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Part 3 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

Armaan and Shilpa have been really close to each other. But Shilpa always stays away from him when they are in school. Because she knows, if his friendsfind out that he talk to her or is his friend, they will make fun of him. But Armaan, he always gets too hyper when he finds shilpa ignoring him.

That day They were sitting in Shilpa's room studying, when suddenly Padma came in.

"Shilpa! Are you done with your packing." Padma said without noticing Armaan there.

"Mom, uhh yeah, I will complete it tonight." She said glancing at Armaan, who
looked at her confusingly.

"Ok, Beta, are Armaan, when did you come here?" Padma said with a smile as soon as she saw him.

"I came here an hour ago. maybe you didn't see me, you were watching your show.

"oh I am sorry. Anyways, Shilpa, complete your packing, we are leaving tomorrow, ok.

" Yes mom. Dont worry I will" she said, not looking at Armaan.

chapter 11 & 12 : A new bundle of joy

She starts feeling dizzy, he quickly rushes outside and so does Rahul, Armaan rushes to her side,"Riddhima tum..yah.." She doesn't even let him complete his sentence and shrugs him off… She stumbles … he hold her again.. she shrugs him off again… and is about to fall.. He becomes angry and holds her lifts her and takes her inside Rahuls cabin while Rahul held the door for him. Rahul said I wil just brign water you stay with her. He makes her sit on the chair and is about to ask, "Riddhima are you o….."She just removes his hand from her and tries to get up but the dizziness just brings her down. He comes down on his knees…. Riddhima….please….. tum yahan.. aur tumhari

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epilogue : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Kripa! Aur kitni der karogi? Wahan sab log achukey hongey. We should be first of all and we go late everytime." Angad complained while putting cloths to his two year youngest daughter, 'Dhun'.

"Main toh inn sab saitanon ko taiyar kar karkey dhuk jaati hoon. Deko yeh 'Sur" toh subah sey char kapadey change kar chuki thi. Issey wahan "Abhishek ko impress karna hai!!" Kripa complained in sarcastic tone but with mix of proud about her children, while braiding French knot for their 5 year old first daughter, "Sur".

Part 2 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

After what Shilpa said in the basket ball court, Armaan was not able to concentrate on anything. her words kept on ringing in his head. Did I really made her feel that way?He asked himself. He sighed as he went to his room after saying goodnight to his parents. I think I should apologoze.

The next morning he asusual went to the joggers park to play basketball. Ofcourse he had basket ball court of himself, but he didn't wanted to wake his parents that early. As he jogged towards the basket ball court, he was shocked to see Shilpa playing Basket ball there. What is she doing here?

He slowly went towards her without disturbing her as she was just going to shoot the ball into the basket, which landed into the hoop perfectly. She turned around bumping into his masculine structure.
"Hey ..uhh..Ar..Armaan" She stammered looking at him.

"Hi! ummm never saw you here before, What are you doing here?"

chapter 10 : A new bundle of joy

She lay on the bed staring at him while he had his back turned towards her but was still awake. Armaan was thinking of whatever had happened today and the fact that he could not tell her anyways now and wait for the baby to come into this world even if it meant hurting himself. He was thinking about detaching himself from the baby and from Riddhima so that when they come to know about it it would be less painful for her. He decided that he would stay away from Riddhima and the baby for their own sake even if it pained him to do that, but he would still do it. Riddhima was awake as well and still looking at Armaan, she thought that now he would turn, then he would turn and talk to the

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kash os : And its time the world knew about it..

All ready for the party, she was giving a final touch to her make up, scrutinizing every detail of her look. She was looking at the mirror when the door suddenly opened, and she saw him enter.

All ready for the party, he came back to the hotel after catching up with some friends in the lounge. Struggling with the cuffling, he looked at the mirror to find her staring at him.

Intro & Part 1 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)


17th Feb 1986. I was born. 17th Mar 1986 you were born. You were 1 month younger then me. But you were always more mature then me. Though I always thought you were just on of those stupid geeks. Nerd. But little did I know I was 110% wrong. It still makes me laugh on how idiot crap I was.

It wasn't my fault. Neither was it yours. Our destiny was written that way. I never ever in this past 23 years thought that I will fall so hard for you, that getting up would be like waking up in hell.

Our houses were just opposite to each other. As our parents being bestest friends wanted. Padma Aunty, your mom, is one of my favorite people in my life. I loved her more then my mom.

