Saturday, 12 May 2018

part 5 : pyar ke mod pe...

'tumse milke….
‘pyar ke mod pe’ sequence…..

Riddhima’s anger reached in extreme…..she came to arman’s room and literally banged the door and in a while arman was in front of her only in a short. riddhima shrieked and turned otherside. arman also got nervous and ran to take something and returned covering himself with a bed sheet. Riddhima was standing in same position while looking other side. Arman uttered : “good morning,miss American..tumhe kuch kahna tha?”
Riddhima turned to him and seeing he was covering himself with bedsheet,she frowned and asked : “tumhare paas pant-shirt nahin hai?”
Arman nodded and replied : “hai toh.”

part 4 : With U

With U: OMG Armaan


Armaan and ridhima meet each other, Muskaan Atul and Anjali meet each other, Muskaan is shocked to see Rahul and the strict dr kreeti is introduce

Ridhima saw the naughty smile on armaan's lips she knew that he was up to something

Dr Kreeti started taking the register after taking the register

Dr Kreeti :ok guys u have 30 minutes to introduce yourselves and then u may go to the canteen but we have to meet each other on the reception desk in 30 minutes. IS THAT CLEAR

All :yes dr kreeti

Atul :omg this kreeti scares me

Muskaan :ur not the only one

Part 32 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan resume his work alongwith Anurag and Rahul alongwith Billy, Vansh and Nikki back to their school and college routine. Everything was like earlier but the change was they never miss to talk with Riddhima Muskaan and family, it become the routine of their day to talk with Gupta’s and Chadhha’s.

Everything was passing smoothly except the two people who don’t talk with each other yess Rahul and Muskaan, they lost contact with each other after coming back from Ramgarh. No one tried to clear about their misunderstanding and Anurag, Billy, Shashank and Daljeet thought what happened to them.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Part 28 : And we are made to be one

part 1 -27

Next morning

Armaan found Ridhima waking him upholding the coffee in her hands with a smile playing on her lips.
Armaan didn't question her for that passing her smile he took the cup from her hand as his head was already it hell to ignore as he did tons of work last night.

Soon he found Ridhima ordering him of his carelessness for himself as he slept last night without even changing or having food that was kept ready for him.

He kept listening to her but never raise his voice to oppose her or to stop her.

part 4 : pyar ke mod pe...

‘tumse milke….”

‘pyar ke mod pe sequence’

Riddhima couldn’t hear what arman exactly said so she uttered angrily : “listen mr. cook..yeh Indian food yahan nahin chalega..aur marco ko pata hai mumma-papa ka diet,so get out from the kitchen and also my house.”

Arman was enjoying her talk so he replied with a shy face : “phir mai kahan jaunga?”

part 3 : With U

With U : will they meet


Armaan thinking about ridhima, atul is introduced, rahul and muskaan meet for the first time and they have a fight on the basket ballcourt

After rahul and muskaan  had their big fiasco on the basket ball court the scene shifts of to a beautiful house the gupta resistence we see two sweet angels sleeping both snuggling into the blackets, but the alarm went on the loud ringing gave both headackes

Anj  :ridhimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa close the alarm plz

Riddz :diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .

Ridhima woke up and close the alarm she rubbed her eyes and she saw the time


Anjali woke up and sat down she saw riddz scared : ridhima kya hua kyu chilaya tumne

Riddz : di its 8:00 am

Anjali :WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 31 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Gupta’s and Chadhha’s packed their bags to leave the place in evening and gather in hall with everyone having tea time.

Riddhima, Nikki and Muskaan were sitting with each other talking about the studies and other random things but Muskaan was lost somewhere else.

“Muskaan, kaha khoye ho aap?” Nikki asked and she look towards them.

“Un,,,,nhi to kahi v nhi” she said gaining the conscious.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

part 3 : pyar ke mod pe (ss)

“Tumse milke……”

riddhima remembered that day well when she met with arman. She went ‘new York city’ for her research work and when she returned after 3-4 days, saw an unknown guy was sitting in drawing room and talking with her parents.seeing her,padma uttered excitedly : “aa gayi beta? dekh toh koun aaya hai?”

seeing that Indian guy,riddhima glared her mom and asked : “koun?”

padma scared a bit seeing her angry face and uttered slowly : “wo..actually india se hai..

