Saturday, 23 June 2018

chapter 3 : A new bundle of joy

She couldn't emote she felt choked for emotions. Armaan saw it. He took a picture of the screenshot and then removed the gel off her stomach. She was just unable to move. It was as if the heavens were showering blessing upon her, upon the two of them. 'So much happiness in a moment,' she thought to herself. It was unable to control. He constantly kept repeating her name, "Riddhima Riddhima Riddhima" she finally heard it… n she saw his face. She tried to get up and sit straight… She knew he loved kids and was waiting for one of his own since a long time… but their work commitments had kept them busy and then that night it happened and this day today. She saw tears in his eyes. She started crying herself. She started crying and smiling at the same time ... and laughing and kept

part 11 : The Night Of Confession

With that letter Armaan was off to Lonavla. On his way, he probably read the letter 5-6 times. After all, not everyday does a confused girl like Riddhima writes a letter to Armaan.

At the Gupta's residence...

Anjali and Riddhima both were ready to leave for Sanjeevani. This time Riddhima was more careful and she made it back on time from the bus stand....before Anjali could wake up. Both of them looked extremely tired..Anjali was exhausted from all the hard work she did yesterday...and Riddhima was tired because she hardly slept last night.

part 23 : Pehchan

From Ridhima ....

"Sometimes in this lifetime,
we meet a special soul,
we drink the cup of Love, 
it tastes like ruby wine,
and you know within your heart,
this meeting was Divine.
I'm not scared to love you,
My heart lit up when your around,
You've given my heart a soundtrack,

Friday, 22 June 2018

chapter 1 & 2 : A new bundle of joy

Chapter 1

Being married for 2 years now they had developed a mutual understanding amongst themselves. She would understand his basic needs even without him mentioning them. For him however, he had always understood what she wanted and he always wanted it to be like that.

He woke up and touched upon the side of the bed but didn't find her. But this was not unusual. In these two years he had seen the many sides of his jaan and one of it was getting up early so that she could be ready herself and make things ready for him something which he never asked but she always did. He was going to brush his teeth and take a bath when he heard her, something that he always wanted to be the first thing he heard in the morning. She said, "Ammy, take your shower and come downstairs. Breakfast is almost ready." He replied, "Yes Jaan, be there in a minute." He went on to shower.

part 10 : The Night Of Confession

Rehaan was in awe of Amna, it was def love at first sight. Sadly, Amna didnt't show any importance towards him, but Rehaan had the magic to win her.

Rehaan- So, what kind of doctor are you..?

Amna- Oh, apne to kaha tha ki aapne mere baare mein bahut kuch suna hai....lekin aap ko to yeh bhi nahin paata ki main ek General Practioner hoon...very sad...

Rehaan ( to himself )- OoOo..attitude huh? chalo apki yeh ada bhi hume pasand aayi.

Rehaan- Oh I'm sorry I guess...apne nahin poocha ke main kya karta hoon?

part 22 : Pehchan

RECAP: His heartfelt words pierced her heart like a honey laced arrow, her limbs too numb to move, with goose bumps all over, she stood stupefied, swept away by the depth of his feelings for her.

Stumped and thunderstruck by Armaan's words, quietly, her footsteps retreated towards her room till Dilip's parting words struck the final blow.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

"Aaj main bhi khushi chunoongi...hum teeno ki khushi..." AR OS (Continued part)

Armaan was shocked by Riddhima suudenly stopping him and looked back at her...a little frustration seeping in...did she not understand what she did to him?! He loved her, damn it, LOVED her! And he couldnt be with her because she did not want to step out of her marriage for the sake of the society and her family and Armaan had been trying to make peace with this fact ever since she had admitted that she loved him and only him but she could not turn her back on her responsibilities and duties as a wife...but all this...all this was making it so bloody hard! Her stopping him, crying nonetheless...just made him want to tear his hair out and then envelope her in his arms...never letting go...but Armaan knew that none of the two were possible and both because of Riddhima...he could not be sad in front of her because of his promise and he could not be lost in her...because of their destiny...

"Ab kya hua, Bas...Riddhima?"


part 9 : The Night Of Confession

Amna- Toh, kal subah Lonavla Medical Camp,kareeb 5 baje bus chale gi...toh aap 4.30 baje bus stop pe aa jaye ga...fine?

Armaan couldn't believe what this woman was doing with him. Armaan looked at Riddhima. Riddhima was too shocked to even make contact with him. Armaan was aggravated, why was Amna doing this...? Revenge? But why, he hardly knows her.

part 21 : Pehchan

After some struggle, phone calls and enquiries, Riddhima finally spotted Dilip mama at the airport.