I had always hurt you. Never thought about how will you feel. And I didn't even know that hurting you will hurt me more.

I always got scolded by my parents since you were always smarter.

chapter 9 : A new bundle of joy

Chapter 9

 He got worried, "Kya hua Riddhima. Is everything ok. Is the baby ok." Riddhima laughed, " Yea the baby is fine. I just need fresh air. Can we sit somewhere where theres quite before gong home." Armaan said, " but yahan. This is so freaky ." She said, " ok then not here somewhere else that more beautiful." He agreed and took drove her on the mountain side towars the top from where they could see the entire city. As the started on the mountain. Her breath started becoming heavy. He said, " This completely crossed my mind. We should not drive on hill top. Its on a height its gonna make breathing heavier for you." She said" still breathing heavily.. No Armaan I want to go there'. Take me there'" Armaan interrupted but she insisted'. He thought he shouldn't have thought about the idea'.. He drove slowly all the way and then gently helped her out of the car. She hold on to his hand and they walked towards the egde. He said be careful don't go allthe way towards the egde. Wait let me brign out the chairs and Riddhima stay here don't go towards the egde.

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chapter 7 & 8 : A new bundle of joy

Chapter 7

Ridz is now 6 months pregnant

Ammy was in his car talking on the phone with Dr. Shubhankar about the case on Liver cirhossis and Ridz came by and sat in the car. He told Dr.S hubhankar that he is gonna drive and will talk more abt the case in the hospital.

Ammy started the car and looked at Ridz'. Ready .. she said yes.. lets go' they smiled and he drove. While driving he had to change the gear, he looked at Riddhima who was looking out of the window on the road, took her hand in his and changed the gear. She immediately looked at him smiled and

Last part : The Night Of Confession

As I introduced Neha and Nikhil in the previous update, Nikhil was shown as the highly studious and confused guy and Neha as the fun loving girl. Neha never thought she would actually fall for Armaan, but fortunately or unfortunately ....she did. Neha Verma was totally in love with Dr. Armaan Mallik and she felt that way not because of his good looks and all. She actually loved him for his benevolence, intelligence and selfless nature. She loved the way he took care of his patients and handled their cases with all his capability. Even though he was a doctor, he was fun loving and oh yes...good looking. Basically, Neha viewed Armaan as the perfect man. She had never seen such a man, who was so perfect in everything.....he might not have been perfect for the world but he was perfect for Neha. Armaan also made Neha feel intelligent and motivated to do her best in her education, he was more of an inspiration to her than a lover.

part 27 : Pehchan

After spending the longest day and half in the jail, Abhimanyu was finally released to his family. Anticipating sympathy and tears of joy at his return home, Abhimanyu was shocked to get a cold reception from his family.

"Are you guys not glad I am back?" He asked.

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chapter 6 : A new bundle of joy

The next day begins in a similar manner .Riddhima( Ridz for short) gets up early to prepare breakfast for herself and Armaan(Ammy for short) and lunch for the both of them to take at work. Gradually in an hour Armaan wakes up and thinks about last night. He thinks that he was about to almost tell Ridz everything but the baby saved him because the baby and the mom went to sleep because of Ammy's patting Ridz stomach. He smiled. The baby is already on his side. He turns around to see that Ridz is not there and wonders that she must be preparing breakfast and that I should go and help her. He goes in the bathroom to shower and get ready quickly. Downstairs Ridz is working with a lot of heat in the kitchen because she is preparing food and the heat takes a toll on her. Suddenly she starts feeling

part 14 : The Night Of Confession

7am at Sanjeevani, in Dr.Shashank's

Somebody knocked Dr.Shashank's door.

Shashank-Come in.

Amna walked in...

Shashank- Arey Dr. Amna. Good Morning kaisi hai aap?

Amna- Good Morning, sir. I'm good.

Shashank- Aur Dr. Amna..interns ka kya haal hai? I've
heard ki kal Dr.Anjali aur Dr. Rahul ne about 30 hours
ki duty ki thi?.. is that right?

Amna- Yes sir. Main two interns at a time leke sabse
long hours karvana chahti hoon. Taki un logon kya
dhyaan hospital ke ilaava aur kahin naa ho. They need
to concentrate at work.

Shashank- Excellent. Aapki decision making skills ki
wajah se maine aap ko yahan bulaya tha.

Amna- Also Dr. Shashank, I thought jaise mein aur
Dr.Keerti interns ki supervisors hain, vaise hi interns
ko bhi supervise karne ka experience hona chahiye. Ab
se 2 students Dr. Armaan aur Dr. Atul ko assist
karenge. They are just here for learning purposes.