Riddhima replied glaring arman : “means jo india se hai sabko mai pehchanti hun? Mom,I don’t have any interest who is he,I have to go back my centre,bas kuch files chahiye they so came back,I am in a hurry.”

part 2 : With U

love will find a way

armaan meets riddz in a ballroom ridhima see's armaan face cause he wasn't wearing a mask but armaan couldn't see her face cause she was wearing a red mask.[the don't know each other's name]

ridhima was in her car thing about that guy she danced in the ballroom {armaan}

ridhima :who was that guy uski akhe itni sweet thi,uske boli surat koyi bhi ladki uspe marti hogi. Mein uske bare mein itni kyu soch rahi hooon,woh sirf aur sirf ek ladka hai.

ridhima reahed home her driver opened the door for her and then she went in she new that her papa would be really upset cause her papa told her to be home by 10 but now it's 10.20.Ridhima got really scared she was thing "what if papa got really mad at me","what willl i do then". Ridhima went in she saw her papa sitting there watching T.V, ridhima's papa's name was shanshank a doctor in sanjeevani. beside her papa her dadi was there.[same dadi as in dill mill gayye]. Ridhima quietly went in.

part 62 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Kripa was helping Armaan and Ridhima by gathering all stuff together in one place for Kartik and Misthy's wedding. Angad grabbed her hand and pulled into a room while she was walking into the main mandap hall. He pressed her to the wall and tightened his grip over her hands. Kripa furiously tried to release herself, "Yeh kya kar rahey ho? Chodo mujhey." Angad brought his cheek to hers and softly rubbed together. "Chod doonga, First let me know if you are happy now." Kripa frowned, "Happy? kiss baat keliye?"

Part 30 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next Morning,

Everyone get up and after their daily routine they gather in hall for breakfast in total desi style, although they were not habitual to it but they were enjoying it to the core.

Riddhima came with Mohan kaka and Prerna holding different plates and dishes, they kept in between as they were sitting down on floor and eagerly waiting for breakfast.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

part 2 : pyar ke mod pe (ss)


"Koi ban jaye mera aisi taqdeer nahin
dil ke aainey mein ab koi tasvir nahin
yeh haqiqat hai asar kho chuki aahein meri
pyar ke mod pe........"

arman looked at their wedding photo which was he kept in his locker and mumbled : “congrates have done it.”

He heard muskan’s voice from back : “kisse baat kara raha hai hero?”

Arman closed the locker and uttered turning to her : “kisise nahi.”

Muskan uttered frowning : “maine suna..tu kisiko congrates kah raha tha.”

Intro & part 1 : With U

Dr Armaan

very sweet hot guy get what he want always flirts around with girls.Thinks girls as past times but when life takes a deep turn he can't stop falling for the girl everytime.He want to become a doctor even though he loves messing around he always wanted to become a dcotor.

Dr Ridhima

ridhima a very kind and generous girl,she loves everyone and everything in the world she respects everyone and has a dream of becomign a big doctor like a fatherand she loves her sister Anjali.

Dr Atul

atul a very sweet guy always a girls best friend never takes girls as joke.A very funny guy and very enjoyable person his dad dreams is for him to become a doctor.

Dr Anjali

Anjali is very kind same as in dill mill gayye she gets whatever she wants she loves here sister and she ia one of the lovley doctors.

Dr Muskaan

muskaan a very sweet doctor she loves talking so much 24/7 but everyone try's to ignore her but they can't her laugh is really loud it gets everyone annoyedand a very good doctor.

Dr Rahul

Rahul a very good guy loves messing about a really big flirt and a new doctor in sanjeevani.

