see the innocence's …and beauty reflect on her face …and he know he do it when she is conscious ..As her mind is little she might be uncomfortable or it could affect her...Brain so he knows how hard he tries to control himself whenever she is near ….well now slowly he was walking toward her without even remembering that why he was here ..Just lost in her …

He sits down on the bed by her side ….facing her …slowly he raises his hands and caress her she moves and he comes back from the magic spell…

part 28 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Suryaban was grumpy since they came back from Mumbai. Gayatri was annoyed by his behavior but trying to calm him down.  Kripa avoided facing her father till next morning. Kripa enquired her mother with her eyes about the situation while made her milk and settled at the dinner table. Gayatri hit her head "humara taqdeer kabhi badlega bhi kya?" The whole conversation went in Telugu. Kripa rolled her eyes as she understood the situation. Surya gave a look at mother and daughter and continued his mumbling though his eyes read the morning news paper.  Gayatri changed her expressions after noticing Kripa's silence. She caressed daughter's head with love and affection, "tujhey pata hai wo kyon itna gussa hai. Angad ney phone kiya?" Kripa shook her head sideway with shadows in eyes. She was waiting for Angad's call since last night. He promised to call her everyday once they reached home.


Muskaan sat awkwardly on the seat in Arashi's living room in their house, avoiding all the eyes that were looking at her… Rahul was sitting next to her but didn't say anything at all to her…Muskaan looked sideway at him…how the heck that she ended up hugging him when she was busying cheering for Ridhima ultimate escape from Shaan the devil??? But…she thought naughtily…she won't complain about hugging him…it's the best gift that she ever had in her life from the moment she became Arashi die-hard fans…and she is a fangirl whose life ambition is to marry Rahul Grewal…and just a moment ago, she get to hug him…so no complaint at all people!!! Muskaan smiled at her own thought….but…it was really at the very wrong time…

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part 11 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Flashback continues

Armaan's eyes widened seeing the approaching truck…his hands were paralysed on the steering wheel but within no time Armaan steered the car to the right hand side and stopped it there….he didn't know how that had happened but some force had made him do it……Armaan again felt his mom's presence around him but slowly the fact that his mom was dead was sinking in…..

part 15 B : Lamhe (AR ff)

Armaan ran toward the hospital he felt his life going away he didn't knew what ...who ...where ..this happened his mind went blank and his heart is to busy weeping to look around the world that he couldn't feel anything ..he knew ..he is running but where ...he looked around to registered what ...he was stopped by the doctor(guys the hospital is not sanjeevani)

who just came from ICU ..

Doctor - i am sorry to say sir but one patient had the bullet in her barin ..but the other's just touched her...that one patient is dead and the other has hard effect on her brain ..we don't know weather she will be survive or go into coma ..or get paralized ..sorry about that

The doctor left And Armaan was freezzed on the spot

part 27 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Surya announced his decision to leave for Hyderabad for the next available train. Dilip was stunned as he had no clue about the discussions between Sarma couple since last night. "Kyon itni jaldi chaley jana chahtey ho, baava? Aur do din ruk jaata. Bhai dhuj tak ruk jao. Naina ki koyi saga bhai nahin hai. Tumhara saat hi tyohar manaayegi. Bhai dhuj aur raakhi ko humara bachay bahut maantay hai. Tumhey maloom hoga iske barein mein."


Armaan was jerked awake when he heard Ohno screaming out his name…quickly, he ran out of his room…

"What??? What happen???" he asked anxiously…Ohno laughed when he saw Armaan still in his bed clothes and messy hair… Armaan smacked his head and Ohno pushed him away, still laughing…

"Oye!!! Are you planning to attend the wedding wearing that???" asked Atul  when he appeared at the living room… Armaan looked down at himself…he was wearing a flowery shorts with a white round neck shirt…he grinned…

"Nope…I forgot we need to be up early this morning…that's explain why Ohno called out my name on top of his voice just now…" he said, hugging Ohno to his side…Ohno hugged him by the waist, smiling like a little kid…Atul rolled his eyes and he went to the mirror that pasted on the wall at the living room, checking his appearance…

