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part 63 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Kripa was dazzling in colorful outfit and reached the sangeet ceremony with Sapna when everyone was wondering at her late arrival. Angad's heart raced at her entry. He was missing her since morning. Kripa was angry on everyone for unknown reason since Gayatri told about the ceremonies before wedding. She avoided the Satyanarayan puja in the morning performed by the newly wedded couple Kartik and Misthy despite Gayatri's pleads. Gayatri gave an excuse of her headache to everyone. Angad suspected about her lie but couldn't meet her since she was resting in her house.

Part 44 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Rahul reached hospital alongwith Armaan and they rushed inside.

“Doctor” he shouted.

“Oh! Mr.Mallik aap? Wo apka case tha, OMG! C’mon rush inside with patient.” Doctor said once he noticed Rahul and commanded nurses over there.

“Don’t worry, I’ll check him now” he said and went inside.

At Party Venue,

Kash os : Connected by pain, locked in love

"You will regret Karan, I am warning you. This time you are willingly letting your love walk away form you. Dont do this son, it won't earn you anything. Call her back, hold her back.Dont let her go please," the woman pleaded.

"What are you saying Maasi?I cannot make any sense out of your words,"Karan replied, looking away.

"You love her don't you?"

"Its nothing like that Maasi, I don't love Shona"

part 9 : Pehchan


Dinner time was sacred at the Modi house. Over the years, Padma had made a rule that unless a family member was away from home due to business or education everyone had to show up at the dining table at 9 pm sharp. There were days when that was the only time, the family saw or talked to each other. It was easy to stay tucked in your own corner in the large mansion. After Padma,

Friday, 8 June 2018

part 10 : Shikayat -season 2

part 1 -9

'Armaan...' Riddhima whisper his name as she hold his face in her palm...
Their face were just few inch away and Riddhima didn't want Armaan to see anything else other than her at the moment... Armaan who was standing like a statue as the sight give him a shocked and make his mind travel to the day which change his life was pull back to reality with Riddhima voice...

When his mind realized Riddhima standing so closed, his hands automatically move around her waist to feel if she was truly with him or not... Feeling Riddhima warm breath on his face and her body warm, Armaan mind started to relax as his racing heartbeat slow down too...


I was enjoying with Riddhima and new people as they admire and compliment how perfect me and Riddhima look together... I feel bless to hear those nice words from them and have Riddhima as my wife because she truly is an angel for me...

part 2 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

The Girl saw her friends coming out of the bar. Anjali was still a bit sober, but Naina and Aman were totally drunk. The girl sighed and hoped for a peaceful night. Naina and Aman were together since 3 year and were in a live in relationship. After dropping both of them to their home and tugging them in their bed, Anjali and the girl got back in the car. That was the perfect moment for Anjali to start the conversation.
An: Yr, wo ladka tera naam puch raha tha
G: Koun?
An: Are wohi, jis ke saath tu itna chipak chipak ke dance kar rahi thi.
G: Oh... tune bataya use?

part 8 : Pehchan


After their return from the academy, the estranged couple found themselves even more alienated from each other. Padma's frosty and distant monosyllables reminded Shashank of the day she had discovered Damini's letter. Had Armaan's question regarding his father spilled the beans he had so precariously been hiding the last few days? The fact that Damini was no more had also shaken him up. Not that he ever expected to meet her again, but the realization that someone who had once been so intimate with him was no longer alive, saddened him even more.


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Blissful Relations (An AR OS )

Girl was sleeping as her hair was all over her face, as it hide a part of her face... It was early morning and hardly the sun has come out when the room door open where the girl was sleeping... Two heads peeped inside the door to make sure that the girl wasn't disturb, mischief smiles form on their lips seeing their path clear...
Not making any noise, slowly they move inside and soon they climb on the bed with their eyes fixed on the girl face... Huge smile took on their faces as they successfully sit either side of the girl who was unaware of the present around her...
With naughtiness sparkling in their eyes, they bend over the girl just to get their head bumped to each other... They move away holding their head but manage to let no sound  come out from their mouth... Looking each other, they frown when their attempt to wake the girl goes waste as they both try at the same time...
Once again, they try and this time they successfully kiss the girl cheeks making her smile... Smiles also form in their face seeing the beauty smiling and they wait for the girl to open her eyes knowing very well that their present must have disturb her sleep...
As the girls wasn't in deep slumber, feeling lips on her cheeks as two of the mischief in the house shower love on her like they do every day, she slowly open her eyes as it was still filled with sleep... When she open her eyes, the two make themselves comfortable on her either side as she put her hands around them as they laid half on her...

Part 43 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima smile forwarding her hand and Armaan hold it gladly getting up, they reached towards their parents and Armaan called Rahul and others, soon they get ready to move towards home as they have to leave for Delhi early morning, lots of works were pending.

“Oh No! kal to ham chale jayenge” Vansh said.

“Kyu Vansh tumhe nhi jana hai kya?” Muskaan asked.

“Agar meri vacations hoti to mai nhi jata but studies are also important na” he said and they giggle on his explanation.

“Good Boy, chalo ab” Prerna said and they left.

part 7 : Pehchan

Ajnabi mujhko itna bata dil mera kyon pareshaan hai
Dekh ke tujhko aisa lage jaise barson ki pehchaan hai
Kitni bholi hai tu kitni nadaan hai
Dil ki baaton se anjaan hai

(From pyar tho hona hi tha)

RECAP: "Train se?" She was surprised, "achcha jao…..tumhein baad mein bulaaungi," she let go of the chauffeur and sat down with her cup of morning tea to read the newspaper.

