Saturday, 2 June 2018

part 14 : With U

With U: Double party


 A whole day of tiredness and then the mehendi ceremony

 Opening her eyes in the morning again she was tierd but today she decided to go jogging. Wearing her orange and black tracksuit she made her was through her house wearing her trainers on. Teing her curly hair into a bun she made her way out of the house adn went jogging.

Looking around at the lush grass that grew larger and larger day by day, but the love still stood there within them. The sky was dakr blue, clouds sparkling across looking at thought diamonds were shinning high up, the world was a nice but not it was turning into the most annoying place anyone could ever be in.

part 2: Pehchan


The Modi mansion was abuzz with activity that evening. Rahul, the youngest Modi had graduated with honors from St. Joseph's college with a B.Com degree and was ready to set step into the real world. It was Riddhima's idea to celebrate his graduation in a grandiose manner. Padma, who usually concurred with her favorite daughter-in-law's ideas, agreed readily. After all, since Abhimanyu's wedding, the Modi's had not celebrated anything big in the past few years.

Last Part : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

 I am so happy Riddhima.. after seing the new you i thought i'd lost you.. thankyou for forgiving me and giving me another chance... I.."

His words had been left incomplete as riddhima broke out of the hug and left the room

Riddhima didn't know what to do.. she didn't know anything...Why was Armaan affecting her so much? He was only supposed to be her neighbour after all

She was wandering in the corridors when she bumped into abhi.. but she was deep in thought and continued walking, without even stoping to apologize to the person she bumped into..

"Riddhima what's wrong?"

" huh what.. uhm.. ar... i mean abhi"

Friday, 1 June 2018

kash os : Our identity..our baby Love

There she is, the  apple of her father's eye. Wrapped in the labyrinth of two Dora quilts, covered from head to toe with all sorts of winter clothes possible. Only the hands were bare, and that is what seems to have created the trouble for her...He chuckled seeing her  struggling to hold her left pinky finger precisely with her right hand and frowning at her failure.. She was his life.. no matter how tired she was after coming  from shoot, his two angels were enough to de stress him.. They were his de stressing factors, as he fondly called them..

part 13 : With U

Part 13: Delicious


 A whole lotta fun on the engagement

Anjali jealous of Nikki, atul's friend

 Rahul and Muskaan have a veryyyyyy close moment

AR sweetness with a whole bitterness

Oh baby if you find I'm not the loving kind,
I'll buy you flowers; I'll pour you wine,
Do anything to change your mind.
I know you may be disinclined,
To find the love we left behind,
So kiss me then make up your mind,
I'm not the loving kind

Intro & part 1: Pehchan

Riddhima Modi, wife of Abhimanyu Modi, a successful business tycoon has been married to him for the last five years. They live in a joint family with Abhimanyu's parents, Shashank and Padma Modi, his elder brother, Atul Modi with his disabled wife Anjali Modi, and his younger unmarried brother Rahul Modi  is the heart and soul of this family; along with her mother-in-law, she is responsible for keeping everyone united.

 One day, a stranger walks into the Modi household. His name is Armaan Malik, a parentless young man, a musician from the US, who has come to India in search of his roots and identity- his 'pehchan.' Armaan soon forms a bond with all the Modis and while searching for his identity, falls in love with Riddhima. Does Armaan's quest for his identity help find her own self? Does she realize that despite having everything in life, something was amiss till Armaan entered her life?





part 9 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Scene shifts to sid at home

He is standing near the window, and replaying all the events that had taken place ever since riddhima returned.. his tears refused to stop as he thought about the guy who was with her.. armaan.. his blood began to boil as he remembered how he had seen armaan lost in riddhima when he first came into her cabin.. and then the way armaan had hit him and made him bleed.. and then finally what he saw today...

But it wasn't really that guys fault.. if anyone had to be blamed for everything that was happening in his life.. it was him.. he had destroyed his own life..he closed his eyes and another tear made its way down his cheek 

 Kya hua ye, jo hua ye

Scene shifts to armaan- riddhima in her cabin

Thursday, 31 May 2018

part 12 : with U

Part 12 - How close


The engagement is about to start

As the girls walked in staring at the guys

Prachi was standing with neev both holding hands

Prachi: awwww thanks for comming guys

Riddz huggs prachi but from the back she was staring right at armaan

Armaan turns around giving ridhima a nasty glare as don't talk to him ever again

part 8 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Riddhima went into the general ward, with abhi and armaan, in order to meet the other interns and doctors of sanjeevani... 

as she entered the ward, she saw the most shocking sight in front of her.. there were 4 interns, (with their backs facing riddhima) who were literally screaming at each other, and nikki, who was sitting in one corner of the room with her hand on her head..

armaan looked at nikki and chuckled, while riddhima heard that and gave armaan a deadly gare.. he knew that riddhima didn't like nikki's very existence.. but it was just a misunderstanding, and he was sure riddhima would understand that quite soon..

Riddhima looked at the scene infront of her again.. the interns were in the centre of the room, shouting and swearing at each other, while their patients were wide awake, their eyes wide and their hands on their ears.. riddhima sighed and went forward, to discipline these interns of hers..

Riddhima : INTERNS!

Last Part : Love?

R: I love u.

Armaan was shocked. He had tears in his eyes.

Ar: I love u 2.

R: I know.

