Saturday, 5 May 2018

part 57 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Armaan! Aap? Yahan, iss waqt? Aap sagai chodke yahan kya kar rahey hai? Aapko function ka time ho nahin raha?" Kripa was surprised to see Arman at door at that time.

Arman rolled his eyes, "pehley mujhey andar aaney dogi?"

Part 25 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan reached his room and lie down being lost in Riddhima’s touch, he remember his sudden confession and smile like an idiot, how he randomly said being so emotional at that moment but it was for the best coz that made Riddhima’s confession out too.

He sleep slowly smiling on his beautiful life and feel blessed to have everyone in his life who means a lot for him.

Riddhima was smiling with closed eyes on bed, that moment when she enter, she touched Armaan and his hug , the way he make her feel special, her heart beat was still fast remembering Armaan’s confession being in her arms. She felt shy now how she kissed him and ran down, she was blushing hard and treid to sleep.


Sheena opened her eyes as the sunlight hit her face. She stretched her arms above her head and as she felt her body ache with a sweet pain, last night came rushing back to her. She wondered if it was all a dream. She looked to her right and was startled to not find Armaan there but than her gaze fell on the pillow which was still pressed down and she knew that Armaan had been there… to her. He really had made love to her last night. He must be outside doing something. She got out of the bed and walked into the washroom. She stood in front of the mirror and her eyes fell on the love bite on her neck. Sheena blushed and she touched her neck, lips and body to feel Armaan's touch again. Sheena felt so complete…..she felt beautiful, loved and wanted. She wanted the day to last forever but she knew that it was not possible. She has to face the reality…..the reality about who Armaan really is.

Friday, 4 May 2018

part 56 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

 "Aao, Kripa! Dekho toh kaun aaya hai!" Gayatri walked to Kripa who just stepped inside the house with vegetable basket on one fine evening of the following week after her grocery shopping.

Kripa was indeed surprised to see Angad all of sudden and stood calmly.  Surya and Angad stopped conversing and turned to her. Gayatri exchanged looks with Angad and brought a big grin on face. Angad stood as greeting Kripa "Hi, Kripa!" Gayatri turned to her to say something and Kripa walked inside the kitchen without reciprocating Angad "Abb yeh yahan akela aaya kiss liye? Meri conditions ki asar abhi tak Naina aunty pur kuch hua hi nahi. Phir yeh yahan kya karney aaya hai?" Kripa kept thinking while placed her basket on kitchen top.

Part 24 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Although Armaan never sing infront of others coz he was a reserve type guy who become free only with his family and few friends. Here also only his friends were present who know him very well and the girls were basically Nikki and Rahul’s friend. They also tried their luck for Armaan but he treat Nikki’s friends like Nikki only thus they have brotherly feelings for him and Rahul’s friends were crazy like him thus he can’t help.

Armaan look towards Riddhima whose eyes were fixed on him and he smile slowly, she bend her eyes down smiling shyly when Armaan look at her.

He hold the guitar and stood keeping his one leg at chair, everyone look at him eagerly waiting for the song coz he was going to sing after a long time.


Sheena looked into Armaan's eyes, the love that she always saw there was replaced by anger and a want of revenge. She wanted to hug him and never let go but she seemed frozen to her spot and than suddenly in a flash Armaan removed the revolver from her forehead and like a lightening he slapped her hard across her face….her lower lip got bruised and there was blood oozing out of it. And then just as quickly as he had slapped her his arm went around her waist and he pulled her body towards his….their bodies were touching each other. Sheena looked up at Armaan's face and saw his jaw tightened with fury and than she heard him speak "If I ever see that Cam b****** lay a finger on you again I swear to god I'll kill him." she had never seen him this angry. Armaan's eyes fell on the blood coming out of Sheena's lower lip…..he raised his thumb and wiped the blood and than cradling her head in his palms he placed his lips on the spot that was bruised…he heard Sheena gasp as he sucked at her lip.

"Armaan!!!" Sheena finally spoke.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

part 55 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Devyani and Gayatri set the house while Kripa took care of Surya and packing their things. Arman arranged the movers to shift the Sarma's family to their own house. Arman and Misthy were upset for Kripa's decision to leave the house. Gayatri consoled and invited them home whenever they want to.
"Hum jaroor ayanegey, Aunty! Yeh sab mainey kabhi chaha nahin magar kismet ne yehi taya karliya hai humarey jindagi mein. Hum jaroor aapko miss karengey." Arman apologetically stared at Kripa from corners of eyes. Kripa turned her face to hide her tears. Misthy hugged Kripa in tears, "Kripa! Humey maaf kardo. Yeh sab unexpectingly hogaya hai. Bhai ko maaf kardo. Wo mazboor thay."