"Why did Armaan not go in the car?"

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


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Part 1 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

Loud music, crowded place filled with girls and boys as they move to the beat. They were enjoying the night without caring about the time. Some where just dancing while, others got drunk and tried to keep themselves on their feet not being aware with whom they were dancing.
As the night went on, more people kept moving in to join the fun whereas some were just sitting around and watching the fun. Some people were here to enjoy their night, whereas some were here to forget their tensions and struggle in life.

part 7 : Pyar ke mod pe

"tumse milke"

3-4 days went but riddhima’s car didn’t come back from garage and arman got the golden chance to drop and pick her. At first riddhima refused to go with him but then agreed.actually she started liking to ride his bike while sitting behind him.she loved arman’s blabbering on the whole way…..he talked about his childhood..about his his friends..rahul,muskan,nikki,
anjali…Hearing about them from arman ,riddhima felt that she knew everyone…rahul-muskan’s

part 6: Pehchan

RECAP: "Then don't play with this burnt had….I want your teachers to hear your best compositions….not an out of tune one," she rubbed an antibiotic ointment on his palm, soothing not only his scorched skin but also his soul. He knew at that moment that even though, she could never belong to him, he would always belong to her. Come what may, he would always be there for her, thick or thin, just like a true friend would. She was his reason to love the Modis, his reason to stay back in India, his reason to prove himself to the Music Academy, and his reason for existence from now on…..

"RIDDHIMA!RIDDHIMA! WHERE THE H**L IS EVERYONE?" Abhimanyu roared into the house.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Part 42 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan happily rushed towards his room, he wants to believe her words although it was quite tough but still he wants it to be true.

He enter in his room and was about to switch on the light but something caught his attention, something kept on his bed and was shining in darkness.

Armaan curiously hold it and smile, it was a card in which Armaan was written with Radium layer that’s why it was shining.

He switched on the light and serach here and there for what Riddhima left for him or what she was trying to say. Suddenly he noticed the words of card.

part 5: Pehchan

"Come on Kavya…'s late in the night beta…..let me put you to bed," Atul broke away from the group with bleary eyed five-year old in his arms.

"I think we should also call it a night," Shashank stretched his arms and congratulated Armaan once again for his beautiful compositions, "beta….I am sure the Indian Music Academy would be proud to have you as a student."

Monday, 4 June 2018

part 6 : pyar ke mod pe....

"tumse milke"

And they became friends…only friends as riddhima took promise from arman…..“see arman,tum utne bure nahin ho jitna maine socha tha aur mumma-papa bhi tumhe pasand karte hain..aur kal friendship day tha..tumne kal hi ‘request’ I accepted..par isse aage badhne ki sochna bhi mat okay?”

“Request?” pooh!...arman malik kabhi kisiko request nahi karta hai miss American….”

“ok,toh thik hai,friendship cancel…”

Kash Os : Seedhi Saadhi and Tedha Medha KaSh

 Standing alone in the deserted parking lot she felt eerie. It was already late; on top of that there was not sight of him. Let alone him, no sight of any human being. Only the faint sound of the street guards blowing their whistle reached her eardrums.

Suddenly, a car screeched to halt in front of her, jerking her out of her reverie. Peeping inside, she saw him on the driving seat- fastened securely with the seat belt, hands placed on the steering wheel, gaze fixed at the dark ahead.Without any delay, she got in.

"Why are you late Karan? You came down before me, what took you so long? Do you know how dodgy this place is?" she said indignantly.

"You should have thought that before refusing to come down with me, Shilpa I thought you were busy with your friend," Karan snarled back, air quoting the last word.

"Why are you being so unreasonable Karan? He is just our director. I was saying bye to him,"Shilpa retorted, irritated at her husband for his "unreasonability".

"Fine you know what? Just leave it!" Karan spat.

part 16 (last part) : With U

With U: The end


 Anjali runs away from atul as he see's atul and nikki dancing

And then the most awaited confession on AR

All of them walked in looking dashing as possible, ridhima walked in blushing like hell remembering ever single this that happened yesterday.

Atul was walking around when he finally noticed her standing with riddz so he was walking over to them

Anji: Hmm riddz i'll go meet prachi and come on

part 4: Pehchan

As Rahul's graduation party ended…….

It was past midnight. Riddhima, Padma, Shashank, Atul and Rahul bade farewell to the last of the guests. Anjali had retired to her room along with Kavya, although sleep was miles away from the five year old eyes.

Armaan, who had entertained the guests all night, rubbed his calloused fingers against his pants and placed his guitar in it's case. He looked around; everyone was busy wrapping up for the night. Feeling a bit awkward with only the Modi family around him, he hung his bag and guitar case to leave the premises.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

part 15 : With U

With U: Marriage


 A henz party all the boys sneak in to see the girl, AR cute momment and the confession about to happen

 Riddz: armaan (questioningly)

Armaan didn't say anything they both just stood there staring at each other, now words escaped their mouths, he was leaning sooo close to her, her entire body pressing against his. Armaan wanted to say something but didn't he just closed it again, being there with riddz was his happiest momment ever. Looking at her face very confused at his reaction.

part 3: Pehchan

RECAP: Shashank, who had been equally enamored by Armaan's performance, overheard his name and walked towards Armaan.

"Mujhse milne? Kaun ho tum beta?" Shashank smiled at the handsome young man. Something about him was very familiar. He stared into Armaan's eyes for some clues, but he could not place his finger on why he seemed familiar.

"Hello sir! I am Armaan Malik! Son of Damini Malik!"