"Hello uncle," she introduced herself, "you look very different from the photograph in Armaan's living room."

"Well…..even you look much younger and prettier than I had imagined," he grinned.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

part 5 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

It has been weeks since Armaan has been working for Riddhima in her office. He noticed little and simple actions of hers. Like every time she would be nervous, she would start biting her nails. Every time she would be lost in some thoughts, she would chew on the pen.
Armaan found those actions of her cute. At the same time, he found her extremely professional. She would never ever mix her private life with her professional life. And that is also a thing he adored about her.

part 8 : The Night Of Confession

The couples were in position! Standing on the piece of paper, Anjali was concerned about Atul's clumsiness. Muskaan was worried about her partner's over-excitement; however, Riddhima and Armaan weren't worried about anything. Being with each other made both of them feel complete and the game was just an excuse to spend time with each other.

The music started..**Pehli Nazar Main Kaisa Jadoo Kar Diya** from Race played..

part 16 : Shikayat -season 2


Puja was going on in Mallik Mansion as Armaan sit with the Pandit, Karan and Nikki were also sitting behind them as the servants were standing not far from the place as they also be a part of it... After chatting some mantra's, Pandit look towards Armaan who sit staring at the holy fire...
'Jiske liye yeh puja kar rahi hai, uska naam batao beta...' Pandit said...
'Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik...' Armaan said without any expression on his face...
Nodding at Armaan words, once again Pandit start with his mantra's... Nikki face were covered with tears hearing Armaan voice where else even Karan eyes were moist... Everything was quiet as the only voice were of Pandit, echoing in the house...
Soon the puja was complete and Pandit stood up, Armaan with Karan and Nikki also stood up as they just face to the holy fire... Pandit announce that the puja was completed by god grace, Karan move and thank him before leading him out...

part 20 : Pehchan

After dinner, Armaan and Riddhima retired to their respective rooms.

"Good night Riddhima," Armaan sighed, "let me know if you need anything….I hope you can get some sleep."

"I will try my best," she smiled half heartedly, dreading the long and lonely night ahead of her. The few hours she had spent with Armaan had helped her forget her sorrows; his cheerful banter had dampened the nagging guilt inside her. Over dinner, they had talked about everything but nothing- there was no mention of the Modis, Abhimanyu, her running away from home, Suryabhan's refusal to acknowledge his son.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

first part : "Aaj main bhi khushi chunoongi...hum teeno ki khushi..." AR OS

Siddhant had left her. He had actually left her.

Only this thought crossed Riddhima's mind as she turned the divorce papers around and around...willing to make sense of this moment, of her life, of everything...but nothing could make sense, nothing would make sense...

As she fingered the papers, the bell rang again...and the married woman in her hoped that Sid had come back, that he would accept her...that the sins with which she accused herself would wash away with his acceptance...her eyes flew to the door as someone entered it...


Armaan looked into Riddhima's tear laden eyes and a deep grief encaptured his heart. He could not bear to see Riddhima in pain.

"Kya hua, Riddhima?"

part 7 : The Night Of Confession

Amna had seen Armaan and Riddhima hugging in the fire escape. When she joined Sanjeevani, there was one thing she was definetly expecting and that was love stories. I mean, come on these people are in their 20s...they're successful and this was the right time to fall in love. All rubbish, is what Amna thought about love.

Amna- Agar pyaar karna hai toh log doctors kyun bante hain...? Interns ka kaam hai learn karna aur is umar mein.. aur is profession pyaar karna sabse badi distraction hai!! I have to stop this. Ok, ab mujhe paata hai ki mujhe kya karna. Dr. Armaan, ab main tumhe bata ti hoon main kaun hoon.

Part 49 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Ananya smile looking towards Riddhima angelic face and kissed her forehead, Riddhima feels that slowly open her eyes and found herself over Ananya’s lap. She gets up and feeling embarrassed as she was in sleep for so long that too over Ananya’s lap.

“Sorry, Mom wo neend me,,,,” Riddhima said.

“Do you feel sorry towards your Mom coz you slept over her lap?” Ananya asked.

“Nhi Mom” she said hurridey making her smile.

“Hmm, don’t even try” Ananya hit her head playfully.

part 19 : Pehchan

 AR feast today

Ban jaaiye is dil ke mehmaan…

Mehmaan ban jaaiye…

Ban jaaiye is dil ke armaan…

Armaan ban jaaiye…..