Part 23 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan Riddhima spend quality time with each other while sitting there talking with each other. 

Armaan look towards her when she was saying something looking towards the mountain indicating something and he was all lost in the eternal beauty sitting beside him.

Riddhima feel his intense gaze over her face and realization struck her mind, she looks here and there feeling shy and Armaan enjoy her color change, he smile cutely when her cheeks become red by his gaze.

“Armaan, umm,,, ham chale ab” Riddhima said looking away from him.


Sheena sat down on the couch in her living room. They had decided to go back home and not take the cruise any further. For Sheena it was a great relief because going back to the cruise meant going back to Armaan's memories which was the last thing she wanted to do. Harsh had been mighty pissed at her but eventually had agreed to go back to Chicago as it was his last year there and then he was coming back to India to live with his massi. Sheena had decided to join the force and take up the cases once again though she was still not sure if she would be able to handle the deaths, murders and stuff but she had decided she'll give it a try. After Atul and Anjali's death she had never gone to a crime scene instead she would stay back at the office and do the investigation and interrogation work of the cases.....Cam had joined the same year and was given Atul joshi's murder case. He used to work with Sheena till she was dismissed from the case for her aggressive and unprofessional behavior but the working together on the case had helped them build a very good friendship with each other.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

part 54 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Mausi! Mujhey samajh mein nahin araha hai ki sab bachon ke saat yeh kya horaha hai. Abb main Arman ka saat doon ya Kripa ki. Arman ki ankhon mein Ridhima ko paney ki icha saaf saaf nazar aarahi hai. Meri beti ki jindagi abb aisi mode pur aakar khadi hogayi hai ki aagey ka rasta hi nazar nahin araha hai.  Angad apna pyar ka jigar toh karliya magar humarey barein mein Naina ki nafrat waisey ki waisey hi hai. Kya uss sey yeh rista accept hopayegi? Main bahut dukhi hoon apni beti ki halat ko dekh kar." Gayatri shared her sorrows with Devyani privately.

Part 22 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Family enjoyed dinner happily specially gents, according to them it was worth fasting whole day.

“Woww, aaj to kuch jyada hi tasty tasty foods hain”Vansh exclaimed and everyone laugh.

“Hmm, thanku so much for doing all these efforts aaplog ka fast tha fir v” Billy praised and the ladies gang smile.

They finished their food, since Shashank had to attend meeting following day thus he excuse himself and went to sleep.

Billy too left alongwith Ananya as he was feeling low due to whole day fasting.


"SHEENA!!!" Cam yelled as he broke down the door to her room and saw her sitting in the middle of the room with her knees close to her chest and arms around them and in front of her were some photographs….as he advanced closer he saw that on one side she had placed all the photographs of Atul and Anjali while on the other side were Armaan's photographs…..she was looking very intently at them oblivious to the fact that the room was on fire and the fire was getting closer to where she was sitting.

Without thinking any further he moved forward and picked her up in one swift move and dodging the broken pieces of furniture and trying to protect Sheena in his arms he carried her out of the room and then allowed the fire extinguisher crew to do their job. He took her to his room and placing her on his bed he shook her hard and yelled at her "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING IN THERE???? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU SHEENA??? YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY YOU HAVE FINALLY PUNISHED ATUL'S MURDER……THE GUY WHO RUINED ANJALI'S LIFE…..WHAT WAS ALL THAT ABOUT?"

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

part 53 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman immediately composed himself and decided to take a move. "Kripa! I have to tell you something." Ridhima swallowed hard and joined Arman, "Haan, Kripa! We need to tell you something."

Part 21 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Ammy, what the hell is this?” Rahul asked loudly being shocked.

Armaan get covered by whole family members coz they were hell shocked by his appearance in this way. They were worried for him and he came back all stained red due to blood. 

Riddhima was standing there being shocked, she just get a glimpse of Armaan and blood stains over his dress make her shocked and she get rooted on her spot. She was not able to step forward and her eyes become moist. She control herself somehow and tried her best to return back to reality but failed, she just move backward over stairs being terrified by Armaan’s condition. She went back to stairs ignoring her tears which was continuously wetting her face.


Sheena walked inside her hotel room and locked the door behind her… she walked to the full length mirror across the room and stood in front of it… she took of her glasses and she saw the reflection of her red, swollen eyes… and the past came rushing back to her….

