Saturday, 26 May 2018

part 3 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

armaan and riddhima came out of each others' embrace after some time and before armaan could say or do anything else, riddhima spoke

riddhima:  armaan i think i should get going.. have to prepare for a surgery i have to perform tomorrow

armaan : look i am sorry again.. i didn't mean to say that or hurt you in any way.. as i said earlier, i just wanted to let you know the truth..

riddhima: initially i was upset, i didn't know mom was going about spreading my story to everyone, i thought she was only going to add to my embarrassment by doing this, but now i get why she did that.. i realize you can be trusted.. thanks for being there for my mother for me.. it really means a lot to us..

Part 39 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next Day,

Riddhima get up soon to see all were sleeping like maniac spreading their legs and hands here and there, she smile a bit but thought to get them up before everyone came back to home.

She was about to call Muskaan but her eyes went towards Armaan, a feeling of happiness arise inside her when she find him sleeping cutely like a kid holding the pillow, comforter was lying beside and Rahul’s leg was over him, she chuckle but controlling her smile thought to wake him up.

Riddhima sit beside Armaan and slowly move Rahul, Armaan also move and turn to the side where Riddhima was sitting. Unknowingly his hand fall on her and she bend down by the weight.

part 11 & 12: Love ?

Part: 11

S: kya ridhima? Bataona….

R: spna woh……

S: ridhz...koi baat he bhi ya nahi.

R: ha woh kunal tumse baat karna chahata tha..

S: kya baat he?

R: tum woh usi se hi puch lena.

S: kunal laha he?

R: I think woh cafeteria me tumhara wait kar raha he.

S: chalo hum dono saath hi jaate he.

R: lekin me waha kya karugi…

part 07& 08 : My Heart Doesn't Beat Without You

Part 07


Sid - ridhima ridhima ridhima... tumhara armaan nahi aane wala yahan....
ridhima - naam maat lo mera armaan ka aapni galdi jubaan se...
Sid - itna ghussaa..... badi hi tikhi mirchi ho tum toh....
ridhima turn her face...
Sid again came close and and
ridhima - ARMAAN !!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 25 May 2018

part 2 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Shubhankar: toh sid, kya hua tha tumhare aur riddhima ke beech mein

Sid: wahi joh sab love stories me starting mein  hota hain

Shabhankar: jhagda?

Sid: haan.. jhagda


Riddhima: excuse me? What did you just say?

Sid: what did i just say?

Riddhima: i couldn't hear you properly.. that's why i am asking you dumhead

Sid: well golden words are not repeated

part 9 & 10: Love ?


Ridhima screams so loud. Ridhima turn back to see the person.

R: tum?

K: ha me.

R: kunal tum aaj nahi bachoge.

K: me to kab bacha hu.

Ridhima punches him.

K: I m sorry baba.

R: aage se aisa mat karna.

part 05 & 06 : My Heart Doesn't Beat Without You

After sometime spending with eachother sharing an understanding silence.. both of them get up from bed to get ready.......

ridhima was out from wash room after taking a long bath. and was standing in her bath rob abd armaan was going to get in the wash room to freshen up..
ridhima called him from back.....

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Part 38 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Muskaan and Riddhima arrange bedding on terrace with the help of Nikki, Rahul and Armaan.

“Chalo ab so jao” Armaan said and they make sad faces.

“Armaan bhaiya” Vansh pull his shirt and Armaan look towards him with his raised brows “Kal to school v nhi jana hai to itni jaldi kyu sona hai” he said pouting.

“Kyunki, apki Mumma ne bola hai aap jyada late tak nhi jaagoge” Armaan said coming upto his level.

part 7 & 8 : Love ?

Part 7

Guy: hi. Ridhima.

When Ridhima saw him she became really happy and she hug him.

R: I missed u Raj…

Ra: please call me RJ.

part 04 : My Heart Doesn't Beat Without You


they both gone to a blissfull sleep in each others arm.. sleeping peacefully after a whole year... they don't know when they bboth drifted to sleep loving each other......


next part


next moring

ridhima was disturbed by the sudden sun ray falling on her cute smiling face...
she frown with the disturbance cause to her beautiful sleep....
she turn her head and hug the person next to her.... ,her love ,her life ,her passsion ,her possession ,her husband ,her armaan.......