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vm on kash - A Birthday gift to keddie

hi keddie..after a long time..i made a video only for you..last video banayi thi last july me anu ke liye. aajkal time nahi milta aur youtube me block karte rahte hain,delete kar dete hain so i left to make videos. is video ko bhi 5 countries-Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, United States mein block kiya gaya hai,don't know tumhe dikhega ki nahi,par nahi dikha to mujhe batana,i will give you FB link.


 once again "Happy Birthday my sweetest you".

your di

Happy Birthday Keddie (4th april)

hi keddie,how are you? hope bahut khush hogi aur good good hogi...dekho ek saal aur gujar gaya aur tumhara birthday aa gaya...aur mai bhi aa gayi ,phir se tumhara happy birthday celebrate chalo mere life ka ek best din ko dher sari khushi ke sath celebrate karein...mere life ka best day isliye ki is din mujhse bahut bahut dur rahne wali par meri ek bahut pyari sister is dharti par aayi thi aur usse itna gahra rishta ban gaya ki lagta hai dourkar tumhare paas chali jaun,tumhe hug karun,tumse bahut sari baatein karun aur kabhi bhi tumse alag na houn...tumhe yaad karte hi yeh duniya kitni khubsurat ban jati hai mai nahi bata sakti...aur god se kahti hun,saal me ek din hi sahi par meri choti si behen mujhe 'di' kahakr ,kuch message de,chahe blog men hi sahi...

"tere hone ka ehsaas mujhe zindagi de jati hai
 har pal khushiyon ka paigam lekar aati hai
 lagta hai is dharti par chahe kitne dukh ho
 teri yaaden sukh ke diye jala jati hai.."

part 15 A : Lamhe (AR ff)

In Malik mansion in the morning (india)
Rahul and Muskaan were running here and there and kirtti is looking at them wondering why are the always late

Rahul - chal Muskaan jaldi kar nahi toh band baj jaye gi

Muskaan - Rahul tum bool gaye ho ki ab hum senior doctors hai

Rahul - Muskaan bashan math de can you paas me the tost

Kirtti handed him and Muskaan also came quickly and started eating

Muskaan - good morning Mom kah hai

Kirtti - morning beta unki meeting thi toh vo chale gaye

part 26 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Surya! Yeh tum kya keh raha hai, beta? Kripa ki baat aaj kyon nahin karna chahta hai? Kripa aur Angad ek dooserey ko bahut pasand kartey hai. Wo jaldi se jaldi ek hona chahtey hai. Kya Angad tumhey pasand nahin aaya tha? Abb achanak kyon tumhara phaisala badal gaya hai? Iski koyi toh vajah jaroor hogi. Batao mujhey." Devyani was astonished at Surya's decision to hold his proposal for time being.


Armaan lay on his bed'deep in thoughts'the image of Ridhima wearing her wedding gown seems to be unable to be deleted from his eyes and mind'somewhere deep down his heart, he felt a sharp pain tearing his heart, cutting it open, slashing it into thousand of cuts when he thought that she is not his bride'he got up from the bed and pulled open his drawer'there, he took out the little box that was made from wood'he sat back on his bed and opened the box'the rings that were once being put on his finger and Ridhima's were now put inside this box, forgotten by its true owners' Armaan sighed'he had never forget'up until now, he still love Ridhima' 'just like he did went he kept on dreaming about her even when he himself didn't know whether she exist or not' Armaan lay back again'he closed his eyes and Ridhima's image came again'just like it always did'she looked so real and vivid'Armaan held out a hand to touch her but she is untouchable'there is no point going to club just now'he didn't even cry there, even when all of Arashi members persuaded him to cry'he knew that no matter how much tears he shed for this love story, she will never be his again' Armaan pulled his phone from the pocket'he dialed Ridhima's number'not realizing what he was doing of course'and it rang a few times'then'

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part 14: Lamhe (AR ff)

It has been three years from that cruel incident happened and all malik's and Muskaan remembered each detail very clearly today too...Nobody had forgotten what had happened that day...and how they have lost some one dear to them


A gorgeous house/bungalow made of white marble...With exclusive painting with huge gate of white and transparent glass...A car came to a halt at the front of the gate and the driver opened the door of the back seat and handsome man came out wearing a tuxedo  suit i black but with white strips hardly can be seen ...he was talking on the phone he turned around to enter  in the house we get to see his face he is none other than Armaan Malik

