Saturday, 14 April 2018

Part 4 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Wowww,,,,,,,,, Tauji, ye to bahut sundar bungalow hai, ham yaha pahli baar aaye hain?” Vansh asked being excited.

“Nhi, ham yaha aaye the but us time tum bahut chote the that's why you don’t remember that” Armaan said picking him up in arms and throw him upwards then catch on time. 

He laugh loudly and others walk inside while servants took their bags inside before them.

“Armaan bhai, yaha ki waadiya kuch alag hi hai sach me, I’m in love with this place, ham yaha hamesha kyu nhi aate” Nikki asked enjoying the weather outside bungalow coz it was a very big lawn at the edge of mountain from where they can see whole market mountains and other places.

part 36 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Sarma! ji Dil chota mut kijiye. Yeh amir loag aisey hi hotey hain. Bina paison ke kabhi ristoan ka importance jantey nahin. Humari Kripa toh lakhon mein ek hai. Susheel hai, sanskari hai. Uske liye hazaron, lakhon  ristey aayenge. Meri baat suniye aur Kripa ka rishta kisi aur jagah kardijiye. Humare honeywala damaad ka ek chachera bhai hai. America mein kaam karta hai. Agar aap haan kahey toh main baat chalaoonga." Sastry updated the news about engagements in Khanna House as soon as he reached back home. Surya and Gayatri were shocked at hearing about Angad's engagement. Kripa was stunned at the news and clanged to her mother. She didn't know how to react. Her eyes were not dropping tears. Her brain was frozen to react to the news. She couldn't believe her ears to hear the news.

part 20: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima had gone inside to change from her costume to her regular jeans and top. As she walked back she saw that Armaan was the only one standing there while the rest of the gang was already gone. Riddhima frowned and reaching Armaan she asked him, 'Armaan where are others?'

Friday, 13 April 2018

Part 3 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan was packing his dress when again he feel himslef surrounded by Riddhima’s thought, how will he meet her?, will she be able to meet his expectation?, life-partner ? all these thoughts were making him happy yet nervous. Mingling with his thoughts he packed his stuffs, he was about to pack his towel when Rahul banged on startling Armaan.

“God!! Rahul can’t you be little slow?” Armaan glared him.

“Ohoo!! Why to be slow, anyways Dad asked me to give you this” he handed over a key to Armaan.

“What’s this?” he raised his brows up with question look.

“Arey, it’s spare vanity van key, you will keep it kyunki ham apne luxury vanity van se ja rahe hain bro” Rahul said with a wink.

part 35 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Angad! Yeh kya bachpana hai? Why don't you face your Mom directly?  Running away from scene is not wise decision, buddy!" Mannan softly scolded Angad when he caught him over phone after several attempts.  Angad laughed aloud, "Do you think facing mom is an easy task? Agar unka saamna karney ki himmat hoti mujh mein to bhaagney ki kya jaroorat hi padhti? Anyway I'm not in town to listen to you. Hope mom stops this engagement."

part 19: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

'Who gave you these?' Riddhima asked Priya looking at the photographs in her cell. Somebody had violated their privacy.

'That is not the question. The question is'

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Part 2 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next day, 

“Ji panditji, ha ji aap aaye hain Delhi? Bhaut achhi baat hai fir aap ghar aa jaiye kuch baat karni hai bhaisahab ko, ji, ji bahut achha, namashkar” Anurag talk to priest and said that he will be coming in 2 hours.

Armaan left for office as he was having a site visit and moreover he trust his family in every matter.

Rahul and Nikki was making excuses and want to be at home to listen whatever panditji going to say about Armaan’s marriage.

“Rahul, Nikki” Billy called them and next moment they stood infront of him.

“Ji Dad” 
“Ji Tauji” 

part 34 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad walked into the house after a week of tour on his project. Workers were busy at Khanna house in decorating lights and flowers all over for the event in the evening. He couldn't see any of his family members in the living room. He was surprised as Naina called him several times to reach home as soon as possible.

part 18: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Kevin saw Riddhima going to the terrace and he knew that no one will be there'.no press nor any guest.

