Saturday, 28 April 2018


"Armaannnn!!! I said am sorry." Riddhima had been running after Armaan from a long time begging for apology. He had left the game area when she had been laughing her head off at him…. and was pissed at her now.

"Do you have any idea of how embarrassing it was? How could you do that?" Armaan yelled angrily at Riddhima when they were standing right outside the mall.
Riddhima held Armaan's hand as he hailed a cab "Armaan it was an accident…. I didn't do it deliberately…. Please am sorry." She wanted to say that it was his fault as he was the one who started everything by sitting behind her on the bike and getting so close to her but she decided it would be better if she did not anger him more but what she did not know was that Armaan had a bit of a temper and an attitude problem making it really difficult to pacify him….

Part 18 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Billy came in evening alongwith Rahul from court and met other members after freshing up where Nikki utter whole thing in excitement. Billy look towards Ananya in comfirmation and she smile passing a green signal to it.

“Fine, if you guys want to celebrate this function with Riddhima then I don’t have any objection. Let Anurag come I’ll ask him to prepare for the function then we will talk to Shashankji.” Billy said.

“Yessss, thanku Tauji” Nikki hugged him in excitement.

“Ok,Ok but jyada masti nhi honi chahiye, remember that.” He said.

part 50 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Ridhima aakhir yahan aayi kissliye? Did she really want to meet Misthy? Phirse purani rista jodney ki koshish kar rahi hai? Ya mujhey dikhana chahti hai ki wo kitni kush hai? Wo akhir sab kuch kaise bhulgayi thi? How could she even forget our relationship? Kya ek aurat aisa kar sakti hai? Mera galati kahan thi? Dr.Gupta ka natak mein Uski saat nahin dena? Asliyat jaan ney ke baad bhi wo mujhmey hi fault dekh rahi hai? How could she blame me?" Arman was upset after meeting Ridhima and her son.

Friday, 27 April 2018


All the passengers stepped down. They were in the town Kota Kinabalu and were eager to explore the wonderful city…. Their first destination was the Sabah state museum which was near the queen Elizabeth hospital. Riddhima and Harsh were really excited when they reached the museum but Armaan told them that he wouldn't be accompanying them and has to meet a friend of his… He left immediately before anyone of them could ask him any question. Riddhima was confused but left for the museum when Harsh kept insisting.

They came out of the museum after a couple of hours and saw Armaan standing outside waiting for them. They walked up to him and went to a waterfront (K K waterfront) which features some restaurants, cafes, pubs, and a nightclub.

Part 17: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Ek baar try kar leta hu” Armaan murmured and touch calling button.

Riddhima smile looking towards her phone and feel as if she was dreaming looking towards Armaan’s number but when her phone vibrate in her hand then she came back to reality.

“OMG! Ye to sach me Armaan ka call hai” she look towards her phone.

She receive it before it might disconnect “He,,,Hello” she murmured.

part 49 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Hi, Misthy! How are you? Kabhi toh mujhey yaad karti raho?" Misthy blushed on other side as heard Kartik's husky voice over phone. After exchanged formal greetings Kartik invited her for lunch. Misthy was surprised as she had no clue about his arrival in Hyderabad. Kartik laughed on other side, "Uss din ke baad, dubara milney ka mauka hi nahin mila tha. So, I thought I would meet you here in your place. Abb yahan se koyi bahana lekar bhag toh nahin jaogi na!?" He affectionately expressed his yearning.  Misthy fell into thoughts after he told the venue for meeting, "hotel room?"

Thursday, 26 April 2018


She looked at Armaan giving her a lopsided smile and then he spoke into the mic, "Okay guys this song is to all the gorgeous girls out here…"

Riddhima heard Armaan singing while the band started to play the background music….

tune kya kiya meri jaan-e-jaa
ek nazar mein hi dil chura liya
mujhko kya hua koi jaane na
tujhko dekha toh hosh kho diya

Armaan jumped down from the high stage and was in the middle of the crowd….he headed in Riddhima's direction who blushed but then frowned when he walked past her and headed towards the girls at the back of the hall…..

Girl you are my fantasy

Girl you are my ecstasy

Part 16: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan wake up early that morning, freshen up and start packing his luggage coz he didn’t get time yesterday. After packing his stuffs he get his coffee and went upwards on terrace, smiling happily inhailing the morning breeze, he closed his eyes feeling happy and his smile become broad when he remember Riddhima’s words which she was sharing with Muskaan. He look towards their name and think when they will become like that name together.