Armaan came into the house and went inside his room ...and kept his briefcase and moved to ward the other room where he saw ridhima sleeping peacefully like a baby..the saw the innocense on her face from where to armaan has lost his heart ...he start stroking her hair slowly and a tear escape from his eye as he remebered that day still fresh in his mind ..

part 25 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Kripa moaned when ran out of breath under Angad's passionate encounter. She pulled out her mouth from Angad's grip and shyly caressed her lips with tongue. Angad passionately looked at her as drunk by her sweetness. She blushed at his looks and bit her lower lip. He smiled at her reddened face and released her lip from torture by her teeth, "mainey kaha tha na yeh mere lips ko torture mut karo." She chuckled with shy and hid her face in his chest. He satisfactorily inhaled full of lungs and tightened his arms around Kripa to lock her in his embrace.


It's been 3 months since Armaan and Ridhima broke up'after that when  Armaan had let Ridhima go in that raining night, Armaan had became a workaholic'Arashi's manager had made a press conference the day after that raining sad night and announced that Armaan and Ridhima had break off their engagement due to some objection that came up from Ridhima's family'during the press conference,   Armaan  kept his mouth shut'even when the reporters asked for his comment, he remained silent and walked out from the conference when he no longer able to stand hearing all of them asking him questions on Ridhima 'his Arashi members also noticed that Armaan had became other people than the usual Armaan 'before he met Ridhima, even when he is a serious guy at work, they still can make joke around him and he would always play around with them'but now, he was totally a serious man that nobody dare to play around when they were at work him'they were scared that Armaan will suddenly yelled at them or simply walked out of the place leaving all of the staffs to stare at his back'Atul was once being yelled by him for kept fooling around during one of their concerts practice'Ohno was once being told that he is such a jerk when he kept misread the lyrics in one of their new recording song booth'even Rahul was being scold by Armaan when he was late for their TV programme show'but the worst one is Aiba'he is the one who kept doing silly mistakes and all of Arashi knew that'but Armaan found him quite annoying and kept on yelling or glaring at him'they no longer enjoy doing their jobs when Armaan acting like a 'live bomb''one single mistakes and he will explode'

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part 66 : An Arranged love Marriage

Done with the last meeting for the day he walked away as it was nearly lunch time. Most of the people had dispersed already for their break as he walked down the empty passage. Riddhima wasn't so happy as he had told her off for a lunch together as he knew if the meeting lasted long the lunch would be delayed and he did not want her to wait. He smiled thinking of the glare she had thrown his way as she walked out of his cabin with a pout. Lost in his own thoughts he just scrolled through his phone heading towards his cabin, but a small meek muffled voice caught his attention. It wasn't clear but he could it seemed like someone was crying. It was quite odd since no body was around, but the sound was clear. It was directed from the small pantry in the left, his feet automatically took a turn.

part 13: Lamhe (AR ff)

A Dark room looked very creepy and ugly...With one chair in the middle ...and on escape windows...Just a small door... on an chair Ridhima was tied up ..and a gag in her mouth keep her shut

A man entered the room...who has kidnapped her from the temple...When she was coming down from stairs he grabbed her and took her behind the temple and made her...Unconscious... so she won't bug and made her sit in the car ..And tied her in that small room...Ridhima is still unconscious...from ...the dose he gave her...

part 24 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Next day, early morning everyone got up with new energy with their own reasons for excitement. Angad and Kripa were up to wish their first Deewali together; Anittah and Aaliyah were to handle their new responsibility of hospitality of guests personally. Kartik and Surya were to assist Dilip for arrangements.

All invitations went to the important friends and relatives of Khanna family members for Deewali puja. Angad invited Mannan and was surprised to know that Anittah already invited him personally. Kartik gave special invitation to Misthy when his other employees got invitations as an official order. Naina couldn't wait to share her proposed plans with Damini and Gupta.