Ar: tumne bahot der kar di.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

part 11: With U

With U: Engagement


Ridhima trys to get armaan back

We find out that rahul and muskaan are together but no one knows

Ridhima day dreams of her and armaan having ahem ahem moments

It was morning now

Ridhima woke up earlier then anjali asual

Ridhima woke a red churidar

part 7: Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Sid walked out of the hospital that day, with his vision blurred, due to the tears that threatened to spill and his eyes showing nothing but sorrow.. he went into the sanjeevani parking lot and got into his car, to get back home..

he had tolerated enough already.. one on side, he couldn't imagine riddhima forgeting him and moving ahead, and on the other hand, he had seen her with this Dr. armaan throughout the day..

he just went home and sat back on his bed... recalling all those wonderful moments that he had spent with riddhima.. this only added to his pain.. but what did he expect? Riddhima coming back and accepting him back in her life with a smile? He knew that wouldn't be the case.. he knew he had to suffer.. but he had continued searching for her because somewhere deep down he believed that one day she would come back in his life..

Part 41 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Everyone came at late evening , enjoying whole day to fullest with lots of shopping and wandering although they missed their love birds a lot during whole trip but they were happy as Armaan Riddhima will get some time to spend alone.

Rahul was boggled at that time and asked “Kyu sirf Ammy ko hi kyu, mera aur Muskaan ka v to roka hua hai” Rahul said looking towards them with a smirk and Muskaan punched him from behind.

part 19 : Love ?


AJ: Armaan''

Armaan was shocked'.

Ar(to him self): anjali ne sab sun liya hoga to kya hoga'.god save me'..

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Arsh OS: you r the best thing that has ever happened To me

Why do u love me so much?", a frustrated Shilpa asked for the infinith time to her husband, Armaan. Armaan, who was busy gazing at the sea, turned to look at his lady love standing with her hands on her hips, fuming red. He chuckled  at the sight of  her little  swollen nose red with anger. "Why does she always  look so cute?", he pondered smiling..

"You are not gonna answer  me right?Fine I am leaving then..Stay here and romance  with the  sea.." The furious Shilpa spat...
"Maat jao na Shona.. plz?"

part 6 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Armaan left the cabin and roamed around the hospital, to search for riddhima.. he finally found her in the fire escape of the hospital and he knew she was crying.. he went into the exit and sat beside her..

" i am sorry" armaan said and looked at riddhima who gave him a confused look

" i am sorry for not being able to control my anger and hurting your ex-fiance" he said, looking away now.. he knew that would make her feel better, but he needed to make her feel like he is guilty.. he just needed to.. without any apparent reason

Riddhima's expressions changed from sorrow to happiness as soon as he said that.. she gave him a small smile and then looked away again..

"i do not love him" she said all of a sudden, shocking armaan.. now what was this new twist?

 "you what?"

part 17 & 18: Love ?

Part: 16

RJ saw anjali,'.

Rj: anjali tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?

An: enjoy'.

Rj: lekin ridhz'

An: kya ridhz?

Rj: tum ridhima se mili ya nahi?

An: ha me usko ghar par hi mili thi, tum ne usko yaha dekha'.

Monday, 28 May 2018

part 5 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Riddhima woke up at 7am in the morning the following day, jogged in her garden, came back, took a quick shower, changed into her next favourite dress(after the one she for armaan yesterday),  applied lip gloss, curled her hair, and did everything to make sure she looked perfect.

 She was going to see him after 3 years.. and he NEEDS to realize that she has changed, she has moved on in life.. he needs to feel guilty... for her revenge plan to move on...

She went downstairs to the dining room, picked up an apple and walked to armaan's house, so they could both go to sanjeevani and join her mother over there

She entered the house, and looked around, but he was nowhere to be seen.. she went into the dining room, kitchen and when she didn't find him anywhere on the first flor, she went to the second floor and opened the door of his room and was left stunned.. he was still sleeping?

Part 40 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Ok Riddhima hamlog chalte hain and do take care of Armaan uski chot agar achhi nhi hui to badh sakti hai, give him a pain killer first” Shashank said.

“Ok, Dad” she replied.

They left Mallik Mansion and Armaan was lying in his room sighing as he was not able to accompany them.

part 15 & 16: Love ?


Ar: kya kaha aap ne mom?

St: yahi ke muje sab pata he'..

Ar: aisa kuch bhi nahi he'..

St: mene sab sun liya tha'.jab tum kunal se baate kar rahe the'..

Ar: mom!!

St: tu mera beta he aur tune muje hi nahi bataya'

Sunday, 27 May 2018

part 4 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Riddhima came out of the hug and looked at him again.. yes it was no imagination.. he was really there..but the question here was - why was he hiding? He knew mom quite well, and she would surely have no problem with him visiting.. that left only one option - he was hiding from me?...  why in the world did he have to do that? I kept thinking as i looked at mom.. and then i realized.. she had been saying something to me, but i was obviously not paying any attention to her and instead, i was thinking of armaan mallik.. god what's wrong with me...?

"so beta.. how was france" she asked me, as i looked at her with a blank expression

"hmm... france... as usual" i said, without thinking about it at all.. obviously.. what was i supposed to say, when the only thing in my mind right then was armaan mallik?

part 13 & 14: Love ?

Part: 13

Armaan was thinking about ridhima while he was driving….

Ar: ye muje kya ho gaya?

He reach gupta house….

O: hi…beta….kaisa he?

Ar: dad me thik hu…

Every one circle around armaan and aking question about his health…..

Ar:(to himself) ridhima kaha he?

part 09& 10 : My Heart Doesn't Beat Without You

Part 09

when ridhima wake up she saw herself in armaan's arm resting peacefully.... Armaan was having an adorable smile on his face.... And his face covered with her long silky hairs...

Ridhima smile seening this... When she moves her hair away from his face it was tickeling him and genlty he rub his nose on the pillow and move and hide himself more in ridhima's neck and slept peacefully.... Ridhima was now possessivly hold by him... She was not able to move a bit but she was not frowning but loving it...