“To tumhe v pyaar ho hi gaya” his dimples were getting deeper reflecting his happiness.

part 48 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Driver! Ek baar yahan roko. Kuch dawayiyan leni hain." Armaan stopped their Toyota Innova near a pharmacy on the way back from Khanna house. Misthy and Kripa worriedly asked in unison. "Dawayiyan? Kiske liye? Kya hua?"

Armaan smiled at their anxiety, "Relax ladies. kuch khaas nahin, sirf severe sar dard hai. I get some on counter medicine for relief." Kripa and Misthy were relaxed and continued their conversation with elders about the evening event. None of them noticed that it was the place where Sanjeevani was located.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Riddhima yawned loudly and stretched her body and pushed the covers aside….she had come back from the deck to take a nap. She placed her foot on the ground in order to get out of bed but the moment she placed her foot on the floor she screamed when she felt a hand holding her leg and she heard a very scary laughter…..she looked down only to see the hand covered with blood and loads of cuts over it….

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Riddhima shouted trying to get her leg out of the hand's grip but then her eyes widened when she saw blood coming out of her leg as well…. "HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!… ARMAAN!!!!!! …. HARSH!!!" before she knew it she fell on the floor and her eyes went to the ceiling where she saw Harsh hanging with a rope around his neck…..her body froze and eyes widened…..her breathing got heavier and then she felt a hand crawling to her neck and she saw a hand…….just a hand with no body with it crawling on her neck and then it gripped her

Part 15: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan reached Mallik House and stop his car, he was feeling sad, he love his work but don’t know why for the first time he was feeling bad to go back to his work. He sighed and closed his eyes keeping his head back on car seat, he was not able to understand the turmoil of his heart.

He get out of the car after few minutes and look towards his house, he smile lightly coz this house make him smile in every condition. He get back to his wrking mode remembering how Riddhima tried to make him understand that we can’t ignore our work.

part 47 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

 "Tum theek kehti thi, Kripa! Lagta hai Khanna pariwar ne Misthy ko pehley se hi chahtey thay. Itna interest dikhayi thi ki humey mangni ki taiyyarian lekar hi jana padega.", Padma informed after two days about Naina's interest in seeing Misthy for Kartik. Kripa was thrilled to hear about it as her wishes were coming true. Arman was equally enthusiastic to look forward with the alliance.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


"Harsh…" Riddhima shouted and ran towards her nephew and picked him up in her arms while Armaan gaped at them. He and Harsh had become really good friends and he could see a little of himself in harsh. Harsh had told him that he was here with his governess and was also going to meet his massi since she too was here on the cruise but she didn't know that he was coming as he had told her that he got some last minute school work to do and wouldn't be able to make it because he wanted to surprise her but more than anyone it was Armaan who was surprised to see that Harsh's massi was none other than Riddhima Gupta.

"Armaan meet my massi Shee…" Riddhima quickly placed her hand against Harsh's mouth stopping him from telling Armaan her real name and then she frowned at him..

Part 14 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan was lying on bed in his room flipping around Riddhima’s pic remembering their moments with each other. A beautiful smile lighten his face when he remember how he realized that he loves Riddhima. It was quite natural to fall for her as she has every quality which was needed in any girl.

Riddhima reached her home and went inside her room, she changed her dress and came back after changing her dress. Her mind was occupied by Mallik House, family members and Armaan. An innocent blushing smile form on her lips remembering Armaan. She don’t know why she feel shy infront of him coz she was not this much shy. Indeed her family called her innocent and shy but infront of Armaan her voice get struck somewhere in her throat and that blush creep over her face making everyone tease them.

She was busy in her thought and sleep remembering Armaan.

part 46:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

One Year Passed by'''''''.

"Bhai! Mere liye alagsa ghar dhoondna chahti hoon.  Meri wajah se aap donon apna enjoyment chodkar mujhey entertain karney ki koshish kar rahein hain."  Misthy whined as soon as she freshened up. She didn't like to be forced to accompany Armaan and Kripa to watch a movie every time.

Armaan smiled as he got used to this type of complaints often from Misthy. Misthy continued, "Kab tak tum donon ye chupa chupi kheltey rahogey? Why do you always include me in your outing? Aap kyon Kripa ko samjhatey nahin?"

Monday, 23 April 2018

AR os : Dream Date

"What about Danny?" Muskaan asked her friend, as she nodded her head negatively, with a disgusted face.