Monday, 18 June 2018

part 6 : The Night Of Confession

Amna was very clever and already had activities planned out for the interns, but before she could execute anything..she wanted to meet those 6 interns.She wanted to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Shashank, on the other hand was very confident about Dr. Amna.

Shashank (to himself) - Dr. Keeri bhi bahut strict hain..lekin Amna ki baat hi kuch aur hai. Only she has the capability and training to alter the behavior of his inters. Sanjeevani mere liye sab kuch hai...aur mere baad.. main Sanjeevani ko irresponsible haaton mein nahin chod sakta. Kabhi nahin.

part 15 : Shikayat -season 2

'I m sorry Sir, humne bohot koshish ki...' Dr. Mehra said when she was surrounded by the Gupta's and Mallik's as soon as she came out after being with Riddhima for more than an hour...
Padma and Nikki stood staring at the doctor while Shashank and Karan face color drain hearing this... No one was in the condition to reply Dr. Mehra as they never was expecting something like this happen... Tears was falling from Padma and Nikki's eyes, while the gents try not to let their tears fall as Dr. Mehra gave them more information about Riddhima...
When Dr. Mehra left, Shashank look towards Padma while Karan look towards Nikki... Both were standing like statue, not knowing how they should be reacting to the news... Padma was shattered as she was the her mother while Nikki was broke as Riddhima is like a mother to her more than her sister in law...

part 18 : Pehchan

RECAP: "Main tumhare haatho ka khaana tab khaaunga jab tum mere ghar mein…meri kitchen mein banaogi… let's go," he pulled her by her hand and walked out of the door, "from now on, you are just Riddhima, my friend and not Mrs. Riddhima Modi…yahi tumhari pehchan hai mere liye."

They rode to the lawyer's office in silence. Armaan's words, though simple, forced her to question her own identity for the first time in her life. Prior to marriage, she was Riddhima Gupta, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a grand- daughter and numerous other relationship tags she had been labeled with. After marriage, the 'Gupta' had been replaced by 'Modi' and the old labels had been replaced by new ones. An exchange of garlands and seven steps around a sacred fire had changed her from a daughter to a daughter in law, a sister in law from a sister, and a wife to another man's identity- a stranger to her, unfortunately to this day, five years later.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Part 9 : Pyar ke mod par......

"tumse milke"

Next morning arman went somewhere taking some documents of riddhima’s work. before going,he assured riddhima he would bring back her research to her and advised her to go in research center regularly, to continue her research there and if the administrater refused to give her any work,she only investigate about that disease while staying at home..and the most important thing to keep herself calm..not to be panic. Riddhima nodded in his everywords like a good girl then asked with a tensed face : “arman,tum successful hoge na?mera research mujhe wapas milega na?”
Arman uttered pressing her hands : “surely..

part 5 : The Night Of Confession

Riddhima entered her room..trying not to disturb or even make any noise with her shoes. After all, it was 4.30am and nobody in the house had a clue that she was gone all night. Where was she? Who was she with? Why did she go? These were the possible questions from her family. She was with Armaan. All night, but no one will understand the purity of their love and they will probably start making assumptions before knowing the whole truth. Finally, Riddhima gathered the courage and stepped inside her room. The lights were off...which means that Anjali was sleeping. Riddhima definetly had a narrow escape. She started walking in and then suddenly, the lights turn on by themselves...or thats what Riddhima thinks. But truely, the lights did not turn on by themselves...they were turned on by her elder sister, Anjali. Riddhima was in deep shock and could hardly breath. Anjali started walking towards Riddhima. Riddhima was already sweating and was rubbing her hands together in nervousness.

Part 48 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Doctor knocked the door and Riddhima move slightly away from Armaan making him smile a bit.

“Sorry Armaan but thode blood samples lene hain” Doctor said.

“It’s okay Doctor” Armaan smiled.

Riddhima look towards Armaan and he smiled looking towards her, he was so lost in her that Doctor pierced needle and he was reactionless at the moment and Riddhima looks down feeling his gaze on herself.

“Chaliye ab aap aaram kariye aur Rahul ko bata diya hai maine apko kya dena hai so he’ll come with food.” Doctor said and Armaan nodded.

“Thanku so much Doctor” Riddhima said.

part 17 : Pehchan

There was no doubt that Riddhima's presence had alleviated some of Armaan's grief, but Shashank's words continued to haunt him; he would rather rewind the events of the last few hours and live in the illusion of a nonexistent father.

"Armaan…..can I make some tea for you?" Riddhima broke the silence.

"No..I am fine..I think I should get ready to leave."