Saturday, 16 June 2018

Part 1 : You Will Forever Be My Always

He stood outside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for what seemed like forever but in reality had only been a couple of hours, his eyes bloodshot with already shed and yet to be unshed tears, he felt like life was being sucked out of him as he kept his teary gaze fixed on his wife as she lay inside the ICU battling for her life while he did the same seeing her condition. His numb hand moved up on its own accord touching the small window through which he saw his wife while another lone tear made its way down his eyes...The night grew darker but he did not move from his place, his friends begged him to sit down but he did not even bother answering them, suddenly he heard the sound of a crying

part 4 : The Night Of Confession

(Ok guys we'r gonna go back in time a little bit)

Its 12.30 am. Outside Sanjeevani Atul is just soo happy to give Anjali a ride home on his amatuerish bike. He was obviously a little conscious, but then he was the "Atul" who is just blooming with confidence all the time.

Anjali- Yeah, I guess I have to go home with you.

Atul- (**singing**) Anjali, Anjali, Anjali meri Anjali Anjali!!!!! Oh Anjali tumne to meri life banadi!!

part 14 : Shikayat -season 2

Door bell was continuously ringing making every single one sleep break, as it was Sunday Nikki and Karan hasn't wake up... Armaan was in gym area, letting all his frustration out in to his boxing bag as his mind was very much disturb about Riddhima situation...
No one knows that how Armaan let his frustration out till date because he try his best to keep himself normal in front of them... Let them think that, Riddhima absent didn't bother him but truth was that along with Riddhima and every single person who is related to her, was suffering along with her...
As the door bell keeps ringing, Armaan came out from the gym while Karan and Nikki also came out from their respective rooms as they try to understand who has come so early, that too in a weekend... Most people would just stay in their respective rooms till late to get their much needed rest but seems like someone is much more depress...

part 16 : Pehchan

Na jaane kaise, pal me badal jaatey hain
yeh duniya ke badaltey rishtey
na jaane kaise, rangon me dhal jaatey hain
yeh duniya ke badaltey rishtey


"Hello mamaji….this is Armaan."

"Hello beta….how's everything going?" Dilip answered the call from his nephew.

"Not good….I'm coming back."

Friday, 15 June 2018

part 3 : The Night Of Confession

Armaan turned back and saw Riddhima's tears. Ahh the tears..! Why the tears..!

Armaan ran to Riddhima. He put his hand on her shoulder..she was literally trembling.

Armaan- Riddhima...Kya hua Riddhima..? Tum ro kyun rahi ho..? Mujhse koi galti hui kya..?
Dekho Riddhima agar mujhse koi galti hui hai to mujhse please batao lekin kam se kam yun ro ke mujhe itni badi saza to mat do. Please.

Part 47 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Everyone move out leaving Shashank, Doctor and nurses there. 

Rahul left unwillingly looking towards Armaan till exit.

They came out and Riddhima was standing at the door looking towards it not knowing what to do or what to say. She was just staring the door next to which Armaan was lying. Her condition was happy sad mixed as she was happy that Armaan gained conscious but still he didn’t opened his eyes properly yet.

“Riddhima beta” Ananya kept her hand over her shoulder and she came back from thought.

“J,,Ji, Mom” she replied her.

part 15 : Pehchan

Koee ye kaise bataaye ke wo tanahaa kyon hai
Wo jo apanaa thaa, wahee aaur kisee kaa kyon hai
Yahee duniyaan hain to fir, ayesee ye duniyaan kyon hai
Yahee hotaa hain to, aakhir yahee hotaa kyon hai?

Ik jaraa haath badhaa de to, pakad le daaman
Us ke seene mein samaa jaaye, humaaree dhadakan
Itanee kurbat hain to fir faasalaa itanaa kyon hai?

Dila-ye-barabaad se nikalaa naheen abatak koee
Ik loote ghar pe diyaa karataa hain dastak koee
Aas jo toot gayee hain fir se bandhaataa kyon hai?

Tum masarrt kaa kaho yaa ise gam kaa rishtaa
Kahate hain pyaar kaa rishtaa hain janam kaa rishtaa
Hai janam kaa jo ye rishtaa to badalataa kyon hai?