Epilogue : "kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi"

After 2 years

Riddhima made sleep the babies and came in her room where arman was waiting for her. Anjali gifted arman riddhima twins,a baby boy and a baby girl…baby boy was named ‘Aman’ and riddhima kept baby girl’s name ‘Anshula’ which was sounding like anjali. When anjali was pregnant,riddhima was always with her like a shadow,taking care of her 24 hours. Anjali didn’t want to take risk so stopped to go court also and did her courtwork from home. Riddhima took all responsibilities of bittu also. All were only waiting for the baby and when doctor informed that anjali has twins. Arman and riddhima was worried like hell but doctor assured them the babies are good and healthy.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Intro & Part 1 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Dear diary,

I am going back to sanjeevani today, back to what was once my world, my life.. back to who was once my life..

yes i know it will be difficult to face him after 3 long years of separation, but i must show him what he has lost.. well it was not my fault all this happened, to say the least.. well i admit i did have a small part to play, but it was small.. a tiny bit.. but what he did, i can never forgive him for that

yes sid, i am returning to take revenge from you.. to take away from you what you had taken away from me.. my heart.. my life.. and break it into a million peices after that, like you had broken mine..

beware siddhant modi, i am returning, to destroy your life forever.. i know you will not forgive me after this, but i need to do it.. for self satisfaction..

tit-for-tat mr.siddhant modi,

part 5 & 6 : Love ?


an: tum?
Padma: tum isko janti ho?
An: ha mom ham aaj hospital me mile the.
P: beta tum andar aao na.
Ar: me sahi pate pe to aaya hu na. kya yahi gupta mantion hain?
An: ha?
P: andar aao na beta.

part 03 : My Heart Doesn't Beat Without You


Armaan shhhhh mein yahin hun basket hamesha tumhare saath tumhare passs..... Hamesha aab koi humein aalag nahi kar sakta.. Koi nahi ... Bhagwan bhi nahi maut(ridhima hold more tightly onto armaan) bhi nahi.....
Aab ye armaan sirf ridhima ka hai.... Aab koi ridhima ke armaan ko haath nahi laga sakta.. Pata hai kyun....
Ridhima- kyun (innocently)..


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Part 11 (last part) : kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

Riddhima was sitting in the garden while watching the orphanage children were playing there. they were jumping,laughing,hopping,running..some were singing in loud voice…some children were trying to make something with mud..all were lost in their own world…they were looking very cute .riddhima heaved a long breathe and wiped her tears . her life was totally empty without a baby but she knew she was so unlucky that couldn’t get her own baby. She heard miss bose’s voice : “kisi bachche ko adopt kyon nahi kar leti riddhima?”

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Part 37 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

They were eager to fix a date for marriage soon so that Muskaan and Riddhima would live with their in-laws happily moreover everyone knew that their happiness resides with each other.

“Chaliye bhai, finally roka to ho gaya, achha hua jo ye Rahul ko koi pasand to aaya” Anurag said laughing while Rahul make faces.

“Lekin bhaisahab, ek baat ki tension hai” Daljeet said.

“Kaisi tension?” Billy asked and others get serious.

part 3 & 4 : Love ?

 Part 3  :

K: ouch me bhi inshan hu.
An: oh.muje to pata hi nahi tha anyways thanks for telling me.
R: di aap bhina.
At: aab muje pata chala.
K: kya.
At: ki ridhz muje 2 interns ke bare me kyu puch rahi thi.
K: kyu?
At: kyu ke who tumhe aur uski di (he stops) by the way (to anjali) aap ka naam kya hai?
An: Anjli shasank gupta.
At: nice name.
An: I know.
Anjali go from there.

part 02 : My Heart Doesn't Beat Without You


bring her back to the room and wipe her face which were having tears strains....

here shanky and sid were waiting for ridhima to come to the mandap....
but when they saw armaan coming .... they get greatest shock...


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that is part 2


and when they saw ridhima in his arms they became tensed....every one rush to ridhima and armaan to know whats going on... But armaan ignored everyone and move towards mandap.....

Part 10 : ‘kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi”

Shshank told everyone of arman’s family the same which said to arman .balvinder was calm hearing that shshnak knew about where was riddhima but ananya got angry.she addressed to shshank : “sorry bhai sa’b,par aapki beti yeh galat kar rahi hai,arman aur hum sabke pyar ka faida utha rahi hai wo.usey aisa nahi karna chahiye tha. Arman ne uske liye jo kiya usey uska bilkul bhi ehsaas nahi hai warna is tarah usey akela chodkar nahi jati wo….aur..