Dr shashank

The dean of sanjeevani the father of anjali and ridhima his wife died in a car crash he was kind of upset but then got over it he still misses her.He has a best friend calles Padma on of the nurses they share everything together.

part 61 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Next day Kripa and Taniya were decorating Misthy for the Sangeet. Aaliyah, Prithvi, Anittah and Mannan were busy in selecting the songs on behalf of their group. Sapna came with a pad and pen into the room where Misthy was getting ready. "Kripa! Go and Quickly get ready for the sangeet now. Aaliyah, Anittah and all people from groom side were busy gathering all kinds of songs. They have Prithvi and Angad to help them. You know they are the best singers. No one is there in our side to face them." Misthy and Kripa smiled at her concern. "Tumhey kya lagta hai, Sapna! Humarey paas koyi nahi hai? Kripa bhabhi akeli saari kami puri kar sakti hai. She is the best of all best singers here. Dekhtey reh jayengey wo log." Taniya proudly mentioned the talent of Kripa. Kripa friendly slapped her head, "bahut hogaya bhabhi ki chamchi! Chup karo. I know Angad and Prithvi are the best ones. Phir bhi, as you mentioned we can face them easily. Chalo, Misthy! You are ready to go."

Part 29 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Mallik’s and Gupta’s were very happy for Riddhima and Armaan’s engagement, they enjoyed a lot and Armaan Riddhima were sitting among them being shy and happy in heart.

It was so random that they need time to digest the fact that they are engaged now and this feeling was making them excited. She shyly look towards him and he pass a smile sitting on stage.

“Armaan bhaiya abhi dekhne dikhane ka session over ho gya ho to lets proceed for dinner” Nikki said and Armaan pass her a glare.

“Ha aur babaji ki kasam badi bhook lagi hai mujhe to” Muskaan said and they laugh.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Part 1 : pyar ke mod pe (ss)

"Pyar ke mod pe chodoge jo rahen meri
tumko dhundegi zamane main nigahen meri..
pyar ke mod pe……....."

riddhima was looked at the taxi driver with a jerk from the back seat,and got he was shaking his head and humming the song which was playing on the player.the driver also noticed her from mirror and uttered : “sorry ma’m,if you don’t like ,I will off the player.actually I like to listen music while driving.”

Riddhima smiled lightly and uttered : “its ok john,but how you like hindi song?”

John uttered excitedly : “actually my mother is from india and dad is from Canada.”

Part 28: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Rucha, dekho jara kaun aaya hai?” Rucha’s mother called her and she turn around.

“OMG!! Aunty aap log, itna late kaun karta hai aane me” she become happy and hugged them.

“Sorry beta thodi der ho gai” Ananya said and she smile.

“Dekho kitne log aaye hain tumse milne” Prerna introduced everyone and she smile.

“Omg! Ye hain Armaan bhai ki hone wali dulhan, she is so beautiful” she said and hugged her.

part 60 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Hi, Misthy! Aajao, join us." Kartik invited Misthy who was walking towards Armaan and Ridhima. Misthy settled beside Kripa with lunch plate.

"Abb do din mein tum donon ke shadi hai. Kya chal raha hai mann mein?" Kripa teasingly enquired Misthy in low voice by tapping her eyes. She was still felt awkward to face Angad in front of everyone and tried to hide herself away from him. Kartik sat beside her and comforted her from being embarrassed in front of Angad. He also observed Kripa's silent reserved behavior for last one week. He wanted to help them to become friendly again.


Sheena drove towards the hospital where Sumit was admitted but just when she was about to take the turn her cell phone rang and Cam was flashing over it.

"Ya Cam?"

"Sheena you didn't give me the recorded confession of Vivek. What am I supposed to tell the chief? I have no evidence."

"Oh cummon Cam stop being a sissy. Just tell chief that I have all the evidence we'll need and also a letter written by Anjali di which clearly says that Vivek had been blackmailing and threatening them with aggressive calls. He had even tried to molest di and she had reported it with the local police but those b******* didn't do anything. The case could have been easily solved than itself but no they were cheap enough to take money from Vivek and shut up. I have interrogated a Bangalore cop and I have his signed testimony. I'll get that as well. Cam you can chill coz I have enough evidences to nail these brutes but I am not going to give them to anyone. I am going to guard them with my life. I have already lost a lot of time and a lot of damage too has been done and now I can't afford a single mistake. I'll be there soon just let me get Sumit. I am outside the hospital so will talk to you later."