Thursday, 14 June 2018

part 8 : Pyar ke mod pe

"tumse milke"

Arman didn’t understand what riddhima wanted..she liked him only or loved him…cause sometimes riddhima was very friendly with him..sometimes she made herself so reseved,arman was hesitated to ask her anything. Now she spent less time at home,most of her time she stayed in laboratory. Arman noticed something was happening with her which she didn’t want to share to day she came from lab and went in her room throwing things on the floor. Shshank and padma got scared but they did’t have courage to ask her.when arman came from hospital at evening ,got to know that riddhima had closed herself in ther room and crying.

part 2 : The Night Of Confession


After Anjali saw Riddhima leave, she headed back towards Sanjeevani. She was planning to go to the locker room and gather her stuff. But Anjali just could not stop thinking about Riddhima asking for Armaan and then without telling anyone leaving at midnight. Ahhh she was soo tired. But she knew one thing that no matter what..Riddhima was a mature and responsible girl and she probably left for some important work and that she'll be back pretty soon.

In the Locker Room

Everyone is soo tired. But our two lovely cartoons Atul and Muskaan are singing "Race saanson ki..Race dhadkan kiii..My heart is racing on" loudly as if there is no tomorrow.

Atul-Nashaaaaaaaaaa....teraaaaaaaa...nashaaaaa ....nashila nashila haiii...

part 13 : Shikayat -season 2

Karan was about to leave when they heard Riddhima scream, Nikki and Armaan were still having their breakfast as Nikki knows Armaan would drop her on his way to office like usual it would be either Karan or Armaan who drop her to collage...
Hearing Riddhima sudden scared scream, they first kept looking each other but it didn't take much time them to realized what must have happen... Karan who was holding his bag left it while Armaan and Nikki also left their breakfast as they all move to Armaan Riddhima room...
It was Armaan who reach first as Nikki and Karan came behind him, he saw Riddhima sitting near the wardrobe, hiding her face as her eyes were shut tight... Knowing Riddhima was very scared, Armaan quickly move inside and in to time, he was sitting next to her...
'Riddhima... Riddhima...' Armaan call her name as he try to get her attention...

part 14 : Pehchan

After hanging up with Armaan, Riddhima walked back to her room with dinner for her husband. Her emotions swung like a pendulum as she ascended the stairs. Was she doing the right thing by suspecting her husband of adultery? What if Armaan was mistaken? What if Abhimanyu was innocent? Was she dishonoring the bond that they had formed five years ago around the sacred fire? What about her faith in her mangalsutra and her Gods? Was she betraying everyone by casting a doubt on her husband? What about her relationship to the rest of the family? The bond of marriage encompassed his whole family- now her family.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

part 1 : The Night Of Confession


At Sanjeevani...(Armaan walking down the hallways) Armaan is upset over everything. He's upset with Riddhima for being stubborn and unreasonable. He's upset because one of his patients is not doing too well. Also, he's upset because he just found out that his Shehnaaz Bi has been supporting Riddhima.

part 4 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

After her late-night job, Riddhima returned back to be welcomed by a moody Zoya. Unlike other times, Zoya didn't welcome her as she just sat in front of the television but was cursing someone under her breath. Riddhima wondered what happened, as it was past Zoya's bed time. She had college tomorrow.
Seeing her not so happy expression, Riddhima understood something was bothering her. No matter how tired she was, Riddhima could never go without knowing what was bothering her baby sister that she was still up.
R: Kiya hua, kis bechare ko gaali de rahi hai.

Part 46: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Aur is musibat ki ghadi me ham sab apke sath hain” Padma said gaining their attention.

Everyone turn towards the door shockingly as Padma Daljeet Shweta Riddhima and Muskaan were standing on the door.

Padma move forward and hugged Ananya while Shweta did the same with Prerna.

“Shashank tune mujhe v batana jaruri nhi samjha” Daljeet said being annoyed.

part 13 : Pehchan

RECAP: Standing at the ledge of the doorway, she overheard Armaan and Aradhana's conversation about Abhimanyu's affair, Nikita and their trip to Germany. Her face could not lose any more color than it had in the last two days. Almost ghostlike, she stared blankly at the tulsi plant in the center, uttering to herself, "ab mujhey koi nahin bikher sakta Armaan aur didi…..bikhri tho main pehle thi…..ab tho sambhalne ka waqt aa gaya hai. Ab apni zindgai ke faisle main khud loongi…..koi aur nahin."

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

part 12 : Shikayat -season 2

'Raina...???' Armaan whisper...
'Ammyyy...' Raina came running towards Armaan and hugs him...
Karan and Riddhima was surprise with the sudden present but they didn't say a word, Riddhima didn't like the fact that this girl was all over her husband and seeing Armaan uncomfortable expression she thought to save him from this Raina girl seeing how she wasn't willing to leave Armaan...
They all stood up when Raina move to Armaan, Nikki also just kept staring at her being surprise with her sudden arrival... Neither of them was expecting Raina, that too at this time of the night without informing before coming to someone house...
When Raina kept hugging Armaan and even Karan was feeling uncomfortable to see this girl hugging his already married son, Karan turn his face looking every where else... Riddhima saw how everyone was getting uncomfortable with the situation so thought to break the moment...
'Excuse me...' Riddhima said pulling Armaan away from the girl...