It's been a long day both for Ridhima and Armaan… Ridhima tried her best to act lovingly to Shaan but her thought kept on thinking about Armaan…how was he right now??? Can he survive without her??? Or is he already forgot all about her and ready for a new love??? Can he do well again in his career??? When he had ultimately damaged it before??? Or was he still crying, mourning the ruining of their love and dreams??? Ridhima sighed…she knew that whatever that is going to happen to Armaan after this, had nothing to do with her anymore…she had chose Shaan…yes, she chose him…out of pity and humanity but not love… Ridhima picked up her bag…she wanted to go home…to cry aloud on her bed…where the bed was once a prove that Armaan was belong to her…Armaan had slept there, lay there, teasing her, kissing her, hugging her… Ridhima wanted to be on that bed…to feel the presence of Armaan's warm body…to taste the smell of his sweet hair…and to hear the heartbeat of his heart when he was sleeping… Ridhima knew that all the things that Armaan had done on that bed will continue to linger on it… Ridhima would never forget…oh, yes she would never forget…no one could take that part of Armaan away from her…no…not wanting to waste any time on Shan, Ridhima quickly walked outside his hospital room…she needed to cry…but will she cry when she is alone??? Her heart had stopped beating when she remembered the look on Armaan's face when she returned their ring to him… Ridhima sighed again…she wanted to run…and so she did…it was raining outside the hospital…under the rain,Ridhima kept on running…the rain that dropped on her, just like the tears that was washing her heart inside her body…a broken heart that will never beat in it normal way again…

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part 10 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Armaan raised his eye brows at her probing her to continue and so she did…….

"When we had met for the first time you treated me like I was somebody really special to you and we actually became good friends then I come to know that you have been playing around with my best friend…humiliated her like she is some call girl meant for use and throw purposes……..and then when I confront you about it you act as if it was all Priya's fault and then you throw a party, invite her and when I come along you treat me like filth and make me feel like am some intruder and just when I am happy that you are actually realizing your mistake and treating Priya in the right way….the way she deserves to be treated…..then you leave her in the middle of the dance floor for some clingy


 "Rahul bro and Muskaan really like you, you really impressed them" she said smiling, with her back against the pole, and her fingers intertwined with his.

"I also enjoyed having dinner with them" he said kissing her forehead, and she hugged him tightly.

"I love you" she said, making herself comfortable in his arms. "I love you too" he hugged her tighter, as the moment was getting to them.

They broke out hearing the school's bell ring, "I guess we have to go our separate ways," she pouted in front of him. He smiled at her, and giving her a small peck on the lips, he left winking at her, while she blushed.


She stared at him, as he chatted happily with his popular posy, while she sat with her average friends.

part 12: Lamhe (AR ff)

In the morning ...armaan was sitting in his cabin..the wardboy knocked ..and came in ...he gave letter to armaan ..
ARmaan read the letter and his face shows harden ..and sternly ..he told the wardboy to go
so the strong and addictive medicine is missing and preety big dose...hmmm..he thought ..i have to look at this ..and see who is taking such a big risk ...His pager rang


The interns were standing at the nurse station talking with each otherrahul and muskaan was holding hands..
rahul Ridhima kha hai ..pata hai ghar se toh mujhse bi phelenikal gayi thi aut yaha par ...i hope Dr Armaan use kuch na khe ...said muskaan to rahul ..which anjali smirked and vivek and atul was talking..and rahul notice and squeejed muskaan's hand ...don't worry muskaan ..she probably joined the dudy by then ...if she was here...Okay ..said Muskaan

Part 23 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Dilip and Surya caught up with their past while Naina and Gayatri helped Devyani in arrangements for Lakshmi puja on Deewali day. "Gayatri bhabhi! Apna Kartik ka shadi ki kuch soch rahey hai? Aaliyah aur Anittah ke shadi pehla karengey kya?" Gayatri wanted to know Naina's plans about her children's marriages. Angad was the last one to think about marriage in hierarchy of the weddings of the siblings as per Sarma's traditions and customs. And now Sarma couple wanted Kripa to get married soon with Angad as there was no hindrance to delay her marriage from their side.


Arashi walked weakly inside their house…none of them dare to speak especially to aRMAANn…Armaan walked straight to his room the moment he entered the house…leaving all of his friends to stare at his back…they exchanged looks…right after the moment when Armaan had announced his engagement with Ridhima, he got a suspended letter from their company stating that Armaan will be dismissed from any activities that related to him…no matter activities as Arashi or personal activities…Atul  sighed and walked to the kitchen…later, he came back into the living room with a few glasses and a bottle of water…Rahul, Aiba and Ohno had settled themselves on the coach there…Nino passed the water around then looked up at Ohno…Ohno stared back at him…he raised an eyebrow then to turn look at Aiba who shook his head and pointed to Rahul…rahul looked at them all…