Monday, 7 May 2018

part 59 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Armaan and Ridhima couldn't convince Angad for simple marriage. "Ridhima went through a lot in past one year. Her dreams are coming true now. She deserves a grand happy wedding," Angad's explanation closed all doors to them from bargaining. He arranged the same banquet hall for their wedding and invited all colleagues, known people of Armaan and Ridhima. Since Kartik's wedding followed in two days in the same place, Khanna family stayed back in Hyderabad. Gayatri offered them to stay with them but Naina refused, "Gayatri! Shadi se pehley hi aapke ghar mein kaisey rahengey? Baratiyoan ko toh humarey ghar se hi nikalna hai na!" Angad also convinced Gayatri to stay away since Kripa's anger was yet to cool down.

Part 27: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Muskaan went back to her room and sleep after sometime coz her mind was disturb and yet she don’t want to stress it more, she thought she was giving so much attention to this particular thing.

Next day Riddhima gets up first as it was her routine and she was feeling happy and exciting being at haveli, she wanted to explore everything there but that wasn’t possible as they came there first time and probably after marriage she can visit Ramgarh and enjoy.

She took shower and did puja, since it was quite village area thus most of the servants were awake and Mohan kaka smile when he saw her in haveli’s temple. Riddhima was praying and get up after completing her puja and gave aarti to those who were present there. 


Sheena parked her bike outside the back of a hotel. There was a press conference going on. She went inside from the back door and climbed the stairs to reach the balcony of the hall where the press conference was going on. On stage she saw the man she was here for. The press conference was being held for a merger between two chains of hotels. And the owners were on stage to talk to the press. The owners were none other than Sumit, Armaan's brother and Vivek, her father's friend's son….the guy who was supposed to get married to Anjali but Anjali had turned him down and he had tried to take revenge on them but the story wasn't as simple as it looked because she still couldn't understand as to why did he frame Armaan. But shaking the thoughts away she decided to focus on the mission. She was standing behind a curtain, hidden to the people in the hall. She took out a blade from her belt and positioning it between her fingers she aimed at Sumit. She was getting nervous because she didn't want to harm him but if she missed her target he might die. She squinted her eyes to focus harder. She gripped the pillar she was standing against and was about to throw the blade towards Sumit when she decided that the chances of the her achieving her target were very slim. She walked out of the balcony and went downstairs but the problem was that if she went inside the hall she won't be able to do her job without being seen. And there was a lot of security inside. She went

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Arsh one Shot : I'll Remember You

The past few weeks had been taking their toll on the exhausted Armaan Mallik. Running errands for one person or another, ordering essentials, calling all the decorators, contacting the sponsors for the event and just making sure everything was being done right. It was the second annual masquerade ball that his company organizes for charity and he didn't want to make the same mistakes as the previous year. Although the previous year seemed to be a wonderful event for the guests; Armaan knew that there were many problems involved with the execution that the guests did not know. It was the night before the event and Armaan sat at his desk and made phone call after phone call. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

part 58 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

 "Kripa! Jaldi aao, beti! Papa is waiting for you." Gayatri yelled fourth time from prayer room. She decided to do Ganesh puja first in the next morning to start the wedding preparations. Kripa refused for all these formalities from the beginning. "Mama! Yeh meri pehla shadi nahin hai. Why do you trouble yourself with all these preparations?" But Gayatri ignored her warnings and continued with her plans.

Part 26: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Everyone went to their room so that they can relax for sometime, Riddhima took shower and feel fresh, she was wearing a simple yellow suit which was of full length and net dupatta giving her a gorgeous look. 

“Nikki, Muskaan chalo na bahar dekhte hain kitni achhi jagah hai” Riddhima said but they were lying down like lifeless.

“Bhabhi feeling sooooooo tired” Nikki murmured.

“And you Muskaan?” she look towards her.


Sheena parked her bike in its usual place outside the cemetery and getting down she took off her helmet and placing it over her bike she walked inside the cemetery and taking out the white tulips she had inside her jacket, she placed them over her father's grave.

She moved to her di's grave and placing a few Orchids there she touched her di's grave and her palm stayed there for some time with the tears flowing down her eyes and her shoulders shaking while she cried silently.

"I have….been the….worst sister ever." She broke down into violent sobs crying a little loudly. "You tried to tell me the truth but I never understood. I….couldn't unde….rstand….your parting….words di." Sheena spoke in between her sobs.

"You always used to understand everything I wanted when I was a little kid without my telling you. You sheltered me from every difficulty when mom died. You gave me so much love and I couldn't punish the man who took away your happiness. Di I am sorry….I am so sorry…."