Kash os :A Day off with KaSh in KaSh land

"Arrghhhhhhhhh…….bhishummpaaaammgarrrrrrr……..Tha Tha ……,"she yelled at the top of her lungs, sitting on her daddy's tummy.

" Okay meri maa, here you go with your pacifier. What  Angel? I took a day off for you and thought you are going to talk to Dada, but …Ouch," before he could finish she punched him hard on his nose, while trying to learn how to grab his nose with her little fingers.

" Karan, are you okay? Did it hurt much? Let me see," a sweet angelic voice screamed in panic, while slowly moving Karan's hand away from his  eyes to see what happened. His other hand was still holding the baby. She  hadn't yet learnt  to sit without any support.

" Open your eyes slowly and let me see," the voice insisted, still in a state of panic.

part 12 : Pehchan

RECAP: Even Shailendra noticed that the stranger was staring at his sister in law, shedding tears like he was a long lost friend. He was at ease both with the Modis and their daughter in law. Shailendra's political radar was on high alert; he stood up and walked towards Armaan.

Monday, 11 June 2018

part 3 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

Armaan left from there, leaving Riddhima in her own thoughts. She was thinking, thinking about Armaan. About his nature. That was the first time that someone put a shawl around her body, to cover her up, instead of taking her clothes off. Riddhima was impressed. Unknowingly Armaan made his entry in her heart.

Part 45 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima called several times to know his whereabouts but she become tensed as he was not receiving her call.

“Ye Dad phone kyu nhi utha rahe hain” she murmured.

“Kya hua Riddhima koi problem hai kya?” Padma asked coming towards her.

“N,,,nhi to Mom, koi problem nhi hai, wo bas mujhe hospital jana hai na Dad nhi hain to, isliye mai call kar rahi thi ek case k bare me puchna tha” Riddhima said relaxing Padma.

part 11 : Pehchan


"Hey baby! I have some good news for you," Abhimanyu kissed Nikita and dumped his briefcase on the sofa.

"Really?" Still frazzled from the near mishap with Armaan's visit, Nikita smiled and gathered her composure.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Bas...Yun Hi... (AR os)

  Armaan eyes travelled over the couple as they danced close to each other and he felt a hard piercing against his heart, strangely accompanied with a heart felt prayer for the couple. He closed his eyes and whispered silently to himself, "Aaj tera kaam poora ho gaya, Armaan...aaj tune Riddhima ki zindagi uske hisaab se theek kar di...usko woh khushi lauta di jo unchaahe, unjaane hi usse cheen li thi...ab teri yahan kissiko zaroorat nahin hai...Sid Riddhima ko khush rakhega...Riddhima ko uski khushi mil gayyee hai ab." He glanced once more at the women whom he had loved since before he could jolt his memory back...with her, he had become better and now he had to repay her with her happiness, even if it was not him. So he said a silent goodbye to her and prayed that she may always have a smile on her face and dreams in her eyes and may God always fulfill all her desires. May her choice keep her happy till eternity and may she forget the past which had hurt her so much even if that meant that she forget him and the millions of moments they had shared because Armaan only wanted her happiness, her smile and if he himself was the cause of her sadness then he had no right to make those eyes fill up with tears.

part 11 : Shikayat -season 2

It has been almost time for Armaan and Riddhima honeymoon to get over as just two days were left... In this past days, both enjoy every bit of the country they visit... Also they did lots of shopping for their parents and Nikki who has send a long list of what she wants when they go back...

As just two days were left, Armaan has arrange something special for them... In last ten days, they had been spending most of their times with other couples as they go to discover the place's around the country... They had make some good friends as they would be hanging almost whole day...

Night time was the only time that they get to spend with each other which Armaan used very well as most of the night they would have dinner in their suite as both get too tired to go out after an adventurous day... So Armaan thought, it would be best that before leave they spend some precious alone time...

part 10 : Pehchan

Riddhima walked back to her room, clutching her new laptop between her hands and chest. At that moment, the gift was more precious than any she had received in the past. Abhimanyu was fast asleep when she walked in. Instead of lying beside him, she hung onto her gift and settled on a couch in the bedroom. His snub at her homemade kheer had hurt her more than she had ever felt. Abhimanyu's action had not been unusual, but Armaan's reaction to his heartless behavior had as if lifted a hazy screen of self-sacrificing dedication towards her husband from her eyes. Carefully, she removed the laptop from it's case, wiped it gently with her dupatta, offered a silent prayer to Goddess Saraswati and dozed off with the her gift on her chest.