He saw Riddhima standing next to the railings. He walked towards her and was about to wrap his arms around her when she whipped around and shouted 'Don't you dare touch me. I can't believe I ever allowed you to come close to me. You are such a low life looser Kevin. What the hell are you tying to do? You really think that you can get me back by doing things like this'by forcefully getting physical with me? You don't know me at all do you? And there was a day when I actually thought that you are the one I can spend my whole life with but I was so wrong. I hate myself for ever giving you the right to hurt me but not anymore. Just leave Kevin and don't bother coming

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Part 1 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Billy Mallik, one of the most famous Lawyer of India, he was known for his friendly and helpful nature and successfully earned name and fame. He always support truth and haven’t faced any failure in his life. Rahul Mallik and Armaan Mallik unidentical twins of Billy and Ananya Mallik, Rahul being impressed by his father joined law Armaan also studied law but his mind was deviated towards business thus he went to London for further business studies.

Both brothers were very attached and can do anything for each other, Rahul was somehow mischievous but Armaan was way to simple and shy, he is well built, muscular, charming and dashing but only focused towards his business. His calm and sweet behavior impress everyone including critics also. He was gaining heights in his business after returning from London. He got number 1 Businessman Award and dedicated that award to his employees and workers and celebrate his success with his every single employee.

part 33 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Kartik! Main tumhari pasand ko jald se jald milna chahti hoon. I don't want to delay these things any more. Ho sakey toh Aaliyah ki engagement ke saat saat tumhara engagement bhi karva doongi." Naina affectionately enquired Kartik before bed time.

Kartik was surprised at Naina's sudden approval of his decision. "Mom! Aap yeh keh rahin hai? Are you sure? I'm surprised. Main aaj hi uss sey baat karoonga."

part 17: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima paced her room to and fro for a really long time looking at the bed in between which had all her dresses spread on it. She was trying to find the suitable outfit for the launch party'she picked up a couple of dresses which she knew she won't be wearing and threw them on the floor and then she jumped onto the bed and sat in the middle of the whole mess.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

ARSH os : Find Your Love

"What's wrong, why is your face so puffy and red' you look like a strawberry" he chuckled watching her puff up more.

"Not funny Armaan' what were you doing with that girl' and how do you even know that girl, you don't even go to this school'" she asked frowning her eyebrows.

"I was just flirting with her' God, why are you such a flirt spoiler'" he rolled his eyes at her.

"HAW! Flirting with her' and going to the prom with me'" she opened her mouth, watching him raise his eyes brows.

"Yeah I'm going to your prom' but why are you so mad' wait a second, you're jealous?" he smirked at her.

"Excuse you'. Me and jealous'. Pleaseeeee' and plus why would I be jealous, we are JUST FRIENDS" she emphasized the "just friends" portion.

part 16: Defeated in Love (AR ff),

Riddhima looked up at Andy holding Claire's wrist firmly in his hand looking daggers at her'.Claire twisted her wrist to get it out of his grip but he was way more strong than her.

'Let go you fool.' Claire yelled at Andy'.loudly enough to shake the building. Riddhima moved closer to Andy and placing her hand on his arm she signaled him to let go and so he did'.but the moment he freed her wrist'.he pointed his finger at her and spoke 'Listen and listen good Claire''.you are here to work not bug Riddhima'why can't you get a life?'

part 20: Lamhe (AR ff)

All looked at Kirtti she looked in very angry mood. Rahul gulped and quickly stood up and Muskaan helped riddhima get up to and where as Armaan who stood up easily his face was expressionless

"woh ...woh ma'am meri hi galti thi main hi dekh ke nahi chal rahi thi aur pata nahi kha se Dr Armaan and Dr Rahul agaye aur yeh sab ho gaya" said riddhima in one breath fastly before even Dr Kirtti ask them where as Armaan sighed because he knew mom was diverted from the real topic while rahul was looking at riddhima as she was fine and Muskaan was shifting uneasy in her spot.

And Dr Kirtti stood gaping at Riddhima she didn't knew whether it was dream or reality she was just shocked to see Riddhima talking like she was fine she was about to ask her when she noticed the staff was staring at them

part 32 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Unki yeh mazaal? Kya sochtay hai apne aapko? Ladki waley hain kuch samaj hai unko? Mere bte ka Upanayan karvayengay? Bina mujhey poochey? Aaj tak maine unn logon ke tewar ko saha hai. Abb jo main chahti hoon wahin hogi. Dikhati hoon yeh Naina kya cheez hai. I teach them a lesson." Naina kept fuming till she was busted her anger on Dilip in the night.

Dilip rubbed his forehead with his finger tips. "Naina! Pehle wahan kya horaha hai pata lagao. Phir baad mein jo marzi chahey tum karlo. Upanayan karvana koyi buri baat toh nahin hai. Shayad Surya maanta hoga ki apna damaad ek Brahman ka vidhi ka paalan karey. Let me talk to him first."