Epilogue : And we are made to be one

A Year Later

A baby boy was crying while ridhima was having a bath. Armaan walked in to be welcomed by his crying prince. At instant Armaan took him in his arms cuddling him to his chest, sensing a loving touch he lean on more to his father. He stopped crying at once looking at his father cuddling him he gave his best smile to his father who was in awe at his angelic charming smile.
“How is my little man doing? Kyun ro rahe the aap… hmm” Armaan asked tickling his tummy. In response he just giggle hard making Armaan too smile.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Intro & part 1 & 2 : Love?

Armaan: he finishes his medical school. He is a rich guy. He doesn't believe in love. He like too be cool.

Ridhima: she is sweet girl. She thinks love is every thing. She loves her sister and her family. She has two best friends: kunal and sapna.

Kunal: he is rich. He is ridhima's best friend. His father is ridhima's father's best friend.
Atul: he is kind and lovable person. He just moves to Mumbai to finish his study.

Part 01 : My Heart Doesn't Beat Without You

It starts after the episode no. 541.... Where ridhima was on the verge of drinking poison.... Saying....

Ridhima- Jite ji toh aapne pyaar ko hasil nahi kar pai...
Shayad mar kar hi usse pa lun....
Umeed hai isse jindagi ke safar se mout ka safar aasan hogaa....

And ridhima saying this bring the poision bottle near hear mouth to drink it.... But....

A person came running to her.. and a hand comes and stopped her... From consuming the poison... And give her hand a tight jerk making the poison bottle break into pieces on the floor and ridhima stare to the broken bottle she was too lost that she didn't saw the person in front of her....

part 9 : kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

atul came in anjali’s chember and asked worriedly : “kya hua anjali? Tumne mujhe yahan kyon bulaya?”

anjali ,who was sitting in her cabin with a tensed face,uttered : “baitho,kuch important baat hai.”

Atul was also got tensed seeing anjali’s face as he always saw her calm face in each and every situation. He sat quietly.anjali called her peon and instructed no to allow anyone in her cabin then looked at atul and uttered : “atul,arman was called me just I hour back,he is coming here..riddhima left home..and went somewhere…arman don’t know where…riddhima got to know about the problem she has…” she narrated everthing in one go which riddhima had written in that letter and looked at atul.

Atul was numb hearing it! He saw anjali started fidgeting her fingers restlessly.atul knew when anjali was tensed ,she kept her words in English only.other time,atul used to tease her for this habit but now this matter made atul also worry but he tried to calm himself and uttered : “don’t worry anajli,riddhima arman se,hum sabse alag hokar nahi ji sakti..abhi shayad bahut dukhi hai aisa decision liya hai . arman ne uske friends ko phone kiya kya?”

part 31 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

After it was done Armaan walked up to the room and stood in the balcony attached to it looking at the kids playing in orphanage backside of the house.
Ridhima came there looking for Armaan seeing him standing out in open air she too walked up to him and stood beside him looking at the kids not saying anything for some time. It was silence between then only.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

part 8 : kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

next day riddhima decided to go delhi and packed her bags.all were surprised to hear her this sudden decision.anjali asked : “kya hua ridhzi? Yeh achanak delhi jane ka faisla kyon liya?”
riddhima uttered sighly : “bas yon hi di,bahut din ho gaye yahan aaye so I thought to go.”
Ananya uttered smilingly : “I think riddhima ne sahi decision liya hai.arey,wahan mera beta akela hai..usey khane peene ki problem hogi na.”

Part.30 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Having finished their noodles ridhima stood up to keep the plates away in the kitchen with the thoughts to clean it next morning. Coming back she saw armaan again lying in the Couch holding on the cushion in his arms. “Armaan why are you lying here in the Couch” armaan looked at her before speaking in small voice “I don’t know where to sleep it’s your house. I… I mean it’s your room up there I…” he didn’t continues but left his words in middle. “Armaan when I came into your house getting married wasn’t it your room where I have been living since then.”

Part 10 :Bepannah Mohabbat (An AR Mini SS)


'Dadda...' Amyra came running from her parents room...
Armaan was in the hall as he has come to attend a call, as Riddhima and Amyra was sleeping a while ago Armaan wondered what happen to Amyra as suddenly came calling him... Telling the caller that he would call back, Armaan cut the call facing his daughter...