Saturday, 19 May 2018

Part 9 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

As Armaan miss Amyra, he move towards her room when he realized that the light was on... Armaan remember that he has off it before coming out from her room in morning before getting ready to work... Thinking that maybe he forgot to off the lights, Armaan open the door to be left shocked to see Amyra sleeping on her bed, holding her favorite bunny which her father has got for her... 

Last part : And we are made to be one

The Couple came out with Man supporting the lady to walk while the girl holding her Tummy. He carefully made her sit on the couch in the living room where they found a girl in the house setting the place according to the comfort of the lady.
“Ridhima” came a voice.
“Haan Muskaan” replied lady sitting on the couch.
“Doctor ke yahan kab jana hai” Muskaan asked.

part 10: With U

With U: manofying


Ridhima finds out the bitter truth that armaan and prachi are not a couple but just friends

 It was late at night now

Still the same day

All interns are gone home except armaan who dr kreeti told to stay to take care of riddz

Kreeti let prachi go because she had to do preperation for the engement

So in the specail ward it was ridhima by herself waiting for armaan to come so she could appoligse

Friday, 18 May 2018

Part 8 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

Being angry, Armaan look around to see a scissor on the cupboard... Armaan took it and look towards Riddhima as fire sparkle in his eyes... Riddhima got scared seeing Armaan anger, she try to speak but no words came out from her mouth... Armaan move forward, holding the scissor, raising it while Riddhima cross her hand on face to block him from hurting her..

part 9: With U

With U: Realisation??????????


Ridhima meets with an accident, armaan and his cute little sister Tia has a talk about ridhima, and Dr Kreeti calls armaan and tells him that ridhima met with an accident. Armaan comes to the hospital and his been told that he needs to take care of ridhima's case. Armaan spends the whole night beside ridhima's bed crying and remembering all the good times

Armaan quickly gets up as he sees ridhima's hand moving

Ridhima slowly opens her eyes and the first thing she saw was armaan's face which looked like he couldn't be bothered

Ridhima remembered what happened yesterday

Her eyes were fuming in anger as she remembered how armaan and prachi were so close to each other and how they went home together last night

Thursday, 17 May 2018

part 29 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

It’s been nearly a month still Armaan was ignoring interaction with everyone including his own family excluding ridhima. He wasn’t talking to anyone but ridhima wasn’t letting him be in his shell, she keep trying to talk to him and in lone time when she talk to him he have started to respond her in somewhat normal way but when she try to indulge him in conversation in presence of third person he kept his silence. She even tried to take him down to have some family time thinking he will eventually come out of his shell but it never happen, he do sit with her holding her hand but it was always in a way that clearly spoke to others that he isn’t comfortable with them around him that surely hurt everyone to know that.

Part 7 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

Riddhima didn't understand what to do when the door bell ring, Amyra who was searching with her mother sit on the couch being tired... Amyra took her blocks bag to play as she couldn't find her mother mobile so she sit to rest and kill time waiting for her father to come for dinner...
'Koan ho sakta hai is waqt...???' Riddhima said checking the wall clock and opening the door...
'Riddhima...???' A guy stood as Riddhima open the door...
'Ji. Aap...???' Riddhima asked not recognizing the person...
'Akshay, Akshay Khanna...' Guy said introducing himself...

Part 31 : And we are made to be one

It’s been a few days now to that incident where she got to know her real identity, where ridhima became Ridhima Gupta or she was Gupta before becoming Malik.

Ridhima chose to keep Shashank under illusion of her being Ria only for some time before she gets emotionally stable herself to take upon her papa's emotional outburst

Now it’s routine for ridhima that she attend every need of Shashank till the time he close his eyes for the day ridhima walks in freely into Armaan's room also. Knocking on the door, peeping for eyes safety, looking for a reason to walk in was all gone talking along the hesitation. Now it’s like she doesn't care for damn permission it's her husband's room.

part 8 : With U

With U: An accident good or bad????


Ridhima over hears prachi and armaan talking about them and she misunderstands them and armaan slaps ridhima on the terrace

Arman left the terrace with tears flowing everywhere

Ridhima was back and back untill she was leaning againist the wall, she nevr thought it could hurt so much.

Ridhima : (to herself) was armaan right should have i  gave him a chance to explain or should i have just got it over with, mein kya karu kuch samj me nahi ah raha

Just then 2 ridhima's came up in front of riddz, 1 bad and the other good. The bad one wore a black salwar and the good one wore a red salwar

Red: ridhima, armaan ko ek mokha do

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Part 6 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

'Good morning princess...' Armaan wake Amyra by caring her hair...
Amyra move in her sleep feeling the disturbance, she hide her face with the comforter pulling it over her head... Armaan smile seeing how Amyra wasn't ready to get up, also he was feeling bad so he thought to spend sometimes with his darling daughter as today is Sunday... 

part 7 : With U

With U : A slap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Armaan and ridhima had very cute moments together in the hospital and a girl comes and hugs armaan all the interns are shocked and ridhima is in deep shock

Armaan: oh my god tum kab aye

Girl :ajj hi

Into about the girl

Prachi basu : the hottest girl ever, armaan and prachi are best friend , prachi left armaan 7 years back cause she had to go to london , she and armaan are still best friend

Prachi :oh my god i missed u janni

Armaan :i missed u too cuttie

All were shocked, ridhima was on the urge of crying

Part 36 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Rahul came back from police station and saw Armaan sleeping peacefully in his room, he smile knowing very well who could do this and went to take rest for sometime.