Monday, 9 April 2018

part 15: Defeated in Love (AR ff),

Riddhima walked inside Armaan's cabin only to see him sleeping on the couch inside his cabin'. It was 7:45 and so the office building was empty'. There was no one there except for the cleaning staff.

Riddhima walked closer to the couch and saw Armaan looking angelic in his sleep'.there was this really sweet smile playing on his lips'Riddhima's heart filled with sudden warmth' she knelt on his side and lifting her hand she moved it in his hair and on his forehead and saw Armaan's smile deepen and she too felt good doing that. Armaan opened his eyes slowly and their eyes met' Riddhima felt this sudden rush of warmth through her'. The moment felt so right'.and her mind and heart were at peace.

part 19: Lamhe (AR ff)

Where Armaan and Riddhima were walking through the corridor and while looking at hospital Armaan remembered some moments that he spend with Riddhima and Riddhima were just admiring the hospital and they came across the children's ward

Riddhima grabbed Armaan's arm and pulled him in the children's ward with her

Armaan and Riddhima came to the children's ward and as Riddhima stopped suddenly because all kids were sleeping she didn't wanted to

 Disturbed the children so she stopped suddenly in order to stop the noise but only to bumped hard into Armaan who was coming behind her at the little distance which made both of them to fall backwards where Armaan landed hard on the floor and Riddhima on Armaan with her back touching

part 31 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Bava! Tum kya such much ghar jamai banoge?" Kripa asked after they settled on terrace with evening snacks. Gayatri was busy in front porch with her neighbour. She was excited to tell about her 'would-be son-in-law."
Angad pulled Kripa by circling his hand over her shoulders, "kyon, tumhey koyi objection hai?"

Kripa pouted and tried to remove his hand, "mujhey kya objection hoga? I was surprised you were not angry for papa's thoughts." He warned her from removing his hands, "Rehney do na! Tumhey Bahut miss kar raa hoon. Subah se ankhon se ishara ke siva kuch bhi nahin mila abh nazdeek aane ka mauka mila hai, tum wo bhi cheen-na chahti ho." Kripa smiled and rested her head on his shoulder as clasped his fingers over her shoulders.  "Mama yahin neechey porch mein hai. Kabhi bhi uper asakti hai."

Sunday, 8 April 2018

part 14 : Defeated in Love (AR ff),

Armaan paced his room angrily remembering how that monkey faced Kevin had kissed Riddhima….

I don't believe this……… she has a boyfriend. Now what am I supposed to do??? I can't believe Riddhima has such bad taste…. Kevin Cruise is THE ugliest guy I have ever seen…. Okay fine maybe he is not ugly but then at the same time he isn't as good looking as I am…..

Armaan smiled at this and standing in front of the mirror he told himself "Armaan Malik you are way more handsome then that Kevin and whats even more important is that you love Riddhima more then any guy ever can…. So its you who deserve her and not that weirdo Kevin….."

part 18: Lamhe (AR ff)

In the morning we see a Armaan is sleeping on long seat chaise but that's not all because Ridhima is sleeping on him with her head on his chest and her arms held his waist, where Armaan who is holding Riddhima around her waist with one hand other hand is in her hair and his chin touching on her head and they both slept peacefully in each other's arm as if they are meant to be and Armaan stirred  a little as he felt sun rays which are peeking through the curtain's secretly, he slowly opened his eyes and as  his eyes roam around the room to look at his srounding's his eyes fell on the angel sleeping on him cutely he raised his arm which was on her waist and brushed her hair slowly and she nuzzled her nose on his chest well which was luckily covered because he was wearing T-shirt  and Armaan felt the heat rise on his body and i starts to get red in shade  and he knew in this position it is hard to control so he slowly tried to get up also taking her with him but Riddhima's sleep broke and she felt she was swaying in the air and she looked at Armaan who was walking slowly toward the bed with Riddhima being held protectively in his arms.

Riddhima kissed on his cheek and Armaan stopped and looked toward Riddhima who was snuggling on his chest

part 30 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Naina called Surya as soon as Dilip left for work. She couldn't sleep whole night with tension. Gayatri picked up the phone on other end. "Gayatri! Kaise hai aap log? Na koyi khabar? No phone calls? Theek toh hai na?  Theek se Hyderabad toh pahoonchey they na?" She showed overwhelming greetings taunting Gayatri indirectly for not keeping touch with them after they left.