"EWWW! No way, he's too touchy, and I heard he's a jerk" she said nodding her head.

Muskaan sighed deeply at her friend, "Come on Ridhz, you gotta pick some one for the dance… okay tell me, what's your ideal man… what type of man does Ridhima Gupta prefer?"

Ridhima looked up dreamily, picturing her idealistic man, "I don't really care about looks Muskaan, but I want my dream guy to take me to a place, filled with candle lights, and then the rain droplets start to fall, he goes on his knees, and just asks me for a dance, and then, he says those three fabulous words to me" she opened her eyes as if she just saw a dream.

part 45:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad walked into Khanna house along with Ridhima after their discussions. Kartik, Aaliyah, Anittah and his parents welcomed him with excitement. "Beta! Tum wapas agaye hai? Kaisey ho. We all missed you a lot." Dilip affectionately tried to take him in his embrace.

"Mainey kaha tha na Ridhima bilkul theek hai. Tum kamakha pareshan hogaye thay." Naina affectionately received them. Angad ignored them and asked Ridhima to go to their room. "Tum upper chalo, main dadi se milkar aata hoon." He signaled Aaliyah to follow Ridhima. Kartik accompanied the two young ladies while Dilip and Naina became pale at his rejection.


Armaan noticed the amused expression on her face and he too remembered their encounter a few minutes back and he shifted uncomfortably but noticing her questioning look he spoke "I am Armaan Malik." but when Sheena didn't reply he continued in a nervous tone "I uh…….am really sorry about what happened in the corridor but it was actually…….I mean uh….am actually……." Armaan sighed and decided it would be best if he told her the truth "Actually I was passing by your room when I heard you singing and I have to tell you that you have an awesomely awesome voice and so I wanted to meet you." Sheena chuckled at the way he complimented her and spoke "Hi am She…I am Riddhima…….Riddhima gupta." Armaan clasped her soft and fragile hand into his huge and strong one and shook it firmly…….glad that they were finally over the awkwardness.

Part 13 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Whole family enjoy with each other playing and laughing. Armaan watch Riddhima she was smiling remembering her moments with Armaan and a blush cover –up her face which make Armaan smile.

He was walking talking on phone regarding his work but his mind was covered by Riddhima, he don’t know how his every thought was moving towards Riddhima, why he used to think about her every moment. He was smiling in his own ignoring the person on another side of phone.

“SIRRRR” someone called him loudly on phone making him keep his phone away from his ears.

“C’mon Akhil can’t you be a little slow” he said.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

AR os : HURRY UP 2!

"I can't believe you actually proposed to me" she said, staring at the ring Armaan gave her.

The two lovers sat down on the shorelines of the beach in each others embrace. Their arms were entangled with each other, as they spoke with their eyes, to keep the peace around the place. The waves hit their feet, as the soothing sound of the ocean made them relax.

"How come you said yes right away?" he asked her, as she looked at him with the weird question.

"Well I think after waiting 20 years for you, I know you completely in and out… Armaan, I trust you blindly, and getting married to you was the only dream I had for the past 10 years… I knew I wanted to get married to you since I was 15" she said kissing his cheek.


Sheena stood leaning on the railings in her balcony thinking of the 15 days ahead.

She was going to live in the cruise as Riddhima Gupta…….she did it just for the fun of it…..having a different name and nobody around her knowing who she really is will be fun…….Sheena smiled and looked up towards the sky enjoying the clear blue sky and the huge see around her. She went inside her suite and started humming a song to herself.

Armaan who was taking his luggage to his suite suddenly stopped in the corridor when he heard a really sweet and melodious voice…….

part 44:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad silently drove away from the city to a restaurant. Ridhima was afraid of talking to him and not even dared to explain to him as she could clearly see the anger in his face. He ordered for scotch ignoring Ridhima's presence. He silently sipped his drink and occasionally rubbed his face. Ridhima fearfully watched him from corner of eyes while he was seriously fuming in thoughts.

Part 12 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Rahul admire Armaan’s face, his brother was laughing freely after a long time, he made himself busy in business and work becoming cut-off from enjoyment. Although he don’t like becoming free with everyone or partying hard like Rahul but something was missing from his life to live it happily.

Thanks to Riddhima he was coming towards life.

“Haste raha kar, achha lagta hai dil ko” Rahul hugged him and Armaan smile.