Shashank- Wow! excellent idea again. Isse students bhi
learn kar sakte hai aur humare interns ko bhi practice milegi!

Amna- That's what I thought sir. Ok main ab chalti hoon. Mujhe vo dono students se milne jaana hai.

Shashank- Alright, Amna. Bye. See you around :)
With that Amna walked out of Dr.Shashank's office.


Sitting in the conference room of Sanjeevani hospital were two extremely nervous teenagers, a guy and a girl. Both sat far away from each other and it was complete silence in the conference room. They did exchange looks but neither smiled at each other. They were both re-reading the rules and regulations.

The guy was Nikhil Sharma. Dressed in black pants and a blue collored shirt. Nikhil is currently doing pre-med and scored the highest in school. People who knew Nikhil thought that he was too studious, he took things very seriously and asked wayy too many questions.

part 26 : Pehchan

News of Abhimanyu's arrest spread like wildfire in Mumbai. Even though, the next day was a public holiday, August 15th, India's Independence Day, the media had a field day reporting the arrest of business tycoon, Abhimanyu Modi for breaking into a women's hostel and harassing it's staff.

Even the Modi family was unaware of his arrest till they turned the news in the morning. The only person Abhimanyu had contacted from the jail was Nikita, who had promised to get him bail first thing in the morning.

Shashank had a series of minor heart attacks when he heard the news. After contacting the police department and his acquaintances in the judicial system, he was informed, "sorry sir….aaj bail nahin ho sakti. Court holiday hai na sir. Haan aap chaahe tho apne bte se mil sakte hain."

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chapter 5 : A new bundle of joy

He says tumne aa kar kuch nahin khaya change kar kea a jao aur jaldi se kha lo u should not delay eating in this condition..she interrupts but he says nothng doing change varna main gusse ho jaunga.. he smiles touches her ear in a sorry mode and goes off to change her dress'

As soon as she goes'he breaks down'..n starts crying silentsly' but for the fear that she might hear him he goes outside in the lawn'. He cries to himself', "Riddhima tumhe main kaise batauuuu ki mere saath kya ho raha hai'.n defn not at this moment when our life is the best'..he cries y did u have to do this to me god'how can I leave her alone in this condition'.nooo nooooooo he somehow controls himself wipes his tears' n goes in.

part 13 : The Night Of Confession

Riddhima was stupid again. This was like the second time she was caught red handed by Anjali.

Earlier Anjali decided to give Riddhima her personal space, but this time around Riddhima had a bouqet of flowers and a picture frame in her hands. Oh ya! She was definately busted.

Anjali- Ridz! Door pe kaun tha??

part 25 : Pehchan

RECAP: Armaan froze when he heard Shailendra's name, "so…it's Riddhima's own jijajee who has been an informant all along?"

"What? Asha women's hostel?" Abhimanyu asked with a frown, walking away to his car, "she better be there this time!"

Armaan panicked when he heard the hostel's name on Abhimanyu's lips. He ran after him, but was too late as Abhimanyu had already sped off.

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chapter 4 : A new bundle of joy

All the time her patients sensed that she was hppy and they were happy to see her happy n when anyone would ask her dr why are u so happy she would blush and tell them that my husband is happy today n hence I am '.

After work'..Laksz went Ridzzi because she wasnted her to be safe and said that from tomorrow don't drive I will come n pick u upnnn she laughed n besides Armaan wont let u drive'.

Riddhima said no subru really its ok'. I just turned pregnant n not 9 months hehe

Subru said I forgot to tell u u r two months pregnant so that means out of 9 2 gone.. so u hav to be careful I wil come an pic u up tommo'.. n if u do a zid I will make sure Armaan doesn't let u oout..

part 12 : The Night Of Confession

After feeling miserably guilty...Amna finally said bye to Rehaan and left. Rehaan noticed that something in Amna had changed when he said, "Tum kya jaano pyaar kya hota hai?"

Rehaan (to himself)- Mujhe to laga tha ki Amna aur pyaar ka dooor doooor tak koi rishta nahi hai...lekin jab maine yeh kaha ki, "Tum kya jaano pyaar kya hota hai" toh Amna itni disturbed kyun lag rahi thi? Pata karna padega.

part 24 : Pehchan

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you

When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you

When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you

Now that I love you, I'm afraid to lose you….