During evening, 

Armaan woke and get ready after freshing up while Rahul too get ready and they came down at the same time, Armaan was looking better now coz Riddhima asked doctor to give him an injection to reduce pain and now he was feeling much better.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Part 30 : All for your love

Next day when arman got up,saw riddhima was freshened up and was getting ready.he asked surprisingly : “itni subah kahan jana hai?”

Riddhima uttered slowly : “dadi aur papa humare lonavala orphanage ja rahe hain, they asked me.”

Arman uttered hurriedly : “haan ,toh tum bhi jao na unke sath. Waise bhi ghar me rahte bore ho gayi hogi.”

Part 5 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

Armaan who was leaving a MSG to Riddhima, to inform that he would reach in half an hour look up hearing the voice... Armaan got surprise seeing who it was while the girl stood near the table, she also was surprise as she look towards them...
'Armaan...???' Girl said...
'Shyna...???' Armaan said... 

Part 30 : And we are made to be one

Three of them enter in the house, girls were laughing over something whispering to themselves while Armaan came behind them holding his bag locking the door behind while both the girls moved to Shashank hugging him.

He smiled at them hugging them while Armaan sat on the couch tired from all the happening. They were talking when shashank’s eyes fell on the locket ridhima was wearing. Firstly he was confused and kept on staring it, when ridhima happen to look at him.

part 6 B : With U

With U : WOW


Armaan and ridhima went out had some ahem ahem momments

Ridhima didn't know how to say it, she came closer and kissed him on the cheek and ran inside. She turned around and blushed

Armaan :ohey hoye

Ridhima runs upstairs anjali is sitting on her bed, ridhima runs towards the belcony and waves at armaan and says bye, armaan gives a flying kiss and leaves

She comes and sees anjali sitting there looking really angry

Ridhima :hii di {trying to make anji's mood bit ok}

Anjali  :HIIIIIIIIIIIII  tum tum how r u wet and this sand every where on u

Part 35 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan look towards her being amused, he knew that now she was regreting why she said those words but he loved the way Riddhima express her right over him.

“Riddhima” Armaan called her.

There was something different in his voice which make her look towards him atonce, she thought he will tease him like always but no his face was depicting something else.

“Kya hua Armaan?” she asked coming towards him.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Part 4 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

'Mammi...' Riddhima heard Amyra voice as she answer the call...
Riddhima was thinking about the case as just a day was left for the first hearing... While thinking, Riddhima didn't realized when she fall asleep as she was still feeling restless not knowing how things will go... Riddhima didn't want to loose hope and she knows it would be difficult for her daughter too to start her life with her mother... 

part 6 A : With U

With U : Will they kiss? {A}


Armaan asks ridhima out for the movies and then romancing in the movie theatre

Armaan brought ridhima lips closer but but then the light came on and the noise came and armaan and ridhima came back to normal both were really embaressed.

Ridhima :erm armaan chale

It was about 10 now and ridhima had to go home. They reached outside the parking lot

Ridhima :armaan i need to go home now its already 10

Armaan :ridhima plzzzzz stay for a another hour plzzzz

Ridhima saw his eyes she couldn't have said no

Ridhima :i'll call di {smilling}

Armaaaan :YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 34 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan become shocked by Rahul’s reaction, he look towards him thinking now what to do.

“Kyu??” he asked.

“I have work over here” he said not meeting his eyes with him.

“C’mon Rahul kaam to Dad v dekh sakte hain” Armaan said.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Part 3 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)

'Please let me go...' Lady said...
'Arey aap dar kyun rahe ho, I want you... Teach me english...' Guy said, who was sitting in front of the lady...
'My english, not good... Me, no teacher...' Lady said...
'Bhai, yeh toh bol rahi hai isse english nehi aati...' Another guy said...
'Vivek, mujhe samajh aa raha hai yeh kiya bol rahi hai...' Guy said...
'You need... Good teacher... Me... Not good...' Lady said getting their attention...
'You don't know me... I m Prakash Gupta...' Prakash said as he sit like a boss in the couch...

Part 29 : And we are made to be one

Armaan was all confused he was about to question to Muskaan about the happening but that very instance Armaan received a call from the Shashank Asking for if he have any idea of ridhima/ria and muskaan as its been whole day now that they have gone out.

Armaan was confused when he saw muskaan escaping from his cabin, his eyes followed her when he saw her stopping near the end of one of the cubical talking to someone.

"Papa kya hua aap pareshan lag rahe hain...” Armaan asked while his eyes were on muskaan only as he wanted his answers from her and he don’t won't to wait for getting them so he kept her under his view so he can get her the next moment he will be over with call.

part 5 : With U

With U :will they go out?


Muskaan faints in a operation, atul thinking of anjali, rahul and anjali's day went as normal. Armaan and ridhima had cute momments together

It was almost the end of the day well exactly 8cpm everyone was tired. Armaan and ridhima couldn't utter a word after what had happned tehy just acted as professional in the hospital. Muskaan was back to normal and dr kreeeti gave her time to get mentallly prepared. Atul was toooooooo in a dream land with anjali

In the locker

Atul :i am sooooooooooooooooooooo tired

Anjali :meeeeee tooooooo

Muskaan :first day and soooooo bad

Rahul :muskaan i heard to fainted in the middle of a operation {started laughing}

Muskaan :haa haaaa  stup up rahul

Part 33 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next day,

Armaan gets up when sun rays start falling on his face, he frown first as his sweet dream with Riddhima breaks by it then gets up and move towards washroom. Came back after few minutes and get ready for office smiling on the video chat with Riddhima previous night.

He came down while humming a song slowly and sit on dining table looking toward others passing his usually cute smile wishing good morning to everyone.

“Ye Rahul nhi aaya abhi tak” Billy said.

“Ha kafi time lag rha hai aaj use” Anurag said.