12th December 2002

"Di!!! Anjali di!!!" Sheena yelled on the top of her lungs and searched her whole house but there was no trace of her di anywhere and just when she was about to call her papa….she felt her cell vibrating and she saw there was an SMS from anjali. She quickly read it…

'Sheena I am extremely sorry that I left like this but I had no other option. I love you and papa a lot but I love Atul as well and I cannot marry Vivek so please try to understand… I and Atul are leaving this city but once we are settled and married I'll call you. Tell papa that I am fine and make him understand my situation…. I really hope you both will forgive me.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Part 29 : All for you love

 Hi friends ,how are you all? I am back…and with ‘all for your love’ kyonki is ff ko ud karne ke mails bahut aa rahe hain so maine socha pahle isey hi start karun. Mai one by one sabhi ffs continue karungi..thanks for keeping patience and for you love .

“Sach kahte hain kisike chale jane se zindagi ruk nahin jati.par shayad riddhima ki zindagi usi jagah ruk agyi thi jab sumit sabse dur ja raha tha. Sabne socha tha shayad apne antim palon mein sumit riddhima ko apne paas chahehga,usse shayad kuch kahe. Par nahi….usne toh jaise riddhima ko apni taraf se azad kar diya tha..uski sari responsibilities usne arman par dalkar nischint hokar aankh mundkar so gaya tha..chain ki neend. Aur riddhima…..wah to jaise ek puppet ban gayi thi…..! uski  zindagi ka pahla mout! Aur wo bhi uske sabse karib kisika..jiske sath usne sari umr bitane ka sapna dekah tha…….kitne arman sajaye the….jaise hi dr. ne kaha…sumit roy..death time…12: 33

part 52 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Kripa! Ruko! Mera galatiyan kya hai, tum iss tarah bhaag rahi ho? You are behaving as if I'm stalking you. We loved each other, itna toh yaad rakho, yaar! Itna bedardi mut bano. I don't bother you if you want me to stay away from you. Ek do pyar ki batein bhi nahin ho sakti? I'm missing you so much, bavi!" Angad escaped from the event and fan crowd to catch Kripa alone when she was heading to her apartments. "Bava! Mere haat chodo. Koyi dekhlega. Kyon mere peechey padey huvey ho." She hurriedly checked the surroundings to find if anybody was watching them.

Part 20 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Sir kya hua aap itni jaldi me?” Akhil asked.

Armaan start collecting his belongings hurriedly.

“Ha Akhil it’s an emergency, I have to leave” Armaan said and left from office.

Armaan drive fast and reach to a place which was covered by crowd, he halt his car nearby and run towards it.


Armaan was standing in the corridor totally tensed and worried. He had been waiting for Riddhima from last 5 hours but there has been no clue of her. Harsh had told her that she and Cameron had gone for some work but she could have told him…. He was getting restless and really angry now. How could she be so irresponsible and her cell phone too was switched off…

"Where are you Riddhima?" He spoke out loudly hoping somehow he'll get the answer. He didn't like the fact that Cam was with her as well…. She could have informed him before leaving than why didn't she??

Armaan sighed heavily and was about to go back into his room when his cell rang and Riddhima's name flashed on the screen…. He quickly took the call and spoke

"HELLO!!! Riddhima where the hell are you and why didn't you….

Armaan trailed off when he heard Riddhima sniffing…. It looked like she was crying… "Riddhima are you alright? Tell me sweetheart what's the matter?"

Sunday, 29 April 2018

part 51 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Goodmorning! Kaise mehsoos kar rahey hai abb?" Kripa smiled at Arman as placed the coffee tray on side table." Arman stretched his arms up rested back of his head, "feeling good. Thanks for your moral support."

Kripa adorably smiled, "mainey kya kiya? I just assured you about my support."

Part 19 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan enter inside holding his office bag scratching his forehead smiling on the scene he was daydreaming. 

He went towards hall hoping his family over there but become surprised to see Shashank and Daljeet there. He took their blessings and sit beside Anurag keeping his bag on side table. 

Fortunately, Muskaan,Nikki,Rahul,Vansh and Riddhima were not there. 

“Dad achanak aaplog, pleasant surprise” he said smiling towards them.


He turned around only to see Riddhima nowhere in sight but Cam standing where she was standing just a second back…. Armaan noticed Cam looking at him with his eyes narrowed and Armaan was wondering if he had heard anything…before he could ask anything he heard Cam say "Harsh dragged Riddhima to the buffet table….so you were saying something?"

"Did you hear something?" Armaan asked Cam hoping that he hadn't and to his utter relief Cam spoke "I just came as I saw Harsh dragging Riddhima and thought to tell you to join us." With that Cam walked away while Armaan wiped the sweat that had gathered on his forehead and walked towards where Riddhima and Harsh were standing.